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A community for fans of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, which includes a free trial that includes the entirety of "A Realm Reborn" AND the award-winning "Heavensward" expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime. FFXIV's newest expansion, "Endwalker", is out now.

2011.09.28 22:37 letmefoolyou Arctic Monkeys

Subreddit dedicated to the indie rock band out of Sheffield, England.

2011.04.04 20:12 wagedomain Self Published Writers

A place to discuss just about everything in the world of indie books. *Not* a place for self-promotion.

2023.05.30 06:50 Sutekh137 /r/religion mods remove post challenging anti-LGBTQ libel

A user posted a link to a news story debunking anti-drag smears to /religion, an ostensibly-neutral sub that claims to be for unbiased discussion of world religions. However, one of their mods quickly deleted the thread, commenting
Yeah, it really is happening at "drag shows", this is nothing but a "hey!, look over here instead" attempt to divert from something that is, by so many measures, child abuse. I'm gay,,and know that sexually-explicit drag shows are not for young children.
(note that while this specific comment does not have mod flair, check both the mod list and elsewhere in the thread to confirm that this user both is a mod and is the one who removed it)
This moderator has previously denied that religiously-motivated homophobic violence exists, and another mod has explicitly stated that having a rule on the sub against expressing support for the death penalty for homosexuality would violate users' ability to talk about their religious views and thus as long as they don't call for vigilantism such posts will not be removed.
(reworked and resubmitted because I forgot about the no direct linking rule.)
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2023.05.30 05:15 Routine_Cat_9940 Service for automated daily web page capture (using archive.org)

I am posting this with the permission of the mods.
I found myself in need of a service that could automatically create daily archive.org snapshots of a web page, so I decided to address this need by creating setwayback.com. It also supports automated archival of Twitter accounts.
I understand that many people here associate OSINT with being free, but I have introduced a minimum price to cover server costs and prevent abuse of the service.
I hope someone finds it useful!
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2023.05.30 04:29 jdmbw Help with 1.62 mods

I have no idea why this combo of mods doesn’t work. They were all updated as far as i’m aware, and other people seem to be getting on fine with all these:
Always First Equip
Archive XL
CET V1.62
Disable finishers v3
Input loader
Judy romanced enhanced
Missing persons - Fixers hidden gems
Native settings UI
Panam enhanced body
Panam romanced enhanced
System EX
Any help would be appreciated.
Edit: Should I just find a way to roll back to 1.61?
Also I use vortex.
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2023.05.30 03:00 AutoModerator May 30, 2023 - Weekly AIO Discussion Megathread (Questions, Pulls, Progress, Friend UID)

This is the Weekly AIO Megathread for Questions, Pulls, Game Progress and sharing Friend UIDs.
For pulls and game progress, you can use an external image hosting site such as Imgur and share a link to your images.
For questions, all basic gameplay and help questions should be asked in this Megathread. This includes questions such as: "Which card should I evolve/work on next?", "How does X work?", "How do I get X item?", or other questions that can be answered with a simple response.
Questions that require or garner more discussion can still be posted as separate posts. It is up to mod discretion as to whether it should be removed or not and posted in the Megathread.

Resources And Guides

General Tips & Guides
Gameplay Help
Card Resources
Have an additional resource to add? Feel free to message the moderators with your suggestion!
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2023.05.30 02:33 Lower-Reward-1462 34 / PC / Central Time -- Really miss having a friend to game with

I dream of one day having a good close friend that I play video games with everyday. I've slowly lost all my gaming friends through the years and I seriously miss it. I don't really know how to go about finding a friend to play with. I've tried playing with random people in Last Epoch, for example, but it's just not working out. I don't want to play some random game that is boring alone, like, say, New World, just to look for a friend. It sounds a bit much.
So I'm looking for people here, though it doesn't seem to be working that well either. People keep ghosting me with no explanation why. But who knows, maybe one day the perfect person will come along and read this. And it only takes one person, right?
Gaming alone is not nearly as fun. I don't really care what game we play, as long as we're having fun. That said, here's some games I like:
I just got Age of Wonders 4 and have been playing it a lot in my free time. I have never played an AoW game before.
Just before that, I had gotten back into Last Epoch, with the 0.9 patch that just released, and now multiplayer is a thing! I mostly played my offline necromancer by myself, but let's make new toons together and play together!
I also like Old World some, but have never played it with another person. Maybe we could, if you want?
Aside from that, I used to play Hearthstone a lot. It used to be my favorite game ever but it sucks recently. All it ever does it get worse. But would not be opposed to playing arena with someone, we watch and help each other like a 2 player co-op game. I'm pretty good at arena. We could also play Battlegrounds.
Would also like to find someone to play Slay the Spire with too where we watch each other. I'm not sure about the co-op mod as I hear it sucks, but maybe. I've played it a lot and have beat Ascension 20 and then some with the Silent, been getting into the Defect some but don't play the other 2 classes at all. Would love to have someone to play this game with or show them the ropes.
And I play some other obscure titles like Thea 2. Would be nice to find somebody to play that with.
I would really love to find someone to introduce a new game to me in a genre I like. TCG, MMO, ARPG mainly. Really, I'm just looking for a friend to play with that is fun and we get along. That's all that really matters. Sucks playing alone every night.
MMORPG's I have played and enjoyed include Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, Bless Unleashed, New World, and Wakfu. I have also tried out FFXIV, WoW, GW2, Lost Ark, and BDO, but never really got into any of these. If you know of any other good MMO's, let me know and maybe we can play it together. Though I could definitely have fun playing one of those MMO's I've played before if I was playing with the right person.
ARPG's I have played and liked in the past include Path of Exile, Last Epoch, Diablo 3, Undecember, and Grim Dawn. I think I might be permanently done with playing PoE alone, but would like to try playing it with someone else, especially someone knew who I could teach everything to. Diablo 4 looks lame.
A little about me: I'm 34 years old, live in the US in central time zone, and live alone with my 2 cats. I'm looking for friends to game with because I don't really have many. I'm online every night and usually gaming! I'm super friendly and talkative and looking for the same, and someone who has time to talk and to play. I'm also LGBTQ+ friendly in case that needs to be said. Also looking for people who have a sense of humor. I don't care about your age as long as we get along. Voice chat is mandatory (sorry!).
I pretty much game 24/7 when I'm not working or sleeping. I usually get home around 5 or 6 PM central time (sometimes earlier or later) and usually go to bed around 3 or 4 AM. You can add me on Discord: MeltedWater#9972 (Please don't message me here on Reddit, the messages aren't going through for some reason.)
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2023.05.30 01:22 _Revelator_ Clarkson's Columns: 30 Years at the Sunday Times & The Red Trouser Mob Speaks Nimby

