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2023.03.21 00:08 geminidragon77 Does anyone have some study tips?

This is probably one of my worst semesters and I’ve been having difficulty studying. The information makes sense to me when I’m at clinicals, but once it comes down to taking the exams I do so bad. My class still does decently well. I make my own study guides and read the books, but something’s just not working. Does anyone have any tips I feel like I don’t even know how to study anymore when we’re bombarded with information at 7 am. All my classes are super early in the morning and I’m not a morning person so it’s challenging to adjust to.
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2023.03.21 00:08 ssahc Why are NP like this?!?!

I spent all night debating on If I should post this or not, but if I am able to help NP’s become better bosses for their employees and nannies leave work environments they are not happy in and who have gone or are currently going through my situation then it would be worth it on my end..
I (24F) have been a Nanny for a current family for 9 months now. (Wfh parents) Everything went well as so I thought until I started noticing some things (I have a separate post regarding of a couple of red flags I noticed my time there) that completely blind sided me and is the reason for why I am looking for a new job. I’ve mentioned in previous posts (on another community) that I will be sitting down and talk to the NP after they come back from their vacation and In which I did. I asked NP if we could do so in the afternoon without kids (F6,F3) being present and they started off with being hostile and proceeded to ask what it was about, if it was bad and if we could talk about it now because DB would be busy later after I told them I would prefer to talk about it later as we can sit down, (I offered to come in 20 min earlier as this wasn’t going to be a 5 minute conversation) to discuss without any rush and again without kids being present and at this time I did not want NK to be late for daycare but I had no choice then to talk about it straight away.
My lack of benefits- how on multiple occasions I’ve been told to not come in whether it was an hour or a full day and how it affects my income and going forward I would like GH. (I started the job with no benefits) I brought up a vacation they plan to take in about a month or so and in which I thought I wasn’t going to be paid for and they responded saying ‘they already told me they would pay for that week gone’ in which I explained I was confused and unsure cause I have brought it up multiple times and was not given a definite answer. Okay great just a misunderstanding. GH crossed off my list.
My duties- I explained to them that during our initial interview we discussed and agreed to me doing only child related and light housekeeping chores which would be vacuuming after kids, cleaning kitchen countertops when kids were done eating and just cleaning up after the kids and myself in general but I found myself doing 10x more and in which they responded if I could give them examples and so I did, I brought up the time I was asked to bring MB sister home, the many of many frames they wanted me to take down because I had extra minutes to spare and they didn’t want to pay me for doing nothing and the time I cleaned the refrigerator. NP proceeded to say to justify that all those things were not reoccurring things they didn’t ask often and if I did not want to do them I could of just said no but then said If I was not able to help them here and there then I would not be a right fit for them and they would be looking for a new Nanny or that I would loose pay. NP proceeded to bring up past nannies and things they would for for them. I explain to them that I don’t mind doing extras but that I would need to be compensated accordingly and we would need to discuss expectations going forward.
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2023.03.21 00:08 PhelesDragon So, s3e3 actually hits the spot for me

