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VGCraft has been taken down and this community has been closed as a result. It was fun while it lasted!

2021.02.21 03:32 pmnBattleCityDev For The fan game Pokemon Battle City Adventures

A sub for the fan game Pokemon Battle City Adventures Currently available in Public Beta

2018.10.31 14:03 mangobus45 * The power of the hovertext shines within you.

The role-playing video game by American indie developer Toby Fox.

2023.05.30 20:07 akkifireborker Are there texture/sprite assets available?

I'm a Content Creator who recently picked up Slay the Spire. I'm loving it, but I'm having a really difficult time making good video edits and thumbnails. Typically I really enjoy using a game's own sprites or assets to make a video, often snagging rips of them from spriters-resource or one of the respective communities. But I can't seem to find any sprites or textures in the usual places, and I can't find any in the game files either. I can find some assets on the Wiki, but usually no more than a single frame of each enemy, and no assets for like, bacgrounds, attack effects, anything like that. I suspect there are game mods that allow you to retexture things, and thus, extract textures, but I'd like to avoid modding for now. Even if I don't change anything gameplay-wise, I don't want to give my audience the impression that I changed things.
tl;dr, does anyone know where I can find sprite/texture assets for this game?
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2023.05.27 03:22 Zaqui78 Wood-Man from Mega Man2!

Wood-Man from Mega Man2!
Wood-Man from Mega-Man 2! Why don't you make like a tree and leave!
Real wooden canvas
Wood Man is a combat Robot Master created by Dr. Wily using natural Japanese cypresses. He has a very unique design due to his body being made almost completely out of wood- including his internal mechanisms, along with a thin coating of metal for extra protection. Because of this, Wood Man has great strength and resistance against physical blows, but is somewhat slow and highly vulnerable to fire and cutting weaponry.
Original sprite found at Spriters-Resource. User Zedicon.
If you've read up to this point, all I'm gonna tell you is wait 'till you see what I'm doing with all the other Mega-Man 2 Bosses!

megaman #megaman2 #mega-man #mega-man2 #woodman #wood-man #capcom #Nintendo #nes #perler #interactive

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2023.05.27 03:18 Zaqui78 Heat-Man from Mega Man 2!

Heat-Man from Mega Man 2!
Heat-Man from Mega-Man 2! Fire action, no batteries required, safe for all ages!
12"x16" canvas
Heat Man is a combat Robot Master from Mega Man 2 created by Dr. Wily based on Fire Man's design. His body has a box-like shape which resembles a Zippo lighter, with a lid that Heat Man can use to retract his head into for additional protection, but it can sometimes close down onto him unintentionally.
Original sprite found at Spriters-Resource. User Zedicon.
If you've read up to this point, all I'm gonna tell you is wait 'till you see what I'm doing with all the other Mega-Man 2 Bosses!

megaman #megaman2 #mega-man #mega-man2 #heatman #heat-man #capcom #Nintendo #nes #perler #interactive

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2023.05.26 01:45 SpiritZion Looking for a PNG

I really need the png for the item drop in FE 3h, the green little icon with the bag and sparkles, i just cant find it anywhere
EDIT: i found it on spriters resource
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2023.05.18 19:33 seanmorris Herculad is now in the spriter's resource

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2023.05.15 21:35 nkeb42 Anyone have source to get the official NSO icons/backgrounds/frames?

Image of all of them but too small to be used for making our own https://i.redd.it/0mxkh8q768ka1.png
I know that we can easily replace the icon with any image we want and unfortunately accessing these on the switch requires using the NSO app which does not work on modded obviously so I'm wondering if maybe anyone knows of any source with original resolution of some or all of these.
In my own searching all I found was this: https://www.spriters-resource.com/nintendo_switch/systembiosnintendoswitch/sheet/93824/ but it's just the original icons.
If could get all the original pngs then it would be easy for anyone to make their own official icon just using photoshop/gimp or any other image editing software, it's just getting the original images that is the question.
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2023.05.15 11:17 Calm_Motor_2227 https://www.spriters-resource.com/download/169346/ için Google Görsel Sonuçları

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2023.05.15 01:47 dwg6m9 Pokemon Crib Crystal, the Gen 2 trashlocke!

