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"Pretty does not equal fast" -the denmah

2023.05.30 14:12 Warm-Lab6446 Please rate my deck/give advice

Please rate my deck/give advice
After I did not play for a while I want to find the way back to league 1. For nog, this deck seems to win me some games
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2023.05.30 14:11 chan3lhandbag Weird Overheating Issue 2019 Gen 4

Long story short.
Ambient Air : 81F
Idling the car waiting for someone with the car in Drive with Auto Hold On and the air conditioning running.
After a while (maybe 15-20) I saw the engine temperature gauge creep up over the midline.
This has never happened before. I put the car in Park and turn the AC on and off. The temperature went back to normal.
I check my coolant reservoir and it’s at the appropriate level and the radiator fan is on. Then I drove it for hours later and the temperature was fine.
Has anyone had this happen to them? The car has never overheated once in the past. Did the computer not turn on the fan somehow because it was on AutoHold? Or leaving it on Drive without being in movement heated something up?
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2023.05.30 14:10 shivam_manchanda [Help] First time car insurance and new driver in the UK

Hi folks. My test is due next month. I have been doing some research on quotes and I’m getting quotes over 2000 quid for any car. For ex Polo 1.4 2012 March 5dr is giving 1980 the lowest from a provider. For other cars its even more high. I’m not sure why its too high. I’m 29 years old and i hold a non UK license for 11 years.
Is this showing because I haven’t passed yet? I enter my provisional DL details for the quote. Or will it decrease when i pass and get a full UK DL?
Could anyone give me suggestions on how to approach this? I’m sure it can be cheaper than it shows. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 14:10 herewegoagaingisi Brake and rotor for jeep

Does anyone know of affordable shops that will switch out the front and back brakes and maybe rotors? Firestone quoted me 550$ for just the front, the car is a 2018 JK sports wrangler.
I was also thinking about doing it myself but don’t have a place / tools as Im in the process of moving. Maybe I can buy the tools, but wouldn’t know where to park and work on my car. Is there a public space that I can do this in?
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2023.05.30 14:10 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi - All Programs (Complete)

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Chat us on +44 7593880762 on Telegram/Whatsaap if you are interested in Pejman Ghadimi Courses.
The available Pejman Ghadimi courses include:
- Exotic Car Hacks
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In Exotic Car Hacks by Pejman Ghadimi you will learn how to make the deals you want, understand the financial models dealers will hide from you, and how to drive the car of your dreams for a fraction of the cost.
You will learn how to turn every car you buy from liability into an asset, as well as how to leverage financial tools.
Watch Trading Academy will teach you how to buy, sell, trade and invest in luxury timepieces.
Watch Trading Academy by Pejman Ghadimi will provide the education and expose the loopholes of the watch trading markets while showing you step-by-step how any person with minimal capital and access to a post office and computer can actually take advantage of this opportunity right from their own home.
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2023.05.30 14:07 nguyenvy201 Click sound when moving gear (manual)

Is it normal to hear a small click/clunk sound when moving gear ? I only noticed it when I'm parked with the car off. It's my first time owning a manual car so I don't know if that is supposed to be like that.
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2023.05.30 14:07 nattwentylife A camera that will record all sides and inside with motion detection when parked?

I’m looking for a super camera that can record all sides of my vehicle and allow me to check it via app when I’m parked as well. I’m also looking to be able to see the inside of my car too. I would like one that has motion detection to let me know if someone is close the vehicle while I’m away. I will me camping in my car with my animal and would like to be as safe as possible. Any suggestions?
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2023.05.30 14:06 _stlqrfo-tprin3t Shocking Train Incident in Germany: Harrowing Experience as an Indian Family

Disclaimer: Not suitable to read or comment for immature audience, including biased, politically inclined people towards RaGa. We, as friendly people from Northern part of India, never expected to receive hatred ourselves, which we have seen only on the TV, till that day. My perception has clearly changed, and I am not going to take any BS that media is brainwashing you, don't fall in trap BS. This is my story.

Hello fellow Redditors,
I wanted to share an incredibly distressing incident that my family and I experienced while traveling on a train from Bonn to Duisburg in Germany. As a North Indian family, this incident left us shaken and deeply concerned about the perception of certain individuals towards us.
It all began when a visibly intoxicated individual boarded the train, clutching a beer in hand. He initiated a conversation with someone from China, who seemed disinterested in his ramblings. At first, we didn't pay much attention, but then we noticed him pointing towards us, clearly identifying us as Indians. As the person he was initially talking to disembarked the train, he turned his attention towards us. As the person deboarded the train, drunkard started talking to us – first politely and we both responded as well, but were unable to understand any word. He claimed he knows Tamil, English, and Deutsche (so, I now understood which part of India he belonged and why this hatred). He kept talking, even when we showed no interest in talking.
Initially, the conversation started off politely, and we responded courteously. However, as time went on, we began to feel increasingly uncomfortable. The individual began discussing topics such as murders, Modi, religion, and more, despite our obvious disinterest. To make matters worse, he repeatedly pointed at us, showed inappropriate gestures, while engaging in conversation with another passenger, likely German.
Our patience wore thin, but we kept our composure, as we couldn't understand his words or gauge the reactions of those around us. We were worried that any retaliation on our part might result worse. It was a disheartening realization that, despite not understanding a single word he spoke, the hatred and animosity directed towards us were palpable.
Thankfully, a fellow passenger who seemed Arabic intervened, causing the drunkard to quiet down momentarily. Although we couldn't comprehend the conversation, it was evident that the Arabic-speaking individual's family prevented any further confrontation with that intoxicated idiot. It was a relief, but I couldn't shake off the feeling that the drunkard's intentions were malicious, as he continued to stare at me and my family, seemingly provoking a fight.
At that moment, I thanked my inner strength and resilience for enabling me to handle such a distressing situation in a foreign land. Had the journey been longer, I would have sought assistance from the train authorities. However, the incident was genuinely frightening, and I'm grateful it didn't escalate further.
As someone who has extensively traveled and always approached encounters with an open mind, this incident has reinforced the unfortunate reality of prejudice and discrimination that can still exist in today's world. It is disheartening to witness firsthand the hatred and animosity directed towards individuals solely based on their nationality or religious background.
In a foreign land, we rely on the principles of understanding, respect, and acceptance to foster a sense of unity among diverse cultures. However, incidents like these remind us that ignorance and intolerance can lurk in unexpected places, tarnishing our perception of humanity.
I want to emphasize that this incident should not be a representation of an entire country or its people. Just as one individual's actions do not define an entire nation, the actions of this drunkard should not overshadow the kindness and acceptance that many others (natives, immigrants, or travelers) in Germany have shown us throughout our travels.
Nevertheless, it is essential to address these incidents openly and honestly. By sharing our experiences, we bring attention to the issue and encourage dialogue that can lead to positive change. We must strive for a world where diversity is celebrated, and no one not many feels threatened or marginalized based on their background.
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2023.05.30 14:06 noassyla Needing a good job

hey guys I’m looking for just a good job - I have service industry/ theatre knowledge/ although not finished with my bachelors yet I have finished all of the courses for my social work degree minus a portfolio class which is putting all the work together I already did and a full-time internship. i have struggled finding good environments in the workplace and this is the most important thing to me. I’m currently working at a water park and have reiterated multiple times the hours I need but am not getting them. I’m open to factory but pay above 18 or more
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2023.05.30 14:06 aniranes John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023)

