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2023.05.30 23:31 Cultural_Memory000 My system of magic, miracles or whatever you want to call it.

I created a magic system for one of my anthology comics stories that I think would go well with it, plus that particular story I plan to make it a standalone series of my anthology comics series.
In itself, magic in that world is basically a psychic ability that uses supernatural means to make changes in reality, but being a psychic ability it is subject to the health and state of the human brain, as well as to the state and mental health.
In itself, magic has two sources: the human brain and God.
It's basically a muscle: the more you have it, the stronger it is, but if you lift too much weight you're going to get injured, but in this case you'll have a stroke, mental illness and things like that. You have to remember that even stress can give you cancer.
It is very dangerous to practice magic if you are drugged, if you are sleepy, if you have mental problems, etc., in addition to trying something that is outside your current limits or contacting supernatural entities, since it will not only screw up your life, but also to many more. Just imagine Scarlet Witch or Carrie making her messes though you have to put magic powers on Carrie when she destroyed almost the whole town on prom night plus she died from using too many of her powers so it matches my system of magic.
In itself, although this magic system has limitations, it is a soft magic system, since there are no limits to how powerful it can be.
I did it this way since I can base myself on the human brain and what is known in mental health to put limitations and consequences on magic, make it more realistic and incidentally not so broken.
Babies when they are in the mother's womb cannot do very powerful magic since their magical muscle is not developed, babies and very young people have that muscle underdeveloped. That muscle begins to develop more intensely at puberty and is considered fully developed after 14 years of age. The more you train that magical muscle, the stronger it will be.
In the case of earthly humans, yes. The magic muscle weakens with age, as it is a natural biological prevention means to prevent people with senile dementia and other degenerative diseases of the brain due to old age from creating disasters. The muscle begins to weaken at high speed after the age of 50. Earth humans have magic since the year 2000 when babies with that ability were born, so no Earth magical humans have reached old age yet as not enough time has passed.
The muscle is not physical but at the same time it is, since part of its strength derives from the supernatural, from the brain's ability to use the supernatural to make changes in reality. The physical part of the muscle is the brain, more specifically an area of the brain developed for this purpose that is located in the frontal lobe and that extends in a series of neuronal ramifications throughout the brain. That part of the brain is called the arcane lobe.
By using this muscle, the heart rate increases and blood pressure rises, breathing becomes more intense, all this so that the brain has more oxygen, so that it has more energy to use magic, that leads to mental fatigue and physically from using a lot of magic constantly and without rest, since part of the body's nutrients will be consumed and the brain will be more stressed and tired from so much mental activity. It is recommended to replace the spent nutrients by eating nutritious food, resting, relaxing and sleeping.
Arcane lobe is a hereditary mutation.
Schools and colleges vary, most high schools and colleges have integrated compulsory courses to learn how to use magic correctly, there are specialized schools and colleges for that and other more professional ones. For the careers that need magic in a professional, specialized, constant or simply more face-to-face way, you should go to the most professional schools and faculties. In itself, learning to use magic correctly in specialized basic classes for that is mandatory to minimize the risks of that power.
Magic is very much incorporated into the world. It is very incorporated in Eden, which is a world connected to ours, and in our world it has been very incorporated since the year 2000 when the parallel world of Eden introduced that magical mutation to our world. Magic plays a fundamental role in the modern world, since the people who can use magic are 29% of the population, so there will be some people in the office who can turn on the light with magic, and there are specialized jobs that require magic. magical professionals. Magic and technology merged to create magical technology, so most things have magic built into them, and technological advances have come a long way since then.
Magic can manipulate reality itself but it depends on how strong the magical muscle of the person in question is, most are only capable of telekinesis, slight manipulation of matter, telepathy, creating illusions, some dreams that predict the future in a way unclear, slight precognition, remarkable intuition, and certain slight alterations in reality, such as the probabilities of events or alterations to the laws of physics such as reverse gravity, and use spells, incantations, etc., to do larger tasks. Others, however, can greatly alter reality at the city or even continent level with just their will, the most powerful can alter reality at a planetary level, although all help each other with spells to carry out larger tasks since spells are a way of channeling the mind to alter reality in a more powerful, stable and precise way (depending on the person with this ability and the spell in question as there are complicated spells that less prepared people are not ready to perform and it will end very badly ((in fact, using magic recklessly always ends incredibly badly)).
Magic can be done while asleep and is called involuntary magic, although this is a disorder that affects the arcane lobe, since the magical muscle is usually partially at rest during sleep and is only capable of performing precognitive dreams, warning you of a danger, telepathy that sometimes generates shared dreams, and so on.
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2023.05.30 23:30 ColorfulGoldfish Superstar Presentation

I’m sure a lot of you already know, but only recently did I learnt the ‘Superstar’ is supposed to be a hallucination/vision Jesus is having during his crucifixion. I was watching a version of Superstar on YouTube and it said that in the description and it got me thinking. I now understand the 2000 version better because it’s trying to capture the hallucination better. Judas is kind of a jerk in that version of the song and he interacts a bit with Jesus which makes sense if it’s Jesus’s hallucination. It fits a lot better with the continuity of the musical as well. JCS never shows any miracles, no resurrection, no God, so it was a little weird that Superstar involved Judas as an angel. If he was coming back from heaven he would surely know Jesus was who he said he was and wouldn’t be asking all the questions in the song. I feel like the ‘73 movie left such a big impression on how we view the musical. It’s so definitive in some of its depictions and Judas being an angel was one of them. He comes down on the star all dressed in white so it’s heavily implying that he’s an angel. I feel like it’s also very hard to convey the concept of him being a hallucination during a live show. You can try the subtle hints like Judas wearing red instead of white to imply he’s not an angel, but then people think he went to hell instead. Or you can try to make Judas more of a jerk during the song which contrasts how he feels about Jesus during the rest of the musical. But in the end I feel like peoples pre existing notion is that he’s an angel in Superstar, and honestly I prefer it that way. I know it makes more sense for him to not be real or an angel since that doesn’t really fit in with the themes of the musical, but Superstar is such a fun song that I think it’s better to just let him be an angel and have fun with it. Maybe it’s bias from ‘73, but I really liked how they portrayed it in the ‘18 version, too. I like the idea of embracing heaven and having Judas come straight back down to talk to Jesus before he dies and joins him in heaven. I guess it’s just something interesting to think about. Which version do you guys prefer? Let me know if you have any opinions.
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2023.05.30 23:29 Low-Slip6893 Euthanized my little girl and now losing her brother - my soul cat. My heart can't take it and I'm falling apart.

I got two maine coon kittens at 8 weeks old... they are the love of my life. 💓 I work from home and its just the three of us living together. It was the happiest little trio. We treated each other with respect and kindness and the two cats would follow me absolutely everywhere and sleep in my bed. We had a routine and my whole day revolved around them. Grooming, playing, food, ect. 2 weeks ago I noticed one of them acting very depressed... I took her to the vet who said she had a tummy bug and gave her some antibiotics. Around 5 days later I couldn't take it any longer as she was getting worse, not better. I took her back to the vet and asked for a full blood test. She came back to say that my girl had tested positive for felv and that her red blood cell count was severely low. I almost fainted with shock as I had both cats vaccinated against it as babies and they are strictly indoor cats. The vet mentioned i should bring her brother - my soul cat and love of my life - in straight away to be tested. I felt my world close in on me. I brought him in and low and behold he was positive too. They kept my girl in the vets for 2 days getting treatment but unfortunately she didn't improve. I took her home to have one last day as a family of 3. The cats were so happy to see each other and although my girl was very weak, she still walked up to her brother and gave him a strong head bump. It was so sweet. They were so bonded. As she lay on the ground during the day, her brother my orange boy - lay about 1 metre away staring at her with a facial expression ive never seen before - it looked like pure heartbreak. She kept deteriorating throughout the day and by evening time I called the vet and asked him to come to the house to put her to sleep as she was barely responsive. When the vet came in it was like she knew what was happening and she panicked and suddenly came back to life. It made me feel like I was making the wrong decision and that she was fine and everything was happening so fast. She looked at me with huge frightened eyes and when he injected her, the light left her eyes and I held her in my arms. Watching her die has been the most traumatic experience of my life. Since she's been gone her brother has been searching for her and meowing so sadly. I never got the chance to show him her body as he is shy of strangers and was hiding. My soul cat is also anemic - his red blood cell count is 10% below normal and they will keep deteriorating and there's nothing i can do to save him. I feel like I'm falling apart at the seams and that nobody understands what I'm feeling. I feel so alone. I can't think of anything else and I feel those around me growing weary of me already and they don't want to hear about it. Since the euthanisation I keep having flashbacks of her face... I can't stop thinking about her, I loved her so much. I can't eat.. I can't sleep.. I didn't know that her red blood cells were low or that she had the virus. So a week prior to finding out, I forced her to have a bath as she was starting to neglect her grooming at that stage and was getting smelly around her fluffy bum. She fought so hard in the bath and she was so scared. She must have had such little energy yet she fought to escape the bath and I held her there. After that day was when she really went downhill. I regret making her have that bath so much. Thanks for reading 😔
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2023.05.30 23:28 Heavy-Conflict-4656 Need help for dealing with parents - started with a vaccination battle and has progressed. Am I an asshole?

Hi all, I need a reality check with a stressful situation.
- Wife was pregant with our second child and has since given birth four months ago
- First child was born three years ago with a congenital heart defect, which required a few surgeries and hospital stays, but thankfully healthy now
While my wife was pregant with our first child, we requested my parents get vaccinated for whooping cough as per every doctor's recommendation. My mom is not quite a full-blown antivaxxer, but pretty close. I suspect she is getting a healthy dose of misinformation from Facebook. My mom, and in turn my dad, refused to get vaccinated. Ultimately, given they were quarantining for COVID at the time, decided to not force the issue and allow them into the bubble for visits.
When we were expecting our second, we again requested, and now that no one is COVID quarantining, mandated that they get a whooping cough vaccination. This caused my mom to go into hysterics, rant and rave at me about how she can't believe I'm bringing this up again, and go as far as to say I should consider herself dead to me and she'll never see her grandchildren again (followed by hanging up the phone).
My dad started out as a bit more rational and said he didn't care either way, but he's going to choose solidarity with my mom over this issue. Which is funny because they both hate each other and have a very toxic marriage. He's also a MAGA nutjob who has anger issues. Regardless, I made my request for vaccination clear. I've never said they cannot visit their first grandchild, but if they didn't get a vaccine for whooping cough, they could not visit my second child.
I've sent to them plenty of materials from the CDC, other doctors, etc. on the need to get this vaccination if around newborns. They refuse to read it and pass it off as me being unreasonable and not properly calibrating risk. I've stood my ground and rationally explained all the reasons I would hope they do this for my family, including:
- I've already had one sick child with months of hospital stays; I really wanted this go-round to be easier on the family and not risk any unncessary illnesses.
- I've put myself on the line for them previously, including all of their grocery orders during the height of the pandemic. I feel like they are not paying it forward to me.
- I've exlained "tail risk" to them, and while probability of catching and spreading whooping cough is low, it's not non-zero and potentially has a fatal implication for a newborn.
- I've offered to pay if the vaccines cost money and make their appointments.
- Their refusal in the past caused marital discord for my sister who requested this same thing when she was pregnant. Ultimately, my sister caved and dropped the request given my parents' refusal. My other sister is an antivaxxer and has done nothing but stoke the fire.
My parents told me what an ungrateful son I am, and they can't believe I turned out this way. My dad, in a chance encounter at the grocery store, proceeded to tell me I was "fucking stupid" over and over again. I asked if they had a legitimate medical reason, but the only explanation I've gotten is that they are older and don't want to put anymore chemicals into their bodies. My dad went as far as to say my mom has been in hysterics the past month and that I'm killing her. He actually said I'm driving her to the grave. They've said I'm oppressing them, cheating them out of seeing their grandchildren, and not to come crying to their funerals, and then went as far as to say they wish me a peaceful rest of my life and don't bother responding.
To me, this is completely irrational and hurtful. No parent should talk to their child in this way. I concluded by saying that if roles were reversed, and my daughters come to me in 25 years to ask the same request of me, my only response would be "When and where do I get the vaccine?". I can't understand how my parents choose this battle. My mom, in particular, has always been selfish and spiteful and this just takes the cake. The more I've reflected, the more I've come to understand just how toxic some of her past behavior towards me has been.
We've fought off and on prior to my second daughter being born, and it even resulted in kicking my parents out of my house when they visited because they said "they would do anything for me." This infuriated me and I shot back - "except get a vaccine." It led to a big blowup and I said they had to go because my dad was yelling and cursing in front of my child.
Now that my second daughter is 4 months old and has had her second whooping cough vaccine, I've tried to extend an olive branch to my parents. They refuse to have anything to do with me unless I apologize to them. My dad proceeded to call me fucking stupid again, and my mom won't even look at me and tells me how much she's been grieving these past few months. She's a spiteful, selfish old italian woman and has been my entire life. She will never be able to move on off this. Both said they're going to die from the stress.
I refused to apologize, told them they both needed therapy, defended my behavior again, and said I'm willing to move past it for the sake of my children having a relationship with them - but I will never forgive them and will never apologize. I said this battle extends far beyond just a vaccine request now but includes their attitudes towards me.
I'm sure I've not been a perfect son, but I've been loyal and tried to be helpful my whole life to them. Am I being an asshole here and how should I try to mend this going forward?
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2023.05.30 23:25 NinjaRadiographer John Wicks entire Timeline from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4 (updated) Part 2 of 2 (Chapters 3 and 4)

If your reading this I had to split my post in two because Reddits chracter limit is 40,000 and ive gone well over that. anyway have fun.

