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This is a subreddit for people who don't do all the fancy doodling, calligraphy, etc. in their bullet journals. (Check out to learn more)

2023.05.30 14:00 GlennonBot The Pirate's Tavern - May 30, 2023

Welcome to the Pirate's Tavern
This is your weekly free talk discussion thread. Want to talk about movies, music, video-games, or what's going on in your life? Talk about it here.
There's only two rules in the Pirate's Tavern: don't discuss politics or religion, and of course, please keep the tone civil. Like Greg Schiano, all politics and religion do is divide us and anger us. So come on in, grab your finest ales, and talk about what's on your mind.
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2023.05.30 14:00 Tricky_Subject8671 Select a data range -> gives me "Invalid type" error

Hi, so the data is in text format, but that is fine because I'm going to use the "Count" function, which, when I set the Data range for my Chart, worked fine; it even added one of my columns as a series for me. I am however not allowed to manually enter the other columns, because "invalid type". I don't understand how to turn this off or let it allow me to add this column? It is plain text.
If I create charts so the column is auto-filled in as a series, then it works, but I don't find a way to create diagrams to "auto-fill" in several series's.
Specifics: Sheet1 is to have my diagrams and charts, and in other sheets I keep the data pr week; w19, w20, w21. What I want to make the diagrams on is values in these columns, row1 as header, and most importantly now; "category" (from Jira), level 1, 2 and 3. There is one row for every specific case/jira issue, and columns for the data pr case in the columns. This means that when I want to show how the data for cases across category 2, I still want is sorted by which category level 1 they are in. (I thought I could use variations of stacked bar charts and pie charts with "if's"). Categories are in column E (level 1), F (level 2), G (level 3)
In Sheet1 I'm making a diagram, with data range set like this: w22!E1:F220. When I managed to get the spreadsheet to create a series upon creation, it did create a series on: w22!E1:E220, and then listed an error that sum could not be used, and I "had" to change it "count" (which was my plan all along, but thanks - I guess?). I'm not allowed to enter this data range myself, and not w22!F1:F220 either.
I really do not want to convert this into numbers to make it work, I already have to convert from numbers to letters and language to language already and so I was hoping that google spreadsheet wouldn't let me down like this. Any suggestions on how to make it let me add the series?

There is no link here as I assumed it would be against corporate policy to share that so widely.
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2023.05.30 14:00 NBA_MOD [SERIOUS NEXT DAY THREAD] Post-Game Discussion (May 29, 2023)

Here is a place to have in depth, x's and o's, discussions on yesterday's games. Post-game discussions are linked in the table, keep your memes and reactions there.
Please keep your discussion of a particular game in the respective comment thread. All direct replies to this post will be removed.
Away Home Score GT PGT
Miami Heat Boston Celtics 103 - 84 Link Link
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2023.05.30 14:00 artmorte Would you trade for Lamelo Ball?

The Hornets have the 2nd pick and the 2nd best player in the draft is presumably Scoot Henderson, a point-guard. The Hornets also have Lamelo Ball and I don't see how you could keep both of them happy in the long-term in the same team.
Given that a starting PG would be an obvious way to improve the Jazz roster, would you make an offer for Ball? He's not an ideal player - somewhat inefficient and turnover prone - but Utah isn't a top destination, either.
Would you offer some (1st round) picks plus either Clarkson or Sexton to test Charlotte's willingness to give up Ball?
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2023.05.30 13:59 skythefghb Big Announcement!📢 OscarSwap com Top No.1 DEX on Arbitrum L2 Bridges DEX Live Staking Farming DApp Massive AMA's Governance Doxed KYC CertiK Audit Arbitrum Chain Presale On Pinksale Today @16:00 UTC

Processing video ttp1icgu003b1...
OscarSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that operates on the Arbitrum network, utilizing automated market-maker (AMM) technology. Its cutting-edge technology is designed to offer the lowest fees for swapping cryptocurrencies, coupled with highly profitable yield farming rewards, making it an ideal choice for passive income seekers. Feature that sets Oscarswap apart from other DEXs is the opportunity for users to stake $OSCAR tokens in an auto-compounding staking pool and earn 100% of the generated revenue.
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CEX Listing (soon)
Date: 1 week after Market Initialization
Possible Exchanges:
• KuCoin
• Huobi
• Hotbit
For more information such as the roadmap and wallet distribution, visit the website listed below.
Telegram Community: OscarSwap
Official Website:
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2023.05.30 13:59 Wolven91 Alien learns what "sleep" is and how humans prefer to do it in a comfy bed with blankets and pillows. And they find it utterly adorable.

