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Polestar has the Worst Customer Service in the Car Industry - A Cautionary Tale in Several Acts

2023.02.16 13:34 Loki978- Polestar has the Worst Customer Service in the Car Industry - A Cautionary Tale in Several Acts

Summer 2021: Having returned to the office 3 days a week and not wanting to pile commute mileage on the family road trip SUV (2018 Audi Q7, best car we have owned to date) the new car itch appeared. I had dumped an Audi S3 early in the year as prices shot up and got a few thousand more than we paid. In hindsight, I should have kept the S3.
As this car would be a commuter and around town car only, an electric makes perfect sense. I did some looking around and found the Polestar 2 as an option, as well as the obvious Model 3 and Mach E choices at the time. I decided to make a weekend trip to Detroit to visit the closest space and send a day at the Henry ford museum with my kids. As an aside, the museum is awesome especially the Ford plant tour for my boys.
The "space" in Detroit was brand new at the time and Greg was great to deal with. The demo car drove great and felt most similar to the 2016 Audi S6 that I had for a few years. Endless power around town, heavy, distant steering but overall, a very nice car to drive while still feeling like a normal ride. I decided to place an order for a car at this point. Being a bit impatient, I found a pre-configured car that had the options that I wanted, making a compromise in the color choice.
We made a second trip from Cleveland to pick up the car on Sept 4th 2021 and left happy. The ride home was very nice. The electric car thing just works on the highway. During the trip, I made the one and only DC fast charge stop to date without incident.
Between May and august of 2022, the car was in for service much more than it was at our house. Total out of service days was 113. To their credit Polestar had the car transported to the Detroit "space" (actually at Lafontaine Volvo in Farmington) each time. There were many honest efforts made to get the car right but this one ultimately never came around to being a reliable car and left me stranded more than once.
I formally requested a lemon-law replacement car (big mistake #2 right there) in Mid-June 2022 after learning that the "space" was having issues with figuring out the ongoing propulsion system faults. It was at this point that I first experienced the joys of Polestar corporate support.
At every point of interaction with these guys they were pleasant, attentive, and incompetent. I surmise that the internal split with Volvo left them understaffed and probably not with the first pick in the corporate kickball team choosing process.
For example, a new lease needed to be created for the 2022 car with the 2021 being traded in on it. As lease rates had gone up in the 2022 car craze, the trade in value for the 2021 car needed to be adjusted to make the new lease payment the came as the old one. Sounds simple right? I mean I figured it out in Excel in a few minutes to within a few $$. Wrong, the space had to wait several weeks for someone to do the math at Polestar. This, was not the big screw up. Oh no, when the Polestar folks processed the paperwork, they terminated the 2022 lease and left the 2021 active (after they had delivered the 2022 car and taken back the 2021). Even better, they took the first payments for the 2022 car before terminating the lease while still drawing the 2021 lease payment because it was still in my possession, having traded in the brand new one????
In the end, I made payments on the 2021 car for 5 months after loading it onto a transporter for the last time. Polestar corporate still has not figure out the math on how to reimburse for this. To their credit, Lafontaine sent me a check for the difference and I hope eventually squared up with Polestar (I hope).
As an aside, the Lafontaine folks have been great at almost every step of the way. They have until today, made me 100% financially whole, even when Polestar made an error. I would buy a car from them again as long as it was not a Polestar.
It took several weeks, many phone calls and emails to Polestar to get them to understand that we now had a lease contract for a car that had not been in my possession and no lease agreement for the car in my driveway. Funny diversion, the replacement car had been delivered in “transport mode” and would not drive over 22 MPH anyway. This also took a few phone calls and not a small amount of brain damage to resolve.
End of Act 1
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2022.10.25 21:43 Crafty_Resource1368 Search was worthwhile!

Search was worthwhile!
2022 Premium AWD with extended battery. No MSRP from LaFontaine Ford in Grand Rapids, MI.
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2018.04.25 05:41 TheScottishElephant What if major elections were swapped?

I have a alt history timeline idea and not sure how it would work out. The idea is that every major election of major nations has the person or party who won second be first. So far I have Britain, America, France, and Germany. I am not sure on what other nations should be added as I mainly interested in events on the World stage and not internal disputes within the nations yet it may be interesting. Anyway these how the lists.
