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Hi I’ve bought Danny v4.9 with TB from AliExpress. I want to know if they are good or bad bcs I can still cancel the order. Lot of people here said that Jenny is better but I haven’t find them on AliExpress. I am buying from AliExpress a lot, but I’ve never bought some electronic from there. So just tell me if I made a mistake or not. And also if someone have any problem with Danny. I was looking for some good replica that have good quality. I don’t care about packaging.
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2023.05.30 08:06 AC_the_Panther_007 Out of my list for The Last Castle (2001), Which one of those is your favourite?

Henry Fonda as Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin
Danny Aiello as Colonel Ed Winter
Scott Glenn as Sam Yates
Raul Julia as Corporal Ramon Aguilar
Roy Scheider as Captain Peretz
Jane Fonda as Rosalie Irwin (Special Appearance)
Ossie Davis as Brigadier General Jim Wheeler
Director: Don Siegel
Distributed by Universal Pictures: An MCA Company

Lloyd Bridges as Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin
Brian Dennehy as Colonel Ed Winter
David Strathairn as Sam Yates
Steven Bauer as Corporal Ramon Aguilar
Tom Berenger as Captain Peretz
Jessica Lange as Rosalie Irwin (Special Appearance)
Sidney Poitier as Brigadier General Jim Wheeler
Director: William Friedkin
Distributed by Universal Pictures: An MCA Company

Paul Newman as Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin
John Goodman as Colonel Ed Winter
John Turturro as Sam Yates
John Leguizamo as Corporal Ramon Aguilar
Woody Harrelson as Captain Peretz
Michelle Pfeiffer as Rosalie Irwin (Special Appearance)
Richard Roundtree as Brigadier General Jim Wheeler
Director: Ridley Scott
Distributed by Universal Pictures: An MCA Company

Warren Beatty as Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin
Vincent D'Onofrio as Colonel Ed Winter
Michael Imperioli as Sam Yates
Jacob Vargas as Corporal Ramon Aguilar
Chris O'Donnell as Captain Peretz
Patricia Arquette as Rosalie Irwin (Special Appearance)
Denzel Washington as Brigadier General Jim Wheeler
Director: Rod Lurie
Distributed by DreamWorks SKG

Sylvester Stallone as Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin
Vince Vaughn as Colonel Ed Winter
Joe Manganiello as Sam Yates
Wilmer Valderrama as Corporal Ramon Aguilar
Chris Pratt as Captain Peretz
Rachel McAdams as Rosalie Irwin (Special Appearance)
Forest Whitaker as Brigadier General Jim Wheeler
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Distributed by Paramount Pictures: A Viacom Company/DreamWorks SKG*

Mel Gibson as Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin
Milo Ventimiglia as Colonel Ed Winter
Glen Powell as Sam Yates
Danny Ramirez as Corporal Ramon Aguilar
Austin Butler as Captain Peretz
Brie Larson as Rosalie Irwin (Special Appearance)
Idris Elba as Brigadier General Jim Wheeler
Director: F. Gary Gray
Distributed by Universal Pictures: A Comcast Company/DreamWorks
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2023.05.30 04:26 TheSmogmonsterZX The Daughter that Follows - Chapter 27 - Reunited - Part 2

