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2023.05.30 13:49 Odd-Impact-5359 Penguin Audio is not upholding Terry Pratchett's legacy, it's a money making mockery.

Hello all Discword-lians, so my introductory statement and claim to fame is that I was the first ever person to review John Culshaw's performance of Guards Guards which released on Audible a few days ago. I gave it 2 stars overall, 1 for Culshaw's performance 5 for the story overall. In it I declared my dislike of Penguin Audio's attitudes and approach to Discworld.
Sorry to those who liked Culshaw's performance, I couldn't stand it, and I just feel let down by Penguin. There have been countless editing mistakes, inconsistencies of voices across the series, lackluster narrations, overly dramatic musical scores. I mean the editing mistakes in Pyramids alone suggests it was a rush. It's been a money making venture from the start.
For those who think I might be being a little over dramatic, well I am, but audiobooks are dear to me. I've actually returned to school in my adult life to study sound engineering with the express intent of producing audiobooks, audio dramas and programmes alike. I live and breathe them. I understand that people have different tastes in life I just don't feel John Culshaw's performance is worthy of the Discworld series.
Now I love both Nigel Planer's and Briggs' performances very much, more so Planer's, but Briggs' attention to detail was very well done. For instance using a Germanic accent for "Carrot" as a he was from a place that mimics the Black Forest in Germany.
Now I really should add that, I haven't actually READ the Discworld books. I'm not that big of a reader, I prefer listening to them, I know I'm sorry. Theyre expensive to buy and my life is better suited to listening to books, not reading them. I would appreciate a recommendation though to start buying some.
I mean I've consistently listened to and relistened to the entire series about 3-4 times since discovering them in January last year. Was just lucky enough to buy all of the original versions, except for the Witches series, before (I'm guessing) Penguin or maybe Audible decided to pull the originals. Now unless you buy the CD's or illegally download them, the originals are lost forever to new audiences.
I guess if you've made it this far, thankyou. My question really boils down to "how do you feel about the new recordings" has Terry Pratchett's legacy been maintained to you.
PS I'm hoping in the future to use AI to restore the original recordings, hope to one day teach the AI to use the cleaner versions of Planer's recording to teach the AI to record a synth Planer voice directly over the originals, if done right it should work perfectly.
PPS I also want to merge an original Planer or Briggs narration with a re-recording. My plan was to do a later (cleaner) Planer recording of one of the Witches series with Indira Varma doing most of the voices. What are your thoughts on that and do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Hell I'm feeling more and more motivated as I write this, let me know if I should produce a few samples you'd like and I'll try and get one or two done by next week :) I'd appreciate the critism as well as an audio performance.
Cheers all Peace
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2023.05.30 13:49 CauseIllustrious9701 Am I actually a 7?