This one did something that Star Wars has not for me for some time: in made me care about a character. Telling the story from the perspective of Pershing and his plight was smart. Not God-tier, but competent in a way I haven't seen SW be in a while (sans Andor, which feels so far removed at this point it's practically in its own Star Wars continuity bubble outside of the main canon).
I love how they used his humanity in the episode. To protect his identity, the New Republic strips him of it with a dehumanizing code number. The writers and the woman (can't remember her name) use his former identity to draw him in and thus strip him of it entirely in the end. It was a painful inversion of concepts and very well done. I asked my wife where this level of writing had been in the prior 2 episodes, Snoke set-up be damned.
The bottomline is, for me, that I can forgive minor world building plot holes (and maybe even the odd Sequel plot groundwork) when I actually give a shit about the story being told. This story did that for me.
They even had a bit of finality to this episode with his mind being wiped. Granted, I know now these writers' penchant for bringing characters and objects back that should be atoms, so I maintain the fear that this isn't the last we've seen of "mentally complete" Pershing. That said, as an episode unto itself, quite enjoyable and genuinely heartaching.
Of course the concept of cloning is being beaten to death and sucked dry posthumously, but what can one expect? I've always hated cloning as any sort of plot device, but unfortunately Star Wars was permanently saddled with it due to that throw away comment from Luke in the very first film. Although, had the Clone Wars been more "repeatedly cloning our best and brightest warriors, and eventually even our Jedi in a multi-faction war for galactic supremacy" rather than "oh, the Stormtroopers were just all clones before", I might've marginally reeled back my opinion of the trope. But I digress...
The episode bookends with some actual Mando plot that didn't physically make me crumple over with cringe-induced muscle cramps, so it was welcome too. Baby Yoda is typically the side-character dingleberry at this point, but either you're on board with Disney's approach to him being in everything or you're just miserable. I'm trying my best not to be miserable. Suspicious lack of mention that Mando rules the Mandalorians still, but whatever. Obviously the writers don't care about the Mandalorian code they're basing the entire show's contrived plot on. So be it.
Anyway, if they could maintain this quality in writing, and I'm positive they can't, to where they actually wrote characters worth caring about, I might be happy, ultimately. I doubt it, but maybe. Either way, it was nice just be invested again, and to have some sense of closure on anything. Will it happen again? Will it even hold? We'll see.
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2023.03.21 00:08 its-a-me-maria Cannot figure out Stone Age’s strategy

Okay, bear with me. My bf and I play a lot of board games and we bought Stone Age a couple of months back. We’ve played multiple strategy games and, although it’s never been neck-to-neck, the score has always been close (him beating me, of course 😡)
Stone Age has been the exception; he beats me BY FAR. And, as if he this wasn’t enough, I’ve been playing on BGA and I cannot beat anybody for the life of me.
I’ve been researching strategies, I’ve tried implementing all of them, but I cannot win.
But, no matter what, I return to this game. Sometimes I catch myself looking forward to get off work and play. I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO LOSING TO STRANGERS!!!!!1!
However, no matter how big of a masochist I am, I really need some pointers. I’ve tried everything, from a no-feed strategy to an only-card focus game. I cannot figure it out.
What I’m trying to say is, please help me beat my boyfriend at a game, at last, thank you:)
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2023.03.21 00:08 dziadek1990 AU Discussion

Original Polish version
Context: The Girls are having a break from D&D, and Twilight suggested a creatively lighter entertainment: discussion of Alternate Realities, where their lives turned out differently.
Location: Ground-floor living room at Fluttershy's… though the pegasus is in a different room at the moment.
"So! In this scenario we're all students living in a dorm, and we're having a drastically..."

"...okay, perhaps we're not leading that drastically different lifes compared to our current reality, but, well..."

"Anyway! I here overall have changed the least in this scenario: I am a student working my butt off, labouring on my thesis, while you girls--"

"And the subject of your thesis is…?"

"...what? Already? Isn't it too soon for…? Umm, Artificial Intelligence. Economics. Traveling Salesman Problem… or whatsis name when they translate it into Equestrian. But for now unimportant; we'll return to it later. Anyways… err… well, um, like...

(to Pinkie) "Hehehe… ‘well um like' … it's some advanced science term, I think..."

"Pinkie will be a crazy party-girl – so no changes. She'll be spending whole days going wild with her gal-pals, so, with a half of all female students, because more-or-less half of them are extraverts just like she is. I dunno. I'll check later if half or more or less ponies are extraverts. And Pinkie will be spending so much time on tea parties and downing shots and on dance floors that her grades will be doing a nose-dive, but she won't be worried, because her father--"

"...wait, Pinkie? Question."


"Do you want your dad to be loaded in this story and to fund your education, and for that Theoretical You not to be worried about anything, or would you rather have more dramas, where you fight with addiction, and where you absolutely have to pass the semester, else you won't afford any re-dos, and you'll land on the street, homeless, because there won't be any perspectives for a stable job, perhaps? How would you like it? Do you want this Pinkie to have an easy or a difficult life?"