Year PM Party Number of seats Leader of Opposition Party Number of seats
1802 Charles James Fox Whig 383 Henry Addington Tory 269 1806 Duke of Portland Tory 431 Lord Greenville 238 1807 Lord Greenville Whig 216 Duke of Portland Tory 213 1812 Lord Greenville Whig Earl of Liverpool Tory 1818 Earl Grey Whig 280 Earl of Liverpool Tory 175 1820 Earl Grey Whig 341 Earl of Liverpool 215 1826 Marquess of Lansdowne Whig 428 Earl of Liverpool 198 1830 Marquess of Lansdowne Whig 250 Duke of Wellington Tory 1831 Duke of Wellington Tory 370 Earl Grey Whig 235 1832-33 Duke of Wellington Tory 441 Earl Grey 175 1835 Sir Robert Peel Conservative 385 Viscount Melbourne Whig 273 1837 Sir Robert Peel 344 Viscount Melbourne 314 1841 Viscount Melbourne Whig 367 Sir Robert Peel Conservative 271 1847 Lord John Russell Whig 325 Lord Stanley Conservative 292 1852 Lord John Russell Whig 330 Earl of Derby Conservative 324 1857 Earl of Derby Conservative 377 Viscount Palmerston Whig 264 1859 Earl of Derby Conservative 356 Viscount Palmerston Liberal 298 1865 Earl of Derby Conservative Viscount Palmerston Liberal 289 1868 Benjamin Disraeli Conservative 387 William Ewart Gladstone Liberal 1874 William Ewart Gladstone Liberal 350 Benjamin Disraeli Conservative 242 1880 Earl of Beaconsfield Conservative 352 Marquess of Hartington Liberal 237 1885 Marquess of Salisbury Conservative 319 William Ewart Gladstone Liberal 247 1886 William Ewart Gladstone 393 Marquess of Salisbury 192 1892 William Ewart Gladstone 313 Marquess of Salisbury 271 1895 Earl of Rosebery Marquess of Salisbury 1900 Sir Henry Bannerman Marquess of Salisbury 183 1906 Arthur Balfour 397 Sir Henry Bannerman January 1910 Arthur Balfour 274 H.H. Asquith 272 December 1910 Arthur Balfour 272 H.H. Asquith 271 1918 David Lloyd George 382 Andrew Law 382 1922 J.R. Clynes 344 Andrew Law 142 1923 Ramsay McDonald 258 Stanley Baldwin 191 1924 Ramsay MacDonald 412 Stanley Baldwin 151 1929 Stanley Baldwin 287 Ramsay MacDonald 260 1931 Arthur Henderson 470 Stanley Baldwin 52 1935 Clement Attlee 387 Stanley Baldwin 154 1945 Winston Churchill 393 Clement Attlee 197 1950 Winston Churchill 315 Clement Attlee 298 1951 Clement Attlee 312 Winston Churchill 295 1955 Clement Attlee 345 Anthony Eden 277 1959 Hugh Gaitskell 365 Harold Macmillan 258 1964 Alec Douglas Home 317 Harold Wilson 304 1966 Edward Health 364 Harold Wilson 253 1970 Harold Wilson 330 Edward Health 288 February 1974 Edward Health 301 Harold Wilson 297 October 1974 Edward Health 319 Harold Wilson 277 1979 James Callaghan 339 Margaret Thatcher 1983 Michael Foot 359 Margaret Thatcher 261 1987 Neil Kinnock 376 Margaret Thatcher 229 1992 Neil Kinnock 336 John Major 271 1997 John Major 418 Tony Blair 165 2001 William Hague 413 Tony Blair 166 2005 Michael Howard 403 Tony Blair 165 2010 Gordon Brown 306 David Cameron 258 2015 Ed Miliband 330 David Cameron 232 2017 Jeremy Corbyn 317 Theresa May 262
Year President Party
1789 George Washington Federalist 1792 John Adams Federalist 1796 Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican 1800 Aaron Burr Democratic-Republican 1804 Charles Pinckney Federalist 1808 Charles Pinckney Federalist 1812 Dewitt Clinton Federalist 1816 Rufus King Federalist 1820 John Quincy Adams Independent 1824 John Quincy Adams Democratic-Republican 1828 John Quincy Adams National Republican 1832 Henry Clay National Republican 1836 William H. Harrison Whig 1840 Martin Van Buren Democratic 1844 Henry Clay Whig 1848 Lewis Cass Democratic
Year President Vice President Party
1852 Winfield Scott William Alexander Graham Whig 1856 John C. Fremont William Dayton Republican 1860 John C. Breckinridge Joseph Lane Southern Domestic 1864 George Mcclellan George Hunt Pendleton Demitctic 1868 Horace Seymour Francis Blair emei 1872 Thomas A. Hendricks 1876 Samuel Tilden Thomas Hendricks Democratic 1880 Winfield Hancock Democratic 1888 Grover Cleveland G. Thurman Democratic 1892 Benjamin Harrison Whitelaw Reid Republican 1896 William Jennings Bryan Arthur Democratic 1900 William Jennings Bryan Adlai E. Stevenson Democratic 1904 Alton B. Parker Henry G. Dais Democratic 1908 William Jennings Bryan John W. Kern Demicatic 1912 Theodore Roosevelt Hiram W. Johnson Progressive 1916 Charles Evans Hughes Charles W. Fairbanks 1920 James M. Cox Franklin D. Roosevelt Democratic 1924 John W. Davis Charles W. Bryan Democratic 1928 Al Smith Joseph Taylor Democratic 1932 Herbert Hoover Charles Curtis Republican 1936 Alfred M Landon Frank Knox Relian 1940 Wendell L. Wilkie Charles L McNary Republican 1944 Thomas E. Dewey John W. Bricker Republican 1948 Thomas E. Dewey Earl Warren Republican 1952 Adlai E. Stevenson John Sparkman Democratic 1956 Adlai E. Stevenson Estes Kefauver Democratic 1960 Richard Nixon Henry Cabot Lodge Republican 1964 Barry Goldwater William E miller Republican 1968 Hubert Humphrey Edund kie Democratic 1972 George McGovern Sargent Shier Democratic 1976 Gerald Ford Bob Dole Republican 1980 Jimmy Carter Walter Mondale Democratic 1984 Walter Mondale Geraldine Democratic 1988 Michael Dukakis Lloyd Bentsen Democratic 1992 George H. W. Bush and Quayle Republican 1996 Bob Dole Jack Kemp Republican 2000 Al Gore Joe Lieberman Democratic 2004 John Kerry John Edward Democratic 2008 John McCain Sarah Palin Republican 2012 Mitt Romney Paul Ryan Republican 2016 Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine Democratic
