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All things related to living with celiac disease/coeliac disease.

2018.01.22 10:33 DaveAndFriends The Intellectual Dark Web

The term Intellectual Dark Web refers to the growing community of those interested in space for free dialogue held in good faith. It's a collection of people willing to open rational dialogue spanning a variety of issues from politics to philosophy. So the IDW does not name a unified group, much less a tribe in any normal sense. If we have anything in common is we have a willingness to have civil conversations.

2023.06.01 05:02 monkyonarock Having a very weird relationship with my mom right now. (TW!! CSA not any details but i do mention it)

I (20f) used to live on a farm in the literal middle of fucking nowhere with my mom and her new husband A. she married A when i was 9, and we didn’t move out of his house until i was 14. i saw my bio dad every-other weekend through this time (bio dads not the best either but not nearly as bad as A. A is an extreme “functioning” alcoholic with some sort of undiagnosed mood disorder. he never hit us but he threatened to all the time, he would scream all night long, call us lazy, call my mom a whore, my sister fat, my brother a bastard. i would clean the whole house ALL DAY and he would come home and purposely leave his muddy shoes on and drop dishes to break them)
Ive been diagnosed Bipolar II with PTSD from living at his house along with events that happened when i was 14, 15 & 17.(i’ve been diagnosed since i was 16). Three months ago i started getting all these flashbacks in both dreams and waking life of my step dad (A) SA me when i was around 9-11.
I’m in trade school for massage therapy right now. I told my mom what i’m remembering happened with A, she SAYS SHE BELIEVES ME, SAYS SHES “SORRY THAT HAPPENED”, but will not divorce him. she’s saying she doesn’t have the money to divorce him, she has too many expenses, he helps her pay for them. i don’t think that’s true, i think she could get some of his stuff out of the marriage, maybe sell his stupid mid life crisis car, get some land, i don’t know. she also makes decent money doing her own job.
she says her main reason for not divorcing him is money, and she said he is “like an old pair of shoes i can’t get rid of”. WHAT??? WHAT?? she came to my house, sat on the couch with me and i told her what happened and we cried and i told her about all the times i can remember asking her why she didn’t do anything more. she says she didn’t know it was happening. i brought up how he SAID very creepy things to me throughout my life, i won’t go into detail but honestly it’s just shit that nobody should ever say to a 9-14yr old girl. she says she’s sorry it happened, and respects that i wont go to her house anymore unless he’s guaranteed not going to be there. i don’t want to see him ever again.
me now not wanting to see him, and my sister also now extra not wanting to see him, means i’m not going to be coming over for christmas or thanksgiving or coming to birthday dinners if he’s there.
she keeps making appointments with me to come into my school and work on her back, and she wants us to get our nails done together every weekend now. i think she feels bad about what happened and she’s getting lonely. i just want her to divorce him. that’s all i want. i don’t need her to try to get closer to me, spend more time with me, i want her to DIVORCE HIM. i can’t respect her when she goes to bed with him every night, cooks him dinner, goes out with friends with him, kisses him, does his fucking laundry like are you KIDDING ME?? FOR FUCKING REAL BRO??
i want to like my mom so fucking bad. i love her, she’s my mother, she taught me how to clean, she’s accepted me in being a lesbian, she helps me with housing, she pays my car insurance. i’m incredibly grateful for her but it’s like there this knife constantly in my stomach. she’s so good in so many ways.
she’s an older woman (upper 50’s) in an abusive relationship. she has a shopping addiction. she’s incredibly insecure. i feel bad for her. i love her and i want to be there for her. it just makes me so sad that she “believes me” and won’t do a single thing about it. i just want to cry. how can she stay married to him?? my brother is 17 and still has to see him all the time. A owns his house on the farm, and my mom owns her house in town. A goes and sleeps at his own house maybe 3-4 times a month. My mom moved away from the farm to attempt to divorce him when i was 14 and she ended up giving him a key and eating dinner in the new house with A like nothing is wrong about a week after we moved back to town. my little brother is STILL living there.
how can she let my brother stay there?? how can SHE stay with him?? i don’t understand
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2023.06.01 05:02 East_Doubt_9301 aftermath of a bad trip