John had been abducted. Which on its own was enough to put him on edge, but what had compounded everything was apparently he was not in the presence of well meaning aliens.
They were huge lumbering creatures that spoke in guttural growls, rumbles and snorts. Teeth as long as his fingers, claws the length of his palm, these things were terrifying to the displaced human.
Shortly after they had brought John onboard to what he assumed was a space ship, they'd stabbed something into the space behind his ear. Touching it he felt a small lump beneath his flesh that stung when he touched it.
It took a small leap of logic to say it was a translator of some sort. How the aliens tested it however was rather straight forward. One leaned over the human, crowding him as he was unable to move off of the table he'd been strapped to.
"I'm going to kill you." It said coldly.
"W-what? Why? Who are you?" John asked, eyes wide and scared.
The creature, what looked like some mutated bear on steroids, snorted and moved away.
"Translator works, go store it. Keep an eye on it until we can gets it biology checked."
"Wait! Whats going on!?" But no one was listening.
That had been a few hours ago. John remained curled up in a bundle of misery. He cradled an arm with the other, his body aching all over.
He tried to run when his restraints had been removed outside what amounted to a prison cell. The giant creature had just grabbed his arm and using it, swung him bodily into a wall. John's whole body had simply gone limp to the sudden pain blossoming through each limb. The human was dragged and dumped into the cell unceremoniously before the thick bars locked as the creature retreated.
The light was poor, but from what filtered in through the bars, he could make out a perfect square with nothing else. No bed or toilet. Noticing the slippy nature of the floor, John realised with revulsion that the floor sloped towards the door where a drain would filter away any waste.
He scooted until his back was pressed into the far wall. He wasn't sure if his arm was broken, his fingers moved when he bade them, but it hurt with each twitch. The four deep gouges across his foreham were still weeping. He wanted to wipe them clean, but he wanted to avoid any additional chances of infection. Glancing around the morbid cell didn't fill him with optimism of keeping clean.
Several hours passed and sleep would not come. His arm ached and throbbed.
The man jumped, looking up at a new giant alien. Same as the others, but a different individual.
"You understand me? I need to have a look at that arm." It beckoned him whilst crouched behind the bars. Even lowered, John would barely see over its head.
"I'm not going to hurt you, we need you alive. Come on, I'm a friend."
"What are you going to do?" He asked. It seemed surprised at his response, its round ears twitching on top of its skull.
"I'm going to clean and seal those cuts litte guy."
"I think it might be broken."
"Well let's hope not. Let me see?"
With little to no other options, Josh stood shakily and walked over to the bars. A press of a button and the bars slide to one side.
The alien reached out huge clawed hands and took John's still weeping arm. With one hand it held the arm still while the other squeezed a blue paste from a silver sachet.
John expected it to sting, but instead it immediately felt better and cool as it was gently massaged into the four gouges. The wounds, now visible through the blue salve we deep, he could see his muscles and flesh quite clearly.
"Were you not sleeping because of this?" It asked, its massive hesd mere inches his John's.
"Yeah, but I can't sleep without a blanket covering me any way."
"A blanket?"
"Yeah, a covering. Like a soft material that you pull over yourself when you go to sleep."
"Like animal skins?"
"No, like cotton?"
"I don't know what that is. That's cute though."
"Mm... What's happening? Where are you taking me?"
"I'm not taking you anywhere. I just work here." It seemed to frown before meeting his gaze, John knew immediately that it knew it was avoiding the point.
It sighed.
"You're being uplifted. You're going to go to another planet and be really popular. You'll not have to fight or get sick or anything. You can have food whenever you like! Maybe you won't want to do this right now, but it's not the end of the world. If you're nice and friendly, you could find you end up with someone who can get you loads of blankets?"
John balked at what it was saying.
"But I'm not... I don't want to go somewhere else, please, I'm not a thing to be given or go with someone I don't want to."
"Hey, look. This is happening. You're... not a... you're not what I was told. But here? On this ship? This is not the moment to prove you can talk and understand people. They'll make sure you leave without that ability."
John's blood ran cold at the concept. A wave of exhaustion washed over him, his eyes dropping all of a sudden despute the adrenaline that was flooding his system.
"Wha-.. what have you done tome?"
"It's the medicine, you're going to be really tired. Look, come here." A thick and heavy arm wrapped itself over John and pulled him from the cell. He was pressed into warm soft fur. The exhaustion was clawing him from the waking world.
"I'll be your blanket for now. We'll sort something out before we get to Source. Sleep, it's okay, you're safe with me."
Despite his best efforts, the events of the day and the alien medicine dragged John from the waking world.
"I've got you..."
Tip Jar
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2023.05.30 13:59 Party_Judgment5780 Marathon’s Art Style is Inspired by Mirror’s Edge & Ghost in the Shell, Says Art Director.

Marathon’s art style has officially been referred to as “Graphic Realism.” The game’s art director, Joseph Cross, took to Twitter to share some insight on the game’s art style. Cross revealed that the art style of Marathon draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, from Mirror’s Edge to Formula 1 and MotoGP. The aim is to create a distinct visual “brand” of science fiction that “feels fresh and stands the test of time,” said Cross. He also acknowledged that people have already recognized many of the influences in the game’s art style from influential artists such as Katsuhiro Otomo, Koji Morimoto, and Chris Cunningham.
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2023.05.30 13:59 anavarzaaa Can you live in Groningen with PhD salary as a single person?

Dear Redditors, I am asking this before making a final decision,PhDs usually get between 2500-3200 Euro a month but I am unsure if it is before or after tax. I’ve been in NL for a summer school during my masters but I do not know current cost of living as well. I already live frugally but I would also love to keep 400-500 euro savings at least for emergencies not just waste all of salary to monthly costs. Do you think it is doable?
Keep in mind I do not mind living 1hr away from city.
Thank you
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2023.05.30 13:58 nihoh Chat GPT lore.