Second Republic
1848 Louis-Eugène Cavaignac Republican
Third Republic
1873 Jules Grévy Left Republican 1879 Antoine Chanzy Miltary 1885 Henri Brisson Centrist 1887 Félix Gustave Saussier Miltary 1894 Henri Brisson Radical 1895 Henri Brisson Centrist 1899 Jules Méline Left 1906 Paul Doumer Radical Party 1913 Jules Pams Radical Party January 1920 Charles Jonnart Republican Democratic Party September 1920 Gustave Delory Republican Democratic Party 1924 Paul Painlevé Republican-Socialist Party 1931 Pierre Marrad Left 1932 Paul Faure Socialist (SFIO) 1939 Albert Bedouce Socialist (SFIO)
Fourth Republic
1947 Auguste Champetier de Ribes MRP 1953 Marcel-Edmond Naegelen Socialist (SFIO)
Fifth Republic
1958 Georges Marrane PCF 1965 François Mitterrand FGDS 1969 Alain Poher CD 1974 François Mitterrand PS 1981 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing UDF 1988 Jacques Chirac RPR 199 Lionel Jospin PS 2002 Jean-Marie Le Pen FN 2007 Ségolène Royal PS 2012 Nicolas Sarkozy UMP 2017 Marine Le Pen FN
1871 Centre 125 NLP 63 1874 Centre 155 NLP 91 1877 Centre 155 NLP 91 1878 Centre 99 NLP 94 1881 DFP 94 Centre 60 1884 KP 99 Centre 78 1887 Centre 99 NLP 98 1890 KP 106 Centre 80 1893 KP 96 Centre 73 1898 SPD 102 Centre 56 1903 SPD 100 Centre 81 1907 KP 100 Centre 60 1912 Centre 110 SPD 91 1919 Adolf Gröber Centre 165 Hermann Müller SPD 91 1920 Arthur Crispien USPD 165 Hermann Müller 22 1924 Oskar Hergt DNVP 100 Otto Wels SPD 95 1928 Kuno von Westarp DNVP 153 Otto Wels 73 1930 Adolf Hitler NSDAP 143 Otto Wels 107 July 1932 Otto Wels 230 SDP Adolf Hitler NSDAP 133 November 1932 Otto Wels SPD 196 Adolf Hitler 121 March 1933 Otto Wels 288 SPD Adolf Hitler 120 NSDAP 1949 Kurt Schumacher SPD 139 Konrad Adenauer CDU/CSU 131 1953 Erich Ollenhauer SPD 249 Konrad Adenauer CDU/CSU 162 1957 Erich Ollenhauer SPD 277 Konrad Adenauer CDU/CSU 181 1961 Willy Brandt SPD 251 Konrad Adenauer CDU/CSU 203 1965 Willy Brandt SPD 251 Ludwig Erhard CDU/CSU 217 1969 Willy Brandt SPD 250 Kurt Georg Kiesinger CDU/CSU 237 1972 Rainer Barzel CDU/CSU Willy Brandt SPD 1976 Helmut Schmidt SPD Helmut Kohl CDU/CSU 1980 Helmut Schmidt SPD 237 Franz-Josef Strauss CDU/CSU 228 1983 Hans-Jochen Vogel SPD Helmut Kohl CDU/CSU 228 1987 Johannes Rau SPD Helmut Kohl CDU/CSU 1990 Oskar Lafontaine SPD Helmut Kohl CDU/CSU 1994 Rudolf Scharping SPD Helmut Kohl CDU/CSU 1998 Helmut Kohl CDU/CSU Gerhard Schröder SPD 2000 Edmund Stoiber CDU/CSU Gerhard Schröder SPD 2002 Gerhard Schröder SPD Angela Merkel CDU/CSU 2005 Gerhard Schröder SPD Angela Merkel CDU/CSU 2009 Frank-Walter Steinmeier SPD Angela Merkel CDU/CSU 2013 Peer Steinbrück SPD Angela Merkel CDU/CSU 2017 Martin Schulz SPD Angela Merkel CDU/CSU
Charges would need to be made in order to have elections in certain years, mainly in Britain, and reasons for the person to be elected in that year instead of the other. Some ideas I have already had was that with Jean-Marie Le Pen being elected in 2002 in France might give his daughter Marine Le Pen more acceleration to President. Also there is the Hitler crisis. Some how Hitler wins in 1930 only for two elections to be called in 1932 and another in 1933 where he loses to Otto Wels and the socialist party, one idea I had was that he got arrogant and wanted a larger share and then lost, and then got desperate staged another coup this time successful. Perhaps the reason why people in early 1930's Germany were more socialist is the same reason that got the SPD on the winning path for the rest of the 20th and into the 21st century even. Seeing that Charles de Gaulle is not on the list perhaps he did not rise to fame during World War Two, what then would a Gaulleless France be like. Also the French side of World War One would be presided by the Radical Party, so then how would it change with them in charge, and if the Allies still win what would the treaty be like with the Radical Party being in charge, would they be less or more harsh, and what effect would have on the rise of Hitler and World War Two. For America I was thinking a lot how about how the expanse of America would happen in this timeline and if it does and what immigration would look like too. I have read that Henry Clay and a lot of anti Jacksons were into agrarianism and so might he try and expand America into to increases rural over urban and then invite immigrants in to tend these lands. I also read that he was against the Mexican American War so if he expanded would he try to stay away from the South West to not anger Mexico and start a war.