a few months ago i had 2 consecutive bad trips, which sounds stupid of me but let me explain. the first bad trip, i completely forgot it went bad. i woke up the next morning just remembering it as a good trip - because i took benzos to kill it and that made me forget both the bad trip and the fact i took benzos at all. it wasn't until the exact same thing that happened the first time that i remembered, and had a flashback of the awful shit i was experincing
i was seeing purple links for online posts about bad trips on my 2nd one, and it all flooded back. i was being hunted by this insect-like creature that was 'hunting' me. on both trips, the second i got spooked by this non-existent thing it started invading my thoughts and getting worse and worse. both times i took benzos to stop it before it got really bad. while i dont remember much of what i experienced, i remember being terrified enough to quickly end it
after both of these trips, i started suffering some form of split personality, i dont know how to explain it exactly but - it felt like there was multiple people inside my head, like manifestations of different parts of myself, sometimes talking to each other, talking to me, etc. then at some point, shit got really weird and things would change in my room without me remembering it - i'd wake up and my room was in a completely different layout, or work i was supposed to have done was already finished with no prior knowledge to doing it. stuff was happening without me realizing/remembering i did it. i wasn't taking any sort of drug that could cause this and i didn't have any benzos so it was definitely something internal
fast forward a few months, these episodes have completely disappeared - probably as I stopped taking acid after the 2nd bad trip. i think LSD had been causing some form of split personality to surface in me for a while and since then it has completely gone, but i am still left with the paranoia and fear of this non existent creature. anytime i hear a sort of vibration or so near my ear, fake or real, i jump. sometimes when I sleep i get sleepless nights as images of this thing flood my head and make me scared to sleep, and sometimes i feel like im outright high again on LSD
while the other aftereffects of my bad trip have gone away, this paranoia still hasn;'t and I'm still fearing something that doesnt exist. does this go away with time, or do you think my brain is just fried from that trip? my mental health has definitely improved since quitting LSD (i have bpd and it has gone down a lot since i stopped) but im not a fan of these sleepless nights and constant fear of something, that doesnt even really exist. is there anything i can do to help or is this just me now
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2023.06.01 05:01 FlyHigher2023 Scp 049 Rolplay

I am hoping to have a rolplay based on Scp 049. I am completely free to do the rolplay with other Scp's or even oc's. I am completely open to any ideas you have and I always will go with whatever sounds good.
It can be any type of rolplay, violent, romance. Anything will do.
Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.01 05:01 Diputsur_o0o You really tryin to scam ME?

