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Hello fellow Diamonds! This is the place for anything Marina related, so post away and be nice to each other!

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The official subreddit dedicated to the artist by the name of grandson.

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This subreddit is a safe space to worship our queen Cardi B.

2023.03.20 23:53 WoofBarkWoofBarkBark What coffee should I buy for some serious coffee drinkers?

Family gathering coming up. Relatives coming from France, Denmark, Sweden and Italy who all like their coffee...Trouble is, the rellies hosting have a caffeine free household so I've been tasked with providing the stuff. I've tried the "Just bring some with you" option but apparently that's not possible (raises suspicions in customs + measly baggage allowances). It's got to be ground coffee for a percolator or cafetiere and it CANNOT be instant or they will shave my eyebrows off (IKR?!) What can I buy to keep everyone happy and keep my eyebrows safe? A little bit of me is genuinely tempted to buy decaf and see what happens but that could go badly wrong for me. So, CasualUK, your best brands and blends please.
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2023.03.20 23:53 Le-Mard-e-Ahan A Ramadan Planner/Activity Tracker for All

Islamic Services startup Inclusive Islam's Contribution towards enhancing your Ramadan experience
Ramadan planner is ready to download here []
Assalamualaykum Wr Wb,
How are you doing, brothers and sisters? This blessed month of Ramadan - like all the others before - is another special month granted to us by Allah.
(Why we need this planner…?) We are all students or business/job professionals in Korea. Considering our busy daily routines and typical Korean work culture, consistency and a disciplined routine can be difficult to achieve for many of us. All of us are in another country, most of us away from our families - so this responsibility falls upon all of us to keep each other motivated to be consistent in the pursuit of good deeds in Ramadan.
(How you benefit from this planner…?) Keeping this in mind, our team @ Inclusive Islam has prepared a Ramadan Activity PlanneTracker for all of us. The plannetracker will allow everyone to keep track of their Ramadan activities and monitor their consistency. This activity plannetracker has been designed with careful consideration based on scientific principles.
(Future Plan: After Ramadhan) If requested by enough number of people and sufficient interest is received, our team is prepared to offer a workshop on how to stay consistent AFTER Ramadan as well.
(Final Note) In the end, our team @ Inclusive Islam wishes and prays for all of you to gain strength and a strong Iman. We hope and pray to Allah that He give us the ability to be CONSISTENT in Salat, Fasting, and other good deeds - big or small - and may Allah keep us consistent during Ramadan and after Ramadan.
"Be quick in the race for forgiveness from your Lord, and for a Garden whose width is that (of the whole) of the heavens and of the earth, prepared for the righteous (Quran Ali Imran 133).
Ramadan Mubarak, let's try our best!! Inclusive Islam R&D Lab and Team.
FAQ: How to maximize using the bullet journal …? []
Contact Person: Inclusive Islam R&D Lab (Research Team) KakaoID: tuhel71 Instagram: @Inclusive.Islam Facebook: @InclusiveIslamLab Email: [[email protected]]
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2023.03.20 23:52 AwkardPierre WIBTA if I didn’t go to my birthday trip?

Apologies for format/language/ etc.
I (19F) have my birthday in a couple of weeks. The equivalent of spring break is a week just before my birthday. My father (54M) recently bought an apartment near the beach, and because he’s excited, every other weekend we have off he plans a trip there. My parents have been divorced since I was 13, and I live with my mom with my siblings.
Now, my dad has a girlfriend (48F, let’s call her R) of like 5/6 years, and she’s divorced with children too. The divorce hit me very hard. I have had fights with my dad because of the divorce (like I feel that he’s not there for me when I need him) but since we’ve been going to therapy it’s been better.
One thing we’ve never agreed on is his girlfriend, R. Our relationship, which we were working great to mend, has hit several bumps because of her. At first I told him that I didn’t want anything to do with her. He respected it at first, but then started to say that he really wanted us to meet. Tbh I didn’t really want to, but I agreed because I knew it was important for him.
I met her, and she was okay. (We had an issue because I had established a boundary for meeting R, and it was violated). My dad said he wanted all of us (my siblings, his girlfriend and her children) to be able to go out together and interact. Again. I didn’t want to, but I’ve been trying to find a middle ground, because apparently I need to put up with her and her family if I want to see my dad.
Anyway, for my birthday, my wanted to take me and my siblings to the beach apartment for a week. I was really excited for this, but then he told me that R’s youngest (13F, calling her B) has her birthday 5 days before mine. So of course, my dad wants to bring us ALL to the beach.
I told him that I didn’t want her R and her daughter B to come (her other two sons won’t be able to come, but they’re invited as well), because I want to spend my birthday trip with HIM. He replied that if R and B don’t come, then they’ll be alone all spring break.
We’ve been back and forth on this for a few weeks now, but we’re getting nowhere. Honestly, I feel like he’s not listening to me and I’m seriously debating on not going. I don’t want to and share my trip with someone else. It might be immature but im tired of not being heard. So, WIBTA?
Some more info
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2023.03.20 23:52 KtheDane Second grader and antiracism