"John Wick: Chapter 4" opens with its title character (Reeves) on the run again as the villainous Powers That Be known as the High Table get in his way. The main villain of the series is the Marquis de Gramont (Bill Skarsgård), a leader of the High Table who keeps raising the bounty on Wick's head while he also cleans up the messes left behind, including potentially eliminating Winston Scott (Ian McShane) and his part of this nefarious organization. The opening scenes take Wick to Japan, where he seeks help from the head of the Osaka Continental, Shimazu (Hiroyuki Sanada), and runs afoul of a blind High Table assassin named Caine (the badass Donnie Yen). Laurence Fishburne pops up now and then as Wick's Q when the killer needs a new bulletproof suit, and Shamier Anderson plays an assassin who seems to be waiting for the price on Wick's head to hit the right level for him to get his payday. More than the last couple of films, the plot here, despite the movie's epic runtime (169 minutes), feels refreshingly focused again. Here's John Wick. Here are the bad guys. Go!
And go they do. Stahelski and his team construct action sequences in a manner that somehow feels both urgent and artistically choreographed at the same time. Filmmakers who over-think their shoot-outs often land on a tone that feels distant, lacking in stakes, and feeling more stylish than substantial. The great action directors figure out how to film combat in a way that doesn't sacrifice tension for showmanship. The action sequences in "John Wick: Chapter 4" are long battles, gun-fu shoot-outs between John and dozens of people who underestimate him, but they have so much momentum that they don't overstay their welcome.
They also have wonderfully defined stakes. At one point in the film, John and an enemy decide on the parameters of a battle, including time, weapons, and variables. But this is really true of all the major action scenes, in which we very clearly understand what John needs to do and who he needs to go through to "finish the level." The simplicity of objectives allows for complex choreography. We know what needs to happen for John to keep pushing forward as he has since the beginning of the first film. So much modern action is cluttered with characters or muddled objectives, but the "Wick" films have such brilliant clarity of intention that they can then have fun within those simple constructs.
So much fun. The choreography of the action here can be simply breathtaking. I loved how often the world goes on around Wick and his unfortunate combatants. In a sequence that would be the best in almost any other recent action movie (but is like 3rd or 4th here), Wick has to battle a makeup-covered Scott Adkins and his army of unlucky idiots in a crowded nightclub. The dancers barely notice. They sometimes part a little bit to let them through, but they don't stop and stare. With water pouring into the club, the writhing, and dancing bodies make for such a visually inventive backdrop. Later, in one of my favorite action sequences of all time, Wick and his predators battle in the traffic circle around the Arc de Triomphe. The cars don't stop. In fact, it feels like they speed up. As shots ring out in the streets in this film, no one opens the window to see what the hell is going on. The world outside of Wick and the mythology of this world almost feels like they can't even see the legendary assassin and the hundred or so people he ends up killing. It's a fascinating, visually striking choice.
And then there's what I would call Action Geography. So many people have tried to mimic the frenetic approach of the "Bourne" movies, and the results have often been more incoherent than not. The amazing cinematographer Dan Laustsen (a regular Guillermo del Toro collaborator on "The Shape of Water," "Nightmare Alley," and more) works with Stahelski to make sure the action here is clean and brutal, never confusing. The stunt work is phenomenal, and, again, the shoot-outs have the feel of dance choreography more than the bland plot-pushing of so many studio films. There's just so much grace and ingenuity whenever Wick goes to work.
Of course, a great cast helps too. Reeves might have fewer lines in this movie than any so far in the franchise, but he completely sells Wick's commitment while also imbuing him with emotional exhaustion that adds more gravity to this chapter. The vengeful Wick of the first film is a different one than the survivor three movies later, and Reeves knows exactly what this character needs. So many performers would add unnecessary touches to a character that's already this popular, but Reeves is smart about streamlining this performance to fit the film around him. It also allows for a few supporters to shine in different performance registers, especially Yen and Anderson. The legendary Yen is fantastic here, not just in combat but the moments in between. Most people who know who Donnie Yen is won't be surprised to hear that he fits in here perfectly, but he's even better than you expect. Anderson also gives a fun performance as a man who just seems to be a mercenary waiting for the right price, but fans of the series will note from the beginning that this badass has a dog, and this universe values puppies and people who love them.
The only minor flaw in Wick's armor here is a bit of narrative self-indulgence. There are a few scenes, especially early, when it feels like a beat is going on a bit too long, and I do think there's a slightly tighter (if you can say 150 minutes would be tight) version of this film that's simply perfect.
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2023.05.30 14:06 ChrisTraveler1783 Hiking on Western part of island

Outside of the popular Samaria gorge, are there any other recommended hiking trails within a 30-60 minute drive of Chania? I have a rental car and can park at a trailhead. Looking for something simple that doesn’t need ferries or buses
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2023.05.30 14:05 flowersonline24 Celebrate the Arrival of a New Baby Born Flower with Stunning Flower Arrangements