30 years of this Motormouth
On three decades of cars, controversy, and cow dung at the Sunday Times (May 28)
By Jeremy Clarkson
Thirty years. That’s how long I’ve been writing for The Sunday Times. When I joined the paper, back in 1993, John Major was in power, Neil Kinnock was a fan of Ford Sierras, they were still digging coal out of the ground in Yorkshire and other columnists on the paper included AA Gill, Michael Winner and, not long afterwards, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.
I’m the only one left now. Still here. Still bashing away at the keyboard. And still feeling like a fraud. I went recently to a party celebrating the newspaper’s 200th birthday and during a film that had been made to commemorate the milestone, I was left reeling at the amount of truly important stories it had broken over the years. And the journalistic colossuses who’d translated these shapeshifting events into readable, punchy prose.
Me? Well, I got a job in journalism — on the Rotherham Advertiser — simply because my grandfather, a doctor, had gone out during an air raid in the Second World War and delivered the editor’s first baby. “I’ve always wanted to pay him back,” he said, “so you start on Monday.”
He sent me on a block release course to learn the tricks of the trade and I was terribly shit at everything. I only managed to pass my 110-word-a-minute shorthand exam by using a two-speed tape recorder and very long hair to cover up the secret earpiece. But while there I did meet a chap from the Harrogate Herald who told me about a great gig. If you could get a motoring column in the newspaper, carmakers would send you a brand-new model every week, fully insured and brimmed with fuel. All you had to do to keep the gravy train running was say how brilliant it was.
So I became a motoring journalist — that’s the profession’s bottom rung, just below being a travel hack. And that was fraudulent too because I had no clue how a car works. Back then my peers and colleagues in the specialist motoring press would talk about gear ratios and steering racks and tread shuffle, and I had literally no clue what they were on about. In my mind you turned the key, witchcraft happened and you moved about. The gearbox? That was pure sorcery.
In some ways this ignorance helped, because if you know how a car works you aren’t all that surprised when it does. With me, I always have a boyish, tinkle-grabbing excitement when I push the throttle pedal and the whole car moves. It excites me. And I don’t think that excitement would be there if I were on some kind of a know-how par with the engineers who’d made it possible.
To get round the problem of not knowing what I was talking about, I wrote mostly about how a car made you look and feel. And that seemed to go down quite well, so pretty soon the gravy train became a foreign junket jus train as carmakers started inviting me to product launches. A lot of product launches. In the mid-Eighties I spent more time in Cannes and Barcelona than I did at home. And all I had to do in exchange for all the private jets and champagne was write a piece saying that the car made me feel and look very nice. And that it would do the same for you too.
At one of these product launches — for the Citroën AX, in case you’re interested — I bumped into a BBC producer who asked me to appear on Top Gear, and pretty soon I was so busy doing that, I didn’t have time to go to Cannes and Barcelona any more. Which meant I had nothing to lose and could say what I liked.
Many of the carmakers didn’t like me saying what I liked, so an association of car industry press officers despatched a chap from Ford called Harry Calton to speak to my bosses. They told him that my directness was bringing more viewers to Top Gear and that this was good for the motor industry. Which in turn was good for Ford. He agreed and pretty soon I was rushing about, refusing to review the Vauxhall Vectra because it was too boring. And likening the new Toyota Corolla to a fridge-freezer. And saying that the Ford Scorpio looked like a slightly melted waxwork model of Marty Feldman.
This brought me to the attention of The Sunday Times, which asked me to do something similar in print. Which is quite an achievement if you think about it. Being asked to write for one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world, on a subject about which I knew nothing.
I couldn’t even drive very well back then. This was a bit of a hindrance, because to write about how a car behaves “at the limit” you have to be able to take it to the limit, and to find out where that is you have to go beyond it, which meant doing some kind of skid. It was my old colleague Tiff Needell who taught me how to do that, at Kemble airfield, in a Lamborghini Murciélago.
I still don’t do it properly. Instead of using power to break traction at the back, which is what the professionals do, I use too much speed. I arrive at the corner far too quickly, lift off the throttle to pitch the weight of the car forwards and therefore reduce traction at the back, and then turn the wheel while rubbing some rosaries. It’s messy and smoky and scary sometimes, especially when you’re doing it three feet from the back of a camera tracking car. But it looked good on television, and it convinced millions of people that I was some kind of cross between Ayrton Senna and Adrian Newey, all wrapped up in a sandwich filled with idiotic metaphors and similes.
Soon The Sunday Times asked me to start writing about other things as well, which is how I ended up with Adrian Gill, in Baghdad, in 2005, reporting on the Iraq War. I was useless at this as well, choosing to use hyperbole instead of actually finding stuff out. “There were a hundred million soldiers” is so much easier than calling the MoD and finding out how many there really were.
I also had a terrible nose for news. Back in the autumn of 2013 — I did look that up — I was in Kyiv doing some kind of Top Gear live show when I received a call from a different editor of The Sunday Times, asking me to go down to Independence Square to see if the protests were as big as he’d been led to believe.
I was thrilled because this was my big chance to be a proper hack, at the pointy tip of a breaking story. So off I went with a notebook and no pen. No journalist ever has a pen. And having talked to the lone policeman and signed autographs for the six rather bored-looking protesters, I called the editor and said the whole Russia/Ukraine thing was a nonstory.
Incredibly, after 30 years on the paper, I’m still here. But will I still be kicking around after 40 years? With cars I think not. I recently borrowed a 2005 Ford GT and, on a beautiful spring evening, I took it from Chipping Norton to Badminton House, along some of the loveliest and quietest and fastest roads that Britain has to offer, and I truly loved it. But in the not too distant future drives like that will simply not be possible. And cars like that will be gone. It’ll all be 20 mph and giving way to cyclists and pulling over for 60 hours to fill up the batteries. And I want no part of that.
I may not know how proper cars work. But at least they interest me. The new breed? I have even less of a clue what makes them move along and I find them all to be more boring than Jane Austen giving a four-hour talk about Chaucer.
When I began doing this columnism lark you could say that the combustion engine was brilliant and that men can’t have babies. These days, though … you can still say those things. It’s just that now people get very angry with you. And I like that because I’ve always liked throwing rocks in ponds. It’s all I’ve ever done, really. Tried to mess things up. It’s been fun.
Does the red trouser mob speak fluent nimby? You better you bet
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, May 28)
I have some experience of not getting planning permission, and what I’ve come to understand is this: whether you want to build a conservatory, or a funeral home, or a nuclear power station, you’ve got to get the language right. Sustainable. That’s an important word. Your conservatory may feature window frames made from depleted uranium, but that doesn’t matter if you describe it as sustainable. And mental health. That’s critical. You need a sustainable sun room full of eco-plants because it’s good for your mental health. Plus you will empower the local building trade in a way that will be “transformative” to the low-income “community”.
Sadly, however, no matter how well versed you may be in modern government-speak, you will come up against a neighbour in red trousers who knows the even more powerful language of nimbyism. And he’s going to say that your new conservatory will cause more “pollution”, “traffic” and “noise”. That’s the holy trinity for those who worship at the altar of Laura Ashley. And if that isn’t working, they’ll wheel out the trump card: dark skies. They’ll argue that your new conservatory will cause light pollution, and then, I’m afraid, you’ve had it. Especially if there’s even a suggestion that you might harm a bat.
All of which brings me on to the Duke of Beaufort. He recently applied for permission to stage two summer concerts in the agreeable grounds of Badminton House — the Who and Rod Stewart, in case you’re interested. And I’m sure his representatives used all the right words.
They’ll have glossed over the fact that it’s bloody expensive to run a big house and new income streams are necessary, because that sort of argument doesn’t sit well in a country where anyone with a big house is wrong. That’s the law. So the duke’s advisers will have relegated the business angle to page 12 of the application and concentrated instead on how the sustainable, low-impact, green events will empower the low-income rural community and boost the mental health of the region’s bats.
Sadly, though, the duke’s neighbours are not just well versed in the language of nimbyism. They are fluent — they are past masters — in the art of objecting. So they started by pointing out there’d be increased traffic in the area and that noise would “reverberate” in nearby villages — presumably causing many bat deaths and “mental health issues”.
Naturally, they also said the concertgoers would engage in “rowdy behaviour”, even though it’s the Who and Rod Stewart we’re talking about. Most of the audience will be in their sixties, and when Roger Daltrey sings, “The kids are all right”, they’ll turn to one another and say, “They really are. Henry’s a commodity broker now, and Harriet is doing ever so well at Freuds.” Then, when it’s all over, they’ll go back to Stanton St Quintin in their Teslas, and Keith Moon will not head over to the local hostelries to blow up the lavatories because he died 45 years ago.
Fearing perhaps the council might cotton on to the fact the audience are extremely unlikely to drive their cars into the nearest swimming pool, the red-trouser people decided then to open up with sustained machinegun fire. Crime. Disorder. Public nuisance. Emergency services. Road safety. Pandora’s box. This was the Middle England playbook, and if they’d stuck to it, they might have got somewhere.
But they got high on their own supply and became silly, saying, “With 11 to 12 hours’ drinking licences, drunks will camp overnight . . . increasing the potential for a major fire incident.”
Right. I see. So this 65-year-old reveller overdoes it on the noon balloons and the Whispering Angel, puts up a tent he’s somehow smuggled into the venue and then, using some of the kindling he’s brought from the wicker basket in his snug, gets a fire going, which, despite the constant rain that goes hand in hand with British summertime concerts, somehow turns into a major Australia-style inferno that completely engulfs three neighbouring villages and ruins the dark skies for miles.
It’s the most preposterous argument I’ve ever heard. There was, once, a fire at an outdoor gig. It was caused by a faulty light on the stage and was quickly extinguished using stamping and a blanket. No one was injured and Bruno Mars was back at the mike eight minutes later. So the fire argument doesn’t wash.
And I’m delighted to say the duke’s local authority saw it for the nonsense it was and gave the gigs the go-ahead. And before you write in saying, “How would you like it if your neighbour invited the Who to perform in his garden?”, I’d say: “I’d like it a lot. Especially if they bring some lasers and do 'Baba O’Riley'.”
I fear, however, that this is not the end of the story, because now “sustainable” has been balanced out by “traffic”, and “empowering” by “light pollution”, the red-trouser brigade is going to become increasingly desperate in its constant battle to keep Britain as it was in 1957.
Mr Sunak announced recently that planners will be encouraged to look favourably on rural schemes, but they’re going to be up against a tub-thumping army that will quickly recognise that the fire argument was a bit of an oxbow lake and will start to argue that the new housing estate for the low-income community will cause a plague of luminous locusts that will spoil the dark sky. Or that it will attract immigrants who all have ebola. And that your longed-for barn conversion is actually a Russian missile silo capable of turning all of Chipping Sodbury into a nuclear desert for the next 10,000 years.
The Driving website of the Sunday Times has also published a freely accessible interview with Clarkson, on his 30 years at the paper. It's part of a larger feature that also reproduces several old columns.
And here's the Sun column: "Three things bother us in the UK..."
Clarkson's columns are regularly collected as books. You can buy them from his boss or your local bookshop.
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2023.05.30 00:30 stevetheclimber OPENING the /r/Mindcrack Time Capsule of 2022!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the annual peak back into the past!
It's been another year since the 2022 capsule was posted, and for the 9th time we'll be unpacking all sorts of info that was stored away in this annual tradition. Not only is this a great way to look back on what all changed over the last year, but the time capsule also serves as the most complete recap for the current state of Mindcrack and is the best way to see the entire group's recent overall activity with info not found anywhere else.
We'll be opening the ninth edition of the mindcrack time capsule from 2022. You can also find these frozen moments in time for every year going back to 2014 here: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. Now that all that's out of the way, let's officially open the 2022 time capsule!
Today is the 29th of May, 2022.