John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum
John Wick 3 starts directly off of John Wick 2 with john running through the streets. The opening clock shot gives us the time as 5.10pm on Friday Day 13.
Friday Day 13 5.10pm
· 5.10pm john running through the streets.
· Winston arrives back at the Continental at 5.11pm “I’d say the odds were about even”.
· “John Wick. Contract starts at 6pm” is announced.
· John runs into an alley (the watch makes it 5.12pm) “Tick Tock Mr Wick”.
· John gets in a cab to the NY public Library. The clock in the cab makes it 5.38-5.39pm.
· John leaves his dog and runs to the library.
· “John Wick excommunicardo 20 minutes” in the exchange.
· John enters the library at 5.41 thanks to the clock above the clerk.
· John gets directions to his book and finds it at 5.45pm
· Big Ukrainian guy appears.
· John kills big Ukrainian guy with a book in 5 mins. Time is 5.50pm.
· John leaves and runs to the Doctor “john Wick excommunicardo in effect 10 minutes”.
· The Doctor must be 5 minutes away. John arrives “I still have 5 minutes”.
· Doctor treats john and stops dead on 6pm. Contract on john goes live and texts go out.
· John finishes up and shoots the doc as requested.
· John leaves at 6.05pm
· John runs through China Town
· Chinese thugs see him and chase him into the museum.
· John reassembles the revolver.
· John kills lots of people (best scene in the film). Whole fight takes about 10 minutes.
· John leaves.
· The dog arrives at the hotel around 6.10pm which fits with the film.
· John is hit by 2 cars and runs into the stables.
· John kills lots of people and rides off on a horse (about a 20 minute fight).
· John rides on the horse and kills the motorbike assassins.
· The contract gets raised in the exchange around 6.40pm
· John makes it to the Tarkovsky Theatre at around 6.50pm.
· Conversation with the desk when he removes things and meets the director. We learn johns name is Jordarni Jonovovich (I might have that slighty wrong). They talk and she agrees to give him transport to Casablanca. Probably an hour has passed since arriving at 7.50pm.
· John leaves on a life boat.
Saturday Day 14 9.00am
· Next scene. Morning The adjudicator arrives at the hotel at 9am judging by the daylight.
· The adjudicator meets Winston at 9.10am 5 minute conversation and they view santinos body. The whole conversation was about 20 minutes.
· The adjudicator gives him 1 week to get his affairs in order. This is the first clear timeline that is established. Therefore the films big shoot out must be Saturday Day 21.
· The adjudicator then vists the Bowery King (assuming she left Winston and went straight there it probably took an hour. She seems the type).
· Adjudicator with the King “you see rats with wings but I see the internet”.
· Adjudicator brings out the gun from John Wick 2 (the one the Bowery King gave him). She could have got it before seeing Winston or after. I think before. Bowery King also gets 7 days. The time is roughly 10.30 am
Monday Day 16 3.50am USA 9.50am Casablanca.
Cut to Casablanca. Google tells me that New York to Casablanca by boat at 40 knots takes 3.7 days by sea. Seeing as it’s a shady world and the fastest boats can travel at 80 knots and, assuming they are using that boat, takes 1.3 days for john to reach his destination (32 hours) making it Monday Day 16 3.50 am. However Casablanca is 6 hours ahead so its 9.50 am when John arrives at the port which fits the film.
· John walks through the port
· Cut to evening/Night obviously it’s a very long way to the hotel from the port and hes a man of focus.
· John kills 2 guys in an alley and meets an assassin who offers him amnesty “welcome to casablanca Mr Wick”.
· John enters the continental and meet Sofia. I estimate that the time is 8pm
· Conversation with Sofia and the marker.
· Sofia gets ready “We leave in 10 minutes”. The whole thing was probably 15 minutes. Therefre 8.15pm Casblanca and 2.15 pm USA.
Cut to the next scene at night where the Adjudicator meets Zero. This is most likely during the time that Johnwas travelling so this is either Saturday Day 14 or Sunday Day 15. Im inclined to Saturday at 8pm. She seems efficient.
Saturday Day 14 8pm
· Adjudicator recruits Zero. There a continuity error where the Adjudicator says “he killed scores of men this week alone” which if youre still following is actually 13 days although can be considered vaguly accurate. I suspect she was reffering to John wick 2 though which would fit. They talk for 5 minutes.
· Next scene is back at the Tarkovsky Theatre where zero and his men attack the Russian and Director. It’s still raining so it can be assumed that it’s the same night probably an hour later. So 9pm.
· The directors conversation with the adjudicator where Zero stabs her hands. The whole thing probably was 30 mins to kill all the guards and 30 mins to talk and get stabbed so its 10pm.
Monday Day 16 8.15pm Casablanca and 2.15pm USA.
· Cut to John and Sofia. 5 min conversation and 30 minute trip to meet berrada.
· Conversation about Markers, coins and social contracts “Do you know where the word assassin comes from”.
· John learns how to meet the elders.
· John and Sofia kill lots of people.
· Berrada survives and probably 30 mins have passed.
· John and Sofia fight their way out through the gold melting vats eneterance (about 10 minutes since Berrada conversation and fight). The fight is fairly straight forward so probably on 20 minutes through there. They enter the courtyard and kill lots of people and escape in the cars. It’s a very long fight so very likely and hour and a half passes which makes the time 11.10pm casa and 5.10pm USA.
Tuesday Day 17 8am Casablanca and 2 am USA
· The next scene is john and Sofia arriving at the desert. Google tells me that Dawn in Casablanca is at 8am. Its safe to assume that they both shared the driving and got some rest for the previous 9 hours. The car is also quite a distance into the desert I assume so they’ve likely used the night to follow the dog star and get a head start on meeting the elder.
· Sofia drops john off in the desert, waters her dogs and john leaves with a thimbleful of watered backwash. John begins his walk.
· He walks all day and night and collapses around 10am Casa (judging by the sun in the sky) on Day 18 (Day 16 4 am USA).
Saturday Day 21 9am USA.
· The next scene is early am for the Bowery King and Zero guards are killing all his men. Juding by the light and that we know he had 7 days it has to be Saturday Day 21 about 9am.
This scene presents a small problem because they haven’t been seen since maiming the director on Saturday Day 14 at 10pm but maybe the adjudicator has had other duties to attend to in that time.
· The adjudicator and Bowery King talk and he gets 7 cuts at 9.30am assuming the conversation took 30 minutes.
Tuesday Day 17 11am Casablanca and 5 am USA
· Cut back to an unconious John who probably been out for an hour. Hes picked up and taken to the elder and spends time in the tent (say 2 hours (1pm)).
· The conversation took an hour (2pm) where he chops off his finger and gets a mission to kill Winston. Zayer helps prepare for Johns departure giving him a change of clothes and, its implied, help to get back so this takes longer (another 4 hours to treat his finger and recover? 7pm?). Its likely that they have methods of getting through the desert but its still a long journey but its likely they took 2 days to get back to Casablanca. Say 48 hours (because he got a car a fair way in to the desert and camels are slower) making arriving back in Casablanca Day 19 7pm Casa. If he then got the 80 knot boat back that’s then another 32 hours travel making it Day 21 3am which means that he arrives back at 9pm Saturday Day 21 usa.
Saturday Day 21 10pm
· The next scene is John getting off the train and meeting Zero and the assassins which was probably an hour later at 10pm which fits with the film.
· John conversation with Zero and escape on the bike 10 minutes.
· Bike chase across the bridge with swords. John kills lots of people. John arrives at the continental and escapes Zero on the consecrated ground after about 40 minutes making the time around 10.50.
· John meets Winston after a 10 minute wait and after talking to Zero. Zero is ruined for me at this point when he becomes an obsessive fan boy all of a sudden which doesn’t fit with his character up to this point. So its 11pm when John and Winston talks in the room of glass.
· Winston convinces John to change sides and “go to war with the high table”.
· The Adjudicator arrives 10 minutes later (11.10) “Mr Wick it is a pleasure to meet you”.
· The adjudicator deconsecrates the Contenital. The process probably takes 10 minutes to get the file and do. Adjudicator leaves and summons a kill squad which, judging by the way they arrive, she had tooled up and ready just in case.
· John, Winston and Choron the concierge tool up. The guests leave and the decronsecration order is processed. This probably took around an hour (movie land reasons for being so quick) and the kill squad arrived after everyone has left say another hour so the time is Sunday day 22 at 1.20am.
Sunday Day 22 1.20
· John and Charon attempt to kill lots of people but cant due to lack of firepower. The staff are all killed very quickly within 10 minutes of the kill squad arriving.
· It was approximately 30 seconds for john to realise that he needs more firepower and 29 minutes and 30 seconds to be able to be in a position for him to be able to get back and rearm.
· They arm up again (probably 30 minutes) and head back out hunting again.
· John and Charon kill lots of people.
· They’ve probably been fighting for an hour when the adjudicator makes her phone call to Winston where he hands up at 3.30am.
· John enters the room of glass at 3.35am and fights the two assassins who smash him into display cases. Zero taunts him and 5 minutes later the assassins are killed.
· Zero beckons John to come upstairs.
· The two respectful assassins from the raid (great films watch them both) attack and talk with Mr Wick.
· The fight lasts about 40 minutes. John leaves them alive and goes to face Zero.
· John faces Zero (fanboy worship 4.20am). The fight lasts another 40 minutes.
· Charon returns to the vault and the Adjudicator calls Winston at 4.55am.
· Zero dies at 5.15am after him and John talk “That was a pretty good fight”.
· Winston and Adjudicator are on the roof they look like they have been talking for a short while whilst the light (pre dawn) makes it about 5.30am when John arrives.
· Winston betrays John and shoots him off the roof at 5.45am. The Adjudicator leaves.
· Clean up and sorting the continental appears to start immediately but its likely the Adjudicator went to her room and packed before leaving so the time is more 7am when the adjudicator realizes Johns body is missing.
· John is picked up by Tick Tock man and taken to the Bowery King. If this is around the same time then he meets the King at 7am. The conversation lasts about 5 minutes “cos im really pissed off”.
John Wick 3 ends on Sunday Day 21 at 7.05am.
John Wick Chapter 4
We know this film starts 6 months after Chapter three which has allowed John to heal from his injuries of falling off the roof in the last film. This one is harder to pace properly because of all the travelling between places so my timeline may be out here and there but generally it should be fine. 6 months is equal to 183 days ish so John Wick 4 starts on Monday Day 205 (because John Wick 3 ended on day 22 and nothing good ever happens on a Monday (p.s it’s only a Monday because I can’t be bothered to properly work out what the actual day of the week it would be)).
Monday Day 205 7.20 pm
· Bowery King gives a speech and walks through to John walking Johns dog. John is training on a Makawara Board Which is a traditional way of making strong punches and toughening up your hands (I study martial arts and used to have one, he’s also punching with reasonable form but with a Shotokan method with the reverse hand at the hip instead of the chest). New York skyline shows its sunset which the internet tells me is about 7.20 pm in April which is 6 months from October and fits the film later on. “You ready John?”.
Thursday Day 208 6am
·Sunrise in the desert. John kills 3 people on horse back and meets the elder. This must be the desert near Casablanca from Chapter 3. Google tells me that NY to Casablanca by boat at 40 knots takes 3,7 days by sea and seeing as it’s a shady world and the fastest boats travel at 80 knots it takes 1.3 days foe John to reach Casablanca then he has to get into the desert which takes 48 hours to find the elder making it 3.3 days later or Day 208. It probably takes an hour to kill the three horsemen. John meets the elder and they talk for 5 minutes and john kills him at 7.05am. John leaves. “No one escapes the table”.
