Heb netspend

Anyone else having problems with HEB netspend today?

2023.04.26 21:27 BamThePlan Anyone else having problems with HEB netspend today?

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2022.06.13 07:43 Inevitable-Show-7095 HEB netspend??

Does anyone know if the Heb netspend card is any good im about to start working and i’m curious if the card is a scam or anything?
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2022.02.23 19:07 tekhead09 Refund.

My DD just came in guys. I used HEB netspend idk if that matters, H&R block is who I filed my taxes with.
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2021.03.16 04:11 LivingInTheAir Miscellaneous Referrals

Bank / Service Link / Code
Upgrade Rewards Checking https://upgrade.com/zF1mgizS4E
Marcus https://www.marcus.com/share/BEN-QHJ-HIZL
NetSpend https://www.netspend.com/get-a-prepaid-card/?aid=RAF_1&site_id=RAF_OAC_URL&uref=6883158081
NetSpend ACE https://www.aceelitecard.com/get-a-prepaid-card/?aid=ACE_RAF_1&site_id=RAF_OAC_URL&uref=7169356056
NetSpend Brinks https://www.brinksprepaidmastercard.com/get-a-prepaid-card/?aid=B_RAF_1&site_id=RAF_OAC_URL&uref=7458461233
NetSpend HEB https://www.hebprepaid.com/get-a-prepaid-card/?aid=HEB_RAF_1&site_id=RAF_OAC_URL&uref=2755684826
NetSpend Western Union https://www.wunetspendprepaid.com/get-a-prepaid-card/?aid=W_RAF_1&site_id=RAF_OAC_URL&uref=5078151259
CashApp https://cash.app/app/PTWBTMW
Drop https://b.ewd.io/code?c=5arms
GetUpside https://upside.app.link/BEN39998
Plastiq https://plastiq.com/invite/yejkfp9
Dosh Reach out for referral info
Schwab Reach out for referral info

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2019.09.18 11:50 alexis_kalyse Does anyone working at HEB use Netspend?

Hi, recently got hired at HEB. I get paid 2 days earlier at my other job. I know HEB pays Thursday so I’m wondering when and if Ill get paid early. Does anyone use netspend or another type of early pay card?
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2016.11.11 03:58 artgriego [PSA] PNC stopped recurring transfers to my Brinks 5% account with no notification.

I'm still hanging on to my $1k 5% Netspend accounts since $50 quarterly interest is as easy as setting up small recurring transfers to avoid the account fees. As it happens, PNC was my only bank that recognized the BOFI routing numbers (HEB and Brinks) so I use that otherwise inactive account solely for HEB/Brinks transfers.
When checking Netspend accounts today to pull all the interest out, I noticed I'd been charged a fee by Brinks and there hadn't been any transfers since May. I looked into the PNC account and my external Brinks account is marked as "Suspended due to questionable activity." The HEB account is still "Active" and transfers have been going through just fine.
Kinda disappointing as I'd assume they'd send an email about this (I checked). If you use PNC for anything similar, take a look and make sure everything's been going smoothly. I'm certainly not going to call in about it :)
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2016.04.01 04:36 mx07gt A simple way to get 5% APY on your emergency fund (or savings).

Hello /personalfinance!
I will briefly tell my story on how I'm getting 5% APY on my 20k emergency fund, and you guys can decide if it fits your needs.
I am using Netspend, which offers a 5% APY savings account on the first 5k, and .5% on anything above.
Netspend offers accounts directly through them, or through partners, and getting cards directly through them and their partners is how you circumvent the 5k cap for that sweet 5% yield.
I applied directly through netspend.com for the first card, then I started applying through partners at least 48 hours separately. I used HEB, Western Union, and Ace Elite, all using my same SSN and address.
In order to qualify for the savings account, you have to have a $500 direct deposit or government benefit deposited to your account, but I ACH'd the full $5000 from my bank to the netspend accounts, and that counted as direct deposit. Again I did the same with each card once I received it on the mail. There are some few things to do to avoid fees on the account, but its nothing that cant be automated.
Now I sit here with 4 different FDIC secured accounts, each with 5k, generating 5% APY paid quarterly. I'm a happy camper!
I am not very good with explanations, but I just wanted to share this information as I don't see it mentioned here very often. While it may not be as easy as just getting an Ally account and forgetting about it, I would much rather deal with a little bit more work and get 4% more that what Ally is offering.
By all means if you are going to open an account, help a fellow redditor out and use a referral code. https://www.reddit.com/churning/comments/4h8dtq/official_netspend_referral_thread/ God bless.
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2015.11.10 13:11 RustyShackleford0901 [REQ] $45 borrow today. $55 payed back on 11/12.

I live in kerrville, Texas and would need the fund sent to my heb netspend card. I'm told this can be done through PayPal or bank account. It's no emergency. I'm off today and would like to get Fallout 4 and don't want to wait until I get paid Thursday. I know I'm just being impatient which is why I'm willing to pay the $5 a day interest for the two days totalling $10. I work for heb and have direct deposit to my card so there's no risk of me not being able to pay back in full on time. Any help would be appreciated, if not I understand and thank you for taking the time anyway
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2015.04.20 20:11 presidentnick Do any of you MS with netspend?

I live really close to an heb where netspend reloads are free, but I'm not sure if I can reload with CC at the cashier. Anyone have any insight to this?
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