I have perceived myself as 6w7 for the longest time, though I have also seen myself as 3w4, 4w3, 5w6, 7w6, and 9w1.
But I recently started considering 7w6 again.
My envy (which it made me consider 3w4 and 4w3) mainly consists of everyone having amazing experiences and I'm just sitting there wasting my potential. I can do so much, yet I'm just distracted, wasting time. I also struggle seeing my pre-existing positive traits, it's like the grass is greener on the other side. If someone is talented in something I COULD do or something novel and highly valued, I may reconsider my life choices and even adapt to the new trends, or create new trends to avoid comparison.
I noticed that while I get regular bouts of intense worry and obsession, when I'm relaxed, I just do the things I'm interested in or what I want instead of focusing on my mental health. I may even browse Enneagram/MBTI just to find new connections instead of actually doing the hard work of finding my type, calling myself as typeless instead when I fail.
I looked back at my childhood behaviors and while there's some 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, there's a lot of 7 as well. When I saw little consequneces, I would be wildly pursuing "stuff" such as drop-testing products out of nowhere, going to obscure places, experimenting with mixing shampoo and washing gels, putting soap in my Rubik's Cube, trying out simulators/VMs on my PC, and many others.
Whenever I go to the store, there are many options I want to try and of course, I want to try all of them. I can become indecisive as a result and be torn between many options. Sometimes, it may be between something which I really like, and something entirely different from what I prefer to spice things up. If only I could sample them so I could know which one to get and enjoy fully.
The reasons I don't consider 7w6 instead of 6w7 is that I may sometimes struggle reframing things when something goes haywire. But it may also be that I reframe so unconsciously that I don't even notice it. I'm also acutely aware of my negative emotions and it just feels wrong and I feel worthless and rotten as a result but also use mental connections to make fun of it, and use my imagination to create a character with these intense traits. I don't consider myself as an optimist to a fault, sometimes, I may even anticipate defeat before going to a competition but it may also be low self-esteem. Sure, I tend to avoid certain negative emotions and may even struggle feeling them, such as feeling sad for certain tragedies (I really need to improve this trait), and feel superior to people with low grades (but it's just an unhealthy inferiority complex). I'm also great at reframing others' failures and giving them opportunities but I just can't do the same for myself. I am also rather skeptical when it comes to getting what I want instead of just going for it, especially if it's something I don't really value or I just feel bad. I think I'm too security-conscious and fearing punishment to be a 7. But I also fear the pain associated with the punishment/illness which it may suggest 7.
With my friends, when negative emotions and thoughts start arising, I do my best to give away a positive image so the conversation is not ruined. When I get negative thoughts which are intense, I feel horrible compared to others who don't need to deal with them but I also have a "this too shall pass" feeling just like positive outlook types.
I can be rather impatient when it comes to experiencing pleasure and this has gotten me into small troubles sometimes, and activated my inner critic as well. When I over-do something such as too much YouTube, too much gaming, too much coffee, I get reminded of that fact and I feel really self-critical and full of regret. I have considered myself as a severely dysfunctional 1 with horribly low conscientiousness, so I would be a 1, just "not like the other 1's".
I can also try too hard to appear more interesting to others because who wants to be boring unless you want total isolation? I was also envying others who are tall and athletic and stuff but I also find ways to experience this "awesomeness" as long as I'm not utterly self-hating.
In a self-hatred state, I just feel like I'm stuck in the same situation with no way to get out. Everyone is more accomplished, and I'm such a doomer loser. I desperately look for many ways to be as successful and interesting as them, including many unconventional ways because the conventional way is slow and sluggishly boring. I may also read articles about self-hatred, as well as memes to sort of distract myself from my own self-hatred and focus more on understanding the articles, or it eventually passes and I do more distraction.
It would feel really awkward if I'm really a 7 with all of these struggles, but I'm not sure. I feel more at home with 6w7, but other types appear very interesting and I can do loads of stuff such as moodboards, blogs, memes, etc.
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2023.05.30 13:49 EnduringInsanity What is going on with my orgasms?

***nsfw question
I was trying to masturbate a few hours ago, and when I orgasmed litterly, no ejaculate came out. I quickly realized I could just keep masturbation and orgasming endlessly. I've never felt anything like this in my life. If I never cum again this was worth it, but seriously getting a little concerned too because I litterly can't ejaculate anything. I keep cumming but I litterly can't produce any ejaculate. I don't know how safe this is. I might actually go to a doctor because as awesome and life changing, this was Im actually getting scared.
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2023.05.30 13:48 visionofcreations Feeling guilty calling out sick the day after Memorial Day break.

We have 3.5 weeks left at my school, and it has been the worst year ever, in 5 years of my career. I work as a speech-language pathologist with students with moderate-severe disabilities, and have never been as sick as I’ve been this year. I had to take 9 sick days in February for laryngitis. Last week, I had a student coming to school on and off with bronchitis symptoms the whole week. Despite wearing a mask when I worked with him, it looks like I still got sick. I started feeling sick Sunday night, took a Covid test at home yesterday, which was negative. I’m feeling a little better today, but still not perfect (only slept for an hour too..), so I called out sick and made a doctor’s appointment. Since it’s the day after break, I have to see a doctor for a note to avoid my pay getting docked. I feel incredibly stressed and guilty about calling out sick again this school year. I have an IEP meeting tomorrow that I don’t want to miss, so I figured it would be better if I rested today than worked sick today, and had to maybe take off then.
Does anyone have advice to help me stop feeling guilty about this?
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2023.05.30 13:48 Flashy_Bee6276 My partner's (M33) mental illness is affecting our relationship (F25)

