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2023.05.30 13:50 thefalcon1709 1 year on accutane

Big journey, went from a really low dose of 20mg to 40mg for pretty much over 6 months. Side effects were surprisingly manageable with good products for dryness of skin and lips. Only bad part for me was the mental health side, pretty depressed and emotional for no reason sometimes which was weird. (So word of advice from me would be make sure you’re in a good place in life before starting). Overall, hoping acne doesn’t come back and feeling better.
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2023.05.30 13:50 RookyRed Africa's Finest Peanut Butter is probably the smoothest I've tried so far. Has anyone else here tried this UK brand?

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2023.05.30 13:50 CuriousMind360 New Unique Restaurants and Dishes Suggestions

Hi, So I want to try new restaurants and unique dishes or drinks of that particular place. Please suggest me places in bangalore
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2023.05.30 13:49 Lupazi Need support

Hi guys,
i am now trying to find a tax accountant since several weeks and i am now nearly tired to proceed here. Any of you guys suffering the same?
It looks like they are all quite busy due to the new regulations (energy, heat pump,..). I am located in Switzerland and want to sell products in Germany. To do so, i need someone in Germany to have authority to accept letters for my business. This is needed for a form that also is needed to recieve a German Tax ID as a foreigner.
Has anyone a connection to a tax accountant that is capable to support me in this?
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2023.05.30 13:49 PeaOk2006 I'm starting to... Hit women in my sleep

I don't mean like punching or anything abusive, I have never hit a women or assaulted a women in anyway, but when I sleep the girl I'm currently seeing says that I suddenly slapped my arm a cross her with a lot of strength and that she was scared I was having a seizure or something but I've gotten this same complaint from another women I sleep with and now I know it's probably withdrawal related but shit like that kind of scares me honestly.. Cause this morning I woke up to her yelling at me showing me her arm that I scratched with my nail when I sleep swung my arm. I didn't know why she was yelling at me and we got into an argument about it and she just left. I said sorry but she kept showing me her arm and yelling when I tried to go Back to sleep so I finally got mad and told her she's acting very butch for yelling at me and being so angry and that really set her off but I was being a dick. I don't know why she is so mad or is it really hard for her to believe I did not intentionally hit her in my sleep? How abnormal is this? Cause the way we had an argument was like she didn't believe me. She had moved a bit and I swung my arm but I don't remember Nd know it wasn't intentional.
Also I guess I'm starting to... Moan in my sleep but this only happens when I'm drunk. I'm very scared as I don't want this shit to be permanent cause it apparently sounds disturbing, like I'm groaning in agony.
Another fucked up thing, I had a 5 year stint of sobriety and I couldn't find any hot girl to sleep with me. Now that I'm fucked up and messed up it seems I'm more desirable than ever, yet I'm in a head space where I don't care about women only drinking... But I want to quit drinking just so I can finally fuck and have fun cause honestly drunk sex sucks balls and I'm usually not even willing to do it.
Anyway... I'm on a road trip (no I'm not driving) with my friend and every place we stop at I keep getting offered more drinks. But I don't know I apparently pissed her off so I don't know if she's going to abandon me here on the other side of the country lol.
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2023.05.30 13:49 Odd-Impact-5359 Penguin Audio is not upholding Terry Pratchett's legacy, it's a money making mockery.