Introduction to Celebrating a New Baby Born
Welcoming a new baby into the world is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style. And what better way to do so than with a stunning flower arrangement? Flowers have always been associated with joy, happiness and new beginnings, making them the perfect gift for this special occasion. In this blog post, we'll explore different types of flower arrangements that are perfect for welcoming a new baby born flower into the world. Whether you're looking for inspiration on how to decorate your home or searching for the ideal gift for new parents, we've got you covered!
Different Types of Flower Arrangements for a New Baby
When it comes to celebrating the arrival of a new baby, flower arrangements are always a popular choice. There are many different types of flower arrangements that can be gifted for this special occasion. Here are some ideas to inspire you:
1. Pastel Bouquets: Soft pastel colors like pink, blue and yellow make for beautiful bouquets that celebrate the innocence and purity of a newborn baby.
2. Themed Arrangements: You can choose specific flowers or colors based on the gender of the baby or even incorporate toys or other baby items into your arrangement.
3. Potted Plants: A potted plant is not only beautiful but also long-lasting, making it an excellent gift option for new parents who may have their hands full with taking care of their little one.
4. Personalized Arrangements: Consider adding personal touches like customized ribbons or cards with messages to add an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your gift.
5. Flower Baskets: A basket filled with fresh flowers makes for a stunning centerpiece in any room and adds a touch of brightness and cheerfulness during what can sometimes be stressful times for new parents.
No matter which type of flower arrangement you choose, remember that it’s the sentiment behind the gesture that truly counts when celebrating such an important moment in life!
Benefits of Sending Flowers for a New Baby
Sending flowers for a new baby born flower shop london is one of the most thoughtful and classic ways to celebrate this joyous occasion. Flowers have been used to convey love, warmth, and well wishes for centuries, making them the perfect gift for welcoming a new life into the world.
One of the biggest benefits of sending flowers is their ability to brighten up any room. Arriving at a hospital or home with beautiful blooms can instantly lift spirits and create an atmosphere of happiness and positivity.
Flowers also offer a way to express emotions in a simple yet meaningful way. They can be carefully chosen to reflect the personality or preferences of both parents and child, adding that extra personal touch.
In addition, receiving flowers has been proven to have positive effects on mental health. Studies have shown that seeing fresh flowers can reduce stress levels and improve mood - both essential factors during such an exciting but often overwhelming time in life.
Sending flowers allows you to show your support from afar if you are unable to physically be there with the family. It's a small gesture that goes a long way towards expressing your care and congratulations at this special time.
Tips for Choosing the Perfect Flower Arrangement for a New Baby
When it comes to choosing the perfect flower arrangement for a new baby, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, consider the gender of the baby. While pink flowers may be traditional for girls and blue for boys, don't feel limited by these stereotypes. You can also opt for neutral colors like yellow or green.
Next, think about the type of flowers you want to include in your arrangement. Consider using seasonal blooms or flowers that have special meaning to the parents. For example, if they met at a sunflower field, including sunflowers in your arrangement could be a thoughtful touch.
Another thing to consider is whether you want to include any additional gifts with your flowers. A stuffed animal or balloon can make a sweet addition and help create an even more memorable gift.
Don't forget about presentation! Choose an appropriate vase or container that complements the overall look and feel of your chosen flowers. And remember - simplicity is often key when it comes to showcasing beautiful blooms.
By keeping these tips in mind when selecting your flower arrangement, you'll be sure to put together something truly special that celebrates both the arrival of a new baby and their proud parents!
Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating with Flowers to Celebrate the Birth of a New Baby
Welcoming a new baby into the world is an extraordinary moment and what better way to celebrate than with beautiful flower arrangements. Flowers can add color, fragrance, and charm to any space, making it feel warm and inviting. Here are some ideas and inspiration for decorating with flowers to celebrate the birth of a new baby.
One idea is to create a colorful flower garland that spells out the baby's name or initials. This can be hung on the wall in the nursery as a lovely decoration that adds personality and meaning.
Another great idea is to use personalized vases or containers filled with fresh blooms throughout your home. You can choose flowers in colors that match the nursery decor or opt for bright colors like yellow, pink, blue or green which symbolize happiness, love, peace and growth respectively.
A simple yet elegant centerpiece using white flowers such as lilies or roses would look stunning on your dining table when celebrating with friends and family after bringing home your new bundle of joy.
Consider creating floral displays in other areas of your home such as by placing small posies on bookshelves next to children's books or by adding sweet-smelling floral wreaths near doorways around your house.
Incorporating flowers into celebrations for welcoming newborns has been part of many cultures worldwide; you don’t have to limit yourself only at these ideas! There are countless ways you can use fresh blooms creatively!
Where to Buy Quality Flowers in London
London is a city famous for its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and beautiful parks and gardens. It's also known for its love of flowers. Whether you're looking to send a floral arrangement to congratulate new parents or simply want to brighten up your own home with some fresh blooms, there are plenty of places in London where you can find high-quality flowers.
One great option is the iconic Covent Garden Flower Market, which has been selling flowers since the 17th century. Here you'll find an incredible selection of fresh cut flowers and potted plants from around the world.
Another excellent choice is Columbia Road Flower Market in East London. Every Sunday morning, this charming market comes alive with vendors selling everything from roses to exotic orchids at very reasonable prices.
If you're looking for something more bespoke or personalized, consider visiting one of London's many boutique florists such as Wild At Heart or Rebel Rebel who specialize in creating unique flower arrangements tailored specifically to your needs.
If convenience is what you're after then online flower delivery services like Bloom & Wild offer same-day delivery across London making it easy for anyone to send beautiful blooms anywhere in the city at any time!
The arrival of a new baby is always an exciting time and what better way to celebrate than with beautiful flower arrangements. From traditional pink or blue blooms to more unique and personalized options, there are endless possibilities for creating stunning floral displays.
Sending flowers to congratulate new parents not only adds joy to their special moment but also offers numerous benefits such as boosting mood and reducing stress. By following our tips for choosing the perfect arrangement and utilizing our ideas for decorating with flowers, you can make your gift even more meaningful.
If you're looking for high-quality new baby born flowers in London, be sure to check out some of the top florists we've recommended. With their expertise and attention to detail, they can help bring your vision to life and create something truly memorable.
Whether it's a bouquet or decorative centerpiece, celebrating a new baby born flower will undoubtedly fill everyone involved with happiness and love. So go ahead and spread that joy with some gorgeous blooms!
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2023.05.30 14:05 Jackviator The Spacer’s Guide to Caring For Your Pet Human (Part 19)