General Information

A current concise definition of Mindcrack is "A group of friends and content creators founded in 2010 who come together for gaming content and regular charity events primarily based on Twitch."
Mindcrack currently has 24 official members and around 18 VIPs/Friends active in the group, though there is no official list on who all is a Friend and the linked image is probably missing at least Darkosto and Sapphyrei. Mindcrackers and Friends essentially differ only in name.
The latest member to join officially was OMGChad on the 31st of October, 2014. The latest member to leave was BTC (BlameTheController) on the 12th of November, 2015. The latest Friend to join is difficult to determine, as most Friends have gradually become involved in the group over multiple years.


There have been nine full Mindcrack Marathons to date and a multitude of other charity efforts, both from individuals and the full group. In total Mindcrack has raised an incredible $1,950,563.23 for others through their group fundraising streams since 2013, of which $1,817,090.78 has been for the charity Extra Life (totals missing $0-5K). The latest full marathon was on November 8-14 and ran for 117 hours across a full week for the first time, raising a record $348,565.69 for Extra Life plus Twitch and merch revenue.
A complete list of all totals raised during Mindcrack group fundraising streams can be found here, the source message is pinned in the Mindcrack Discord and regularly updated.
The most recent fundraising event was held less than a month ago for Arbor Day and was Mindcrack's first time supporting Gone West, the UHC raised £6,161 for the company, helping plant over 1,125 trees for the planet. It's been mentioned that Gone West will return in future fundraising events. Mindcrack also raised $15,651.94 for Extra Life last month during the first spring marathon since 2019 which ran for 12 hours. It was followed up by Extra life United's return to Florida just over a month ago, Mindcrack had multiple attendees who also spent several days at Disney together where some of them unfortunately got COVID-19. ELU 2022 featured the return of the Minecraft Building Competition, and Pakratt led team Mindcrack to a 1st place finish against 6 other teams which included Aureylian.
The Mindcrack Patreon has now been supporting Mindcrack's charity efforts for over 2 years, allowing the marathon to grow in size and production quality. A new $10 tier was added in fall which gives monthly behind the scenes updates on charity events. Currently the Patreon has 413 Patrons pledging $3,626 per month, with 88 Patrons on the $25 tier, 1 on the $500 tier, and the rest split between $5 and $10.
Kurt's Far Lands or Bust journey has continued on as always, having just started Season 10 with Season 9 ending a couple months ago after close to a million blocks traveled in a year. He is currently at 5,765,878 blocks traveled towards the Far Lands as of March 28th, 2022, sitting at 45.9% of the way there. The latest episode was #829 on May 28th, 2022. The series has raised $472,939.92 for 7 different charities since 2011, with $4,470.00 raised during Season 9 for Rise Above The Disorder, and $4,600.00 raised for Equality Texas Foundation during the recent FLoB-a-Thon.
MCGamer and the Zeldathon Team have raised $3,064,623 for 11 different charities during their 32 charity events. The latest Zeldathon was Zeldathon Ascent which raised $176,843.00 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital from December 26th to January 1st, and they just finished the smaller event Piece of Heart raising $20,120 for St. Jude at MomoCon from May 26th-28th. The next Zeldathon will be Zeldathon Daybreak, scheduled to start on August 2nd raising money for Direct Relief.
There's also a multitude of individual charity efforts in Mindcrack; several people in the group hold streams supporting their individual Extra Life campaigns, and there's frequently one-off streams for various charities, such as a few days ago where Justin, McLaffyTaffy, and MyLawyerFriend were in a D&D stream supporting St. Jude. A complete list wouldn't be feasible to collect, but their efforts are appreciated. In total everyone in the group have raised over $5.5 million for charity over the years.