Crib crystal is a difficulty hack of Pokemon Crystal inspired by Emerald Trashlocke, Garbage Green, Baby Blue, and Useless Yellow developed by me, dwg6m9. Max Repels, Full Restores, Rare Candies are at each mart, and a Pocket PC and EXP share are available very early on. The game pushes evolution levels back and removes most final forms. You will not earn Stat EXP from battling, but vitamins will work.
Google drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MbM8ATEn_msRwGrR8Nowd2h3EL9YYhu7?usp=sharing

Pokemon movesets are revised so that a wide variety of Pokemon can be used without being overpowered – for instance, Grimer is available in Union Cave, but does not have access to Sludge until after Bugsy; conversely, some movesets are buffed, like Supersonic going to Confuse Ray for Ledyba. Many baby Pokemon replace their adult forms, including Bonsly, Mime Jr, Wynaut, Mantyke, Happiny, and Munchlax (sorry Azurill), and the legendary beasts are replaced with Smoochum, Magby, and Elekid. Nearly every pokemon can hard counter at least one boss pokemon, and almost no pokemon can totally sweep a gym leader.

Many TMs have their availability reduced - no game corner TMs or purchasable punches. Many TMs require beating a back-to-back battle; for instance, Rest and Sleep Talk require back-to-backs on Route 45.
Back-to-back for Rollout TM
Back-to-back on Route 45
The level curve for enemy trainers is raised starting after Falkner so that you will usually be facing teams that are similar in level. Back-to-back battles are on many Johto routes. The level curve for gym leaders in Kanto is raised so that you can feasibly stay under the level cap as you take on each gym leader. Gym trainers are completely optional in Kanto. Some of the 'required' Kanto trainers' teams have had their levels raised and/or given reasonable movesets - looking at you, Route 25 Nidoking.
Level caps are set to one-plus the next Gym Leader’s ace. For example, you can be almost at level 10 when you face Falkner, but you will not gain EXP after level 10 until you beat Falkner. The order of Johto Gym Leaders is forced to be: Falkner – Bugsy – Whitney – Morty – Chuck – Pryce – Jasmine – Clair
Karen is now the Johto Champion. She is a better thematic fit and her team is less centralizing for the elite four. To make this a little easier, there is now TM51 Karate Chop.
Kanto leaders should be beaten in this order. If you do them out of order, it will throw off the level caps, but does not break the game. Your run your rules :) Surge – Sabrina – Erica – Janine – Misty – Brock – Blaine – Blue
Some features from the pokecrystal disassembly are implemented, notably:
Other changes:
Credits and thanks:
Google drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MbM8ATEn_msRwGrR8Nowd2h3EL9YYhu7?usp=sharing
Pokecommunity: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10629875#post10629875
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2023.05.11 01:10 Zaqui78 Bubble-Man from Mega-Man 2!

Bubble-Man from Mega-Man 2!
Bubble-Man from Mega-Man 2! Also interactive and he actually blows bubbles!
12"x12" canvas
Bubble Man is a Robot Master from Mega Man 2, and the first aquatic Robot Master created by Dr. Wily for underwater combat. However, a defect in his systems made him unable to walk on land, being only able to move by jumping. When Wily noticed this, he couldn't help but laugh.
Original sprite found at Spriters-Resource. User Zedicon.
If you've read up to this point, all I'm gonna tell you is wait 'till you see what I'm doing with all the other Mega-Man 2 Bosses!

megaman #megaman2 #mega-man #mega-man2 #bubbleman #bubble-man #capcom #Nintendo #nes #perler #interactive

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2023.05.10 03:40 Zaqui78 Mega-Man 2's Air Man

Mega-Man 2's Air Man
Air-Man from Mega-Man 2! Fully functional, interactive and dangerous! Do not try to adjust your phone, you saw correctly, he has a fan built into his chest!
12"x16" canvas
Air Man is a Robot Master from the Mega Man series created by Dr. Wily specially for combat, debuting in Mega Man 2. Air Man has his face built into his torso instead of a head - an unusual design, said to be intimidating.
Original sprite found at Spriters-Resource. User Zedicon.
If you've read up to this point, all I'm gonna tell you is wait 'till you see what I'm doing with all the other Mega-Man 2 Bosses!

megaman #megaman2 #mega-man #mega-man2 #airman #air-man #capcom #Nintendo #nes #perler #interactive

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2023.05.06 23:37 elismagiccatnado Sprite Sheets!!