Disclaimer: Registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
DM, the Digitalman, the Scion of Variable is a creation of my good friend who does not use Reddit and is used with permission.
The Pokémon Lucario is © The Pokemon Company.
“To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.”
The Daughter that Follows
Chapter 27
Part 2
Anna woke up in a mostly bare room, the only decorations were a few pictures of animals and dinosaurs that her father had collected. Rio was sitting and meditating, facing the rising sun. Anna watched her for a few minutes before standing to get ready.
“Anna...” Rio asked, some small fear was hinted at in her mental voice. “What happens to me when this is over?”
Anna paused, she was slightly confused by the question. “What do you want to do?” Anna asked.
Rio herself emanated some confusion and fear. “I don’t know. My parents will not be happy I took off the stone or that I evolved.”
Anna hugged Rio. “Well you can stay with me and my dad. Like I said, I adopted you.”
“I’m serious Anna.” Rio sighed.
“So am I.” Anna pushed the thought. “As far as family is concerned, you’re a part of mine.”
Rio let a low contented rumble escape her, then stood and walked out.
A few moments later Anna walked out into her father’s small, but comfortable living room. He had apparently upgraded from a trailer to an on site home. Dr. Wu had also apparently insisted he do so, if only because the trailer had recently lost a roof to a mysterious glowing phenomena.
“So I got eggs, toast and if you can beat Rio, bacon.” Alan laughed.
“No one beats me at bacon.” Rio smiled and yipped.
Anna laughed as she took a few scoops of scrambled eggs with a few slices of toast and bacon. Alan joined the both of them and sat smiling. “So how’s V?”
“Probably driving Salem insane.” Anna nodded.
“Not hard.” Alan chuckled. “Once we’ve had the time to relax and reconnect, I’m gonna head out, you give me a week then you follow.”
Anna nodded.
“What, no objections?” Alan laughed.
“I’m going to get my people together during that time.” Anna smiled.
“You have people now?” Alan laughed.
“Uncle Stephen.” Anna nodded, “Endara, a few others like SideEffect.”
“Jesus!” Alan jumped up and looked around. “Sorry, the fact that he exists outside of Dross City has always left a permanent fear of him just finding me.”
Anna stared and nodded at her father. “I’d say I’d invite Wraith’s variant but I don’t think that’s a smart idea.”
“No Agatha or Danny.” Alan pointed at her, “They’ll be targets.”
Anna nodded, “Oh, I know. I might get Shepard...”
Alan burst into laughter and a glint of maniacal glee glinted in his eyes. “You leave them to me.”
“Kratos?” Anna asked.
“Go ahead.” Alan smiled.
Anna shifted, slightly uncomfortable at seeing her father become slightly unhinged.
“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rip apart the multiverse, I just know more than a few Shepards I can call on for help.” Alan sighed. “Trust me, please. “
Anna nodded, then perked up. “OH! The Spider-Men!”
Alan smiled, “You get the ones you met, I’ll get the others.”
“The others?” Anna asked.
Alan sighed, “Look, the less I have to explain about the Spider-Verse and the lunatics there, the better.”
“Spider-Verse? Anna laughed.
“Don’t laugh, it’s a serious thing in their section of the multiverse.” Alan explained. “Keeps all their worlds held together.”
“Through a web, right?” Anna smirked.
“The Web of Life.” Alan nodded.
Anna stopped as she realized her father was serious. “You mean that, how does that work?”
“Reality is as deep as we can perceive, and the Spiders heroes in that part of the multiverse cna perceive just that much deeper than most others.” Alan explained. “The fact that the majority are absolutely fueled by doing the right thing is a benefit those realities don’t even realize they have.”
Anna stared and blinked.
“They’re more powerful than most realize and the ones who do, usually think they’ll break at some point.” Alan laughed and closed his eyes with a sigh.
When he opened them though Anna saw something different in his eyes. A mist of white just beyond the iris seemed to be there and it called to power deep in her. Anna gasped.
“I think we both know that though.” Alan smiled. “So, you’re gonna be heroism.”
Anna blushed.
Alan looked at Rio. “They got a spot for you yet?”
Rio shook her head.
“Give’em time.” Alan laughed.
Rio grasped her Megastone and nodded.
“Think I’ll go pick up Release.” Alan laughed. “See if he wants to go for one more adventure together.”
“I think he’d love that.” Anna smiled.
“Bonds beyond life and death.” Rio nodded as she looked at her own megastone.
“Exactly.” Anna smiled. “So what’s happening today?”
“Today, I’m either going to be working with a very picky pachy, or Billy’s going to give me a call.” Alan sighed. “Tuesdays.”
Anna nodded. “I’d like to help, either way.”
Alan nodded and smiled, then a dark though clouded his joy. “Anna, what else have you fought? I know the Heartless, the Organization and Atropos’ goons.”
“And Stockman.” Rio added.
Alan nodded. “He’ll be handled. Trust me.”
“What’d you tell Perfection last night?” Anna asked.
Alan smiled. “I gave a good friend an idea for a magic lesson for his student.”
Anna paled. “You didn’t.”
“Alex needs to learn.” Alan smiled.
Anna shook her head. “Well other than them, borg-Reavers, but only at a distance.”
Alan nodded with a look of worry. “I remember that story.”
“Draal...” Anna said with a murderous glare.
Alan telekinetically moved the sharp knives he owned back into their drawers. Rio stared at Anna with a look of concern.
“While I completely agree, I can’t help but feel maybe I should be the one with that much anger towards him.” Alan gave a nervous laugh.
“He kept showing up and insisting he wanted to help.” Anna hissed.
“Yeah, I’m Tiger Dropping him into a star.” Alan growled.
“Wouldn’t that hurt?” Anna asked.
“Tiger Drop negates all damage.” Alan smiled, “Not that you’d get that. Please tell me you don’t get that? I don’t want to have to kill a Majima.”
Anna stared at her father and shook her head.
“Good.” Alan smiled and nodded.
“Rio?” Anna asked.
“I have no idea.” Rio shrugged.
“Then there’s Dinal.” Anna said. “If I ever see her again, I’m gonna nuke her.”
Alan nodded. “Not if I see her first.” He smiled.
“I don’t think the Scareek can follow me but I think I made them think humans in that reality were psychic.” Anna explained as she continued, ignoring her father's prodding.
“Damn.” Alan laughed, “We can try and fix that after.”
Anna shook her head. “I kinda should have died. Perfection saved me but made it look like I did.”
Alan stared at his daughter. “Well then they get a wonderful news flash because if Perfection’s involved there’s a plan at work and someone is getting f’d in the a.”
Anna snorted at her father’s phrasing. “No saying hi. MAybe let them see us?”
“You feel guilty.” Alan smirked.
“I...” She sighed. “I messed up big.”
Alan nodded. “Then we’ll see what we can do.”
“Oh!” Anna slammed her fist. “Sindri and Odin!”
“Right, Thor is back there too.” Rio added. “He isn’t a monster anymore.”
Alan paused and looked at Rio. “I have a distinct memory of my barriers being casually obliterated.”
“He’s changed, for his daughter.” Anna explained. “To be better.”
Alan looked at Anna and nodded. If there was one thing he could understand it was that. “Kratos okay with him?”
Anna nodded. “They’re trying to make everything as peaceful as they can, but Sindri and Odin are working with Atropos.”
“Damn.” Alan hissed. “They weren’t kidding.”
“They’ve been keeping you informed, haven’t they?” Anna asked.
Alan nodded as his phone went off with a K-pop song. He answered the phone and watched his daughter fall out of her chair laughing.
“Yeah, I can be ready in an hour. Got my kid with me, she’s got the skills to help keep one of them calm.” Alan said in a serious tone.
Anna popped back up and shoveled food into her mouth as fast as she could.
“Trike herd and...” Alan paused as he wrote it down. “They made another I-Rex?” He sighed as he clearly received confirmation. “We’ll take the Rex, you guys can handle the herd and if we have to put this one down we can do it quickly.” He ended the call and nearly tossed his phone across the room.
“It’s not a normal dinosaur is it?” Anna asked.
“Made in a lab, originally to be a more ‘exciting’ dino.” Alan hissed. “Raised it and it’s sibling without other interactions.”
“Oh god.” Anna gasped.
“It went berserk once it got out, and it’s extremely smart. Part Raptor and rex with some squid thrown in to help it cloak.” Alan explained. “This one was specifically raised to be a weapon but it’s a juvenile, it can have a chance.”
Anna nodded. “I can keep us safe.”
Alan smiled. “I don’t doubt that. You keep us safe I’ll get in her head.”
Anna smiled as she again shoveled food into her mouth.
Alan laughed. “Eat, get your gear.”
“May I stay?” Rio asked.
Anna nodded. “Are you sure?”
Rio nodded, “This area allows me to meditate with ease.”
Anna nodded and finished her meal, then ran to get ready.
Hours later Alan was staring at Anna’s gear, she was dressed in her red hoodie, a shirt that had a t-rex with grabby arms, torn jeans and steel toed boots. Of course under all of that was some of the best light armor that the Sixth World could afford with some bonuses only a very mean man could obtain for his goddaughter.
“Punk.” Alan nodded.
Anna smiled. “Sheena is a punk rocker.”
Alan rolled his eyes, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given your sisters.”
Anna giggled. “At least Arlina was a proper lady.”
Alan burst into a fit of raucous laughter then stopped. “Oh, you’re serious.”
Anna blinked. “What was she for you?”
“Rebellious adult daughter who only listened to dad when she and her boyfriend caused more trouble to explode from tiny issues.” Alan smiled. “And a loyal daughter who went out of her way to protect her dad.”
Anna smiled. “She really was brave.”
Alan nodded. “Always was. She’s smiling on you kiddo.”
“All right.” The pilot said from the front of their plane. “We’re getting to the drop zone.”
“Awesome.” Alan smiled.
“Drop zone?” Anna asked.
“We’re jumping!” Alan smiled with a deeply disturbingly happy laugh as he handed his daughter a parachute and hit a button that opened the rear of the large plane they were on.
“We can fly!” Anna shouted.
Alan nodded as he put on his parachute, smiled and walked to the edge. “God I love a good jump!”
Anna watched as her father leaped out of the plane. Anna shook her head and dropped the parachute, ran forward and dove forwards as Hong Long roared to life around her. She looked over to see her father shaking his head, his parachute was still not deployed. He leaned into his dive, much to Anna’s shock. She and Hong Long Lurched forward, careening towards the ground, faster and faster. She watched her father’s parachute open two thirds of the way down. Then she felt the world pull on her less and Hong Long slowed down as a purple energy wave washed over them both. Then she passed her father’s parachute and he was no longer in it, he was now rocketing towards the ground.
“CHEATER!” Anna roared as she tried to push Hong Long’s power forward. She focused hard and grit her teeth as she watched Hong Long’s scales and mane turn golden, and they plowed straight through the field and past Alan, straight to a landing position on the ground.
Hong Long coiled and sat up straight to howl in victory.
A few seconds later Alan landed with just a flutter of the ragged edges of his now dull blue jacket. He looked his daughter and her tulpa over, then nodded in approval.
“So this is what Sayain energy does to your dragon...” Alan observed.
Hong Long nodded happily.
“Okay then.” Alan smiled, “Let’s see how much you’ve learned.”
Anna stared at her father. “What?”
“Find our target.” Alan smiled.
“I thought I was our defense.” Anna crossed her arms.
“Kid I can make a barrier that it takes a God of Thunder to break.” Alan snorted. “And I want to see you work.”
Anna gave a huff but closed her eyes to try and focus. She reached out as far as she could, which was admittedly a lot farther than it used to be. She could now reach out close to seven or eight kilometers. She felt nothing but random animals skittering and hunting, but nothing abnormally aggressive. She looked at her father and shook her head.
“Really?” Alan took a breath. “Can’t reach that far I guess.”
Anna nodded. “About eight kilometers at my highest focus.”
Alan nodded, “Well then we’re heading that way.”
“Is it that way?” Anna asked.
“Maybe!” Alan smiled.
Anna rolled her eyes but followed her father, pulling Hong Long back into her being. She was also really regretting wearing her hoodie as they had landed in a jungle, likely near the border of Central and South America. They walked for hours before Alan finally stopped and paused.
“What’s wrong?” Anna asked.
“What do you hear?” Alan asked.
Anna stopped and heard nothing. The animals had gone silent.
“There’s a predator nearby.” Alan said.
Anna focused and felt a mind focused on them. It was watching and stalking from above.
“Do they hunt in trees?” Anna asked,
“No.” Alan sighed, “They don’t.”
“Then what’s hunting us?” Anna asked as a tremble of fear rolled down her spine.
“Something that’s about to make a horrible mistake.” Alan sighed. “This one doesn’t belong here.”
“NO!” The voice of Ragnis bellowed as he appeared high in the trees and tossed the stalker to the ground. He then followed the creature and lopped its right arm off at the shoulder. “It doesn’t.”
Alan pulled the arm to him and with more than enough force to turn the bones in the arm to mush, launched it skyward where it exploded in a brilliant explosion about a minute later, well above the atmosphere.
The creature laid on the ground, clearly in shock. Alan wrenched a metallic mask that was covered in bones, off the face of the green-blooded stalker. Anna saw the crab-like face and flinched, she remembered the movie this creature was from.
“This is a yautja.” Alan explained.
“I thought it was a Predator.” Anna asked.
“That’s the name of the movie.” Alan said. “These guys can be a pain or a threat.” He bent down to inspect the alien’s face.
Anna felt something hungry approaching and pressed herself against a large tree.
Ragnis moved and pulled a trident from his back which he used to pin the creature to the ground through its gut.
“Bad-blood.” Alan nodded and pointed to a burn on the alien’s forehead. “He’s been disowned by his clan for breaking sacred rules. Likely hunting young prey or unarmed prey.”
“And he’s not from the neighborhood.” Ragnis scoffed. “Honestly, she tried this? I’m bored.”
“Get him out of here, will you?” Alan asked, “We have an Indominous Rex to find.”
“Dad.” Anna nodded towards where she felt the large hunger coming from.
“Well, enjoy the hunt!” Ragnis said as he winked and vanished with the hunter.
Alan focused ahead and nodded to Anna. “Now you take the defensive.”
Anna nodded and stood next to her father. She felt another set of eyes looking at her, then another set of eyes and she froze for a moment.
“There’s a second one, dad.” Anna hissed.
“Of course this one’s social with a sibling.” Alan nodded. “Okay, so we need to take one each.”
“Dad?” Anna looked at her father.
“What have you fought?” Alan asked. “You stood up to Daleks. To Dinal. We just need to calm them down.”
Anna nodded and focused, not bringing Hong Long forward, she did not want to be seen as aggressive to whichever of these dinosaurs ended up benign her opponent.
She watched for a few minutes and then the jungle blinked and nodded at her. Then jaws caming rushing at her and her father and they each went a different direction.
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S: So clearly I did not finish this over the weekend.
DM: Nope.
S: But like half my plans didn’t pan out so I was mapping the depths of Hyrule.
Wraith: The last one was so stupidly hidden.
Perfection: And now we have a Biggorn Sword Sword.
Wraith: I have to admit the fuse system is hilarious.
Perfection: Now if Only we could sword-chuck.
Wraith: No! We are not going back there!
DM: Everytime we go there there’s one less Black Mage in reality.
Perfection: Look, I can’t help it if he pisses Wraith off.
Wraith: SPINE-ECTOMY! (rage fueled sputtering)
S: Right, well the fight will continue into the next chapter with two I-Rexes.
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2023.05.30 04:16 guy6288 (Offer) Zootopia, Same Kind of Different As Me, Boyhood, Inside Out, Selma, Good Kill, Wonder Park, Gunman, Danny Collins, Assassination Nation, Captain Marvel, Rio 2, Fast and Furious 3-7, Suburbicon, Moana, Hunger Games 1-4, More (Request) List and Offers


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4k iTunes redeem titles listed in bold
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Assassination Nation, HD MA (ports to MA)
Avengers Age of Ultron, HD gp (ports to MA)
The Boss Baby, HD MA (ports to MA)
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Divergent 1, SD vudu
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Monsters University 4k Ratatouille 4k Mulan (animated) 4k Avengers 4k Big Hero Six 4k Coco 4k Up 4k Tangled 4k The Incredibles 1 & 2 4k Wreck it Ralph 1 & 2 4k Cars 1 & 2 4k Toy Story 1-3 4k
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2023.05.30 01:54 SchmRdty Weighing in on school vouchers, 10 commandments, armed guards and chaplains

🤔 I know my kids will be safe. But how? The city I stay in, has a school district with its own police department. Now they are going to have, what, some dude there too? Toting a pistol? Just like the cops? I can’t see a benefit. The politicians are telling us this is how they want to prevent the next Uvalde.
There’s a bigger issue, good ole boys Danny and Gregory want to close public schools. This bill is along side Greg’s demand for special legislative sessions tied to the voucher program, and aligns with the other shenanigans the GOP has passed.
I can tie these things together like roundup and dandelions…
See, Greg and Dan realized that the only TRUE way to guarantee public school shootings don’t happen anymore, is to shut down public schools.
Well, they can’t just start at shutting down whole schools, the federal government would encroach instantly! So, instead- Greg and his BFF LUiTenAnT DaN do everything they can to make (at least cis-het-white-christian nationalist republican voting) people as a whole, lose faith in their children’s ability to get a safe, quality education from a tx public school.
Step 1: target fear in the gen population Step 2: use divisive media & religious rhetoric to create a propaganda campaign Step 3: Public schools are made seem “less than” Step 4: self-segregation occurs Step 5: IF they are allowed to be kept open, it would be in such a limited capacity that there would be almost no point.
Once that’s done, all they have to do is pretend they actually believe it’s an “individual rights” issue. Then the feds can’t help and since red voters are more prominent, Gringle and Dingle can sit back and watch as their voucher program moves more taxpayer funds to their religious donors and benefactors that tie into private schools, and as a result, more money into their pockets.
Red team, before you come for me, my question is this, Why is Abbott pushing for special sessions on the voucher program?
Is this what’s going to happen? Am I totally off? I guess only time will tell.
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2023.05.30 00:27 AC_the_Panther_007 Out of My Casts for Last Action Hero (1993), Which one of those is your favorite?