Regular Series

The Mindcrack Podcast is hosted by Sevadus, Guude, and recently Soccer releasing two episodes every week, consisting of a public episode every Monday and a Patron-exclusive episode every Thursday. Additionally, Patrons at the $25 tier can watch the recordings live and discuss in the live chat. The latest public episode was S2E99 which released on May 23rd, 2022, and the latest premium episode was episode 99 released on May 26th, 2022. The 10 year anniversary of the podcast is just a few weeks away.
Cone, Kurt, and Zeekay host the podcast Ran When Parked which releases new episodes every other week, the latest episode was episode 78.
As of tonight Coestar's StreamADay is sitting at Day 3,099, and Phedran's daily streaming streak is on Day 1,702. Coe still holds the second longest daily streaming streak on Twitch.
There have been over 500 collabs within Mindcrack in the last year, but with Mhykol's Discord bot not posting VODs it's hard to track them and get specific numbers. In the last year Monday Group Games, Space Cops, and the Dads have gone on indefinite hiatus, so there's currently fewer weekly series than normal.
The following is a list of the more stable weekly collab series within Mindcrack currently:
  • Armo, Breon, Coestar, and Kingster play PUBG for Sunday Gunday every week, and PUBG also makes frequent appearances throughout the week with other squad combinations.
  • Pakratt's Vintage Story Tuesday with Honney and DireDwarf recently ended after 38 weeks, it's likely TFC Tuesdays in MC 1.18 will replace it in the near future.
  • Coestar and Guude's Two Bananas for Sale continues strong, playing games together or with Patrons every Friday night. Their most recent games include We Were Here Forever, UHC, Traitors in Salem, and Codenames. Their joint Patreon currently raises $625 per month thanks to 36 Patrons.
  • Arkas, Guude, Nebris, and Pakratt have recently returned after a long hiatus to play Divine Journey 2 every other Saturday and just passed their 7-year anniversary playing together.
  • Arkas and Cone just wrapped up another season of Cities Skylines, this one being a challenge to build the best city in 36 hours.


Season 9 of the Minecraft vanilla server is currently ongoing; Amethyst, Guude, his daughter Apple, Honney, Mookake, Pakratt, Phedran, and a multitude of $25 tier Patrons have been on in the last month. The current season started on December 11th, 2021, and the server is running on 1.18.2 with some extra plug-ins. For the first time the majority of Mindcrack is using shaders on the server in a client modpack with other QoL mods. This season has had approximately 765 hours streamed by Mindcrack so far. The most recent event on the server was the Spring Festival held on May 1st and 7th; Amethyst, Guude, his daughter Apple, Honney, Pakratt, and about 15 Patrons attended one of the two.
Mhykol hosts a server map at https://mindcrackmap.com, the map uses BlueMap which was used as a secondary map on the previous season.
The most recent full modded server was Crackpack Season 4, Mindcrack's 7th modded season which was active from November 2019 until January 2020. A more restricted Crackpack 3 server was active for 3 hours every week from May to October last year as part of Monday Group Games.
The Dadcraft Minecraft server reset at the start of December for 1.18, Arkas and Jaaski joined Chiblee, Coestar, Justin, and Pause with others and the server was active for about a month.
Adlington, Arkas, Cone, Dire, Doc, Kurt, Phedran, and VintageBeef all have fan servers for Twitch subs and/or Patrons.

Ultra Hardcore (UHC)

There have been 33+28 (Twenty-seven donation UHCs and S4b) seasons of Mindcrack UHC. There were 8 Mindcrack UHCs in 2021, the most since 2012 with 9 UHCs.
Breon, Coestar, ConeDodger, and Kingster are the winners of the latest UHC season, Season 33, which was streamed on the 26th of February, 2022.
Mookake and SethBling are the winners of the latest donation UHC, the 27th of its kind, which was streamed on the 30th of April, 2022 for Gone West.
PauseUnpause is the most deadly player in regular UHCs with 36 kills, and Coestar is the most deadly player in donation UHCs with 38 kills, having recently taken the lead from Arkas. Nebris and VintageBeef are tied for the most wins in regular UHCs with 9, and Guude and Kurt are tied for the most wins in charity UHCs with 7. (Latest UHC Stats by Guardax)
Seasons can be categorized as follows: 21 teams of four, 15 teams of two, 13 teams of three, 8 free-for-all, 2 PvE, 1 teams of five, 1 teams of ten.
UHCs have been becoming more frequent recently with renewed interest from the group and there's plans for even more in the future, starting with the first ever collaboration between VintageCraft and Mindcrack Patrons with a UHC next month on June 11th.

