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2023.05.25 12:30 ItzWolfyTDMYT {UPDATED} Pride Predictions

Heyo! Im back again!
We are back for another gay event huh? But, if you didnt read my preds last year, here it is!
Note: Keep in mind, most of the teams in here are from my preds + I have no idea of placements atm.
Red Rabbits: Dream, MaxGGs, MakoInari, Fedya
Same Prediction from last year but changed from Tubbo to Mako since I putted him on the same team from last year. Placing 5th overall.
Orange Ocelots: Boba, Roseriie, CaptainPuffy, Elaina
Another bisexual team but this time with someone from Yogs. Just that info.
Yellow Yaks (Kaboodle SMP): Kaboodle (Bi), BayBeeRae (Bi), Maddy Millkberry (Unlabelled), Riiceandbeanss (Lesbian)
Kaboodle SMP in MCC??? Not sure if this would happen. But if it does, ik Fanta is ready for it. (Fanta, if you are reading this: I know you are inhaling copium gas for this.)
Lime Llamas (Former MCC Testers): Mysticat (Non-binary), FBM, A. Wolfeei, Ameston
FBM with his fellow mcc testers! Big W (1st place) ofc (jut saying because come on, they could be cracked since they played in mcc tests before.
Green Geckos (Green Gays): Ranboo, Joey Graceffa, Antfrost, Scott
Same team. Also, idrk about Ranboo actually breaking his curse for real this time.
Cyan Coyotes: Guqqie (Ace-Biromantic), Tubbo ("Not straight"), Gumi (Pan), Aimsey (Lesbian)
The flirters themselves (Aims and Gumi) are back again after last year, idk if they would ACTUALLY win MCC Pride this time since they only won in 20v20 Dodgebolt. Also, the partner is in the event (hopefully).
P.S: Bringing in the elephant in the room, Gumi would probably chug in some vodka with Aimsey. So, EXPECT THAT!
Aqua Axolotls (Aqua Asexuals): Shubble, 5up, Karl Jacobs, Nicacola
Please Aqua Asexuals this time but, I changed a couple in the roster.
Blue Bats (The Simmers): Sasha, Zeuz, Doc, J. Turner
Obviously, simmers would participate in this mcc since they have alternative sched.
Purple Pandas: Laqqy, Billzo, Eret, Kara Corvus
The Bi's with Eret being genderqueer and Kara being awesome.
Pink Parrots (Pink Pansexuals): Bearbubb, Nihachu, Krtzyy, jojosolos
Same team (again).
Backups: Currently have no ideas! But let me know who I should put!
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2023.05.25 11:54 Acrobatic_Cold_2672 BLOCK WARS PRIDE PREDICTIONS:)

Scarlet Sharks: I really wanted to do a outsiders team and I think this team is really cool
Orange otters: Laqqy joins the roster, this team was kinda of a compilation of people who I didn't know where to put, still a cool team though
Golden Gorillas: ALL GIRLS Team :) this team sees the return of Elaina and newcomer captainpuffy
Lime lions: very based team in my opinion however still cool, we have the duo of 5up and sleppai and antfrost and velvet with tubbo
Teal turtles: We see snifferish Joining the event along with a FBM and wolfeei duo makes probably my 2nd favorite team in the event
Blue bears: billzo and aimsey join the event which is really cool, but we also see a Pete and illumina Duo which is probably the highlight of the team for me
Purple pelicans: Krtzy finally being in block wars is really cool as well as maxgg joining the event makes a cool team
Fuscia frogs: This team is so cool, we get nigahiga and in blocks wars with a really cool team to part.
Hope you liked my predictions
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2023.04.28 17:56 beady_emperer Billzo edit <3

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2023.04.16 00:50 Training-Cover-4414 Help/advice crafting another TR bow