Hello, spacers!
On this episode: a post-apocalypse shuttle tour, a look at the latest in Earth tourism fashion trends, and a bit of paperwork- …though with some juicy details to be found within. ;)
As always, I hope you enjoy. :)
As Y’ggdrasog helped Kate move both herself in microgravity and what little luggage they had packed from his ship to the shuttle, she found herself surrounded by dozens of Collective aliens who only had eyes (where applicable) for her. As he helped her to her seat and got her strapped in, she leaned toward Y’ggdrasog and whispered to him.
“Y’know, I might find all this staring flattering if I had a bit more self-esteem. As-is, it’s just creepy…”
He chuckled as he strapped himself in beside her.
<“In their defense, they’ve never seen a human in person before now.”>
Kate was about to respond when she saw something move out of the corner of her eye, and glanced up. An alien, one of the armadillo-octopus looking ones like Zapaht-Toh- a spaxar-tickoss, she reminded herself- was leaning over her seat from the aisle behind her. They stared down at her as one would stare at an unusual bug under a rock.
Kate slowly raised an eyebrow.
“…Can I, um… help you…?”
<“Sorry to bother you, I just had a quick question; is it true that you humans have an organ inside you that’s full of extremely corrosive acid?”>
Kate’s eyes narrowed in confusion.
“Yeah, that’d be the stomach. A lot of species on Earth have them. …Why?”
The alien dropped back down into their own seat without answering, but Kate could hear them whisper to the alien sitting next to them.
<“Told you! You owe me five credits.”>
Kate shook her head in bemusement as she heard the one the alien was whispering to sheepishly grumbling to themselves. She turned to Y’ggdrasog to see him only just barely holding in his snickering at the exchange.
“This is probably close to what being an animal in a zoo is like. Well, if the animals could talk, and did Q and A sessions, and- …alright, maybe it’s not really much like it, but-”
There came a small crackle over the speakers, sending her train of thought careening off the tracks.
<“We are now preparing to depart for the surface. Keep yourselves strapped in for the entirety of the descent. Descent beginning in three… two… one.”>
And with that, the shuttle lurched as it turned and slowly began to accelerate towards the planet below.
Kate rarely stopped staring out the shuttle windows at the tortured landscape of her planet as the ship descended. She had seen plenty of smoke in the atmosphere and the occasional wildfire from Y’ggdrasog’s ship, but it was another thing entirely to view it all from this close. The ashen remains of past forest fires. The veritable seas of rubble where towns and cities once stood. Highway after highway of derelict vehicles. The occasional roof with things like “HELP,” “OUT OF WATER,” “PLEASE SAVE MY CHILDREN” or “WE ARE DEAD AND THIS IS HELL” painted on them.
It was like watching a disaster play out before your eyes that you’re powerless to stop. A train wreck in the distance, when you’re out of reach of a track-switch to pull to prevent it. A pedestrian too far from you to push out of the way before they’re hit by a car. You can’t stop it, but you can’t seem to drag your gaze away either.
She only realized she had started crying when Y’ggdrasog nudged her, holding out the familiar cylindrical container of silk tissues that she accepted with a grateful nod. He gently put his hand on her good shoulder.
<”The Collective can fix this. It might take years, but we can.”>
Kate glanced at him as she dabbed away the tears.
“Can you guys bring back all the people who died?”
Y’ggdrasog merely remained silent.
Kate pursed her lips.
“Then you can’t fix it, can you? …No one can.”
<”...It is true, we can’t bring back those who were lost. But we can still do our utmost to rebuild, and help those who remain.”>
“At this point, is it even worth rebuilding it? Helping us?”
Y’ggdrasog winced at the bitterness in her voice.
<“…If you truly thought it wasn’t, would you have agreed to come down here?”>
Kate stared at him for a few more seconds before a small smile finally cracked through the emotionally exhausted look on her face.
“…You always know just what to say to pull me back from my bad thoughts, you know that?”
J’Ffrane’s disembodied head floated into view from their seat behind the pair of them.
<“What can I say? He had a simply marvelous teacher.”>
This spurred Kate to laughter, finally banishing her sour mood, if only for a time.
As the shuttle touched down, Kate zipped up her jacket and put on the beanie cap Y’ggdrasog had fabricated at her request. The same gray as her Giger-esque jacket, the cap was an artificial wool weaved so tightly together that it retained all the benefits of wool without any of the itchiness associated with it. She turned to see that Y’ggdrasog has just finished struggling his way into-
“…Yiggy, what are those?”
He glanced up at her as he finished fastening the last strap.
<“Just my shoes. …Or at least the closest thing to them I can wear to protect my feet from the cold, anyway. I just wish they weren’t such a hassle to put on and take off…”>
It was all Kate could do to keep herself from bursting into laughter as she stared down at the footwear. For all intents and purposes, they resembled the feet of a duck, albeit a grossly oversized duck with an extra toe in the back. A thin membrane extended between each of his forward talons, presumably to retain warmth between them like a mitten would for fingers, and to top it all off they were made of some shiny, bright orange material.
Y’ggdrasog’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as Kate averted her own gaze, trying and failing to hide her smile as she only just barely continued to suppress her laughter.
<“…What’s so funny?”>
“Uh- well, it’s just that, um… N-nevermind, it’s not important…”
If anything, his eyes only narrowed further as his suspicion reached its zenith, but he had other things to attend to.
<“…Right then.”>
With that, he pulled his own jacket out of his carry-on, and-
With her defenses already weakened, Kate couldn’t hold back an amused snort, much to Y’ggdrasog’s chagrin.
<“Oh, what is it now?!”>
“I- *snrk* …I’m sorry, but that is by far the single ugliest jacket I’ve ever seen…”
Y’ggrasog looked down at the pink, orange, yellow and green (all bright neon) crime against fashion he had fabricated, and winced.
<“…Is it really that bad? I only really had visibility in mind when making it, in case I were to get lost in one of these “blizzards” I’ve read about.”>
“On that front, you are 100% good to go. You’re probably going to be visible from space. I just- …nevermind. Maybe it’ll grow on me.”
As Y’ggdrasog put the jacket on and zipped it up, he looked down at his now-covered chest with disdain and let out a reluctant sigh.
<“Ugh… I know I’ve made fun of lumigogs who never cover up, but I can’t remember the last time I wore anything over my sacs. It just feels so weird! …Still, I guess it can’t be helped...”>
“Oh, chin up Yiggy. You’re a big boy, you can do this.”
<“Doesn’t mean I have to like it. …Now, where did I put those zip-up leggings…”>
As Y’ggdrasog finally finished bundling up, the shuttle came to a stop and parked. The pilot- a large but squat alien in an orange uniform that resembled what would happen if you were to somehow take a malformed gorilla with dwarfism, graft the skin of a rhinoceros onto it, and then give it some steroids for good measure- addressed them one last time.
<“Alright everyone, remember: make sure to always mask up whatever body parts you need to when you’re outside to protect your internal organs, always clean off your clothing before entering any occupied enclosed space to prevent potential radioactive contamination, and most of all, always be on your best behavior!
Each and every one of you represent the Collective, and the governing powers of this particular planetary territory have extended to us the ENORMOUS privilege of allowing us on their homeworld when they are at their most vulnerable. We do not want to give them a reason to regret it! Got it? …Good.
…Now get off my shuttle already. I have twenty more rounds of volunteers to bring to various territories today alone.”>
As Kate and the rest of the first round of volunteers made their way down the shuttle’s exit ramp, she winced at the sudden drop in temperature that brought the occasional snow flurry with it as they exited the controlled climate of the ship and entered the crisp, late-autumn air. Suddenly, she heard a sharp intake of breath from beside her.
<“SPIRITS! How can you people survive in these conditions?!”>
She turned to see Y’ggdrasog clutching his coat closer to himself, his mandibles chittering together under the translucent face mask they had both been issued to protect themselves from fallout. Kate couldn’t help but grin under her own mask at his reaction to the chill.
“Oh don’t worry, it gets much worse from here on out. …In a couple months, you’ll be wishing it were only as cold as it is now.”
<“Ugh… forget the taboo, remind me to print another three coats or so. Maybe then I won’t worry that my algal sacs might crystallize before my very eyes!”>
As they continued down the ramp, Kate looked around at the flurry of activity around them on the runway they had landed on. The vast majority of it was human, but she recognized a few aliens amidst the crowd. …It was hard not to, when almost every human around was giving them a wide berth.
Suddenly, one such alien began to approach them, alongside a human in a military uniform. Kate struggled to hold back her laughter at the alien’s appearance. It seemed as though the Collective contained a species that, against all odds, resembled a stork of all things, albeit with a large blue cranial crest not unlike that of a rooster, and thicker legs that small hand-like appendages instead of feet- opposable thumbs and all. They were wearing a sleek blue uniform alongside several bags hung about their body at seemingly random intervals.
The alien’s auto-translated voice was bright and cheery as they met the new arrivals.
<“Greetings! You must be the first of the rounds of volunteers coming planetside, correct?”>
Kate nodded as the aliens around her made similar gestures or noises of automation.
“Yeah, that’s us.”
The alien’s feathers ruffled slightly in mirth, and the man in the military uniform looked at her with a cold, unamused gaze before speaking.
“Sorry, ma’am, he was talking to the Collective representatives here.”
Kate’s brow furrowed in confusion.
“The Collective agents that just came from orbit. He was addressing them. If you’d step aside, maybe head back to whatever group you’re with…?”
“…But I did just come from orbit.”
The bird-like alien laughed (a sound like that of a songbird’s call) before he saw Kate’s expression.
“I’m not a refugee. I came down with Yiggy here-“
<“Y’ggdrasog,”> he hastily corrected her whilst internally cringing. <“My name is Y’ggdrasog, and I can attest that she was aboard my ship for a time.”>
The uniformed man’s eyebrows shot up like rockets in surprise, and the bird-like alien’s feathers puffed out a bit in shock before he found his voice.
<“…It seems a few details of this group were left out of my dossier! I suppose apologies are in order for the misunderstanding. …If I might inquire, how did a human end up-“>
Kate interrupted them with a dismissive gesture.
“It’s a very, very long story. Could we just focus on what we’re supposed to be doing down here?”
The stork alien clearly wanted to ask a million questions or so, but simply nodded.
<“Right, sorry, I just wasn’t expecting- …sorry. Anyway, my name is Migtryl, a member of the Collective’s diplomatic branch. And this is Jack-”>
Senior Airman Jack,” Jack clarified. Migtryl’s feathers puffed up a bit in embarrassment at this.
<“Ah, yes, right, sorry. I’ll still getting used to this weird ranking system you all use- er, no offense. …Anyway, right this way, we need to get you all registered.”>
Jack nodded and tagged behind Migtryl as the alien led the group over to a nearby tent and began rifling through a set of filing cabinets inside. As he waited for Migtryl to finish up, he turned back to the group.
“We have to be very thorough about keeping track of everyone here, be they human refugees or Collective volunteers. Names, faces, what group they’re part of, if they have any special dietary or medical needs, that sort of thing. It affects everything from how we distribute rations to sending out a search party or two in the event that anyone were to go missing from the fort.”
Kate cocked an eyebrow.
“How often does that happen?”
“More often than I’d like. Usually it’s just people getting delayed on their way back from scavenging runs, or someone going for a walk and getting lost. Other times, well…”
He pursed his lips, and his next words were somber in tone.
“…There’s one less mouth to feed.”
An awkward silence ensued for a few seconds before Migtryl came back bearing a holo-tablet.
<“Right, this should only take a few minutes. Just pass the tablet around.”>
He went to hand the tablet to Kate, but she motioned to her broken arm.
“Uh… do you have a table or something around here I could set it on? I can’t hold it and write at the same-”>
<“Ah, not to worry, not to worry. I’ll just hold it for you!”>
Kate went to protest, but closed her mouth and let out a defeated sigh, averting eye contact.
Migtryl balanced on one leg and held out the tablet for her with the other. As Kate activated her visor and began to fill in the various blank portions of the interface with her good hand, Y’ggdrasog peered over her shoulder- hard not to, when one only had to glance down to do so at his height.
<““Katherine Alba Olson-Davis?””>
Kate took a break from filling in the blanks to swat him on the arm quite a bit harder than the more playful ones before now (though he still barely felt it), earning a rather concerned glance from Migtryl. Her next words to Y’ggdrasog came as a harsh, VERY irritated whisper.
“Do not call me that. I’m Kate. Not Katherine, and DEFINITELY not my full name!”
As she finished up writing and Migtryl passed Y’ggdrasog the tablet, he saw the familiar sight of Kate’s good hand going to clutch her nanite cast. He connected the mental dots with ease.
After filling his information in and passing the tablet to the next person, he turned to Kate.
<“…Your parents called you Katherine, didn’t they?”>
She bristled at his words.
“For the love of- …Yiggy, I’m warning you-”
<“Ok, ok! I’ll drop it. …Sorry…”>
As the last of the group finished, Migtryl bobbed his head up and down in approval.
<“Excellent! Now, if you’ll all follow behind us, we’ll lead the way to the fort.”>
With that, he turned and began hopping along towards the edge of the base with Jack in tow.
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2023.05.30 14:05 zaada_ Roommate Wanted

