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2023.05.30 12:51 FitEyes Healthy Lifestyle Score and Incidence of Glaucoma: The Sun Project

This study concludes that a healthy lifestyle (characterized by 10 factors they defined, including diet and exercise) was significantly associated with a lower risk of developing glaucoma.
I learned about the study from here:
Healthy Lifestyle Score and Incidence of Glaucoma: The Sun Project Ask FitEyes
However, the original source is:
Healthy Lifestyle Score and Incidence of Glaucoma: The Sun Project - PMC
The full text is freely available. The researchers called their healthy lifestyle the "Mediterranean lifestyle." It was rated on a ten point scale, where one point was given to each participant for each of these 10 habits:
The rating scale ranged between 0 points (worst lifestyle) and 10 points (best lifestyle).
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2023.05.30 12:49 whotfism My dream traumatised me, what does it mean

TW: Shooting
Ive just woken up and it feels like my dream really just happened, I feel anxious, sick and shaken, the feeling that most would get after a bad nightmare but this feels different. Even with my logical mind I still cant convince myself it was only a dream and that things are okay, I know it wasn’t real but the feelings it left me with definitely are.
In this dream I was on a sort of getaway with alot of my school classmates and some other people in my life, including my best friends and my ex boyfriend. I was having a hard time because i was being ignored by my friends and obviously by my ex too since we dont talk anymore. After some time passed by in my dream our group got attacked by a mass shooter, it was terrifying, everyone was hiding and crying and saying goodbyes to their loved ones and i was alone. Of course its easy to interpret that this shows a feeling of exclusion from my friends which i’m aware of, but throughout the chaos all i felt was the want to spend my last moments alive with my ex boyfriend, it was painful too not be able to speak to him. Calling him my ex boyfriend doesn’t feel like it explains my relationship with him right, he was the love of my life, we ended on good terms and i made the decision to cut contact so i can move on but I see him almost everyday and would give anything to be able to laugh with him again. I’ve struggled with my health for a long time and within the last few days i’ve gotten very concerning symptoms indicating to an internal bleed (yes Im going to the hospital) and it has freaked me out, I believe its why I had this near death experience in a dream. Now its left me with this permanent feeling of ‘life’s too short’ and I cant get it out of my head that I must contact him and tell him how much love i have for him and how i need him in my life again. With any logical mind its not a good idea to reach out to an ex begging for his love back, but this dream, this feeling, is too strong and painful.
what do I do.
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2023.05.30 12:49 Melodic_Lion_2365 Coming Back From Deployment

I purchased a Razer Blade 18 before I left to go on my last deployment. Down to link up online If there’s anybody who wants to game together once I’m back. I’ll still be semi-busy with getting out of the Marines and maintaining a relationship. However, I still love gaming and am open to most genres.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.30 12:49 gaffercake Dear Flyquest,

