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Be warned, this subreddit often contains references to suicide and other related things. Do not visit this sub if you are sensitive to such topics! [If you are suicidal and need help, we strongly encourage you to seek it right now!]( >When it's too me_irl for even /toomeirlformeirl

2023.05.28 21:40 ValuableWing7604 bus journey witout end

The bus journey without end… I woke up and had very bad back, where am I? who am I? I thought silently to myself, everything was black, I tried and tried to open my eyes but they were so tightly glued that I had to wait a while before I could finally open them. At first it was so bright that I could hardly see anything at all, but finally I saw that I was sitting in a chair, it had a pattern on it, it felt familiar in some strange way, then I realized what I was sitting in a bus going somewhere. And when I looked out the window I saw what took my breath away, a whole other world spread out in a way I can hardly describe but it looked like something straight out of a nightmare, a dark forest, my in the night but the sky was red like blood… and up in the sky there was a big cross that was attached to a lot of chains so I guess you have some kind of picture of it a scary picture. Everything was spinning and I passed out as soon as I saw all that and when I woke up I was dizzy, I felt my dizzy head and felt some kind of manic stuck in my head, no matter how much I drank I couldn't removed it and that's when I saw that I had tubes of green liquid. I kept pulling and got it off, I started hyperventilating as I got all the flashbacks going through my head and the only thing I remember from them was getting on a bus and getting a syringe after the flashbacks I got hit hard in the head. When I woke up I had a huge headache I looked up now I was sitting in a metal chair no I wasn't sitting in it I was stuck in it and those tubes were still on my arms and my back I heard someone push a button and I dreamed a very unpleasant nightmare about screams and blood when I woke up I was stuffed and had blood all over my mouth "good" was the only thing I could think of. And then day after day flew by and I'm just getting hungrier every day as I'm turning more and more into a monster and that's why I'm writing this yesterday I woke up with a number note that says "1" they intend to take here more so I warn you protect yourself do whatever you want to avoid jumping on the endless bus journey...
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2023.05.28 21:10 bfdifan19 a balloon!

a balloon!
I now like bloons td and my favorite tower is the sniper.
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2023.05.28 20:47 Emotional-Notice4746 I am