"Easy! Because I have it hard! I wanna my daddy to spoil me with munny so I could buy MOUNTAINS of all sorts of doodads and doohickeys andd gizmos and shiny things! I want some of my ‘gal-pals' to secretly hate me, and only go after my cash!"

"Yes Ma'am!

"And all's alright!"

"Rainbow! Your turn!"

"And Dashie will be a bully and will be pulling test answers from nerds!"

"Hey! I'm deciding! My character, my ideas!"

(to Twilight) "I wanna be a bully, and I want to pull test answers from the nerds."

"Thief! Stealer! Watch, ponies! She's already stealing others' ideas! A true felon she is! A perfect role for a perfect bully!"

"Thanks! As a prize I'll give you an Indian Burn!"
*grabs Pinkie's forearm*

"...darn, it's not working… What gives?"

"Is it that school-torture-bully-thing Gilda showed you? For that you'd need claws, Dashie. Or hands, or something."

"RETURNING to the subject… We have: the me-nerd, the Pinkie-partygal, and the Rainbow-bully. We'll create the rest of the cast a bit later, when other Girls exit Fluttershy's room."

"Wait, Rares is gone? Did she join them? ...and what're they doing there so long anyways? Did Shy seriously suck them into that anime, and are they watching full episodes right now?"

"I do not know. We'll peek later. For now: brainstorming. Let's throw out some ideas! A story is not just some characters and a location! In any case, a university and a dorm are an insufficient list of locations for the action to take place in!"

"Add cafes and roomsies of hundreds of my gal-pals and the dis-co-clubs!"

"Okay, though the action inside discos won't be taking that long..."

"Waa?? But waiii?"

"It's loud as sh-- ...shockingly loud, they are. There is no way to write dialogues in those places, since nobody will be hearing eachother speak."

"Narrations. We can always narrativate what is happening! Oh and I can also talk in sign language with my deaf gal-pals, even when it'll be loud!"

"Why the eff do deaf girls go to the disco if they can't hear the music?"

"They feel the vibrations! UNTS-UNTS-UNTS-UNTS! I have many deaf gal-pals IRL and I know they like it when loud bass music makes their chests and hearts and lungs vibrate!"

"Seriously? Huh."

"I was thinking a bit, and… what would you say if Rainbow hurt, or mocked one of Pinkie's girlfriends, and Pinkie, who's normally peaceful, attacked somebody for the first time in her life, and bucked Rainbow in the face?"

"Pinkie'd die, and the story would be too short."

"Don't you be so high-and-mighty because sometimes I kick your butt when we play-wrestle IRL so there! And that Pinkie from the story probs had to deal at the dorm with all sorts of guys who are dinks and learned a self-defense grab or two because of that! That Alt Pinkie would break Alt Rainbow's bones!"

"In your dreams, shorty."

"The giraffe has spoken!"


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2023.03.21 00:08 SeaToe18 Rate My Team for Reg C

This is a rain team for Regulation C. I used Drednaw Pelliper core in Series one and I want to use them again so I can just jump into Regulation C without training a full team again.
Drednaw is the main sweeper, will OHKO most threats with liquidation in the rain. Ice Spinner for blocking TR Psy-spam, and rock slide for solid spread damage.
Pelliper is just a rain setter and speed control. But in testing Hurricane has been great at pressuring Wo-Chien.
Brute Bonnet is my Dondozo counter. But the sleep support has come in clutch along with Bullet seed taking out opposing Palafin, Bundle, and Ting-Lu.
Farigiraf is there to block Chien-Pao and Dragonite priority spam. Also, to set up trick room in matches where Drediper isn’t viable.
Iron Hands is there for Fake Out support and to sweep under trickroom.
Kingambit is generally a good cleaner for the end of the fight or a solid trick room sweeper.
submitted by SeaToe18 to VGCRateMyTeam [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 00:07 ImaginationSea3679 The Nature of Peace 11