Flyquest, everyone here knows what you are. A diamond amongst the trash, a beacon of hope in these dark times. You've ran charity campaigns when you didn't have to, you've been an ambassador of positivity during the most negative moments. You are the one LCS organisation I trust to always do the right thing. And today, I once again ask you to do the right thing.
I can't ask you to break contract with Riot. That's ludicrous. I know that people would lose jobs, and their livelihoods. That won't do. But what you can do, is field a team of nobodies. Rank restrictions have been lifted. You can stick a giant middle finger to Riot and make their stream a shit show. And that's where me and my friends come in.
Let me introduce my team. Four Bronzes, and a Gold/Plat leader. A success story like no other. We'll start with myself, the gold/plat jungler. This season has been rough. I've gotten myself a new job and not played as much as I usually do, and a string of losses early in the season has kept me in gold, for now. I've been platinum the last few seasons, and my main three champions are Warwick, Fiddlesticks and Rammus.
The story of Crash is legendary. Crash is our designated top laner, and I believe is a rising star. He's the newest to the game, but as of writing this, is the second highest in the ranked ladder of our friend group, second only to myself. The story of how Crash got into the game is magical. We al wanted to watch the LEC finals one year. Crash wanted to come along, even if he had never played the game. He wanted to enjoy the atmosphere. After the match, he was hooked. He wanted to play the game we all loved. We warned him not to, it was an awful game and he would hate it as much as us. He did not heed our warnings. 6 months later, someone asked Crash if they should start playing League. Crash replied that they should not, under any circumstances, play League. We taught him well. He plays top, maining Darius, Garen, a little bit of Olaf.
Next is Shaz. You want someone who looks into a game, who puts hours into making sure he knows every little thing about how a game works? Shaz is your man. He spends hours trawling over every little detail, he will be the modern-day Lemonnation. A recent role change over to support even reinforces this. He is the man who will work out bans for us, who keeps up with foreign leagues to make sure we are all up to date with the meta, he is the glue that holds us together. This man will pilot Braum like the LCS has never seen before, or if the fans are lucky, he might just bring out his rakan or amumu.
The perfect compliment to a good support is a good adc. Waluigi proves that the same is true for a bronze support and a bronze adc. They play tristana. We have tried to get them on anything else apart from Tristana, and it doesn't go well. We think it's something about yordles, so when we do play we will be officially asking Rito to end yordle marksman hate, and release more. We will be working closely with the LCSPA to make this happen.
I know what you're all thinking. It's time for the mid laner. I absolutely agree, that now would be a great time to introduce you to our mid laner, but first, let's look at our second adc. Meme is almost a myth. He has great kiting, he has an insane Vayne and samira, and could almost definitely reach at least gold if he cared enough. That's right, this man is our second best player, and most of the time he's playing Destiny 2 instead. Could you imagine what this player could do if you gave him a purpose? A purpose like making a fool of the LCS?
And now is the moment you've all been waiting for, our third ADC. Dayved. We're not sure what happened to Dayved, he's sort of gone missing for the last little bit of our lives. We miss you Dayved, please come back to us. But a recent sighting gives us hope he is still out there.
We don't have a mid laner, one of the bot laners goes mid depending on the team comp we want to play. Flyquest, if you want a European team that doesn't know what they're doing, that isn't afraid to be scabs, let us know. We're willing to do post match interviews, and we're more than happy to accept gaming pcs as payment so Crash's PC doesn't crash during the games. Thank you for reading.
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2023.05.30 12:49 Varun-Ghode [NeedAdvice] Does this happen to you guys as well?

So this happens with me almost all the time. While sleeping a high dose of motivation pops up and I feel like when I wake up tomorrow, I will do this and that ( e.g exercise, wake up early, read a book or go for a walk,etc) And I when I wake up in the morning, All that motivation is gone just like this 🫰
Am I doing something wrong here? Does this happen with you guys too?
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2023.05.30 12:48 iir21 School is a SCAM

I hate studying. Every time I need to study for a History or a Geography exam, I feel like killing myself. It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’ll literally forget everything about these two subjects in less than one month after studying them, but I have to pass these two classes in order to finish high school and be able to get into university. The teachers are terrible at explaining, and it doesn’t feel like they’re on the students’ side at all. It takes me like half an hour to read and completely understand two pages of a textbook (I’m a very slow reader), so I don’t know how they expect me to then summarize that, memorize it and do the same thing for all the other content heavy subjects every day. It just feels like a waste of time. Also, as someone who likes to read and wants to be an editor after graduating university (if I even reach that point), I can tell you that some of the textbooks are written in the least student-friendly way possible (especially if they were written by your own teacher…Speaking from experience here), so it’s no wonder it’s hard. Like, d00d, I’m actually the student with the highest grades in English, Latin and Greek from my year (there are only three people in the Greek class, though), but I’m gonna have to repeat the year just because I’m terrible at History and Geography. It would be the second time I’m repeating a year, too (last time was year 3 of middle school), so you can guess I’m looking forward to being a 20-year-old high-schooler who has no friends of his age in class. My last chance to pass those two subjects is less than two weeks away from now, but I have very little hopes of not failing the year. I hate my life. ♡
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2023.05.30 12:48 bonusquant0m Iron Prince 2

Just wondering if there is a rough release date for the entire iron prince 2 book. I know there's releases on the Patreon but I would prefer to read the entire book at once. Cheers -an eagerly waiting fan
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2023.05.30 12:48 scribbyshollow Did the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs and ancient chinese peoples have a shared art known as feng shui in the east and geomancy in the west and new world?