Clint Eastwood as LAPD Detective Jack SlateHimself (Actor)/Hamlet
Robert Duvall as John Practice
William Demarest as Frank Slater
Roger Moore as Mr. Benedict
Nipsey Russell as LAPD Lieutenant Dekker
Max von Sydow as the Ripper
Jackie Coogan as Nick, the Projectionist
Fredric March as Tony Vivaldi
Audrey Hepburn as Irene Madigan
Keye Luke as the Tough Asian Man
Cybill Shepherd as Whitney Slater (Real Name: Meredith Caprice (Actor))
Walter Matthau as voice of Whiskers
Jackie Earle Haley as Danny Madigan
Director: Don Siegel

Robert Redford as LAPD Detective Jack SlateHimself (Actor)/Hamlet
Robert Duvall as John Practice
Henry Fonda as Frank Slater (Last role before his death)
Terence Stamp as Mr. Benedict
Robert Guillaume as LAPD Lieutenant Dekker
Richard Kiel as the Ripper
Jack Klugman as Nick, the Projectionist
Don Ameche as Tony Vivaldi
Mary Tyler Moore as Irene Madigan
Toshiro Mifune as the Tough Asian Man
Jodie Foster as Whitney Slater (Real Name: Meredith Caprice (Actor))
Tim Conway as voice of Whiskers
Henry Thomas as Danny Madigan
Director: Ridley Scott

Sylvester Stallone as LAPD Detective Jack SlateHimself (Actor)/Hamlet
Scott Glenn as John Practice
Kirk Douglas as Frank Slater
Alan Rickman as Mr. Benedict
John Amos as LAPD Lieutenant Dekker
Liam Neeson as the Ripper
Robert Loggia as Nick, the Projectionist
Ernest Borgnine as Tony Vivaldi
Sally Field as Irene Madigan
Professor Toru Tanaka as the Tough Asian Man
Christina Applegate as Whitney Slater (Real Name: Meredith Caprice (Actor))
Joe Pesci as voice of Whiskers
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Danny Madigan
Director: John McTiernan

Dolph Lundgren as LAPD Detective Jack SlateHimself (Actor)/Hamlet
William Hurt as John Practice
Dick Van Dyke as Frank Slater
Daniel Day-Lewis as Mr. Benedict
Reginald VelJohnson as LAPD Lieutenant Dekker
Vincent D'Onofrio as the Ripper
Dustin Hoffman as Nick, the Projectionist
Marlon Brando as Tony Vivaldi
Andie MacDowell as Irene Madigan
Sonny Chiba as the Tough Asian Man
Scarlett Johansson as Whitney Slater (Real Name: Meredith Caprice (Actor))
Joe Pantoliano as voice of Whiskers
Devon Werkheiser as Danny Madigan
Director: James Cameron

Dwayne Johnson as LAPD Detective Jack SlateHimself (Actor)/Hamlet
Kevin Spacey as John Practice
Alan Alda as Frank Slater
Clive Owen as Mr. Benedict
Chi McBride as LAPD Lieutenant Dekker
Kevin Durand as the Ripper
Robin Williams as Nick, the Projectionist
Danny Aiello as Tony Vivaldi
Jennifer Connelly as Irene Madigan
Sammo Hung as the Tough Asian Man
Dakota Fanning as Whitney Slater (Real Name: Meredith Caprice (Actor))
Jason Alexander as voice of Whiskers
Ty Simpkins as Danny Madigan
Director: F. Gary Gray

John Cena as LAPD Detective Jack SlateHimself (Actor)/Hamlet
Jon Hamm as John Practice
Charles Dance as Frank Slater
Benedict Cumberbatch as Mr. Benedict
Anthony Anderson as LAPD Lieutenant Dekker
Lee Pace as the Ripper
Steve Carrell as Nick, the Projectionist
Robert De Niro as Tony Vivaldi
Katie Holmes as Irene Madigan
Donnie Yen as the Tough Asian Man
Maddie Ziegler as Whitney Slater (Real Name: Meredith Caprice (Actor))
Jack Black as voice of Whiskers
Julian Hilliard as Danny Madigan
Director: Justin Lin
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2023.05.29 22:50 London-Roma-1980 NON CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 10 RESULTS