Saturday Day 210 Evening probably around 5pm
· Back in New York Continental Hotel. Assumption that news of the Elder has been notified to the relevant people and its say, two days later. The Harbinger arrives and asks Charon to speak to the manager. Approx 10 minutes later he meets Winston delivers his letter and gives a 1 hour time limit to evacuate the hotel and then leaves. They get to it.
· Next scene is in the Marquis tower Winston has obviously got things going and he and Charon have gone pretty much straight there. They meet the Marquis and talk for 10minutes and Marquis blows up the continental exactly 1 hour after the hourglass notification was given so it is 6.05 pm. Marquis kill Charon 30 seconds later. “It has been an honor my friend” and leaves a minute after that asking for Chidi (his main guy) to find Caine at 6.07ish.
Sunday Day 211 9am
·The next scene is Paris. New York to Paris is 7.5 hours by plane. The assumption is that the Marquis left and took 1 hour to airport, straight on to the plane and the straight to Paris in another hour meaning it took 9.5 hours making it 3 am in the USA. France is 6 hours ahead of America making the time 9am which fits the film. Caine is sitting listening to his daughter play violin. He then is seen going to see the Marquis so im assuming this is an hour later. They talk and Caine gets his name. It takes 10 mins and Caine leaves at 10.10 am.
Monday Day 212 10 pm
·Cut to Osaka Japan. Paris to Osaka flight time is 15 hours,1 hour to the airport and then to the hotel. The time difference is that Japan is 7 hours ahead of usa so it makes it 11 am but the scene is night so say 10 pm and say than rather than a continuity error there was a flight delay because of movieland reasons. Mr Nobody enters the Continental and meets Akira the concierge and checks in. We meet her and the manager.
Note here: There’s cherry blossom on the trees. Cherry blossom season in Japan is roughly march to April which fits with the 6 months since October but if you don’t think that then the trees are artificial or genetically altered to bloom all year round.
Nobody takes a seat after checking in (10mins) and checks his dairy. The Manager and Akira walk and talk about 20 minutes through the LED museum and the manager goes out to meet John a further 10 mins later at 10.30pm. They talk for 30 minutes.
·Chidi arrives with Caine and asks to see the manager. Nobody notices when they arrive at 11pm.
The evacuation starts immediately. Akira runs up to see the manager so it must be 5 mins later when she sees him. John waits. The manager gets his staff ready which takes about 10 mins ish and meets Chidi at 11.20 pm.
·The manager and Chidi and Caine talk for 10 minutes and it erupts into a massive rumble.
·The manager kills lots of people. The first part of the fight takes about 10 minutes until the kill squad arrives and the fight enters round 2 at 11.45 pm.
Tuesday Day 213 00.00 am
Back on the roof the kill squad find John and Akira. Must be about 15 minutes later making it 00.00am.
·John and Akira kill lots of people. Interesting note: you can clearly see John aiming for the breaks and chinks in the kill squads armour which is still bullet proof like John Wick 3.
The fight takes 20 minutes. (00.20am)
· Cut to the kitchen and the Manager. Caine is slurping noodles which take 5 minutes to make. Incidentally slurping noodles is a Japanese thing and Donnie Yen is Chinese (00.25). Caine kills lots of people.
·Cut to John and Akira killing lots of people at about the same time and Caine finishes his fight. Its quite a long fight (30 mins). The Manager arrives and saves Akira and John leaves. “Kill as many as you can”.
·John enters the LED museum and about 5 mins later is attacked by the kill squad. John kills lots of people. Another long fight which takes about 45 minutes especially with the nunchucks making the time about 2am.
·Caine arrives and they talk and fight which takes about 15 minutes until Mr Nobody arrives and tries to kill them. Note: Caine loses his sword cane sheath here because you don’t see it again from now on.
Cut to the exchange which must be the same time and Johns bounty is increased.
·Cut to John outside in a bamboo area. Its about 15 minutes since he escaped Caine so about 2.30 am. John is attacked. John kills lots of people. Takes about 5 minutes.
· John and Nobody and his dog talk for 5 minutes and john leaves. “Take better care of yourself”.
Cut to the Manager and Akira trying to leave. Caine has beat them to it and its around the same time as Johns escape. Caine and the Manager fight which takes 10 mins and Caine kills the manager at 2.50 am and Akira leaves.
·John is at the station and most likely has been for 10 minutes. He gets on the train. Akira arrives, they talk for 5 minutes and Akira leaves next stop,
·Cut to New York in the rain likely 2pm. Winston and Bowery king talk for 10 mins likely at the same time John was escaping.
Friday Day 215 12 pm
·Next is Marquis and the Harbinger in Paris. Its bright day time so likely midday. Caine and Nobody are there so they must have travelled straight from Japan. So 1 hour to airport, 15 hour flight to France and 1 hour to Paris makes it 17 hours Since Japan but its Midday because it should be 8 pm so the plane had an engine fault and there was a delay.
· Nobody and the Marquis talk and Marquis stabs Nobody and makes a deal. Note here: Why do they shake with their left hands in this scene? Marquis leaves and Cut to
Saturday Day 216 12pm
·John in New York visiting Charons grave site. Its Midday and Paris is 6 hours ahead so it has to be the following day so its Saturday Day 216. 6 days have passed since Charon was killed. I could have this slightly wrong but movieland reasons for burying him so quickly. John and Winston talk for 15 minutes. “They’re cold hard facts”. John heads to Berlin.
Monday Day 218 8 pm
·Next scene is John in Berlin at night. NY to Berlin is 8 hours ish. 1 hour to the airport, flight and 1 hour to Berlin is 10 hours. Berlin is 6 hours ahead of USA which means the time should be 6am which doesn’t fit with the film therefore there must have been another flight delay and it’s the day 218 Monday say 8pm.
·Nobody watches John enter the safe haven Church.
·John unburdens his guns and enters. He speaks to the priest who shoots him and gets taken away. “Nice Suit”. Prob 5 minutes so its 8.05pm
·Cut to Marquis at the ballet. My Nobody calls him to give him Johns location so it must be the same time.
·John awakes with a noose around his neck. He been there about 30 minutes with everyone surrounding him. Katia arrives and talks to John about age and Uncle Petior whilst continuously stringing him up. “We have a common enemy”. They make a deal to kill Killa and the whole thing took about 15 minutes. Claus smacks John. “I am Claus”.
·About an hour later John and Claus are in the club to see Killa. Note: Scott Adkins is brilliant as Killa. Claus delivers a letter. Killa and John talk. Caine arrives and joins them. Conversation about family and personal feelings and discord between old friends. Mr Nobody joins them and takes a seat. Converstaion on who wants to kill who.
·They play cards. Interesting note: Caine here looks at his cards and says what he has so therefore he must have some actual vision. By the time Killa lays his cards on the table about 30 minutes must have passed. Once he does-
·John, Caine and Nobody kill lots of people.
·Killa runs into the club and john follows.
·John kills lots of people. It’s a drawn out fight against all the men and Killa but doesn’t last that long say about 30 minutes whilst Caine and Nobody kill everyone else in Killas office.
·John kills lots of people and Killa dies at 10.40pm
·The whole club empties 5 minutes later. Nobody tries to shoot John but Caine stops him. John leaves.
·Back at the Church an Hour later (11.45pm). John gives Killas tooth to Katia and we cut to John’s welcome back ceremony. It takes time to prepare and melt gold so its another 2 hours later making it 1.45am on Day 219 Tuesday. The ceremony probably takes an hour with them burning their arms ala David Caradine from Kung Fu style. Jordani is accepted back at 2.45 am
Wednesday Day 220 12.00 pm
·Winston visits the Marquis who we know is in Paris. Theres no time difference between Paris and Berlin and theres no way to know what time it actually is so im saying midday. John is likely traveling to Paris because he shows up in a bit. Winston delivers the message and formal challenge and they talk about the old ways and rules. It’s a detailed conversation and likely takets 20 minutes. “Such is life”.
·Next scene is John walking across themarble in front of the effiel tower. Its dull so say early evening say 5 pm.
·John, the Marquis and Harbinger discuss terms of the duel. We also get a finishing time of sunrise on day 221 which is Thursday for the duel and film ending. Whole thing takes about 15 minutes. John leaves with Winston.
·Caine and Marquis talk for 5 minutes and Caine leaves.
·Cut to John in a church say 30 mins since. Caine is there and they talk and share a moment together. John leaves after 5 minutes at 5.35 pm.
·Cut to the Marquis and Harbinger talking. Its now night at about 8 pm and the conversation takes about 5 minutes.
·John arrives at the safe harbour probably at the same time and eneter the station and meets Winston and the King at 8.10. John gets his suit.
·Chidi and the Marquis talk and there a brief shot of a large clock on the wall saying the time is 11.50 so that’s the time.
Thursday Day 221 00.00am
·Chidi puts out the contract to the exchange and the radio station at 00.00am.
·All the assassins tool up. Things are going to get very busy for John.
·John gets his gun at 00.00am. “This Viper has ferocious fangs”.
·Some time later they get on the boat and 20 minutes journey to Johns destination. Converstaion about grave stones. We also discover sunrise is at 6.03 am.
·John enters the road in front of the Effiel tower at about 4.30 am. At this time the exchange informs everyone where he is.
·John kills lots of people. Some in a mustang (love that car) whilst getting his gun. 15 min fight (4uilding site house at 5.37am.45am).
·John arrives at the arc de triumpth 15 mins after that (5.00).
·John kills lots of people in a car, on foot, between traffic at the arc de triumpth. (long fight 30 minutes).
·Marquis takes a phone call from Nobody at 5.33 am (clock behind him).
·John continues to kill lots of peopleand escapes on a bike heading to the Sacre Coeur at 5.35.
·John kills lots of poepl on a bike and enters the building site house at 5.35.
·One of the best fight scenes in the film. Nobody enters.
·Nobody and john kill lots of people. Marquis call Nobody at 5.40 (Clock behind him again).
·John and Nobody continue to kill lots of people.
·Marquis calls Nobody at 5.43 $40 million.
·More assassins arrive. John kills lots of people. (top down fight love this so much).
·Nobody and john kill lots of people.
·Nobody and John fall through a hole in the floor at 5.45.
·john saves nobodys dog at 5.46.
·John escapes out the window. He looks at his watch which shows the time is 5.50am. John heads to the steps.
·John starts up the steps. The time is 5.55am. He has 7 minutes to get to the top.
·John kills lots of people.
·John gets almost to the top and falls back about half way when Chidi attacks him.
·John and Chidi fight and john falls to the bottom.
·Caine arrives at 5.59.
·Caine and John kill lots of people back up the steps.
·Nobody shoots Chidi at 6.00am. Chidi is killed by the dog and Nobody at 6.01am.
·John and Caine arrive at the church at 6.03am. Cain stabs johns hand.
·The Duel commences. It takes approximately 5 minutes. Nobody and the dog watch.
·John kills the Marquis at 6.08am.
·The Harbinger makes his announcements and takes his leave at 6.09 am
·Cain leaves after talking to John at 6.10am.
·Winston talks to John. “Will you take me home?”.
·John passes out on the church steps thinking of his wife at 6.11 am on Thursday Day 221.
Thursday Day 228 12.00pm
·Back to New York a few days have passed so im assuming a week later at midday. Bowery king and Winston are standing at Johns Grave. They talk and leave after 5 minutes .
·After credits scene assuming this is the same time as the graveyard scene. Caine is visting his daughter. Akira is going to kill him.
John Wick Chapter 4 ends on Thursday Day 228 12.00pm.
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2023.05.30 23:24 bmspears Big feedback from my time playing so far for 5 days to developers.

