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2023.03.20 22:57 Astice_Pensante New Pokémon TV series villains revealed, plus a streamer in a full-body mascot suit (03/20/2023)

Today brings a look at even more new characters set to debut in Pokémon's retooled anime series, including a group who seem set to be its new villains.
With Team Rocket seemingly written out of the series alongside Ash and Pikachu, the stage is set for another faction to bother the show's already-introduced trio of heroes (and new mascot Captain Pikachu).
Step forward the "Explorers", as they're being referred to in Japan. Members of this group include Amejio, a mysterious figure whose partner Pokémon is Paldean creature Ceruledge Link to article
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2023.03.20 22:57 No_Drummer_8341 (H) EU valorant account, spent about 965 on that account (W) PayPal £200

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2023.03.20 22:57 vintagelingstitches Struggling and could use some advice

Bit of a long one a TL;DR at the bottom. I agreed to give polyamory a go with my partner, he had told me he was poly when we first met and I had asked him if monogamy was something he would consider becuase I had alot of work to do before I could even think about poly but I was open to it and thus began our amazing relationship. Fast forward to now we were really strong in a good place I felt so secure and safe in our relationship I broached the subject with him of giving it a shot and told him what I knew and what my boundaries as of then were but we needed to talk more before we did anything but that yeah he could get back into the groups ect he had left a year and a half before when we first started dating (I had not asked him to leave them he had becuase I'd expressed I wasn't ready back then ) so he rejoined put a few posts up and within 2 weeks he was on a date, now I love his other partner she has become a really great friend. Their first date was a disaster for me plans changed a few days before which he ran past me and then during it plans changed again and their date was extended without proper check in ect and I ended up with a full blown panic attack. To give a little back ground I've been in abusive relationships and do struggle with anxiety which mainly manifests as when I don't hear from my partner my brain goes into doom mode and convinces me he's hurt or worse. We talked that night after I had been in the panic attack for a few hours, we had had no proper check ins for multiple days at this point as the date did last 3 days, we then didn't talk about it again. I've tried multiple times to talk to my partner but this is where its complicated he also has a past of not so nice people so communicating things that are struggles for either of us can be a trigger, but I tried to reach out multiple times untill he hit about 4 months in with his other other partner and I lost it had a huge outpour of emotion told him how harmful things were for me and that I was not ready for this and that I thought knowing it was my first venture he would have taken things more slowly to make sure I was OK and that he would have actually listened to me when I expressed I was finding things hard. It's now 5 months in and I'm a jelious mess really struggling our time is never just about us, I don't mind him checking in with her but he texts her through out and she is the main subject of conversation throughout the time we have together he isn't as chatty with me, our communication is none existent and part of it is that my trauma is butting heads with his but I'm to the point that I can't cope anymore we haven't still had the big discussions we should of had before he jumped into a relationship I'm still asking for those conversations to happen becuase I never wanted my poly journey to be toxic but that's what it's turned into and it's really impacting me at this point. How do I go about approaching this situation becuase I'm hurt and all sorts of emotions but he can't handle talking about it and actually putting things in place to change things I am his NP but this situation is killing our relationship. The only thing he has taken on board is that I worded it very sternly to get my point across but I told him I was removing permission he no longer had permission and if / when he and his partner broke up he was not to find another as I need time to heal and we need time to have the big discussions that should have happened but didn't becuase he jumped into the deep end with both feet. I'm struggling so much that my mental health is in a really bad place at the moment. Please any advice other then dump his ass will be greatly appreciated. TL;DR New to poly my partner is poly and has been for years stayed monogamous for me while I worked on myself, we talked about going poly and within 2 weeks he was in a committed relationship, I love his new partner she's an amazing person and a great friend but I'm so jelious, their first date was disastrous for me and it hasn't gotten any better, communication is hard me and partner both have past trauma how do I get the big discussions that should have happened done now 5 months later before it kills our relationship and before I have a mental breakdown?
Thank you if you read it all its a long one
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2023.03.20 22:57 annie_ergo I fucked up and now I can't find a job