Strap in, everyone, because we have a long road ahead of us. In addition to the NINE games between Top 25 teams, FOUR upsets happened. That's right, the Top 25 was below .500 in its entirety today. So let's see how they did it.
#1 UCLA 90, #9 Syracuse 79. The key to beating a 2-3 zone is to shoot over it. Fortunately for the Bruins, they can.
Reggie Miller had 25 points and led an onslaught that included 13 three-pointers as the Bruins (10-0) took out the Orange (8-2) to maintain their winning streak, now at 47 games and counting.
"The shots were falling tonight," Miller said after the game. "We got what we wanted in terms of looks, and we got them to go in."
In addition to Miller's 5 three-pointers, Russell Westbrook had 3, Kiki Vandeweghe had 2, and Gail Goodrich, Kevin Love, and Jrue Holiday each had one. Syracuse, for their part, shot well, with Carmelo Anthony hitting six threes on his own to get to 22 total points, but it wasn't enough.
"They're #1 for a reason," Orange coach Jim Boeheim said.
#8 Michigan 68, #4 Duke 61. The Power Five have been cracked.
Michigan's defense held Duke to 29% shooting and Juwan Howard led the way with 16 points as the Wolverines (9-1) stunned the Blue Devils (8-2) before a court-storming crowd at Michigan Court.
"This is why you play the game," Howard said amidst a crowd of fans. "We shook up the world tonight. We wanted this one. You beat Duke, you've done good!"
Grant Hill led the Devils with 13 points, but the entire team struggled.
"We were cold tonight," Hill said. "Props to Michigan; their defense smothered us. Not much you can do."
#3 Kentucky 67, #2 North Carolina 64. Who do you call on when you have everyone? Someone's bound to be open, and such was the case here.
Louie Dampier found Devin Booker in the corner as time expired, and the Wildcats (9-1) stunned the Tar Heels (8-2) to send them to their second last-second defeat of the non-conference season.
"We ran a pick and roll off the ball to get [Michael] Jordan off of me and get me open," Booker said, recounting the final play. "Louie knew where I was, he got the pass off after driving for the double... everything just fell into place."
Both teams turned up the defense in this one. Dan Issel led Kentucky with 15 points, while Jordan led North Carolina with 13. Outside shooting was particularly hard to go by, as Booker's winner was only the fifth three-pointer of the game combined.
"We did almost everything right," Tar Heels coach Dean Smith said after the game. "Almost."
#5 Kansas 75, #14 Arizona 59. The top teams have shown anyone can step up at any time. Kansas proved it tonight.
Kirk Hinrich caught fire, getting 20 points with five three-pointers, as the Jayhawks (9-1) knocked off the Wildcats (7-3) to produce a potential future matchup with Kentucky.
"We've been seeing how other teams have done," Hinrich said. "It's important we keep winning. We want that last one seed when the dust settles."
Mike Bibby had 15 points, but also committed 8 turnovers as JoJo White's defense proved to be too much for him.
"I had a bad day," Bibby admitted. "This loss is on me."
Arkansas 90, #23 Iowa 83. Are they going to be ranked now? It's not certain what else has to be done.
Joe Johnson went off for 24 points and the full-court pressure held Fred Brown to 5 points as the Razorbacks (8-2) pulled off their second straight top-25 upset, this time knocking off the Hawkeyes (7-3).
"We're just going to keep playing the way we're capable of and we'll be in good shape," Johnson said. "We got off to a slow start, but now we're showing the world what we're capable of."
Don Nelson led the Hawkeyes with 18 points.
#12 Connecticut 92, #21 Alabama 80. A quick rise to the top by the Tide made people wonder if the SEC would have a wild race. Now, it looks like this Tide is receding.
Andre Drummond had 19 points and 15 rebounds to lead the Huskies (8-2) to a big road win over the Tide (7-3) that may solidify them as favorites in the Big East.
"We had an advantage inside, and we knew we could use it," Huskies coach Jim Calhoun said after the game. "We needed this win, you know? A chance to show the Big East still goes through us."
Alabama attempted to turn up the pace against the big men of Connecticut, but Kemba Walker and Ray Allen were able to break the press on offense. On defense, super sub Richard Hamilton helped slow down the opposition, getting 4 steals in the second half.
Latrell Sprewell led the Tide with 18 points.
#9 Notre Dame 67, #17 DePaul 65, OT. Most of the game was a battle inside. But it was outside shooting from a very unlikely source that won the game.
John Paxson hit two three-pointers late in overtime to lead the Fighting Irish (8-2) to an overtime victory over the Blue Demons (7-3).
"All of our players can contribute," coach Digger Phelps told reporters after the game. "We hear a lot about Adrian Dantley and Bill Laimbeer, but we're a team of stars. We feel we can beat anyone."
With the game tied at 58 nearing the end of regulation, George Mikan looked to have won the game with a hook shot. However, before he could shoot, he was whistled for a three-second violation. Paxson's heroics in overtime then meant the difference.
"I lost track of time," a dejected Mikan said in the locker room. "I'm sorry, Blue Demon fans."
#25 Illinois 66, #19 Georgetown 56. Illinois coach Lou Henson wanted to focus on defense as much as offense. It's safe to say his team was ready to respond.
A focused effort held Allen Iverson scoreless on the day as the Illini (8-2) stunned the Hoyas (7-3) in a defensive struggle with neither team able to get open shots most of the day.
"That's what I was hoping for," Henson said after the game. "We wanted to get our defensive strength before we faced teams like Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota... I think today we showed we can win ugly as well as win beautifully."
Derek Harper, who led all scorers with 17 points, was the primary responsibility, but Iverson found himself constantly double-teamed with Donnie Freeman and Deron Williams. While Iverson did wind up with 9 assists, the shutout clearly bothered him, as he picked up a late technical foul arguing a no-call.
"We need to work on getting Allen involved more," Hoyas coach John Thompson admitted. "You can't just win inside in this game."
Cincinnati 81, #18 LSU 60. Maybe the adjustment from the AAC to the Big XII will be easier than we were led to believe.
Oscar Robertson had a triple-double with 13 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists, while Jack Twyman had 21 points as the Bearcats (8-2) stunned everyone by trouncing the Tigers (7-3) in front of the Cats' home fans.
"That was an incredible win," Bearcats coach Ed Jucker said after the game. "They kept talking about their starting five, but today we showed you need a lot of depth to get anywhere. We got that depth and we got a chance to win it all. I hope Kansas is paying attention -- they're not sweeping us this season."
Defense also proved to be a big deal. Robertson and Nick Van Exel constantly switched off on Pete Maravich, holding the scoring machine to only 8 points on the day. Bob Pettit was able to take some advantage to score 17 points, but the Tigers had no help from the bench, as the Cats' bench outscored the Tigers' reserves 21-3.
"Gotta be more than the first five," center Shaquille O'Neal said after the game. "We can only do so much and if one of us is in trouble, we gotta get stepping up."
#15 Southern Cal 78, #16 Maryland 55. Don't sleep on the Trojans now. When they're going against teams in the second and third tier, they are deadly.
Bill Sharman led all scorers with 24 points as the Trojans (8-2) steamrolled the Terrapins (7-3) to make a statement about their goals for this season.
"We think we can steal a Final Four spot," coach Sam Barry said after the game. "Today proved we have the talent to do it. If the shots fall, we can beat anyone."
Gene Shue led the Terrapins with 13 points.
#6 Michigan State 61, #13 Texas 60. The Longhorns seem to be willing to live and die by Kevin Durant. The Spartans knew it when it mattered.
Draymond Green knocked away a pass intended for Durant on the final play of the game to preserve a victory for the Spartans (8-2) over the Longhorns (7-3) on the road in a critical matchup.
"We saw where they were going, we knew they had one big star and if we denied him, we didn't think anyone else could step up," Green said after the game. "I know how to beat Durant, we know how to win the game, and we're just that good."
Magic Johnson had 14 points and 7 assists to lead the Spartans. Durant, for his part, led all scorers with 21 points, but couldn't get the last two, as Avery Bradley's inbound was knocked away.
"Close isn't good enough in crunch time," Durant said to reporters.
NC State 74, #20 Minnesota 65. Last year, the Wolfpack were controversially sent to the NIT despite going 18-14 in the toughest schedule in the country. If they keep winning, they may take it out of the committee's hands when all is said and done.
JJ Hickson had 5 blocks of Kevin McHale on the day and David Thompson scored 20 as the Wolfpack (8-2) stunned the Golden Gophers (7-3) to pick up a road win.
"We deserve to be ranked, and we deserve to be in the [NIBL] tournament," Thompson said after the game. "We've said all year our goal is to be undeniable. If we qualify for selection, we're going to make sure they have to take us. That means winning a lot in non-con, and that's what we're doing."
With Thompson driving and causing collapses of the defense, the outside shooters also had their chances. Spud Webb and Tom Gugliotta hit three three-pointers each over the Gopher defense.
"This was a bad day," said McHale, who despite being blocked led the Gophers with 14 points.
Villanova 79, #24 UNLV 78. Villanova likes to play slower, while UNLV likes to speed it up. Villanova, it turned out, did just enough to keep the Rebels from getting the win.
Randy Foye had 20 points and Kyle Lowry blocked Ricky Sobers' last second putback attempt as the Wildcats (8-2) held off the Runnin' Rebels (6-4) to most likely knock the last mid-major out of the Top 25.
"Our backcourt carried this one," Villanova coach Jay Wright said after the game. "We wanted to show that Paul [Arizin] had backup, and that's what we were able to get. Everyone played their role, and we kept this team -- a very good offensive team -- to just enough to take the win.
On the final play, Sobers inbounded to leading scorer Shawn Marion (18 points). His three pointer was off the mark, and in the scramble, Sobers got the loose ball. He tried a quick shot to beat the horn, but Lowry was ready.
  1. UCLA 90, 7. Syracuse 79
  2. North Carolina 64, 3. Kentucky 67
  3. Kentucky 67, 2. North Carolina 64
  4. Duke 61, 8. Michigan 68
  5. Kansas 75, 14. Arizona 59
  6. Michigan State 61, 13. Texas 60
  7. Syracuse 79, 1. UCLA 90
  8. Michigan 68, 4. Duke 61
  9. Notre Dame 67, 17. DePaul 65, OT
  10. Indiana 83, Louisiana Tech 57
  11. Ohio State 87, Saint John's 59
  12. Connecticut 92, 21. Alabama 80
  13. Texas 60, 6. Michigan State 61
  14. Arizona 59, 5. Kansas 75
  15. Southern Cal 78, 16. Maryland 55
  16. Maryland 55, 15. Southern Cal 78
  17. DePaul 65, 9. Notre Dame 67, OT
  18. LSU 60, Cincinnati 81
  19. Georgetown 56, 25. Illinois 66
  20. Minnesota 65, NC State 74
  21. Alabama 80, 12. Connecticut 92
  22. Florida 63, California 60
  23. Iowa 83, Arkansas 90
  24. UNLV 78, Villanova 79
  25. Illinois 66, 19. Georgetown 56
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2023.05.29 19:52 newmusicrls DJ CHUS MAY 2023 CHART

GENRE Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, House, Deep House, Organic House / Downtempo
  1. Cevin Fisher, DJ Chus – Everytime I Try (Extended Mix) 06:47 125bpm Ebm
  2. La Santa – Bombo (Original Mix) 06:01 124bpm Gb
  3. Pablo Fierro – King del Bongo (Original Mix) 07:05 92bpm E
  4. Malio – La Musica (Original Mix) 06:37 122bpm Ab
  5. Bontan, AMEME, Don Bello Ni – Batonga (Extended Mix) 07:06 125bpm A
  6. EdiP – Trip Two (Original Mix) 05:45 128bpm F
  7. La Santa – Bunyi (Original Mix) 06:02 123bpm C
  8. Tal Fussman – Parallel Reality (Original Mix) 05:06 126bpm Em
  9. Danny Serrano – Alegria (Original Mix) 06:55 123bpm G
  10. Osadon – D.D.D (Original Mix) 06:27 129bpm Eb
  11. Oscar Mula – Sanwalanwe (Original Mix) 06:19 122bpm Bbm
  12. Tal Fussman – Oh, Ok (Original Mix) 05:41 124bpm G
  13. Anorre – Samaritan (Original Mix) 06:58 120bpm Abm
  14. Joeski, DJ Chus, Jimmy Lopez – Creo en Dios (Vocal Mix) 06:14 123bpm Em
  15. Odasoul – Timbale (Original Mix) 06:59 120bpm Gm
  16. Daniel Rateuke – Wonim (Original Mix) 06:05 122bpm Gbm
  17. Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona – Afrotik (Original Mix) 04:55 124bpm Bb
  18. Sven Vath – Catharsis (Original Mix) 08:46 116bpm Ebm
  19. Gabsy, ADDFX – Misirlou (Original Mix) 06:20 122bpm Am
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2023.05.29 17:01 HHHFreshBotRedux The Weekly [Fresh]ness - week of Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sunday, May 21, 2023
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[FRESH] LOSTDOG.MP4 - Ameer Vann (New Documentary about Puppy dropped today by Ameer) link +60 LonelyZenpai298
[FRESH ALBUM] Duwap Kaine - Duwap So Based link +44 Ryab_
Monday, May 22, 2023
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[FRESH ALBUM] Xanman - Barmelo Xanthony link +27 flyestshit
[FRESH] Ransom - Rise of the Machines link +26 abucalves
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
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[FRESH] Juice WRLD - Cheese and Dope Freestyle link +71 NevermoreSEA
[FRESH EP] RXKNephew - Summer in Miami link +51 gurdijak
[FRESH EP] RXKNephew - Drunk Nights (prod. Banned4Good) link +26 gurdijak
Wednesday, May 24, 2023
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[FRESH] Black Milk – Is It Just Me? link +176 BlackMonk7
[FRESH ALBUM] Khary - A Desperate Attempt To Love Everything link +38 townsendjr
[FRESH] 6lack Freestyles Over “Oochie Wally” Beat | Justin Credible’s Freestyles link +26 Redditim3
Thursday, May 25, 2023
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[FRESH] J Hus - It's Crazy link +304 abucalves
[FRESH] Lil Durk - Pelle Coat link +120 STRAlN
[FRESH ALBUM] Cookin Soul - RAW TAPES vol. 1 link +73 darkfar
[FRESH VIDEO] Moneybagg Yo - Ocean Spray link +27 SY_Gyv
Friday, May 26, 2023
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[FRESH] Yeat & Young Thug - My Wrist link +833 AltforHHH
[FRESH ALBUM] Lil Durk - Almost Healed link +578 Kallemacd
[FRESH ALBUM] KayCyy & Gesaffelstein - TW2052 link +338 Kallemacd
[FRESH ALBUM] Rory - I Thought It'd Be Different link +312 lazynbroke
[FRESH VIDEO] billy woods & Kenny Segal - Babylon by Bus feat. ShrapKnel link +207 chomps_43
[FRESH EP] $uicideboy$ YIN YANG TAPES: Winter Season (1989-1990) link +187 siriand
[FRESH ALBUM] Jay Worthy & Roc Marciano - Nothing Bigger Than The Program link +184 God_Will_Rise_
[FRESH EP] Cochise - NO ONE'S NICE TO ME link +172 AltforHHH
[FRESH ALBUM] Kodak Black - Pistolz & Pearlz link +169 Kallemacd
[Fresh] Taylor Swift - Karma (Feat. Ice spice) link +136 jackoon56
[FRESH ALBUM] Kari Faux - REAL B*TCHES DON’T DIE! link +67 Kallemacd
[FRESH ALBUM] Hunxho - 4 Days in LA link +44 BumbleAir
[FRESH] Logic - Juice II link +43 ZeskReddit
[FRESH VIDEO] Travis Thompson & Jake One - Happiness ft. Jay Worthy link +42 donhuell
[FRESH] 7xvethegenius & DJ Green Lantern - Brainstorming (feat. Conway the Machine) link +40 thesuntalking
[FRESH] Reason and Jay Rock - At It Again (Remix) link +37 abucalves
[FRESH ALBUM] Lil Durk - Almost Healed link +36 OhhWowzers
[FRESH VIDEO] Lil' Keke - Lone Star Cypher ft. Paul Wall, Peso Peso, Big Jade, Big Pokey, King Kyle Lee, Al-D*300, Hotboy Wes, Trapboy Freddy link +36 abucalves
[FRESH] Nyck Caution - All Around ft. Erick the Architect link +32 Jarasi_
[FRESH] JELEEL! - "MAN OF THE YEAR!" (Live Performance) | Open Mic link +31 inhansed
[FRESH ALBUM] Dom Corleo - On My Own link +29 predicatebear24
[FRESH ALBUM] Daz Dillinger - Dat Nigga Daz link +27 darkfar
[FRESH ALBUM] Khamari - A Brief Nirvana link +25 chauie
Saturday, May 27, 2023
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[FRESH VIDEO] That Mexican OT - Johnny Dang (feat. Paul Wall & Drodi) link +154 Fent59
[FRESH VIDEO] Taylor Swift ft. Ice Spice - Karma link +53 Lord_Hexogen
[FRESH] Kassa Overall feat. Danny Brown & Wiki - Clock Ticking link +28 hoodyhoo123
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2023.05.29 15:39 Walter_62530 What happened to andy and Danny if you don’t kill them