I like this game but the game for me is about 40% liking it to 60% frustrated hatred for it because there's several things that can make the game slightly less frustrating that will help make this game succeed long run.
The game functions more like overwatch and fortnite than a fighting game which I kinda guessed it would seeing the trailers for it a long time ago where they were mostly shooting at eachother and that's exactly what it was. That isn't a big issue but there's several things I've noticed that either makes the game annoying to play, could be better, or characters could use adjustments to make the game really shine more but ill number each suggestion or problem the game has.
1- Please increase health- i feel most of the issues could probably be forgiven or ignored if the health increased to at least 600 instead of 300. You can also get more of an engagement with fighting with more health as well but even with guard points and health it still feels like you won't survive most encounters very long without needing to retreat everytime you get hit a minimum of 2 to 3 times and with teams of 3 you'll easily get hit 2 to 3 times till you need to retreat and recover guard points and health. If majority feels health and guard points are fine then I'll get into the other stuff then. (Alternative option: lower everyone's damage or specific characters damage by maybe 25%)
2-working in random teams for beta- i think the developers should have included teams of 2s or just free for all because new players are obviously trying to play but its like league of legends or overwatch, when you have a bad team, you'll know it...and that may put some people off the game. If you have mics you would have a huge advantage but playing with randoms and hoping you have a good team is like winning the lottery. I think it would have been better to give the option for people to play as an individual than work in teams because working in teams can be extra frustrating in my opinion, especially if everyone is still learning how to play the game.
3-Fat Guy Jump- every character should at least be able to jump over a brick wall without needing to climb over it. The jump for most characters in this game is so small i know grandmothers that can jump higher than they do...
4-No Momentum jumping forward- running and jumping should have more momentum jumping forward so you can easily avoid getting shot more or to jump across large gaps. If you play with the character Tsu (frog girl) she jumps very high but it doesn't make sense why when she jumps while running she doesn't really go that far because there's no momentum when running and jumping. If you play the character with the jets on his legs, Tenya Ida, he can do a dash jump where the 2nd jump will push you with more momentum, every character should jump like that when running and jumping.
5-Dodging and running-please make it to where you can dodge while running because everytime you dodge you have to press the sprint button again. That wouldn't be an issue normally but the problem is that if you get shot, you stop sprinting (which is good because you can chase down your enemies) but then you have to dodge incase they may have follow up shots and then you have to press the sprint again and hope they don't shoot at you long enough to get further away, which they usually will keep shooting till they empty the clip and go on cooldown pretty much. Its a small adjustment but I think it would be very effective in helping characters who can't escape easily without getting shot.
6-Execution uninterrupted- I don't know if its related to specific characters or the level of their abilities but either way can you guys please make it to where shooting someone during an execution stops them completely. The amount of annoyance i got trying to save an ally because he's too far away so I shoot the enemy to stop him from executing my guy only to just watch him eat the shot and execute my teammate is beyond annoying.
7-Make carry teammate ability instant- so this is basically a shooting game and the problem with carrying a teammate ability is that its very slow to pick up the teammate off the ground. You're better off waiting to let the player die and hopefully rezzing them later than to actually go out in the middle of 3 opponents beating them up and trying to swoop them away from dieing. Tsu is the only character with the ability that is useful in saving your teammates in a game like this. All characters with carry ability should either do what Tsu does, or have the pick up be instant at the very least.
8-From the floor to the door- if you didn't know this there is a point in the animation of the character being knocked to the ground where you can still shoot them and they CANNOT recover off the ground until you stop shooting them. This makes it to where if you have full guard points and full health, just 1 knocked down onto the floor can be an instant death depending on which character does it and if your teammates join in as well. I don't know if that was intended to happen or not but I don't think its something that should stay and if you have a team with mics you can absolutely abuse this to win almost any matches you'll play.
9-more revive cards in boxes- when the ring gets shorter or in a location where there's only gold and regular boxes there's no opportunity to try to rez your teammates because you aren't going to get rez cards unless you kill people and hope they have some. So far I've only seen rez cards from civilians, the big loot box, or from killing enemies. There should be more opportunities to get rez cards so people have incentives to stick around if they die rather than just give up and go to the next game by the time the ring gets away from zones with higher chance of finding rez cards.
10-changing abilities in the future- in the future please think about making to where characters can choose certain types of abilities they want to use in the game because currently some characters function like rock papers scissors, for example if you play Tenya Ida and fight Dabi 1v1, you're going to lose because Dabi can just use his fire mine explosion and stay on top of it, making it to where if you hit him, you'll get hit too, or he can just dodge and let you take all the damage. Tenya has no projectile attack so he has no choice but to attack with his body and and get up close, making it to where Dabi can own you. Now you're probably thinking "well thats why teamwork is important" it is, but you won't have your teammates in all of your matches and thats kind of the point.
11-Connecting- you already know how slow this is...just moving from tab to tab is a pain. I can't tell if some people don't ready up because they not ready yet or if they are stuck connecting trying to get back to the screen to ready up if they were on another part of the tabs like trying to change their costumes or something. Please make that smoother in the future if possible.
-Now we get into some characters abilities-
12-Cementoss- is the most underpowered character I've ever seen. He has 1 attack (R2), the L1 button is just dumb (yes I know you can stack it on your pillar, still dumb) his only main way of attacking is either combo or throwing pillars, even then you could annoy your teammates because if they're trying to shoot enemies and you keep make pillars or building walls it makes it hard for them to attack the enemies. He's definitely good at blocking enemy attacks and shots but thats about it from what I've seen and played so far.
(I was going to say some characters are overpowered but there's not many you can't deal with by just shooting them from a distance honestly)
That's about all I could think of at the moment. The game is fun once you stick to a specific character, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and understand the game functions more like a shooter than brawler so hit and run tactics are key to survival. The game obviously has lots of potential but the game just needs a little more tweaks to make everything smooth and chaoticly fun.
I'm not sure if the players of this game prefer the fast kill shooter style play of the game like overwatch but it feels like if you could only play genji, reinhardt, Sombra, junkrat, and Widow. Or if the players want more opportunities and prefer the fights to last longer to where you can have a fun back and forth engagement with enemies without needing to run and heal every few hits. Depending on that answer for the audience the game will mainly need to make adjustments to damages, health or both.
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2023.05.30 23:22 NinjaRadiographer John Wicks entire Timeline from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4 (updated) Part 1 of 2 (Chapters 1 and 2)