My partner (M32) and I (F25) have been together for nearly 3 years but have always struggled with our differing communications styles. My partner has undiagnosed anxiety and keeps putting off a visit to the doctors to get help for it. He has been getting quite persistent chest pains recently, even had a trip to the ER one night at 2am because of how bad he says it got (everything was fine and all the test results came back normal with the doctor saying, and even my partner himself, stating it couldve just been a panic attack and that the chest pains may be correlated to his anxiety). However, ive noticed lately that whenever I voice something that concerns me and im trying to express my feelings he cuts me off and says hes not feeling well and walks away to another room, leaving me to hang with my emotions. For example, today we were talking about how his friends are coming over to stay with us for the long weekend. All was good until he told me oh by the way i'll be going to watch a game on the day they come so they'll most likely come over and just hang while i'll be gone. And whilst he doesnt verbally say i'll be stuck with them, its almost implied because its common knowledge that you cant just leave your guest by themselves at your place right? Anyways, I voiced that oh its just a little unexpected as I didnt realize you'll be gone to watch the games and i'll have to entertain these guests while youre away for a bit. Im introverted as heck and I was beginning to explain to him that im just a little nervous and anxious being by myself with his friends since they too are quite introverted and im fearful of awkward situtations. Anyways my partner just brushes my feelings off and says just remember youre the only one putting pressure on yourself, to which I replied with im sorry but that doesnt make me feel good and I just need a little support and empathy to which he cuts me off and says my chest is starting to hurt I need to lie down and walks away leaving me feel deflated.
I just wanted to get someones opinion on this on whether I am just being delusional or that he might be subconciously/consciously not wanting to listen to me or care for my emotions? I care about him a lot but there comes a point where I need to sent boundaries and prioritise my own emotions if he wont acknowledge them at all.
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2023.05.30 13:48 Indy_Fab_Rider Pacer Bot events up the Alpe this weekend.

That was my favorite event of the year so far. I've been on the verge of a sub-50 Alpe for a bit and finally got it Sunday afternoon holding on to the Bot's wheel.
Having the constant pacing was a perfect way to crawl up the mountain. In every race up the thing, you're having to respond to attacks and then slow, or you're racing so hard into the climb that you're already pegged when the climb starts.
I don't know if I can hold on for the entire Ven-Top next month, but I'm going to try. I think it can be a little easier to hold a pace due to the lack of grade changes in all the switchbacks that you deal with on the Alpe.
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2023.05.30 13:47 kyraaaaaxd IRL build

IRL build
Hi this is my first public post, I have been building on sims for a few years now and thought I would post them and see what people think 😅
I built this house inspired by one on Zoopla.
I do use CC mainly by HeyHarrie, Felixandre, Little Dica, PeaceMaker, and Pierisim
My gallery ID is kyraday1
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2023.05.30 13:47 AClelia06 My little girl

My little girl
She really said spidergirl in the last one
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2023.05.30 13:47 EuropeanNinty2 am I the rebound or somthing else?

I've recently gotten back into contact with my best friend, we have known eachother since kindergarten and are very close, I know his family very well and he knows mine, I've even been on vacation with them and he has been invited to family functions in my family. The only reason we have been out of contact is that I was in a bad situation with a possessive boyfriend.. I got out of it 3-4 years ago and spend that time to heal. Last weekend I went sailing with him and his parents. Just as casual friends but we had been flirting a little in private and by the end of the evening we also ended up making out. We've never done anything like that before but it felt right. Now I'm staying over at his place for a few days for a visit and we have sort of continued the flirting and the kissing. I'm holding of on sex though for now. But the thing is.. he just got out of a 3 year relationship like 2 or 3 months ago. I know how the rebound goes but I also know this is different so I dont know what it is.. neither does he.
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2023.05.30 13:47 Lotus1012 I fucked a cocky guys crush just out of spite.