My dog and I will be moving to Austin next month. I've found some okay 1 bedroom places but theres definitely nicecheaper options for two. Not really fussed where the apartment is as long as its in walking distance from stuff and has either a park close by or a dog park on site/has a balcony or patio. So if you've found something already and are also looking for a roomie please let me know!
About me: I am F27, quiet and chill. I like board games/card games/video games. Sleeping. Attempting to be active. Would be up to hosting game nights if my roomie was into it too. Just generally pretty lowkey. LGBTQ friendly.
About my dog: M1 50 pounds, black lab mix, very chill - if you have a dog he would get along with them if they aren't too high energy or if they are smaller. Bigger dogs intimidate him when they are full on.
About you: I don't care what you do for work. I hope you're also pretty chill. Preferably don't smoke. Don't care about gender. Gaming buddies encouraged.
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2023.05.30 14:04 nsfernw neighbor’s dog issues

so i have these neighbors with a dog that live right next door. the guy gets up at 6 or earlier every day and goes to work. at about that time, their dog starts barking and doesn’t stop until around 4 pm. if they leave it in the backyard all day it’s tied to a tree with about 3 feet of movement room. for context, it’s a husky mix so it’s pretty big and needs more room (in addition to being loud af). If they leave the dog tied up in the front yard, it always breaks or unties the leash and ends up roaming the whole neighborhood all day. That means that for us, being right next door, we get a lot of dog poop in places where we hang out in the yard or park our cars. I work later shifts, usually from around 4 to 12 or 1, and my partner works at all different hours all the time. When we can sleep, we do because we need it, so to be woken up at 6 every damn day and then not be able to go back to bed really blows. I am also about two months pregnant. I don’t want to get the cops or animal control involved, at least not yet, but I’m wondering if there’s something else I can do. I’ve tried talking to the neighbors four times about the noise and it getting all over, but there’s a language barrier. Anything helps, thank y’all.
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2023.05.30 14:03 Sasmas1545 Hotdog Water [Hardcore] [Semi-Vanilla] [Semi-Anarchy] {Java 1.19.4}

This server is hardcore. The experience here is meant to replicate, as closely as possible, playing hardcore Minecraft with a group of friends. To this end there isn't a fixed reset date/time period. Instead, world reset is determined democratically. A vote on whether or not to reset the world is held continuously on discord. If people vote for it, the world is automatically reset.
This server is vanilla. Again, the goal of this server is to replicate the experience of playing hardcore Minecraft with friends. So the server is vanilla. We do launch using fabric for optimization and moderation reasons, and there is an optional custom resource pack. It turns water buckets into hotdog water buckets, just for a bit of branding. A vanilla scoreboard is used to show player hearts in the tab list. It's fun to watch people die or almost die when they're in a tough spot. Otherwise there are no game changing modifications. There is no random teleport. There is no teleport to bed. There is no land claim. There are no factions. There is no economy (except that built by players).
Rules PVP is allowed. Griefing is allowed. Fun is allowed. You can curse and swear and joke around, just don't be a bigot. No cheating/hacking.
Server IP:
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2023.05.30 14:00 Frank5616 Need one ticket for tonight in Philly

My wife and I are heading down with our three kids to the show tonight in Philly. The problem is, we only have four tickets. Desperately looking for another ticket so that I don’t have to hang out in the car for three hours tonight…
Please let me know if you have another ticket for tonight, thanks!
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2023.05.30 14:00 AutoModerator [Meta] Scamming Methods & How to Avoid


Message ModMail if you encounter any scams! Be sure to record/screenshot any scam attempt as this is needed for scam list.

Youtube Thumbnail / Flexing items

  • Scammer will ask you to put some cool items in a trade and ready up in the final trade window when they do for a YouTube thumbnail (some may offer credits/items for helping) or flex items for a screenshot by telling you to cancel trade after readying up.
How to Avoid:
  • Do not ready up / accept a trade offer unless you are fine with the outcome.

Item Swapping

  • Scammer will put a valuable item (such as TW Octane) in the trade window with a bunch of junk items (over 8 items so it doesn't show colocert). Once you make your offer, the scammer will ask you to add more items (or some sort of question) to make you click the open chat screen to hide the trade window. While you're distracted, scammer quickly swaps that item to a different color (such as grey octane or nothing to hide it) and ready's up in trade hoping you don't notice. This works the same way with certifications and items both painted & certified. The scammer would put a striker tw octane with a bunch of junk and swap to a regular tw octane. This is hard for scammers to pull off with the new trade accept screen but please be wary as some may still attempt.
How to Avoid:
  • Do not accept a trade unless you verify the trade is everything you want. If a scammer changes the trade offer, you will have to ready up again and accept the trade so please verify the trade is what you want. Scammers commonly remove credits in hope you don't see them in the final accept screen so watch out for that!

Item Begging/Trust

  • Scammer will ask you to try on items you have or request items for a YouTube video etc. and claim to give them back or want them for trust and promise to give them back with reward etc.
How to Avoid:
  • Don't give anyone items and expect them to give it back. all trades are final.

Phishing Rewards/Tournaments/Other

  • Scammer will send you a link to get stream fan rewards, participate in a tournament for rewards, or make your trade requests by logging into a website.
How to Avoid:
  • Enable 2 step verification. If your account is compromised by falling victim to these sites, 2 step will slow them down. Never log into a website for fan rewards unless it's and verify other trading/tournament sites by looking it up via google. If you decide to sign in anywhere, make sure you are on your platforms website ( and check if the sites SSL connection is secure. If you fall victim to these sites, go here.

DLC Car Pack Codes

  • Scammer will claim to have DLC codes for premium rocket league packs (like the GTR Skyline) which were discontinued back with the blueprint update.
How to Avoid:
  • 99.99% of these trades are scams. The only possible way for someone to legitimately have a code is if they used the gift feature on xbox back when they were available, and did not redeem the code of-course (these codes can only be redeemed on the xbox marketplace). DLC packs were discontinued unannounced so the odds of someone actually owning them is extremely low, but is still possible so always use a trusted middleman. If you're wanting a old DLC car, you'll have to wait for Psyonix to give us more information for if they'll return via item shop.