Hello all Discword-lians, so my introductory statement and claim to fame is that I was the first ever person to review John Culshaw's performance of Guards Guards which released on Audible a few days ago. I gave it 2 stars overall, 1 for Culshaw's performance 5 for the story overall. In it I declared my dislike of Penguin Audio's attitudes and approach to Discworld.
Sorry to those who liked Culshaw's performance, I couldn't stand it, and I just feel let down by Penguin. There have been countless editing mistakes, inconsistencies of voices across the series, lackluster narrations, overly dramatic musical scores. I mean the editing mistakes in Pyramids alone suggests it was a rush. It's been a money making venture from the start.
For those who think I might be being a little over dramatic, well I am, but audiobooks are dear to me. I've actually returned to school in my adult life to study sound engineering with the express intent of producing audiobooks, audio dramas and programmes alike. I live and breathe them. I understand that people have different tastes in life I just don't feel John Culshaw's performance is worthy of the Discworld series.
Now I love both Nigel Planer's and Briggs' performances very much, more so Planer's, but Briggs' attention to detail was very well done. For instance using a Germanic accent for "Carrot" as a he was from a place that mimics the Black Forest in Germany.
Now I really should add that, I haven't actually READ the Discworld books. I'm not that big of a reader, I prefer listening to them, I know I'm sorry. Theyre expensive to buy and my life is better suited to listening to books, not reading them. I would appreciate a recommendation though to start buying some.
I mean I've consistently listened to and relistened to the entire series about 3-4 times since discovering them in January last year. Was just lucky enough to buy all of the original versions, except for the Witches series, before (I'm guessing) Penguin or maybe Audible decided to pull the originals. Now unless you buy the CD's or illegally download them, the originals are lost forever to new audiences.
I guess if you've made it this far, thankyou. My question really boils down to "how do you feel about the new recordings" has Terry Pratchett's legacy been maintained to you.
PS I'm hoping in the future to use AI to restore the original recordings, hope to one day teach the AI to use the cleaner versions of Planer's recording to teach the AI to record a synth Planer voice directly over the originals, if done right it should work perfectly.
PPS I also want to merge an original Planer or Briggs narration with a re-recording. My plan was to do a later (cleaner) Planer recording of one of the Witches series with Indira Varma doing most of the voices. What are your thoughts on that and do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Hell I'm feeling more and more motivated as I write this, let me know if I should produce a few samples you'd like and I'll try and get one or two done by next week :) I'd appreciate the critism as well as an audio performance.
Cheers all Peace
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2023.05.30 13:49 vhanz (33M/27F) different libidos, who compromises? New relationship of 4 months.

Who is right, who is wrong. Libido differences and compromise.
Hi guys.
Im currently in a new relationship, it’s been 4 months (33M, 27F)
Everything has been going great, insane chemistry and values, the relationship at the start was intense in a good way and we couldn’t keep away from each other, sex every time we seen each other, sometimes multiple times.
The sex has been amazing, the best I’ve had and we are really open and communicate a lot; tried some role play which has been new to us also.
We had an argument on the weekend because I wanted to be intimate and she didn’t, but the way she handled it wasn’t great, although I didn’t handle It good either.
A couple days have passed and we spoke about it tonight.
She said her sex drive is low and she doesn’t feel like it all the time (no compromise, so If she doesn’t want sex that means NOTHING related to sex)
I said I would prefer to have sex at least a few times a week.
I mentioned I was confused because most of our new relationship has been completely full of sex and why has it changed.
Also I don’t know if I’m being unreasonable or do I compromise? It’s really important to me because it helps me feel connected.
Especially when our time together is limited to 2-3 nights a week.
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2023.05.30 13:49 CauseIllustrious9701 Am I actually a 7?