View Poll
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2023.05.29 09:39 Competitive_Text1914 Hells Kitchen 6th Place Season: Episode 2

Chef Gordon Ramsay said that after the disgraceful dish from Matt which made him sick that the rest of the Chefs had to prove they were of a higher level and that he expected a great dinner service tonight. Andrew was extremely happy to be on the blue team with the men as he had had problems working with women before and Kashia said she found Andrew very annoying so was happy to not be on the same team as him. Andrew frustrated Josh by being slow at prep and Van told the team they should not be struggling at prepping with 9 people. Sabrina decided to be bossy during the red teams prep and annoyed Maribel by pointing out that she was behind and Santos tried being a leader as well by checking how fast Elizabeth was being which annoyed her.
Ed on hot appetisers looked to get the blue team off to a strong start but despite his first risottos being accepted, Antonio served raw pigeon for his salads and Ramsay said he wanted the pigeon flying out the kitchen not literally flying! Antonio looked to fight back but then tried to serve pigeon that was way overcooked and this set the kitchen way back early. Antonio did fight back but Andrew was told by Josh to not serve his scallops as they were burnt and then on a redo, Andrew served raw scallops and Ramsay angrily told Josh to take over cooking scallops while Andrew supported Josh. After this the blue team did manage to finish appetisers and they had a strong start on entrees with Brad and Drew leading strongly on the garnish station and Zach and Van having a good start on the meat station. Zach though served raw NY Strip on a later ticket and Ramsay said 2 people on the meat station should be a dream and they should not have these problems. Van had a great service, serving perfect wellingtons and chicken but Zach was struggling to keep up and despite Zach bouncing back, Andrew served raw salmon and Josh said he wished he’d just ran the fish station solo. Josh though ended up burning 2 cod fillets and Ramsay said this 1st service was a joke and said he needed someone to stop this disgusting mess. Brad tried leading but Zach served raw lamb and Ramsay said the next mistake would get them kicked out. Zach served raw lamb again and Ramsay furiously kicked the blue team out, saying they had to pick 2 nominees for elimination as the service was an absolute joke.
The red team also had a rough start as Tara on hot appetisers served a soupy risotto and then Keisha managed to serve an underdone flatbread before burning a next order of flatbread in the oven. Kashia got help from Santos with the flatbreads and Tara did find her voice being vocal leading the rest of the appetisers and Sabrina’s scallops were all perfect and Sabrina said as long as she got her head down and cooked, she would do well this year. Despite appetisers finishing well, entrees were a problem as Elizabeth served a strip with no sear at all with Ramsay describing it as “boiled meat” and Elizabeth wondered why the hell she brought it up like that. Maribel started having problems on the garnish station as well as she forgot which garnishes went with what orders and tried serving bland mashed potatoes. Maribel then served bland mash again and Nikki jumped over to help Maribel get the garnish station together with Ramsay livid at seeing Maribel not doing anything despite Nikki’s claim that she was “supporting”. Sabrina and Dannie continued to serve perfect fish but the meat station couldn’t keep up as Elizabeth burnt a pork chop and Ramsay said he couldn’t deal with any more raw and burnt food. Nikki was happy leaving Maribel with little to do on the garnish station but Maribel then served mushy cauliflower which was the final straw for Ramsay who kicked out the red team, announcing that NO ONE’S WON and they had to pick 2 chefs for elimination.
The blue team quickly nominated Andrew as the 1st nominee despite his claims that he had a great fightback but were torn between Antonio and Zach as the 2nd nominee. Antonio said it shouldn’t be up for discussion as Zach was the reason they got kicked out the kitchen but Zach said he was always behind due to appetizers. Giovanni did agree that from table side it looked like Antonio had the most problems and Brad said he felt Zach had more potential going forward. Santos was quick to nominate Maribel and Elizabeth as the nominees but Elizabeth argued that Kashia messing up flatbreads constantly was more of an issue than undercooked meat and Tara agreed that Kashia was struggling all service but Kashia said she don’t care, she’s not going up again. Antonio said that he didn’t think he should be up for elimination which Ramsay agreed with and sent him back in line and also sent Kashia back in line for fighting back leaving Maribel and Andrew. Ramsay eliminated MARIBEL for standing and letting her partner do 90% of the work on the garnish station and still causing the team to be kicked out. Antonio was relieved that Ramsay agreed that he shouldn’t have gone up and Keisha said she wouldn’t get so flustrated again next service.
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2023.05.29 09:36 indigosnowflake The pro-life narrative in Evil Dead Rise (spoilers)

I want to start by saying that I enjoyed Evil Dead Rise and this is in not me saying the movie wasn’t good or incredibly fun.
Second, I love deep diving into film themes and theories. If you don’t that’s totally cool. This post may not be your cup of tea.
Third, this isn’t the only way to interpret the movie, this is just a discussion of themes I noticed. They may have been intentionally a part of the movie or not. I’m definitely interested in what others think about it.
On to the post.
While I was watching EDR for the first time, between being awed by the makeup and special effects team and the fantastic physicality of the acting, I noticed a weird lean of punishing against gender non-conformity and carryon a pro-life message. Let me explain.
We begin with Beth and El in trouble. Beth is pregnant and seeking help from her sister to “take care of it”. El and her kids are in a vulnerable state primarily because they no longer have the presence of a man. Not his money—El states directly that he still pays child support—but his presence. It’s very reminiscent of the Exorcist this way, another film that goes heavy into gender normativity = security.
El is a rebellious woman covered in tattoos and beginning the film by dying her hair an unnatural red. Her two oldest kids are heavily queer coded (not even considering that Danny is played by a trans actor). The only main character to follow a traditional display of gender is Kassie. She’s a quirky girl, sure, but she’s still very much a sweet little girl who plays with dolls and gets called adorable nicknames and just wants her mommy to be ok. El and Bridget get taken down pretty easily by the demon. Danny, the only male member of the family, doesn’t get possessed until after he gets killed but he still ends up falling in the end. Only Kassie is untouchable.
Building on that, none of the male characters are able to get possessed by the demon until well after their death. The demon takes El pretty quickly after killing her and doesn’t even need to kill Bridget first. Danny and the plethora of male neighbors, though, lay dead for a while before possession takes them.
Where the pro-life and pro-traditional gender role narrative shines brightest, though, is Beth. Beth doesn’t start off playing a traditional gender role. She is aiming for a job where she’ll be the first woman in the position. She wants an abortion. She is having sex seemingly without being in a committed relationship. And oh boy does the narrative chastise her for this. Aside from the demon calling her a whore and a slut repeatedly, the demon celebrates and encourages her to pursue an abortion while the innocent Kassie keeps bringing up how Beth would be a good mother. Through Bridget, the demon tells Beth “I don’t like things in my tummy, do you?” and eats glass, suggestion abortion is a form of self harm. Through El, the demon celebrates at getting to devour two souls in one body. It’s only after Beth decides that she ultimately wants to keep the baby that she finds the strength to defend herself and Kassie long enough to escape.
Movies with demons are always going to take a least a little overtone of Christianity. That’s just part of the genre. I was just surprised at how hard this one seemed to push pretty conservative values on the characters.
Do you agree? Do you disagree? What themes did you get out of Evil Dead Rise?
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2023.05.29 01:33 London-Roma-1980 NON CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 10 PREVIEW

Nine more Top 25 matchups are on the offering this week. But this time, we're going to preview a matchup between two teams that got major upsets over Top 25 teams in the past. One has been rewarded with a Top 25 ranking of their own, while the other is on the cusp of it. Who will step up in this battle of power conference teams?
Arkansas Razorbacks at #23 Iowa Hawkeyes.
Two teams unafraid of the daunting schedule ahead of them in conference play square off as Arkansas faces Iowa in a battle of 7-2 squads late in non-conference play.
Arkansas has already collected one Top 25 scalp this season, having just bumped off then-#19 Houston 100-85. However, the voters more punished Houston than rewarded Arkansas, with the Cougars losing their Top 25 spot while the Razorbacks remained on the fringes.
"We know we're better than that," coach Nolan Richardson said. "We can beat anyone. We have an up-tempo game plan and we're going to execute it."
Iowa, meanwhile, earned their Top 25 spot with a 7-1 start. Even though they come into the game having lost to #4 Duke in their last outing, coach Bucky O'Connor is optimistic.
"There's a lot of spots available in the tournament," he said. "We've shown we can beat teams that make it and can make a run, so if we can take care of business, we'll win enough games to get into the NIBL championships. But it starts by protecting your home court and getting this great Iowa crowd something to smile about."

