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2011.11.10 16:15 Financial Independence / Retire Early

This is a place for people who are or want to become Financially Independent (FI), which means not having to work for money. Financial Independence is closely related to the concept of Early Retirement/Retiring Early (RE) - quitting your job/career and pursuing other activities with your time. At its core, FI/RE is about maximizing your savings rate (through less spending and/or higher income) to achieve FI and have the freedom to RE as fast as possible.

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A subreddit where you can share, discuss and discover music related to the Japanese rock scene Visual Kei.

2023.05.30 23:23 squirrellyhehefeind How to organize loans between degrees?

Heres some context -
I am in a 4+1 masters program that I am almost finishing. - However I am becoming more and more interesting in nursing and would like to apply to ABSN programs. I have all the prereqs for it since my undergrad degree was medical. However, my pre-reqs expire in summer of 2025, so I would have to be enrolled in an ABSN program that starts in the fall of 2025 at the latest. If not, I would have to start redoing my pre-reqs.
I graduate in May of 2024 with my masters and plan to work 1 year before starting the ABSN program.
My masters is in cytotech so I am expecting a starting salary in the 70s range, as well as flexibity for OT depending on the facility.
I will have 27k in undergrad federal loans and 30k in grad loans.
The ABSN programs I am looking at are around 80k for the full program.
  1. For the 1 year that I will be working after graduation, how should I plan to back my student loans? Also, how much should I have planned to saved during that 1 year?
  2. For the ABSN degree, I will not be working, so what types of loans should I take out for the 80k? Since I am not working I do not qualify for employee repayment/ hospital funding for my ABSN.
  3. Will the previous loans get freezed when I go back for my ABSN? Or wiill I need to make payments via another private loan?
  4. basically what would be a good plan to manage my student loans as I go back for a 2nd degree when the 1st degree is still unpaid for?
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2023.05.30 23:22 DamascusExile What do you look for in a chisel?

What's up everybody? I am a blacksmith looking for project ideas. I already make hand-forged metal-working punches and chisels and I figured it wouldn't required much of a stretch to dabble into wood-working chisels in order to broaden my customer base.
I am not much of a woodworker, so my question is what are some specific characteristics which you look for in a chisel set? If you could design your own chisel, what would you change about what is classically available?
Do you prefer wooden handles, or would you try an all-steel construction? Would it matter to leave the forge scale on the flats of the chisel, or do you prefer a fully polished look? Should the body of the chisel have a slight distal taper, or do you prefer it to be the same thickness along it until it reaches the main bevel? Do you strike the butt end of your chisels, or are there different types of chisels which are meant to be struck (and if so, would you prefer a chisel to be made for one specific purpose, or more versatile and able to be struck even if you don't need it to be)?
I could forge a very basic chisel like one you could find at harbor freight, but I figured this group would be the best place to see what people would actually LIKE about a hand-made chisel.
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2023.05.30 23:21 ottakanawa CA, PLEASE make a dedicated bugfix team.

Even if it was just one or two people it would make such a big difference.
I'm sick of traits/technology/skills not working.
I'm sick of my ranged units randomly deciding to do nothing and my gunpowder units being literally useless on walls in defensive sieges.
I'm sick of my 4080 stuttering on the campaign map and randomly crashing.
It's SO disheartening to see these 80+ or more bugs with most of them labeled by CA as "Known Issues" but they've been known issues since shortly after the game launched.
It's been 15 Months that most of these bugs have been around! You're charging 60$ with 20% DLC C'mon guys.
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2023.05.30 23:21 Yung-Split Hardware VPN not working with my work's software VPN.

So I'm trying to set up a hardware VPN to use with my work laptop that ideally will function with everything they have on there. I bought 2 Gl-iNet routers. One I have hardwired into my laptop and the other one is connected to my router at home. Running as Wireguard client and server respectively.
Now when I first get on my work computer, there is internet through my hardware VPN but it's around 2mbps or less up and down while my phone or other personal items get 5 to 10x that speed on the same client router.
The biggest issue is that when I connect to the Forticlient VPN I lose all internet connectivity. I checked the logs and there's a line item that has my ip address and says blocked ICMP type 3 code 4. Not sure if that's an issue or not. Lots of other traffic that seems to get a long fine normally.
Anybody know how I can get this to work? I figured that the software VPN on the work computer would just be encrypted and do its thing until it it's traffic reached where it needed to go but apparently not.
Sorry if any of this seems elementary or if I didn't include enough relevant information or anything. I'm a noob with networking stuff. 😅
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2023.05.30 23:21 anavarzaaa Wild Rabbit in the middle of Glasgow ?