I am
Pendulum Joule Electromagnetism or scientists in SHOCK!!!
I greet my subscribers in the person of one person and all those who managed to get to my page. I would like to say about that. I'm currently on the forum
there's a fair amount of obscurantists here. who are trying to scare away the scientific community with their ideas, but meanwhile there are those who are still trying to somehow be open to something new...
In fact, if we consider the fate of any scientist. we can unequivocally say that in most cases - these are the people. who, with their brains, are either insane, or ahead of humanity with their thoughts.
If you go in the direction of your thoughts. which I implemented a few years ago, I can say that I had a lot of questions regarding the asynchronous machine. This was extremely important to me, because one question haunted me - why is EMF induced in the frame or in the cage of the rotor of an asynchronous machine, but at the same time we do not remove energy from there?
Thoughts about. to fasten a light bulb to an asynchronous machine made many people twist at the temple. After all, it counts. that an asynchronous machine, like any electric motor, is a converter of electrical energy into mechanical energy. I was definitely baffled by the question. that electricity and the mechanical work of a physical body are something identical. However, I consider it a terribly outdated assumption, since in Joule's time people asked questions about the identity of thermal energy or mechanical energy due to their unfamiliarity with Maxwell's theory, who by that time could not yet create such a theory. I would like to remind you that it was Maxwell who determined the similarity between light and electromagnetism. Just like heat, light is an electromagnetic manifestation of the physical vacuum.
Naturally, I have. how an inquisitive person had a question about why, nevertheless, my hypotheses, if they are correct, are not used in the construction of asynchronous machines?
The reference to the literature gave me some idea of ​​that. what happens in the car itself, but unfortunately. Now I can say for sure. that the question of considering a transformer and an asynchronous machine is a huge mistake. But the basic provisions still gave me an idea of ​​​​how it is possible to simulate electrical processes in the same rotor.
since the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy as a misunderstanding is a matter of thermodynamics, I had to consider - what exactly did the joule do in order to make my thoughts about the transformation7
If we go back in Joule time, in order to understand why the amount of heat that his device emitted is equal to mechanical energy, we need to go back to the time of Joule himself.
Joule's experiment was an installation in which rotating blades heated water, where the blades themselves were driven by a descending load under the influence of gravity (Earth's gravity forces)
The setup that should have dotted the I's had similarities to what the joule did.
The installation itself consisted of a disk on which the load was placed. due to the force of gravity, it would be possible to calculate the energy for moving the load. There were magnets on the axis, which interacted with the drum while rotating. which was a flywheel with a displaced center of gravity, where the interaction took place in the same way as in the Arago disk or an asynchronous machine.
The drum or flywheel came into rotation and along the angle, fixing the angle itself - the energy was measured. which the rotor communicated through the magnetic field to the winding and with it the flywheel. Now we are talking about the transfer of kinetic energy or mechanical processes.
However, at the moments of interaction, the switching system charged the capacitor from the winding, in which the magnets themselves with their magnetic rotating field induced an EMF and, due to the closing (opening), a current was formed in the winding.
after the experiment, calculations showed that the mechanical energy at the input was 7 J, an energy of 7 J was reported, while the capacitors accounted for 7 J of electrical energy.
the conclusions that I made spoke about that. that Joule himself made a mistake, just like his contemporaries - Helmholtz, Meyer
Mayer came to the most important conclusion that the body is governed by natural physical and chemical laws and, above all, by the law of conservation and transformation of energy. Returning from a trip, he wrote an article "On the quantitative and qualitative determination of forces" (Mayer designates energy by the term "force"), which he sent on June 16, 1841 to the journal "Annals of the Physicistand".
The "co-authors" of the discovery of the law of conservation of energy - Joule and Helmholtz behaved differently. Joule did not support his colleague, believing that it was he, Joule, who first discovered this law by experiment. Helmholtz, to his credit, spoke in favor of Mayer, declaring that the glory of the discovery belongs to the one who first proposed a new idea, even if he could not confirm it with a quantitative experiment.
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2023.05.28 20:27 Morvudd Trying to find some fun storylines for a campaign that involves the loss of magic

Without getting too spoiler-heavy, my campaign I’m attempting to make involves a world that has been ruined by the slow loss of magic. I have some narrative reasons that allow my players be unaffected, but looking to find some good ways to portray the dynamic between magic and magic users in a world that is severely lacking. What are some good ways to portray a world that has had magic, lost most of it, and now finds a party full of heroes who can use magic?
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2023.05.28 20:08 Writingandwritingand [M4F] A spontaneous starter to start a story off!

(This idea has worked to find one amazing partner, but I still have room in my writing life for one or two more! No replacements here.)
If your usual reply to a roleplaying prompt is a comment reading, "hey, let's RP," this post isn't for you.
If your wheelhouse of responses is a one-line remark that expresses interest, but not why, or, better yet, some plot threads of your own that you'd like to chase, this post isn't for you.
If you're all about stories told from a first-person perspective, written in single-sentence bursts, this post isn't for you.
If you prioritize "getting to the next good part" instead of trying to make every part the next good part, this post isn't for you.
I hope each of you do find the exact-right storytelling partner to build the narratives you most enjoy! And I'm sorry for coming across (most likely, against my better phrasings) as an elitist roleplaying snob worthy of a post on the Bad RPer Stories subreddit. I'm sure you're all fantastic folks! It's just that, y'know, this one isn't for you.
If you're still left reading this and haven't rolled your eyes too much at my incidental airs of pretension, welcome! I'm a mid-twenties writer looking for partners in storytelling who revel in and relish the joys of advanced-literate-to-novella back-and-forths. The crackle and shimmer of lead characters with chemistry and charm. The well-rounded shine of a collaborative setting populated by enchanting side characters. The poetry of clever dialogue, the deft touch for detail and description, the breeziness of a lighthearted story, well-told, burnished by emotional stakes.
The always-exhilarating sense of anticipation for the next installment of the story, and the enthusiasm for responding in kind.
I'm not coming into this post with any pre-conceived prompt ideas or plots, which is the fun of this exercise. What I will do, though, is craft you a one-of-a-kind starter if you ask for one! And you can pick up the story from there. If there are any tropes, pairings, or dynamics you most enjoy, feel free to let me know, but otherwise, expect something mostly romantic comedy-ish.
Or, if you'd prefer to take the lead in this dance of words, I'd love if you'd just send me a starter! The best, most entertaining one you can dream up.
And I promise, guaranteed, I'll knock your socks off with a response.
All I ask is for third-person perspective, a generally lighthearted vibe (with plenty of space for conflict and drama), a willingness to write in a modern-day universe not too dissimilar from our own (sorry, too, to the high fantasy and hard sci-fi fans still reading!), and be up for a story with a playful romance between our protagonists.
Oh! And also be at least 20 years old, please.
If this catches your eye, please feel free to send a message my way! I've had the thrill of writing with pitch-perfect partners back in the day, and I'd love to rekindle that passion for collaborative writing with some of you.
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2023.05.28 20:08 Beavertales Occasional PSU Fan rattling?