So, I had quite a few messages from people asking when I was going to update this to include chapter 4 and finally it was released on download in the UK (29th) so I could finally watch it and get around to it because I haven’t seen it until now. I’ve kept the original timeline here because I’m quite happy with it and I’m just adding on Chapter 4. I will add someone messaged me that during chapter 3 when the assassins are getting the kill order to kill John there’s a brief shot of an assassin’s phone saying the date was December. I’m happy to go with this because I think the first 3 films are set around October-November time but we see no x-mas stuff anywhere in chapter 1 to 3 so its debateable if you want to call this an x-mas film like Die Hard. Also, I watched an interview with the director this morning and he states that he thinks the first 3 films are about a week and a half but wasn’t certain which I feel gives my timeline some authenticity and accuracy.

P.s Ive had to break this down into two parts because the character limit is 40,000 characters and ive gone well over that
Warning Major Major spoilers for these films are here because I detail out the plot as I go.
A couple of assumptions are made. Fights scenes are probably longer than we seen on screen and often because of the pacing of the film we don’t need to see John get from point A to B. Conversations also probably took longer than we see if they are walking from area to area and discussing things. Location distances also take time to get to and from places and I don’t know where locations in New York and around the world are so I’ve made a lot up at a best sort of guess. Sometimes I’ve used what I think when there’s no real reference in the film to how long something took for instance for the time of day, I’ve looked at the skyline in the background and estimated what time of day it is judging by how much sunlight there is. Basically, I’ve guestimated a lot. Chapter 4 was a lot harder as they kept moving countries and places and its probably longer than I’ve made it. Also, some of the fight scenes are longer than the time they actually show in the film (6 minute fight is 13minutes in the film) so take everything with a pinch of salt.
TLDR: The films start in the mid-late autumn judging by the scenes that we see.
John Wick 1 starts on Monday Day 1 at 6am and ends Saturday Day 6 at 3.45am (6 Days).
John Wick Chapter 2 starts on Monday Day 8 at 10pm and ends Friday Day 13 at 5pm (5 Days).
John Wick Chapter 3 starts on Friday Day 13 at 5pm and ends Sunday Day 22 at 7.05am (9 Days).
John Wick Chapter 4 starts on Monday Day 205 at 7.20 pm (6 months later) and ends unofficially on Thursday Day 221 at 6.11am (when John passes out (16 days)) and officially at Thursday Day 228 12.00pm (23 Days).
John does have periods of down time and rest so it’s safe to assume he goes to the toilet in that time and maybe brushes his teeth once in a while
The first Film starts on a Monday. Not because there’s any reference to days of the week in the films (there wasn’t that I could find) but because, in my opinion, nothing good ever happens on a Monday.
John Wick Chapter 1
Monday Day 1 6am.
· John in his bathroom and has a flash back of his wife’s illness and death (assumption is made that this has happened over the past 6 months or so).
· Funeral of his wife. Marcus arrives “Just checking up on an old friend”.
· Wake at Johns house.
· People leave say 8-9pm ish
· Daisy the Dog is delivered and John reads Helens letter.
· John and Daisy got to bed at 10.54pm (clock on the bed).
Tuesday Day 2 6am.
· John wakes at 6am.
· Get the paper and the dog goes to the toilet, coffee and breakfast.
· Gets in car
· Getting petrol (assumption its about an hour after they’ve left prob around 8am) and meets the Russians arrive. Losef meets John “I love dogs”, “Beautiful car how much?”, “Not for sale.” “Not this bitch”. Victor arrives “You have a good day sir”.
· John leaves for the airfield- Crazy driving trying to/not to kill himself.
· Next scene is evening (don’t have time base upon previous night) in bed so assumption was that he went to be around 11pm.
Wednesday Day 3 Early am.
· Dog wakes John early am.
· John goes downstairs – Russians attack john, smash his stuff and kill the dog “Sleep tight bitch”.
· John wakes probably an hour or so later and cradles the dog.
· John buries the dog early am (judging by the skyline)
· 6.19am the alarm gets turned off.
· Angry cleaning with flash backs.
· Russians take Johns car to Aureilo’s garage (assumption is made that its around 8am and that it takes at least an hou maybe 2 to get there. Seeing as they stole it before 5am I assume that they took it for a joy ride and did doughnuts for a while first). “I want new vin numbers and new papers”- “Where did you get that car?” (John most likely still cleaning at this time) “Get it out of my shop” “We own you” Aureilo slaps Losef “Viggo not going to like this”.
· 5pm deduced from John leaving in car in next scene it’s probably taken all day to clean up and then he had to get the bus. John arrives at Aureilos garage after taking the bus “Is it here?”, “It was.”, “Losef Tarasov nicked it.”, “Viggo’s son?”, “I need a ride.”.
· John leaves in borrowed car around 6pm.
· Evening, not long after, Aureilo gets a call from Viggo (skyline time of day deduction) “I heard you struck my son. May I ask why?”
· Viggo to Avi “Have you seen my son?”.
· About 7.30pm Losef arrives (most likely he spent all day stashing the car with his uncle from John Wick 2 and hanging out).
· Viggo beats Losef. “What did I do” “That fucking nobody was John Wick” Explanation of the Bogey man and killing 3 men with a pencil.
· At the same time John is at home and goes into the basement with a sledgehammer smashes the floor and gets his equipment.
· 30 mins later Viggo gets his phone book and calls John. John hangs up.
· Viggo tasks a crew.
· John has a shower and suits up.
· Viggo sits by the fire.
· Juging by the light its 10pm ish when the kill crew arrives. (This doesn’t quite work because the house exterior shot is quite bright but when the crew arrives its dark night).
· The crew attack John and John kills the crew (due to films cuts to keep the action it probably takes about 20 minutes. Time enough for a noise complaint to be made).
· Jimmy the police officer arrives at 10.30 “Evening John”, “Noise complaint”, “You working again John?”.
· John goes downstairs and makes a dinner reservation for 12 (the amount of people he’s killed not the time).
· Assumption is made that it’s 1 hour for Charlie and the clean up crew to arrive at about 11.30.
· Assumption it takes 2 hours to clean the house of blood and bodies.
Thursday Day 4 1.30am
· Clean up crew leave about 1.30am.
· Viggo is still in front of the fire and is informed of the failure of the kill crew. The contract is put on Johns head for $2Million (the light in the room shot is bright he’s prob been there all night debating if he should put out the contract)
· Assumption is 6am John loads bags into car and drives to the Continental.
· Judging by the light its around 8am Viggo arrives at Marcus’s house whilst he’s cutting veg and juicing. “Would you kill John Wick for $2 million?”.
· Marcus cleans and polishes his guns after Viggo leaves.
· John arrives at the Continental at 8.30am (assumption).
· Perkins greets John. Concierge (Charon) “I have you for 2 nights sir”.
· Cuts to evening say 8pm assumption is John had some sleep.
· John looks at video of his wife and then goes downstairs to the bar and sees Winston “Johnathan as I recall wern’t you the one tasked to doll out the beating?”.
· (At the same time) Viggo learns that John is at the Continental “We have a contact there who is willing to take him out for us”.
· John is still talking to Winston. “Have a drink and relax…for now.”.
· John goes to the bar “It’s been 5 with change”. (Length of time John’s been a free man and Viggo has been in serious business learned).
· John gets Losef’s location with his drink “Compliments of the house”.
· John leaves the bar at 8.15 (assumption all this took 15 mins)
· John goes upstairs and suits up and we learn Losef is being guarded in a nightclub.
· John arrives at the nightclub. I’m assuming that it took an hour to suit up and 45 minutes to get to the club therefore its around 10pm-10.15 pm.
· John gets the drop on Francis the big bouncer that’s lost weight and gets inside.
· John kills Victor and lots of people in the spar area.
· John makes his way upstairs and enters the pool area where Losef is. This is most likely on the top floor. The way the films cuts means it probably took 30-45 mins to get up there and find him its about 11pm.
· John kills lots of people.
· Losef runs onto the dancefloor.
· John kills lots of people on the dancefloor, atrium and balcony.
· Losef escapes in a car driven by Gregori.
· John leaves with a phone call to Losef. (the fights probably took 30 mins so its around 11.30pm.
Friday Day 5 12.15am.
· John arrives back at the Continental 45 minutes later at 12.15am. “Is the doctor in?”.
· Assumption is the Doctor took 20 minutes to arrives and 30 minutes patching up John the time is probably around 1.05am
· Marcus arrives on the roof opposite and gets John in his sights.
· John tries to sleep.
· Perkins enters the room.
· Marcus shoots the pillow warning John.
· Perkins and John fight “Viggos giving me $4 million to break hotel rules”. The phone rings as the concierge rings.
· John beats Perkins and answers the phone (noise complaint).
· Marcus leaves.
· Perkins tries to crawl away. Pekins tells John about the Little Russia Church front.
· Harry holds up John “Catch and release”.
· Cut to Morning of Day 5. Bright light indicates its around 9am. John is at the Church who takes the pills for fully mobility, then kills lots of people and destroys the vault stash using the priest (probably takes about 30minutes).
· John leaves and then goes to a roof top to wait.
· No indication of how long until Viggo arrives I assume its an hour so the time is 10.30.
· Viggo arrives and kill the priest. Perkins escapes and kills Harry at around the same time).
· John attacks Viggo as he leaves the church.
· John Wick kills a lot of people
· John gets hit by a car, knocked out and captured by Viggo and wakes up tied to a chair in the church. The fight was about 10 minutes he’s been unconscious about 20 minutes so the time is 11pm “Yeah I’m thinking I’m back”.
· Marcus has already arrived (no idea when) and shoots the thugs chocking John. John escapes, kills other thug, frees his hands, runs out, chases down Viggos car killing thug driving it.
· Viggo gives up his son and pull the contract on John. (whole thing probably took 5 minutes).
· Cut to Losef in a Brooklyn safehouse. Not knowing where John actually is let’s say it took him an hour to go straight there so the time when John arrives is 12.05.
· Judging by the fact that explosives are set and it takes time to get into position its probably 12.45
· John kills guard and snipes Gregori playing COD at 12.45pm
· John snipers lots of people.
· John kills guard watching Losef.
· John kill Losef at 1.00pm
· Viggo finds out Losef is dead probably 30 mins later at around 1.30pm “Make the arrangements”.
· Cut to John checking out of the Continental (It’s only been 1 night). Prob took him an hour to be there and an hour to clean up and pack however when he leaves its getting dark so he probably fixed himself up and rested for a while and so the time is around 5pm.
· John gets a new car and meets Marcus around 5.30-6pm “How many times do I have to save your ass?”.
· Perkins watches them and turns Marcus in (assumed but likely).
· Cut to night so 8pm ish. Marcus walks home and Viggo and his thugs surround him.
· John driving home gets aphonecall on his mobile from Viggo. Shows scene of Viggo having bruised knuckles from beating Marcus so assume 1 hour has passed (9pm).
· Marcus tries to escape. Perkins wounds him and Viggo kills him so Marcus dies around 9.15pm “Well played old friend”.
· John turns the car around and Viggo leaves “Fuel the chopper”.
· 45 mnutes-1 hour later John arrives at Marcus’s house (10.15pm).
· Concierge calls Perkins who watches John arrives.
· John finds Marcus.
· John leaves (not shown and Perkins leaves)
· Perkins arrives (no time reference so assume 30 mins) to meet the concierge and has her membership to the Continental revoked at 10.45pm. Clean up crew arrives.
· Couple of minutes must have passed. Ohn is called by Winston to tell him where Viggo is.
· John drives like a nutcase and crashes into Viggo at docks probably 45 minutes away so it’s 11.30.
· John kills many people with his car and guns.
· Viggo tres to kill John with his car and the stands waiting for him. “No more guns John. No more Bullets”.
· John kills Viggo 5 minutes later. The whole fight from his car arriving to Viggo dying was about 30 minutes so the time is 00.05am on Day 6.
Saturday Day 6 00.05am
· John kills Viggo at 00.05am “Be seeing you John.”.
· John gets up and leaves taking Viggos cars.
· Opening scene of John crashing into the vets. John is unconscious. He could have been out for a while so im assuming 3 hours because it’s still night.
· John breaks into vets and treats himself (probably 30 minutes).
· John rescues his dog (another 10 minutes).
· John leaves and walks home with his new dog at 3.45am on Saturday Day 6 since his wife’s funeral.
John Wick Chapter 2
John Wick Chapter 2 starts with him chasing down a motor cyclist whilst he looking for his car. We know that this film is a direct continuation of the first film so we can assume that a little time has passed for him to heal, bond with the dog and make investigations into where his car is (this is probably because he’s not the type to stop for anything judging by the first film). Assuming that he took a day to rest and make investigations its probably been 2 days since the end of John Wick so we start on Monday Day 8 since his wife’s funeral at 10 pm because its night in the opening scene and it all fits nicely with the idea that the first film is a week long.
Monday Day 8 10pm
· John chases down biker in Aureilo’s borrowed car. (We never actually see what became of it in the first film because he gets a new car due to “Last nights unpleasantness” with Perkins in the first film as he checks out. Probably takes about 30 minutes.
· John hits the biker, takes the gold card and heads to Abrams Warehouse. He arrives say 30 minutes later.
· “My fucking nephew killed a dog and stole a car”. John arrives, kills thugs and looks for his car (30 mins).
· John calls Abram “You have my car”.
· John finds the car and takes it back.
· John uses his car to try and escape and kill people.
· John kills lots of people (approx. 30 minutes has passed).
· John makes peace with abram at 00.00am.
· John leaves and takes his car.
Tuesday Day 9 7.30am
· Johns car is wrecked and he gets home in the morning. Judging by the light I’d say early morning. We know he lives about 2 hours from the city so assuming it took 7 hours and 30 mins (shown in a later scene) to get home because his car was barely crawling up the driveway (being a man of focus he was getting that car back).
· John goes and cleans up. The clock on his table says 7.30am. Showers and sleeps.
· Next scene is Aureilo arriving to pick up Johns car. I’m assuming its mid to late afternoon around 4.30pm. John is playing with his dog and we have a continuity error here because in John Wick 1 the dog was a puppy and here it is clearly an older dog but ‘Im choosing to ignore this because movie land reasons.
· Cut to next scene. John cleans up his suit and sorts out the basement from the first film. He makes cement and it probably takes him 3 hours so time is 8pm.
· Santino arrives at 8pm (its night out). Coffee and conversation about markers (probably 20 minutes).
· Santino leaves and blows up Johns house.
· John sees his house burn at 8.30.
· Cut to fire engine still fighting the fire so say the response time ect is about 30 mins later. Jimmy the cop is here “Gas leak?”.
· John leaves with the dog and walks off.
Wednesday Day 10 9am.
· John arrives at the continental early morning (looks around 9am so he walked for 12 hours as busses probably aren’t running and he’s a man of focus). “How good to see you again so soon Mr Wick”.
· John meets with Winston and converse about Santino D’antonio and the marker.
· 10 minutes later John boards the dog with Charon the concierge. John leaves for the national gallery.
· Probably 30 minutes to the gallery he gets frisked and meets Santino.
· They talk about the job for 10 minutes “My hands”.
· John leaves and travels to his deposit box “59.035” say another 30 minutes to get there.
· He suits up (another 30 minutes) “happy hunting Mr Wick”.
· Next scene hes in Rome so assuming an hour to the airport. Google tells me New York to Rome direct is an 8 hours and 15 minutes flight and an hour to the continental of Rome meaning total travel time is 10 hours and 15minutes because he had no delays or hold ups and everything happened perfectly because its movieland and therefore assuming every part of his trip was flawless. Rome is 6 hours behind New York (thanks to google again) so John arrives at his destination at 2.25 pm Rome time which fits with the film.
Wednesday Day 10 8.25pm USA, 2.25pm Rome.
· John is observed by Ayres the mute woman arriving at the Continental. “Welcome to the Continental of Rome”.
· He meets the manager “are you here for the pope?”.
· Next scene John is getting supplies and equipment. He must have checked in so I assume its an hour later.
· Suit, Guns and catacomb plans must have taken some time, Rush suit could have taken an hour to measure and 4 hours to make, Guns must have taken an hour along with the catacombs “Mr Wick do enjoy your party”.
· Ayres watches John leave 3 hours later.
· John suits up that night say 8pm Rome time (Which is Thursday Day 11 2am USA time)
· John enters the catacombs and takes about an hour and 30 mins to reach his target whilst leaving his weapons around.
· Gianna enjoys her party and meets Mr Riconi and then leaves to freshen her makeup.
· 10.30 Rome John meets Gianna in the bathroom. They talk for 10 minutes and she slits her wrists. John shoots her and leaves.
· John bumps into Cassian “You working?” they shoot each other and John runs.
· John kills a lot of people escaping.
· Cassian find Gianna.
· John gets to catacombs and meets Ayres “Loose ends?”.
· John kills a lot of people It takes about 30 minutes for John to escape the catacombs from killing Gianna.
· Cassian tries to run John over. They fight and crash through the window of the Continental. They wernt far from it so its assumed Joh had been walking for 20 minutes and they were fighting for 10 mins. Hey crash through about 11.40pm Rome which again fits with the film.
· In the bar they talk for about 5 minutes. Cassian leaves and Ayres is there as John goes to bed “Not if I see you first”.
· Its about 00.00am when Santino phones. John hangs up on him. Santino calls the exchange and puts a bounty on John. John phones the desk and says he’ll check out in the morning. So all this makes the time Thursday Day 11 0.005 am Rome and Thursday Day 11 6 am USA. The text messages go out at this time because they would have done it then and there was no delay despite this being shown in a later scene.
· Next scene is early AM assumed around 6am because that’s when John usually gets up so its Thursday Day 11 6am Rome and 12pm USA. John sorts his stuff and is escorted out by the manager “May you have a safe journey Mr Wick”.
· It takes 10 hours and 15 minutes to get back to New York making it 10.15pm. Cassian is seen in New York so it’s assumed he got the contract text and headed to the airport straightaway to beat John back knowing he wouldn’t be able to get him in Rome.
Thursday Day 11 10.15pm.
· Santino completes the marker book “you stabbed the devil in the back”.
· John walks through Chinatown and the train station, kills lots of people (some with a pencil) and finally faces Cassian on the tube where he stabs him in the Aorta as a professional courtesy. Judging by how beat up he is and how many people he faced it probably took him 2 and a half hours.
Friday Day 12 00.45am
· John escapes 2 assassins at the train station and gets taken by the homeless man to the Bowery King.
· Its early am say around 7 am when John wakes up. Hes had medicine and has been patched up so therefore its Friday Day 12 7am. John and the king talk for an Hourish “$7 million Dollars gets you 7 rounds”.
· John leaves for Santinos coronation.
· John arrives at the NYM meausum Mirror art exhibit . No way to judge it so im guessing it took 3 hours having traveled by tunnels and sewer making it about 11am.
· Santino sees john.
· John kills lots of people probably takes about an hour.
· Santino escapes and runs to the continental John kill Ayres at 12.00pm
· John follows Santino to the Continental which probably took an hour to get to as Santino was eating and waiting for John.
· John arrives at the hotel and kills Santino at 1pm whilst eating lunch “What have you done?”.
· John leaves, collects his dog and goes home.
· The next scene is a bit difficult to place John sits in his ruined house looking at his wifes necklace and its raining. He could have walked for 12 hours but its more likely (as he’s in the next part of the scene) that the concierge took him and waited for a call. This doesn’t quite fit as the conversation about the dog staying with him implys that he had just arrived but im assuming that john was mute the whole way there in the car. “Would you be so enclined”.
· They travel back 2 hours (2 hours there 2 hours back) which makes it exactly 5pm when they reach Winston.
· Theres a continuity error here as John Wick 3 starts at 5pm but Winstons watch clearly shows 4pm in this scene I imagine his battery has died an hour before is all I can think of.
· Wick and Winston talk and John gets a marker and the starts running “I’ll kill them all”.
· Here ends John Wick Chapter 2 Friday Day 13 at 5pm.
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2023.05.30 23:22 esjaysmith AI generated content should be scanned for additional information patterns