Its been a long time since I wrote for this.
There are multiple POVs once again.
CW: Implied Torture
I hope you enjoy.
Memory Transcription Subject: Slanek, Venlil Space Corps
Date[Standardized Human Time]: August 21, 2136
The glow of artificial life greeted me as I suddenly awoke. It felt harsh and abnormal. Was I knocked unconscious?
My sight was then greeted by an alien with golden brown fur, sideways eyes, and floppy ears. I recognized it from the depictions in history books.
I immediately scrambled to the nearest wall, trying to get away from the thing that stood before me.
“It’s okay,” the short figure raised its arms in a calming gesture as it attempted to appease me. “I’m a doctor. You are safe now.”
I refused to believe it. It was a monster, a creature that toyed with everything around it like a false idol.
Despite that, I needed to calm down. If I get on their good side, I might be able to find Marcel.
“Where’s Marcel?” I asked, my voice growling with a demanding anger.
“There was no one else with you on that ship. The predator would’ve-“
“THE PREDATOR’S NAME IS MARCEL!” I shouted at him lunging forward and getting up into his face as a threat. He looked terrified. Good. I could see some very large guards aiming their massive weapons at me from my peripheral vision.
“Please.” I said, forcing my voice into a pleading tone. “I can’t function without him.”
The “doctor” just stared at me, absolutely terrified. After some moments of silence, he pointed a shaking finger towards the door. “G-go right-“
I didn’t wait for him to finish. I ran through the doors and down the hall, the guards marching after me. I could hear familiar screams.
After following the screaming, I came upon a room. Inside was Marcel, locked in a cage with a collar around his neck and bleeding wounds and swollen bruises across his entire body.
“MARCEL!” I shouted as I ran towards him.
The guards lifted their guns, but I could hear an order to hold, probably worried about my safety as as “fellow prey species”.
I knelt put to Marcel as he gripped the bars to get a good look at me. He smiled before shaking violently as an electric buzzing was heard.
“Stop That!” I shouted.
“It’s snarling at you.” I heard.
“It’s how humans express joy! Stop it now!”
The current finally stopped.
“Marcel…” I said once again.
Marcel struggled to lift himself up and look at me. “Slanek… I… I’m so glad you’re okay… I thought…” his voice sounded so weak.
To my surprise, we ended up just sitting there, consoling each other. It seems like the scientists are too shocked to do anything about it.
I almost felt grateful for that.
Memory Transcription Subject: Dr. Recel, Kolshian Commonwealth
Date[Standardized Human Time]: August 21, 2136
I could do nothing but stare at the interaction between predator and prey.
It went against all known science. It defied what we listed as the laws of nature. Every interaction we have had proved that predators were violent and merciless, and undeserving of existence.
This proved everything wrong.
Despite that being something I suspected.
I don’t know why, but I always felt bad for predators. Their diet cursed them to a life of killing innocents to sustain themselves. By killing them for the consequences of something that was completely out of their control seemed just as cruel to me.
Of course, I never voiced any of these thoughts, lest I be diagnosed with predator disease.
I always wondered what it was like if predators were capable of empathy. If they were able to suppress themselves long enough to do some good in the galaxy.
This proved that maybe that wonder wasn’t such an impossibility after all.
I can’t make my decision. Not yet.
I needed more information.
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2023.03.21 00:07 Dramatic-Dirt4480 No, not everyone matters