A couple of days ago my PSU fan started making a rattling sound that I can seem to get to stop by turning my computer off for a short period of time, and then it'll randomly decide to start up again. It's an EVGA 500W that I got back in 2017. I've smacked in around to try to move anything that's getting in the way, I've blown some air in it and done my best to look in and see if there's something obvious that's getting in the way, but I've ordered a replacement that'll be here on thursday, but my question is if it's safe to continue to use it while it's making that rattling noise if I have to, because I know PSUs are not a part to mess with.
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2023.05.28 19:47 catloverYESYES I feel like my friends are excluding me, and that I don't belong anymore. Should I leave or just hang on?

This year, I've been busy with honors classes and other topics that stress me out. My mental health has been deteriorating, and my friends have been more and more distant.
Last year, I had an awkward phase where I was super cringy and also a childish person, and a bit embarrassing to be with sometimes. But after getting confronted, I realized that I has very obnoxious, and I apologized after some time.
I struggle with depression, social anxiety, and ADHD, as well as POSSIBLE early signs of anti-personality disorder. I've been getting better however, and I recently have tried coming out of my shell.
This year, I haven't been able to talk with my friends much, because we have different lunch periods and classes, but they have been expanding their friend group.
I'm a very introverted and shy person, and have been constantly apologizing to my friends if I have been making them feel awkward.
Recently, our school has been giving us short periods of time to study together as a group before school starts, and we have been using that to be together. There have been new friends in the group, and a girl who used to be my friend for a long amount of time has started ignoring me once again. She was the friend I made uncomfortable last year, and even though I apologized, we have still been talking very little. I feel as though she has been replacing me with other people, and when we have short periods of time together, we barely talk. That's fine if she's moving on, but I don't know.. It feels like whenever she's not with her new friend, that she barely acknowledges me. She never says Hi to me anymore in our one class, and always leaves without even trying to start a conversation. I haven't' been awkward anymore, and I barely talk, and if I do, I am as careful as I can be.
My parents say I try too hard, but believe me, I have been practicing. Whenever I try to talk in the group of friends in person, they either ignore me or seem uncomfortable. I either don't talk and never get noticed, or I talk and never get noticed.
Nobody texts me unless I text first, and my friends are always saying that I'm too awkward in public, or they seem slightly mad at me, despite the fact I'm trying my best.
Whenever I am in the hallways, studying alone in study halls, they are always in a group, or they are always eating lunch together. My friends also feel a bit humiliated that they're friends with me, and sometimes they make plans without me. I am also excluded from some parties and conversations, as well as some events that have just happened.
In the group chat, whenever one of my other friends text, people always respond. Whenever I try to strike up anything, even if it's something they're interested in, they never respond.
The finals have been coming up, and I invited all my friends out for bubble tea to see if they truly started to care, and also that I have been working hard. Only one of them responded with a yes. One of them said no and later they said that it was too early, as they were busy studying for the finals.
Today, My friend invited everyone to an event, and so far, she's been getting a lot of responses even though the finals are THIS WEEK. Nothing's wrong with the event or her, but it feels like nobody wanted to come to mine.
They have also been talking about going on vacation without me, and I only heard from one of my friends after. Who knows what I have been missing out on? I was also the only one in the group who DIDN'T get invited to someone in the group's party, and my friends seemed to try to hide it from me later on or avoid the topic.
I also have been sick and gone from school this week, and none of my friends seemed to notice or ask how I'm EVEN DOING.
I've been there for my friends when they vent, when they have been dumped from other friends, and when they just feel alone, and I always try my best. But at the end of the day, I'm always the one keeping my head down and walking behind them while they talk happily. Some of them don't even bother to say "hi" in the hallways, and I worry they see me as the "outcast" or the "disabled friend". Sometimes, they even forget I'm there, and walk back to their classrooms together without me, and don't wait when I get left behind.
When I finally start to come out of my shell, I feel so humiliated that I want to go back in. They also point out flaws in me in a polite way, but still sound a bit angry or scornful when they talk about me.
I feel humiliated. I feel so unimportant and I feel alone and that I don't belong anymore. All my friends are so pretty and popular and extroverted, and I'm the only friend with mental and physical disabilities. They know I am insecure. However, it feels they look down upon me, and I feel better off alone. Should I find new friends (I am bullied a lot, and people see me as "stupid", I am a target of both gossip and physical bullying, and it will be hard to make friends in a school filled with rich and pretty people as a disabled student), stay with these ones, or am I better off alone. Or should I talk to them?
I don't have any other friends, and I am always alone. Nobody says hi in the hallways or even looks at me in a friendly manner.
When these friends of mine talk to anyone besides me, it's so natural and friendly, and they seem to enjoy it. When they talk to me, it's short, forced, and awkward. They seem to want to leave, and they usually do.
Please tell me what to do. I feel so alone and hurt.
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Post contents