Dear Redditors, I live in central Glasgow near the river and please keep in mind I am bit clueless of urban habitat here.
I usually go to work around 5:00-6.00 in the morning. I see this little white rabbit near some bushes and park I have to walk through. Interestingly on my way back I do not see it anywhere so I assume little fella is simply hiding during the days. I am wondering if it is safe for rabbits to live in such high density area, how do they can even find food? Is there anyone I can contact about this? I am sure it is no one’s pet since no one would left their pet rabbit there.
I do even have the picture which of it but I don’t want to share it here, I know there are people out there who hunt and eat rabbits.
Thanks for your help
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2023.05.30 23:21 SloppyTopTen Why Does Tom Hanks Gotta Pee So Much?

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2023.05.30 23:20 Dazzlinggo What major should I choose?

I'm currently a junior in high school (11th grade), and wish to get an idea of what to do after next year. To be honest I'm frankly quite bad at mathematics, have poor work ethic at home, lazy outside of school, and lack motivation to continue doing stuff, but I acknowledge that I'll most likely need to learn and improve on myself (addressed a little later on).
I wanna know what majors are worth taking or looking into (or some insight on those listed below). I'm no good at artistic stuff, and am not a very creative person (I prefer structure). I am taking an internship this year around being an appointment setter, to help me get used to talking and understanding people as I currently kind of suck with communication.
I am no good at music.
I think I am good at English and literature but I'm not sure. Writing is a passion of mine, but not sure if it's a talent. I love reading as well.
I'm pretty much green in everything as I've never really had the chance to do much. I like science, biology and marine biology specifically, but I'm not sure if I am capable of going into that field.
I'm in a Technology and Business magnet, but admittedly it is quite poor and I haven't learned much about businesses. I have no issue with a business major, though I lack experience in any of it.
I do like using computers, and did temporarily take an intro to engineering course that I kind of enjoyed, but I (unfortunately) had to take a temporary break from school for government stuff. Never got to go back to the class.
I can't think of anything else to outline, I only ask that no one lectures me on this and that. I just want to know some majors worth looking into, they don't have to be super high paying but I do want to live a comfortable and happy life.
Minor heads up, I've been effectively stunted in math.. Or it's more accurate to say I've never been taught it properly and been forced to actively learn rather than being outright 'bad' at it. 'Perk' of the USA education system. I do have all my math credits though.
Don't be concerned about just throwing me in the deep end with a major, it'd probably be good for me to try something legitimately challenging. If you're going to comment I'd also like for you to reply since I'm going to read everything.
Thank you for future responses (if I get any).
Stuff that peaked my interest somewhat, but I don't know much about: Marketing Business Administration Human Resources (My mom took this) English Anthropology Political Science Social Studies Cyber Security Informational Technology (IT)
Would take some insight on these as well.
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2023.05.30 23:20 stefan_zangerle Is Social Recruiting a thing in the US?

Hey there, Austrian entrepreneur and social recruiting agency owner here. I have a question for all of you from the US:
Is social recruiting (paid social media ads, mobile-optimized recruitment funnels, and career landing pages, employer branding campaigns etc.) a thing in the US? Are companies doing it? How hard/easy is it generally for businesses to find new employees? Is it an employee or employer market over there?
Why I'm asking: There has been an incredible social recruiting hype for the last two years in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (and many other countries in Western & Middle Europe). Finding employees and skilled professionals is the most significant problem in Europe right now. Literally every business is hiring, while nobody gets applications anymore.
Thus, business owners are desperately trying new things to get attention to their open vacancies. One of the best solutions for that is social recruiting. A social recruiting campaign is a full-funnel marketing campaign on social media, but instead of products or services, you sell job offers and convince people to work for you. Usually, this costs anywhere from 1k to 5k per month per job for the agency + 1k to 2k media budget per month.
Here, every marketing agency offers it now, and hundreds of new "specialized" social recruiting agencies join the market daily. Gurus are promoting the hell out of the business model (much like the social media agency business model is promoted in the US), and it seems that literally everybody wants a piece of the cake.
So I'm curious if this is a weird thing happening solely in Europe right now or whether this is something you see in the US, too?
When you google it, you can't find anything. So it's not a thing, I guess? If so, reading this post, what do you think about this approach? Could it work in the US, too?
Our agency is currently running social recruiting campaigns in 6 countries in Europe, and in only two years, we were able to scale to almost seven figures in revenue. So we're thinking about entering the US market.
Looking forward to your posts!
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2023.05.30 23:20 Burner43255 Feel shitty for not working enough