I have no formal History qualifications and my knowledge is built from online research yet I would love to know what you think? Thanks.
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2016.02.01 16:21 leftlanemine Allow myself to introduce...myself...

I've been lurking here for a while and recently started commenting. I would like to introduce myself officially to you guys and gals. My name is Phil and as my flair indicates I rock a Sterling Silver BRZ 6M. I would post a pic but I think you guys know what a bone stock twin looks like.
I am located in the Farmington area of SE Michigan. I drive M5 to I-96 out to Wixom and back everyday. I try to "throw up the dueces" when I pass other twins. That's the peace sign backwards, right?
Some more about my me and my car. I bought my BRZ new off the lot in Sept. of 2014 from LaFontaine Subaru in Commerce Twp. I traded in my 2007 Ford Fusion which had been very good to me. Three months later I drove it right into the back of a stalled out pick-up truck and cracked my bumper cover. It is cracked to this day. I spent the first winter on the stock tires, the fact that I'm writing this today is amazing, I should be dead. This winter I upgraded to Blizzaks, whole world of difference. The car has been very reliable. I drive it HARD. Even with the hard driving I average about 27 mpg.
I hope I can be a contributing member of this community and look forward to continuing to chat, learn, and laugh with the ft86 crew.
EDIT: SE Mich meet up???? I haven't seen a club locally yet. Hit me up.
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2013.05.08 06:04 RWFInternational RWF SHOWCASE OF GREATNESS PART TWO

Footage covering the last two months begins to air. Christina Michaels hoists the women’s championship overhead after defeating Grace Stevens. Jamie G makes her debut and flirts with Grace Stevens. Lili and Grace lock up. Grace makes her return and pins Christina. Jamie flirts with Grace, then pins Michaels. Lili hits a dropkick on Grace. Grace kicks a referee between the legs. Then another. DRAMATIC MUSIC CHANGE. Grace tries to kick Jamie, but its blocked. Jamie flirts with Grace.
Lili: I will be the youngest women’s champion.
Jamie: I’ll give up everything for her and the women’s championship.
Grace: I'm the best female in the world and you all best realize it before it's too late.*
Laurie: The following a fatal four way...and it is for...the RWF Women’s Championship!
"So What" by Pink begins to play...
Laurie: Introducing first...from Winnipeg, Canada...Christinaaaaa Miiiiiichaels!
The arena gets dark, then when the lights come on, Christina is standing in front of the technitron. She sprints into the ring, then throws up rock and roll horns as pyro EXPLODES!
Andrews: After a couple rough weeks, Michaels have everything it takes to win tonight.
Laurie: And her opponent...from Chicago, Illinois...Jamie Geeeeeeeeee!
Hollaback" by Pink plays as Jamie G trots to the ring with an aura of confidence. She primps her hair, then slides into the ring. Slam: Jamie has waited for weeks for this moment. What a great night here in Detroit.
"B!tch" by Plastiscines begins to play as Grace Stevens enters the arena, hoisting up the women's title.Laurie...from Melbourne, Australia...the RWF Women’s Champion...Grace Steeeeeeeevens!
Jamie G points across the ring at Grace, who blows her off as "Starlight" Music begins to play...
Laurie: And their opponent...from New Haven, Connecticutt...Lillllllli Laaaafontaine!
Lili enters the arena and hustles to the ring, then flips over the ropes looking ready as ever.*
Andrews: This is for all the marbles, Rodney. The RWF...Women’s...Championship.
Slam: And...we get to see Grace and Jamie get it way or another.
The referee hoists up the championship belt, then calls for the bell.
Out of the gate, Lili comes roaring at the champion who turns around and stares her down. Lili pauses, then delivers a series of whip kicks to the shin. Meanwhile, Christina and Jamie tie up with Christina gaining the upper hand, then tossing Jamie outside and following her.
Slam: We've got catfights all over Detroit!
In the ring, Lili hoists Grace on her shoulders and plants her on the top rope. As Jamie and Christina continue brawling, Lili hits a Frankensteiner off the top!
*Lili covers...
Kickout! Lili can't believe it!
Meanwhile, Jamie G whips Christina into the steel steps and looks into the ring. As Lili refocuses, Jamie drags her out of the ring and clotheslines her. Christina starts working on Lili as Jamie grins and gets into the ring with Grace Stevens. The crowd hushes and gets to their feet.*
Andrews: We've been waiting for this for months. What is gonna happen?!?
Grace props up in the corner as Jamie slowly approaches. As a gesture of peace, she puts her hands in her pockets.
Slam: This is it!