I’ve been looking for MvsC2 sprite sheets for reference purposes since i want to redraw certain poses but I’m sad to say Spriter’s Resource (my beloved) does not have the ones I’m looking for!!
I’m specifically looking for Sonson, Ruby Heart and Amingo’s sprites! If anyone knows how to extract them yourself I’d welcome the lesson too!
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2023.05.05 02:46 EarthBoundFan3 Is there a map or tile set of Magicant in each of its different colors?

I can't seem to find one and I am trying to make a custom map for a board game which would need the color variety to work. Spriters Resource only has a picture of the map using its default colors. I would hugely appreciate direction to where or how I can find a maps of magicant in its different colors. Edit: I am referring to Ness' Magicant.
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2023.05.03 00:35 JaykerC My new Sheikah Slate home screen!

This is definitely the worst time ever to be posting in a Zelda subreddit, but I wanted to show off my new Sheikah slate home screen I spent all day making
Software: Nova launcher for Android
Sheikah slate icons:https://twitter.com/esiban/status/1532566136180678656?s=46
Map and map icons: https://www.spriters-resource.com/nintendo_switch/thelegendofzeldabreathofthewild/
Wallpaper: https://wallpapers.com/wallpapers/sheikah-slate-4k-i3ezqu9tqgvkglpy.html
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2023.05.01 02:50 yarow12 [Disgaea PC] HD Sprites & Netherworld Content Pack

[Disgaea PC] HD Sprites & Netherworld Content Pack
ModDB page Original Steam Guide Expect most/all edits and chronicling of said edits to be on Steam.


It's exactly what it sounds like. Just a combination of mods so you don't have to do it yourself. And how would you do it yourself? I honestly don't feel like detailing that right now, but I might in the future.


Backup your dis1_st.exe & SUBDATA.DAT files before installation, especially if they've been altered in any way.
The download's setup to be as easy as possible to install. Just enter the installation folder and drop its Disgaea PC folder's contents into your game directory (e.g.: C:\x\Steam\steamapps\common\Disgaea PC). The other two folders--DulceDeClown's [MOD] Disgaea PC HD Sprites & Netherworld Content Pack (v1.2.10-Easy)--can be completely disregarded unless you're interesting in extra info and screenshots.



Unless they pertain to my combination process, send 'em to the respective mod/tool creators or hope somebody else spots your question in the comments below. 🤷🏿‍♂️
combined preview

Mod Index (WIP)

Krisan Thyme's Disgaea PC: Mod Index (WIP) post is very helpful, but it hasn't been updated since Feb 1, 2019. Below are the things I personally use from it with updated links. Pretty Prinny is the only one I generally recommend for this Guide, but Unofficial Disgaea Tools [UDT] will be needed if you wanna make changes or replicate this.

(from Pretty Prinny guide)

DulceDeClown's HD sprites vs Dexter's

This chart is based on comments in the thread and my own experience. Want to read details on Dexter's? Scroll through pages 5-6, but be aware that most of their links are dead.
(from Steam Guide)
[sprite comparison images 2 3 4]

sprites that should be others

If you're curious to see the originals, see this Disgaea: Hour of Darkness page for something close enough.
(from Steam Guide)

sprites that i switched back

I'mma be real with y'all. I'm not about dat fanservice with D5 Armor Knight's sprites. The game has 4 angles to view the map from. She's one of the very few units I've noticed to have two idle views. Both being the same shot of her ass. 😐 I'm not 'bout it. Y'all might be fine with it, but I'm not. So it's been removed from this combined mod. 🤷🏿‍♂️ Deal with it.
But why isn't the BRAWLER_FEMALE replaced with the original, you ask? Well, da boobs don't jiggle and the cleavage is barely there. In comparison, the Zombie has a booty too, but it's only visible from two angles. They knew what they were doing.
(from Steam Guide)