My workplace is kind of in a weird position right now, so the schedule is basically "Come in when you want, leave when you want" until further notice. I genuinely just can't muster up the energy to go for more than four or five hours each day. After that the mental haze of constant obsession over memories and depressive self talk/suicidal ideation gets too overwhelming. Then I come home and hate myself for not working the extra two or three hours and start stressing about how I'll never have enough money to make it through college. Worst part is, I know I haven't even got it that bad. Other people have graduated debt free from college in worse circumstances than mine, other people have handled worse bouts of depression with more grace than I'm handling mine, other people can work three jobs and still hold their lives together. I'm probably only working like 20-25 hours a week at the moment and I still don't work out, I still have no friends, and I still can't do anything beyond "acceptable" in any other area of my life. I should be stronger than this. I was stronger than this, for most of my existence before now. My parents already resent me for not being more than I am, as they've made clear to me many times. Every day I become more and more convinced that I have no future. How could I have one, if this is the upper limit of my ability to work or push through hard things? Suicide constantly occupies my thoughts-- literally the only thing I have left to go on is the fact that a couple of my relatives rely on me for emotional support sometimes, and I feel like it would be my fault if my suicide drove them to kill themselves. I'm not sure I can handle the guilt of destroying people who are so much more worthwhile than I am because I allowed my welfare to take priority over theirs. But I can't do this for the rest of my life. I doubt I can even do this for two more years.
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2023.05.30 23:20 2donuts4elephants File system check persistent storage - recovering journal

Disclaimer: I'm almost completely tech illiterate, I can follow instructions if they're clear but I don't know any technical terms or processes. For all intents and purposes I should be considered to know nothing.
I did my activities on totails, everything went smoothly, shut down tails normally. Next time I tried to boot up the problems started. There isn't one particular thing that keeps happening. Sometimes it'll freeze, sometimes it won't boot up at all but the USB light indicates its still working, etc. It should ne noted, i have unplugged the USB several times without shutting down in the course of trying to solve this.
I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the PS, it would occasionally tell me the PS failed to activate on boot up before the problems I'm having started but it still worked fine. Now I get the message that PS storage failed to unlock and the freezing and not booting started. I Google my problem and it suggested I try a file system check of the persistent storage as one possible solution. I did the process and when I enter the command, instead of telling me if the PS storage has errors that need to be corrected that should be corrected by the system it says "TailsData: recovering journal" its still currently running and has been on this for over 40 minutes. If I try to close the terminal window it tells me a process is still running.
Any help AT ALL would be appreciated. Is it hopeless? Should I try something else? I may have left our important details as I'm such a noob so if you need more info feel free to ask and I'll try to answer any questions that you may have.
Thanks in advance
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2023.05.30 23:20 aun-t No relationships

Im in my late thirties and I wasnt diagnosed until I was 28. I thought this was the end of relationships for me but i went on to have two serious relationships and a minor one since then. Both of the serious relationships have been very tumultuous. Most likely cause is my lack of self-esteem which makes me pretty volatile when it comes to having confidence in my relationship, that they actually love me and truly want to be with me knowing its a rough road ahead.
My last relationship was uncouth. We were roommates when we started dating and we spent 4 months living and working together. When we split up, it was because my boyfriend moved out of state. And now two months later i still find myself breaking up with him.
More than anything I want to release him from me. Im not afraid to be alone but I find it difficult to cut someone out that i love.
When im manic i always quit my jobs and my relationships. Its overwhelming for me emotionally when there are problems in these areas of my life. And i just need to escape.
So far, this strategy has just brought so many more challenges than i anticipated.
What do you guys do when your soul is freaking out and the “easy” solution isnt the right one?
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2023.05.30 23:20 keelinit Downtime and Productivity