Arkansas Razorbacks (7-2) # #23 Iowa Hawkeyes (7-2)
Tony BROWN 3 Ricky DAVIS
Daniel GAFFORD 4 Reggie EVANS
Andrew LANG 8 John JOHNSON
Sidney MONCREIF 10 Ronnie LESTER
Darrell WALKER 13 George PEEPLES
LINE: Iowa by 5 1/2
#1 UCLA (9-0) at #7 Syracuse (8-1)
#4 Duke (8-1) at #8 Michigan (8-1)
#3 Kentucky (8-1) at #2 North Carolina (8-1)
#5 Kansas (8-1) at #14 Arizona (7-2)
Arkansas (7-2) at #23 Iowa (7-2)
#12 Connecticut (7-2) at #21 Alabama (7-2)
#17 DePaul (7-2) at #9 Notre Dame (7-2)
#22 Florida (7-2) at California (7-2)
#19 Georgetown (7-2) at #25 Illinois (7-2)
Louisiana Tech (7-2) at #10 Indiana (7-2)
#18 LSU (7-2) at Cincinnati (7-2)
#16 Maryland (7-2) at #15 Southern Cal (7-2)
#6 Michigan State (7-2) at #13 Texas (7-2)
NC State (7-2) at #20 Minnesota (7-2)
Saint John's (7-2) at #11 Ohio State (7-2)
Villanova (7-2) at #24 UNLV (6-3)
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2023.05.29 00:56 Retroid69 favorite album per artist. no particular order. open to judgements and critiques on my tastes/repertoire

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2023.05.29 00:30 poopinurhand Does anyone else have a likes and dislike list?

I do. Show me yours :)
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2023.05.28 22:42 Popular-Cranberry-86 He needs to fix his content

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I genuinely want to see Danny succeed. I hope he can fix his shit soon.
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2023.05.28 12:35 teamcrazymatt Defending the Draft 2023: New England Patriots