1040_WARRIOR_FEMALE - in-game

Netherworld Content Pack

The Netherworld Content Pack has 10 extra sprite (.SH) files that needed to be imported to the HD sprites' ANM00.DAT file. They're Index #'s 00216-00225 (just click the Index column in the Disa PC File Manager to sort them). All 10 were imported one at a time in original order with their respective file name's four digits as the ID when prompted. The labor's already been done in this combined mod, so this section is purely informative. Consider this an Asagi crash fix, btw.

Netherworld files imported
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2023.04.30 20:01 Openthinker92 Custom trainer sprite links?

Im specifically looking for battle frontier brian palmer.If anyone knows any good sotes or links to get him from please let me know (p.s I already know about spriters resource)
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2023.04.29 17:04 ThePerfectWent All Megamix museum game icons?

Where can I find all of the game icons in Megamix's museum? I found a spritesheet on Spriter's Resource but it wasn't complete. Thanks
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2023.04.27 17:49 Skizuku Does anybody know if there's an existant repo with exported 3D models from V3?

I'm currently working on a project that would require to use certain 3D assets from Danganronpa V3 (such as the models for the interiors, decoration objects, ...) but I searched for a long time without finding anything, so I'm wondering if it really exists somewhere?

Just to clarify I am NOT looking for sprites, but environmental assets that is used in the game, so no need to share the Spriter's Resource as I searched through there and couldn't find anything that interested me...
Thanks for helping me if you got what I need! And even if you don't, sharing this is a great help anyways.
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2023.04.26 05:18 IggyWithoutThePop All of the new high resolution chip art you could ever want

Actually, there are a few missing, on account of them not being trade-able, and thus not having any redrawn trade art. A minor bummer, all things considered.
All credit goes to Star_F0rce for yanking these out of the game files.
UPDATE: You can now find these on Sprites Inc, as well as the Patch cards in high-res.

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2023.04.24 23:06 itslululao Custom G1 Frankie Stein Sprite (Pokémon Black and White) ⚡💙💚

Custom G1 Frankie Stein Sprite (Pokémon Black and White) ⚡💙💚
[Reposted due to miscolored pixels!]
Credit to redblueyellow on Spriter's Resource for the ripped sprites!
What would G1 Frankie look like if she was in the Pokémon Black and White games? I think they would resemble something like this! The sprite was so fun to make, and I'm really proud of how this turned out! The hardest part of this was the PURSE surprisingly. I made one that was too big at first, then I had to make sure that the handle wasn't wonky looking... I definitely didn't match the reference art perfectly, but I think I got pretty close for what I could work on!
Should I continue making other sprites the main ghouls? I definitely will be making Draculaura since she's my favorite G1 character, but I could definitely make Clawdeen, Lagoona, and Cleo in the future!
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2023.04.18 21:41 OnlyManOnMars Cover Art Challenge #25 - What You're Dealt

Local Cryptid Mars seems to be more active with updating these!
Anyway yes I'm here again with a new contest. And I'm thinking we should play a fun game of 52 card pickup by making covers out of this sprite sheet for Microsoft solitaire.
I wish y'all the best of luck!
Contest ends May 1st (ish)
And now onto the other stuff, the winner of our last contest was none other than u/No-Mortgage-2153 for this delightful cover. Nice work!
(Want some feedback on an entry before you post it? Consider joining the Fake Album Discord where we'd be happy to give you advice and suggestions.)
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2023.04.16 13:03 sackboi77 found more

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2023.04.16 07:21 itslululao Twilight-Inspired Pokémon Sprites :)

Twilight-Inspired Pokémon Sprites :)
I've been reading Midnight Sun and got inspired to customize some sprites in the Pokémon Black and White style! The sprites came from Spriter's Resource, and I used MS Paint for the customization.
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