I tried to force chatGPT to make lore on what the emperor was doing today but it needed some guidance
Can you generate a scenario of what He would have done on the 30th of may 2023?
On the 30th of May 2023, the Emperor of Mankind, known as a being of immense power and wisdom, continues to exert his influence from the depths of the Golden Throne on Terra. Although physically immobile, his psychic presence remains ever watchful and connected to the Imperium.
In the depths of his psychic realm, the Emperor focuses his attention on the countless battles and conflicts raging across the galaxy. His mind delves into the intricate strategies and tactics employed by the forces of the Imperium, guiding his generals and champions in their ongoing war against the forces of Chaos, xenos threats, and internal challenges.
On this particular day, the Emperor's psychic gaze may fall upon a critical campaign taking place on a distant planet, where the Imperial forces are locked in a desperate struggle against a horde of heretical cultists. Sensing the precarious situation and the potential consequences of defeat, the Emperor channels his psychic energy to empower the minds of his loyal Space Marine Chapters, bolstering their resolve and fortifying their defenses.
Simultaneously, the Emperor's psychic presence extends beyond the battlefield. His vast knowledge and foresight enable him to perceive threats to the Imperium before they materialize. On this day, he detects a looming plot by a traitorous Inquisitor seeking to undermine the stability of the Imperium. With his psychic influence, the Emperor subtly manipulates events, planting seeds of doubt and discord among the traitor's followers, ultimately leading to their exposure and downfall.
Amidst these cosmic matters, the Emperor's psychic energy also extends to the spiritual well-being of his faithful subjects. Through dreams and visions, he imparts hope, strength, and guidance to countless individuals across the Imperium, inspiring them to stand strong against the darkness that threatens to engulf them.
While the Emperor's actions on the 30th of May 2023 remain hidden from the eyes of the mundane world, his influence continues to shape the fate of the Imperium, ensuring its survival and fighting against the encroaching forces of chaos and destruction.
no. i want you to write what the emperor was doing on the 30th of may 2023, on earth. you need to reailse that the emperor did not leave earth before the bulk of humanity achieved interstellar space flight, so he would have been somewhere on earth living in cognito, perhaps in a suburban existence. paint me a picture of that.
Apologies for the confusion earlier. In this alternative scenario, we can imagine a mundane day in the life of the Emperor of Mankind on the 30th of May 2023, living in cognito on Earth:
On the 30th of May 2023, the Emperor of Mankind, in his enigmatic guise, resides in a modest suburban neighborhood somewhere on Earth. Masked in an unassuming human form, he goes by a simple name, perhaps John or David, and lives a seemingly ordinary existence to conceal his true identity and immeasurable power.
In this suburban setting, the Emperor inhabits a cozy home filled with books, artifacts, and works of art that reflect his vast knowledge and appreciation for human history. The walls are adorned with paintings depicting ancient battles and noble figures, a nod to his own past and the many conflicts he has witnessed.
As the morning sun casts its gentle glow, the Emperor rises from his slumber, embracing the routines of human life. He prepares breakfast in the kitchen, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the simple pleasure of a warm meal. The newspaper rests on the table, a glimpse into the world beyond his secluded existence.
Engaging in the daily activities of a middle-class individual, the Emperor may have a job, perhaps as a university professor or a historian, where he imparts his vast knowledge and wisdom to eager students. With his unparalleled insight, he illuminates the minds of those around him, leaving a lasting impression on their intellectual pursuits.
During lunch breaks, the Emperor finds solace in nearby parks, where he can observe the beauty of nature and engage in quiet contemplation. Underneath a sprawling oak tree, he might immerse himself in ancient texts or pen his own philosophical musings, drawing on his eternal wisdom and insight to decipher the mysteries of the universe.
In the evenings, the Emperor returns to his suburban haven, cherishing moments of tranquility and reflection. He may indulge in hobbies such as painting or playing musical instruments, using these expressive outlets to channel his emotions and connect with the human experience on a profound level.
As the day draws to a close, the Emperor takes solace in the starlit sky, gazing upward with a mixture of nostalgia and longing. Though confined to Earth, his mind transcends the limitations of the physical realm, traversing the vast expanse of the cosmos, keeping a watchful eye over the Imperium he built.
While the world around him remains oblivious to his true nature, the Emperor silently carries the weight of humanity's destiny on his shoulders. His suburban existence, shrouded in anonymity, serves as a necessary refuge, allowing him to bask in the simplicity and fragility of human life while protecting the Imperium from the shadows.
In this quiet suburban existence, the Emperor of Mankind finds purpose and solace, patiently awaiting the time when his presence and guidance will once again be required to lead humanity to its ultimate destiny.

Faction Name: The Cetacean Dominion
Lore: The Cetacean Dominion is an enigmatic race that dwells beneath the depths of the oceans on countless planets across the galaxy. Millennia ago, a group of genetically enhanced dolphins, imbued with psychic powers by an ancient xenos artifact, underwent a mysterious transformation. They evolved into a highly intelligent and technologically advanced species, transcending their aquatic origins.
Driven by a deep sense of curiosity and a desire to protect the oceans they call home, the Cetacean Dominion has developed an impressive civilization within the vast undersea realms. They harness the power of psychic abilities, bioengineering, and advanced technology to maintain their dominion and preserve the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.
Despite their aquatic nature, the Cetacean Dominion has developed unique exosuits and adaptive technology that allows them to venture onto land for brief periods. Their exosuits provide protection, enhanced mobility, and weaponry specifically designed for land-based conflicts. On the battlefield, they employ a combination of psychic powers, advanced energy weapons, and specialized marine creatures bioengineered for warfare.
As a society, the Cetacean Dominion values harmony with nature and the pursuit of knowledge. They seek to uncover ancient secrets hidden beneath the waves and defend their oceanic territories from any threat, be it xenos invaders, chaos forces, or the ravages of pollution and exploitation.
The Cetacean Dominion is led by a council of wise elders, known as the Oracles of the Abyss, who guide their society with their profound psychic abilities and unrivaled wisdom. These oracles communicate with the cosmic energies of the Warp and possess clairvoyant visions of possible futures, aiding their people in making strategic decisions and safeguarding their civilization.
With their advanced technology, psychic mastery, and unwavering determination, the Cetacean Dominion emerges from the depths of the ocean to protect their aquatic realms and fight alongside the other factions in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium.