Hi all!
So my son, whose in second grade, was called racist by another student. I asked for context and my son said, “Willa Wonka is white” and then the other student said he (my son) is racist. (I guess this other student was having a hard time today and also called the teacher racist.)
I want to tell my son just not to talk about skin color, but this is also problematic. I’ve been educated that the whole “color blind” thing can also be ignorant.
My son then went on to say to me the black boys in his class aren’t good listeners. It was more of a question than a statement. (This was a private conversation.)
We are an antiracist family and I definitely want to make sure I am approaching this the best way possible. I teach at a very diverse school, and my son’s school is the same.
How do I respond?? So far I have said that many of my black students are good listeners, and it may just be the personalities of those specific kids in his class. (We talked about how some white people are also not great listeners sometimes. . . ) We also talked a bit about black culture and often there are very good reasons for black people to act the way they do. I repeatedly said I was speaking generally and everyone is unique. This was so hard to figure out how to say. I don’t want to shut the conversation down though - I want it to be a learning experience.
I appreciate any open-minded antiracist thoughts here! Thank you!!
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2023.03.20 23:52 L0bbyYU How to deal with getting owned by 3 internet nerds

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2023.03.20 23:52 ophie333 Can't fully remember SA memory

(TW is for me discussing CSA, not detailed but I know that can still be rough sometimes. Also mentions of physical and verbal abuse.)
Hi guys, I hope you're doing okay. I just really needed to rant because this has been annoying me for weeks now. I've talked about it to a friend and family member and while they do support me they just don't totally get it and seem confused so I wanted to vent where people would understand.
So, originally when I escaped my abusive house I had horrible memory loss. Basically nearly 15 years of random flashes. At that time as well, I didn't even remember at all that I had been SAed; nowadays I remember quite a lot more, still pretty bad, but I do remember the SA.
I'm just shaken up recently because I thought I remembered all of the SA events, but turns out I was wrong. My mother was mainly verbally/mentally abusive throughout the years, but for a few years as a toddler she was an alcoholic and had SAed and beaten me consistently. Turns out though she had done things when I was much older and also when she stopped drinking. But I only have flashes. It's enough to get an idea but it's practically haunting me because I can't remember exactly what.
I've had three flashbacks in the shower recently (related to the memory), to the point that I now have to hype myself up to go into the shower because everytime I go, I start to feel nauseous and those flashes come into my head. I just want to remember it so I can get the processing over with and start working on it, if that makes sense? Past times for SA memories, I've had flashes like this, and then at some point it just clicks and I remember. So I'm sick of this, whatever this is. I don't want to know really because it's just another reminder of how she's a monster and that I suffered but at the same time, I will probably remember just like the times before, so I just want to get it over with already. It's dragging out so much longer than before. From the flashes, it's more horrible than the other memories so, maybe that's why it's taking so long. But I hate hate hate this process. It's so tiring. This week has been exhuasting. I've had to cancel so many plans because my body is just tense and I keep dissociating and just lying down doing nothing. I'm not mad at myself for that or anything, I'm just tired. I want to remember already just so that at least this cycle of symptoms can stop.
If you read this thank you, I appreciate it. I really needed to vent. I hope you all have a good week, we all deserve it ♡
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2023.03.20 23:51 OldPersonHerder My husband (M34) and I (35F) have 3 dogs. The one that he brought to the relationship bit my finger so badly last week that I had to have it partially amputated and I need help navigating how we address it while minimizing hard feelings around his beloved dog.