I'm a soon graduating master student, no interesting projects, no experience
I did a double major in CS + a humanities subject, but at the time I wasn't really focussed in CS as I saw it as being complementary to my other degree (in which I wanted to do a PhD), and I was more interested in the theoretical side of CS (like computability & complexity theory). Therefore, I didn't really care about having hands-on experience, except a group project in data science and web development in my final year.
After taking a year out for treatment and deciding not to pursue the other subject, I got into an AI-adjacent MS programme at a good university. I know I got in just because I did my best to look good on paper and because of sheer luck.
I'm now almost at the end of a master degree and I'm currently working on my thesis.
The thing is that I feel like I'm about to graduate and nothing to show for it. All throughout my studies I've barely been keeping my head above water because of my mental illness, and as a result, I haven't been honing my programming skills or building a portfolio. I think I don't even remember much of what I'm supposed to have learned during my education. I know I should've taken time to sort myself out much earlier but it wasn't an option at the time.
I've been trying to catch up by review some previous material and taking classes on Coursera, but I don't have much time to do that as I'm also working hard on my thesis as well as another research project (which I feel is going nowhere for unrelated reasons). I don't really have the time to actually make projects either, and anyway I feel I lack so much knowledge in order to do them properly. Also, I'm still struggling with my mental illness (but I'm doing much better thanks to medication, therapy, healthy lifestyle) and that makes me less productive than I would want.
What should someone in my situation do? Do call me r-word as long as I can get actionable advice pls
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2023.03.20 22:57 aidang95 Female cat constantly hissing at male cat after vets

We have two indoor cats, a male and female, both siblings, 3 years old.
Last night the male cat had to be taken to the vets so we left the female at home, upon bringing the male home (gone about an hour) the female cat is constantly hissing at the mate when they are in the same room and sometimes trying to attack him.
This is strange as prior to this, both cats have been extremely close and shared a strong bond, both usually spending the day cuddled together.
Is there anything we can do to help stop this as this is extremely upsetting with how close both cats usually are and how sad both seem currently.
With prior vet visits, when returning both home, the female cat would maybe hiss at the male for 20-30 minutes and they would then be back to normal, but it has now been almost 24 hours with no change and we are getting very worried this will not improve back to normal.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.20 22:57 Astice_Pensante Fallout: London mod update details new weapons, iconic locales and a James Bond twist (03/20/2023)

The team behind Fallout: London, the upcoming fan made DLC-sized mod for Bethesda's Fallout 4, has shared another progress update.
The latest development video shows off two new weapons coming to Fallout: London - the Viper Mark One and the Laser Lewis gun. Both of these guns look like they can do some serious damage, with the Laser Lewis being described as the ideal weapon to "Goo-ify your enemies in style".
In addition to weaponry, the team has also given another look at some of the items being inserted into the mod to really give it that British feel: phone boxes, bins and roadworks, all of which are instantly recognisable from the capital. Read more Link to article
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2023.03.20 22:57 Right_Upstairs_6530 TIFU by eating Flamin Hot Chicharrons three days after a hysterectomy.

The beginning of this story commences three days after my hysterectomy. I decided that it was necessary for me to have a hysterectomy due to health issues and kids. Doctor summed it up as worse then a regular birth but not as bad as a C-section. Okay I can handle that. At day three I was walking around but I realized I was very "stopped up" so I took a laxative and hoped it would do the job. Well that magical pill didn't work, so my dear sweet husband recommended that I eat a package of flamin hot Chicharrons to speed things up. The mistake I made that day was taking that advice. After the birth of my last kid, I can't seem to handle the spicy things I am used to, it gives me stomach issues. I am from Texas, so I grew up eating anything and everything spicy right out of the womb. So I figure maybe this will mess my stomach up enough to get things going. Half a bag down, I start feeling a slight stomach ache. Nothing to bad until the waves of writhing pain hit me. I go to the bathroom begging for something, anything to happen so the unbearable pain would cease. Nothing. Four hours later I feel like I am going to explode and it hits me like a freight train. As fast as I could, I planted my cheeks on the toilet for the fire of hell itself to come bursting out of my sphincter. I brace myself as I hold onto the bathroom counter for dear life. I have been suffering through cold sweats and the chills as liquid lava lit me up. The ring of fire you have at birth was nothing compared to what came out of me that day. Tears glistened in my eyes as the fire spread to my lady bits and I experienced the most painful night of my life. My husband came to check on me every five minutes before deciding to stay beside me as I held his hand. We feared this would be the end for me. When I finally finished, I wondered what I did to deserve such torture. A week later, and I still have nightmares about that fateful night.
TL;DR Never eat spicy food after a hysterectomy. I am an idiot. Learn from my mistakes.
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2023.03.20 22:57 boteva My story