Feel free to generate some more junk lore for me to read please.
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2023.05.30 13:58 Kanemp981 WC8 (wildcat resources)

WC8 (wildcat resources)
What’s going on with wildcat resources, purchased just over the minimum $500 as a gamble a while ago and forgot about it. I’ve gone from in the red almost 50% to up +92.98% in a week and haven’t been keeping up with any news, in your opinion worth holding onto any or just sell off and take the little bit of profit I’ve got
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2023.05.30 13:58 Techtadd22 Unleash Success with Techtadd, the Leading Social Media Marketing Agency

Unleash Success with Techtadd, the Leading Social Media Marketing Agency
In today's digital age, social media has become an essential platform for businesses to connect with their target audience and build brand awareness. That's where Techtadd, a leading social media marketing agency, comes into play. With our comprehensive range of services, we help businesses harness the power of social media to drive growth and success.
We understand that effective social media marketing goes beyond posting content. Our team of experts takes a strategic approach, analyzing your target audience, identifying the right platforms, and crafting compelling content that engages and converts.
As a dedicated social media marketing agency, we offer a wide range of services, including content creation, community management, paid advertising, and performance tracking. We stay up to date with the latest trends and algorithms, ensuring that your brand stays relevant and stands out in the crowded social media landscape.
Partnering with Techtadd means gaining a competitive edge in social media marketing. Our expertise, combined with our commitment to delivering measurable results, ensures that your business thrives on social media platforms. Let Techtadd be your trusted social media marketing agency, helping you connect, engage, and grow your brand on social media.
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2023.05.30 13:58 epicglobal62 Why Is Project Management Important?

In today's fast-paced and complex business environment, successful completion of projects is crucial for organizational success. Project management provides the necessary structure, tools, and techniques to effectively plan, execute, and control projects. It ensures that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with the expected level of quality. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of project management and how it contributes to the achievement of organizational objectives.
Efficient Resource Utilization
A project management system plays a pivotal role in maximizing resource utilization. By clearly defining project goals, scope, and deliverables, project managers can allocate resources effectively. This includes not only human resources but also materials, equipment, and financial resources. With proper resource management, organizations can optimize productivity, minimize waste, and improve overall project performance.
Clear Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
Effective communication is at the heart of successful project management. Project managers act as a bridge between various stakeholders, including team members, clients, suppliers, and executives. They facilitate regular communication, ensure that everyone is on the same page, and address any concerns or conflicts promptly. Transparent and consistent communication helps build trust, encourages collaboration, and fosters a positive working environment.
Risk Mitigation and Problem Solving
Every project faces uncertainties and risks. Project management provides a systematic approach to identify, assess, and mitigate these risks. Project managers anticipate potential obstacles and develop contingency plans to minimize the impact of adverse events. Their problem-solving skills come into play when unexpected issues arise during project execution. By proactively managing risks and solving problems, project managers ensure projects stay on track and meet their objectives.
Scope and Time Management
Scope creep, the tendency for a project's scope to expand beyond its original boundaries, can be a significant challenge. Project management methodologies, such as the use of a well-defined project scope statement and change control processes, help keep projects within their defined scope. Additionally, project managers are responsible for creating realistic project schedules, setting deadlines, and monitoring progress. They ensure that projects stay on schedule, identify potential bottlenecks, and take corrective action when necessary.
Quality Assurance
Project management emphasizes the importance of delivering high-quality outcomes. Project managers develop quality management plans that define the standards and processes to be followed throughout the project lifecycle. They monitor project deliverables, conduct quality audits, and ensure that the final product or service meets the required specifications. By focusing on quality assurance, project managers enhance customer satisfaction, reduce rework, and protect the reputation of the organization.
Cost Control and Budget Management
Managing project budgets and controlling costs are vital aspects of project management. Project managers are responsible for estimating project costs, developing budgets, and monitoring expenses throughout the project's lifecycle. They track actual costs against the budgeted amounts and take corrective action if there are deviations. Effective cost control ensures that projects are financially viable, maximizes the return on investment, and minimizes financial risks for the organization.
Continuous Improvement and Lessons Learned
Project management promotes a culture of continuous improvement and learning. Project managers conduct post-project evaluations to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. They capture lessons learned and use them to enhance future project performance. This knowledge transfer across projects ensures that organizations evolve and refine their project management practices, leading to increased efficiency and better outcomes over time.
Project management is not merely a set of tools and techniques; it is a strategic approach that enables organizations to achieve their goals and deliver value. By emphasizing efficient resource utilization, clear communication, risk mitigation, scope and time management, quality assurance, cost control, and continuous improvement, project management provides the framework necessary to succeed in today's competitive business landscape. Investing in project management expertise and adopting best practices can significantly enhance an organization's ability to deliver
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2023.05.30 13:57 IcyContribution711 How do I know if breaking up is the right thing or if I will regret it? I (F 26), BF (M 30) have been together 9 years but I feel like I have failed the relationship because I can’t move on.