This is a tough one and I know it seems cut and dry but it always helps me to crowdsource my life advice, so here goes:
We’ve been together for three years and got married in October 2022. Very happy and emotionally safe relationship so far. We each brought one dog to this union, and adopted a third together last year.
His dog, Sally, is a 45 pound female Border Collie mix who has been an amazing dog for about 8-9 years and was his ride or die prior to me. Never shown any aggression whatsoever before about 2 weeks prior to this incident. My dog, Bob, is a 12 pound toy Aussie who I have had for 7.5 years, and our adopted dog, Patty, is about 25 pounds, a year and a half old, female, and some sort of Collie mix. They have all three been together for a year now and seemed like a good pack.
A week or two before the bite happened, something in their dynamic changed, and Sally started showing aggression toward Bob when he would get annoyed with Patty and even make the slightest growl at her—she wants to play nonstop and it is tiring. Bob has never bitten/lunged/anything more than a little growl at Patty. After a week of Sally showing small signs of annoyance or aggression, it escalated to Sally viciously attacking Bob when all three dogs are present and I am there, even if there was nothing obvious to me going on. That’s just it—all three dogs have to be there and so do I. She went after Bob 3 times total.
Right now, my brother has kindly agreed to keep Sally while we figure it all out. I’m understandably very distrustful of Sally now, for both myself and my beloved Bob, and fairly traumatized from her literally biting the tip of my finger off and costing us several thousand dollars between the ER, surgery, and hand therapy. I think Patty is definitely part of the problem with the dynamic, but why now?
I guess my real question is, where do I start for guidance on safely reintegrating Sally into our family, or how do we know that all three dogs together won’t work? A dog behavior expert or more training for Patty to try and calm her down? I love Sally, too, and it’s hard to explain how much my husband loves her. I’m definitely seeing my therapist for my own issues surrounding this but would love some advice on how to handle the dogs. Part of me thinks one needs to be rehomed and in my opinion it’s only fair for that to be Sally, since she hurt me so badly. But I’d like to explore all our options.
I appreciate anyone reading all of this and giving me genuine advice.
TL;Dr: One of our dogs but me while attacking another of our dogs, and this dog who bit me was my husband’s first love. Is the only choice to rehome one of the dogs?
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2023.03.20 23:51 ccgurl93 Hair Trauma?

I originally posted this in CPTSD and was referred here:
This is my first actual post on here. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for. Maybe something that says I understand how this feels.
Whenever I have to wash my hair and do my own hairstyle, I spiral. I procrastinate on washing it. I distract myself from doing it after washing it. I feel like my efforts to do it are all for naught. I feel pressured because of all the abuse I've received in the past from my father, who has often accused me of not liking my own African-American heritage, but would turn right around and tell me that I shouldn't straighten or add hair for braids. That, along with pressure from peers and family members of my own race have made feel like I'm unkempt, especially since I'm not good at upkeep on my hair.
I've been natural for over 10 years. I've tried to do my hair regularly, but haven't been able to do it properly. I've often felt like certain natural hairstyles don't look nice on me because of my face and have defaulted to doing updos for years, which I've gotten tired of. Due to my father's influence, I often felt like I had to brute-force hairstyles without tutorials and would notice that my hair would still have bushy ends, strands sticking out, etc. This has left me discouraged many times. I've also let other people dictate how my hair should be done. For example, comments from an aunt and cousin (I live with relatives) about my hair have made me angry or depressed. It doesn't matter to them the efforts I make to do my own hair, because if it looks imperfect or wonky in some way, I haven't done it right or I didn't do what I said I did. So I'd either take their 'advice' and go back to square one or might give up on my current efforts. (Another aunt lovingly reminded me that my hair is mine and if something works for me, I should do it.)
I've had the most positive results with my hair in the last three years, though. I've learned that I have all three subtypes of Type 4 hair. I'm starting to embrace looking up tutorials for the simplest of hairstyles and seeing the results is uplifting. I'm experimenting with different hair products to see what works FOR ME (Sauve Naturals on wash day. THE SLIPPAGE YALL. THE INSTANT DETANGLE) And I've been getting help by getting my hair professionally done (mainly braided) around once every month to month and a half. And that's great. It's just that whenever I have to do my own, due to the pressure I feel, how long my hair takes to get done and how many times my hair has looked 'imperfect' (not to mention my weakened strength from a surgery I had), I've started to spiral. So the day ends and my hair is still unwashed or unfinished. I hate the fact that I'm nearly 30 and still don't know how to do my hair and feel like I'm constantly getting judged, especially by those who refuse to acknowledge that my mental health is strongly impacting my feelings. The spiraling has only started more recently, though.
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2023.03.20 23:51 Zestyclose_Jeweler66 Finding my father’s biological parents