Hi everyone,
I am a 44-year-old father of two amazing kids and husband to an amazing wife. I want to share my story with you, hoping that it can inspire guys like me.
My story began during my mother's pregnancy when my father hit her a couple of times, causing me to shiver inside her womb. My first childhood memories were of the hits I received from my cruel and brutal father. He worked in moving and weighed 240 pounds, making it even harder to endure. My mother was also subjected to his abuse, and one of the most traumatic events was when I saw him choke her when I was 10 years old, she almost died.
I suffered from this abuse throughout my childhood until I was 17 years old, including emotional abuse and neglect. After I joined the army, I almost shot him when he was very close to hitting me again. Only today do I understand how much stress and anxiety I experienced and still do.
Shortly after my army service, I developed an autoimmune disease called Myelitis , which caused me to use a wheelchair for a few weeks. After recovering, I started training again, doing gym workouts and running.
From 2001 to 2006, I worked in the center of Jerusalem, where terrorist attacks were frequent. I was close to most of them and to this day, I am hypervigilant from every loud noise. But I didn't let any of this stop me from becoming a better person. I started working in the high tech industry and became an expert and manager in my field. I also ran in 10km competitions, and in my late twenties, I met my wife. My traumatic childhood caused me a lot of problems in my relationships, but I am still married, and my wife still loves me, and I love her. I am lucky.
When I was 39 years old, another autoimmune attack came, and I was diagnosed with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP). It was even harder than the previous one, and I got a drop foot (100%). My hands also became very weak, and my whole body was affected. I was hospitalized for two months, and during this time, I got meningitis, causing me to lose 24 pounds.
During my hospitalization, I was diagnosed with two other autoimmune diseases - Hashimoto's (hypothyroidism) and Behçet's (the incomplete version). I was under high prednisone dosage (corticosteroid) - about 60 mg per day for more than a year, and I tapered down for three more years. For the first two years, I also did several cycles of Mabthera.
One week after my release from the hospital, I went back to work, managing my team and completing the internal data platform of my organization. At the same time, I got back to training, but it was awful. I couldn't even hold the pull-up bar, and my biceps were so weak that I couldn't do biceps curls of 8 pounds. I couldn't walk without a brace for my drop foot for almost four months. But I didn't give up. I started meditating, doing guided imagery, and using cannabis, which really helped me, especially with my mood and neuropathy. However, I stopped using cannabis last month as it stopped working and caused a lot of loops and paranoia.
About a year later my leg became better, as well as most of my body parts. It was very hard to train, but still, I kept grinding.
Throughout all this time, there has been one movie playing in my head - running the Jerusalem Marathon (10km). I ran it a few years back, and I can still remember every single meter of the course. Ever since that day, I have been imagining running it again someday.
During this time, I came across David Goggins and his first book, along with his Joe Rogan interview. I was incredibly inspired by his story, particularly given that he had suffered from domestic violence. I could relate to his struggles and hardships, and his success story motivated me to train harder. I have seen a great deal of progress since then, with improvements in my pull-ups (I am now able to do 16 reps), bicep curls (up to 36 pounds in each hand), and kettlebell exercises (using 16kg kettlebells for almost all exercises).
However, over the past year, I have been experiencing some sort of mental regression. Memories from my childhood and my insecurities have resurfaced, and I found myself in a deep depression. I was unable to think clearly and felt hopeless, my sleep was very poor (2-3 hours). Despite this, I continued to train. Eventually, I began psychotherapy and was diagnosed with CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder). Medications and therapy have helped me immensely, and although I still have my ups and downs, I am in a much better place mentally these days.
One month ago, I went to the park and started running while listening to one of Goggins' motivational videos. After running for about a mile, I began to consider quitting, but Goggins' voice continued to push me forward. As I passed the 5km mark, I heard him say: “Life ain’t about medals, ain’t about fucking certificates.It ain’t about houses, money, cars,fame, all that bullshit. It’s about scars. So when you get judged, you won’t get judged on your medals, you get judged on your scars. Those scars show your willingness to get to the side, They show your failures, they show your willingness to start from scratch. They show what you’re wanting to do, to go the distance, to see what you’re capable of. So make sure in life don’t be afraid to get scars.”
It touched my inner self and almost made me cry. I continued to run and eventually completed 10km, which was the first time in 7 years since I had last done it. It was then that I realized how much power was inside me.
After this experience, I decided to register for the Jerusalem Marathon. On the day of the race, I drove there with my wife. A few minutes before the race, she wished me well and “have fun” and I replied, "Honey, I'm not going to have fun here. I'm going into battle, and even if the sky falls, I won't stop running." As soon as the race began, I encountered many tough slopes on the course, as Jerusalem is built on mountains that are approximately 800 meters high. Despite the challenging track, I didn't give up, recalling every step from my imagination. I knew exactly how difficult it would be, but I never stopped running, not even for a second. Eventually, I completed the 10km race.
It was one of the most significant moments of my life, and I hugged my wife and thanked her for all her support. A few hours later, I emailed my neurologist and thanked him for his amazing treatment during the years. Many of my friends also sent their love. I had finally achieved my dream, and now I am going to create new ones.
This is my story, and I hope it will inspire and bring hope to others.
Stay hard!
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2023.03.20 22:57 Yeah_lets share rentakl advice