I (F 26) have been with my partner (M 30) for 9 years. We moved in together very early on (less than 2 months) and since have had pets, bought a house etc (not engaged or had any pregnancies) I feel stuck. We’ve had a good relationship and I feel like he is still just as in love as when we got together but I don’t know how I feel anymore. When we were first getting together I had mentioned I wanted to be married, have kids, a nice house etc, he seemed to share similar views and opinions. We bought our first house within 2 years of living together (I had received a pay out and wanted to put the money to good use) After a few years of being together, happily, our friends and family started to pester us about when we were getting married or potentially having kids and I would also joke about when were we getting engaged etc. This was turned into a manipulation tactic by my bf. He would get angry and frustrated by this, said the more people/I joked or asked, the more time he would add to actually proposing. He forgot birthdays, Christmas’, anniversaries until the day or day before and then get angry at himself, punch a wall, scream but still wouldn’t put effort into the next time and the situation would repeat. There was a few other red flags I missed throughout the years which I’ve only just come to realise in therapy that are not normal behaviours, for example jealousy, defensive, aggressive. For example he would drink a lot- never physically touch me but would make a bit of an ass out of himself and when I or others would try and cut him off, it would end in a massive argument or fight. He worked long hours and wasn’t home a lot- which was hard. When he was home he was often frustrated, pent up, I worked FT but would often do all of the cooking and cleaning. When he would come home I would often feel like I was walking on eggshells and felt it would be easy to upset him or make him angry and result in an argument. My family are a day plane ride away so other than a few friends and work, I am alone. My BF does not see his family due to multiple disagreements and arguments, and seems to find it hard for him to make or keep friends. Eventually they frustrate him or he gets tired of them. Our sex life is also lacking, we hardly instigate it and it doesn’t feel the same. Throughout the years I slowly learnt these behaviours were unacceptable and that i had lost myself, I didn’t know what I enjoyed or wanted. We have had a few conversations, first he was against me going to therapy, now he goes himself. We discussed me doing all the cooking and cleaning, he now helps with the cooking and has learnt recipes and helps clean. I found new friends, gym and hobbies I enjoy. At first it was a struggle, he didn’t like me doing certain hobbies seeing certain friends, he doesn’t like me doing things on my own. He is better now, he understands that I need to be my own person and I need my own space and has slowly, after multiple arguments and conversations began to accept this. Early on (the last 2.5 years), when I started to understand that his actions were unacceptable and controlling/manipulative/emotionally abusive- I had a discussion with him about it. Multiple discussions. Outlining behaviours that were not acceptable and why, and that I didn’t want to marry him or potentially even be with him if they continued and that I felt like I had or was falling out of love with him. Since then, we check in once every few months and have a heart to heart about us, our relationship, our feelings etc. Since the initial discussion, I have been open with him about how I don’t feel comfortable in our relationship but I don’t want to just end it. I want to try and work on our issues to be better together, I can’t just throw away 9 years with someone without trying to work on it. He agreed he wanted to work on us because he does think we work well as a couple and doesn’t want to lose me. I feel like he has done so much self improvement, he is happier at work(new job, less hours, more time at home) and home, more patient and accepting but still has some issues, we have some trauma and events that we both bring up at these discussions that we’re unsure we can move on from but we’re trying- we don’t just want to break up. A few months ago I went away to visit family (he didn’t want to come as he doesn’t particularly like my family plus costs double if not triple if he was to attend) - since I’ve been home from this trip I don’t feel like I am “home”. I feel out of place, I don’t think I’m happy. I know I love him but I notice I don’t particularly feel the need to spend time with him, I feel like if he was to ask me to marry him tomorrow I would say no. And I feel like as hard as I have tried I don’t know if I will ever feel different. When I have days to myself without work and am home alone, I feel free, no judgement, no watchful eyes, no eggshells but I still watch the time to know when he’ll be home. I know it’s cliche but I don’t get butterflies with him anymore, and I feel like I’ve given up trying. But my entire life for so long has been with this person. How do I know I am making the right decision if I break us up? I feel like there’s turning point moments in our past that I still hold trauma to and I don’t know if we continued I would ever be able to move on from? I feel like I love him and our time together but we can’t move forward? At what point is it okay for me to stop trying? I’m so proud of him but I feel like I’m so tired. He has changed (for the better) so much and I’m so proud of him but I feel like the romantic love and interest I had in him has faded and I’ve tried so hard to bring it back but I am so tired of trying. I could stay here, but I feel like my mental health will not improve. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve failed but not being able to move passed events/situations that have caused me trauma for our relationship. I feel like I am failing him because I am falling out of love and am giving up trying. I think I’m coming to realise I don’t want to be here but it breaks my heart to think about ending our relationship.
tl;dr I love my boyfriend but I don’t know if I’m so exhausted mentally from trying to fix our relationship/move passed trauma he caused/relearn to love him and be attracted to him, I don’t know what to do or if I would regret a break up. I feel like I have failed him. Please help.
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2023.05.30 13:57 yomamasoofat1 So I want to share what I think is the best decision I ever made

Hi there!
So I have been doing YouTube since January in Spanish, and the engagement was so bad, I actually stopped doing videos for a few months, I made over 250 video, not of good quality but yeah in the hundreds, after all the down time I wanted to start again, made 2 new videos and worked on them a little bit, not too much, still shit.
5 days ago, I came here to this reddit and asked a question.
"Should I change language of my content?"
The usual response was no, push the new content to you already 500+ sub account.
So I said to myself, lets just give a try with a new account, got one of my old unused accounts and posted a video.
I edited the crap of that video, I mean from about 4h of gameplay ended up with a video of less than 9 min.
(keep in mind I have 0 clue how to edit, but YouTube helps a lot hahah)

let me show you:

Spanish : Video way too long, Has 1200 views.
So I made a brand new account, and posted content with a plan, meaning I didn't just play, but had a goal, let me show and then explain, this was 5 days ago.
So there are the first 2 videos, with a very good engagement almost 50% to 65% viewed. The last video I posted was yesterday so no analytics yet, but its popping insanely right now. Less than 24h 2k views.
What I have done different is basically:
1: Delete all the non important footage (video still has to make sense).
2: The first 30 seconds ad subtitles, made by you and not YouTube with some sound effects, cram as much attention grabin things in the first 30 seconds, movement sound effects what ever. (no too much tho)
3: 0 silence in the videos, I mean don't stop talking or dont leave weird silence, If there is some silence, use something to break the silence, (Music, etc...) I record for 2 to 4h and the video its just 8 min
4: Very important the music, omg how important is the music hahaha, who would've though, for my type I've used upbeat old music, funky.
5: Every 20 or 30 seconds, do something what ever that is different than the rest of the video, to grab attention.
6: Energy! Drink coffe before making a video, or something. I personally drink a big ass and strong coffe haha
In the las 48h (since this post) 11k views + 187 subs.
400 to 500 views per hour.
Now this is only my experience on what I do, I am not a small youtuber even, not yet at least, but this is working for me :)
Good luck!