A while ago I posted here wondering how I could find my father’s biological parents from a 3rd cousin match on Ancestry. I took the advice and found the common ancestor, which I have now concluded would be my father’s second great-grandfather. I understand now I have to go through all of this man’s great-grandchildren to locate the parent of my father.
Only these people are still living, so they aren’t linked in any trees, publicly. I can’t find any names. No other matches or family members of this match will respond, or just aren’t active.
Do you have any advice for methods that would be helpful in finding them? I know I could try going through obituaries, but it’s quite complex.
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2023.03.20 23:51 Nothinbuttime12 I resent everyone in my life, and hate my life.

Title pretty much says it all. From no fault of their own it's how I feel.
My wife, my friends, my family, anyone with aspirations, kicking goals, happiness etc. Makes me pissed off or mad.
I'm in a rut and have been for the last 3 years.
I was in an awesome job for 12 years and due to a medical illness I was fired at 32 years old (35 now), I was given a pension for the rest of my life. Some may say thats great, but I can't work again or I lose it.
So I'm stuck.
My condition prevents me from driving. I drove once 3 years ago and had a car crash at 80km an hour with my kids in the car hitting a tree and nearly killed us all. This is why I can't drive anymore.
I have an awesome wife who is succeeding immensely in her job and university, which makes me feel like more of a failure because I'm achieving nothing in her shadow. My kids are straight a students and I'm in their shadow as well.
Everyone tells me to find a hobby etc etc, that does nothing in regards to finding purpose. Purpose is what drives the human experience. A hobby isn't purpose. It's what we do outside of our purpose.
I'm just stuck and need a vent. Any advice will help. If anyone has been in a shitty spot like this how did you get out of how did you unstick yourself.
Honestly feel I'll just be here til I die. At 35 it's a long way to go til that happens
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2023.03.20 23:51 ThrowRAanonyyymouss I (19F) don’t want to attend my parent’s (41M-39F) wedding

My parents and I have never had a good relationship. I have what I like to call the Oldest Child Complex, every burden was always thrown on me, I had to basically handle responsibility and mature way too early because my parents never really did, I basically raised my three younger brothers while watching them go through every sort of crisis, cheating, abuse, drugs and alcohol, gambling, they really did it all. And I always received their harshness, especially my father’s since we were never on good terms, he cheated on my mother a countless number of times, I was the one who found about it first, and I saw it happen many many times, that traumatized me to say the least, I developed a difficulty trusting anyone growing up because my view on relationships was tarnished and damaged at such a young age.
After everything they went through and all of their mess, now they decide to get married. My mother wants me to be her maid of honor, they’re playing it all in delusions, like it’s a pretty fairy tale and we’re one big happy family, they refuse to address their main issues or work through them as if they think that getting married will just solve it all. I’m a bit bitter and a whole lot pissed off by this.
Anyways, when I told my parents that I actually don’t want to attend their wedding, they looked at me as if I’m the absolute worst human being to walk this planet, and they proceeded to call me an awful ungrateful daughter, my mother said while sobbing, and I quote “I can’t believe I waisted my youth on you, only for you to grow up like this.” Then they had our entire family meddle into this, I keep receiving phone calls and texts about how I should be attending the wedding as their eldest child and only daughter and that it’s very disrespectful and inappropriate for me not to “join them to share the joy of our family uniting”. I really don’t know how to handle this situation. Any advice?
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2023.03.20 23:51 im_not_ready_for_it9 Detailed Kiss Ranking