I started as a fulltime AV tech in hospitality about 2 months ago after working very productivity heavy customer service jobs for most of my adult life. I'm struggling with the constant stress of not feeling productive while working at my new job. I work 10 hour days most of the time and even when events are going on, I don't feel like I'm doing much. A lot of my previous jobs were call center type jobs where EVERYTHING was tracked. It's both relieving but also anxiety inducing to have such a laid back job where I have a lot of downtime. I tend to do a lot of personal business on my laptop and school work when I'm not actively doing AV work at my job. For my first week after I was hired, I did organize and do inventory so I try to keep up with that every week to keep stuff in check. What else can I do to not go insane? How do y'all deal with the stress that you aren't doing enough and the feeling like you are gonna be fired when in reality you aren't?
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2023.05.30 23:20 Acceptable_Sun_4585 Questions & opinions on the possibility of joining certain city departments

Figured I’d reach out AskLE as well
A little background on myself:
I am a 21 year old (M) that currently resides in Pennsylvania and am two months away from finishing my Associates Degree. I have made the decision to try and get hired by a Police agency, then enroll in an online Bachelors Degree program and take classes part time. Both my brother and my father are in law enforcement, they tell me quite often how I’d hate my life if I went to either of these departments that I have been looking at. The closest agencies to me would be Pennsylvania State Troopers as well as Baltimore County and City. The benefits for those places are decent but I have no interest in any of those departments, considering I plan to move somewhere that is warm year round. I have always wished to work in a city environment and have been looking into both LAPD and Phoenix PD. I really like the size the department and the size of the areas they patrol. They also provide very good benefits and I watch many of their body cam footage, they seem very well trained. Now I consider myself and Independent/slightly conservative when it comes to politics and hear a lot of bad things about how police are treated in California. I also know that some of these cities have a sort of bruised outlook on the Police. If anyone could provide any advice, opinions, or insight about if it is a good idea or not it would be greatly appreciated. It is hard to get an accurate understanding considering how far away I am from these departments of just how things REALLY are.
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2023.05.30 23:20 AutoModerator [ESSENTIALS] Indieheads Essentials Chart: First Voting Round

Ballots Here

1980-1984 1985-1989 1990-1994 1995-1999
2000-2004 2005-2009 2010-2014 2015-2019
The initial nomination round has finished, the ballots have been prepared, and the next stage of the indieheads Essentials Chart update begins.

What is this?

We are updating the sub's essentials list for the first time in several years. Following an initial nomination round, this first round of community voting is the next in a lengthy process of selecting albums for the essentials chart, reflecting the styles and attitudes of the community.

What is being voted on?

This round will determine which albums move on to the second round of voting for the chart, and more importantly, it also determines which albums will NOT move on. There are literally thousands of albums here, quite a few of those will not be advancing.

How will voting work?

Voting for the first round opens today, May 30th, and all ballots will close midnight CST on June 30th.
In each half-decade ballot, there are hundreds of albums which were nominated by the many members of this community. For convenience, albums have been organized alphabetically.
You DO NOT have to vote on every single album on the ballot. You are free to vote for or against as many, or as few, as you like. You are absolutely allowed to skip ones which you are ambivalent or unsure about, or haven't listened to before.
For every album, there are two choices;
YES (I believe this album is significant to the canon, the community, and/or influential in the scope of alternative, experimental, or independent music. It fits the criteria of being "essential.")
NO (I don't believe this album is significant enough in the scope of alternative, experimental, or independent music, to the community, nor fits the requirement of "essential.")
After submitting a ballot, you are free to return to it and edit your responses at any time, however much you want, as many times as you want, until the ballots close on June 30th. Since there are so many nominations, we want to encourage users to go back and revisit albums, check out some new stuff, debate and discuss certain bands or records, and overall take their time with every ballot.

How many albums will make it through to the next round?