Hey guys, I recently had to make a life changing decision to get out of a relationship, and I put money forward to get moved into an apartment. I'm a single father, and I do have a good job, however, I was walking too thin of a line and chose to make my scheduled Car note and car insurance payments late. Of course, that made my loan officer want to repossess my car. I know that I should've dropped my pride and just called to negotiate, I just didnt expect for it to come this far. Anyways, I now am wanting to do whatever I can to get my car back, however, I wouldn't be here if I had other options. So I've turned to reddit with high hopes. This is my 3rd post in the last 3 days, because I'm determined to find help, and I am totally pliable to most offers. Please help me make a deal with you. Thank you for time in advance.
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2023.05.28 18:41 Kindly_Bumblebee_952 31M,USA - [Chat], [Friendship], Etc.

I would like to talk to a man and see how it goes.
I'm located in Utah, USA, so ideally someone local or you can be in another state only if you plan to visit me/meet up. I would also prefer that we have phone calls and other forms of communication, not just text.
The ideal guy should have a job, be emotionally stable, and take care of his body. I'm not into overweight or bad odor.
My age cutoff is 45. I'm 31, male, 5'8, 130lbs, slim build, brown eyes, brown hair, and an introvert. I would like us to get to know each other and it would be wonderful if we hit it off and plan some trips this year. :)
Message me if this is something you want to try.
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2023.05.28 18:40 Orange_Storage199 If you want to make it in life, do not do what I did.

Many years ago, it was just one of those casual math tests. And you know how they went, usually. I was confident about leaving that room with an A+. Tomorrow rolls around, and what do I have on my paper? An F+.I was furious. I put almost the whole well-earned weekend studying for it, and I failed! I felt awful, like I was a failure. Like I was dillusional for even trying. And, well, I soon came to realize I was delusional. Since that very moment, I've learned that I was a failure and nobody genuinely loves me. But that day, I realized something far worse. My teacher was a liar! I got 75% of those questions right, which constitutes as a C+!! I was supposed to get a C, but instead I got an F. This is where my distrust in humans began. I've never trusted any school-employee-whatever-the-hell, especially not school counselors. All they do is snitch. You tell them what's been going on, and soon enough, you got yourself snitched on. And it's not just the school board, either. It's Everyone. Now everyone knows. That's why you don't trust school counselors. Or teachers in general. Because they'll tell the school board about everything about you that they know. I also went into two different spirals. One of self-hatred, and one of trying and failing, forever and ever. So here's what you do. Don't be cynical like me. Don't worry if you get an F, your failures don't define you. And when you fail, you will come back 10 times stronger and better. And don't worry if you get a C, it means that the work is, "satisfying academic standards". And when you become a grouchy, bitter person like me, no matter how far down the road you go, you can still make a U-turn.
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2023.05.28 18:21 Iwillsuccede11 things EA needs to do for the next madden franchise (my opinion)