I've been listening to kiss a lot lately so I thought I'd rank it.
  1. Sweetie (How the hell did this not make the standard album??? This had the potential to be a huge hit and it deserved to be. She even performed it on Shake It Up.)
  2. Tonight I'm Getting Over You (I can't even describe a more perfect dance club-type song, this song is the peak of that.)
  3. Tiny Little Bows (I've said it once and I'll say it again, Carly's openers never disappoint.)
  4. Wrong Feels So Right (I also question how this didn't make the standard album but other songs did (which will be explained later on))
  5. This Kiss (This was a single, how it didn't become a huge hit of hers surprises the hell out of me. This is a perfect example of a song that sounds like the year it was made (2012) but still sounds fresh today)
  6. More Than A Memory (I just love the way this song kicks off almost immediately after it starts)
  7. Curiosity (Also had the potential to be a huge hit of hers. I also love the bridge on this song and the key change as well.)
  8. Turn Me Up & Hurt So Good (I put these songs in the same spot because they are both two sides of the same coin to me. And both are bops with sad lyrics which I enjoy a lot.)
  9. Your Heart Is A Muscle (It's a very underrated ballad of hers. It closes the album great as well IMO)
  10. Guitar String/Wedding Ring (It's a fun dance song, nothing else much to say about it)
  11. Call Me Maybe (There's no doubt this song is nostalgic and a fun bop but it has definitely aged quite a bit.)
  12. Drive (It's also a fun song but the lyrics are kinda lackluster to me.)
  13. Good Time (Nostalgic and is a bop like Call Me Maybe but I question why she included this song on the album at all. This isn't even her song, it's Owl City's song and she was just a feature on it. It feels so out of place on the album too.)
-A million miles of empty space in between-
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2023.03.20 23:51 VengefulNoobs3 [RECRUITING] Vengeful Noobs #2RRJRLUC TH15+ Champs 2 CWL CH 10 WAR/PUSHING

The main clan of the VN Family! Vengeful Noobs is a clan for the best hitters around! TH15 only and no heroes down for war⚔️ Active all the time so donos are usually available along with 1000+ raid medals! More information in discord if you are a lower TH and want to experience VN join the discord.
Vengeful Noobs
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2023.03.20 23:51 AmITrippinOr New employer not giving me hours and I quit my job to get it. What can I do?

So I switched jobs, and a condition of this job was dedicating to it, the guy hiring me said they need dedicated employees, so I needed to quit the other job. I did that, now I’m not getting hours with my new job and I’m being ignored when I call and ask. And they called me unprofessional. It’s not just me being singled out either other people are dealing with the same issue. I’m now basically unemployed, with no income and my families rent increased. I’m on the verge of becoming homeless and I feel like they took advantage. The kicker is the contract says my “official” start date on my offer letter is later (April 10) but they told me I’d begin work before that as that’s just the deadline. I called multiple times with my number and no response, but I used my sisters phone and they answered and told me they’d “look into it” I’m extremely frustrated.
In summary, upon being offered employment I was told they needed dedicated employees because I had 2 jobs. So I agreed to put my 2 weeks in. Now I’m not getting hours and it’s been 2 weeks of me sitting at home with no income
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2023.03.20 23:51 ThrowRARough-Ad-2554 Confusion about non-diagnosis?

I want to first clarify I am in no way asking for a diagnosis, I already went to doctor I am just curious if a second opinion is reasonable or if my anxiety is getting the best of me. So Type 1 runs in my family, and lately I’ve been having symptoms. A few months of night sweats and insomnia, as well as 3-4 weeks of extreme hunger and thirst, nausea after eating and digestive issues, exhaustion, and most distinctly, the past 2 days my sweat smells like maple syrup, which concerned me for DKA. Also, I haven’t lost weight numerically, but I appear much skinnier than I did a month ago(prominent collarbones etc). Nothing has changed in my diet or routine. So yesterday, I went to urgent care and got my fasting blood sugar checked. I did a 15 hour fast and my sugar was at 98, the PA said this was in the normal range but I think most people fast for 8-10 hours. I’m curious if anyone would recommend a second opinion? I have anxiety so I may be overthinking here, there is definitely something wrong though.
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2023.03.20 23:50 L0bbyYU I dont have to say anything

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2023.03.20 23:50 mermaidpaint Gave away yarn from my stash

A local woman posted on NextDoor. She and her extended family of eight are refugees from Ukraine. They have the essentials that they need, she asked if anyone had yarn for her 68 year old mother. Her mother wants to keep her hands busy by knitting. She also mentioned that her husband and brother can do handyman work.
I have so much yarn, purchased for projects that didn't happen, or are completed, or was bought on impulse. So I gave her three bags full. Plus a Lego kit and a jewelry making kit for her children.
It felt good to declutter by donation. I need to do more of this.
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2023.03.20 23:50 dattmanger AITA for getting upset with my neighbors putting up speed bumps?