Fake Middleman

  • Scammer has a friend using an account to impersonate an official middleman or reputable trader by having a similar name (ie. 'ALum' shows as 'Alum' while Aium shows as 'AIum')
How to Avoid:
  • Use the Official Middleman List (located in sidebar or about tab) or reputation thread to verify who you are talking to. Put a number in chat and message the middleman on reddit to verify.


  • Scammer will get your IP address to then threaten you with your location to hack or shutdown your internet unless you give them free items.
How to Avoid:
  • Do not join party chats on xbox/psn of people you don't know or click on links you do not trust as it could be an IP logger. Rocket league is all server sided (not Peer2Peer) so no one can get your IP address in-game or in a lobby. You cannot be hacked from someone knowing your IP, location is not 100% accurate (to the public at least) but they can flood your internet and have it go down. If you ever get hit offline, unplug your modem and/or router for 5 minutes and see if your internet is back. If you still do not have internet, you will need to request an IP change from your ISP (internet service provider).

Fake Reputation

  • Scammer will create a reddit account similar to another traders reddit who has reputation to make the victim go first without using a middleman.
How to Avoid:
  • Double & triple check the user who you are messaging is the owner of the linked rep thread. Make sure you are still on and our subreddit when viewing rep. Make sure the reddit account does not have low karma/activity. If you have concerns about a user, feel free to contact the moderators. Read this post for more info on spoofed reputation.

PayPal Invoice/Chargeback

  • Scammer will send you a money request on PayPal with a note making it look like they sent you a payment and ask for the items to be traded. In rare cases, the scammer may actually send you the money but open a dispute as unauthorized charge (any payment can be disputed, even as friends & family).
How to Avoid:
  • Do not accept the payment as you will be sending them money. Invoices will popup as requests. If a payment is sent, it will go straight into your balance (unless PayPal is directly holding the money for varies reasons which they will tell you it's on hold). Recommend selling to reputable sellers and avoid new reddit account or accounts with little to no activity. If you take a risk with someone new, always research their platform id to make sure it's not an alt account.

The Duplication Glitch

  • Scammer will claim they can duplicate your items if you give it to them.
How to Avoid:
  • There is no duplication glitch.

Over 24 Items

  • Scammer will want to trade you 24+ items for your item and ask you to go first. Once you do the first trade, they leave.
How to Avoid:

Fake Overpay

  • Scammer will claim someone is offering more for an item they have to make you raise your offer or use multiple accounts to trick you into making that trade.
How to Avoid:
  • Don't pay more than what you are willing to spend on an item. Make a [PriceCheck] post if you would like to hear from other traders on the value and/or situation.

Fake Trade Offer

  • Scammer will claim their item(s) are in the trade window and send you a fake screenshot (or stream with fake overlay) showing a different trade that what is on your screen.
How to Avoid:
  • The trade window will always show the correct item(s). If you believe it's bugged like they claim, use an Official Middleman (located in sidebar or about tab) or cancel the trade entirely. Only accept a trade if you are fine with the outcome.

Certification Glitch

  • Scammer will claim their item has a certification that is not showing in the trade window. Some cases, the scammer will send you a fake screenshot (or stream with fake overlay) showing the certification.
How to Avoid:
  • Do not trust this. As of 10/26/20, Psyonix has fixed certifications not showing up (used to be an issues few years ago). If this becomes a bug in the future or you start to believe it, use an Official Middleman (located in sidebar or about tab) to verify the item is in fact certified. Only accept a trade if you are fine with the outcome.
submitted by AutoModerator to RocketLeagueExchange [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 14:00 dreftzg [Daily News] Seiko Expands King Seiko Collection With Two Non Limited Watches, Bremont’s New Watch Pays Homage To The Most Insane Race Ever And New Depancel Has A New Old Stock Movement From The 60s

It's Tuesday and King Seiko is back for good. It's just not the King Seiko everybody really wanted.