As Lili whips Christina into the guardrail, Grace explodes forward and...cups Jamie's neck and kisses her. The crowd erupts as Jamie falls to the canvas in shock. She stands and turns around in celebration, then gets WOLLOPED with an arm under the legs to the crotch by Grace Stevens. Jamie crumbles, holding "her womanhood" as Grace stands overhead.
Andrews: She's still the head b!tch in charge!
Slam: Jamie a dude?
Outside, Lili dropkicks Christina, then places her on the announce table. Lili climbs all the way to the top turnbuckle...pauses....and leaps....PLANTING an elbow on Christina. Lili is visibly shaken.
Andrews: Lili Lafontaine is insane! Someone get Michaels a medic.
*In the ring, Grace picks up a wobbly Jamie G, spins, and hits her patented buzz saw kick, Graceful Aneurysm. Jamie crumbles as Grace covers:
Broken up by Lili!*
Slam: Unbelievable!
*Lili drags Grace by the hair and throws her across the ring. Grace wallows in pain as Lili sets Grace on the top rope for a second time. She spins around and hits a flawless Angel's Wings stunner. A cover...
Broken up by Jamie G as we see an image of Christina Michaels being placed on a gurney.*
Andrews: We'll try to keep everyone updated about the condition of Christina. Meanwhile, this is anyone's match.
As Lili gets up, Jamie clotheslines her to the outside, then looks back at Grace. She helps her up to her feet, then stares at her.*
Jamie: I loved you...but I knew you weren't rolllllllin' with the Gaucho!
Jamie pulls her top off revealing...a shirt saying "Dudes do it better."
Slam: Does this mean....???
*Jamie G spins around and dropkicks Grace! Jamie climbs to the top rope and hits a frogsplash! The crowd erupts as Jamie covers...
Thr...Lili lands atop the pin with a splash, interrupting the pin. Lili rolls Jamie out of the way for the cover.
Laurie: Here is your winner and the NEW RWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION...Lilllllli Lafontaaaaine!
Andrews: We’ve got a new women’s champion!
Slam: She’s incredible, but wait a Jamie a woman?!?
Andrews: We don't know for sure!!!
"Starlight" by Muse plays as Lili celebrates with the Women's title. Grace looks at her furiously. Troy Stone meets Jamie on the entryway and embraces her.
Troy: Did her low blow hurt?
Jamie: It hurt Jim the Gaucho as much as it would hurt you.
Troy grins as they head to the back.
Slam: Let me get this straight. Jamie G is still a dude named Jim the Gaucho? And Lili pinned a guy to win the Women’s Title?
Andrews: What will the Board of Directors do about this one?
Grace Stevens looks up the ramp at Lili who is hoisting up her new Women’s Title. A highlight reel of the match plays, followed by a quick plug from the show’s sponsor, Quaker Meats, extolling the virtues of its new flavor, ‘Sort of’. We come back to odney Slam and John Andrews, but before either can utter a syllable they are cut off as comes blaring out over the PA
Slam: That's the Board of Director's music!
Andrews: I didn't have them penned in for a spot on tonight's show.
Slam: gasp Oh no!
Andrews: What?
Slam: What if they found out I’ve been stealing pens?
The Board heads out, led by Mr. Tanahashi Saito, who very closely resembles an older Odd Job, sans the ludicrous Kung Lao hat. After walking out the three men fan out on the stage area atop the ramp, Anton Sykes waving limp-wristedly at the audience, while Drew Hardaway and Saito try to hide their disgust for the masses.
Hardaway: Cut the music! {the soothing sounds of the O-Jay's For the Love of Money halt abruptly} Good evenin', folks, and for the record you are ALLLLLL very welcome for the show you are all going to enjoy tonight. We have worked very hard to bring this to you.
Andrews: No he didn't, this card was put together by Derrick Anderson.
Slam: He's trying to steal Mr. Anderson's thunder! That is just not cool. Who does he think he is, Roy Firestone?
Sykes: In fact we have come here tonight with a very special announcement, and personally, I think you are all going to be very happy with it. This time next year you'll all be singing our praises and...
Saito: {reaching out and taking Sykes' mic} Silence Sykes, you prattling dog! I am not concerned with whether or not they care about our announcement. We have come to announce a new talent acquisition for RWF, and that is all.
Andrews: Well that IS good news.
Slam: Yeah, some new blood!
Saito: I told you all that the locker room madhouse we have was and is unacceptable. I told you all that our roster lacked the discipline required of professionals, and now I tell you that we have found, tested and signed our solution. Send him out!!
When Johnny Comes Marching Home plays out across Ford Field and out steps a young clean cut man, wearing camo pants and a green tank top. He stops and stands stiffly beside Mr. Saito.
Andrews: A classic song.
Slam: They got us a soldier-boy!
Saito: This is Joey Knight He is disciplined, he is gifted and he is my - our personal project. Sykes-sama, Hardaway-san, Knight-san, we go. Now.
*The Board walks to the back with Joey Knight in lockstep behind them.
Andrews: An announcement of new talent from the big bosses.
Slam: That is going to cause more problems in the back than it fixes. Guys are going to want to take the shine off of the boss’ new toy pretty fast I'm betting.
Andrews: I think the RWF Universe will be tuning in to see his debut, and hopefully soon, with the endorsement he’s getting!
Slam: Well John Rambo can wait, because right now we’re about the get a little more eXtreme, with a capital… oh, I can’t say it. Here's hoping you guys at home were ready for some blood.