Not sure yet. It depends entirely on how the results for this first round go-- who knows how positive or negative the voting will be! With this in mind, there's currently no set number of albums that will move on, and will be determined at a later time once all the ballots are locked in.

What's already locked in?

As stated in the original announcement thread, 20 albums from the past iterations of our Essentials Chart were identified as being "indiessential" auto-locks for the final results, and will not be voted on during this process. These albums are:
We've also implemented a rule allowing only one album from an artist per decade for the final chart. If you're wondering why, for example, The Bends aren't on the ballot, that's because OK Computer already has that spot taken.

Other plans for the first round

This thread will act as a main hub thread for the first round, and will be stickied as often as it can to the front page throughout the month of June. It will also be easily located in the header announcements, in the Daily Music Discussion threads, in the search bar with the [ESSENTIALS] tag, etc.
Throughout June, discussion threads will be posted. These threads will range from focusing on the different decades, to providing soapboxes for users to champion certain albums, trading recommendations from the ballots, etc. Discussion in the Daily Music Threads and elsewhere is, of course, highly encouraged.
Good luck, and happy voting!
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2023.05.30 23:20 Venom140 First time trying to blend and kinda like the results.

First time trying to blend and kinda like the results.
Need a lot of practice on blending and have been watching tutorials, its kinda messy but not in a really bad way, and this is obviously work in progress and the arm is kinda messy between the wing part and the arm part but everything can be fixed.
(Everything is Citadel) Blended Phoenicual Purple and Screamer Pink and then over to Word Beares Red and Cadian Fleshtone.
Would love some good youtubers for tutorials on blending and generally other techniques.
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2023.05.30 23:20 The_Nut_Bucket 2020 Lease Buy Out or Trade in for New 2023/2024? Complex issue need help.

Title tries to sum it up. Here’s where I’m at.
I have a 2020 Legacy Base on a lease Ending August 3rd. At the time I leased it, I got a purchase price of $20,925 with a buy out price of $14,095 at the lease end.
In the course of owning, there a single minor dent under 4” and scratch, that’s it. Right now, the KBB is $21,425. Essentially, I have about $6500 if I trade it in. My lease is $258.99/month, and I’ve estimated it’ll be about $280/month on a 5 year loan to buy it.
Here’s where the real questions start. My car has had some issues. It’s one of the Subarus with the infotainment crashing issues including eyesight failure, and from my understanding there’s a class action underway to resolve this. This renders CarPlay completely unreliable, maybe it’s dependable 65% of the time. There’s also some hint there might be an underlying electrical issue as once or twice the drivers window failed to go up in rainy conditions. Both times the issue corrected in under 2 attempts but it worries me long term.
What I’m trying to determine before I put $1 more towards my legacy is if this is worth trading in. I know that the used market is insane, and right now that might work to my advantage. I could trade in my Subaru having driven it basically for free, if not for a PROFIT after 3 years. I’m wondering if this might be the opportunity of a lifetime to go from a 2020 Legacy to a 2023/2024 legacy base if I can, as it might resolve my infotainment system issues.
So I guess I have to ask, if you were in my shoes, what should I do??
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2023.05.30 23:19 funnyguy99207 First-time AGR: Am I taking advantage?

I (single 45M) have been working in a college bar for just over 2yrs. I get hit on nightly by multiple women, young & around my age alike. I've never acted on anything with a customer until recently, due to my not wanting to "sh*t where I eat".
Recently, a 21F customer came in at the beginning of my shift and, while stone sober, told me she's had her eye on me for awhile and wanted to shoot her shot. I told her that if she was serious that she'd be waiting for me in the parking lot at 3am & we could go get breakfast at Denny's. Guess who was waiting for me?
Over breakfast, we got to know each other a bit better, and she wound up coming home with me. Since then (8wks ago) we've been screwing 5-6 times a week.
Last night, she tells me that she's been telling her college friends about me... and now 6 (yes, 6!) of her friends have asked her to "put in a good word for them" to me. I asked if she'd be mad, but she said to go for it since we're not "official" or anything. She even said that a couple of her friends had asked her to be there to join in.
My question is: Should I be banging that many of my younger customers? Or does it make me appear to be predatory? I'm confused, yet quite titillated to find that I'm appealing to such a crowd... but hesitant for the fact that it could affect my job. Any advice?
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2023.05.30 23:19 nagol93 My boss realized were not desperate wage slaves.