What's new

Seiko Expands King Seiko Collection With Two Non Limited Watches Inspired By The Legendary KSK
The rivalry between King Seiko and Grand Seiko has been strong for years. And for years they battled it out, but Grand won and the King was kind of forgotten. Until fans started asking for it to come back, and Seiko decided to oblige their wishes in 2020 when they started releasing limited numbers of King Seiko recreations. Theses seemed to have been hits for the company, as Seiko now expands the KSK-inspired collection with two slimmer, high-end and non-limited models, the SJE089 and SJE091.
In the 60s, King Seiko watches were deeply respected and they entered numerous chronometry tests, with good results. The most notable of all watches produced by KS was the reference 44-9990, with its hand-wound calibre 44A. Also known as the KSK (KS meaning King Seiko and the K at the end being the acronym for Kisei-Tsuki, stop-seconds in Japanese), it will serve as an inspiration for the comeback of the name.
After a number of limited models, Seiko is now ready to introduce two non-limited models, even though you’ll need a trained eye and a close encounter to differentiate them from a more accessible version from the SPBxxx range. Visually, they are indeed closer to the SPBxxx models and don’t try too hard to recreate the original KSK models, and at the same time, they share their specifications, movement and refinement with the two limited editions previously released.
For the two new models, Seiko has reworked the case to look more like the original 1965 watch and have increased the size a bit from the limited editions - up to 38.6mm from 38.1mm, while slimming it down from 11.4mm to 10.7mm. The finishing on the case is a combination of mirror polished surfaces and hairlines on top areas. The back, screwed and in solid steel, is decorated with the King Seiko emblem, but gone is the nice golden medallion of the two limited editions. Water-resistance is still rated at 50m. You can get the watches with a seven link steel bracelet.
The watch comes with two dial options, a silver and a black. The hands and markers have strong polished bevels on the sides and the dials have been reworked with a more understated and delicate sunray finishing technique that’s closer to the original watch. A small difference can be seen between the two dials; the silver edition has entirely polished hands and markers, while the black edition features a fine hairline finish on top of the hands and markers to heighten the level of contrast with the dial’s dark surface.
Inside is the calibre 6L35, a slimline in-house movement often reserved for the brand’s Presage limited edition. This calibre 6L35 was presented in 2018 as a thinner alternative (3.7mm in height), but also a movement with finer regulation than the other calibre of the brand. Beating at 4Hz with 45 hours of power reserve, it is given for -10/+15 seconds/day.
Launched as part of the permanent collection, the King Seiko SJE089 will be available in July 2023. They will be priced at EUR 3,400.
And these last two sentences are the main issue with the King Seiko. Historically, King Seiko stood for absolute accuracy. To put a -10/+15 seconds/day movement inside, at a price that almost reaches Tudor or a very slightly used (or maybe an even brand new) Grand Seiko, is not a good look and is, honestly, quite disappointing. Especially with their effort to position it as a more high end offering. The calibre 6L35 is not bad. It could just be a bit fine tuned and they would have a great watch.
Bremont’s New Limited Edition Watch Pays Homage To The Most Insane Race To Ever Exist
Before you continue reading this, go to YouTube and type in the Isle of Man TT. Say that you don’t feel going over to YT, just imagine this - you’re strapped to a motorcycle, practically lying down on the road, speeding through a village on the Isle of Man with your helmet inches from a cottage stone wall. That’s the Isle of Man TT, the fastest and most impressive race in the world. There practically hasn’t been a race in which someone doesn’t die - more than 250 riders have died since 1911, six just last year.
The Official Timing Partner of this insane even is Bremont, who just introduced a new watch dedicated to the race. And it’s not just a new colorway on an already existing watch, Bremont actually created a dedicated watch, which makes sense since they are one of the few large mainstream watchmakers from the UK, making it a logical partner for the Isle of Man. This bond is further enhanced with Bremont’s partnership with Peter Hickman, the fastest man ever to have completed the course at an average speed of 135mph (in 2018). The watch is the Isle of Man TT Limited Edition, a racing-oriented chronograph.
The watch uses Bremont’s layered Trip-Tick construction with its modular architecture. The top of the watch consists of a steel module that integrates the lugs. It frames a central container in stripped steel coated with black PVD. The back is closed by a solid steel element, secured to the case by five screws and decorated with the Isle of Man TT circuit. It’s a powerful and sizeable watch, measuring 43mm in diameter, over 15mm in height and 49mm in length.
Upon deeper consideration of the dial you will see it has all the features of a classic dial. But on first glance, it looks radical as it’s made to look like a speedometer on a bike. The hands rotate at 360°, but the main hour track mimics a gauge, with a sector that runs from 08 to 04, and frames two black-rimmed sub-counters, just like the subsidiary gauges on a sports bike. All elements are gloss-black printed over a matte white base, giving a fresh look to this watch. Red accents on the central hand and chronograph hands bring the desired racing vibe, and the date at 6 o’clock doesn’t even feel out of place in this speedy context.
Powering the watch is an automatic, chronometer-certified movement – calibre BE-50AV, based on the ETA 7750 architecture. It has a comfortable 56h power reserve. The watch is worn on a textured rubber strap, closed by a pin buckle.
Limited to 67 pieces and now available, the Bremont Isle of Man TT is priced at EUR 5,975.
The Depancel Jürgen Clauss Chronograph Is A Love Leter To 1960s French Sports Cars With A New Old Stock Movement From The Same Era
Alpine, if you are perhaps unfamiliar, is a cult French carmaker most famous for its tiny sports cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. More recently, under Renault ownership, they have started making sports cars again and while they are supposedly fantastic cars, the old Alpinas, especially the A110, have a cult following. In order to document this cult following, Jürgen Clauss has formed alpineLAB and has since become one of the foremost experts on this particular French sports car brands. You know who else is into french sports cars? Depancel, who have a range of sports cars themed watches. Depancel teamed up with Clauss to create the Depancel Jürgen Clauss Chronograph. What would otherwise be a boring collaboration for a number of highly specialized collectors actually turned into a very interesting watch.
The Alpine A110 from the 60s is most famous for a very bright blue color and it’s that same blue that dominates on this limited edition watch, with a blazing blue sunburst dial, with black chronograph subdials and baby blue accents on the bezel and seconds hand. The bezel insert is quite intriguing, with the first quarter reserved for a pulsometer and the rest a traditional tachymetre. That makes sense for a racing watch for vintage cars, as when timing speed you won’t be likely to exceed 240 km/h too often.
The 43mm diameter may be a big too big for some, but this is a traditional racing chronograph so you can expect it to wear comfortably with the curved lugs. You have two strap options in either a diamond-stamped leather strap with a small French flag stitch, or the full-steel bracelet which will come with the leather as well.
All of this would be normal in any other tribute racing chronograph. Where, however, the Depancel Jürgen Clauss Chronograph differs substantially is on the inside. Depancel have sourced 150 new-old-stock Valjoux 7753 movements of a similar era to the original Alpine A110s, and refurbished them for use as bicompax chronograph calibres. These cam-actuated automatic chronographs were incredibly popular in their era, and many Swiss chronographs still use the same architecture or bases for their movements today. They have a power reserve of 48 hours and beat at 4Hz, plus you can gaze at it through the sapphire caseback with Depancel’s customised rotor.
That’s very cool. The Depancel Jürgen Clauss Chronograph is limited to 150 pieces and can be had for €1,795 on leather or €1,895 for the steel.
Vulcain Teams Up With CronotempVs Private Club To Celebrate Grandson Of Company Founder Who Played For Real Madrid FC
Vulcain is on a roll. Hardly a week passes without them releasing a new watch, a new limited edition or a new collaboration. This seems to be all three, as Vulcain has teamed up with Spain-based private watch collecting club to create the Cricket André “DIDIXEIN” Ditisheim, a limited edition of 47 pieces of a different Cricket to honor André Didisheim, descendant of the founder of Vulcain and Real Madrid football player.
André Didisheim, grandson of Maurice Ditisheim, was as an excellent sportsman and footballer. In 1907, he went to Madrid to learn Spanish because at the time South America was one of the most important markets for Swiss watch manufacture. Didisheim displayed his talent as an attacking midfielder and signed with Madrid FC (now known as Real Madrid FC). While there, his name Didisheim was changed to “Didixein”.
Paying tribute to André Didisheim, the Vulcain x CronotempVs Collectors limited edition Cricket watch has a 39mm diameter case with engraved steel polished case-back. The crown placed at 3:00 can be used to manually wind the watch movement in one direction to set the alarm and in the opposite direction to set the time. The pusher placed at 2:00 sets the alarm with the arrow-shaped hand. Inside is the hand-wound double-barrel Vulcain V-10, an evolution of the original Cricket caliber from 1947, keeps the watch running and the alarm ringing
The vintage themed dial with the touches of gray colour, the dial features Arabic numerals coated with Superluminova. This timepiece is limited to 47 units.
The price of this latest Cricket is €4,300 excluding VAT.
Stepan Sarpaneva Takes Huge Inspirations From The Moon For His New Beautiful Watch
Independent Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva is obsessed with the Moon. You will see this on all of the watches he has made which have the moon face on it. They are, of course, so much more than just watches with a moon face, but rather small works of watchmaking art. His latest Lunations watch interprets the darker side of the Moon with its black ruthenium-coated plates and bridges.
The Sarpaneva Lunations, recently revisited in the more colourful Harvest Moon edition, now returns with a darker personality. The distinctive shape of Sarpaneva’s case, with its scalloped 6-sided bezel, short lugs and crown at 4 o’clock, is crafted from high-grade Outokumpu supra 316L/4435 steel and has a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 9.8mm. User-friendliness has also been factored into the equation, and the two-part crown, decorated with Sarpaneva’s moon face and 12 short protruding rays, is used to set and wind the time and adjust the moon’s phases.
An openworked matte black ruthenium-coated plate reveals parts of the inverted movement, including the exposed balance wheel, and features Sarpaneva’s signature moon face at 6 o’clock. The large moon face in relief is laser engraved, filled with a cross-section of optical fibre and finished by hand. The two moons on the reverse side of the case are illuminated with RC Tritec Lumicast to appear white in daylight and emit a blue, orange or purple glow in the dark. As they enact the lunar cycles, the luminous moons cast an eerie glow on the dial’s moon’s face to indicate the precise phase of the Moon.
In a departure from other Sarpaneva Lunations models, the applied and skeletonised chapter ring bearing the indices has been removed, allowing an even better view of the movement. The hour and minute hands can be ordered in pitch black, red gold, flame blue or rhodium coated.
A limited edition of 10 pieces, the Sarpaneva Lunations Black Ruthenium retails for EUR 39,500, excluding taxes. Delivery time is estimated between 4 – 12 months.