Help/advice crafting another TR bow
Having a bit of trouble understanding the crucible mechanic. I’ve managed to craft a fairly decent bow (I think) for my TR pathfinder, however I’m so scared to do anything with this bow now in case I brick it’s crucible mods…
My idea is to try upgrade the charges mod and life regen mod on crucible with something better. To do this I’ve been trying to find bows that have a similar +1 level and attack speed mod so I can try to combine those the same… however I simply cannot find these mods anymore? I believe they’re T1 mods and when I was doing this last week I was finding them all the time, now I can’t find them at all. Have they gotten stupidly rare or am i unable to find them in T16 maps?
Any advice is much appreciated
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2023.04.08 00:42 ArtsyOne264 My mom just banned me from watching Mr Beast or anything Mr Beast related for the most idiotic reason TW: Transphobia

Basically my mom is so ridiculously homophobic, transphobic, basically anything near LGBT+ she hates, and today she came to me randomly and let me know she didn't want me to watch anything Mr Beast bc of Chris' transition and coming out. [idk if yall know about that but Chris came out as trans of some sort.]
I guess she saw something about it on one of her ridiculous podcasts cause idk how else she would've found out
And then she proceeded to let me know that if I ever have "any questions about transitions or the trans nonsense" that I should go to her and ask, and NEVER look it up or ask someone else because "it's very easy to fall into the traps they set", oh and also, "it's very based on them appealing to 'compassion', and that's a lie because compassion is based on truth and I'm not going to lie out of compassion" I guess she's talking about using different pronouns and stuff
Oooh, yeaah, sure, I'm gonna ask you about transitions so you can tell me all about something you know literally nothing about, Mom, suuuurrree
needless to say I'm not gonna just immediately shy away from content I like because my mom's afraid of the tRaNsGeNdEr WoKe PeOpLe, same way I didn't shy away from other creators like Billzo or Ranboo when I fully knew how she felt
I'm so sick of the crap she's constantly shoving down my throat all the time, at least my dad's not as bad
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2023.04.05 10:49 rClipsBot Board Games Night w/ Tommy, Awesamdude, Billzo, Beky & Freddie

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2023.03.30 22:20 Flagfricker mmm yes the correct video

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2023.03.17 07:17 sugarcrystal_snohope advice?

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2023.02.20 04:57 SalePretend8255 Cumzo & Tom Semens 🥵❤️‍🔥

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2023.02.15 23:46 rainzee_ bill with a bit of ranboo 👏 (this is my art :] did it myself!)

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2023.02.15 11:08 666_sewer_rat Billzo in his straight tik tok boy era

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2023.02.08 04:15 kvleyy face tattoo!

face tattoo!
bro turns 18 and goes crazy
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2023.02.03 20:07 Neither_Sandwich1184 How time flies bro… 2021 vs 2023

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2023.02.01 22:56 Jemiu_ BILLZO EDIT tw bright/flashing lights

BILLZO EDIT tw bright/flashing lights
Older Billzo edit I made :)
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2023.02.01 22:56 Jemiu_ Billzo edit TW glitch

Billzo edit TW glitch
Another old Billzo edit Ive made :)
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2023.01.23 02:40 Needleworker-Clear RIP

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2023.01.22 21:25 shroom_10 Recipe For Disaster (ft. Philza, Jack Manifold, Billzo & Freddie)

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2023.01.22 20:41 Rex_Vex_ STAN LASAGNA DINKEY

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2023.01.22 19:49 flextapeboi43 is his leak real? or fake?

just wondering, if so that sucks
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2023.01.22 09:31 XFallen_planetX please tell me I'm not the only one thinking that Bill looks absolutely FABULOUS as lasagne dinkey in the new misfits video

please tell me I'm not the only one thinking that Bill looks absolutely FABULOUS as lasagne dinkey in the new misfits video submitted by XFallen_planetX to Billzo [link] [comments]

2023.01.11 00:17 OneContest6436 billzo buff

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2023.01.06 01:34 MU5R00M Fake merch?

Hello! so I dont use reddit but i wanted to post this here to ask something. so i asked my mom to get my merch for Christmas but her not knowing fakes and stuff bought it from some non offical website so i wanted to know if like i was gonna get scammed or something? (note is hasnt arvied and i can still cancel it) the link i put shoyuld work not sure tho ive never used reddit
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