I have perceived myself as 6w7 for the longest time, though I have also seen myself as 3w4, 4w3, 5w6, 7w6, and 9w1.
But I recently started considering 7w6 again.
My envy (which it made me consider 3w4 and 4w3) mainly consists of everyone having amazing experiences and I'm just sitting there wasting my potential. I can do so much, yet I'm just distracted, wasting time. I also struggle seeing my pre-existing positive traits, it's like the grass is greener on the other side. If someone is talented in something I COULD do or something novel and highly valued, I may reconsider my life choices and even adapt to the new trends, or create new trends to avoid comparison.
I noticed that while I get regular bouts of intense worry and obsession, when I'm relaxed, I just do the things I'm interested in or what I want instead of focusing on my mental health. I may even browse Enneagram/MBTI just to find new connections instead of actually doing the hard work of finding my type, calling myself as typeless instead when I fail.
I looked back at my childhood behaviors and while there's some 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, there's a lot of 7 as well. When I saw little consequneces, I would be wildly pursuing "stuff" such as drop-testing products out of nowhere, going to obscure places, experimenting with mixing shampoo and washing gels, putting soap in my Rubik's Cube, trying out simulators/VMs on my PC, and many others.
Whenever I go to the store, there are many options I want to try and of course, I want to try all of them. I can become indecisive as a result and be torn between many options. Sometimes, it may be between something which I really like, and something entirely different from what I prefer to spice things up. If only I could sample them so I could know which one to get and enjoy fully.
The reasons I don't consider 7w6 instead of 6w7 is that I may sometimes struggle reframing things when something goes haywire. But it may also be that I reframe so unconsciously that I don't even notice it. I'm also acutely aware of my negative emotions and it just feels wrong and I feel worthless and rotten as a result but also use mental connections to make fun of it, and use my imagination to create a character with these intense traits. I don't consider myself as an optimist to a fault, sometimes, I may even anticipate defeat before going to a competition but it may also be low self-esteem. Sure, I tend to avoid certain negative emotions and may even struggle feeling them, such as feeling sad for certain tragedies (I really need to improve this trait), and feel superior to people with low grades (but it's just an unhealthy inferiority complex). I'm also great at reframing others' failures and giving them opportunities but I just can't do the same for myself. I am also rather skeptical when it comes to getting what I want instead of just going for it, especially if it's something I don't really value or I just feel bad. I think I'm too security-conscious and fearing punishment to be a 7. But I also fear the pain associated with the punishment/illness which it may suggest 7.
With my friends, when negative emotions and thoughts start arising, I do my best to give away a positive image so the conversation is not ruined. When I get negative thoughts which are intense, I feel horrible compared to others who don't need to deal with them but I also have a "this too shall pass" feeling just like positive outlook types.
I can be rather impatient when it comes to experiencing pleasure and this has gotten me into small troubles sometimes, and activated my inner critic as well. When I over-do something such as too much YouTube, too much gaming, too much coffee, I get reminded of that fact and I feel really self-critical and full of regret. I have considered myself as a severely dysfunctional 1 with horribly low conscientiousness, so I would be a 1, just "not like the other 1's".
I can also try too hard to appear more interesting to others because who wants to be boring unless you want total isolation? I was also envying others who are tall and athletic and stuff but I also find ways to experience this "awesomeness" as long as I'm not utterly self-hating.
In a self-hatred state, I just feel like I'm stuck in the same situation with no way to get out. Everyone is more accomplished, and I'm such a doomer loser. I desperately look for many ways to be as successful and interesting as them, including many unconventional ways because the conventional way is slow and sluggishly boring. I may also read articles about self-hatred, as well as memes to sort of distract myself from my own self-hatred and focus more on understanding the articles, or it eventually passes and I do more distraction.
It would feel really awkward if I'm really a 7 with all of these struggles, but I'm not sure. I feel more at home with 6w7, but other types appear very interesting and I can do loads of stuff such as moodboards, blogs, memes, etc.
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2023.05.30 13:49 lostnfoundplayground Anyone here experience with allergies [pollinosis in our case]and cats? My baby might be and i would love to talk with cat owners out there with similar issues before investing in a expensive testing

Anyone here experience with allergies [pollinosis in our case]and cats? My baby might be and i would love to talk with cat owners out there with similar issues before investing in a expensive testing
SHEER KHAN IS PERFECTLY HEALTHY BY NOW. 🖤 I’m mostly asking to grow my own knowledge, connect with other cat owners, I AM NOT ASKING FOR MEDICAL ADVICE, just for your experience ! :) Anyone also fighting with yearly coming back eye infection like my baby has? He is a Siberian, neva masquerade, 8 years old. It’s not a virus, bacteria was for sure but my vet says it could be caused by genetic. We have our procedure to get rid of it again. It’s actually very lovely: he lets me clean his eye manually and I give him some eyedrops/ -gel, 2-3 times per day. Have to search a video to show you! Took around two weeks until it’s fully disappeared again in the past.
I am wondering if someone here also lives with a cat of this breed and is fighting with that and maybe tried something that helped long term or has any successful preventative treatment experience:) oh and he always gets this in spring time, now the third year in a row. I am crazy worried everytime about him, as the eyes are so important and wish I could prevent it somehow🖤 Took him to the vet another time cause it startet on the second eye as well and we had the idea that it might be an allergic reaction. We moved at the end of last summer to a very rural area and our place is basically surrounded by fields, so almost daily somewhere a farmer is cutting the gras or producing hay.. however, that’s why he could have pollinosis. I talked about this with my vet, asked for option to test about this. She said it’s quite expensive and there’s not a lot of research about that yet and the opinions are quite divided on the topic. As the pharma industry isn’t earning big on that no wonder ;) now i am thinking if its needed / worth it. Does anyone here have experience with typst? If so, feel free to share yours! And thanks to everyone who’s taking time for reading and digging your head into my questions/thoughts. Kisses for all of you, have a wonderful day 🦦 Sheer Khan und Mama 🖤
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2023.05.30 13:49 ThomasEmminger Animation is broken in Unreal