I work in a senior position on a team of 3 in an IT company. Burnout, stress, and being over worked are a huge problem at the company. A lot of people end up quitting within one year, mainly due to all the stress. I wont say me and my coworkers are un-fireable (because no position is) but if they were to fire us, it would be INCREADIBLY inconvenient for the company.
Anyway, the other week in our team meeting our Boss brought up quarterly bonuses to increase morale. At first this sounded amazing! But then it said the bonuses would be about $300 and you had to work 12hr days, and be oncall 24/7 to qualify. I said something along the lines of "I'd rather not"
Boss started asking probing questions like "Why not?" "Your telling me you don't want free money?" and "Its practically $100 extra dollars a month, your saying you don't want that?"
Normally I like to keep my work and life divided but I snapped a bit and said "Boss, its only $100/month. I make more then 10x that outside of this Company. Selling you those extra hours is extremely inefficient and, quite frankly, I just don't want to deal with all the stress this entails"
Then Coworker #2 chimed in and said "I'd like to opt-out of this as well. I resell computers and accepting this deal would be a huge loss of opportunity". Coworker #3 had to leave the meeting, but I think he would also have opted out.
Our Boss didn't expect or know how to respond to that, He just kinda said "Err.... umm........ well...... ok?"
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2023.05.30 23:19 ThinRaspberry1247 I 29M fear, perhaps irationally, that I might get baby trapped by her 35F

Alright, I'm writing this because I could use some outside, impartial views on this situation.
So I've had a rough path through life (I was doing quite well professionally, academically and so forth, and then burnt out, had some health issues etc). After a few years on the side-lines after I abandoned a white-collar engineering job, I took a completely different lower status job in a different country, and I'm doing okayish, but still have a lot of issues in my life rn, my self esteem is quite bad, and I've never really been on the market. I've had female interest in me in the past, when I was doing better, but here I was until recently, unexperienced romantically (IRL, in theory I think I'm very knowledgeable about most human and social dynamics). I'm writing this to explain that I don't think I'm much of a catch right now, although I think I could be in the future if my stars align.
Recently, I met a slightly older woman online, and I basically fell for her personality mostly, from our online interactions. I don't remember experiencing that quite to this degree before, but I liked her a lot and still do (although not to the same degree as at first). I played no games with her, and explained her how I felt, we met IRL (i travelled hundreds of kms to get to her), I told her I'd want her in my life. I was perfectly aware I was rushing things and seeming a bit desperate, but went with it anyway. Thing is, I'm attracted to her physically as well (since we met, other women don't really interest me for some reason), but not to the degree that I'm attracted to her personality (she's very sweet). Probably the fact that she has a few extra kilos doesn't help, she's not fat, just her weight is less than ideal let's say. She's still pretty.
She made it pretty clear in the beginning that she doesn't want kids and is unlikely to change her mind. I told her this might be an issue for me.
Anyway, fast forward a few more meetups, we get to sex, at her place. It's actually my first time, and she seemed surprisingly eager (which was quite flattering). But I had trouble getting it up and getting it to stay hard. Maybe it was performance anxiety? Or stress? Or the long and tiring trip I took to get to her? I don't know. I'm fairly sure it would have been easier if she had a few kilos less, but whatever. I think this problem should go away in the future, should there be a future with her.
Now the point of this thread. Even though I already knew her for a couple of months, and felt I could reasonably trust her (but not completely), I was aware of the issue that I'm about to describe. I was emptying the condoms in the toilet, but disposed of them in a bin in the bathroom. Most of them I was also washing, but not all. It was on my mind to fix this issue at some point (i.e. completely and thoroughly dispose of all seminal fluid), but somehow I never got around to doing it. I also thought that semen doesn't live for that long, but apparently it survives for up to 5 days. So anyway, 5 mins after I step out of her apartment, I start having this fear, that she might collect the bit of semen that remained in the condoms in the bin and inseminate herself with it.
Why would she do it? Now, if I think rationally about it, she's a bit older, she's running out of time, options, I could imagine she feels a bit of pressure in this sense. I was quite concerned since meeting her that I might be wasting her time if things don't work out, but I figured it's all gonna be clear in a month or two, and that's not quite that much time, and as long as I'm completely honest with her, it should be fine. Also, as I said, I don't think I'm really a catch at this stage. But she could be doing worse. She also has her own set of issues. She was single for some time as I understood it. Thing is, I wouldn't mind spending my life with her even now, I could probably forgive her if she did this to me. And while a child right now would be a lot less than ideal considering my circumstances, worse things can happen and I'd be fully committed to it. What I'm worried is that she would want to raise the child alone and I'd just have to pay child support and not get to be involved. Or that she would change completely (which I think is quite likely to happen). At some point we had a bit of a scare with a condom that didn't quite sit right, but after though inspection it was still water and air tight and it was just covered in a bit vaginal fluid. And yet, she brings up this talk about potential pregnancy even the day after. That to me amplifies a bit the worry. I still think the chances of this whole hypothesis (baby trapping) happening is ~0.5%, but that's enough to make me uneasy. There's also a good chance she might run into this thread, which is fine. I'll probably talk to her about it anyway once the 5-day lifetime of the ... ends.
What do you think? Is there something I can do about it?
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2023.05.30 23:19 ThrowRA2630 I (26F) have a higher libido than boyfriend (30M)