Individual Members

The table below contains current subscription, follower, and member data for the Mindcrackers' various social media accounts. Each number is hyperlinked to include an image of that member's account as it appears on this day for easy comparison of account contents, videos, and Discord channels:
Mindcracker Twitch YouTube Twitter Patreon Discord Size Discord Messages**
Adlingtont 2,889 35,200 6,405 9 ($71) 44 29,700
AnderZEL 286,781 532,000* 72,995 Twitch sub to join 4,160
Arkas 39,358 86,300*/383 25,712 447 51,640
Aureylian 148,698 267,000* 164,528
AvidyaZen 21,652 274* 353 78(new) 9,090
Coestar 62,880 110,000* 30,709 29 ($79) 1,554 1,943,640
Docm77 128,355 982,000 225,648 124 ($952) Patron only ?
Guude 45,651 366,000 95,260 Twitch sub only 875,670
JSano19 5,103 48,800 14,035 1 ($5) Patron only ?
Kurt 53,293 412,000 57,844 199 Patron or Twitch sub only 180,680
MCGamer 87,722 HIDDEN 36,934
Mhykol 15,793 53,000 25,336 154 17,280
Millbee 55,977 114,000 45,799 545 754,160
Nebris 20,809 134,000*
OMGchad 53,832 119,000*/1,390,000 32,816 2,047 34,920
Pakratt 102,661 50,200 20,929 562 351,980
PauseUnpause 151,562 HIDDEN 947 134,680
Pyropuncher 29,807 HIDDEN 48,857
SethBling 246,113 2,020,000 380,303 330 37,240
Sevadus 412,912 45,600* 57,420 1,875 45,810
Vechs 9,692 171,000 50,404 114 1,061 154,270
VintageBeef 28,405* 1,570,000/13,800/19,800* 197,020 251 Patron only ?
W92Baj 9,548 113,000 43,394 7 Patron only ?
Zisteau 55,408 340,000/981(new) 72,216 91 1,240 400,910
Mindcrack Network 70,390 153,000 50,044 413($3,626) 2,711 262,240
* indicates accounts that haven't been used in the last year ** Discord messages are all messages sent in default channels since server creation.
The following table is the same info for Friends that are content creators, though this isn't an official list so it may have extras and not be complete:
Friend Twitch YouTube Twitter Patreon Discord size Discord messages**
Amethyst 552 852
Breon 2,605 291 1,705 167 49,230
Chiblee 24,332 4,330(new)/1,540(new) 31,923 2,338 473,600
ConeDodger 5,598 9,340 1,423 160 Patron or Twitch sub to join/use 1,006,770
Dahl 458 21,400/25(new) 837 0 Patron to join 51,560
Darkosto 76,839 3,560 6,049 7,947 439,360
DireDwarf 18,335 4,730 3,104 5($56) 372 190,740
Drooo 346 11 446 54 21,150
HCJustin 66,741 13,500 19,144 29($178) Twitch sub to join 1,184,780
HonneyPlay 11,607 3,100 1,259 11 562(shared w/ Pak) 351,980
Jaaski 10,850 458* 2,694 606 220,530
Kingster 390 2(new) 20
Mookake 690 2,360* 244
Phedran 9,470 8,870* 4,900 52($388) 372 89,430
Ryuski 1,383 181 436 75 26,541
Sapphyrei(formerly OnlyBentley) 17,636 58(new)/129,000(old) 12,243 3($19)
Soccer 505 137* 251 Twitch sub to join 440
There are currently about 28 people part of Mindcrack that stream on Twitch regularly, and about 10 that upload to YouTube regularly.
In the last year there were approximately 30,813 hours streamed on Twitch by about 41 Members and Friends, with 2,483 combined hours streamed during last month. During that year there were 792 unique categories streamed, 4,294,294 total views, and 3,863,022 hours watched on Twitch which is equal to 441 years.
The most streamed games in order were Minecraft, PUBG, Escape from Tarkov, RimWorld, and Elden Ring. Minecraft had the most streamers with 37, most hours streamed with 6,278, and most hours watched with 713,580; the category Just Chatting was also among the most streamed and had the most views with 718,610.
Here's a chart showing monthly hours streamed by Mindcrack members from August 2015 to April 2022; here's a similar chart with Friends added from May 2020 to April 2022.
According to the Mindcrack website, the total YouTube subscribers across all official Mindcrackers is 9,042,471(+24,900 in the last year), the total number of videos is 71,787(+1,586), and the total views is 2,418,417,594(+36,497,698). The website hasn't been updated in years so the accuracy of those numbers isn't guaranteed.
The total member count across public Discord servers in Mindcrack is 25,526 which includes significant overlap(13,595 for just Mindcrack Members). In total there's been approximately 9,394,181 messages sent across all 33 servers including from bots, but I don't currently have Doc's or Beef's numbers which would push that number well over 10 million. Coe's server remains heavily active and is poised to be the first to reach 2 million messages in about 4 months.
SethBling is the most subscribed on YouTube with 2.02 million subscribers as well as the most followed on Twitter with 380k followers. Sevadus has the most Twitch followers with 412k followers. Darkosto has the largest Discord server with 7,947 members, and among the Mindcrack Members OMGchad has the largest with 2,047 members.


mindcrack has approximately 45,100 subscribers. Discord servers and Twitch chats are the primary places the active Mindcrack community's interactions are based, so the subreddit sees minimal activity.
The Moderator Team of mindcrack consists of 10 humans and 2 robots: GuudeBoulderfist, pakratt0013, stinusmeret, Zisteau, pajam, Lost-Chord, Compieuter, ArmoAram, stevetheclimber, emilythecool, MindcrackTwitchBot, and CrackBot / AutoModerator.
This is the subreddit today using old Reddit (Picture Version), and this is the same page using the redesign (Picture Version).
Here's the current flair selection, and here are the subreddit's traffic stats which are normally only viewable by mods.


Docm77 and VintageBeef are both also members of HermitCraft, and Arkas, Chiblee, Coestar, Jaaski, Justin, and Pause are all members of Dadcraft.
SethBling currently holds 2nd place for the Super Mario World 0 Exit speedrun with a time of 41.350 seconds. He also holds records for several speedrun categories he created, including SMAS+SMW All Five Games with ACE which he'll be running in this year's SGDQ in July, he currently holds a record of exactly 9 minutes for it.
On the IRL side of things several people in Mindcrack have gone through changes in life; in the last year, Guude and Jess got engaged, Cone and Paint also got engaged and announced they have a baby coming, and DireDwarf got married. There's also been multiple kittens and other pets, at least half a dozen job changes, and several moves, including Soccer living with Guude until earlier this month.
There have been no updates in the last year on Mindcrack's progress towards becoming a non-profit that's publicly been in the works for years.

Community Contributions

u/Omegatron9 has kept his spreadsheet and graphs on YouTube subscribers up to date.
The events of Mindcrack's first 10 years are covered in my History of Mindcrack written in 2020.
Some spreadsheets I have with stats:
Thanks to Guardax, Pellervo_page, and Ageofdune for providing Discord numbers.
And there we have it, another look back into the past is complete as we take a moment to reflect on how we got here amongst the never ending flow of time. Even in just one year there's been countless changes throughout the many people in Mindcrack, both good and bad, and it's easy to lose track of just how much happens with so many different people each living their own lives. Who knows what kinds of changes we'll see as another year passes and we open the 10th time capsule in 12 months.
The 2023 time capsule will be coming soon, there's a lot of info to collect so I'll be asking for help in the Discord, and anyone in the community will be welcome to add their own messages and info in the capsule. For the time being though let's focus on this capsule and all the changes that took place in the last year, and feel free to discuss any of them that stood out to you!
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2023.05.30 00:09 3DPrintguy8 I found something wrong with my 3D prints