I came across a big similarity when reading up about several ancient unconnected cultures and their mythologies. A general story that seems to be an allegory for an old divination technique known as the geomantic act. It seems as if several of these stories about the creation of the first temples/sacred structures/the world are describing a localized version of the same story. I wanted to know some professional opinions on it because personally it think it has finally made sense of these strange mythologies.
I did not write this it was taken from an article I have been reading on an unrelated subject.
"So if all these distant civilizations shared the same ancient culture or started out fdrom the same sort of mother culture then surely there would be some evidence left of it right? I thought so too so I spent a considerable amount of time looking for connections that would be too specific to ignore or pass off as coincidence. Finally after years of searching I found them.
The main one, and what this section is about is a shared cultural art between ancient China, South America and Ancient Egypt. This art is known as geomancy and in China it is known as Feng Shui, each one of these places I just mentioned contain huge pyramids within their borders and both Egypt and the south American cultures have a very similar story of creation that seems to be an allegory for what they call the "geomantic act". A divination technique used to build temples and buildings in the exact right spot (according to the practitioners of it).
This section from the following book details exactly what that is.
Secret Games of the Gods pages:
I will summarize it but you should actually take the time to read it as it is only a few pages.
The actual geomantic act is divining a place using the four directions to pick the right location, then once found stabbing a sword, stake or metal wedge into the ground at the exact center of the planned building, usually there is something done to consecrate this center which they call the navel of the structure. Another way to view it (like the above book says) is a hero slaying a dragon or serpent with the aid of four warriors/weapons/deities then building a holy structure on the place the monster was killed. This is how they represent the act in allegorical form in the European version of it.
For the Egyptian mythology I have posted a scan of a very rare book that details the first published translations of the Edfu Temple in Egypt. As the title indicates it details the mythological origin of the first temple that appeared on earth according to the oldest Egyptian records we had found as of 1969 (when the book was published). The very borders of Prehistory.
You can download it here -
or read it here.
The objective story the Aztec/Olmec/Mayan/Inca (I am unsure who originated them, I am not a historian) and Egyptian creation myth (according to the Edfu Texts) begin with a world of darkness with no land, only sky and water and a god who lives there, then the god one way or another creates the first world/land which is an island, and the first people, eventually fighting ensues, then because of the fighting the earth is engulfed by water or the island disappears (same thing when you are the only land). Then from this water the new world rises and is rebuilt in the old worlds image from the "bones" of the old world.
Now that story could be shrugged off as mere coincidence I suppose, However...Later in these stories of creation another identical event happens. In the Egyptian and Aztec myths a hero or creator god and group of 4 gods, protectors or warriors represented by four animals and four directions. Do battle with a serpent type monster that always represents chaos. They win this fight and slay the monster and then on the spot it was slain build a sacred temple.
What I just described to you seems to be another allegory used in other cultures for what they call the geomantic act, a local adaptation of it.
The following are pages from the Edfu translation book I linked:
-Page 35 in the book is the summery of the fight. A fight between a serpent and a hawk and his four protectors who represent the four directions. Just as the book "Secret Games of the Gods" described the geomantic act, using the four directions the "hero" would slay the "dragon" and build on the spot it was slayed.
-Page 196 details it. It should also be noted that Tanen became Ptah-Tatenen who was the god of creation and temple building. The page below also clarifies that the sacred place would be built where the snake enemy was slayed.
-Page 324 is the overall summery of the book and outlines the new world made from the bones of a dead god.
Here is the link to those pages:
-Page 297 states the earth god which is found to actually represent earth said to have a “Ka” (spirit) and the earths “Ka” being present was the perquisite for building these temples. So the earths energy had to be present at these sites for building and then once the temple was made it had to be activated by joining with the earths Ka.
Also of note these 4 animals from the Edfu texts also turn up in the book “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” written in 1923 a few decades before the Edfu texts were even translated.
Page 296 and the pages from "the secret teachings of all ages":
This fits the geomantic act because it also is using natural energy to pick a location for a sacred building (according to the practitioners of it).
A good summery but I recommend reading the entire book because it has many details not covered in the summery. Now there are several creation myths from the Aztecs but we are only going to go over the relevant one.
You can read more about them here:
This story of creations shares many similarities with the story laid out in the Edfu temple and seems to also be an allegory for the geomantic act.
"In the beginning was the void. It was at some ancient time in the Aztec creation story that the dual god, Ometecuhtli/Omecihuatl, created itself. (Looking back, of course, the Aztecs believed that the many opposites that they saw in the world would have to somehow unite in the origin of the world.) This god was good and bad, chaos and order, male and female. Being male and female, it was able to have children. It had four, which came to represent the four directions of north, south, east and west. The gods were Huizilopochtli (south), Quetzalcoatl (east), Tezcatlipoca (west), and Xipe Totec (north).
The directions were very important to the Aztecs, since their great empire was believed to be at the very center of the universe (remember what I mentioned about the Aztec creation story being political?).
These four gods began to create. They created water, and other gods, and the sea monster Cipactli. Cipactli was part fish and part crocodile, a massive creature as big as all things that now are. This was a consuming monster, a jaw at every joint. Cipactli was to become the source of the cosmos in a strange way.
As the gods continued to create, they had a problem — their creations would fall into the water and be eaten by the dreadful Cipactli. So it was time for war — the four gods attacked the sea monster, pulling her in four directions. She fought back, biting Tezcatlipoca and tearing off his foot. But at last Cipactli was destroyed.