Kid's selling a felony on FB marketplace, claims car is like new, only run once or twice... so I reach out and ask a few questions: "tires are great, like brand new", "a few scratches on the chassis, but body is perfect", "smart 3s batteries like new, less than 5 charges on them" ... alright so it may be worth the $500 (with dual charger) and we schedule to meet up. I tell him to make sure both batteries are fully charged for the meet because I wanna see it run before I will hand over any cash... "Cool, no problem"
So we meet tonight in the Walmart parking lot. Body is scraped up (obviously ran more than twice) and when I said something about the pictures he's like "same car, I took the pics last year when I unboxed it" OK, but if you're going to sell it, why not take another picture of WHAT THE CAR YOU'RE TRYING TO SELL ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE? He's like "I did, those are pictures of THIS car". Whatever, I can't argue with a 14 year old so I take the body off and... F**K! Car's got the opposite of smart batteries, they're stupid! Soft cases and puffed out so they don't even lay flat. No adaptors in this car either, he cut off the ec5's and soldered on shit dean's connectors! I'm like WTF, you coulda warned me and he's like "didn't think about it, don't care, you want it or not?"
I'm pissed, but I'm there, so I say let's see it run. "Let's see the money first". Really? I told him I want to see it run before I consider giving anything for it... and he's like "if you can't show me the $500 I'm asking then you can fuck off, this isn't free play time" I was fuming, only had $155 on me (was going to get the rest out of the ATM in Walmart if I was going to buy it - but pretty sure now there won't be a trip to the ATM) As it was mostly singles and fives, stack looked pretty fat - so I pulled it out quick and was like " $500 right here, happy? Run it" and stuffed the cash back in my pocket.
He's connecting batteries and I notice tires are bald so I'm like "you said they were like new, want to see the chat?". Kid goes "I don't give a shit about your chat, it is what it is, what you see is what you're going to get, got it?". Don't know what to say, but it's ready to go, so he just starts ripping it and ... Holy shit those felonies are AWESOME! Wish it had the handbrake, but that thing flew! Speed gear installed, I don't doubt it didn't hit the 90 they advertise on the box... LOVE it.
I'm like let me try that shit, and first he's like "nah" but I say no way I'm going to buy without the try.
He puts the controller on 50% and says "be careful". I run it to the corner of the parking lot, turn it around, and flip the controller back to 100%.
100% throttle, I sent it straight into the side of the building. "Oops! It didn't turn!" Car's in about 100 pieces and he's flipping out saying "You stupid asshole, I told you be careful... you just fucking bought that car"
"You lied about the car. It wasn't worth $500 before, and it certainly isn't worth $500 now. It was broken already, tires were shot, didn't turn... I'll give you 75 bucks for it but that's it"
$500 $80? No you're paying $500 $85? $500 or me and my brother kick your ass and take it.
Yup, kids brother was done shopping and just came out looking for him. Wanted to know what's going on and WTF happened to the car!
I waited while he told his side, tried to explain mine but brother man wasn't interested in hearing any more, says give him $400 and we'll call it even.
Can't do it, $100 is the most I'll pay, cars broke!
And... the first kid sucker punched me! Had his brother not been there, it would have been game over for him! I did put up a good fight, and they're both hurting more than I was... But they did manage to knock me down at one point and got most of the cash out of my pocket so it ended up costing me $128 ...
But I got an s2100 charger, near mint controller, all the electronics still work, body believe it or not is still useable... chassis and from end need replacing, as well as tires... But can't beat the price!
And they probably won't be trying to scam anyone else any time soon!
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2023.06.01 05:00 IShallZuccYou Bizarre Costume by the Lagoon??

Last night (2-3am) I was taking a late night walk around the lagoon and I saw a 7-8 foot tall fully white figure hunched over a bush. I assume this is some kind of frat thing, maybe to freak people out? But i haven’t seen anything like it in my three years here. It stood in complete silence and after a few seconds of shock i just turned and walked straight back to my car. Does anyone else have experience with this???
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2023.06.01 05:00 Big_Mulberry_1094 Questioning things

I get why everyone restores and their choice to im not against it or anything but for myself I'm finding it impossible to decide whether I want to restore or not. No im not saying it because I don't wanna put it then time or effort its just I do happen to like being cut, yes I know how that statement makes seem to a lot of you but I am being genuine i wanna restore because im curious and want to know what its like to have one but I also am afraid to because I'd miss being cut. I know I sound crazy but like does anyone who may have or is like me have any advice?
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2023.06.01 05:00 AutoModerator Monthly Dry Shampoo Megathread

It's here!
Since dry shampoo is such a useful product for so many daily washers, I'm going to be running a monthly megathread to allow for more sharing of products and recommendations.
Feel free to post below with any questions you have, requests for product help, dry shampoo successes or failures, or anything else related to dry shampoo!
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2023.06.01 05:00 rahul_pati Rahul Reads: Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson

Note: Cross posting from fantasy. This review is non-spoiler but I am open to discuss details from GotM.
For quite a few years now, I'd been hearing about this 'infamous' fantasy series which has polarized fantasy readers. It's unlike anything else for those who love it. Or straight up DNF'd out of frustration. Nothing in between. It's complexity and difficulty is legendary which had made me stay away from it. Yet, curiosity got the better of me and I finally took the plunge.
What's this about -
Gardens of the Moon is the first novel of Malazan Book of the Fallen, telling the tale of expansion of the Malazan empire as seen through the eyes of several characters. It's completely bonkers with crazy shit happening! Soul stuffed into a puppet. Shapeshifting into mythical creatures. Meeting people from the past and future in dreams. Gods meddling in human affairs. This is as fantastical as fantasy gets!
What worked for me -
1) I read that it was originally written as a screenplay for a movie and later turned into a novel. That aspect definitely shows in the way the paragraphs are written as visual scenes. There are multiple "scenes" within a chapter which in a traditional novel would've been segregated into seperate chapters.
2) It might be the writing style or the fact that this was originally a screenplay, but the novel, unlike traditional fantasy novels, doesn't have a narrator. It feels like you're watching the action unfold infront of you. The story doesn't pause to explain or exposition. There definitely are explanation but not immediately after something new is introduced.
3) The magic in the book is a very soft magic which was very refreshing for me. It had qualities of awe and wonder which is often missing from hard magic systems. Anything and everything can and does happen within this single book. It all works well within the universe and never feels out of place.
4) Traditional epic fantasy novels that follow multiple characters have the problem of maybe having one or two POV characters that are a chore to get through their chapters. But not here. The structure of this novel prevents any particular character from taking up a whole chapter. Each chapter has short scenes from a different character's POV, which made it very fast moving.
What didn't -
1) The sheer number of characters and places introduced initially is overwhelming. Took me a while to keep track of. The biggest challenge was getting back into the book after a day or two. I needed to take some time to remember what had happened and who was where doing what.
2) The issue with screenplay like approach, that I felt, was that we'd have known characters X and Y, separately, in the earlier chapters. Later we see a scene from character X's POV where he meets Y for the first time. In the scene, Y is not mentioned by name but only through description, which makes sense as X doesn't know Y's name yet. If it was a movie/show, we'd have recognised Y in the scene. But the way it's written here, makes for unnecessary confusion and I didn't like this particular choice from the author.
3) The novel doesn't have any traditional protagonists which readers could follow. Many of these characters have complex histories and are just trying to navigate through all the shitshow around them. The plot is mysterious and intriguing but at the cost of withholding much of the information. I can understand why so many readers have trouble getting through this book.
Final thoughts -
The difficulty level is certainly exaggerated. Ofcourse it doesn't hold your hand like traditional novels, but it's not that difficult to understand if you're willing to accept that not all things are meant to be fully understood at the moment. Doesn't mean you'll be completely lost.
There are a LOT of small details and references which are sure to be missed out, since those are presented without any explanation or context. I believe that's what fans of Malazan refer to as re-read-ability of these novels. I can see that re-reading the entire series would definitely unveil nuggets of information and foreshadowing planted throughout these books.
This was a challenging but ultimately satisfying read. Rated 4 stars on Goodreads and Storygraph.
I'll be continuing on to the second novel, Deadhouse Gates. Exciting journey ahead!
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2023.06.01 04:58 SPho3nix Running YUZU on a Linux USB Stick Guide

As discussed in my other thread here, TOTK runs much better on Linux than Windows. For people who aren't ready to make the jump and set up a whole linux partition, I wrote a guide that explains how to get this running on a USB Stick.
This will probably work better for people with AMD cards than Nvidia (i've never owned a nvidia card but people say that their linux support sucks and that their proprietary linux drivers are a pain in the ass or something like that? if anybody with nvidia gets this working, please comment).

1. Disclaimer

This is all at your own risk. Back up your Yuzu directory and especially your save files before doing anything like this. This works, but there is no guarantee of perfection or save files or the like not getting corrupted. Better safe than sorry.
Obviously this works on *my* machine, but no guarantees it will work on yours. We can improve it over time if you try and it doesn't work!
If you have any issues, please post in the comments and I’ll do my best to help and add to the guide. I’m sure a lot of this could be optimized & automated, but this is my first pass. Just getting it running will do. If you have comments, comment!

2. Create Ubuntu LiveUSB

Create an Ubuntu LiveUSB stick. Download the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Image.
Then Download Rufus:
Use Rufus to install the Ubuntu ISO to your USB Drive. Set the Persistent partition size to be as large as possible. Everything else should be a fine default
The reason for choosing Ubuntu is their support for a Persistent LiveUSB, which lets us save files on the USB stick, session to session.

3. Boot from LiveUSB

Shut down Windows completely. This is so it deletes its hibernation file.Open cmd as administrator and run:
shutdown /s /f /t 0
Reboot your computer. Do whatever your computer requires to boot from the LiveUSB (Press F12 while it posts or something like that, pick the USB Stick).
Click “Try or Install Ubuntu” and let it boot.