So I have a sharehouse agreement with my landlord and under the terms I have to be given 4 weeks notice close to expiry in 08/2023.
As he doing some reno work and we had a verbal disagreement as to noise and quite enjoyment he verbally asked me to move out 2 nights ago under the impression that he only needed 2 weeks notice and could do so at any time within the 6 mth tenancy.
Do I use the magistrates court and sue for specific performance to enforce my rights and escalate the situation straight away or write to him saying he is in breach of the agreement and there is a process he has to follow? I don’t want to give him too much education and weaken my position.
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2023.03.20 22:57 pigglywiggly-buttco The mysterious cart swiper

I had just gotten off and parked my cart in front of the electric carts by the hallway that goes to the break room. The cart had my groceries I just bought and all my work stuff was in it as well.
I walked into the break room for 2 minutes max, came back and my cart was...gone.
I had no idea where it went so I walked around looking for it but didn't find it. Finally, I got an MIC to look at the security camera footage. It showed an older man with glasses enter the store and walk by my cart, out of view of the camera. Then the cart gets pulled out of view.
Me and the MIC were all over the store looking for the guy and my cart. We never found the guy but the MIC found my cart sitting somewhere. All my stuff was still there.
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2023.03.20 22:57 overkil6 Weird School Policy

Livid at the moment so forgive any typos, grammar mistakes!
My child, 12, is in a middle school. We had an incident in October where she had accidentally grabbed the wrong text book before class and didn’t realize it until class had started. Upon asking the teacher to go get the right book she was told no - she couldn’t go until break.
It seems the school has a policy that kids can’t be wandering the halls once the bell has gone. Of course, thinking like most parents, I asked if this means kids are pissing and shitting in the classrooms as a result of this policy. The answer was of course no. Kids can go to the bathroom.
Now today: She sits in the back of the class and cannot read anything at the front of the room (they juggle the class seating plan every so often). Of course because it’s back to routine, she forgot her glasses in her locker. Same thing: can’t go get them because of this policy. So she’s sitting there, near tears (she has bad anxiety), because she can’t really do anything.
So no my kid is losing a couple of hours of learning time because the only time kids can leave is if something is about to come out of their body.
We are trying to meet with the teacher again and hopefully the principal to discuss this. Wondering if anyone has any sort of advice on how best to handle this to show 1) the absurdity of this policy and 2) perhaps get them to see the world isn’t so black and white and that there needs to be some wiggle room.
I have told her to lie and say she’s going to the bathroom but because of the anxiety she isn’t capable.
They want kids to act like adults but also assume they’re going to… I don’t know… sell drugs in the hall or something.
Would appreciate input from parents as well as teachers.
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2023.03.20 22:56 Enali (Spoilers Extended) Could Jorah's arc come full circle in Lys?

Of the more interesting possibilities for stops on a return trip from Meereen is Lys. It has a few attractive plot points running through it: Edric Storm presumably is there (until noted otherwise) and its a potential stopping point for Salladhor Saan, hints of Serra or Varys' history, a potential option to explore 'wherever whores go' for Tyrion based on its renown for pillow houses and pleasure gardens (if he can avoid Taena's 'friends across the water'/men of power). But perhaps more than any other character it could represent a major turning point for Jorah...