From this enormous creature the universe was created (in some traditions this happened between the last two suns). All the 13 heavens stretch into her head. The earth was created in the middle, and her tail reaches down to the underworld (Mictlán) (nine underworlds, to be exact).
You could say that in the Aztec creation story the world is on the back of this sea monster, floating in the water of space (reminiscent of the Iroquois belief that the world rests on the back of a turtle).”
So according to the above story of creation the Aztecs thought that their land was on the back of a serpent type dragon monster that was killed by four gods by stretching it in the four directions. It actually had many similarities with the geomantic act and its purpose laid out in Secret Games of the Gods. That book also said the purpose of the act was to control the "serpent" in the earth and stop its chaos from destroying the building.
Now its pretty hard to dismiss those stories as mere coincidence, those stories are seemingly localized versions of what is known as the “serpent slaying myth” in indo-european culture. A story that is told and was told in cultures the world over in various localized versions in a time when they had no communication or even knew each other existed. As we saw in the Edfu temple book even the ancient Egyptians had this myth and practice of geomancy.
The following article covers this myth pretty well but as always do your own research and dig deeper and look for more credible sources.
Later in these stories of creation identical events happen. In the Egyptian and Aztec myths a group of 4 gods or protectors, warriors or gods represented by 4 animals and also the 4 directions. Do battle with a serpent type monster that represents chaos in all the stories. They win this fight and slay the monster and then on the spot it was slain build a sacred temple.
These animals are in the Edfu myth Snake, Lion, Bull and hawk. They are the 4 guardians that protect “The Falcon” in its fight against a great “snake”.
in the Aztec myth this scenario also plays out but they are gods who animal incarnations or representations are “plummed serpent” (implying a feathered or flying snake), Jaguar, hummingbird, and a god that has no definite form and takes many forms and is the god of warfare.
in the Aztec myth the gods also represent directions. The 4 Aztec directional gods have aspects of the 4 guardian animals. Not the exact same animals mind you but the overall same animals (snake, bird, big cat, formless/unsure)
(I should note that I was unable to narrow down if these are the actual directions they represent because I came across several conflicting sources. However its the overall general story that is important and not the specifics as they would be adapted anyway)
-Huitzilopochtli (pron. Huit-zi-lo-pocht-li) or ‘Hummingbird of the South’ or ‘Blue Hummingbird (bird)
-Quetzalcóatl (pron. Quet-zal-co-at) or 'Plumed Serpent' (snake or dragon)
-Tezcatlipoca’s nagual, or animal disguise, was the jaguar, the spotted skin of which was compared to the starry sky. A creator god, Tezcatlipoca ruled over Ocelotonatiuh (“Jaguar-Sun”), the first of the four worlds that were created and destroyed before the present universe. (Cat)
-Xipe Totec has a controversial history, some people think that the god replaced an earlier god from the story, I could find no credible source about his animal form or direction (though only north is left) however, He is the inventor of war according to the Aztec mythology so that lines up with the Chinese feng shui direction (we will get to this in a moment) of north being the tortoise or "black warrior" (Warrior)
In the Aztec myth the 4 gods do battle with a "serpent/fish", they slay it by ripping it apart in the 4 directions then build from its body on the spot it was slain their world/empire. That is objectively the same story from the book I linked with 3 out of the 4 animal guardians being the same.
Now these animals turn up in one other place with pyramids within its borders. China and Taoism, specifically the 4 animals that represent the 4 directions often associated with the ancient art of Feng Shui which in actuality is the Chinese art of geomancy.
In feng shui the four directions are represented by 3 out of the 4 are the same kind of animals. The entire art of it is about choosing the right location to build things using divination.
“The Four Symbols (Chinese: 四象; pinyin: Sì Xiàng, literally meaning “four images”), are four mythological creatures appearing among the Chinese constellations along the ecliptic, and viewed as the guardians of the four cardinal directions. These four creatures are also referred to by a variety of other names, including “Four Guardians”, “Four Gods”, and “Four Auspicious Beasts”. They are the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise (also called “Black Warrior”) of the North. Each of the creatures is most closely associated with a cardinal direction and a color, but also additionally represents other aspects, including a season of the year, an emotion, virtue, and one of the Chinese “five elements” (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). Each has been given its own individual traits, origin story and a reason for being. Symbolically, and as part of spiritual and religious belief and meaning, these creatures have been culturally important across countries in the East Asian cultural sphere.”
Not only that but the directions in Aztec mythology are represented by the same color pallet as the Chinese four guardians Black, white, blue and red. Only north and west line up with being the same color and same direction but all the colors are the same.
“The god could be depicted in different colours depending on which cardinal point he was representing — black for north, blue for south, red for east and white for west.”
3 out of 4 creatures match the Aztec and Egyptian mythology and they are all referred to as guardians or gods. The one odd guardian/direction out is the tortoise replacing the bull but interestingly enough the tortoise is also called the black warrior and Xipe Toltec (formless/many formed god) the Aztec god of the north is also the god of warfare. They are also the only animal/god/directions with unsure names or forms which in itself is a link in common all three versions have. Perhaps it was called a different name in the past.
The “plummed serpent” sounds like a spot on interpretation of a Chinese dragon, depicted as flying snakes often with feathers.
Also worth mentioning is the calendar similarities between some of these cultures. The following is a fantastic outline and demonstration of the similarities.
There is undoubtedly a connection here. The beginning of the earth from the various cultures being the same objective story could easily be dismissed as coincidence. The same 4 animals representing in some cases the same directions and originating from the same scenario which is then used to pick the spot to build a holy place or building however cannot be dismissed so easily and I think is incredible evidence that a shared or "mother" culture existed between them. That all three cultures would also contain within their territory pyramids is also to hard to dismiss as a coincidence with all of this evidence laid out.
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2023.05.30 12:48 DaScheuer My advice for those who find it hard to accept their narc parents for who they are