Andrews: That's right, everybody. Because now it's time to determine who will be our eXtreme Champion after tonight. plays and out steps Victor Storm from the backstage area, Sally2 in hand, and as he makes his way to the ring he seems to be chatting with the bat, his focus entirely on it.
Slam: This should be a nutty one, between the crazy that is this guy right here, the psycho that is our champ and the sex addict Harshaw, I'm betting were pulling in a record n the therapist demographic.
Andrews: What an odd thought. plays just as Victor is climbing into the ring, and out steps the lovely Sister Mary Elizabeth, eliciting a huge pop from the crowd and many of their zippers, she gestures to the backstage area and out comes James Harshaw who walks over and plants a big one on her before saying something to her that sends her-frowning-back to the locker room.
Andrews: Looks like he is actually concerned for her safety.
Slam: He could've sent her over here... I'd have taken care of her.
Andrews: She'd be safer as a dummy at a firing range.
Slam: And hotter!
Andrews: Huh?
Slam: What? V ictor walks as far across the ring as possible never taking his eyes away from Harshaw, who looks as calm as possible. They stare each other down as the arena goes silent, the word Mother and Father flashing across the Titantron, the lights come back up as Dale walks out with the belt in hand and takes off at a sprint towards the ring. He belly slides in and is up in a second bringing the belt up and shouting "MINEMINEMINE" as he runs and swings full speed at Victor's head connecting with a sickening thud, ringing Victor’s bell as the timekeeper rings his to begin the match, and without missing a step Dale spins off of the impact and goes for another headshot on Harshaw who back body drops him over the top rope and sends him crashing to the floor outside of the ring. Harshaw runs over and picks up Sally2, and stalks Victor who is slow to his feet but once he does get upright he is once again laid out, this time by a Sally-assisted Clothesline from Hell.
Andrews: Good God!
Slam: Don't know who taught him to hit like that, but the Astros should sign him right now.
Andrews: The Astros could sign the corpse of Randy Savage and it would be an improvement.
Harshaw goes for the pin but rolls off after 1, as Dale come crashing down on top of Victor.
Andrews: Wow! He just barely avoided Dale breaking up that pin and made Victor pay for it instead.
Slam: That’s called 'ring presence' buddy.
Harshaw squares up and at Dale gets up and turns to attack Harshaw, Harshaw swings, hitting Dale in the ribs which doubles him over, and Harshaw brings Sally down across Dale's back, snapping the bat in two and dropping Dale to the mat motionless. Harshaw drags Dale over to where Victor is and lies down between them, lazily draping his arms over both men.
Slam: Going for the pin over both opponents, that is dominance.
The ref goes for the count 1... 2... 3!!!
Andrews: Holy hell! That's got to be a record time match.
Slam: That's what happens in hardcore matches John. A few good shots from a bat'll take anyone out!
Laurie: Here is your winner and new RWF eXtreme Champion, ‘Handsome’ James Harshaaaaaw!
Harshaw stands and snatches the belt from the timekeeper, holding it high with a smile on his face. As the crowd cheers on the American Adonis, at the top of the ramp a single, slender female hand extends from behind the curtain, catching Harshaw’s eye, and beckons to him languidly with a single finger. Giving a smirk and a shrug to the audience, Harshaw jogs up the ramp to undoubtedly execute even more pinfall combinations with Sister Mary Elizabeth
The camera cuts back to the announce table, where Rodney Slam is listening intently to his earpiece. He then turns to the camera with a shocked look on his face
Slam: Ladies and germs, I’ve just been told that Chris Hardcore is in the building, and he’s on his way to the ring right now!
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2013.05.08 05:59 RWFInternational RWF SHOWCASE OF GREATNESS PART ONE

The camera opens to a helicopter shot of Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Fireworks are shooting from the outer walls and inside the stadium, almost but completely drowning out the roar of the crowd, who haven’t had anything nearly as satisfying to watch at Ford Field in a long, long time. The shot switches to inside, where it pans over a crowd practically bursting with excitement. The music plays and the GargantuaTron lights up with the RWF logo to a huge pop, followed by the Showcase of Greatness logo and a montage of the RWF’s biggest moments leading up to this, their show of shows. Another camera cut brings us live to John Andrews and Rodney Slam, both dressed to the nines in tuxedoes, at the front gate, which is teeming with fans
John Andrews: Welcome everyone to RWF Showcase of Greatness! 364 days of the year this is the home of the Detroit Lions, but on this lone night, the RWF is filling the seats!
Rodney Slam: That’s right, John! Hey, at least half of the guys here are going to win, right? Ha!
Andrews: The ever-classy Rodney Slam, ladies and gentleman! And… [holds his hand to his earpiece] what? Uh-huh.. [back to the camera] Ladies and gentleman, I’ve just gotten word that Alan Lightbody is in the ring right now! Commentary will continue as we watch along with you via CCTV!
A brief flash of the RWF logo as the camera moves to the ring where Alan Lightbody stands with Tre Classic. Lightbody is wearing a black tuxedo and looks a lot sharper than normal. His greasy hair is slicked in a comb over. A nervous Tre Classic wears his tri-color wrestling gear. Lightbody speaks into the microphone.