Animation is broken in Unreal
Hey guys,I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out here.I created an animation in Blender (Version 3.5.1) and imported it into Unreal (Version 4.27) (I exported the mesh with 0.15 set as the scale value). The problem though, is that the animation is broken in unreal (hand is not in the correct place & broken wrist). If anyone knows what could be the cause of the problem, please comment below.Every bit of help is appreciated :)
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2023.05.30 13:48 One-Fun-1528 Female Friend Cheated on BF with another Male Friend

So, I just found out that one of my closest friend had a sexual encounter with my other close friend who has a boyfriend.
To make this easier to understand, I will call my male friend (Hunter) and the female friend who cheated on their boyfriend (Sarah). We are all 21+ by the way.
One night last week, Hunter, Sarah, my other friend, and I went out drinking. We drove in two separate cars and Hunter drove with Sarah. As I was told later on in the week when I guess Sarah was feeling guilty for not telling me sooner, Sarah explained that after Hunter had one or two drinks out at the bar that he came onto her in the car. He kept touching her thigh and saying that he wanted to do “things” with her (you can interpret what you want from that). Sarah was not drunk at the time, but she did not stop him from being all over her in the car. She said that they had even kissed in the car briefly as well.
As the night continued, we went out to the casino to drink some more and gamble. I was not aware of anything going on between the two of them, but there were several instances where Sarah and Hunter would go off on their own where myself and my other friend couldn’t see them. Sarah explained that Hunter was all over here then too (aka constantly initiating physical contact, grabbing her arm, and etc).
When we finally got back to the house to crash, I knocked out immediately on the couch because I was pretty drunk. Hunter went to his room and I guess invited Sarah up while I was passed out. Sarah told me that Hunter, again who was very drunk and I think a little high as well, kept telling her how much he wanted to fuck her and do things with her. Sarah, who was not as drunk because she maybe only had a couple sips of a drink, told him that he would regret doing anything with her in the morning and that they shouldn’t. Somehow through multiple persuasions on Hunter’s end, they were making out and one thing led to another and Sarah ended up giving him a blowjob. Afterward, he told her that it was the best BJ he ever had and he’s never experienced something like that before. He also wanted to have sex with her, but she told him no. Let me remind you all that Hunter has a girlfriend, someone he has dated for about three years now.
Sarah told me all of this a couple days ago and doesn’t seem to regret what happened at all. She said that she shouldn’t be responsible for his relationship because he kept initiating it and she should be able to have what she wants. She also told me that he had been ignoring her since then and giving her a cold shoulder (undoubtedly “regretting” what they did as Sarah had told him before they did anything). She doesn’t seem remorseful at all.
I have a friendship with Hunter’s girlfriend as well and I feel like an asshole for not saying anything to her. It doesn’t look like Hunter is going to tell her what happened or what he did. What do I do? Do I keep what happened to myself even though I feel that if my partner cheated on me that I would want to know? Or do I keep quiet and let whatever happens run it’s course?
I feel like an asshole either way.
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2023.05.30 13:48 AllyW991 Not sure where to go in my life from here