I get slightly triggered everytime I read someone saying that you need to accept narcissists for who they are and that they will never change.
I get triggered because people never explain how one is supposed to accept such monstrosity.
Something I've done that finally made me reach some sort of understanding of what acceptance looks like is to hit the wall so many times continuously that you just get tired of trying to make a point or make them understand what you're trying to say or that their logic is flawed.
For a couple of weeks I had rather frequent calls with my parents where I told them I was not doing ok and cried my eyeballs out trying to make them understand how I would have liked to be cared for. They simply did not understand how to do it.
It was only when I was confronted with continuous proofs that my parents are incapable of offering what I require that I started to let go of the need to change them.
I see a lot of people on this sub simply saying "you simply need to accept them" or "just flip a switch and know that they will never change" but for me, what I described above is how to flip that switch.
Continuous failure until exhaustion.
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2023.05.30 12:47 urmomsbf69- How can i guess how much i will score on the SAT

So my last test i scored 1070 march and since then i took alot of privet lessons (English) i think i can hit 700+ on the reading and writing part but math i got 590 on the last test and for the last couple of weeks I've been reviewing every question on the bluebook ( i took em all before the march SAT) and now i have no idea how much i will score. I don't know if there's a way to predict how much I'll there?
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2023.05.30 12:47 SusannahMorley Drake's "death"