So i want to preface this with that I play franchise mode almost exclusively and its rare that i ever even try to login to ultimate team because i dont find it enjoyable
-Draft stories: Drafting players in madden is like a shot in the dark because you mostly have to guess about 90 percent of the time whether a player is good or not
-league customization: this part is a whole lot so buckle up; we should be able to make our own franchises with customizable team amounts and expansion teams and more relocation options for custom leagues. there should also be more aspects on rules and features you shoule be able to control. another cool thing to add would be the option to generate random rosters so i dont have to apply a new roster that has all teams at 0 overall and then sim
-gameplay accuracy: i know im probably not the first person to say this but field sense kinda sucks, sometimes dbs will just cha cha slide and leap out of nowhere to deflect the ball and its annoying. Another thing is that, its now realistic that as soon as the ball is released, all the defensive players know immediately where the ball is and where it is going. the refs dont really work (just like in the nfl), even if the dpi slider is at 99, half the times the db will just stand in the way of the reciever and the refs dont call it. better and smoother tackleing with more animations so i dont have to see that cross tackle 60 times a game.
-miscellaneous: more than 30 year franchise. oline development. better, more optimized graphics. more announcement depth. more variety in player customization. better playcalling and more playbook options.

if i think of any more ill probably post them in a comment but thats all i can think of right now
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2023.05.28 18:08 aspen1135 What happens to the futures markets if USDT fails?

I have spent a year building a personal botting platform that interfaces with the kucoin futures markets. I really like this exchange currently, as it is one of the only market places that allows me to long/short at the same time for a delta neutral approach and it's API is pretty well maintained. My strategy is fairly sound and profitable, but it's not entirely risk free and feel the need to ask the important questions to understand some of the existing potential (and serious) risks:
  1. Exchange solvency crisis or
  2. a serious USDT (Tether) depegging event / bank run.
After everything we've seen in the crypto space it's not impossible for either of those events to occur. Kucoin has been transparent enough to release merkle proof trees to show funds are not being co-mingled which helps build trust, but this does not account for it's existing liabilities and debts it may also have on it's balance sheet. With so many meme coins and features on the exchange itself you have to question how many loans it's really taken out or given to other project executives and developers.
The real question comes down to then; what happens then if USDT depegs?
On the futures market everything (except a few) is mostly traded against USDT. That means in the event of a Tether collapse, if were to have any position opened long then those positions would increase in value in relation to Tether's. Short positions would then be put in a squeeze which would likely need extra margin added to prevent any liquidations.
How would kucoin handle this situation? Would kucoin close it's futures markets or suspend trading if USDT depegged or would it allow trading to continue as per usual if it did?
And what would happen to kucoin's liabilities and debts if a USDT depeg happened? For example: if the exchange lent out other assets in return for USDT, then it's balance sheet would be experiencing some serious unrealized losses. The exchange itself might be forced to make some big OTC trades to meet liquidity demands as traders scramble to exit positions and markets. This could lead to an solvency issue, especially if all depositors start pulling funds out of central exchanges. That could lead to a potential bankruptcy situation for kucoin. Even if it is highly regarded in the space for many years now and survived through the worst crashes in crypto history; these question still needs to be addressed.
I understand that this place is mostly a poster board for memes and maybe some small technical questions, but this is a serious question with big implications for those who are trading on this market. It would be nice if a reputable member could provide some insight to this potential crisis situation that might hypothetically have some probability of happening even if it is low.
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2023.05.28 18:04 wafflepye Can someone mark my King Lear essay?