Here is a screen of my Analytics today.
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2023.05.30 13:57 whitespadex How To Get Leads In Any Niche That Convert Into "HIGH-PAYING" Clients (Facebook Ads)

If you want to run Facebook Ads for your business and generate HIGH QUALITY leads that pay & convert into high paying clients…. Read this post 👇
For the last few days I’ve been popping in to this group and I’ve been seeing a LOT of you struggling to get leads, clients, revenue…. It seems like there’s always some issues with your systems…
Either your Facebook accounts get disabled or your business managers are restricted!
If its not that , then your CPMs are either too high… you’re not getting the clicks that you want… so your CTR’s are too high..
Either you’re not getting “motivated” and “qualified” leads… or you’re not getting them within the costs that you’d want (also known as KPI).
Anyway - what does this mean?
It means.. there’s no lead flow, there’s fewer sales opportunities, and so you’re making fewer offers… and basically revenue is either stagnant OR even worse, decreasing month over month…
The first thing that comes to peoples minds is - you instantly think somethings wrong with the FB algorithm…
Just looking back at the last 10 posts submitted here - the number #1 thing everyone’s asking is “hey… is anything wrong with the algo!”
Now, this isn’t a unique question - I’ve been in this sub since 2018 there’s been these SAME questions asked every single day, every single week, every single month…
BUT the fact is, there’s nothing wrong the FB algorithm!
And today I want to, once and for all, solve a bunch of problems for you…

If I could teach you ONE system to get: - Consistent high quality leads - Sales meetings that convert - Abundant sales pipeline of prospects wanting to buy from you…
It will be laid out in the post.
After reading this post, and applying everything I say, you’ll finally have a machine that produces high quality leads on demand..
But not just leads… you’ll get sales meetings that convert into high paying clients - in any niche.
I book over 300+ sales meetings per month for my own agency using FB ads… AND I’ve helped 200+ business owners do the same…
So rest assured… this will certainly work for you. Let’s begin.
There are 3 things you need to get in order:
Offer -> Audience -> Messaging
If you’ve got the perfect offer… … targeting the perfect audience… … and if you copywriting is on point… Then there’s absolutely NO reason why you cannot be hitting $100k+/ per month in record time…
There’s nothing wrong with the FB algo…
The problem is in your Offer -> Audience -> Messaging … these 3 things aren’t dialed in.
So let’s talk about how to dial these in BEFORE you even think about running Ads.
Everything begins with market research.
But not the stereotypical boring market research that most gurus teach you. When you do audience research, I want you do focus on PSYCHOGRAPHICS instead of DEMOGRAPHICS.
Demographic targeting is: Who that specific person is (age, gender, income, city, state etc etc.)
Psychographic targeting is: What that specific person wants (needs, desires, wants, problems, frustrations, anxieties etc)…
The biggest mistake people make when running ads to their “audience” is that they don’t have sufficient psychographic data on their market.

So you need to find out this stuff first: -> What are their biggest problems? -> What are their biggest worries & anxieties? -> What keeps them up at night? -> What are the biggest obstacles they face when trying to achieve their goals? -> How long have they been facing these obstacles for?

Before you can run ads it’s crucial to get this information in as much detail as possible… because that will allow you write good COPY.
If you want to make it big on the internet… regardless of what you’re selling… you are going to have to get good at writing copy.
If you don’t like writing, you’re going to have to hire a copywriter. WITHOUT good copy you are most certainly going to fail online.
Writing is the lifeblood of internet marketing… and so you better get started right now..

Now that you know exactly what your market is struggling with, now that you understand their challenges in detail… you need to create an offer that solves ALL those problems..
AND that offer needs to be very easy to understand.
The “mechanism” of your offer needs to be sophisticated, which means, not everyone should be able to do what you do… (or you won’t stand out)…
But it needs to be communicated in very easy language.
You audience needs to be able to VISUALIZE their success as they’re reading through your offer…
You offer should be: - Unique - Beneficial - Important - Exciting
-> Unique: It needs to be demonstrated in a way they’ve never seen before. It needs to have a UNIQUENESS to it. A sense that it cannot be found anywhere else.
-> Beneficial: It needs to solve ALL their problems EASILY. It needs to get them their desired results FAST. They should be able to visualize their success with your offer.
-> Important: It needs to be an important problem that you’re solving. It needs to be a pressing crisis that they need an immediate solution for. An offer that can solve this problem will be considered highly important.
-> Exciting: It needs to be communicated in a way that they can easily visualize their success. When your prospects can see in their minds eye, that by working with you they are CERTAINLY going to get their desired results… the offer will automatically become EXCITING.

Okay now that you have done your market research… and now that you have a banger of an offer that is unique, beneficial, important and exciting…
It is time to create messaging around your offer. Your messaging is the vehicle that takes your offer to market.
If your market doesn’t know about your offer, its potential is being wasted by simply lying around.
You need to be able to take your offer to market… and in order to do that effectively you need to write COPY in a way that grabs your markets’ attention, makes them interested in your offer, excites them about your offer.. and then makes them wanna get in touch with you.

For this we use 2 tools: - Ads - Sales Letters
You need to write 2 types of messages. Let’s explore them in detail.

Writing copy for Ads can be a long drawn out subject that you might need to study for months… however.. I will simplify everything for you here.
You Ads are the precursor to your landing page where you host your “Sales Letter”. The sales letter is what sells your offer.
Your Ads need to get your prospects from “never having heard of you before” to your sales letter where they “want to get in touch with you”
The Ads ONLY job is to get the CLICK The Sales Letters job is the get the APPOINTMENT

If you can’t even get people to click on your Ad, how can you get any appointments?
So let’s see how to get your Ads as many clicks as possible from your market.
There are 4 elements you NEED to insert inside your Ad copy: - Intrigue - Curiosity - Energy - Confidence

When your prospects see your Ad they must be intrigued, it must spark their curiosity, it should give them a little internal energy to stop and pay attention to you… AND it should start building some confidence in them, that makes them wanna click on your Ad.
They way to build intrigue & curiosity is by making a CLAIM that DIRECTLY solves their DEEPEST problems and issues…
This needs to be supported by ENERGY… you create energy in your copy by showing them some proof in your copy… this makes them visualize the end result…
Intrigue + curiosity + energy gives them a bit of confidence so they want to Learn More… that’s what makes it an “INTERESTING AD”
Interesting Ads always get clicked on.