Im surprised a lot of people liked my first story. I guess ill tell another story from back in my day, in my opinion i did have an eventful early 20’s before i settled down. I’ll be more than glad to say a little about myself as well, if anyone cares haha. If this one does as well as my last one ill post another.
Years ago (maybe i was 25-26) there was a guy that used to work in the same building i did. He was always an arrogant and cocky guy (we’ll call him cocky guy). The type that would post shirtless pics after the gym (he’d been doing this for years yet he never got any bigger) or always hit on the new female hires, he acted like he was the peak of the male gender. Around those years i started to really hit the gym after being skinny my whole life and facial hair started kicking in, but i always kept my head down and just minded my own business. ANYWAY a group of friends and i go out to party at some bars and said cocky guy was invited. The night goes on and i dont remember why but cocky guy and i were having a convo and all i remember him saying was “shut the fuck up ugly ass boy” in a not very jokingly way. Now many of you would just ignore him or just role your eyes but me…….well that triggered me. Maybe if i say more about my myself in other posts i can further explain but for the sake of making this a short post…… well it triggered me because growing up i was always the nerdy skinny kid. I just smiled at cocky guy and took a sip of my drink. One of my close friends had seen my smile and says to me “i know that smile what are you planning?” This is where his crush comes in, cocky guy had always been vocal about liking a girl that worked in our building and in all honesty i think she liked him back but she saw how he is and nothing ever developed. Well the next weekend i had my friend invite cocky guys crush to come out and party with us. Ofcourse i immediately started flirting with her, making her laugh and all those lovey dovey things guys do to impress a girl. Ofcourse the whole group i had came with noticed that she was into me as well. By the end of the night i take her home and a you can all guess what happened then, and for those that cant read in between the lines……i fucked her. The next work day we all know how men gossip as much as women (dont deny it gentlemen) guys started talking and it got back to cocky guy what had happened. Apparently cocky guy had asked his crushs friend if it was true and she confirmed it to him. Later on that day i saw cocky guy and his face said it all, he looked like ralphie when santa told him he wont give him the gun because he’ll shoot his eye out (its from a christmas story movie for those that dont know) or when the humans shot down the big ass tree and the natives were watching it fall down from the avatar movie. I gave him that exact same smile i did a week ago and i all said was “wassup” and kept walking. For those that may say it was fucked up to her, she was very attractive so we went on maybe 2 dates after that night but things kinda fell apart, didnt really clique or have much in common. I will say cocky guy was a bit more humble after that.
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2023.05.30 13:46 Poseidon_22 Tools lagging since 12.1.8

Tools lagging since 12.1.8
Since the latest update, writing has been a little frustrating. First of all, the pen sizes are suddenly much smaller than before. I used to write at 3, now to get the same thickness, I had to switch to 5. The ink smoothing also doesn’t work anymore, I think. My notes look very different.
The other issues are recorded. Generally, the tools are laggy. When writing and quickly switching to gum or select tool, the recently drawn line switches to that tool. Also gumming and selecting works relatively slower than before. Usually take a minute to gum/select.
I have an iPad Pro 5th gen, about one year old. Support said it had to do with text boxes and highlighting in those text boxes. I find that weird, since I’ve never used that feature.
Is anyone else having this issue?
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2023.05.30 13:46 Ravenholm_Girl Should I be worried?

I [31f] am asexual, but still masturbate occasionally. Some time ago I decided to break my hymen, which bled very little, but the next time I attempted to masturbate with a vibrator I noticed A LOT of bleeding that appeared to be coming from my cervix. It was not painful at all, but it recurs everytime I try it again. I have never been sexually active with another person, and never will be, and no doctor has ever said that there is anything wrong. However, in my opinion I have a very narrow and shallow vaginal canal. What gives? South Africa, SVT+MVPS, do not drink or smoke, no drug use, Bilocor 5mg, Nur-Isterate 200mg injection.
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2023.05.30 13:46 Frequent_Pen1656 Toddler tantrums

First time mom here, my son is almost 2 and has started hitting people when he doesnt get his way, he was never like this until recently. I have no idea how to correct this behavior, what did you guys do when your littles were in that hitting/throwing/biting phase?
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2023.05.30 13:46 J-aequan How hard are FromSoftWare games