Hi everyone. Sorry if this isn’t the right place, but I’m hoping someone who has been through a similar experience can share some insight.
I’m a 26 y/o F. I came out of a four year relationship and decided to move to a new city as all my college friends had left my previous city and get a fresh start. I’ve had an extremely hard time moving on from the relationship. He is moved on and with someone new. Our relationship wasn’t great, but yet, I find myself unable to let go. Moving was also very hard on me. When I moved here, I created a group of friends from people I knew who lived here + friends of friends. At first we would hangout/go out and everyone got along well. A couple months ago, one of the friends (who I had been pretty close with) basically told me she hated me the whole time and that I was constantly “negatively affecting everyone else’s lives” and said she just didn’t want to be around me anymore and that we were never friends. She started inviting everyone else in our group to things except me. Now i’m lonely and feel like no one likes me. I feel like I am a good friend though and always try to be supportive and kind and understanding to everyone. I’m not sure what went wrong, it was very sudden. I have a high stress job (ICU nurse) with a toxic unit culture. I also have been dating a lot on apps and for a while I was kind of sleeping around because I felt like it was the only way for people to keep seeing me (i know now that’s not true) but I’m ashamed of it. I still haven’t found anyone I really like and it’s just been difficult and lonely. I’m always sad and starting to hate myself. Any advice for meeting people in a city (friend or relationship) and what is your advice on being a good friend? Or advice in general. Thank you <3
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2023.05.30 13:48 catm0m_ Should I tell the gf if her bf is cheating on her?

I was part of a friend group that consisted of both girls and guys. We were incredibly close, just like best friends. One of my guy friend had a relationship for years (his girl is not in our group), and one day we all know that he cheated on his gf with other girl (from our group) but everyone kept quiet about it. At first I didn't wanna care at all but the girl he cheated with started to brag about their relationship to us and even told him that he should be with her instead with his gf. I was getting annoyed and I felt sorry for his gf, so I decided to tell her the truth, bcs I know how it feels to be cheated on. But the bf is so manipulative he conviced his gf that I made a rumour about it to make them break up. So since then the gf sees me as the bad guy and I lost my friends. Even one of my friend from the group told me, "you're his friend, you're closer to him as a friend than to his gf, why are you trying to tell his gf".
I got nothing to lose tho but sometimes I'm still thinking about it, like did I do the right thing? If I were the gf, I would want someone to tell me if my bf is cheating on me. But then again, I got involved in someone else's relationship, and now I think maybe I shouldn't have done it.
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2023.05.30 13:48 Immediate_Major5926 Current objective

Im currently in the works of creating a plot, characters, weapons, government, etc. for an anime I’m going to create in the near future. I’ll be bouncing off ideas for the next couple of months, so I’d appreciate people to give me their opinions as if they were creating a desired character in such a world, or perhaps things you’ve always wanted to see in an anime. I’ve watched plenty and I’ve taken a liking to medieval/fantasy types, I have multiple ideas streaming for every aspect of the show but I’d like other imaginations to run wild. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a “group project” anime, but more of me looking to external sources for ideas to make it a great show. Also I’d like to focus on kingdom/world building , as well as magic/fighting quite a bit without neglecting other things. Since this is my first time going to others for help, expect updated and more well thought out requests in the future.
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2023.05.30 13:48 Ravenchaser77 CARL Palmer

I have just been listening to the debut album by Emerson Lake and Palmer and what a phenomenal album it is, Incredible virtuoso playing by Keith Emerson, Good bass work and belissimo vocals by Greg Lake, But what has impressed me the most was Carl Palmer's fantastic drumming, I'm not usually into drum solos in fact I find nearly all the ones I have heard boring as anything but I loved Carl's little drum break on the track Tank and he seemed to be playing at break neck speed all the way through the album, Yet you never see him in the greatest drummer lists like you see on YouTube videos and elsewhere, Any body else like me rate him as one of the best drummers of all time.?
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2023.05.30 13:48 Jackviator ALWAYZ BE PREPPED TO GARD YUR LOOT, BOYZ

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2023.05.30 13:48 lizataylor22 My (24F) boyfriend (25F) can't say nice things to me in person