Once they click on the Ad you need to send them to your landing page.
Forget about all the same boring stereotypical landing pages that you’ve encountered a million times.
Today we’re going to talk about the sales letter. This same sales letter method has made my clients $55M and counting in just under 3.5 years..
If you use the sales letter model you will make a LOT of money… there’s no doubt about it.
I use the sales letter method at my own agency to bring 6-7 figure deals every single week…
My sales staff is rammed with appointments on their calendar, and they’re all closing deals back to back!
And it’s the SALES LETTER that brings them these appointments… I’m gonna show you how to do it.

The sales letter does a very important job… - It eliminates bad prospects - It only keeps good prospects on your page - Bad and uninterested prospects automatically leave your page - GOOD prospects that are motivated to work with you fill out an application form and book a call…
What you do is… you write a long form sales letter that addresses all the pains, problems, concerns, worries, anxieties that your prospects are having…
You then show off some proof of your offer and RESULTS of what your offer delivers in the form of case studies…
From there you start taking about HOW your offer works…
YET.. it should be explained in very simple language - so the prospects can visualize getting the results using your offer.
Key point here is to NOT have any CTA (call to actions) right upfront…
You want to plug you CTA only at the very bottom of the sales letter ONCE you’ve fully demonstrated your value proposition…
This helps you eliminate bad prospects, helps you weed out uninterested prospects.. and it ONLY funnels GOOD prospects onto a call with you.
Now are you worried that people are not gonna read the sales letter? Don’t you worry… people DO read.
Always remember one thing - copy can never be too long, it can only be too boring…
So if you write interesting copy… people are not only going to read it… but they are going to read the ENTIRE sales letter…
And at the bottom they will see your CTA to “Book an appointment”
There you should have an opti-in form and send them to an application form.. After filling out that application from you should send them your your calendar to pick a time slot to book a call with you.

If you’ve done this properly you should get some OUTSTANDING results… Let me show you what some of my results look like:
Ad spend: $5,000 Leads/Opt-in: 100 Applications: 90 Meetings: 85 Close rate: 30-40% Clients closed: 25 Revenue: $125,000 Customer Acquisition Cost: $200/ per client Revenue per client: $5000 Cost per lead: $50 Cost per appointment: $55
(now the way I do my targeting, I’m getting appointments for $25-$30 per sales meetings these days… read more below on the FB setup side of things)
If you’re selling anything over $5000 per client you will see these results too…
But first… let’s look at HOW to setup the Ad Campaign… after all that’s what you really want to know right?

This is going to be the most easiest setup you’ve ever seen.
I use only: 1 CBO 1 AD Set 1 CREATIVE Budget: $100-$200/per day (or more depending on your budget)

Keep in mind… unless you’re spending $700-$1000 per day you DO NOT need more creatives or more ad sets… this is not ecom..
This is high-ticket appointment generation using Facebook Ads.
1) You’re going to create a conversion campaign 2) You’re going to select your special category if you’re doing housing, finance or politics 3) You’re gonna set the budget on the CBO level (for newbies, it’s now called Advantage+) 4) Select your pixel, set the conversion events to lead (if you don’t know how to setup conversions API go read my other posts ASAP) 5) Keep your audience size between 3M-5M (Depending on your niche. If you’ve done your psychographic targeting correctly you should have absolutely NO problems selecting the right targeting)
\*Note here: these days I rarely do interests… I do high intent custom targeting using the FB API - so I’m able to target specific FB users directly BYPASSING interests completely - hit me up for more info on this.***

And that’s pretty much it.
The FB Ads are really not that hard to setup, or to make work.
People unnecessarily over focus on what buttons to push, and what the campaign structure should look like etc. etc.
In reality, this very simple campaign structure works wonders…
It’s the OFFER -> AUDIENCE -> MESSAGING unison that does the majority of the heavy lifting.
... If your Ad is great ... If your Sales Letter is great ... If your copy is on point ... If your Audience research is on point
And most importantly…
...If your OFFER is on point…
You’re going to get FLOODED with appointments.
Go ahead and test this out! There’s literally no way you can fail… I’m telling you because I’ve done this at least 300 times across almost 40 industries..
Do it properly and it WILL work for you..
Good luck.
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2023.05.30 13:57 Transact_Bridge Build the Right Payment Stack for Your SaaS

Build the Right Payment Stack for Your SaaS


Businesses must pay close attention to the payment infrastructure they choose to adopt in the quickly changing Software as a Service (SaaS) market. For customers to be happy, to generate income, and for a business to succeed overall, a payment procedure must be simple and safe. A solid payment stack, supported by a dependable payment software solution, becomes essential in this situation. In this post, we'll examine the crucial factors to take into account and the procedures to follow in order to create the ideal payment stack for your SaaS, with an emphasis on selecting the best payment software.
Transact Bridge aims to help you expand your company in India so you may take advantage of the largest market in the world. Every business finds India to be the most alluring market since it is the largest centre for commercial activities. We typically help you by bridging the gap between India and your company. The hassle-free experience and our depth of knowledge in India speak for themselves. Businesses are eager to attract Indian clients, Transact Bridge is glad to report, given their expanding requirements and reliance on the internet.