I suck at games.. I suck at games so much that all of the games I play i put the difficulty to the easiest. I found spiderman hard so I played it in the friendly neighborhood diff. I found horizon challenging so i set it in... story diff...You get the point. Anyways I always wanted to play FromSoftWare games like bloodborne who is in PsPlus. But heard that it's very difficult. I can handle a little bit of difficulty but not so much that it makes me want to throw my controller and delete the game...ahemm....Tekken.... Ahem...
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2023.05.30 13:45 Ajollylittlebee DON'T GET THIS CRANK PULLER!!


Meet the tb-cr10, if you search it in google image, you can see mine has the black tip missing.
Why you might ask? As I was pulling my ISIS crank using this monstrosity. The little black cap got stuck inside the hole where my crank nut would have gone. Now my wheel is truly fucked.
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2023.05.30 13:45 Eggowafflez5657 Opinions on Castle of Glass?

It seems a lot of people on this sub really like the song Castle of Glass and find it pretty underrated. I agree, even if it’s not particularly one of my favorites or one I’m drawn to listen to, it is a great song. What do u think? Feel free to go full in depth on ur opinion about it cuz I’d like to see why everyone loves it so much.
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2023.05.30 13:44 Dildo_Shagginz Frieza vs Kaos (Dragon Ball vs Skylanders) Fight Script