No one can ever predict a Bill Belichick draft.
When people start assuming he’ll act based on his stereotypes (first-round trade down, OL early, no early WRs, all Alabama players or small school guys or guys from Rutgers), he’ll do the opposite. When the consensus is that he’ll shift away from those stereotypes, he’ll lean right into them.
So in observing mock drafts, both full and team-centric, there was a lot of accord that he would follow those stereotypes. (Adam Korsak, both a punter and from Rutgers, was EVERYWHERE.)
But then the end of April came.
Before then, New England had suffered a 2022 season full of embarrassment, from Matt Patricia and Joe Judge’s ineptitude at running the offense to a team that seemed to find new ways to lose in humiliating fashion (a certain ill-fated lateral sequence peak among them). The Patriots went from their dynastic reign as a team which would trounce their opponents in laughers to the team that everyone pointed and laughed at. Mac Jones’ Patricia- and Judge-sparked regression along with impressive cameo appearances by ‘22 rookie Bailey Zappe split the fanbase into Mac and Zappe camps, with sports media fueling the flame by spreading or outright fabricating rumors of Belichick shopping Mac, rumors which lasted through the first day of the draft. It was an ugly season and an uglier start to the offseason.
The franchise clearly needed to make changes in 2023, and changes started near the top. Patricia and Judge lost their roles, the former joining the Eagles coaching staff and the latter moving to lead special teams, a necessary move as this Belichick-led squad had plummeted to the lowest-ranked third unit. (More on that later.) Patricia had filled the dual roles of de facto offensive coordinator and facto offensive line coach, and filled both roles with the acumen of me designing plays in Backyard Football 2002, except I could actually design plays that resulted in touchdowns. Judge had manned the quarterbacks room, and given that Daniel Jones finally broke out for the Giants once Judge had been booted from mentoring him, you can guess how that went for Mac and the Pats. In his new role in charge of special teams, he has already cost the team two OTAs and Bill Belichick $50,000 for an offseason meetings violation, and has elevated his 2022 title of Co-Most Hated Man in Foxboro to Single Most Hated Man in Foxboro.
Anyway, New England needed to fill their old roles, and brought in:
Bill O’Brien, Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach A long-time friend of Belichick’s, O’Brien returns for his second stint as Pats OC, having dictated the offense in Rob Gronkowski’s record-setting 2011 season. Additionally, O’Brien comes by way of running the offense and the QB room at the University of Alabama, which spawned Mac Jones. Mac regressed in 2022 after an impressive 2021, but recall that 2022 was under the abysmal leadership of Patricia (calling his plays) and Judge (his direct coach), a situation in which no one could develop. By bringing in his old OC and QB coach, Mac has been put in the best possible position to develop in ‘23, a position which will much more clearly give fans a vision of his future as an NFL quarterback. (And the playcalling will be legitimate! It’s been but a year and we have already forgotten what creativity, route concepts, and misdirection have looked like!)
Adrian Klemm, Offensive Line Coach Belichick’s first draft pick after taking the helm in New England in 2000, Klemm has joined the team after coaching at Oregon last year. He comes with a strong reputation at that coaching position, having headed a Ducks O-line that allowed just five sacks in 2022. Last season, the Patriots saw a regression from their veterans on the line, most notably in Trent Brown’s newfound flag-happiness, and first-round rookie guard Cole Strange put forth a mixed performance. Bringing in an actual offensive line coach gives the team the best chance to fix any issues that showed in ‘22 and to develop their young linemen.
Of course, coaching was not the only issue last season, as New England was criticized for their lack of talent on the roster. Of New England’s high-cash free agent class of 2021, only edge rusher Matthew Judon shined in both his seasons in Foxboro: neither tight end Jonnu Smith nor wideout Nelson Agholor ever got off the ground, tight end Hunter Henry regressed after a solid ‘21, and wideout Kendrick Bourne found himself suddenly in Patricia’s doghouse and off the field. Moves needed to be made as the calendar turned to free agency.
Notable Departures
S Devin McCourty (retired) The most prominent departure from the ‘22 squad, McCourty is one of many who can be termed a quintessential Patriot. A first-round cornerback out of Rutgers in 2010, D-Mac made the switch to safety in 2012 and locked down the position for the next decade. When he was on the verge of leaving the team in free agency in 2015, even reaching out to Belichick to say goodbye, Belichick signed him to a top-valued safety contract and kept him in red, white, and blue. His leadership and personality made him a joy to watch on the field and off, his personality showing itself especially well recently through interactions with his twin brother Jason, who played alongside him for the Patriots from 2018 to ‘20. Statistically, D-Mac ends his career with 35 interceptions, one shy of the franchise record, and 4 touchdowns (two picks, a kickoff return, and a blocked field goal return). We miss him already.
P Jake Bailey (released; signed with Miami) What a drop. After an All-Pro season in 2020, Bailey signed a four-year extension in 2022 only to become the worst statistical punter in the league. After he was injured, the Patriots brought in Michael Palardy, who managed to be even worse (personally, I blame the team’s curse that comes with the jersey number 17). Neither punter remains with the team, Bailey joining an AFC East rival in the Dolphins and Palardy currently unsigned.
TE Jonnu Smith (traded to Atlanta) There is a strong case to be made that Smith is the worst free agency signing Belichick has made as Pats GM. In the two years since inking a 4-year, $50 million deal, Smith totaled just 55 catches for 539 yards and one touchdown, and a ‘22 restructure of his contract meant that Smith appeared to be a monetary albatross the Patriots would not be able to shake loose. What led to Atlanta agreeing to take on his whole contract, sending New England a seventh-round pick to get the player, I have no idea, but I think every Pats fan would agree that Smith didn’t work out in the least and a change was best for all sides.
WR Jakobi Meyers (signed with Las Vegas) Meyers’ departure was somewhat shocking, as the 2019 UDFA had worked his way up to the top of the Patriots’ wide receiver depth chart. More of a big slot guy than an outside #1, Meyers had a minor role in his rookie season and started 2020 at the bottom of the depth chart, but injuries to the players above him got him onto the field, and a 12-catch, 169-yard performance against the Jets that November meant he wasn’t leaving it anytime soon. While not possessing top-tier speed or explosiveness, Meyers was the team’s best route runner and separator, and his departure left another void that needed to be filled.
QB Brian Hoyer (released, signed with Las Vegas) Hoyer was third on the depth chart, Zappe having shown enough to take the #2 spot. While a fine veteran mentor, the Patriots chose to go a different direction with that third QB role.
WR Nelson Agholor (signed with Baltimore) Agholor was given a two-year contract in 2021 with the anticipation of his being the #1 receiver, something which did not happen due to his unreliable hands and separation abilities. For those two years and $22 million, Agholor produced 68 catches, 835 yards, and five touchdowns. Not worth it.
RB Damien Harris (signed with Buffalo) By far the most productive member of the Patriots’ atrocious 2019 draft class, Harris was good in New England but had been passed on the depth chart by sophomore Rhamondre Stevenson midway through 2022. Couple that with Belichick’s predilection to let running backs walk instead of giving them second contracts, sprinkle in a dash of two ‘22 draft picks (Pierre Strong Jr. and Kevin Harris) who will get more opportunities in 2023, top it off with the return of Ty Montgomery II from injured reserve, and it’s no surprise that Harris is no longer a Patriot.
T Isaiah Wynn (signed with Miami) Another former first-round pick, Wynn was all right as a left tackle though was criticized for frequent injury problems; with his fifth-year option picked up for ‘22, he was inexplicably switched to right tackle, where he was very bad. He never really earned the role of franchise tackle, so it was expected that the Patriots would let him walk.
But on the upside, the team now has:
WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (via Kansas City) After Meyers signed with the Raiders, the Patriots worked quickly to bring in his replacement in the slot. Smith-Schuster revived his career in Kansas City and is now in position to be a primary target for Mac for the next three seasons, possessing more explosiveness and speed than his predecessor. The biggest concern with JuJu is his durability, but I believe the Patriots have made preparations in the draft (spoiler) in case that becomes a significant problem. The fanbase is excited for Smith-Schuster on the field in Foxboro, and deservedly so.
RB James Robinson (via New York (the green side)) A one-time breakout UDFA in Jacksonville, Robinson’s role diminished with the rise of Travis Etienne Jr.; after being traded to the Jets, Robinson never got settled into a role. In New England, Robinson is likely first in line for the #2 RB spot behind Stevenson, an important role given that Stevenson’s overwork saw his productivity decline as last season came to an end. Robinson also possesses the pass-catching versatility that Belichick loves, a role Harris was never used in but Stevenson is, further suggesting he can have a significant spot on the field for the Pats.
TE Mike Gesicki (via Miami) As Smith never worked out as the co-#1 TE, here comes Gesicki. A pure pass catcher at the position, Gesicki has the size and hands to be a reliable target in the red zone, and should pair nicely with Henry for a potential TE-heavy formation as the team approaches the goal line.
T Riley Reiff (via Chicago) T Calvin Anderson (via Denver) While neither comes with the contract expectation of being a long-term solution at either tackle spot, the hope is that Reiff (expected to start at RT) will be an upgrade over Wynn, while Anderson serves as a reliable swing tackle who can start if needed.
LB Chris Board Jr. (via Detroit) Remember that awful special teams unit? Board is one of the NFL’s top special teamers, a player Belichick singled out when New England faced the Lions last year. It’s unsurprising he brought in such a veteran to help solidify the unit after… just all of last year.
QB Trace McSorley (via Arizona) By bringing in McSorley in Hoyer’s stead, the team is showing a bit of a shift in philosophy with how it is using its backup QB spots. Both Mac and Zappe are pocket passers; McSorley does most of his work outside the pocket and can run with regularity, a trend more common among top-level quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. At minimum, he’s worth a camp spot, and that’s fine.
P Corliss Waitman (via Denver) Following the implosion of Bailey and Palardy at punter, the Patriots were on the verge of entering the draft with none on the roster. Waitman is a veteran addition there, but pretty much everyone expected New England to add a punter either as a draft pick or UDFA. (Another spoiler – my bad.)
After this free agency, many saw the Patriots as still having holes at the top of their depth chart at wideout, tackle, and cornerback. Tight end was also considered a need as New England, despite adding Gesicki to pair with Henry, does not have a tight end signed beyond 2023, entering the draft with only Matt Sokol and Scotty Washington behind their name duo.
Then they went on the clock, entering the draft with:
1-14 2-46 3-76 4-107 4-117 4-135 6-184 6-187 6-192 6-210 7-245
Here’s how it all went down.
Draft Picks
TRADE: 1-14 to PIT for 1-17 and 4-120 Although this trade was criticized for receiving too little back from Pittsburgh, it was not a major loss in capital according to the Rich Hill value chart (325 points to PIT, 320 to NE), and it came with enough high-level talent on the board that the Patriots were sure to get one of their targets. The way the board fell, fans most wanted Christian Gonzalez, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Zay Flowers, or Broderick Jones; when the Steelers took Jones, it became clear that the Patriots were not interested in him (reports came out that the Patriots had not been interested in Jones at all due to coachability concerns), but they were sure to land an exciting player after moving down only three spots rather than the seven-plus many mockers had predicted. Additionally, the Steelers landing Jones appeared to knock the Jets’ war room for a loop (though later video has shown that the Jets were expecting the trade), and the only thing New England fans love more than a victory is an opportunity to screw over the Jets.
1-17: Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon The Patriots’ selection of Gonzalez received universal acclaim, and it’s easy to see why. Despite having strong CB depth, the Patriots lacked a true #1 corner; Gonzalez has the ability, length, and athleticism to be that from Day One. The first-round pick via Colorado and Oregon was widely projected as a top-10 selection, so for New England to land him at 17 is a tremendous coup. From his interviews and his play style, Gonzalez seems like a quiet guy off the field who wants to shut the opponent down when on the turf. He’ll be fun to watch.
2-46: Keion White, ED, Georgia Tech White is another player falling under the new Patriots draft umbrella under Belichick and Matt Groh: as athletic as can be. While he is raw, White has the athleticism to play three downs along the defensive line and the versatility to move inside when the situation calls for it. The Patriots thought so highly of him that he was a player they were considering drafting in the first round, even considering a move back into the last picks of the round to snag him, but landed him at 46 anyway. How much he will play as a rookie is uncertain as New England has a very good edge duo in Matthew Judon and Josh Uche, but even if White has to take a year to get acclimated to the NFL, that’s not unheard of in Foxboro and has produced success for highly-touted picks: neither Nate Solder (first round) nor Trey Flowers (fourth round) took on long-term starting roles as rookies (though Solder filled in at right tackle plenty), but were established starters in their second years. Similarly, Uche (second round) started off as an occasionally-used part of a pass rushing rotation before hitting double-digit sacks last year, his third season in the league. And if White earns significant playing time in 2023, all the better.
3-76: Marte Mapu, LB, Sacramento State Here’s that small-school selection that detractors tend to point at regarding Belichick, but Mapu has elite potential. I got tipped off to Mapu late in the pre-draft cycle, and watching film of him I was reminded a lot of Kyle Dugger, another small-school Day 2 player who has turned into an excellent Patriot. Mapu is going to play linebacker, likely his best position, and fill the role of coverage ‘backer that New England has lacked for several seasons. He’s also athletic and scheme-versatile, having spent time at safety and linebacker while at Sacramento State, so he will be able to move around the defensive formation if the situation calls for it. Add to that his tackling, his closing speed, and his containment, and you’ve got yourself a potential stud.
4-107: Jake Andrews, C, Troy The Patriots need their future long-term center with David Andrews now 31 and having an injury history, and Jake Andrews (unrelated) is set up perfectly to be that guy. Andrews the Younger is built in the same mold as Andrews the Elder: both exited college as smaller in stature than other centers but able to get a push on defensive linemen from below, meaning Jake can easily learn specific bits of technique from David. While not expected to play the role immediately, [anagram: Ned Was a Jerk] is now in position to spend time behind [anagram: Swan Diver Dad], preparing himself to take over at center in the near future.
TRADE: 4-120 and 6-184 to NYJ for 4-112 4-112: Chad Ryland, K, Maryland This is not the first time Belichick has selected a kicker in the fourth round, selecting Stephen Gostkowski with pick 118 in 2006; with the Patriots in desperate need for a strong player at the position, moving up to make sure they could land him makes sense (especially with Jake Moody being selected by the 49ers at 3-99). And Ryland is what Nick Folk is not: a big-legged kicker with kickoff ability. Folk has been appreciated in New England for his accuracy, but his distance and accuracy notably declined in 2022, and when forced to kick off, his lack of touchback distance led to trouble, the Patriots surrendering a league-high three kick return touchdowns (including two in the season finale). It’s clear an upgrade at kicker was a requirement this offseason; with Moody gone, giving up a sixth to move up eight spots is absolutely fine. In doing so, New England has hopefully landed their kicker for the next decade.
4-117: Sidy Sow, G, Eastern Michigan At this point, it may be considered confusing for the Patriots to have drafted a left guard in Sow when last year’s first-round pick Cole Strange is entrenched there and Mike Onwenu mans right guard at an elite level, but Groh’s post-draft comments indicated the team would give Sow opportunities at left tackle as well. And not only does Sow have experience at left tackle, he has the size at 6’5” and 326 pounds. New England’s projected starting tackles are veterans Trent Brown and Riley Reiff, both of whom are over 30 and are in contract years; if Sow returns to the position, the former mauling EMU Eagle (heh, two birds) offensive lineman could ease the need at tackle for next offseason.
TRADE: 4-135 to LV for 5-144 and 6-214 5-144: Atonio Mafi, G, UCLA Another interior lineman? Yes. Mafi is a guard whom the Patriots worked with at the Shrine Bowl, and has the versatility to move between left and right guard. As the aforementioned Onwenu is in a contract year, Mafi has a clear path to a potential starting job in 2024, and the most important thing right now for the development of Mac Jones is keeping him upright. By selecting three offensive linemen – using a quarter of their 12 selections on the offensive trench – Belichick and Groh have signaled their intent to do just that. From all accounts, Mafi, who met with New England in a pre-draft visit, is thrilled to join the team; now it’s about proving it on the field.
6-187: Kayshon Boutte, WR, LSU Boutte is the epitome of a boom-or-bust prospect, his elite 2020 and ‘21 being overshadowed by a disappointing 2022 that dropped him from clear first-rounder to a middle-of-Day-3 selection. As a freshman and sophomore, Boutte looked to follow in the footsteps of highly-drafted LSU wideouts such as Odell Beckham Jr., Justin Jefferson, and JaMarr Chase, showing a complete package of agility, speed, and route running. Unfortunately, an injury plus conflicts with his new coach Brian Kelly led to underperformance, and a poor combine performance cemented his draft stock as having drastically fallen. But if he can get back to his earlier form, where his talent and athleticism led to a combined 83 receptions, 1244 yards, and 14 touchdowns in his first two college seasons, Boutte could become the steal of the draft.
6-192: Bryce Baringer, P, Michigan State While New England had signed Corliss Waitman so as to have a punter on the roster heading into the draft, none assumed he was the long-term answer; when the Patriots made Baringer the first punter taken in the 2023 draft, it became clear who was. A walk-on turned cut turned best punter in college football, Baringer has a booming leg that showed itself in an average punt length of 49.0 yards in ‘22; he also holds the Michigan State record for career punting average at 46.0 yards. As a bonus, he worked with Ryland at the Senior Bowl, so the two have already begun to develop chemistry in the holding game. As another bonus, he wore No. 99 in college, and that is awesome.
6-210: Demario Douglas, WR, Liberty When one imagines a typical Patriots slot receiver – small, shifty, and explosive with the ball in his hands – one might well be imagining Douglas. The five-foot-eight Liberty product can absolutely fly, moving all around the formation and catching balls at all levels of the field. New Englanders got a preview of what Douglas’ game might look like when rookie cornerback Marcus Jones began to take snaps on offense last year; Jones was often put in motion before the snap, worked out of the backfield, and assigned touches where his elusiveness was the spark to gain yards. Douglas has said he models his game after Jones, a claim that demonstrates itself when one views his collegiate tape. I had a third-round grade on Douglas, so the Patriots landing him at 210 is a thrill. (Even though the Giants took one of my draft crushes in Tre Hawkins III the pick before, for which I’m still irked.)
6-214: Ameer Speed, CB, Michigan State The unknown about Speed is whether he will develop on defense; that is not his skill at the moment. There are three things known: his size (6’3”, 210 lbs.), his speed (4.34s 40), and his special teams prowess. With longtime special teams captain Matthew Slater likely entering his last year, the Patriots need to develop a new crop of special teams standouts, long a hallmark of Belichick’s Patriots from the time of Larry Izzo. Last year’s UDFA Brenden Schooler looks like one of those players already; Speed will certainly be given every chance possible to be another.
7-245: Isaiah Bolden, CB, Jackson State More tall athletic cornerbacks! The only HBCU selection in the 2023 draft, Bolden is an incredible athlete who likely earned his way to a draft selection by lighting up his Pro Day. Though just a role player on defense, Bolden has developmental traits that any defensive coach would love, and has also been a top collegiate kick returner, leading all of college football in 2021 with a 36.9-yard average on kickoff returns. I don’t see the two late-round cornerback selections as “throw players on the field and see who sticks” à la the ill-fated dual tight end picks of Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene in 2020’s third round, but selecting players who might have longer chances to succeed, but if they do succeed can truly shine.
Though Bolden was the last of the Patriots’ 2023 draft picks, that did not conclude their rookie class as the period of UDFA signings immediately began. The Patriots have had an undrafted rookie make the Week 1 roster every year since 2004; with just a four-man class this season, chances are slim. They’re not impossible – their only 2021 UDFA, kicker Quinn Nordin, made it – but they’re definitely slimmer. Here are the four who can continue that streak.
Undrafted Rookies
Malik Cunningham, QB, Louisville The most expensive ($200,000) and well-known of the quartet, Cunningham’s slight build and arm as a quarterback led to piles of speculation of his switching positions. However, he has started off his Patriots tenure as a quarterback in rookie minicamp, so he remains a quarterback until further notice. Throughout college, Cunningham’s most intriguing asset has been his supreme athleticism at the position, something which showed up in testing, and it remains to be seen how the Patriots will use that athleticism to help the team. (It may be a good while until outside sources get a look, as minicamp and OTAs have thus far been closed off to the media.)
Johnny Lumpkin, TE, Louisiana-Lafayette After foregoing using a selection on a tight end in a deep draft class (another Belichick trend), New England instead brought in Lumpkin, who projects as a blocking tight end in the NFL. This offsets the biggest negative, his age (he’ll be 26 to start the season), as the Patriots lack a true blocker at the position. Whether Lumpkin can take advantage of this path to a roster spot remains to be seen, but his road to making the team as an undrafted rookie seems easiest at the moment.
Jourdan Heilig, LB, Appalachian State Like Board and Speed, Heilig joins the Patriots as a special teams standout, playing minimal defense as a Mountaineer (three snaps in 2022) but standing out in college on the third unit (210 snaps in 2022). He’ll have a chance to follow in the path of Schooler as a UDFA who makes his mark as a core special teamer.
Justus Tavai, DL, San Diego State The middle of the Tavai brothers (older brother Jahlani is a Patriots linebacker, younger brother Jonah signed with Seattle as a UDFA), Justus played alongside Jonah on the Aztec defensive line in 2022. While Jonah put up eye-popping numbers with double-digit sacks, Justus was a steady contributor as well, putting up 3.5 sacks and intercepting a pass. Tavai is the ninth man on the Patriots’ defensive line right now, so he has a difficult path if he wants to make the team.
He’s not an undrafted rookie, but the Patriots have also brought in veteran free agent Anthony Firsker, TE to compete with Lumpkin, Sokol, and Washington for the third tight end spot, the roster spot opened with their losing reserve Raekwon McMillan, LB to a partially torn Achilles tendon.
Projected Offseason Depth Chart (italics = rookie, (in parentheses = exclusively or primarily a special teamer)) (Note: the Patriots assign temporary jersey numbers in the offseason starting with 50 based mainly on draft position.)
QB 10 Mac Jones 4 Bailey Zappe 19 Trace McSorley 64 Malik Cunningham
RB 38 Rhamondre Stevenson 3 James Robinson 14 Ty Montgomery II 35 Pierre Strong Jr. 36 Kevin Harris 42 J.J. Taylor
WR 1 DeVante Parker 7 JuJu Smith-Schuster 84 Kendrick Bourne 11 Tyquan Thornton 58 Kayshon Boutte 60 Demario Douglas 82 Tre Nixon (44 Raleigh Webb) (18 Matthew Slater)
TE 85 Hunter Henry 88 Mike Gesicki 86 Anthony Firsker 87 Matt Sokol 17 Scotty Washington 65 Johnny Lumpkin
T 77 Trent Brown 74 Riley Reiff 76 Calvin Anderson 75 Conor McDermott 64 Andrew Stueber
G 71 Mike Onwenu 69 Cole Strange 54 Sidy Sow 55 Atonio Mafi 63 Chasen Hines 62 Bill Murray
C 60 David Andrews 53 Jake Andrews 65 James Ferentz 66 Kody Russey
DL 90 Christian Barmore 92 Davon Godchaux 91 Deatrich Wise Jr. 93 Lawrence Guy Sr. 95 Daniel Ekuale 98 Carl Davis Jr. 96 Sam Roberts 70 Jeremiah Pharms Jr. 67 Justus Tavai
ED 9 Matthew Judon 55 Josh Uche 51 Keion White 58 Anfernee Jennings (97 DaMarcus Mitchell) 51 Ronnie Perkins
LB 8 Ja’Whaun Bentley 48 Jahlani Tavai 52 Marte Mapu 30 Mack Wilson Sr. (45 Chris Board Jr.) 43 Calvin Munson 59 Terez Hall 47 Olakunle Fatukasi (66 Jourdan Heilig)
CB 50 Christian Gonzalez 31 Jonathan Jones 13 Jack Jones 25 Marcus Jones 27 Myles Bryant (61 Ameer Speed) 63 Isaiah Bolden 37 Tae Hayes 26 Shaun Wade 34 Quandre Mosely 39 Rodney Randle Jr.
S 23 Kyle Dugger 5 Jabrill Peppers 2 Jalen Mills 21 Adrian Phillips 24 Joshuah Bledsoe (41 Brenden Schooler) (22 Cody Davis) 29 Brad Hawkins
K 62 Chad Ryland 6 Nick Folk
P 59 Bryce Baringer 15 Corliss Waitman
LS 49 Joe Cardona 46 Tucker Addington
Conclusion Is this a perfect Patriots team? No. There are still long-term holes at offensive tackle and tight end, and there is a question mark as to who can be that pass catcher whom defensive coordinators have to plan for, a player the team has lacked for several seasons.
But is this an exciting Patriots roster, a team who has a chance to exceed their middling projections and expectations, a team worth watching and cheering for? Absolutely. Belichick and company have stabilized the coaching staff; added explosive, athletic players at nearly every position; brought in a new crew of players to take over special teams; and begun their draft with three players who could not only start in the NFL but have the potential to star. I fully believe that this is not an 8-9 caliber team, even in an AFC East with three other teams that have added big name after big name.
As Bill Belichick might say, we’re on to 2023.
We’re on to victory.
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2023.05.28 10:28 Aggravating-Put-1778 Ben from the show ‘Never Have I Ever’ looks similar to Danny