Hello Nosleep!
I honestly just need someone to listen and not think I’m crazy. I also have other reasons for wanting this written in a form that I’m not able to later change, for reasons that will become apparent.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alex, and I've been an active member of the 3D printing community for years. I've dabbled in various printing projects, from practical prototypes to detailed minifigs. I like to pretend I’ll use them for tabletop gaming, but if I’m honest, I rarely leave the house and don’t really have anyone to play with. Which is fine, I’m happy to be a homebody and have my little hobbies by myself at home. But recently, my 3D printing hobby has taken an… unexpected turn.
It all began a couple of months ago when I embarked on a new project—a 3D printed statue for my sister’s bathroom. Being a fan of Egyptian mythology, she wanted to incorporate an Egyptian theme, and asked if I could print a small egyptian statue for her. It had been a while since I used my printer, so it sounded like a fun project. However, I was having trouble finding a good free print on any of the usual sites, and I didn’t want to have to pay for a file. So I turned to a 3D printing search engine, Yeggi. That’s when I saw the Sebu statue for the first time. The site was in some kind of foreign language I didn’t speak, but the 3D model had an air of mystique yet simplicity that immediately drew me in, and I knew I had to print it. It was definitely egyptian looking, would be a simple print with few supports, and it was free. Perfect.
It had been a while since I used my printer, so I went through the usual process of re-leveling the bed, cleaning out the old filament (apparently the last time I printed I was trying out some flexible filament… no wonder I stopped printing!) and swapping in some bronze metallic filament. Usually I just print in white PLA, then prime and paint, but I wanted to try a nicer-looking plastic since this was a gift, after all. Plus I’m guessing it would eventually get wet, or work its way into my niece’s sandbox, so better a solid color than paint that would get rubbed off. Plus the statue was a really simple one, so a single color would be fine.
I sliced the file, saved it to my SD card, and started up the printer. The layers of filament slowly built up, taking shape as the Sebu statue emerged. It honestly looked amazing, I couldn't wait to see it on display in my sister’s Egyptian-themed bathroom, she was going to be blown away. Looking back, that was probably the last time I felt really, really good about anything to do with the statue. By comparison, everything now seems… cloudy? Probably best I give examples.
First, getting the statue off the print bed was a hassle, which rarely happens with my glass bed. I ended up trying to use a razor blade to separate it without ruining either the print or the bed (it took over 24 hours to print!) and ended up slicing my hand pretty good, which was fairly shallow but did get blood everywhere. Luckily I must have loosened the print at least, because when I went to rinse the blood off of it in the sink, it immediately popped off the bed without any damage.
I still needed to clean up the brim, but felt uneasy about using a razor blade right away (my usual method for trimming my 3D prints). I still had several days before my weekly lunch with my sister, so there was no rush. That’s when my memory started getting kinda uneven. I couldn’t remember where I set the statue down after I put a band-aid on my hand. But not just that one time, it seemed like every time I put it down for a minute, I’d lose track of it. Then finding I’d put it in weird places. You know how you find your keys in the fridge and can’t remember putting them there, but have a vague sense that you must have? Imagine that, but every time you put your keys down you get distracted by the most random thing, then can’t find them. And it just keeps happening
Of course, that happened every time I saw my sister, so I could never give it to her. Finally, I decided to just print my sister another one. But for some reason, the print kept failing. I went back to basics, printing some test prints like Benchy and Moon City. Those came out relatively fine, but no matter how I tried, I could not get the Sebu file to print again. I’d end up with thermistor errors, spaghetti prints, and even once it somehow printed a completely different file (I must have selected the wrong one I guess). I must have been back in the 3D printing mood because it seemed like I had the printer going nonstop for weeks. In some ways I felt like I did when I first got my printer, churning out all kinds of useless things for the fun of it. Looking back though, I don’t remember it being much fun, more just stressful, like I needed to get a certain number of prints done. I went through almost all of my leftover filaments, not just from the new roll but most of my old stuff too. I even managed a flexible filament Benchy!
During this time the Sebu statue continued to be a source of confusion for me. I’d find I had left it on the kitchen counter or perched on a shelf in the living room. Its presence became more and more unnerving. I would find it in my bedroom, sitting on my nightstand as if watching me sleep (obviously I had just forgot that I set it down there before bed), or in the bathroom, staring at me while I brushed my teeth (where I clearly just put it down so I could wash my hands). Its uncanny ability to appear seemingly out of thin air really started creeping me out though. I finally started just carrying it around with me. It couldn’t pop up unexpectedly if it was in my hands, right? I didn’t take it in bed with me or anything of course, that would be weird, Lord Sebu wouldn’t like that. Bedtime was my one escape from the damned thing.
I did start to notice strange incidents happening when I was holding the statue. It started subtly—a flicker of lights, objects slightly shifting position in my periphery. I’d find other 3D prints had moved from the big box I stored them in. However, I chalked it up to my niece playing with them and leaving them laying around.
I first started accepting that something unexplainable was happening when I began finding prints I had no memory of printing. Weird little articulated dolls and strange creatures. It didn’t make any sense, so I started a log of everything I printed. And yes, I checked the batteries in my carbon monoxide detector.
The most distressing incident involved a family heirloom—a precious dreamcatcher that had been passed down through generations. It hung above my bed, one of the only things I had to remember my Grandfather. Just a few days ago, I noticed it was missing from the wall. I found it under the bed, partially destroyed, as if some unseen force had torn through its delicate webbing and knocked it to the ground. Apparently I had also dropped a few prints down there, as they were lying on the dreamcatcher. Lord Sebu was also under the bed, watching. The dreamcatcher was given to me by my grandfather just a few weeks before he passed, when I was very young. I’d been having typical childish nightmares, and my parents were at their wits end as my sister was a newborn at the time and they were already getting very little sleep. It had been hanging on the wall of his living room for probably decades, but he brought it over to give to me. My parents say that ever since the night he brought it over, I never woke them up with nightmares again. It’s been on the wall of my bedroom ever since, even when I was in college. Its destruction left me with an overwhelming sense of loss and vulnerability.
Shortly after that was the bathroom incident. Some pills in my medicine cabinet had switched containers. It may sound insignificant, but it could have had potentially dangerous consequences if I hadn't noticed the mix-up. I’m not even religious, let alone superstitious. But that’s when I couldn’t ignore or rationalize it anymore, and really started taking things seriously. But try telling your GP that you’re worried you’re being… haunted? Luckily my sister is a NP, so I brought it up during our weekly lunch. She insisted it must be a result of stress and not getting enough sleep. That made sense, things didn’t really seem THAT bad until the dreamcatcher broke, and I’ve not slept well since then either. That kind of interruption to routine could easily have an impact on my mental health.
Sleeping pills were a lot easier to swallow (ha!) than beliefs in any kind of supernatural activity. So drugs to the rescue! She also promised to see what she could do about fixing the dreamcatcher for me, she’s pretty crafty (as her extremely well-decorated house will attest). The next day she came over and did a dang good job of mending it, and having it back on my wall plus some melatonin seemed to do the trick, I got a good night’s sleep again!
Things did seem a lot better when I was well-rested. But I was still feeling a little unsettled, and decided to start keeping a journal, especially since I kept misplacing my list of prints. Around that time I also noticed that some of my benchies were printing oddly. Instead of the little ‘3DBenchy’ text on the back, there was just a strange capital D with some lines coming off of it. I tried again, and got the same thing. This time the bottom also had the D, except it was turned on its side with a line coming from it, like a little umbrella with two handles? My best guess is some hacker figured out a virus to print their tag on everything coming out of a 3D printer?
I asked around on 3DPrinting but nobody had ever heard of such a thing. Adding to the growing list of peculiarities, I found myself unable to locate the original source file for the Sebu statue on my computer. It had vanished without a trace.
But the strangeness didn't stop at physical anomalies. I also noticed discrepancies in my handwritten journal, which I’ve been using to document my 3D printing projects, ideas, and experiences. Pages went missing, and others appeared to have been altered or written without my recollection. It was as if someone—or something—was tampering with my thoughts and memories.
The once-solid anchor of my journal is now a source of confusion and doubt. I needed a written record that I had no ability to change or destroy. That’s when I remembered reddit. Even if someone or something changes my reddit posts, there are multiple archive services I could use to go back and determine what the original contents were. So I started posting.
Unfortunately, when I tried to share my experiences on 3DPrinting, my posts were swiftly removed for being off-topic. I understand the mods’ position, but I needed answers and this all had started with 3Dprinting, right? Luckily, one user did manage to reply to one of my posts before it was deleted, and recommended a different subreddit—one that embraces the strange and unexplained: Nosleep. I’d never heard of it, and my first reaction was ‘that sounds like the opposite of what I want’. But it does appear you guys are more accepting of these kinds of posts. Perhaps some of you had encountered similar phenomena? Maybe you have theories or experiences that could shed light on my predicament. At the very least, I can post my experiences here and they won’t be changed. I can’t seem to log in to my old account either, but I think a fresh start with a fresh account is a good idea anyway.
So here I am, reaching out to you, those familiar. I need your help to understand what's happening. Have any of you experienced similar occurrences after printing certain objects? Is there a logical explanation I’m missing? I just want things to go back to normal.
EDIT: Here's a picture of the Benchy showing the symbol.
submitted by 3DPrintguy8 to nosleep [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 00:05 Vercoduex 26 [T4R] New York - Looking for new friends to hangout with online or in person