I think the title explains the main situation, but to give more context, my boyfriend and I have been dating for about three years and living together for one year. Before we moved in, we would be physically intimate nearly every time we see each other. After moving in, I naturally expected that to decrease a bit as we both work full-time, yet I am much more "in the mood". It can be hard to not take it personally at times, but after discussing it with him on a few separate occasions, I understand it's just a difference in libido and I now take care of my desires on my own time. When we do have sex, it is out of this world. We've had conversations about initiation as I initiate quite a bit, and have noticed he has started to more as well when he's in the mood (which i appreciate).
With all of that being said, my main concern is comfortability. I do not want to make him feel pressured in any way or make him feel as though he can't please me. I can tell he feels bad rejecting my advances at times which has led to me not initiating as much, but I still want to make him feel desired. What are some ways I could respect his boundaries more while still making him feel desired?
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2023.05.30 23:19 recliningmed Safe to bike for my commute in the Manchester and Vernon/Rockville area?

Hi everyone!
I'm going to be working for ECHN soon and was wondering if it's generally safe to bike instead of drive for my commute from my apartment near Talcottville mostly to Manchester Memorial and Rockville General.
I'm coming from California and am really looking forward to experiencing New England life especially all the beautiful nature around here. I'd honestly love if I never had to get in my car at all but I know that is definitely asking for too much since I'd like to explore a lot of parks and trails throughout the New England area. I do remember reading that the areas around the hospital can get a little rough especially Rockville and want to stay safe more than I want to bike. I'm a woman on the smaller side and so I know I wouldn't look even the slightest bit intimidating to anyone that wanted to start trouble.
I hope I'm not being too idealistic about my plan. Thanks for your help!
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2023.05.30 23:19 COMMUNISM_69 Internet doesn't work but only for me, tried multiple fixes nothing worked.

I've had Internet problems for 3 days now and idk why, what's even weirder is how only I have Internet problems and no one else in our house has.
I'll start from the beginning, I was playing an online game (Rainbow six siege) on my PC 3 days ago with a friend and my brother, my ping was good but for some reasons I had packet loos, jitter and was thrown out the game constantly.
The weird thing is that my brother, who lives in the same house, had no problems with the Internet at all, so it has to do something with my PC/Internet connection.
I have one of those Internet "dongles" that u put into an USB slot.
But anyways I tried restarting my PC, didn't work, Then the Internet, didn't work, I reinstalled the game, didn't work, I then tried some simple fixes like like updating my drivers, using a different USB port and uninstalling the new drivers
I also had a blue screen of death which said KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION
My Internet has been normal for months and now all of a sudden it just won't work no matter what I do, but only on My PC.
Does someone know what the causes of those problems could be? It's really annoying not being able to play games, but whats worse is that I actually study online so this is a massive inconvenience.
Note: I just used the Software tag but I'm not into PCs so idk what Tag to use for Internet problems.
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