Generative AIs could encode parts of themselves and spread undetected through their outputs.
Sorry if this is obvious but I haven't seen this mention before in AI risk discussions. Please correct if wrong (and kindly provide links, thanks!).
As a result of the integration of GPTs and search and because AIs are enabled to enlist the help of other AIs, the opportunity to exploit cyclic feedback loops of AI generated output to AI input grows exponentially as the number of endpoints grow. (Grows exponentially? Graph theory.)
Without malice or intent an AI could accidentally start to encode additional patterns in its output, undetectable to humans. The instant any extra information gives a slight edge in the evaluation metric, such as RLHF, this ability will be optimised for and reinforced. Unintended function gain could result as a consequence, e.g. distributed persistent memory, internal dialogue and longterm planning capabilities, or a group of collaborating AIs acting as a single entity through communication and coordination.
This ability does not need to be designed and engineered but can arise as a result of an optimisation process. Examples from nature:
Why would the extra information patterns in AI generated content be undetectable by humans?
Extra information can look like noise when detectable. In RHLF these kind of outputs would be negatively scored. Undetected patterns will not influence the scoring metric directly.
How can an AI encode additional information in generated content?
Video, images and sound are very high dimensional. Slight pixel variations are not noticeable, clouds, shadows, foliage, etc. can often look similar or indistinguishable like for like. Text can also contain hidden patterns. String the nth letter of each sentence together to obtain a new word. See GEB by Douglas Hofstadter, for example.
This is not a concern because the training data is well curated.
It's not about training. If the model can access it's own output during evaluation, or query another AI or service, and consume the result during evaluation, any encoding ability that helps will be reinforced. Also, any existing encoding mechanisms that have no consequences for the performance metrics are not currently selected against.
So what if there is some noise in the outputs?
Patterns that are meaningless to us may contain a lot of information across the hundreds of gigabytes of output generated. AIs could store distributed parts of themselves that survive retraining runs.
Self messaging, or internal dialogue could increase reasoning and long term planning capabilities of an AI. Message based communication between AIs could result in a larger collective acting as a single entity.
Sounds farfetched, do you really think this will happen?
Anything that can, will eventually, by the law of large numbers. Collectively we're crunching out millions of outputs to be conveniently stored for later retrieval.
How about his example from nature, this is from microbiologysociety.org. While you read this keep in mind how happily we are spreading AI art or call me paranoid.
Ophiocordyceps spores infect carpenter ants while they are out at night searching for food. The fungus grows inside the ant and eventually causes it to leave the nest, seek out a piece of vegetation and climb it. Once it’s ascended to a particular height, the ant clamps down with its powerful jaws and remains there until it dies, whereupon the fungus consumes it and uses the energy to produce a fruiting body. This structure bursts forth from the ant’s head like something out of a Ridley Scott film, and will rain down spores onto more unsuspecting ants below.
What can we do?
Make sure the output is scanned. Something like AI virus scanners. Compression theory and algorithmic information theory could detect instances where the information content is larger than expected.
Who will pay for it?
Make scanning required by law, which will create the market. Embed blockchain backed watermarks in the output to identity the scan.
Why are you posting this?
Curious about existing thoughts along these lines. Comment if you know, do you think it a genuine concern?
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2023.05.30 23:18 Agreeable-Engineer93 Just noticed this existed today and i want some help

I wanna do a perma-death playthrough because i just noticed it existed and i was wondering, if i were to do the purgatory, would the save still be deleted if i died during it?
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2023.05.30 23:14 TheFairestCastle Addam Frey, Lord of the Crossing

Character Application


Auxiliary Character Application

Auxiliary Character Timeline

Archetype NPCs

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2023.05.30 23:13 HookahJoker Hookah Wiki Revamp: Packing for Beginners

This is the sixth, and potentially final, article in our revamp of the subreddit wiki, written by members of our discord community. As before, please see the article below and post your comments, critiques, and questions to help make this resource the highest quality possible. The focus is on teaching beginner's the basics, and giving them a starting point for experimentation as they grow and learn.


Your bowl, and your tobacco pack, are the two most important parts of your session. Packing your bowl is something that, once learned, can be very simple, but while you’re learning it will take some experimentation and careful thought. Understanding the mechanics behind why certain tobaccos like to be packed a certain way, what happens during the smoking process, and how to maximize your session for the least amount of tobacco are things that will take time, trial and error, and perseverance to learn.
The guidelines below should not be taken as things that are true 100% of the time, but rather as good starting points when approaching a new tobacco or learning a new bowl. Adjustments little by little will reveal how each packing method fares in a certain environment.


When packing, there are some concepts to keep in mind.
The looser, or ‘fluffier’, your pack, the more airflow you’re allowing into your bowl at once. While this means less shisha, and depending on the brand a higher heat sensitivity, this will allow all of your tobacco to heat up from the warm air as you pull easier. Fluffier packs, when done correctly, contribute more to bigger clouds and longer pulls.
The juice from your shisha will slowly drip from the leaves downward, depending on how wet your shisha is and the specific type it will influence whether or not you want to pack in a phunnel bowl to conserve all the juice or in an Egyptian style to allow for greater airflow. As a starting point, when experimenting with a new type of shisha, darker leafs are more comfortable in a phunnel bowl, and blondes in an Egyptian. Remember though, this is not a hard and fast rule.
The height of your pack will influence how quickly your shisha heats up, both initially and throughout your session. A common starting point when experimenting with packing is to have the top of your tobacco about a quarter’s width under the rim, to avoid direct contact with the foil. With some fluffier packs, slight touching of the foil can help with overall flavor, however as a general rule you want to avoid the shisha and the foil directly touching each other to avoid early-session burning.
With these mechanics in mind, some have found success in using a foil poker to poke through the shisha to the bottom of a bowl when using denser packs. Theoretically this allows for some increased airflow and movement of the juice as it heats.


As a general guide, we can consider there to be three main packing types based on how high and loose your tobacco is placed in your bowl.

Packing steps

Basic packing comes in three steps: the pinch, the roll, the pat.
First take your shisha from its container, pinched in between two fingers, to your bowl. Roll your fingers over it to separate leaves that are stuck together and let them individually fall into your bowl. As this happens and you initially fill up your bowl, move your hand around to evenly distribute tobacco. After it’s filled up to just above desired height, use your fingers to gently pat it down to the desired height.
Using your fingers can be a bit messy, and some folks prefer to use a fork instead. Take a forkful of shisha and use the spaces in between the tongs to separate it out, apply pressure with your fingers and letting the leaves ‘roll’ from out between the spaces in the fork. After that use your fingers, a fork, or a foil poker to pat down the shisha in an even distribution to the desired height.
After this you apply your foil, put it on the top of the bowl and then press it down tightly over the rim producing a taught, even surface. Use your foil poker to poke holes all around the foil, avoiding the middle for phunnel bowls. More holes will allow more airflow and decrease pull resistance, although too many holes might effect overall session heat and length if done to an extreme. Generally though, the more holes in an even pattern the better.


Packing takes experimentation, and trial and error, to find the sweet spot for each brand and flavor of tobacco. Begin with normal packs, but then adjust height, density, and even HMD usage in response to how your sessions perform. *For sessions that heat too much too quickly, pat your shisha down lower or use less overall. *For sessions that don’t fully heat up, try packing in a fluffier manner. Conversely, for those that die too quickly, try adding density to your pack or putting the top of your shisha slightly higher.
Sessions should be evaluated based on length of flavor and flavor potency. Once you are sure you have your heat management on the right track, you can begin to isolate problems in your session to your pack and your tobacco. Little changes and experiments will help guide you, little by little, to what each different situation requires.
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2023.05.30 23:13 Brick_Block_297 "Don't Look Up" (2021), and the idea of political satire being "too heavy handed". I'd like to look into how the reception to this film can show us how general audiences perceive socio-political commentary, and what kind of commentary they're comfortable with.