Jorah Mormont's ASOIAF stalkery villain arc, which is maybe best summarized as 'that guy that's sorta on your side but for all the wrong reasons', is really the result of one major original sin: selling convicted poachers on Bear Island to a Tyroshi slaver to try to raise himself out of financial ruin to support his wife's, Lynesse Hightower's, lavish lifestyle. But his crime having been discovered Ned Stark declared his life forfeit, causing him to flee to Lys with Lynesse (where she would eventually leave him to become the chief concubine to the merchant prince Tregar Ormollen). Its this event that causes Varys to eventually approach Jorah and ask him to inform on Daenerys' activities in return for a royal pardon and the chance to come home from exile. A task that would later haunt him...
The thing is... I'm not sure Jorah's ever really shown remorse for his actions or confronted his past. He follows Dany because he falls in love with her, or at least the idea of her in his mind, but... he doesn't seem to truly have sympathy for her cause. At one point on the way out of Astapor he even encourages her to abandon the freedmen who have followed her, and at a later point quite unceremoniously calls them "mouths with feet."
But even looking at how he describes the events with Ned all these years later...
"He took from me all I loved, for the sake of a few lice-ridden poachers and his precious honor," Ser Jorah said bitterly. From his tone, she could tell the loss still pained him.
...its clear that he doesn't regret what he did to those people, he's just bitter about getting caught. And I should note at this point that these poachers likely aren't just locals to Bear Island, given the proximity to the Frozen Shore, they were probably wildlings. This detail probably helps form his view of them as lesser men and is also hinted on by Illyrio's statement that he 'sold some poachers to a Tyroshi slaver instead of giving them to the Night's Watch.'
So a few really interesting things could happen if Jorah arrives at Lys. The first is that Lynesse Hightower is there, presumably being pitched to by Humfrey Hightower for a fleet of sellsails to support the defense of Oldtown. Allowing him to come face to face with his past. Maybe we get to here her side of things too. But here's the catch....
Tregar Ormollen has threatened that if Jorah ever returns to Lys he would be enslaved for his debts. And additionally... Jorah is an escaped slave from Yezzan zo Qaggaz and he has been tattooed with a very recognizeable mark:
The demon's mask the slavers had burned into his right cheek to mark him for a dangerous and disobedient slave would never leave him. Ser Jorah had never been what one might call a comely man. The brand had transformed his face into something frightening.
So I've got to assume that many in Lys, a slave city itself, would recognize this mark and try to recapture him, if not Tregar himself. It seems like he would have a difficult time passing anywhere unnoticed..
But perhaps the biggest irony is this:
According to Arya who eavesdropped on the Lyseni crew of the Goodheart at Pynto's tavern in Braavos, the Goodheart and its sister ship The Elephant, took hundreds of women and children from Hardhome, desperate to escape, and then roped them up to sell into slavery in Lys. The Goodheart didn't make it back home clearly, but the Elephant did, and it will likely try to spread the word to come back with more ships to capture others (though thanks to Arya the Braavosi fleet may now be informed of that).
Wouldn't it be karma if Jorah is captured and put alongside the wildling slaves from Hardhome... ending up right with the very same people he once condemned?
Though where does it go from there? Does he finally reflect on the weight of his actions or will he be stuck with the consequences? Does he try to free the Westerosi slaves there from Hardhome (and the Shields) alongside himself? And would doing so allow him to get back into Dany's good graces (though she may be out of reach) or is him leaving her alone better development for him? And if so does he resolve to head back to the North on his own.. to confront his past and hear the dying wish of his old man to take the black?
~Thanks for Reading!~
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2023.03.20 22:56 Key_Treacle_6307 Project help/swagger not displaying my controllers

I’m in my final week of my back end developer bootcamp and I’m working on my final project. I have to create a basic springboot/maven project with a database (using MySQL) with at least 3 tables and one join table. At least one of the tables needs to have all of the CRUD operations. I’ve created a bakery orders project and believe I’ve coded everything I needed to. My “customer” table is the one I’ve coded to do all 4 of the crud operations. I’ve created all layers: controller, service, and dao. I run the project and it seems to start up just fine in spring boot but when I go to my swagger to see all of my controllers to perform the operations, it says “no operations defined in spec”. My result controller classes have the @RestController annotations so I’m not sure what could be causing this. Would anyone be willing to help me look at my project on GitHub? This is my first post and time asking for help so I apologize if I’m doing something incorrectly. Pic in comments to show my screen. Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.20 22:56 PToN_rM Abandoned house for sale - multiple break-ins