We've been together for about 6 months. At the beginning, especially over text, he would shower me in compliments with ease and was very affectionate. It's like he's gotten shyer as we've gotten to know each other. I say shy, not despondent, because he'll still send messages like "I miss you" (we are currently long distance) straight after Facetiming and tell me he was too shy to do it in person. This happens often--he'll do a nice thing for me, like making me tea in bed, then rush away because he feels too 'cringe' or 'gooey'. If he says nice things to me in person, he'll often play it down soon after so that he doesn't feel embarrassed.
I want to be patient with him because this is his first relationship (he has a long track record of sleeping around and avoiding commitment) and I know he genuinely wants to make it work. I don't think these problems are because of me, but more stemming from some personal issues he needs to work through. At the same time, it would be nice to get some sincere warmth from him every once in a while. Sometimes he can come across cold and dismissive, and it's really hard to get through to him. He says he feels like he can open up most when he's drinking, and then his personality basically switches up and he becomes extremely affectionate.
It's like he was more confident when we first started dating. Now he's more comfortable with me, but strangely more self-conscious. I've noticed he's most extraverted (and I meant extreeemely extraverted) with strangers/people he doesn't know as well and most introverted with people he's close to. Does anyone have experience with this and know what the best way to go about it is?
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2023.05.30 13:48 globalfpoinfo Top 10 Benefits of Hiring a Small Business Bookkeeper

Are you a small business owner overwhelmed by financial management tasks? Hiring a professional small business bookkeeper can be a game-changer for your business. Discover the top 10 benefits of entrusting your financial records to an experienced bookkeeper. From saving time and money to gaining valuable insights, a bookkeeper can help you streamline your financial processes and make informed business decisions. Don't let bookkeeping tasks hold you back; leverage the expertise of a small business bookkeeper and take your business to new heights. In this article, you will know about the 10 Benefits of Hiring a Small Business Bookkeeper!
Know Here:-
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2023.05.30 13:48 f50ci31y Feeling Lonely, Heartbroken, and in Search of Genuine Connections

Hey Reddit,
19M here,
I'm pouring my heart out here, feeling completely lost and isolated. It seems like life has dealt me a series of painful blows lately, leaving me in a state of constant loneliness. I hope someone out there can understand what I'm going through and offer some genuine companionship.

First off, my ex-girlfriend recently ended our relationship. The breakup blindsided me and shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. We shared countless memories, dreams, and laughter, but now it feels like it was all for nothing. Coping with the loss of such an important person in my life has been incredibly difficult, and I find myself yearning for someone to fill that void.

On top of that, my online friendships have been utterly disappointing. Time and time again, I've encountered the soul-crushing experience of being ghosted and blocked by people I thought were my friends. I genuinely try my best to be there for them, to be supportive and understanding, but it seems like they just vanish from my life without any explanation. It hurts more than words can describe to have those connections severed and to feel so disposable.

So here I am, feeling completely isolated and desperately seeking someone who is willing to share my life matters with me. Someone who understands the pain of heartbreak and the sting of rejection. I'm longing for genuine connections—individuals who are willing to stick around through thick and thin, without judgment or ulterior motives.

To those who are willing to give me a chance, I promise with all my heart that I won't ghost or block you. I know how painful it feels to be on the receiving end of that, and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. I want to create meaningful relationships, to be there for you when you need someone to listen, and to celebrate your victories with genuine joy.

If you're out there, feeling just as lonely and searching for someone who understands, please reach out to me. Let's embark on this journey together, supporting and uplifting each other in the face of life's challenges. Together, we can overcome the loneliness and create a safe space where we can share our joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams.

Remember, we're not alone in this vast digital world. We have the power to connect, to find solace in each other's stories, and to build lasting friendships that transcend the boundaries of screens and keyboards. Let's break the cycle of loneliness and build a community where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Thank you for taking the time to read my heartfelt plea. I'm eagerly waiting for a response, for someone to extend their hand and say, "I'm here for you."