AL: Hello ladies and gentleman, my name as you all know is Alan Lightbody. You are all lucky enough to be sitting here tonight as you are about to witness not only wrestling history but a moment that shall echo through the ages. Tonight my worldwide search comes to an end and the superstar sensation I’m about to reveal is to make his debut in RWF against Mr. Classic here and now. I have spent weeks trekking the highest mountains, diving to the deepest oceans, crossing the longest deserts and searching the thickest jungles to bring you the very finest that this world has to offer. I travelled to Africa and watched some of the strongest men they had to offer. I went to Asia and watched some technical masterpieces. I scouted South America for some of the greatest high flyers known to man. I went home to Europe to find the best brawlers but only one could be chosen. One man who stood apart from the rest. Who rose from to filth to shine. This king among men is the one chosen by me! Lucky enough to have me at his side. To have me giving him advice day in and day out. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages. I give to you, my newest signing….he is the Argentinian Luchador….El Mondo Loco!
’Don’t cry for me Argentina’ plays into the arena now as El Mondo Loco walks onto the stage. He stands with his hands on his hips looking proudly around the arena as blue and yellow pyro explodes everywhere. Loco wears blue and white wrestling trunks with a white mask that has a big yellow sun right in the middle of the forehead. He wears a Mexican flag as a cape. It is clearly Armondo, just with a mask on. Loco darts down the ramp and into the ring. All as Lightbody screams “EL MONDO LOCO” over and over again into the microphone.
Slam: Oh my God…
Andrews: I know right? After all that is turns out to be just Armon…
Slam: Lightbody signed El Mondo Loco to the RWF? The worldwide superstar! How lucky are we!?
Andrews: You can’t be serious?
Loco climbs all four turnbuckles in the ring and raises his fits high into the sky. Lightbody is still screaming EL MONDO LOCO EL MONDO LOCO over and over again.
Andrews: Will someone shut that idiot up!
Loco now takes his place beside Lightbody.
AL: Now before this match takes place, El Mondo Loco himself doesn’t speak a word of English but I’m sure he wishes Tre the very best of luck in this match.
EM: Sí.
AL: Now let me just take your cape Loco and we can begin!
Andrews: Yes God forbid the Argentinian disgraces the Mexican flag!
Slam: Keep it down! You’re ruining history!
The Lightbody himself rings the bell and Classic starts to hit Loco with right hands. Loco is backed into a corner before Classic drags him out and nails him with a DDT. Classic yells at the crowd to little reaction. He walks over to a fallen Loco but is met only with a thumb to the eye. Loco jumps up and springboards off the ropes to hit Classic with a dropkick. Classic doesn’t even fall to the mat but is dazed. Loco takes advantage by rolling Classic up into a small package and with a quick three count from Lightbody wins his debut match in the RWF. Loco and Lightbody roll out of the ring and celebrate as the head up the ramp.
AL: Here is your winner, El Mondo Loco! [rings the bell again]
Slam: Wow! What a match and what a performance from El Mondo Loco!
Andrews: Who bears a striking resemblance to suspended RWF star Armondo… well, it looks like he made short work of Tre Classic, at least.
Slam: And who knew Lightbody was a licensed referee? A man of many talents!
As Loco holds the Mexican flag proudly in the air, Lightbody starts to scream EL MONDO LOCO WINS into a microphone over and over again until they reach the back.
[Another video plays, hyping the upcoming match featuring James Lafontaine, Mikko Paatalo, and Ricardo Sacramento. The shot moves to the announce table, where John Andrews and Rodney Slam have arrived. No sooner do they sit down than the microphone lowers from the ceiling and Douglas Laurie hefts it with practiced hands]
Laurie: Welcome one and all to RWF Showcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase ooooooooooooooof
Greatneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss! The following contest is a Triple Threat Tables Match, the winner of which will receive a shot at the RWF eXtreme Championship in the match of their choosing! Introducing first, from New Haven Connecticut, Jaaaaames Lafontaaaaaaine!
Muse-Citizen Erased starts to play as a yellow glow covers the arena. James LaFontaine comes through the curtains and bows on both sides of the stage, a look of pride and determination on his face. He makes his way to the ring and bows a third time in the middle of the ring while sparks fall from the sky, all around the ring.
Rodney Slam: They're really going all-out with the fireworks, huh?
Laurie: Now introducing, from Helsinki, Finland, Mikkoooooo Paaaataaaloooooo!
Korpiklaani - Tapporauta then fills the arena and Mikko Paätalo walks out on stage. He points to the crowd a couple of times, looking somewhat amused. Sara is following along as usual, but seems particularly interested in whatever she’s doing on her gizmo. Mikko rolls under the ropes. After making brief eye-contact with James he climbs on the second rope in the corner and salutes the crowd, which pops loud for the Fightin’ Finn.
John Andrews: Will Mikko be able to pull this one out? Will his submission style hinder him in this type of match? RS: He’s a former eXtreme champ and the only RWF performer to hold that and the International Championship. I doubt the tables bother him. Still, he's not been in the best of moods lately. I'm questioning his motivation going into this match.
Laurie: And finally, from San Francisco, California, Ricardoooo Sacramentooooooooo!