The tenants in the house next to mine got kicked out and left pretty much over night. The house is abandoned and now for sale, however, their back door and shed doors are constantly getting forced open and it's an open invitation for anyone to come in, look around and steal.
The problem is that with this other neighbors have been getting things stolen, I feel like word is getting around and we've seen two different trucks late at night in the back alley and noises over in the next house.
Is there anything I or we as a neighborhood can do to get the property holder to secure the doors or install better lighting?
Thanks for any input
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2023.03.20 22:56 OkSpirit7891 Does anyone recognise this actress from a new Bet365 advert? I'm sure I've seen her in a British TV series!

It's driving me insane. I'm picturing her (or a doppelganger maybe) in a British comedy show from the era of peep show/fresh meat, but that could be wrong. I've tried researching the advert but I can't find any info on it at all. Help please!
Links to a video and a photo of the advert below via Bet365's twitter page (I can't upload them).
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2023.03.20 22:56 scrimshandy re: the tour

I’m seeing a lot of similar questions and concerns re: the tour, buying tickets, and album release and wanted to put all that info in one post.
What we know as of 3/20:
-there seems to be a “past purchaser presale” at some venues for March 23. i had a hard time figuring out what exactly this meant, as did others, but based on some research it might involve a personalized code and not a general one. we’ll probably have more news Wednesday evening local time
-Hozier will most likely add dates, if not on this leg then into 2024 for the album release. if he’s not in your city yet, don’t panic. dates have already been added since the initial tour announcement
-for the love of god: please remember show etiquette!! hire a babysitter for your toddlers, don’t be disruptive, and have fun!
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2023.03.20 22:56 ResponsibleIssue4740 I'm so heartbroken it makes me physically ill

I (19F) had never thought that a love disappointment could hurt so bad, until I experienced it.
A few months ago I met a boy who was a friend of my best friend, there was chemistry from the very beginning between the two of us and we kissed that same day. The problem is that we live very far from each other, I go to the university in almost the other side of the country and he studies in my hometown. Despite this, every time I returned to my city I tried to see him, we always ended up hooking up and little by little over a couple of months I began to feel things for him that no other guy had ever made me feel, but we weren't officially anything.
The last time I saw him, we had sex and I decided to ask him for his number to move forward in this strange and sporadic relationship, he seemed completely in love with me; the way he looked at me, spoke, touched me... I really thought that after that night when I returned to college we could keep in touch. I was wrong. He ghosted me for a week, then he texted me only because our mutual friends "forced" him to do so, telling him that he was very immature and his actions would hurt me, he sent me a message saying that we probably weren't looking for the same thing (even though I never I told him what my intentions were) and that's it. He destroyed me, I felt like all my hopes were shattered and blamed myself for everything, believing that I wasn't good enough for him. However, I found a peak of comfort in the idea that maybe he wasn't ready to have a serious relationship with anyone. I was wrong again.
The following month he had a girlfriend. The point is that he didn't want a relationship WITH ME. That obviously made everything worse for me, how could I have meant so little to someone who meant so much to me? How do I stop loving someone who never loved me? I have repeated to myself a thousand and one times the many reasons I have to hate him but I always end up ignoring them. My heart aches, every time a friend names him something inside me twists, I feel my chest heavy and literally feel nauseated. I don't know how to make it stop, I've tried meeting other guys but that doesn't even make me erase him from my mind.
I would love to talk with him, be able to tell him how has his actions make me feel and what I think about everything, I wish be able to close this chapter, but if he didn't care at all during those months, I doubt that he cares now. I feel stuck and I'm afraid I won't find someone who makes me feel like he did and does still...
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2023.03.20 22:56 HealingTakesTime1999 Poem About Being Raised in a Cult