I been rejected from all of the UCs (except Riverside) and got rejected from UNC and UT Austin. I know what went wrong for me was that I lacked extracurriculars. All I did was be a member in a few clubs and nothing beyond that. And that was the case because I literally did not have time to be more involved.
Like during high school, I was the type of student who needed to work HARD to do well academically. I have to spend all of my free time outside of class studying in order to get good grades. I have to sacrifice my social life completely. I tried to be more efficient in studying, but that came at the cost of lower grades. I couldn't balance maintaining high grades and doing a ton of extracurriculars. I just couldn't.
It is such a hard pill to swallow. People say things like "everyone is worth the same equally" , "hard work beats talent", or "just work smarter", but those are empty words. Utterly meaningless and useless words. I worked as hard as hard as I can and pursued as much resources and help as possible and I still can't meet the standards expected. Not everyone is created equal, and some people need to work 24/7 just to underperform someone who just sits on their couch all day. Life isn't fair, and I wish people would stop pretending it is.
I been on a campus tour here. I am far uglier, dumber, less social, and less athletic to 90% of students here. I don't want to here some toxic nonsense about how everyone matters, because that is a lie. Lying is immoral. I matter less than many other people. I am not desired academically or even socially. And I tried hard as hell too to change that, but I couldn't fight nature. Nature always wins in the end.
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2023.03.21 00:07 thehappylibra 1st birthday party

Our baby’s first birthday is coming up and I’m in the process of planning. My sons dad and I will be having the party together, which requires us to work together. But dad does not seem to be of much help. I’m trying to not get to deep and make it a big deal but it feels like everything is on me now. Such as the prepping and planning. He will be helping with the cost of things but I have expressed to him I need help with other ideas. He thinks I’m over doing it and should just go to the store and get whatever they have and call it a day. He hasn’t put much thought towards the food, the games, cake or anything. If anyone has planned a party before you know how stressful it can be, which is exactly how I feel. I expressed to him that I need him to be more helpful but he feels I shot down his ideas. All I told him was no seafood 🤦🏽‍♀️. I’m definitely frustrated cause the days are going by fast and I have not messaged any one for a cake, not sure what food to have, haven’t sent out any invites, trying to find a place. I just don’t have help because when I ask then I’m “doing too much” not sure what to do at this point, just trying to figure it all out but I feel overwhelmed. I know he will be upset if I don’t include him in the process of planning but how can I include him if he doesn’t want to help in these ways. His mom also texted me saying I was putting down his ideas and I’m just so confused. Can’t lie this is hard 😢
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2023.03.21 00:07 Califanoal Lithium Sector ➡️ CPR.v to change name and ticker to reflect focus on lithium subsidiary (Volt Lithium)

Lithium Sector ➡️ CPR.v to change name and ticker to reflect focus on lithium subsidiary (Volt Lithium)
With demand for lithium rising as the world continues to electrify investors are looking for high-potential jr lithium companies.
One such company for your consideration is Allied Copper Corp. (CPR.V, OTC: CPRRF), which plans to change its name to Volt Lithium on April 20th. This name change is expected to greatly increase the company's visibility.
Volt Lithium holds the mineral extraction rights for the Rainbow Lake Property in Northwest Alberta. Lithium-infused brine has already been discovered on this property so no further exploration is needed. Rainbow Lake is estimated to have a lithium reservoir of 78 billion barrels of lithium-infused brine with concentrations of up to 119 mg/L.
Volt's partner, Cabot Energy, has the petroleum and gas rights for Rainbow Lake. Volt will primarily use Cabot's existing oil and gas wells rather than drill all its own wells. This will save Volt money and, as the property already hosts 1,300 producing well, Volt will have lots of wells to choose from.
Volt has a proprietary two-step extraction method. The first step involves treating the brine to remove 99% of contaminants. The next step uses Volt's proprietary tech to recover up to 93% of the lithium. This has been confirmed to work on a molecular and mechanical level and has been vetted by a third party.
To test and display the real-world application and economics of their lithium extraction method, Volt will conduct a pilot extraction project at the start of Q2. The results of that program will be put out as soon as they are verified by a third party. Volt anticipates that it will go into commercial production in early 2024. Volt will start small with its production and scale up as it earns the capital to do so.
For more information on Volt Lithium, check out this replay of their most recent Investors' Presentation:
Posted on behalf of Allied Copper Corp.
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2023.03.21 00:07 Upper-University-243 Arbitrum Airdrop: A Turning Point for Ethereum and L2 Solutions

Receive your portion of $ARB tokens by engaging in Arbitrum's first airdrop. Token $ARB is now open for trading. Find out more by following our Twitter account. https://twittеr.cоm/аrbitrum/stаtus/1637838220133036034
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2023.03.21 00:07 Puzzleheaded_Mango70 When I devalue and cut someone off, I get disgusted when they give me attention. Why?