So, Frieza vs Kaos, a matchup I'm really vibing with and that has quickly become my favorite for both, so it's only right I make a script for it right? I think this is my longest script yet as there was a lot I wanted to include in here, even if a good chunk of it can be dumbed down to "lasers" if you wanna do that lol (it's dragon ball, whatcha expect?) Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
We begin with a shot of the Skylands. Floating isles, hidden amongst a wafting of mist and fog high in the sky. Each was themed towards the different elements that power the land, its inhabitants and its defenders, the mighty Skylanders, however there was one location in particular reserved for the most rotten of them all. On the Cloudbreak Islands lay the Kaos Fortress, where the dark lord Kaos himself resides. In this fortress, Kaos sat on his large, comfortable chair, a chair that was realistically far too large for him to sit on. Standing next to him was his loyal right hand, a demure and lanky goblin man named Glumshanks, who held for Kaos a large strawberry milkshake that the dark lord was eagerly drinking. However, Kaos' drink was cut short by a new arrival.
Floating down from the clouds above was a large, circular ship, made of high tech materials and construction. The flagship of the Frieza Force, reserved for their own Mighty Lord, Frieza himself. The hatch at the top of the ship opened up, and out from within floated up the white and purple tyrant himself. Clearing his throat as his tail casually swished around behind him, Frieza seemed as though he was preparing for some sort of business meeting with how casual he seemed. Although, his words were far from as disarming as his actions. "Haha, residents of the Skylands, it has come to my attention that you exist. I tried to tell your Master Eon to kneel but the old man was delusional enough to deny me. And so I, the Mighty Lord Frieza, grant you the honor of being the first graveyard amongst the Skylands!" He announced, casually raising his finger up to the air, a small burning orb of fiery light formed at the tip of his finger, swelling into the form of his deadly Supernova attack. It grew until it eclipsed the fortress below, before Frieza pointed down at the ground below, intending to detonate the island like he did to Planet Vegeta. However, before the Big Bang could hit the ground, a crackling aura of purple energy surrounded the attack. The aura held the attack back and forced it to shrink, shrinking it smaller and smaller until it was the size of a mere soccer ball before it transmuted into a confused, seemingly traumatized sheep.
Kaos stepped out onto his balcony, with Glumshanks placing a large stepping stool out on the edge for his Lord to use to heighten himself. Handing Kaos a megaphone, Glumshanks stepped back and plugged his ears, preparing for the ear shattering speech to follow. "FOOL! You believe you get to rule the Skylands?? The Skylands belongs to me! The bringer of ultimate mega DOOM! LORD KAOS! GLUMSHANKS, TELL HIM," Kaos holds the megaphone down to Glumshanks mouth, and the monotone goblin spoke into it. "sigh, yeah, yeah he's right."
Frieza chuckled, amused by the defiant buffoon, as more Frieza Force ships begin to descend from the clouds, launching pods filled with Saibamen onto the fortress. Manning the walls of the Kaos Fortress, trolls began to mount onto cannons and turrets to blast at the pods, blasting a few out of the air but missing a precious few, which landed on the ground and released their Saibamen. The Saibamen started blasting holes through the walls of the Fortress, flooding into it's inner walls to take it from the inside, only to find Cyclopes and Spell Punks meeting them within. "Send the Ginyu Force!" Frieza commanded, cackling to himself as he watched his forces battle Kaos' down below and, as he commanded, the Ginyu Force landed on the Island, with their theme song playing as expected. In response Kaos screeched, "DOOMLANDERS! Don't just stand there, bring them their doom!!" As he instructed as well, the Doomlanders met the Ginyu Force on the field of battle.
The two groups would fight for a brief while, however soon enough the Doomlanders would emerge victorious. Kaos began to cheer for his victory, only to see a comet of purple energy hurtle towards the ground, slamming in the middle of the Doomlanders. Standing in the middle of the crater left behind was Frieza, the strength of his landing alone vaporizing the Doomlanders with the alien tyrant giving negative shits about it. He pointed up to Kaos, and a bright beam of purple light blasted from his finger towards the short portal master. Kaos narrowly leapt out of the way, with the beam blasting into the top of the fortress and blasting a hole through it's roof.
As Kaos began descending, he used a spell to make himself float as he bared down on Frieza, flying towards him as he threw balls of blue fire at the white and purple alien. Frieza sidestepped and ducked around them, charging forward at Kaos with an attack prepared for him. When Kaos got close, Frieza whipped him with his tail and sent Kaos flying towards the ground, cratering the ground below him. "Oww! That was rude! Glumshanks, bring me a bandaid!" He yelled, with his minion somehow understanding him even from so far away. Frieza landed down in front of Kaos, kicking him to the side to send him even further away, *right when Glumshanks reached the area with a comically large first aid kit in his hands,** causing the man to sigh as he realized how much more he'd have to run. Frieza floated over to Kaos, chuckling to himself.* "Interesting, you're being beaten to death and your crying over a boo-boo? I find you so pathetic that I'm tempted to let you live," Frieza teased, lifting Kaos up out of the ground and blasting him up into the air, blasting upwards into the sky to trail behind him. He blasted more and more rapid fire purple lasers, but Kaos was not outdone. Kaos teleported out of the air and back down to the ground, leaving Frieza confused until he looked back down to the ground, seeing Kaos mount up onto his supercharger that he got out of a portal he summoned. Igniting his superchargers engine, Kaos launched up into the air, now being the one to chase Frieza through the sky, sadly just as Glumshanks reached him again causing the poor servant to be launched back by the rocket boosters, sending the first aid kit out of his hands.