The second time i read the gone series it actually clicked for me that Caine threw Drake into the mine shaft and buried him alive and would have killed him if it weren't for the gaiaphage making him immortal to avenge Diana coz drake almost killed her. or is it just me?
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2023.05.30 12:47 jinnjar Derrida spacing, autoimmunity, Malabou

I'm reading Martin Hagglund's Radical Atheism and for now I can't really understand the difference between trace and differance. Also becoming space of time and becoming time of space is a bit difficult for me to understand. Finally, what Derrida means by autoimmunity seems to be very close to, if not the same as, Malabou's destructive plasticity. Can anyone point out the difference?
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2023.05.30 12:47 iTzStevey93 Trust issues in my relationship after an emotional affair.

Hello, i (M29) and my partner (F27) have been together for 17 months, we have a child who whilst not biologically mine, i have raised as my own due to the biological father not wanting to be involved.
However, around 5 months ago my partner "did a thing" and got back in touch with him. This was the start of a massively turbulent time in our relationship. This led to her eventually letting him know he's the father ( she had decided she wouldn't go out of her way to tell him, but she wouldn't keep it from him either if he asked) which did hurt because i love our little man, i took it on the chin and just tried to adjust to our new situation.
However, around 3 months ago she began to disappear with him, she would go out to his car and have "talks" with him for hours on end. She would go on days out with him whilst i was at work and lie to me about it. All the while he is apparently trying to convince her to ditch me and get back with him.
This led to massive arguements, and eventually she told me she has feelings for him and shes confused about who to be with, however she chose to stay with me and after that we moved on and continued to build a life together. We now have a house together and are expecting another baby.
However on the same week we moved into the house, i found out she was still going on days out with him, and basically told her that if she thinks im working to provide for this family, and putting in all this effort to make a house a home for this family just so her and him can go out whilst im at work and pretend theyre a family she's dead wrong, she messaged him and let him know that was stopping there and then (she showed me).
We wanted to see the house as a fresh start for us, a clean slate if you will, however i have some doubts.
1.In one of his messages he mentions "after all the things we've done and spoke about" this sounds ominous to me and it plays on my mind a lot, however she claims she doesn't know what he's talking about.
  1. She seems to put a lot more effort into her appearance on the days he's picking his son up or dropping him off, she goes from wearing joggers/leggings/jeans to wearing skirts/dresses and make up, whenever i mention this she says "wow can i not even wear clothes anymore" and claims i'm being controlling. But they barely speak as fsr as i'm aware unless it's about times to pick up/drop off his son, am i reading too much into it?
  2. I want a DNA test for the baby when it is born, i would want one even without this whole ex situation because that's just what i want, but i feel it is imperative i get one now, because i'm not 100% convinced nothing sexual happened between them. However i don't even know how to approach the topic.
It's sad because apart from this, our relationship is AMAZING. I absolutely adore this woman and i want to ask her to marry me, but whenever we speak about it i can't help but think of everything that has happened. Her and her ex barely communicate anymore as far as im aware, unless it's about his son. He is massively manipulative and although she sees through it now and acts like she hates his guts, i know that won't last forever and i'm nervous that in time she will be back to going on days out with him if he's nice to her for long enough, and i don't think i can go through that turmoil again
Tldr: Girlfriend of 17 months had an emotional affair, we have since tried to move on but im not convinced nothing physical happened due to messages he's sent, she's pregnant and i want a dna test but dont know how to approach the question, and she seems to put alot of effort into her appearance whenever shes going to interact with him.
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2023.05.30 12:47 Magic_Fabio88 Tickets bought with 30 days method