Last night I was reading about cults and the LDS church checked every box. It made me super angry and I wrote this poem. Enjoy! (Sorry the spacing is off)
3/20/23 The Reality of Being Raised in a Cult Trigger Warning: Self-Harm, Suicide, Abuse
What the hell is wrong with you? You Goddamn son of a bitch I gave you my everything and you cast me aside like a worthless piece of shit
I gave you my life Thousands of dollars Thousand of hours of dedicated, unquestioning service I went to thousands of meetings and services
I gave you fucking everything and now it doesn't matter, because I left No, left isn't the right word Escaped is more fitting I escaped a Goddamn cult A cult that brainwashed me from the second I was born
It all started with a baby blessing Then it turned to thousands of prayers and lessons until I hit the age of 4 Then I joined the sunbeams More like the loyal servants of a God that didn't give us a choice We prayed, we had object lessons, we sang songs that I still remember to this day
"I Hope They Call Me on a Mission" That one made me want to cut myself in the bathroom and jump out of a window
"Follow the Prophet" That one led to blind devotion to a man I didn't even know
"Families Can be Together Forever" That one led to a hellish eternity where I was scared to live with my abusive father
"I Love to See the Temple" That one led to abuse and promising eternal blessings in the presence of "God, Angles, and these Witnesses" There was no consent or information beforehand I didn't have a choice Who the fuck would stand up and leave in front of their entire extended family? Chanting and performing sacred symbols Being confused and scared for the rest of my life
They continued to brainwash me as I made it through primary Then it got even more intense as I attended Sunday school
Eventually I made it to being a Deacon at age 12 Receiving to holy power and responsibility known as the Aaronic Priesthood Now I could pass the sacrament Now I held the power to move mountains
At age 14 I was a Teacher I could prepare the sacrament
At age 16 I became a Priest I could bless the sacrament I could perform baptisms for the dead The unconsenting souls forced into a cult
At age 18 I became an Elder One who held the holy Melchizedek priesthood The power to give blessings and heal the sick and afflicted The power to raise the dead The power to cast out the evil followers of Satan To fight the demons
And then I was called on a mission… I was taken advantage of and abused I was neglected and expected to devote every hour of every day serving the Lord I endured a profound pain that nobody else could ever understand
And then I came home early. The people who sent me away with tears of joy no longer cared about me I was seen as dirt, as a sinner People were disappointed They didn't seem to care about how I felt
Things only went downhill from there Church was never the same I was hurt and the church never apologized or acknowledged their wrongdoings and abuse
My shelf finally broke 3 years later when I heard a song I listened to on my mission I cried and finally acknowledged that the church hurt me That they abused me I was in denial up until then
Now that I've left they don't view me the same Everything that I gave to them doesn't matter anymore I turned from a success story to one of the lost sheep One to be prayed for and wept for
Once I realized I was raised in a cult, I became angry I'm still angry I'm so fucking angry
I'm never going back to that prison I'm never setting foot in those chapel walls The same walls that confined my heart and chained it down The same walls that drove me to suicide
It's time to move on To cope with the trauma they caused It's time to live the life I was never allowed to live It's time to live a life outside the cult
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2023.03.20 22:56 mbouhda The Curious Case of Monke and the BogdanoffCoin Bubble