4. Mount your Hard Drive

Press the Windows key on your Keyboard or move your mouse to the top left corner of the screen, and open the “Terminal” app.
Insert the following into the terminal:
sudo gnome-text-editor /etc/fstab &
sudo mkdir /mnt/c
An editor should open and the terminal should print out the partitions on your computer. Find the row which corresponds to your main C: drive Windows partition.
Now add a row to FSTAB that looks like the following, but replace the UUID number with the PARTUUID from the table in the terminal and replace ntfs with the FSTYPE (but likely ntfs):
Copy and paste the following into the text editor as a new line and save the file.
PARTUUID=41c22818-fbad-4da6-8196-c816df0b7aa8 /mnt/c ntfs defaults,remove_hiberfile 0 1
Go back to your terminal and run
sudo mount -a
Now if you run the following command you should see your Windows drive
cd /mnt/c && xdg-open .
If your Switch ROMS or other game data is on another drive, repeat these instructions for each drive that you need to access.

5. Setup Swap

These are generic instructions to set up a swapfile on your C. Feel free to do otherwise if you know how, but this is the simplest way to get a swap running. Yuzu seems to love memory, so it’s good to have a copious swap.
Run this in the terminal. This will create a 16 GB swap:
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/c/swap bs=1M count=16384
sudo chmod 0600 /mnt/c/swap
sudo mkswap /mnt/c/swap
sudo swapon /mnt/c/swap

6. Symlink your yuzu directory

The Yuzu folder will traditionally be at C:\Users\\AppData\Yuzu. Change the below if it is not.
ln -s /mnt/c/Users//AppData/Roaming/yuzu ~/.local/share/yuzu
Not sure if everybody will encounter this, but I found that my “temp” folder was causing me issues.
General clean-up
rm -rf ~/.local/share/yuzu/nand/temp/*
rm -rf ~/.local/share/yuzu/shade*
[I actually had to do the following work around for temp because of some weird issue I didn’t figure out]
mv ~/.local/share/yuzu/nand/temp ~/.local/share/yuzu/nand/temp2

7. Add Libfuse to Ubuntu

Run the following
sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt install libfuse2
Open yuzu and point it to the directory containing your switch games. If this is on a different drive than the one above, you’ll have to mount it and point it there.

8. Backup fstab (and reboot instructions)

Your fstab will not persist in the system over reboots.
Backup the fstab to your home folder
cp /etc/fstab ~
When you restart the computer, you will have to run the following commands
sudo cp /home/ubuntu/fstab /etc/fstab
mount -a
sudo swapon /mnt/c/swap

9. Open and configure Yuzu

Download the latest EA AppImage file from Pineapple
Run the following (change the file name based on the version you download).
chmod a+x Linux-Yuzu-EA-3625.AppImage
./Linux-Yuzu-EA-3625.AppImage &
This should load and give you a normal Yuzu page. Configure your controller and settings and stuff. Verify that Yuzu picks up your patch version and mods.
Then run the game and reap the rewards!
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2023.06.01 04:57 HeyImNyx Feeling disengaged from wedding planning— is this normal?