Can someone mark my King Lear essay?
King Lear essay, can anyone mark it and give some feedback
My teacher doesn’t want to mark it because of half term and I really need to know what grade this would get. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
The question is “Explore Shakespeare's presentation of blindness in King Lear.”
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2023.05.28 17:49 Olirum_nebula Katrodu oru kadhai- chapter -14

"Deciding the winner was not easy. We evaluated based on the choreography, costumes, songs, expressions, clap meter .It was a tough call, but one team stood out in the way they presented themselves ,elegancy and expressions " - Mech HOD was announcing the winner
They held their hands, the last line gave hope, they did well on all the three parts, may be may be may be, and she is not the one to celebrate early!! Lets see!
"The winner of this year's fiesta , THE E-CLUSTER " the crowd roared especially eee,ece and eie crowd, this is a big win!!
Manju akka asked all the E-cluster members to join the stage with her. It was an epic win. E-clus haven't wont a single fiesta so far and that too girls never reached top 3 . This was in fact a moment of pride for everyone .They got on the stage and received the trophy. The girls hugged Manju ka, she was the main motivation for them.
The crowd had begun to move already , her girls came to her near the stage and hugged ,they were excited for her.
"Gals, you go ahead , I have something to do here, and hey I am hungry d ,take couple of idli and sambar from mess?"-she asked Sandy. Sandy nodded and hugged her back and left.
Only the club members where left, photography, arts, drama and movie club members,
"Madhu, we need to write names on the certificate and distribute, can you grab them from the mech seminar hall?write the names and bring it back, cant do this in the crowd"- Naveen anna handed her the list
She walked out of the auditorium and saw him walking towards her,
"Honestly no words , I am speechless, you did amazing"
"Thanks" she blushed, why is the path so dark? usually this area is lit up . she hoped he would walk with her, she was always afraid of the dark,
They were walking on the dark path and she noticed to full moon, god this day couldn't get any better. He was walking silently with her , deep in thoughts, She even glanced at him few times, he didn't notice her,
"Looks like it is a full moon day , its so beautiful"- she started the conversation
"Yes it is, its so beautiful, it might even start to drizzle "- he replied , he didn't see her still
They reached the seminar hall and she opened the package on the desk and opened a black marker and started to write the names on the certificates
He sat opposite to her, still deep in thoughts, she could see that in his face, but she didn't dare to ask, she didn't want to have any other conversation with him, she always dreaded that. She was happy with the way things are for now.
"Madhu, can I talk to you for a minute?"- ah no here we go , she thought
"Remember the first day you came to school? +1 , we were giving a file , a pen and all the necessary forms to be filled for the new comers"
"I don't Selva, what happened that day?" she was busy writing the certificates
"I was sitting on the table and I handed over a green file and a pen with the forms", she looked at him
"I didn't see your face , I was just scoring out the names on the list and I heard a voice asking 'Can I get a purple file?'"- Selva paused
she smiled, yeah she still has the purple file , but didn't remember asking for one
when I looked at you and you said "Please? It matches my dress color!!"- he imitated her face
"I found a purple file from the box and you were so happy, juts lit up and happy, so pretty , I started noticing you right away !! and yeah I used to see you from our class window during PT periods, you will be playing co-co or a ring, always smiling and playing, you would participate in dance, drama and music what not!! quite famous"
"and you joined Durai master tuition "
"Did you go there too?"
"Like you were everywhere, I will always be seeing you, tried to talk to you but I was bit hesitant you were junior and school was strict , didn't want to get you in trouble"
"Thank god you didn't. I would have cried"
"I finished school and I tried to get your phone number from you classmates and even called once, your mom picked up and I hung up the call , when I saw you on the corridor that day it was a dream come true for me!"