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous monkey named Monke who thought he was the crypto king spending all his time scrolling through reddit, hoping to find the next hot tip that would make him rich.
Monke was convinced that he had finally found the perfect coin when he saw a post about a new project called BogdanoffCoin, he did some quick research and saw that the price had already started to rise, so he bought in at the peak of the pump, the price of BogdanoffCoin immediately began to drop, leaving Monke feeling more helpless than a monkey without a banana. He held onto his investment, hoping that it would turn around, but it only continued to plummet like a monkey falling out of a tree. He finally caved and decided to sell his coins at the bottom of the dump, but as soon as he sold, the price shot up, leaving him red-faced than a baboon's behind.
Months went by, and Monke continued to make terrible investment decisions, always buying at the top and selling at the bottom. But then, he stumbled upon a post about the infamous Bogdanoff brothers and their alleged impact on the crypto market. Monke was fascinated and started to dig deeper, learning about the brothers' reputation for market manipulation and pump-and-dump schemes, suddenly everything started to make sense. He realized that he had been caught in the middle of one of their schemes, buying in at the peak and selling at the bottom like a clueless chimp.
One day, he received an email that appeared to be from his exchange, warning him that there was suspicious activity on his account and asking him to click on a link to verify his identity. Not suspecting anything fishy, he clicked on the link and entered his login details. Before he knew it, his account had been drained of all his crypto bags. Monke was devastated, realizing that he had fallen for a classic scam that could have easily been avoided.
The constant stress of monitoring the market and making trades had taken a toll on him. He decided it was time to take a break from the market and focus on other areas of his life, like finding a girlfriend. He had never been successful in his love life, but he was hopeful that he could find someone on a dating app. He created a profile and started swiping. After a few weeks of chatting with different women, he finally found someone he clicked with. Her name was Chimpette, and they hit it off right away. For months, Monke and Chimpette texted back and forth, sharing their interests, life stories and sending each other selfies, showing off their best monkey faces and posing with bananas like they were top models. Monke felt like he had finally found the connection he had been searching for, he was even considering meeting her in person. But then one day, Chimpette asked Monke for a favor, she needed some money urgently, and Monke was the only one she could turn to. Monke was hesitant, but he didn't want to let her down, so he asked how much she needed. To his surprise, Chimpette asked for some Bitcoin. She said she was having some trouble with her bank account and needed the Bitcoin to pay her bills. Monke was suspicious but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and sent her the Bitcoin.
Days turned into weeks, and Monke never heard from Chimpette again. He tried to reach out to her, but her phone number and profile were no longer active, he realized that he had been romance scammed and lost a significant amount of money.
Monke had learned his lesson from all the bad investment decisions and lost money he had experienced, he realized that trying to time the market and being euphoric was a recipe for disaster, So he decided to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum and become a diamond hands gorilla. He knew they were well-established and had a solid track record, and he believed in their long-term potential. Despite the occasional dips and volatility, Monke held on tight, convinced that one day they will reach new heights. He was determined to hold onto his investments for eternity and beyond!
He also learned that by contributing to cryptocurrency subreddit with high-quality posts and comments, he could earn moons. Excited by the prospect of getting rich from moons, Monke got to work, neglecting the fact that this will cost him socializing with his friends, eating bananas, and even swinging from trees. He started commenting on every post he could find, posted hilarious comments, insightful comments, and even wrote a few articles, and it worked! His karma points soared, and soon he started receiving moons in his wallet.
As the years went by, Monke's strategy paid off, he was overjoyed, knowing that he had made the right decision. Looking back on his early mistakes, Monke couldn't help but laugh at his own stupidity. He realized that investing in crypto was not a get-rich-quick scheme, and that the key to success was patience, discipline, and a long-term approach...
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2023.03.20 22:56 nyctrancefan What would you say is the difference between Trance and Progressive House?

I recently went to a show that was by an artist considered progressive house (Hernan Cattaneo), and I got some pretty trancey vibes, except the BPM was a good bit slower and the tracks seemed to be a little bit "lower energy" despite having the same buildup and breakdown type structure. I have also been looking at artists like Sasha, who would play certain tracks posted on this sub, but are most places considered progressive house DJs and producers, and not trance ones.
So - what distinguishes Trance from Progressive House in your opinion?
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2023.03.20 22:56 Bleezy1012 New strategy from partner when you order from 3rd just dropped!

We're all well aware of the joy of ordering from 3rd and having your partner not lead trump (even the left sometimes because fuck you that's why), but lately I've been noticing another fun strategy!
Let's say you're in 3rd seat and Ad is up and you have JH 9H TH AC KS. Dealer passes and your partner doesn't call next (you're not sure if they would or not with just the left). It passes to you and you call hearts because it seems strong and your partner could very well have the left or other help and you don't want dealer calling. So what does partner lead here? A trump? No, of course not, that would be too easy and wouldn't be much of a fun post. They lead... the QD! Makes sense since there are only 4 of them and it's not a sure winner and dealer will often be void. In this situation, after pulling my hair out, since partner shouldn't have trump here, I've chosen to just discard rather than risk the overtrump. Of course partner even shows a heart (or a second diamond unbelievably) later in the hand.
This has somehow happened like 3 times in the past couple of days. Am I wrong in thinking that this is the worst possible lead available? I feel like my partner's goal here is to euchre me. I think one weakness many players have is never thinking about what to lead at all when they haven't ordered and just throwing whatever they feel like.
I've seen the same play also when I order with three trump from third as well. Why would you ever lead next there?
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2023.03.20 22:55 LeapLikeASalmon Day 13: Walking and noting

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