Buying tickets with 30 days paying method
Hello people I have a problem. I bought a couple tickets online trough a website. The problem is, I read on the internet that this site is not "good" for buying tickets.
Btw, I made the mistake to paying with PayPal and his "after 30 days paying" method. Problem because when I'm trying to taking my money back I see no option on PayPal either on the website where I bought those tickets.
Can anyone help me or telling me if there's a chance to having my money back?
I've already writed an email to the Center of PayPal.
Please help people. Thanks a lot.
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2023.05.30 12:47 Bravanche Favourite past cars that are not in current GT7 ?

What is your favourite, top 5 past GT cars that isn't in the current GT7, and your reasons wanting to see it again? For me:
  1. Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car (Countless end-game races won by her in GT4)
  2. Toyota GT-One Race Car (Similar to above - I still recalled winning the Cote d'Azur 76 laps endurance race with her in GT3. BTW really hope we can get Cote d'Azur back)
  3. Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car (A road legal, yet never mass produced R390 stored in Nissan's gallery in Japan. Would make a fine collection to everyone's garage too)
  4. Panoz Esperante Race Car (somehow its frontal "face" really grew on me)
  5. Chrysler PT Cruiser (Yes it's slow, ugly, can't turn... but it was the first car I bought in GT3, my first entry to the series!)
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2023.05.30 12:47 lemonyblog20 OpenSooq is the Largest Website to Buy and Sell Cars in UAE

OpenSooq is the Largest Website to Buy and Sell Cars in UAE
Now you can stop worrying. OpenSooq is UAE’s largest car-buying and selling website. OpenSooq not only provides cars for sale in Dubai but also flats for rental, the latest gadgets, a range of equipment, and many more. What distinguishes them is that they link the buyer and seller directly, eliminating the need for a middleman. To aid clients with purchases, they also provide a straightforward, easy, and secure payment method. Read more -
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2023.05.30 12:47 bluescholarsfanboy 26[M4F] food obsessed chef looking for love

Hi everyone, how are you doing? My name is Marcin. I was born and raised in Poland. I am 180cm (5'11 for sleeping Americans out there). I am chubby but not obese. Brown hair with blond tips. Now that that the basic stuff is done here is the rest. Personality: I consider myself a mirror when I meet new people,meaning if someone is talkative,fun and engaged in the convo so will I. I consider myself hardworking ,honest and loyal. Once I get very comfortable with a person I might throw a pervy joke every now and then ,but it's just jokes not to be taken seriously. Hobbies: I absolutely adore anything to do with fantasy( I was born with naturally pointy ears so it must be destiny). Dnd used to be my favourite thing to do to pass time ,but since my friend group fell apart I didn't have anyone to play with. I love reading manhwas (top 3 atm: how I raised s class heroes, I obtained a mythic item and suicide sss class hero honourable mention goes to disaster class hero) and I watch anime from time to time when one catches my eye. Cooking is a huge part of my life. I just bought an offset smoker last week and I can't shut up about it. Relationship: I am a strong believer of being friends before anything happens romantically. I like to take things slow to really get to know another person. My love languages are quality time and giving gifts. Communication is very important to me so if we vibe you can expect me to try and hit you up almost everyday. Future goals : One day I would love to own a restaurant where I would create dishes based on my life and experience. When it comes to family I would love to have kids one day. Dreams: If money ,time and energy was not an issue I would love to build kitchens all over the world where I could experiment with new dishes and concepts. Travel the world and all the fun stuff. You: 21+ (but it's not a deal breaker), kind and loyal. It's a huge plus if you like any of the things I mentioned above. Another huge plus would be if you are talkative. I don't really know what else to say here so I hope to hear from you soon and tell me a bit about yourself in your message ( otherwise it might be a bit hard for me to continue the convo when we get stuck)
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2023.05.30 12:47 AlexandrineWrites What songs resonate with you as a person living with hemophilia (or other bleeding disorder)?