With hope,

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2023.05.30 13:48 Flashy_Bee6276 My partner's (M33) mental illness is affecting our relationship (F25)

My partner (M32) and I (F25) have been together for nearly 3 years but have always struggled with our differing communications styles. My partner has undiagnosed anxiety and keeps putting off a visit to the doctors to get help for it. He has been getting quite persistent chest pains recently, even had a trip to the ER one night at 2am because of how bad he says it got (everything was fine and all the test results came back normal with the doctor saying, and even my partner himself, stating it couldve just been a panic attack and that the chest pains may be correlated to his anxiety). However, ive noticed lately that whenever I voice something that concerns me and im trying to express my feelings he cuts me off and says hes not feeling well and walks away to another room, leaving me to hang with my emotions. For example, today we were talking about how his friends are coming over to stay with us for the long weekend. All was good until he told me oh by the way i'll be going to watch a game on the day they come so they'll most likely come over and just hang while i'll be gone. And whilst he doesnt verbally say i'll be stuck with them, its almost implied because its common knowledge that you cant just leave your guest by themselves at your place right? Anyways, I voiced that oh its just a little unexpected as I didnt realize you'll be gone to watch the games and i'll have to entertain these guests while youre away for a bit. Im introverted as heck and I was beginning to explain to him that im just a little nervous and anxious being by myself with his friends since they too are quite introverted and im fearful of awkward situtations. Anyways my partner just brushes my feelings off and says just remember youre the only one putting pressure on yourself, to which I replied with im sorry but that doesnt make me feel good and I just need a little support and empathy to which he cuts me off and says my chest is starting to hurt I need to lie down and walks away leaving me feel deflated.
I just wanted to get someones opinion on this on whether I am just being delusional or that he might be subconciously/consciously not wanting to listen to me or care for my emotions? I care about him a lot but there comes a point where I need to sent boundaries and prioritise my own emotions if he wont acknowledge them at all.
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2023.05.30 13:47 _B1rdz Superstorm is the BEST tower in the game. Anyone that disagrees is TRASH.

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2023.05.30 13:47 LiamIsMyNameOk Walked out of job in bar due to boss arriving and giving verbal abuse. Holiday pay still owed or not?

I'm sorry if this has been asked before.
My question is, am I entitled to the holiday pay I am owed? More detailed below.
I had only been working in this establishment for about 3 months. 30 hour contract but worked 45+ a week. In Spain.
I walked out one night when the owner, whom often frequents the place, arrived drunk (as often does) and went behind the bar pouring drinks and verbally abusing us telling us how sh*t and slow we are. ...Which the staff on shift definitely weren't, they were doing great. He clearly just wanted to assert himself as important, or get his anger out, I don't know.
I warned him I would walk out right at that moment if he continued. He called me a c*nt, mumbled some other stuff which was unintelligeble, so I left.
I have no proof of that interaction, though. But other members of staff left recently due to similar interactions.
I have asked for my holiday pay, he is saying he has to talk to his gestor (Like, an accountant) because he thinks he doesnt have to pay anything due to me walking out mid-shift and not giving a 14 day notice.
This was on a Sunday night. I had already done my contracted hours.
The barestaurant is a bit sketchy. Half of the drinks money doesnt get put through the computer system so the owner doesn't have to pay tax on it. There are cockroaches all the time. Scrubbing off expiration dates on bottled soft drinks. Kitchen wouldnt pass an inspection etc etc. Many many issues.
My question is, am I right in believing the 14 day notice is purely out of respect, not a legal thing? I'm sure he doesn't want legal attention, so I doubt he would take me to court over "lost profits" as I walked out at 9pm on a sunday night when I was meant to stay until ~1am. So as I believe, he could just draw attention to that, which would not hold up whatsoever.
Which also brings attention to another question I have. He arrived after a night out, drunk, and went behind the bar pouring drinks, and drinking beer (While verbally abusing the other staff).... Is that legal? Like... Is the owner allowed to just go help himself to bottles and stuff, whilst the bar is serving clientelle?
I ask half for myself, but mostly for a girl I worked with who worked there 2 years, a d thinks she isn't entitled to two years worth of holiday pay because she walked out without notice.
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