On hand - a selection of reviews

Hands-on with the seriously extreme Bohen StarDiver
A review of the very Italian Venezianico Bucintoro Chronograph

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

Second Hour’s Mandala Burst offers a fresh take on the everyday watch
Heralding from Australia, Second Hour has been making a little space for itself on the independent watch market by offering fresh takes on the traditional genre of watches. From divers to field watches and of course, everyday timepieces. The brand’s latest release comprises two new colours and an updated design of their core collection called the Mandala. The name comes from the Buddhist and Hindu circular shape used in the practice of meditation, among other things. On the watch, the term refers to the guilloché dial and its dégradé finish that have made this collection stand out.
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2023.05.30 13:59 Sasmas1545 [Hardcore] [Vanilla] [Semi-Anarchy] {Java 1.19.4}

This server is hardcore. The experience here is meant to replicate, as closely as possible, playing hardcore Minecraft with a group of friends. To this end there isn't a fixed reset date/time period. Instead, world reset is determined democratically. A vote on whether or not to reset the world is held continuously on discord. If people vote for it, the world is automatically reset.
This server is vanilla. Again, the goal of this server is to replicate the experience of playing hardcore Minecraft with friends. So the server is vanilla. We do launch using fabric for optimization and moderation reasons, and there is an optional custom resource pack. It turns water buckets into hotdog water buckets, just for a bit of branding. A vanilla scoreboard is used to show player hearts in the tab list. It's fun to watch people die or almost die when they're in a tough spot. Otherwise there are no game changing modifications. There is no random teleport. There is no teleport to bed. There is no land claim. There are no factions. There is no economy (except that built by players).
Rules PVP is allowed. Griefing is allowed. Fun is allowed. You can curse and swear and joke around, just don't be a bigot. No cheating/hacking.
Server IP:
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2023.05.30 13:58 nihoh Chat GPT lore.

I tried to force chatGPT to make lore on what the emperor was doing today but it needed some guidance
Can you generate a scenario of what He would have done on the 30th of may 2023?
On the 30th of May 2023, the Emperor of Mankind, known as a being of immense power and wisdom, continues to exert his influence from the depths of the Golden Throne on Terra. Although physically immobile, his psychic presence remains ever watchful and connected to the Imperium.
In the depths of his psychic realm, the Emperor focuses his attention on the countless battles and conflicts raging across the galaxy. His mind delves into the intricate strategies and tactics employed by the forces of the Imperium, guiding his generals and champions in their ongoing war against the forces of Chaos, xenos threats, and internal challenges.
On this particular day, the Emperor's psychic gaze may fall upon a critical campaign taking place on a distant planet, where the Imperial forces are locked in a desperate struggle against a horde of heretical cultists. Sensing the precarious situation and the potential consequences of defeat, the Emperor channels his psychic energy to empower the minds of his loyal Space Marine Chapters, bolstering their resolve and fortifying their defenses.
Simultaneously, the Emperor's psychic presence extends beyond the battlefield. His vast knowledge and foresight enable him to perceive threats to the Imperium before they materialize. On this day, he detects a looming plot by a traitorous Inquisitor seeking to undermine the stability of the Imperium. With his psychic influence, the Emperor subtly manipulates events, planting seeds of doubt and discord among the traitor's followers, ultimately leading to their exposure and downfall.
Amidst these cosmic matters, the Emperor's psychic energy also extends to the spiritual well-being of his faithful subjects. Through dreams and visions, he imparts hope, strength, and guidance to countless individuals across the Imperium, inspiring them to stand strong against the darkness that threatens to engulf them.
While the Emperor's actions on the 30th of May 2023 remain hidden from the eyes of the mundane world, his influence continues to shape the fate of the Imperium, ensuring its survival and fighting against the encroaching forces of chaos and destruction.
no. i want you to write what the emperor was doing on the 30th of may 2023, on earth. you need to reailse that the emperor did not leave earth before the bulk of humanity achieved interstellar space flight, so he would have been somewhere on earth living in cognito, perhaps in a suburban existence. paint me a picture of that.
Apologies for the confusion earlier. In this alternative scenario, we can imagine a mundane day in the life of the Emperor of Mankind on the 30th of May 2023, living in cognito on Earth:
On the 30th of May 2023, the Emperor of Mankind, in his enigmatic guise, resides in a modest suburban neighborhood somewhere on Earth. Masked in an unassuming human form, he goes by a simple name, perhaps John or David, and lives a seemingly ordinary existence to conceal his true identity and immeasurable power.
In this suburban setting, the Emperor inhabits a cozy home filled with books, artifacts, and works of art that reflect his vast knowledge and appreciation for human history. The walls are adorned with paintings depicting ancient battles and noble figures, a nod to his own past and the many conflicts he has witnessed.
As the morning sun casts its gentle glow, the Emperor rises from his slumber, embracing the routines of human life. He prepares breakfast in the kitchen, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the simple pleasure of a warm meal. The newspaper rests on the table, a glimpse into the world beyond his secluded existence.
Engaging in the daily activities of a middle-class individual, the Emperor may have a job, perhaps as a university professor or a historian, where he imparts his vast knowledge and wisdom to eager students. With his unparalleled insight, he illuminates the minds of those around him, leaving a lasting impression on their intellectual pursuits.
During lunch breaks, the Emperor finds solace in nearby parks, where he can observe the beauty of nature and engage in quiet contemplation. Underneath a sprawling oak tree, he might immerse himself in ancient texts or pen his own philosophical musings, drawing on his eternal wisdom and insight to decipher the mysteries of the universe.
In the evenings, the Emperor returns to his suburban haven, cherishing moments of tranquility and reflection. He may indulge in hobbies such as painting or playing musical instruments, using these expressive outlets to channel his emotions and connect with the human experience on a profound level.
As the day draws to a close, the Emperor takes solace in the starlit sky, gazing upward with a mixture of nostalgia and longing. Though confined to Earth, his mind transcends the limitations of the physical realm, traversing the vast expanse of the cosmos, keeping a watchful eye over the Imperium he built.
While the world around him remains oblivious to his true nature, the Emperor silently carries the weight of humanity's destiny on his shoulders. His suburban existence, shrouded in anonymity, serves as a necessary refuge, allowing him to bask in the simplicity and fragility of human life while protecting the Imperium from the shadows.
In this quiet suburban existence, the Emperor of Mankind finds purpose and solace, patiently awaiting the time when his presence and guidance will once again be required to lead humanity to its ultimate destiny.

Faction Name: The Cetacean Dominion
Lore: The Cetacean Dominion is an enigmatic race that dwells beneath the depths of the oceans on countless planets across the galaxy. Millennia ago, a group of genetically enhanced dolphins, imbued with psychic powers by an ancient xenos artifact, underwent a mysterious transformation. They evolved into a highly intelligent and technologically advanced species, transcending their aquatic origins.
Driven by a deep sense of curiosity and a desire to protect the oceans they call home, the Cetacean Dominion has developed an impressive civilization within the vast undersea realms. They harness the power of psychic abilities, bioengineering, and advanced technology to maintain their dominion and preserve the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.
Despite their aquatic nature, the Cetacean Dominion has developed unique exosuits and adaptive technology that allows them to venture onto land for brief periods. Their exosuits provide protection, enhanced mobility, and weaponry specifically designed for land-based conflicts. On the battlefield, they employ a combination of psychic powers, advanced energy weapons, and specialized marine creatures bioengineered for warfare.
As a society, the Cetacean Dominion values harmony with nature and the pursuit of knowledge. They seek to uncover ancient secrets hidden beneath the waves and defend their oceanic territories from any threat, be it xenos invaders, chaos forces, or the ravages of pollution and exploitation.
The Cetacean Dominion is led by a council of wise elders, known as the Oracles of the Abyss, who guide their society with their profound psychic abilities and unrivaled wisdom. These oracles communicate with the cosmic energies of the Warp and possess clairvoyant visions of possible futures, aiding their people in making strategic decisions and safeguarding their civilization.
With their advanced technology, psychic mastery, and unwavering determination, the Cetacean Dominion emerges from the depths of the ocean to protect their aquatic realms and fight alongside the other factions in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium.

Feel free to generate some more junk lore for me to read please.
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