She didn't know what to say, she smiled and continued her work,
"Madhu, look at me"- he said in an authoritative tone
She looked at his face
"I love you"- he looked deep in her eyes as he said
There it was, the three words she dreaded the most, she have heard few 'I love you!!s' before, in a bus stand , in her tuition and in her school, for some reason they were all nervous while confessing their feelings, writing on a paper and sneaking it inside her notebook or from her behind when she turned back this guy was long gone , or sending a friend as a messenger, she didn't take anything seriously .she carefully eluded the glances and signals, but here he is confronting her with it, looking at her straight in her eyes and confessing his feelings.
She always had an imagination for everything, she thought she was always meant to fall in love, may be all those romantic love stories she read growing up or the movies she watched drove her imaginations wild. she would always run in the savanna with the flowy long skirt, and this guy would chase her and hold her hands and say 'I love you ' and she will melt in those arms, but this was nothing like she ever imagined. She was here sitting on a dusty desk , in an old classroom ,not in a flowy white skirt not she was being chased on a meadows, but this was perfect , perfect way to express love. Her throat went dry and it was hard for her to breath ,For all the 1000 words she would speak for every single word, for how talkative and playful she is, all she could bring up was
"nan pogata?" she could barely hear her own voice, it sounded so weak and why the hell is she asking his permission to go?, shouldn't she just leave if she wants to? she looked out of the window and the path was not dark anymore, she gathered all the certificates and couple of markers and left the room, he got up and started walking behind her , they entered the auditorium and nobody noticed them , the air was electric and they were all in small groups talking something loud. She saw Aarthi and Manju akka in one of the groups and went to them
"Okay attention da!!"Naveen anna went up the stage, everyone sat where they were in small groups, Selva was sitting somewhere behind with his mech friends from the dance club
"A round of applause for everyone, this is one of the best in years. Just amazing". They all clapped
"Can't believe mighty megatrons lost to bunch of half-saree girls!!, but anyway amazing. I want to thank all the volunteers who made this event successful, participants, other club members, no time to give all the certificates one by one da, So I am reading the names here and raise your hands Manju will come and give it to you, just be seated" Naveen anna was holding the mic
Naveen anna read the names as everyone received their certificates,
"Finally, A big thank you for the art club members da, amazing decorations and background, especially Selva went above and beyond to get those diyas because they cancelled the order this morning and Selva travelled to cbe to get it personally. Thanks da for helping dance club"
Oh that's why you were not here this afternoon, she thought
"Anna avan onum dance club pavam nu seiyala, yarukaka nu avanaye kelunga"- Pradeep shouted from the crowd and everyone laughed
"Ena da nadakuthu inga??"
"Anna selva ku ,e and i la oru ponnu mela kannu , avlothan yaru antha ponnunu yen vayala sola maten atha neengale kandu pudinga"
"Enga na?, ivlo kashta pathathuku oru thanks kooda sola matengranga"- Selva looked right at her from the stage.
What is going on here? god everyone knows, the girls were asking her to thank him
"Hey he bought diyas for everyone , why should I thank him. we all can say thank you at once!"- she asked Aarthi
"Hey he bought it for you !! okay? go go up on the stage and say thank you go"- she pushed Madhu
She went up on the stage and said thank you, they all started to clap and make fun of them, he extended his hands she gave him a handshake and said "Thank you!!"
"welcome"- he had a smirk on his face, he is cocky, he is enjoying this. why am I not angry now and blushing like an idiot?
This is out now, out in public, everyone knows he is into her now, everyone knows something is going on between them , she was too nervous when she got back to the seat, god I need to be with my girls now! Cant wait to go back to hostel
To be continued.....
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2023.05.28 17:25 icecreamsunday23 Hard Lymph Node and Rash