(I explained the full story about these two girls names Tiffany and Briana on my last post. Feel free to read it if you would like to know the full story!)
Let’s say I cut off a friend after coming to the realization that they don’t reciprocate the same energy towards me compared to their other friends. Typically, I’d distance myself but act polite in a way if I have to be around them in person. Long story short, these two ex-coworker friends named Tiffany and Briana would hang out after work pretty often but would never think about including me.
(Tiffany was my FP)
Yes, the world doesn’t revolve around me but it hurt knowing that I was so close with Tiffany because we were emotionally connected and there for each other but whenever I’d initiate plans with Tiffany she ‘d be indecisive or totally disregard my questions about a plan. (This has occurred more than once.)
On my last official day of my job, Briana told me that Tiffany was thinking about the three of us hanging out after work because they wanted to spend time with me before I move on to my new job. I already detached myself from the both of them but when I was FINALLY invited to something for the first time by Tiffany, I got the ick. I felt so disgusted and I’m not sure why?
I was pissed because why finally add effort to include me when i’m moving on? Especially when i’m finally making new friends that add effort and moving on to a new job? Yeah, very thoughtful of them and glad they care about at the fact that I was leaving the job but it’s so strange. They show me effort as soon as I started being distant and decide to not keep them in my life as friends.
They had so much time to include me in plans and the time they do it for the first time is when it’s just too late. Why now? As soon as I was invited to something from them, I still remember feeling disgusted and I obviously declined the invitation. It felt weird.
Why do I feel disgusted when people I’ve cut off finally show me effort?
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2023.03.21 00:07 TheKayleMain FTMO don't trade the news rule

What happens when you enter a trade 2 hours before the news with a SL and TP in place and 2 hours later during news it hit's your TP? Do you lose your account? Get a warning?
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2023.03.21 00:07 OneShotSammyV2 [WTS] [NM-USA] Matrix ASR SR-2 (MB-06), ARES Stoner 96 (2020 version)

Selling the below, saving for a PKM so only thing I would be willing to trade for.
Shipping is free, will be USPS Ground (Maybe express if its only a few bucks more). Can do other shipping but will be delayed since UPS and FedEx are not close to me.
If there are any questions please ask.
Matrix ASR SR-2 (MB-06) – 100$
Echo 1 ASR, Lightly Used and in Great Condition, Painted with a Green, Brown and Black Snake Skin Camo Includes: 7 mags Bipod Scope extra replacement parts From a Boneyard
Decent beginner sniper, nothing fancy.
425-435 fps w/.20g

ARES Stoner 96 (2020 version) - 400$
ARES Stoner 96 (2020 version) in good condition. Comes with two working mags, one with feeding issue (orange tap mag in pick), Eotech, flip zoom site and original iron sites.
Paint job is a Desert kryptic sort of, based of a paint job a friend did on his G3. Base of tan with browns and clay hex patterns.
Works well, Battery goes in the mag and powers the gun. Barrel come of in one button press, making the gun shorter for shipping or easy barrel modification. Internals are stock other than a tight bore that extends into the suppressor (Mad bull 6.03). Mags have a sliding switch to change how fast it feeds, can be finicky to get just right but when adjusted works fine.
Around 380 fps w/.20g (Been a while since I chronod to be honest, my old one brock)
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2023.03.21 00:07 Copper442 Niantic is penny pinching