Hello all I am a transfemale in Upstate New York. My name is Claire and look forward to meeting you all. A little about me is I am pretty energetic, open to new experiences and great listener when needed.
I'm looking for friends to play games with, hangout, vc, tell funny stories etc. I am pretty open person and love learning about others as well.
My interests include: Video games, anime, cosplay computer science, history, astronomy, nature, and traveling. I'm open to other interests as well.
I been working a lot on FFXIV and Satisfactory if that interest anyone on here. I also play modded minecraft and various other games that are multiplayer. I also do vr as well for anyone who likes playing vr games.
Anyways I'm terrible at these posts but hope it interest some of you and look forward to talking. If things go well I have discord as well.
submitted by Vercoduex to r4r [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 23:46 fruithapje21 Zelda TOTK Ultrawide HUD fix for 21:9 (WIP)

Couple weeks ago I posted the code for running TOTK in ultrawide aspect ratio. However, using this mod stretches all UI elements. I decided to have look at things today and here is a first WIP version for a hud fix for 21:9. This mod changes almost all the bflyt files in Common.Product.110.Nin_NX_NVN.blarc.zs so it may not be compatible with other mods. Once again, this version is WIP and just a few hours old. I couldn't do too much testing, so any feedback on things that need further adjustment are welcome. With that being said, here is the file: https://pixeldrain.comft8K2Qkc
The file should be placed inside %AppData%\yuzu\load\0100F2C0115B6000\HUD_Fix_219\romfs\UI\LayoutArchive\
I will publish the code that I used to change the files later in case other people want to contribute to making this a better mod or want to make a fix for custom aspect ratios.
Current problems:
-Loading into the title screen looks a bit buggy (should change some things in Boot.Product.110.Nin_NX_NVN.blarc.zs probably, haven't touched that yet)
-Haven't figured out yet how to change the position of mini map because the menu map and mini map data are in the same file and kind of intertwined (AppMap_00.bflyt)
EDIT: Here is a 32:9 version for those who absolutely cannot wait https://pixeldrain.comXnw2b3xB (seems OK except for the loading screen, not sure how everything looks on your massive screens)
EDIT2: Merged with Blackscreen Fix now
EDIT3: Fixed oversight that caused stamina shadow issue
EDIT4: Fixed issues with map icons (Thanks u/CleverCorvidae!), pause menu footer and transition screens.
EDIT5: Fixed GameOver screen

Latest Version:
https://pixeldrain.comQ24jsCMt (21:9)
https://pixeldrain.comBTvz5zHT (32:9)
submitted by fruithapje21 to NewYuzuPiracy [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 23:17 HappyHippyToo [Mod note] If the site is down or comes back up please don’t make a bloody new thread about it every time. Just wait. If it’s serious there will be an announcement. If not, it’ll be back in an hour or so.

And use Anna’s Archive in the meantime.
I don’t have the will to mod same posts every day and some of you are really testing my patience today.
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2023.05.29 20:21 Raetian Proficiency Class Pack - Let's Talk About Builds #3: the Marine

We return today to the PCP for the next entry in our series of build discussions: this time, we’re talking about the Marine! I plan to move through the classes alphabetically, but can rearrange things on request, so let me know if there's a class you want to see discussed next - otherwise we will be looking at the Marksman in the next post.
At Squaddie rank, all Marines receive the following perks:
Fire Discipline (PROFICIENCY) - Soldier can set a minimum chance-to-hit threshold before they will take an eligible reaction shot (can be set to 0%, 33%, or 66%). When a rifle is equipped, all reaction fire from this soldier can crit and receives a +10% aim bonus. With a cannon/LMG weapon equipped, these bonuses only apply to Suppression reaction shots. At Proficiency level 2, this reaction aim bonus increases to +15% and the soldier gains +1 ammunition to their equipped primary weapon; at level 3, the aim bonus maxes out at +20%.
Sustained Fire - This soldier’s standard shots are not turn-ending, but any remaining action points after the first shot of their turn are converted to a special type which is only eligible for reloading their weapon, Overwatch, or Suppression.
Suppressive Fire - Soldier gains both the single-target Suppression and area-of-effect (hereafter AOE) Zone Suppression abilities. Single-target Suppression costs 2 ammo flat per use; no cooldown. Zone Suppression costs 3 ammo, and 1 additional ammo is consumed for every reaction shot taken after activating the ability; 3-turn cooldown. Cannons gain a wider AOE for Zone Suppression than rifles, but the cooldown is increased to 4 turns.
Rank Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3
CPL Covering Fire: Soldier’s reaction shots will be triggered by enemy attacks, in addition to movement. Note that you probably should be using shiremct’s own Accurate Covering Fire mod, which buffs Covering Fire over the default version such that the shot ignores 50% of the target’s defense from cover and also inflicts a temporary -15 aim debuff on the target until the end of its turn. This aim debuff applies before the triggering attack is rolled. Flush Em Out: Soldier can take a special shot that has a +30% chance to hit and forces the target to move if it hits. This shot consumes 2 ammo and deals 50% damage. 1-turn cooldown. Danger Zone: The AOE cone width for Zone Suppression is increased by +2 Tiles. If soldier is equipped with a cannon, this bonus is increased to +3 Tiles.
SGT Ever Vigilant: If soldier only uses movement actions in a turn, they automatically enter Overwatch at the end of that turn. Pin Em Down: Soldier’s Suppression abilities inflict Disorient on all targeted units and, if a target is immune to Disorient, apply a -33% mobility penalty instead. Splinter Armor: Soldier’s primary weapon attacks shred 1 point of Armor. This shred does not increase with weapon tech, unlike the default Shredder perk. Note that in Shiremct's Weapon & Item Overhaul, Cannons have 1 point of innate shred, so the perk adds +1 on top for a new total of 2 shred.
LT Combat Awareness: Soldier gains +10% defense and +1 armor while in Overwatch or suppressing a target. Bring Em On: Soldier’s Suppression shots gain +10% crit chance and deal +1 crit damage. Emplaced: If they did not move last turn, soldier gains a temporary +10 aim and weapon range increase of +5 tiles. This bonus is lost if/when the soldier moves.
CPT Sentinel: When entering Overwatch, soldier may now fire on up to 2 targets. Note that each target can only be shot at once. Light Em Up: Replaces Sustained Fire with an improved version depending on soldier’s equipped primary weapon. Rifles gain Marauder, meaning the 2nd action of the soldier’s turn after shooting is completely unrestricted; cannons gain Traverse Fire, which can only be used for shooting, reloading, Suppression, or Overwatch (note that the latter 3 are already built into Sustained Fire, so the main thing gained is the ability to directly shoot twice per turn). No-Man's Land: Soldier will now take reaction shots at any unsuppressed targets moving into or through their Zone Suppression AOE, rather than being limited to targets which were in range when the ability was activated; turns Zone Suppression, effectively, into a variant of the Killzone perk on top of the suppression utility.
MAJ On-Target: Enemies are 25% less likely to dodge the soldier’s shots. Soldier’s direct attacks that miss have a 33% chance to graze the target instead. Weapons Hot: Soldier gains a variable chance dependent on equipped primary weapon to take a reaction shot at newly activated enemies when they scamper; 20% chance when wielding a cannon and 25% chance when wielding a rifle. Withering Barrage: Soldier's Suppression abilities now have a 33% chance to graze each target. This graze damage is applied when Suppression is initiated (not on reaction shots), and does not cost any additional ammo.
COL Tactical Sense: Soldier gains +3% defense per enemy in range, up to a maximum bonus of +15%. Note that the Lost do not count toward this bonus. Aggression: Soldier gains +3% crit chance per enemy in range, up to a maximum bonus of +15%. Note that the Lost do not count toward this bonus. Zeroed In (requires Withering Barrage): Soldier gains +4% chance to trigger the Withering Barrage graze per enemy in range, up to a maximum bonus of +40%. Note that the Lost do not count toward this bonus.
  1. Obviously, what perks do you select, and what perks, if any, do you prioritize picking up in the Training Center later to augment the build?
  2. What gear do you equip this soldier with?
  3. What squad size do you play with, and what role or synergy does this soldier occupy within that squad?
  4. If using Not Created Equal or something similar, what rookie stats do you look for in an ideal candidate?
  5. Are there any additional mods you use that influence the way you build and/or play with this soldier?
Assault Infantry build discussion
Field Medic build discussion
submitted by Raetian to Xcom [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 20:05 AdrianHD Help with adding roms