My husband and I have created a short playlist of songs that speak to us as a couple living with hemophilia. These are just a few that come to mind, but we'd love to add more to it for sure.
Suggestions are absolutely welcome!
What songs speak to you?
Read my column about the playlist:
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2023.05.30 12:47 docmalik74 25[M4F] Anywhere/Online-Seeking a genuine connection, Let's match our vibes.

Hey there!
I gotta be honest with you, I'm feeling a bit worn out these days. Med school is no joke, and on top of that, I'm knee-deep in preparations for the residency exam. Phew! It's been quite the ride, and I've realized that I'm in desperate need of some genuine connection in my life.
You know what I mean, right? I'm talking about finding that special someone who gets it, who understands the craziness of this medical journey. The ups, the downs, the constant learning—it can be a lot to handle. And I'm thinking, wouldn't it be amazing to have someone by my side who can relate and offer some support?
In my precious moments of downtime, you can catch me indulging in my guilty pleasure of binging shows and movies. It's pure bliss!
Oh, and let's not forget about my love for reading. Curling up with a good book and escaping into different stories and realms is my kind of therapy. From mysteries to fantasy to thought-provoking literature, I'm up for it all. If you've got any recommendations, I'm all ears!
And here's a little secret—I have a thing for long walks. Yup, you heard it right. There's something incredibly calming about strolling through nature, taking in the sights and sounds around me.
So, here I am, putting myself out there in search of a genuine connection. Someone who's down for some deep conversations laughs, and maybe even some online fun through audio and video calls. It's all about finding that person who understands the value of a special connection, someone who's seeking the same kind of magic.
If you're on the same wavelength, if you're looking for a genuine connection and a virtual buddy to share your thoughts and experiences with, then let's make it happen! Reach out to me, and let's embark on this journey of fun, motivation, and good vibes.
Can't wait to meet you!
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2023.05.30 12:47 _bushdid911 direct deposit

for people who use cashapp, where the hell is our weekly deposit? i didn’t cash out sunday night so of course it does the auto deposit. with cashapp we get deposits early, so on monday afternoons instead of tuesday. i understand YESTERDAY was a holiday. i should’ve woken up with a deposit.
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2023.05.30 12:46 Still-Nectarine-9914 I'm sick of yellow box errors. This is rant and a moan post so for those that don't want to read please look away - for those that don't want a downvote , don't comment because the NOT a vine voice troll is in the shadows waiting to downvote any moaners, I personally don't care so knock yourself out

I've just got to get this off my chest Absolutely fed up with them. Rfy and AFA. Anything useable is always yellow box errors or red box. The last 3 days AI has been dire again. Nothing reviewable. I've just started my second gold period and straight away I'm struggling to find anything I can review to start off my next quota.
Anyway, I feel better now I've released that tension. I apologize for the rant but sometimes we just need to let off that steam. Thank you for understanding 😊
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2023.05.30 12:46 Magic_Fabio88 Buying tickets with 30 days paying method

Hello people I have a problem. I bought a couple tickets online trough a website. The problem is, I read on the internet that this site is not "good" for buying tickets.
Btw, I made the mistake to paying with PayPal and his "after 30 days paying" method. Problem because when I'm trying to taking my money back I see no option on PayPal either on the website where I bought those tickets.
Can anyone help me or telling me if there's a chance to having my money back?
I've already writed an email to the Center of PayPal.
Please help people. Thanks a lot.
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