My neighbors have recently started putting in temporary speed bumps that can be moved but they keep them out all day. Sometimes directly in the middle of the road.
I understand people shouldn’t be speeding near kids and it’s for safety but is that really the responsibility of the people driving in the neighborhood.
I don’t want to make a big deal about it and don’t want to start trouble by directly confronting the family putting them out. It just seems like such an inconvenience and is selfish on the family’s part.
I get it, we shouldn’t speed in the neighborhood but something tells me this isn’t a legal thing and is out of their power.
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2023.03.20 23:50 Forward-Base-6503 Does anyone know about the Tesla start program?

I am seeking information about the Tesla start program, I live by a trade school and they are working with Tesla i believe with this program. I work in education and currently attend college. I don’t have automotive experience, but I do think I can learn. I would love advice on this program, and other advice as well. It’s really hard for my family rn, and I do feel like this program can definitely put me in a good situation. If anyone can help I would appreciate it
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2023.03.20 23:50 BigClitMcphee It's a donut party instead of a pizza party

My department completed 10,000 units when we normally do 9,000 and our reward is a donut party(not a bonus in our paychecks). Then the head of my department said, "This isn't just a place to get a paycheck. This place provides for your families, feeds your families" and blah blah blah. I know those donuts finna be dry.
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2023.03.20 23:50 sapficheskiy Cis (?) butch lesbian who wants to transition: am I non binary?

I'm 22yo AFAB butch lesbian who previously came out as a trans man in the past. I'm dysphoric since I was 14yo and I came out as transgender male at 17yo and begun to socially transition, while planning to have top surgery in the future.
When I found out I'm a lesbian (after thinking I was bi for years) at 20yo, for me it wouldn't make sense to call myself a straight man. I always felt more connected with what being a lesbian is. So I came out (again) as a cis lesbian and started to feel more comfortable with womanhood. I thought my dysphoria was completely gone, but recently my body dysphoria came back.
My dysphoria right now is not as bad as it used to be when I was a teenager, but it is sure making me anxious and uncomfortable in my daily life. I can't help it but feel jealous of transmascs who went through mastectomy and hormones. I would like to be like them, but I still don't want to be a man (in fact I feel weird being called one or referred by he/him pronouns). I feel pretty well being called a woman and using she/her, but I also feel distressed having assigned female sex characteristics.
Does that mean I'm trans non binary? Is it possible for a cis butch to want to go into some steps of FtM transition? I don't know if i'm considered trans, but I also feel I don't fit into the cis category.
I confess I'm afraid of finding out i'm trans non binary because that would mean having to come out a third time. I'm afraid of what my friends, family and girlfriend will think. I feel messed up for changing so much.
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2023.03.20 23:50 Shade0217 Yet another American wants to visit!

Hello everyone! Warm greetings from across the pond.
I hate to flood this subreddit with yet another "visiting Wales" post, but I'm trying to get some advice on a potential vacation I'm planning. I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you all are willing to give!
Without boring you all to tears, my father and I recently finished a project where we mapped out our family tree, and ended up finding our first ancestor who immigrated to the US (spoiler alert, he was Welsh!) It was a pretty fun project in that we ended up connecting with some long lost cousins that my Dad hadn't seen since he was 2 years old. Said cousins were able to fill in some of the gaps in the family tree.
Family history aside, once we learned of this ancestor (we ended up finding the immigration records stating where he was from, wife and kids names lined up with what we had, etc) we decided that it'd be cool to see where we came from in a sense. Neither of us have visited Europe before, but would love to get as much of a "quintessential" experience of Wales as we could.
I'm thinking of doing a week long vacation sometime in the summer, as I've seen some of you comment about the seasons and weather. (We live in North Carolina, rain doesn't bother me but I don't think it rains here nearly as much as there!) I'm looking at several locations now and trying to iron out where all to stay and go, but wanted to go ahead and ask a few questions:
-How easy would it be to attend a football game - and how far in advance should I try and get tickets? How long does the season last and, forgive the stupid question, but does the national team have any specific rivals? Any do's and don'ts for fans that I should be aware of?
-Cuisine - I'm a bit of a foodie and love trying new things; google searches don't reveal a whole lot about welsh dishes. Any meals in particular I should go for? Any specific beer or spirit recommendations?
-Best beach? I'm a bit of a wave addict, but a peaceful bay with great views is also hugely enjoyable.
-Any golf course recommendations?
-Lastly - while I have no problem seeing larger cities and visiting tourist traps, are there any smaller, quietemore rural villages that you recommend? Generally speaking, some of my favorite vacations have been when I could get away from the hustle and bustle and see "the countryside."
Sorry for the long post, and again, thank you for your time and advice!
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