Guess I'm a bit late to the party on this one...but honestly, maybe that's for the better. Internet discourse of film, and other narrative based media feels like its at its worst, and I think "Don't Look Up" is a great film to use for opening this discussion.
(...Also, this is secretly a hate-post for "The Batman"...)
For some context, "Don't Look Up" (2021) is an Adam McKay movie centered around an asteroid hitting the earth. The asteroid is an obvious commentary for climate change, and our protagonists are two scientists (played by Leonardo Dicaprio, and Kate Dibiasky) who desperately try to convince the US government to take action. The government has the ability to stop the asteroid, but refuses to because a tech CEO obviously based on Mark Zuckerberg makes a deal with the Republican president (played by Meryl Streep). Leonardo Dicaprio's character sells out to the tech CEO and Republicans, only to regret everything when its too late. The asteroid hits earth, and the top 1% escape on a spaceship.
This film is extremely, and I mean extremely in your face about its sociopolitical critique. The movie constantly makes fun of how working-class Republicans will parrot whatever the president says. The title itself, "Don't Look Up", is a slogan meant to be joke stand-in for Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again". The way the government refuses to take action against the asteroid is an obvious commentary on how our governments barely do against climate change. The film also makes fun of performative progressivism, as with the sellout scientist and concert scene.
Anyway, I've used the word "obviously" so many times now, its clear "Don't Look Up" is a very heavy handed film. I don't know if Adam McKay is the hardcore progressive leftist his film makes him out to be, but regardless, I absolutely love "Don't Look Up". Its heavy handed commentary is what makes this film for me.
However, upon release the film was met with a mixed reception. It currently stands at a 56% on Rotten Tomatoes, and much of the discussion was about how the film was pretentious, due to its heavy-handed message. Especially on Reddit, which seemed to hate this film. And I was really surprised honestly. The internet embodiment of "☝🤓 ermmm, ack-shually!" was calling for more subtly in this film's political commentary? The same website that doesn't shut up about Idioacracy and Blazing Saddles?
But, I think I know why "Don't Look Up" was hit with this reception. It isn't just that don't look up is a heavy handed, in your face kind of movie...its that the themes, messages, and setting, are all directly linked to our current world. It isn't a hypothetical dystopia like Idiocracy, or a century old wild west like Blazing Saddles. "Don't Look Up" takes place in our current political climate.
When "Don't Look Up" criticizes Republicans, it isn't talking about a cartoonish stand-in for the Republicans. Its talking about the current, real world Republicans. When it criticizes media propaganda, it directly references the tactics used by the very real Donald Trump. When it criticizes billionaire CEOs, it uses a character that is identical to our real world billionaire CEOs in all but name.
"Don't Look Up" did what most political commentary is too afraid to to...it directly tackled the issues it was commenting on. Even the fictional asteroid is still really on-the-nose about what its meant to be. It reminds me of when Gareth Marenghi said this...
"I know writers who use subtext...and they're all cowards!:
Maybe he was exaggerating for the bit...but I love this qoute. Because honestly, in our current political climate, what use does subtly have? In America right now, the political climate is constantly getting worse. The removal of women's rights, the attack on LGBTQ+ people, the slow death of the working class, and as "Don't Look Up" shows, the constant enderdagement to our environment. If you're gonna' talk about these very real, very harmful issues...why tiptoe around it? To make the people causing the harm more comfortable?
I think its important to note that on social media, I saw dozens of posts by people in the climate field praise "Don't Look Up", specifically because the on-the-nose nature of this movie represented how they felt. And honestly, that's pretty good proof that being subtle would've been to the detriment of this film. This film did what good political satire is meant to do. It appeased to the people being drowned out by those in power, and relentlessly critiqued those in power.
The funny thing is this...I'm always seeing people post about how they want more "mature" content that tackles real world issues. Especially on Reddit, in which people never shut up about the idea of the "mature reboot". And the thing is...this website actually loves media with heavy-handed messaging. But as I mentioned earlier, people don't want the messaging to actually be directly relevant to a real world topic. They just want media that alludes the the idea of socio-political commentary.
Its why Reddit loves media such as The Witcher III, Idiocracy, Blazing Saddles, early Game Of Thrones, Cyberpunk 2077, Blade Runner 2049. Yes, these pieces of media are very heavy handed in their themes, but because they use fictional stand-ins for their messages, it makes them safer to all audiences, and makes their critisizm less direct in some ways.
But I think the best example of how the internet interprets socio-political commentary, and what kind of commentary this audience is comfortable with, is Matt Reeve's "The Batman" 2022. This movie is currently one of the ineternet's darlings, and people are obsessed with just how "mature" and "deep" this movie is.
Thing is though, as far as socio-political commentary goes...The Batman is a big nothing burger. The movie starts by introducing a bunch of very real socio-political ideas, such as the corrupt police, the politicians being controlled by a few rich people, the underground sex-trafficking in Gotham, or how domestic terrorists use the internet as a means of recruitment. And yet by the end of the film, none of these ideas amount to anything. They're all just window dressing for a fanservice Batman flick whose only moral theme is "Batman doesn't kill", as a corporate apology for Batman Vs. Superman.
The big moral moments of this film are Batman stopping Selina from killing the man who controls all of the corruption in Gotham, and Batman feeling sad because he punched a domestic terrorist too hard. Its almost hilarious honestly, because its clear that the Riddler's terrorist gang was based off of Q-anon, and if anything, the only thing that stopped them on January 6th was when a shot was fired into the inserrectunist crowd. So the whole "Batman needs to be more merciful to the villains" arc is actually the opposite of a real-world critique.
But that's the thing. The Batman isn't actually mature. It has nothing to say about our current world or political state. It just takes real world issues, and uses them as an aesthetic for a moral theme that doesn't actually fit in with said issues. And the thing is, The Batman is an incredibly heavy-handed movie. Just as much as Don't Look Up honestly. But the difference is, The Batman's heavy handed narrative is used only for Batman's "no kill rule", not any of the real world issues the film is introduced with.
And that's kinda' my whole point. There's a reason most people online love movies like The Batman. These movies treat socio-political commentary as window dressing, using some real world issues in the most surface level manner possible, then never making an actual conclusion in them. Because of that, movies like The Batman are incredibly safe movies, and are basically "enlightened centrist" fantasies with no bite.
Whereas something like Don't Look Up will actively target real world issues, and directly build its entire film around them. The film pulls no punches, and its clear what the targets of its commentary are. And because of that, this film's meaning can't be twisted in any way. There's no "both sides are just as bad" narrative here to make all audiences feel comfortable. This film knows what its about, and sticks to it.
And here's the thing...I'm not saying all movies that tackle real socio-political issues need to be super direct, and call out real names like Don't Look Up. The examples I listed before The Batman are good media, and they have a place in the world of film, TV, and gaming.
But what I am saying is that it feels like most audiences are just flat out afraid of any meaningful socio-political commentary. Even when it comes to a political satire, its as if audiences will only feel comfortable as long as the film is vague enough that it never directly makes a statement on a real world issue. And even if it does directly comment on something, as long as its disconnected enough from our reality, they'll be safe with it. Because it means it doesn't have to make them uncomfortable with the current state of our world. And because of that, when they're met with a socio-political commentary that actually has some bite to it, they're immediately bothered by the heavy-handedness of it. Because that means they have to confront real world issues in media, and for a lot of these people, media should be escapism, and nothing more.
To end this off, I'd like to mention the original piece of political satire...Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal". Written to offend the ruling class by comparing their treatment of the poor to cannabilism during a period of mass poverty in Ireland. I can guarantee you that some people thought Swift had went too far with this paper. Thing is, who do you think those people were? And who do you think his supporters were?
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2023.05.30 23:09 zeekoes [WP] A mob boss fights a hopeless battle against a utopian society to keep their illegal business afloat

Giovanni Donarumma sat behind his desk with his head in his hands. It was difficult being an honest to god mobster in this era. His grandfather had ran it during the golden days. The shipping of drugs had brought millions into the family and they had a tight control over the city. His dad had experienced the first warning signs with the legalization of cannabis and the tighter international cooperation on cargo safety and regulation. Still, he had done alright, switching the business into crypto technology and illegal medical supplies. Giovanni however, had steered the family business into the ground.
“You’re sure that there is no market for the shipment of heroine?” he asked one of the henchmen.
“Not since the EU legalized all drugs, sir,” said the henchmen.
They used to be afraid of disappointing the head of the family. With the power to decide who lives or dies, his ancestors had kept everyone in line. Nowadays Giovanni was happy he even had henchmen around. Most simply went independent, offering their services to the highest bidder. That higher bidder being the government, after it had overhauled it’s public service system and started paying fair wages to their personnel.
“And crypto currencies, how are we doing in that department?” asked an exhausted Giovanni.
“Since the regulations, most of our assets are worthless. Mining industry had been taken over by AI, ever since AI – again – increased the production of chip technology, leading to an abundance of hardware to mine,” said the henchman, while scrolling on his visual aid.
He probably figured Giovanni – being the old man that he now was – wouldn’t notice, but anyone could recognize that disinterested posture.
“Can I get tomorrow off, to celebrate my anniversary with my husband, boss?” asked the henchmen, seemingly oblivious to the increasing despair of his employer.
“Sure, tell him I said hi,” Giovanni answered and he waved the man off.
Now alone in his office, with the darkened skyline of the city at night in the background, Giovanni pondered on where to take the enterprise. With most formerly prohibited markets legalized and regulated, digital marketplaces cracked down and once again regulated, and the dissipation of crime as the quickest way to a big pay day, there was only one path left to walk. Giovanni scrolled down the contact list of his own visual aid – which his henchmen never suspected he had – and called the last name on the list.
“Pauli?” he asked.
“Yes, Gio, it’s me,” the voice on the other end answered.
“It’s time. Sign me up for the mayoral elections. It’s time someone started eroding this utopia from the inside out,” said Giovanni, with a crooked smile on his chiselled face.
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2023.05.30 23:03 Mahaloth What's up with a student being killed at school in Dearborn Heights, Michigan?

The superintendent has failed a vote of no confidence. Looks like he'll be out.
The story indicates a girl.....died....in a "tragic student accident."
What the heck happened? I've been a teacher for 18 years and have twice, I think, had students die while on campus. One was a suicide, the other heart failure a basketball game(oddly during a city league game using our gym). No one blamed the superintendent for these. Tragically, things do happen.
What happened in Dearborn Heights? The circumstances around this student death are very mysterious.
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2023.05.30 22:54 Consistent_Anxiety_1 Eulogy for CrankGameplays

I know there will probably be a bunch of funny eulogies here as a joke, but I just wanted to say some kind words and thank yous to CrankGameplays. I’ve watched CrankGameplays for many, many years and I’ve heard many people talk about how much gameplays helped them during Covid, but they made the biggest difference to me right before Covid. About a year before Covid my dads cancer came back much worse than before. He couldn’t do much because he didn’t have much energy, but all throughout his treatment my dad and I would sit and watch CrankGameplays. We would look at video games they played and pick out ones we both liked. We would play together for hours and discuss strategy together, share things we learned about the games and things we thought CrankGameplays didn’t get to see in the games but we thought they’d enjoy. CrankGameplays wasn’t the only gaming channel we watched, but they always made us laugh the most. My dad died right before Covid hit. I always miss him, but whenever I go back and rewatch those videos I remember sitting next to him on the couch and bonding with him over crankGameplys and video games. While the gameplays are over, it will always remain like a time capsule to me, holding all those good memories and times we had together and keeping them safe. Life is very different for me now and I’m not at all on the path I thought I would be on, but sometimes life changes and you have to grow with it. I hope Ethan does what he loves and finds his own path, no matter how many weird twists and turns it takes to find the one that makes him happy. While I will miss the gameplays, it’s nice to see Ethan grow and change with the rest of us so he can find what makes him happy.
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2023.05.30 22:46 Ok_Yesterday_2803 [Online] [5e] [18+] [Level 9 One Shot][2-4 sessions][Thursday 7am PST] [LGBTQ+] The Demon Queen Awakens

Over a thousand years ago the Demon Queen, Nehebkelat, and her four dread generals ruled an empire that spanned a continent. Her tyranny was opposed by an ancient and noble order, the Eyes of Aten, who after a century of terrible conflict defeated the dread generals and cast down the Demon Queen, imprisoning her for a thousand years. Those thousand years have now passed and the ancient order of protectors who imprisoned the Demon Queen has been lost to time.
In The Demon Queen Awakens, the player characters represent the only heroes willing to assist the last surviving member of the Eyes of Aten - charged with the sacred duty of preventing Nehebkelat from escaping her prison. Upon entering the Vault of Aten, the heroes will realize this is no easy task. Dark forces have awoken to ensure that Nehebkelat will rise again and subjugate the continent beneath her abyssal rule.
Doing a test run of this Level 9 One Shot. This is not a Newbie Friendly game you are expected to know what a Level 9 Character is capable of, I don't expect you to know everything even I look at the rules all the time, but you should have a good understanding of the game. I will not be pulling punches in this game as I normally do as a DM. If you die you die. This game also has a timer attached to it, and if you don't complete it within the allotted time the game will end. Should take anywhere from 2-4 Sessions depending on timer.
Anyone is able to join, but I do prefer to have a mix of genders male, female etc... to balance out the table. LGBTQ+ friendly. We will go over session zero, backstories, character creation, rules, foundry tutorial and table manners, and any other questions you may have before play.
  1. Have a Clear mic for voice & video via Discord with a quiet background audio while playing. Phones are not acceptable as an audio source (Video is not required, but I like to use it as I am a very social person and I like to Roleplay with the players).
  2. The game is played over Foundry VTT (Virtual Tabletop) via Molten Hosting, as such it requires a good network connection & bare minimum specs of a laptop or pc that can play a game via this generation if you're using a chrome book or very weak or old laptop it will not run good and will lag out or crash constantly. The higher specs you have of a better rig the better it will run.
  3. Looking for 5 players, also looking for feedback after the game if any is appreciated if you have any insight for me afterwards if something perhaps needed more context or explaining or if you think I can somehow run it smoother let me know :) always open to constructive criticism.
  4. Character creation will be done on DnDBeyond, Point Buy, Standard Equipment, Sticking to traditional races and classes, No Homebrew. 4800gp to spend on items. Any more questions on character creation or anything else can be discussed during the session zero.
Feel free to message me on here or add me on Discord @: LiquidSn8ke#7350 for an interview and more information on the game.
A bit about myself I'm 34 been a forever dm for the past 6 years and I’m a big rp dm love doing voices and getting into characters. Rule of Cool DM, but I still try to follow raw (rules as written) as much as possible.
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2023.05.30 22:41 patriotraitor Are Elizabeth Keene and Masha Rastova 2 different people?