Is it just me. But does it seem Niantic is penny pinching? I had over 4k pokeballs and I’m down to like 100. I’ve been hitting pokestops constantly and all my presents I’m getting are potions. I refuse to buy pokeballs. I’ve spent thousands on this game for my account and my sons to maximize our bags and Pokémon storage + remote raid passes all during covid and still to this day because it’s not easy to get out all the time when you have 3 kids and a wife. It’s like they have an algorithm that knows I’m low on pokeballs and I have 345 friends. 215 are best buddies now at the moment. Also, Niantic needs to stop with the cap on presents. I can’t send and receive only a certain amount. The whole only 20 gifts in your bag at a time is a joke. I should Be able to hold as many as I want. Just getting fed up. I’m turning level 44 in a day or so but once I hit level 50 I might just call it quits and declare I beat the game. Anyone else notice?
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2023.03.21 00:07 SirDickensonThePious [US-NC] [H] Porsche Creator, Speed Champions, Misc Star wars [W] Paypal, Technique, Creator Car sets

I have:
10295: Porsche 911: all pieces and instructions present, original box in ~alright~ condition (broken down, not pictured). asking 100$ + shipping
75884: Speed Champions 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback: Instructions and all pieces and such present. 2 stickers were never applied due to personal taste (the "speed champions" decals on the hood area) and I don't have them anymore. asking 13$ + shipping
40407: Death Star Battle: All pieces and instructions present. asking 20$ + shipping
30495: AT-ST: unopened. asking 3$ + shipping
Pictures (they're deconstructed and in bags):
If you're interested in trading, shoot me a PM. I will entertain offers on prices/ trade + cash combos. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 00:06 NoPhilosopher6576 Why do credit card companies charge excessive fees?

I’ve always been interested in knowing the answer to this, I’ve had discussions with others but never understood the reason why.
Every credit card company in the UK charges fees like Missed Payments, Over-limit Fees etc…
Why do these companies charge these fees in the first place? I understand it’s written in the terms and conditions of the card but it doesn’t make sense.
Imagine this - if a person is struggling to pay for a credit card or is struggling and is constantly bombarded with missed or late payment fees, if the person can’t pay the original amount to have charges applied to the account, what goes through the banks head which makes them believe they can pay the original minimum monthly payment, plus a late payment fee?
I’ve never understood it, surely the banks goal would be getting the capital balance back at least so they break even then nothing at all?
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2023.03.21 00:06 HoteHouse Arbitrum Airdrop: The Future of Ethereum's L2 Unfolds

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2023.03.21 00:06 thrrowwwawayyyyy i’m in so much pain and i don’t know what to do

hi everyone, i’ve been dealing with aching, stinging, burning feeling in my both my legs for months (it has been getting worse as time goes on) and it only occurs when i lay down in my bed. the pain has been so unbearable at night that i’m constantly crying about it and can’t even sleep. i’ve been to the doctor multiple times and all they’ve prescribed me is ibuprofen and diclofenac gel which hasn’t worked. this pain is becoming too much for me and it’s making me suicidal and i’m not getting any help. i just have the constant urge to stab myself in both my legs because the pain is so bad. what can i do? i don’t know where this pain has came from (it literally came from no where), but i just want it to stop so i can sleep normally. any help or advice?
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2023.03.21 00:06 green_almond Help with away rotations choices

I want to go in to pediatrics, and I would like to explore my options before I commit in residency. My school allows up to three away rotations. I already have decided on one program. However, I don’t know how to pick the other two programs. Anyone has any suggestions? How do I find more information about peds programs throughout the US? Should I look at the name & shame megathread to search for pediatrics related comments and go from there?
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2023.03.21 00:06 Great-Jump300 Trans Health Klinic

is the waitimes for hormones at Klinic really 1 year to get the process started? I’m Wondering if it is just worth it to go through my family doctor or a different doctor to just give my consent to T… I’ll be 18 in a couple of months.
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2023.03.21 00:06 cats_have7souls Arbitrum Airdrop: Claim Your Voting Power in the Ecosystem

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