Hey all!
I’m super new to modding and roms but I was able to get through the walkthrough and get OnionOS on the Miyoo Mini + and add the large list of games from Archive. But now I’ve been wanting to try Metal Gear on MSX and the Pokémon UltraViolet mod.
However, Metal Gear doesn’t load in, just black screen and back to OS and UltraViolet doesn’t even show up. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. I have the MSX core booted up and the GBA one too. I guess I’m feeling like maybe the fact that the games are either IPS or rom files whereas the ones on the list already are GBA, GG, etc. I could be wrong though.
Any help would be super amazing. Thank you!
submitted by AdrianHD to MiyooMini [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:09 PurplStuph Quake Arena Arcade psp mod

I gave up on trying to get bots running and decided to test this old multiplayer mod to see if it would work. And finally, we got bots for Quake 1!
Quake Arena Arcade aims to bring models and multiplayer chunkiness that is Quake 3 onto Quake 1. Fair word of warning as when you first start a map it runs like molasses until you at least die once and then it runs smooth (not sure why but eh).
Simply start a singleplayer game and the bots will spawn automatically.
Have fun! https://archive.org/details/psp_qaa_r4_SLIM.7z
submitted by PurplStuph to MiyooMini [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 16:44 rainbow--penguin [OT] Writer's Spotlight: ZachTheLitchKing


Welcome to Writer’s Spotlight

Remember, spotlights rely on your nominations! So if there's anyone around the subreddit whose stories you love and you think deserves a shout-out, please do nominate them by sending us a ModMail.
This week we are celebrating u/ZachTheLitchKing
Zach hasn’t been with us particularly long, but they’ve definitely made an impression. The sheer number of stories they manage to write is ridiculously impressive, as is the breadth of genres they tackle both in their own original works and fanfiction. Plus they give great feedback to other members of the community. It’s been wonderful watching them grow and learn and improve in their writing since joining us here and I look forward to watching them continue to do so.
Want to congratulate this week's Spotlight recipient? Have questions you're dying to ask them? Please do so below in the comments!

Congrats on your spotlight ZachTheLitchKing


Read u/ZachTheLitchKing most recent story:

[CW] Smash 'Em Up Sunday: WP / ShoSto EU

Their most upvoted Stories:

[WP] The king has the ability to see team colors. Everyone who's working towards the same goal as a group appears to be wearing the same color, regardless of what color their clothes actually are. This makes conspiring against him really, really hard.
[WP] In the midst of combat, the villain watches in terror as the hero swallows an entire roast chicken, two cheese wheels, and a whole watermelon at once.
[WP] Every year, the richest person in the country is declared the, "Winner of Capitalism". They get a special badge, and then all their money, assets and everything that they own are donated to charity so they have to start back up again at $0.
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2023.05.29 15:01 reiner_apologist [Speculation Thread] - Weekly Edition May 29, 2023

Use this thread to discuss theories, rumors, new tea, social media activity, and speculation for current or upcoming seasons. Jokes, memes, gifs, off-topic conversations, and kiki-ing belong in other subs.
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2023.05.29 12:39 ThomasMertes Seed7 version 2023-05-29 released on GitHub and SF

I have released version 2023-05-29 of Seed7. Notable changes in this release are:
This release is available at GitHub and SF. There is also a Seed7 installer for windows, which downloads the newest version from SF. The Seed7 Homepage stays at its usual place. There is also a mirror of the Seed7 Homepage at GitHub.
Thomas Mertes
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2023.05.29 11:42 Dan_inKuwait Mod love, waited a year to respond.

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2023.05.29 11:41 excalibour FFXIV Modding

New player here, I came across a random video on my YouTube feed that talks about some mods for FFXIV. After some research I was surprised to see the modding scene is pretty strong for this game. Are mods permitted by the official developers? Mostly talking about visual upgrades and texture upscaling.
Update: Against ToS!
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2023.05.29 11:01 AutoModerator May 29th Weekly thread - Start here - Theme: Open discussion!

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2023.05.29 10:10 logi Help identifying the parts used in this Rancilio Silva Mod

I seem to spend half my morning holding in the button on my coffee grinder when I should be working on my wife's tea. Not to mention weighing the beans in because the rather expensive grinder has no timer.
So I was very happy to find this mod adding a timer and relay switch to the same grinder. Unfortunately the poster never gave details on the parts used, the post has been archived, and they don't respond to messages.
So can anyone here spot what the parts are so I can attempt to do the same thing? I've seen other mods but they've been enormously clunky, mostly because they use a much larger timer relay and then build an external box to house it.
Final detail: would the relay work with 240V? It seems unlikely to run on a battery.
E: typo
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2023.05.29 09:00 AutoModerator /r/YuGiOh Basic Q&A and Ruling Megathread - May 29, 2023

This thread will serve as a place for basic questions that don't contribute to active discussion, as well as for questions about card rulings, card interactions, and tournament policy. Use the resources linked below before asking, as they will most likely answer your question when applied properly. All resources not labelled "Official" are not maintained by Konami or other official Yu-Gi-Oh! entities themselves; check the official resources before looking into unofficial ones.
General Resources
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Make sure you know the answer to the question being asked before answering it. Also, do not ask or answer ruling or interaction questions about cards that have not been released somewhere in the world. If the card lacks a TCG or an OCG release, ruling and interaction questions about it shouldn't be asked in this thread.
For users who frequently answer questions in the Basic Q&A and Ruling Megathread: answering at least 50 questions correctly can net you an exclusive Arc-V pendulum flair to display by your username! Message the mods for more information.
Be sure to sort by new to find questions that need answers! Also, consider using Reddit Enhancement Suite for easier sorting of questions!
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