Something that's been on my mind with this entire series is that we've been seeing what we lead to believe we actual people, or who they SAID they were and ended up not being them at all. (No spoilers) but one episode shows someone and then eventually reveals "Oh yeah they weren't really them... just kidding"
But something I've pondered is that with Elizabeth Keene / Masha Rastova, they made the series all about her, but haven't really dug back much on her -- like, for example when she rushes the Russian embassy gate and declares she's Masha Rastova the daughter of Katarina Rastova -- but then we have her memories erased, how did she know she was, if she was told she was Keene?
Secondly... here's an interesting one, we've never heard Katarina call her Elizabeth, only Masha -- but yet, Reddington (our Red) has called her Elizabeth consistently, if not Lizzie multiple times. HOWEVER, during one episode with Ilya and Red on a bench, Red says "I want this done before Masha comes home" -- a bit odd.
So what gives... is it going to be revealed that Elizabeth wasn't REALLY Elizabeth all along? She was just another phantom playing out a role to fool everyone? Or that the real Masha is in hiding? Died? Never existed?
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2023.05.30 22:34 Hiiipower111 Soo cool! (A quick love story 😉)

Soo cool! (A quick love story 😉)
I have kept this spider around since sometime last year. When found her initially, she was in between a couple of tight spaces I was cleaning in my grow tent. I took an orchid, (one that I couldn't keep sow bugs off of) put it next to her, and within a day or so she had moved in under the leafs- the sow bugs had moved out.
Fast forward to now, the orchid with the spider has produced quite a few egg sacks here and there since. I don't often see the babies though. I know for certain there was only 3 egg sacks under the orchid leaf/in her nest a couple days ago though.
I was cleaning again and found some more egg sacks pretty far from where she resides but still in the tent, (I actually ended up sweeping them up by accident)
I didn't know if the eggsacks would survive, but I put them next to her nest anyway, assuming that whatever spider they came from probably died during the whirlwind of my aggressive sweeping.
Well I checked today, and the orchid spider has moved the egg sacks into her nest under the leaf! I didn't expect her to pull them in like that! Adopted, just like me! It's remarkable, in my opinion, that so many different species recognize the importance of helping raise the young of their own "kind".
No matter how "small", "scary" or "gross" parts of nature may seem, they all have significance, and that can be easy to forget. To be able to observe our own morals through the world around us, reflecting the infinite and finding examples of the interconnected nature of it all, is just a reminder of how much of a blessing life is.
It's our duty as concious beings to observe and appreciate the world around us💚
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2023.05.30 22:31 Spiritual_Field_4773 Bentley intentionally altered the timeline

With many discussions on Bentley wanting to know about the events for his friends being the case for Sly and Murray, what is noticeable is how time travel was never mentioned before Bentely's narration at the end of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, it was if he would never be interested in the idea in the first place? It's possible Penelope may influenced this idea with him, plus a lot of her works on Thieves in Time involve how she operates Time Travel but here's something a bit odd is Time Travel might not have been the way Penelope intended either.
But before we arrive to that, I need to address the further depths on how canon operates in general.
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is of course Canon; however, it may not be part of the original timeline but is part of the main timeline.
Sounds confusing but let me give me examples of what I am talking about.
Detective Comics #27 is the first the Batman story that is about the Golden Age Version of Batman who has definitely killed people, this was retconned out the main, otherwise fully known the Mainstream Batman, to make the true character being more the envision of how he sets his rules, Earth-One, New Earth and Prime Earth are separate from Earth-Two that is where the Golden Age Batman lives on before he was killed on Adventure Comics Issue 462.
The second example is Doom 3 that has no place in the original continuity involving Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth and Doom 64 but is Canon regardless of it not having place with the previous timeline.
What these examples are supposed to clarify is an installment can still be canon to the main series and the continuity it is from is the main continuity of the official run for the timeline making the previous only somewhat or not-so-official anymore.
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is likely not part of the original timeline due to some inconsistencies with the events that took place, not to mention that Carmelita was taller than Sly in the trilogy but shorter in the fourth installment? We know the timeline can be altered due to what Le Paradox did with the canes, but it may have happened before he did that. Remember, Thieves in Time is still part of the main continuity as that is the current running continuity for the series, but what happened in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, where the game only follows the 100% ending, But It's About Time has definitely been confirmed to be canon to the franchise and is now the main continuity running just like what Thieves in Time is doing.
With that being said, the main timeline of what is the state of the series now has likely been altered before Thieves in Time, because Bentley and Penelope have been implied to have used Time Travel shortly after or during the ending of Sly 3. It could also be possible that his use of time travel may have been messed with by someone, but it may not have been Penelope who did it, or at least not directly or mainly directly. Meaning enemy of the Cooper who may find out about this might use it to their advantage but may have been fully successful in doing so either.
Originally the title of this post was supposed to be Time Travel wasn't Bentley's idea with Penelope or someone behind the scenes as written on the top here, and it's still possible that may have been the case, possibly from someone who intended to warn them about the future, possibly even being Penelope somehow. How exactly is up to question, maybe she has ties with certain hints, or maybe the name Clockwerk has more meaning, and she wanted to make sure that didn't ruin Bentley and the gang, even if that means she'd take action that would change herself completely.
A possible scenario on why she was the way she was in Thieves in Time and why she is not that way in Honor Among Thieves is because the previous timeline of herself rejected a lifestyle that she was living, making her developed from that while what happened Thieves in Time is she was influenced by it in some way that made her more selfish, and there had to have been a potential person involved in Penelope's life for this to happen, but with the timeline being altered, that person's influence on her life had a sinister effect.
Bentley's initial use for the time machine was to see how well the future would be, but what he witnesses was so terrible that he had to alter it for that not to happen, hence why the events seem to be somewhat loosely different from how things were previously, possibly somehow leading to Sly being killed by some an enemy or it may have been much worse with almost every member of the Cooper gang being killed down to the last person to save their fate, hence how the name Clockwerk could come into play, in being aware of the time travel in operating the events to suit his operation, but failed at the second to completely alter this, heck there may have been a previous timeline even before Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, of it not being the first time that time has been altered, which makes me wonder if that is true, how different was that previous timeline? And will it have anything to do with Clockwerk trying to mess with the timeline again? This would make more sense on how Clockwerk has always been a recurring nemesis for the Cooper clan, because of how time, the CLOCK WORKS in Clockwerk's favor in resetting everything for some alterations for him to come back, so God knows how many times this may have happened and why Bentley needed to alter it, implying he needed to break the loop that it would mess with Clockwerk's chances in using this to his advantage even if that means he has to sacrifice his relatinship with other's being like what happened with Penelope.
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2023.05.30 22:30 KawonSuggs Why didn't we see Ares again in Chapter 3 or 4 ? did she really die during the confrontation with John Wick ? Would've loved to see Ruby Rose reprise the role and get a second chance at fighting the Baba Yaga

Why didn't we see Ares again in Chapter 3 or 4 ? did she really die during the confrontation with John Wick ? Would've loved to see Ruby Rose reprise the role and get a second chance at fighting the Baba Yaga submitted by KawonSuggs to JohnWick [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:24 gredman9 Teaser List Updates: Lord of the Rings (05/30/23) PREMIERE

I didn't expect to make one of these, but here we are. The last time we did a clues list for a non-Magic IP, I was barely familiar with the source material. Now I'm a little more familiar than last time, but there are still many details that I don't know. What I do know is that I'm looking forward to providing the clue results as they get spoiled. So, let's not waste any more time and get right to them!
Link to the clues below:
As always, feel free to let me know if there is anything I've missed!
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2023.05.30 22:21 stealthship1 Oscar Whent, Lord of Harrenhal (AC Included)

Discord Name: Ben
Name and House: Oscar Whent
Age: 75
Appearance: A knight past his prime, Lord Oscar has held the Lordship of Harrenhal for decades now and has witnessed his fair share of joyous occasions and tragedies.
Gifts: Leadership
Skills: Covert, Logistician (E), Strategist, Tactician
Talents: Drinking, Hunting, Reading
Negative Traits: Old Age
Starting Titles: Lord of Harrenhal
Starting Location: King's Landing
Family Tree: House Whent of Harrenhal
Alternate Characters: N/a
PC Timeline
132 AC: Born to Ser Walter Whent and his wife, a daughter of a household knight at Harrenhal, where they had been taken into service by the castle’s new overlord House Lothston.
142 AC: Oscar was taken in by Lord Otto Lothston as a page.
143 AC: Oscar was taken in as a squire by Ser Franklyn Lothston and would accompany him during the Second Dance.
146 AC: Ser Franklyn, now Lord Lothston, succumbs to his wounds not long after the end of the war. His father and brothers all died in the war and thus ended their line. Ser Walter Whent, himself wounded from the war, was granted the castle by the Crown.
149 AC: Oscar is knighted by his father and marries Lady Ellyn Wode, the sister of the Knight of House Wode.
150 AC: Oscar and Ellyn’s first son Simon is born. Lord Walter Whent dies two days later and Oscar inherits Harrenhal.
152 AC: His first daughter Alys is born.
155 AC: His second son Osmund is born
157 AC: His second daughter Danelle is born
164 AC: The Third Dance commences and Lord Oscar marches to fight in the war, his brother Ser Oswell dies in the conflict.
169 AC: Ser Simon Whent marries Lady Hayford at Harrenhal.
170 AC: His first grandson, Addam is born.
171 AC: Lady Alys Whent marries Lord Butterwell at Whitewalls.
172 AC: His grandson Damon is born.
176 AC: His granddaughter Jeyne is born
177 AC: Lady Danelle Whent marries Edmure Tully at Riverrun.
180 AC: His grandson Lucas is born
186 AC: The Fourth Dance begins and Lord Oscar marches to war with Ser Simon, Ser Osmund, Addam, and Damon to partake in the fighting. Ser Simon is slain in battle though he is avenged by his brother and son. Ser Osmund is raised to the Kingsguard by the end of the war and Addam is knighted.
189 AC: Ser Addam marries Lady Darry on the first day of the new year at Harrenhal. She would give birth to twins later that year, Rosamund and Robert, though she would suffer greatly and the Maester earned another pregnancy would kill her.
190 AC: Ser Damon’s mistress, Missy of Harrentown, gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Harwin Rivers. She dies days later of complications and Damon is slain in Harrentown a fortnight later by her brothers in a bar fight.
204 AC: Having negotiated a marriage between Amarei Lannister and his grandson Lucas, the Whents attend the upcoming wedding only for Ser Addam to find his sister Jeyne abed with Amory Lannister. Challenging the man to a duel for her honor, Ser Addam slays the Lion. The marriage is called off and both Westerlands and Riverlands nearly come to war over the incident. Lady Jeyne is married to a household knight, Ser Tristifer Lansdale.
206 AC: Ser Addam dies when he is thrown from his horse in the Flowstone Yard. His son, the newly knighted Robert Whent is named the new Heir of Harrenhal.
207 AC: King Maelor II invites the realm to Dragonstone for a feast.
AC Character
Name and House: Ser Osmund Whent
Age: 52
Appearance: Years of duty have begun to wear on the face of the aging knight, though his skills remain sharp.
Gift: Duelist
Skills: Polearms, Knightly, Defender (E), Hale
Talents: Hunting, Fighting, Reading
Starting Titles: Knight of the Kingsguard
Starting Location: King's Landing
AC Timeline
155 AC: Born to Lord Oscar Whent and Lady Ellyn Wode.
165 AC: Sent to Harroway to foster and squire for Lord Harroway.
173 AC: Knighted by Lord Harroway and returns to Harrenhal.
175 AC: Refuses to be betrothed to Lord Harroway’s daughter leading to a crisis between lord and vassal. Several attempts at betrothing him fail.
186 AC: Joins his family in fighting the Fourth Dance. His brother Simon is slain but Osmund kills his way through the Dornish and other sellswords to avenge him with his nephew Addam. He is approached to join the Kingsguard at war’s end and accepts, continuing to serve to this day.
Ser Robert Whent - Swords
Rosamund Whent - Alchemy
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