So yeah, title.
My wedding is in a little under 5 months. We’ve been engaged for about two years at this point. We’ve already had to delay our date once due to my health being terrible, and the wedding doesn’t feel real, to be honest. I still want it to happen and I’m looking forward to it, (read, definitely do NOT want to elope) but like… I barely think about it. I have a venue, a dress, a guest list, some ideas about catering, a few leads on other vendors, and I guess all of this is somehow going to come together into a wedding.
Maybe it’s because my parents (who are paying for the wedding in full) hired a wedding planner who’s doing the majority of the leg work for us. Maybe it’s because we live across the country from where we’re getting married. Maybe it’s because I chose not to have a bridal party or do any of the pre-wedding events because the idea of bridesmaids, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties have always made my skin itch. Maybe it is because my health still sucks and I’m trying to cope with a life-changing diagnosis that’ll profoundly affect me until the day I die. No matter what it is, when I think about my wedding right now all I feel is numb apathy surrounded with a vague haze of stress. It’s not even that I’m dissatisfied with anything we’ve done so far, in fact it’s the opposite. I just don’t feel emotionally invested in it.
(As an aside, definitely not having second thoughts about the man I’m marrying. He’s been my rock and my best friend for the past six years and there’s no one else I’d rather do life with. No issues whatsoever on that front and no apathy either.)
This is disappointing for me. I was always that kid who daydreamed about my wedding. I obsessively watched all the TLC wedding shows, imagining what my own dress, cake, and decorations would be like. I thought that this time in my life would be exciting and stressful and fulfilling, but it’s just kind of blah. Obviously the end goal of this process is to be married, and I can’t wait to do that, but I’m sad that I don’t have it in me to be more jazzed about the wedding part right now.
Has anyone else dealt with this? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 04:56 iamtehryan Metal rattling noise from under car - losing my mind!

Hey everyone! I've been hearing a noise for awhile now and I can't for the life of me isolate what it is. It sounds like it's coming from the front passenger area, I think.
It isn't a scrape or a clunk, but rather almost like someone is hitting a sheet or metal or a pan with some quarters or a light piece of metal, and I only here it when going over bumps at slower speeds.
It's a grand Cherokee with the air suspension, and the only noises I can find examples of are things like the struts or bad bushings, but they all sound more like clunks and not a metal rattle.
Does anyone have any sort of idea what this could possibly be? I've crawled under it and can't find anything loose, and I'm going insane at this point. Any advice on where to look would be so appreciated.
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2023.06.01 04:56 Madnapali [Follow-Up] 19,891 Miles in One Year Review - 2022 P2 DMLR Pilot/Plus

Hello friends, I'm back! I put off posting this since I have seen a few others of this nature, and figured I would just hold off until I had more data. Not a whole lot has changed, really.
Original Post including edits
About the Dehumidifier - note that as of 2.2 or 2.3 this seems to work when eco climate is active
Long Trip with My Family
That Time My Charger Melted - update to this... it was a loose connection. Oops. The Lectron charger from Amazon is still going strong and I'm pretty happy with the 16 amps. It's all I need.

Same as last time, we are going to start with the gripes!

If something was a gripe in the last post and isn't below, I either no long care, or they fixed it. I'll remark on a few of them after this section.
Android and phone shenanigans

Updates to the good stuff, and comments on things that have been solved

TL;DR - I am still 110% satisfied after a year and almost 20,000 miles. Will absolutely look into another Polestar product as my next car. I think any other follow-up posts will be if something goes seriously wrong, or I hit 100,000 miles :).
I need to get to bed soon, so I'll check out the comments in the morning.
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2023.06.01 04:56 Individual_Taro2128 Timing question

Does anyone know if there is a timer or anything on the screen when we take the digital format exam? I’ve been using khan academy and have been heavily relying on that for my timing. If not will we just have to use the clock on the computer? I’m not sure if proctoru will not allow this to be visible though and from my knowledge we are not able to use a stopwatch. TIA!
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2023.06.01 04:56 stankaypankay90 Help

Does anyone know how to disable the screen or lock it so my son can watch his YouTube shows without clicking on anything? They use to have guided access and screen pinning I can't find it anywhere.
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2023.06.01 04:55 Jabba_the_hot My brother (M 36) never listens to me (M 32)

I (M 32) have an older brother (36) who never listens to anything I say even when I am the authority on the subject.
For example, while I am a not a professionnal photographer, I have worked in a similar field for the past ten years and have produced work of a certain quality.
Every 2-3 years, he asks me for a picture to update his business profile. I do it, for free, because he’s my brother. I ask for reference of what he wants. I tell him what I think would be the best setup to reach the desired result (how to dress, a place, etc. ) knowing my capacities and my gear as well. I cannot achieve what a professional photographer does with 20k worth of equipment. But I can do a pretty good job using natural light. He then tells me he had an idea for a place (in a mall, in a store of the company he works for). I tell him the light won’t be the best there and the background will be quite blurry and small since he wants a closeup. Might as well pick a place with nice lighting and textured background then he keeps arguing that his idea is good and it’s all gonna work great. And we might do a larger shot while being there. So he asked for something and that thing became another thing (one close-up portrait to 3 different pictures )
I’m so used to this that I don’t even bother explaining my reasons for why I think he should listen to me. I end up being passive-agressive, I do a bad job (to my standards), I just want to get on with it, I am not being paid, I use my gear, and I have to wake up on a saturday morning at 8 to do this before the store opens.
Every subject, he knows better than I do. And I should never worry, it’s always gonna be okay. And I should do « this », why don’t I already do « this »?
Fuck, I’m tired of this. How do I deal with it? How do I re-orient de conversation to something productive?
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2023.06.01 04:55 ODA18E Can anyone help me identify this?