Ben from the show ‘Never Have I Ever’ looks similar to Danny
As soon as I started watching the show I saw him and I thought of Danny. I honestly don’t know what it could be but they look so similar. It might just be the hair or nose, who knows.
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2023.05.28 06:56 FamousPea I now understand why Danny tried to frame Amy for arson

After thinking about it, it just dawned on me why Danny can’t accept his mistake. When the house burned down, his parents were disappointed and didn’t show a tinge of concern. They didn’t even try to comfort their son or offer help. Without them knowing what actually happened, they acted as if it’s Danny’s fault automatically (which it is but they don’t know yet). They immediately went into self-pity mode of “it’s too good to be true anyway”. So imagine what their reaction would be if they knew the real reason. The fear of disappointing people really kickstart the kidnapping and everything else that happened after.
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2023.05.28 06:38 Square-Raspberry560 Let the Jon era go

I don’t know how unpopular this is or isn’t, but it’s long past time to let the Jon era go. I’m not saying to forget about it or not still enjoy videos from that time, but Jon was on Game Grumps for like a year. At this point, he’s been not a part of it for way longer than he was part of it, yet people act like he only just left after a 10 year run. And then the continued drama about who was in the right, why Jon left, who’s better out of him and Arin or him and Danny…it’s been almost a decade. Let it go, people😭
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2023.05.28 01:59 teensylilladybug Do I have any chance of getting into MSCS or MSITM programs?

Hi! I graduated in Dec 2022 and I was planning to pursue MSBA this Fall 2023 due to some circumstances I have to push it to next Spring 2024; so I am reapplying to other colleges for MS in CS or ITM. (I chose not to apply MSBA again because of it doesn’t make sense to go for a MS program that will be overtaken by AI in a few years 😭)
My stats: (I know my stats are underwhelming)
GRE: 303 (152 Q and 151 V and 4.0 Writing)
BS in CS from LSU; Undergrad GPA: 3.3
Two internships and two letters of recommendation one from a professor and one from my supervisor.
I have 3 personal projects that I have been working on which I want to include as well. (one AI based project + one web application + one mobile application that i worked on during my internship )
I’m planning on applying to Clemson, UFL, NSU, GSU and any other school you guys advise me on!
Any advice is helpful, please don’t be ruthless I am hanging on by a thread 😓
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2023.05.28 01:54 kindalosingmyshit Our breakup was the most productive conversation we’ve had in months.

I guess this isn’t the right flair to use anymore. But it still feels right. I don’t know how we got here. How we both care so deeply for each other and can’t be together. How we ended up damaging each other so much despite out best efforts.
We did our best and I believe that. I’ve told you before and I told you today: I don’t regret it. I would rather try and know than not try and wonder. You didn’t waste my time, my love. Don’t ever worry about that.
You are now the only ex I’ve ever wanted to keep in my life. I don’t know how to do anything but no contact and that’s how it’ll be for a while. But I hope we’ll be friends again. I hope we’ll grow and find ourselves in a position to try this again. That’s all we can do, isn’t it? Take the experience and try and grow. Learn from it. Become new people and hope they’ll love each other the way we do.
I’m sorry it fell apart and I know you are too. I hope we meet again one day. I love you, Danny. Same team.
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