hello, i am a 19f for reference with no prior medical conditions. a few days ago my left armpit felt sore, i tried to check for something and felt nothing, so i went about my day. later that night i found a hard lymph node in there. it’s moveable, i wouldn’t say it’s really squishy though which is freaking me out. the size is about my fingertip id say? the next day i woke up and the area was pretty sore and i found a significantly smaller and (i think?) squishy which for now i’m blaming on the amount of time i’ve spent poking and feeling the original one. i also remembered this weird rash type thing i had on my stomach last week. it wasn’t so much patches of dry skin, but these itchy bumps that really looked like bed bug bites. i blamed it on allergies but i really don’t know now. i have a physical appointment this week so i’m going to bring it up at that time unless something else comes up and i need to go sooner. i’m genuinely losing my mind and freaking out about this because i’m convinced i have cancer. thank you so much in advanced!
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2023.05.28 17:16 sayonaragyro My addiction

I have had this problem for around two years now. I discovered masturbation around 2 years ago and since then I haven't stopped.
In my years of fapping I discovered that unlike other men who can't go another round after ejaculating once I could go multiple times.. I started from going two times in a row to going around 5 times in a row in like two years. At the start I was just doing it less however eventually it started fucking up my sleep schedule.. I started sleeping at 2 am, 3 am just so I could masturbate. It makes me feel pathetic however I just cannot get myself to stop.
I got 3 or 4 hours of sleep everyday, score horrible in school, have a dad bod at the age of 15 and lack any real goals. This fucking addiction has completely ruined my life. Every single thing is distracting. I'm heading towards failure.
Today is the day i put an end to this. I'm done with this and I WILL NOT relapse. I will update this post or will post new posts every month. Please support me I my journey. Thanks for reading if you did
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2023.05.28 17:10 johnhendy2323 App problems

You guys ever accept an order for like 2 miles then you pick up the order and now you gotta drive 12 miles because the customers ping is off by a shit ton and you can’t go to the real address because it won’t let you confirm. Let alone I only accepted the order cuz it was 2 miles I didn’t know it was 12!!!! Like wtf do I do? Stupid DoorDash!
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2023.05.28 17:07 lizb321 ISO 1 ticket anywhere in the stadium tonight (MetLife 5/28)

I can go into it more in dms but I’ve had an extremely sad and upsetting week in my personal life and I would love to have this show as an outlet of joy (which I could really use right now 🥺). Any help is appreciated. PayPal g&s only
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2023.05.28 16:24 Swimming-Gap-7440 freaking out. 14f 43kg 4’4kg

So recently been dealing with alot of anxiety and stress.
ive been scared of falling asleep incase i have another weird dream.
its 10pm right now, i feel very lightheaded and like there’s something in my throat like im on the edge of choking, breathing through my nose kinda stings/ is cold. my body feels light, i feel disconnected from reality, my eyes are very dry, my ears are itchy and when i scratch them they have a lingering wetness feeling, i can feel my heart beating fast.
i have clear pulsating in my neck when l lie down, and can feel extremely fast/pounding pulsating above my chinbones right below my cheek. i have never noticed these until now and its only pulsating fast on the lefthand side of my face. somebody please help, is it just stress or something else? (4”4ft accidentally messed up the title sorry!!)
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2023.05.28 16:19 Icy-Entertainer-4713 Settings Recommendations

I recently purchased Eco-Worthy 51.2V 50AH battery to add to my Off Grid Solar Inverter SPF 3000TL LVM-ES. I would like to ask if you have settlings specific to that inverte brand that you would recommend? For now i set this up as #05 as USE and #19 , #20 as 58.4V and #21 as 42V
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2023.05.28 15:20 Jelopuddinpop When shoul I leave coop windows open?

Hi everyone,
I built my coop with 4 windows that can stay open. I've attached hardware cloth to the inside to keep the girls safe from predators, but I'm wondering what the overnight temps should be before I leave them open full time. This is my first flock, and the pullets are roughly 9-10 weeks old. They've been outside for 3 weeks now, and so far, I've been keeping the windows closed at night. It's just getting tedious opening them in the morning and closing them at night (the coop sits in full sun, and I don't want it to be a hotbox in there when they go in for the night).
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2023.05.28 15:08 RosalindsEyes 20/EST/PC - Play Minecraft with me!

Hi!! My name is Jay and Im just looking for a friend to make a cute Minecraft server with. I love VCing, too! Ill probably just make a server through Aternos unless you know another way to.
Some things about me is I love late 90s early 2000s music, plushies, and a shit ton of sleep. I work 8am-4pm on weekdays. Im not fond of staying up super duper late so please keep that in mind!
Theres a lot of "I" in this post. DM me your age and tag and we can talk about you! Happy to hear from you! ❤️
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