Can anyone help me identify this?
Hey everyone, bit of a lame question - I came across this photo of a 1911 and I've completely fallen in love with it (that compensator in particular), but I have no idea who makes it. I see what I think is a "W" on the slide under the rear sight/near the hammer, so I thought maybe Wilson Combat, but I haven't found anything like it. Does anyone know what it is?
Found it at There are other 1911 pistols in the article, but only one photo of this particular pistol. Thank you for any help!!
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2023.06.01 04:55 golpher247 Infrared Thermometer

I've just started to get into griddling so I'm starting to acquire the key items and I want to get an infrared thermometer. Amazon has them for fairly cheap and I'm wondering if any of them will do. I'm not sure where the technology is so does a namebrand mean anything in this category? I have thermowork stuff for my smoker but I don't want to spend money if I don't have to. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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2023.06.01 04:54 InfinityScientist Why does God help some but not others?

I liked the response I got from my prior question on how there could be an all-powerful God existing when evil also exists.
Anyway, sometimes good things happen to good people. And bad things happen to bad people.
Yet sometimes good things sometimes happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. How does God pick and choose who he will give a boost or a break? It doesn’t make sense that God would like one person over another as we are all HIS creations (so they say)
I know free will is important to consider when thinking about God BUT when “miracles” or miraculous events occur; you’d have to think God was behind it. Yet some people don’t get those miracles. They die senseless and horrible deaths.
How does God choose who to help?
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2023.06.01 04:54 MildGone Why do I get excited about personal tragedies?

This is gonna sound really bad but I'm gonna be totally honest. If anyone knows a better place to ask this let me know.
When my dad was in an accident and we didn't know his condition for a few hours, a small part of me thought that if he really did die, I'd get a lot of attention and have a tragic sad story that would somehow make me more interesting. And then when it turned out that he did die I actually did enjoy the attention, love and support I got. And I think of his death as something that does make me more interesting, like a backstory for a character. Beyond that I also have a lot of normal feelings where I get sad and miss him, I think about him every day, I occasionally cry at memories of him, etc. The things you would expect from someone who lost their dad. 7 years ago now. I just think it's really weird that I had and have some of those positive feelings about it too.
It's the same currently with anything else. My mom called me today and said that the doctors discovered something during her physical, and for a second without even meaning to, inside I got this excited feeling that maybe she has cancer or something horrible and I'll have another very tragic sad story in my life and will get attention again. As soon as I realized that I'd had that thought I was like wtf is wrong with me, why am I like this? Also it turned out that she'd had a heart attack sometime in the last few months without even realizing it! But this makes no sense to me because I know that I love and need my mom in my life and the thought of her dying makes me extremely sad. So it's not like I actually want it to happen. The same thing occurs whenever she randomly calls me and I wonder if my grandmother has died since she has end stage Parkinson's.
Any thoughts as to why I get these strange emotions around death?
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2023.06.01 04:54 thenj0esaid Looking at pulling the trigger on a Parker 2120sc and looking for advise

I recently sold my jetskis so I can get something better for my family. I told myself I’d wait until the end of the season so I can get myself a good deal but I’ve had my eye out for a good deal. I have always admired the pilot house boats as I live in New York and it’ll extend the season for me. I drive a ridgeline and live less than 10 mins from a ramp on side streets but I don’t want anything much over 5000 pounds so that rules out a lot of things for me. I found the below listing and it seems like an ok deal but after Covid prices are all over the place. Does anyone have any insight?
It’s not mentioned in the listing but it has a 4g simrad radar system and comes with a venture aluminum roller trailer, has less than 300 hours on f150
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2023.06.01 04:53 Mark_Foureh I told the kids about the divorce today...