Understanding the Value of a Payment Stack

The set of tools and services that a SaaS company uses to manage payment processing is referred to as a payment stack. It includes merchant accounts, payment gateways, security measures, and interfaces with other crucial technologies. An effective payment stack guarantees smooth transactions, reduces friction, and provides a superior user experience. You may simplify payment procedures, reduce risks, and realise the full potential of your SaaS company by installing the appropriate payment software solution.

Identifying Your Payment Needs

It's important to evaluate your particular payment needs before constructing your payment stack. Take into account elements like price tiers, currencies, and the ability to accept payments from abroad. Subscription models (one-time, recurring, usage-based). Additionally, consider any particular industry standards or compliance laws that may apply to your organisation. You may choose the best payment software solution to suit your needs by being aware of these requirements.

The Best Payment Software Solution

Transact Bridge
Transact Bridge is the team of professionals that brings your business to India since success in expanding markets needs skilled guidance. Transact Bridge specialise in localization for emerging markets. This implies that we are fully committed to providing a versatile, all-inclusive payments solution that maximises reach in emerging countries and generates new income streams. Your increased success rate and client retention speak for themselves as the payments become simple. Transact Bridge accepts UPI, Net banking, NEFT, RTGS, and Card payment as well.
Reliability and Security: Security should be given top consideration when choosing a payment software solution. Make that it adheres to industry standards like PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and has strong encryption and tokenization features. In order to avoid any negative consequences on your company from payment processing interruptions, look for a supplier with a proven track record of dependability and uptime.
Integration: Your payment software should be easy to connect with your current SaaS infrastructure. In order to effortlessly integrate payment capabilities into your platform, look for APIs and developer-friendly technologies that make integration simple. Important elements like synchronising client data, managing subscriptions, and invoicing should be included in this integration.
Flexibility and Scalability: Since your company's needs may change over time, it's critical to select a payment software solution that can expand with you. Make sure the solution can manage higher transaction volumes, accommodate a variety of payment options, and modify to fit changing company models. You may serve a larger consumer base while accepting their preferred payment methods if you use flexible payment software.
Reporting and Analytics: For analysing your payment performance, spotting patterns, and maximising revenue sources, comprehensive reporting and analytics tools are essential. Try to choose a payment software system that provides real-time reporting, scalable dashboards, and thorough transaction analytics. With the help of this information, you'll be able to decide how to proceed with your business and spot potential problems.

Working together with Payment Gateway Providers:

To finish your payment stack, you must interface with payment gateway providers who streamline transaction processing. Pick reliable payment gateway partners that meet the demands of your company, accept the payment methods you want, and have affordable prices. Redundancy may be provided and the risks related to downtime or technical difficulties can be reduced by cooperation with many payment gateways.

Continuous Optimisation and Maintenance:

Creating the ideal payment stack is a continuous process. Monitor and improve your payment systems constantly to improve user experience, boost conversion rates, and lower churn. To keep your payment software solution current and compliant, keep up with market trends, new payment options, and security procedures.


For your SaaS business to succeed, you need a well-thought-out payment stack that is supported by a reliable payment software solution. You can give your consumers a flawless payment experience while generating the most income by comprehending your payment requirements, selecting the appropriate payment software solution, working with reputable payment gateway providers, and ensuring constant optimisation. Future continuous development and consumer happiness may be ensured by making investments in a robust payment infrastructure now.
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2023.05.30 13:57 ccapitaltaxservice Income Tax Preparation and Planning Services for Maple Valley

At Capital Tax Service Inc. in Maple Valley, WA, we are here to assist you with your income tax needs, including filing your federal, state, and local returns. We have an intricate understanding of tax law and how it affects your tax obligations – both personal and business. We offer tax preparation services that help you keep your federal, state, and local tax liabilities to a minimum. We offer our services to residents of Maple Valley and the surrounding areas.
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2023.05.30 13:57 Certain_Suit_1905 I'm amazed by Anthony's ability to listen to music

He just... Keeps listening to it... I assume everyday, how else are you supposed to upload reviews every single day. Doesn't seem to get tired of it.
And not just listening to music. Listening to new music. I get exhausted after like three new albums and kinda go back to one of my favs. Sometimes I just get tired of music all together.
And I consider music my main interest and being pretty passionate about it.
He has powerful brain for music I think.
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2023.05.30 13:56 2m2g2p What would the trajectory of Japan and its culture be if it had to embrace the English language more profoundly?

After the war, the US occupies Japan and as part of its goals to reform the society and impose more Western values to it, they strictly mandated English to be the language of commerce and education despite keeping Japanese as another official language. This would be similar to how English was imposed to the Filipinos decades prior. Ensuring that decades into their independence, the Philippines and Japan can remain as American “neocolonies”.
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2023.05.30 13:56 cmdrsigsegv Game-play mechanics suggestions.

Just some random suggestions on some of the mechanics from someone with a decent amount of game-time. Implementing all of these might be absurd, but some of them I would think are worth consideration. I'm not offering solutions, just starting a discussion.
I play primarily for PvP and it's sometimes frustrating how much you need to force it for people to fight you, but I recognize not everyone wants that. I don't think these suggestions will disrupt how you would play if you don't like PvP.
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2023.05.30 13:56 spidey555 [US-46112][FS] Huge Massive Darkness 2 bundle [W] Paypal

Buyer pays shipping from 46112. Paypal accepted. I use Pirate Ship to keep it reasonable.
Huge Massive Darkness 2 bundle - all in great shape and never played but some content sorted. Chits in plano container and some cards are sleeved $450
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2023.05.30 13:56 Hearzy Outdoor table from old tree

I had to cut down an old Elm tree and have a 3' diam piece of the tree from the base I want to turn into an outdoor table.
I'm assuming I won't be able to keep the bark? What would you seal it with? I have to reseal some outdoor Adirondack and am curious if that will work?
Is there any prep work site the stump? It was cut down a month ago
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