Mikko's music stops and fog covers the stage. The intro of Soundgarden - Rusty Cage plays and as the song kicks in, Ricardo sprints through the fog and an explosion of pyro goes off on either side of the stage. He rolls into the ring and the three men don't waste any time, James LaFontaine stomping on Ricardo's head before he's even able to get to his feet. Mikko grabs this opportunity to get himself a table. He jumps out of the ring and looks under it. He pulls out a shiny, brown table, lifts it above his head and throws it into the ring.
RS: A table? Already? Looks like Mikko's looking to end this match quickly.
Mikko rolls in the ring after his table while James lifts the up the groggy Ricardo Sacramento and Irish whips him into the ropes. Ricardo bounces off the ropes and comes back towards James but before James can do anything Mikko intercepts him and hooks Ricardo with a big clothesline. Ricardo rolls out of the ring to catch some breath. James and Mikko look at each other for a handful of seconds and then start exchanging punches. After a short series Mikko gets the upper hand and kicks James in the gut. He runs in the ropes and hits James with a big boot square in the face. Mikko looks around and notices both men are down. He hurries to the table he threw into the ring earlier and sets it up in the corner. He then approaches James but when he goes to lift him up Ricardo is back in the ring and starts throwing punches to the back of the head of Mikko. Mikko crumbles to one knee and Ricardo lifts him up on his shoulders. JA: Is he going for the Western War Machine? I think he is!
With Mikko on his shoulders he approaches the table in the corner and signs for the WWM. Suddenly, Mikko starts repeatedly elbowing him in the jaw and Ricardo is starting to lose his balance. James is back on his feet and nails Ricardo with a low blow, causing him to fall backwards with Mikko on his back. All three men are down but Mikko and James quickly make it back to their feet. They lock up and Mikko overtakes James into a headlock. They walk backwards into the ropes and James pushes Mikko away, Mikko stops in the middle of the ring, turns around, and storms recklessly at James. James, however, ducks and causes Mikko to go flying over the top rope. Ricardo has meanwhile rolled to the other side of the ring and is trying to get up while nursing his testicles. James grabs the table and places it down regularly parallel to the turnbuckle. He walks over to Ricardo and drags him over to the turnbuckle. He then lifts him onto it and places his legs outside of the ropes. He then proceeds to go up there as well and tucks Ricardo's head under his arm.
JA: I think he's going for a Super DDT from the top rope through the table! That's gotta be a first!
RS: I doubt he'll pull it off. Look, Mikko's getting back in the ring!
Mikko climbs on the apron and runs towards the two men on the turnbuckle. He kicks Ricardo hard in his ribs, causing him to fall from the top rope, out of James' grip. Ricardo tumbles down the ring and lands on the floor. Meanwhile, Mikko climbs on Ricardo's spot and starts hitting James in the face. Meanwhile, the table is still looking on, just a couple of feet away from the men battling on top of the turnbuckle. After exchanging a couple of punches, James loses his balance and lands on his feet in front of the table. Mikko climbs up on top more comfortably and kicks James in the face. James holds his mouth in pain and bends over the table. Mikko is looking for the exact right moment to jump when Ricardo is back on the apron and hits Mikko on his back a couple of times. Mikko almost falls off of the top rope but holds on to Ricardo with one hand to regain his balance. He then grabs him by the hair and gives him a headbutt that staggers Ricardo. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, James hits Ricardo with a superkick causing him to fall from the apron flat on his back.
RS: OOOH! He's out, count Ricardo out. That was one hell of a superkick.
Before James can even put his foot back on the ground, Mikko sees an opportunity and jumps from the top rope, grabbing James' face in mid-air, and nailing him with a diamond cutter straight through the table. The crowd goes wild as the bell rings and Korpiklaani - Tapporauta starts to blast through the speakers.
Douglas Laurie: Here is your winner and new Number One Contender for the RWF eXtreme Championship, Mikko Paätaloooooo!
JA: That was a tremendous match, but what a finish!
RS: Tell me about it, that table is shattered to pieces!
Mikko gets up and celebrates, while James LaFontaine is lying motionless in between two pieces of table and Ricardo is slowly realizing what happened outside of the ring.
Andrews: And that is how you kick off the show, Alan Lightbody or no Alan Lightbody! Next up is a match you’re sure to love, Rodney.
Slam: You said it, you square! Four-way for the Women’s Championship! Rrrrowwwr!
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Quick results:
Jamie G def. Christina Michaels
Damian Mitchell vs. J.R.: No Contest
Kings of California def. James Lafontaine & Havok
Senor Tigre def. Mikko Paatalo
The Foiler def. Alex Geraldson
Our next show:
RWF Championship: Lee Mercer (c) vs Christopher Steel
No Holds Barred Grudge Match: Chris Hardcore vs Damian Mitchell
Number One Contender's Ladder Match for RWF Championship: Senor Tigre vs Troy Stone vs RJ Supernova vs Alex Geraldson
RWF eXtreme Championship: Dale Mollins (c) vs James Harshaw vs Victor Storms (Triple Threat Elimination Match)
RWF Women's Championship Fatal Four Way: Grace Stevens (c) vs Christina Micheals vs Lili Lafontaine vs Jamie G
RWF International Championship: The Foiler (c) vs Havok
Triple Threat Tables Match for Extreme Title #1 Contender (winner picks the stipulation and date of title match) : Mikko Paatalo vs Ricardo Sacramento vs James Lafontaine
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