STBX and i have been seperated since july 22. she told me she was done for good in March. In early May, i filed for divorce. We still live together. STBX didn't want me to tell the kids until i was moving out. Our interim custody hearing is this monday, and after that, i'm out of there. Thats less than a week away, and her and I are no longer on speaking terms. So i decided to tell them myself. they are 4, 8, and 11.
The 4 year old didn't seem to care because she doesn't grasp it yet.
My 8 year old son, burst into tears and cried very hard until i calmed him down and explained how it was going to be. Then it was just a fear of change kind of thing. I think after a few months of the routine, he'll be ok.
My oldest daughter, who is 11 was already pretty aware. Shes very mature for her age, and really smart. When i finally told her, she cried a little, but was mostly glad she finally knew, and she could stop worrying about it "maybe" happening. She admitted that its been on her mind a lot and its been making her fidgety at school. I didn't say anything to bad mouth the ex, however, i made it clear that i went behind her back to tell them this. I told them shes going to probably be pretty mad at me that i told you because she wanted me to wait until the day i was moving out. My oldest daughter replied with "but then we'd have like no time to even process it!" I just went "THANK YOU!!!" because this is what i was trying to explain to my stbx about telling them asap instead of waiting.
I made sure to pepper in some of what I believe I did wrong in the marriage as teaching moments about why its important to NEVER LIE, be careful about addictive behavior, respecting others, etc but didn't mention anything about why i was unhappy with my ex. Its not important. Perhaps those things can be used as teaching moments further into their adult hood if they find themselves in bad relationships. I'd never talk shit about their mom to them as that is traumatizing to the kids. They don't deserve that. So i think it went pretty well over all. it wasn't pleasant, and we all cried at some point, but they now know, and they call all start feeling their feelings, processing them, talking to us about them, grieving, etc. Its like a huge weight off of all of our shoulders....except tomorrow morning when my wife finds out, she's gunna freak out on me. i'll make sure to hit record when she does.
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2023.06.01 04:53 SaketyYaks Is it possible to get crabs from a public location?

I have an FWB who has been my only sexual partner in the past year. We don't have an agreement to be monogamous but he has always said he was not seeing anyone else. Monday last week I noticed my pubic mound was itching, but when I looked I didn't see any rash, bumps, nits, or bugs so I thought maybe I had mild contact dermatitis from somehow getting a chemical exfoliant I use on my face in my pubes (like maybe I didn't wash my hands and then scratched or something). The itching was only on the pubic mound, not on my labia or vulva. It continued on and off through the week, no change in appearance. Then this Monday I looked and there were obviously both nits and lice in my pubes.
My FWB was over so I sat him down and asked him if he had been with anyone else recently. He denied it so I told him I had definitely not been with anyone else but also definitely had crabs and asked again if he had been with anyone. He insisted he hadn't had sex with anyone, or been over their house or slept in anyone's bed or had them in his. He checked himself and he also had crabs (somehow he didn't notice anything before he checked). I also have not shared towels/clothes or had any other close nonsexual contact with anyone. He does spend a couple hours at the gym every day and uses the gym's towels after showering there. He knows the gym's owner and called him on speaker in front of me to let him know what happened, and the owner immediately launched into a story about how he once got crabs from a stationary bicycle seat. My FWB is now using that as proof that he must have picked up the crabs from the gym.
We both went out and got OTC lice treatment and used it this Monday (and I washed all my clothes/linens in hot water and used a spray on my mattress and couch), but I went to an urgent care for STD testing today because I'm not sure I believe you can get crabs from the gym when everywhere on the internet says you can't get it from toilet seats/bus seats/etc. I told the Dr the whole story and she also said it seemed like a very long shot. Luckily she also said I had no signs of still having crabs or any other STDs, although I have to wait a week for the test results. Has anyone here had experience with getting crabs from a nonsexual, public source?
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