Frieza now started flying away from Kaos, with Kaos flying after him and blasting his own purple lasers at Frieza in the shape of rings, waves, lines and zig-zags, throwing Frieza off his game and causing him to be pelted by lasers at every turn, all while Kaos monologued behind him. "Stupid fool! You run away from your doom? From Kaos? You'll only loose tired… GLUMSHANKS! WHERE IS MY BANDAID?!" After a while, Frieza started to wisen up to the patterns of Kaos' blasts and began to deftly dodge them, annoying Kaos. Summoning another portal, Kaos pulled out one of his artifacts, a powerful red and gold gauntlet. The Iron Fist of Arkus. "You have annoyed me for long enough, Freezer!" Kaos said, his voice deep and distorted into that of a robot. Frieza's flight was halted as his tail was grabbed by Kaos, now in the form of a massive, powerful Arkeyan robot, his eyes glowing bright blue. "Unhand me you idio-" Frieza yelled before his words were cut off, with Kaos swinging Frieza down onto a nearby mountain, pulverizing it with the force of the impact, leaving Frieza in a massive crater in the ground. However, Kaos was not done. Leaping up into the air with his massive robot form, Kaos landed a comically large peoples-elbow on his opponent who was currently many times smaller than him. Standing back up to his feet, Kaos stomped down onto the crater multiple times, smashing Frieza further and further into the ground, before pointing his head down to blast a powerful beam of light out of his eyes down into the crater. "That's…ENOUGH!" Frieza cried out, a powerful burst of golden light dispersing the laser of the Arkeyan Kaos immediately as Frieza flew up to Kaos' head, landing a powerful punch into Kaos' chin in his now-golden form. Kaos was launched up into the sky but by the time his large, robotic frame was done flying up, Frieza was already behind him and pointing his finger forward, blasting repeated blasts of ki into his back, severing the gauntlet off of Kaos' robotic hand and reverting him back to his base form, showering the ground below in craters formed by Frieza's ki blasts, the ground being covered in a layer of smoke.
"Fool…FOOL! You DARE power up? ONLY I GET TO POWER UP!" Kaos whined, his voice growing distorted once again as he spoke. The smoke dispersed around him to reveal him in his Traptanium form, floating with a lower half made of Traptanium crystal and dark purple skin. He flew up to Frieza, blasting beams of purple energy at him as the two began to engage in a ranged air-skirmish. The two eventually get taken to melee, with Frieza kicking Kaos to the side where Kaos smacks into the screen, breaking it for a few seconds as he flies back into the fight again (cuz Traptanium Kaos breaks the fourth wall.) When Kaos flies back though, Frieza blasts Kaos back down to the ground, now following him to the ground and slowly, dramatically walking towards him. "This sparring session is getting less and less entertaining you buffoon," Frieza said.
"Master Kaos, I have your bandaid," Glumshanks said, running up in-between Frieza and Kaos desperately panting for breath, bandages spilling out of it and flapping in the wind like loose toilet paper. "Want a large one or a short one?" Glumshanks asked. Frieza rolled his eyes and pointed at the tall goblin man, Death Beam'ing him through the chest and causing Glumshanks to die, just like how Frieza killed Paragus. "Such a tragedy," Frieza mocked, before looking back at Kaos. Kaos however was…still. He wasn't screaming, he wasn't whining, he was just…angry. Very angry, and Frieza could tell. “So much for that blundering buffoonery! I did wonder when you would stop whini-“ Crackling purple light emanated from Kaos as his body bulked up and grew, cutting off Frieza's words. His muscles bulged and hulked out, metal armor covered his body, and his hair and eyes burned a bright, crackling blue…something that sparked a memory in the sadistic tyrant Frieza.*
When the smoke clears fully, a familiar cackle, now deepened, can be heard as Kaos emerges in his Super State and begins charging a blast. "Your doom will be slow, Frieza!" Kaos threatened.
“That’s…that’s…” Frieza could barely force the words out of his mouth as a flash of memory crosses his mind…a memory of his second death, a familiar foe charging a similar blue blast.
“FRIEZAAAAA!!!!” Goku shouted in his memory
Cut back to reality, Frieza’s flashback distracting him long enough for him to take the blast in the gut, sending Frieza to the ground. As it dissolves…he begins fuming in rage.
“ANOTHER BLASTED!” Frieza punches the ground with each word. “STUPID!” Finally, rage overtakes him completely, in an ironic reference to the first transformation of the one who killed him in his cybernetic state, and he transforms into his Black form! “MONNNNKEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!” A powerful purple aura enveloped Frieza, his skin turning black and his eyes burning bright red. The two where now in their highest forms, and the fight would truly commence.
The two battled against one another in the air and on the ground, blasting waves of energy at eachother in varying shapes and sizes. Kaos summoned his Doom Sharks, sending a wave of chomping energy sharks at Frieza who dispatched them quickly with a series of blasts. Frieza tried to land a flurry of punches on Kaos, but Kaos summoned his large, energy construct Doom Hands to grab the alien racist by the tail and smash him down on the floor, opening him up to more and more blasts of chaotic energy from Super Kaos. However, Frieza wasn't done yet.
"I have had enough of this charade! Kaos, your end is now, and it only makes me more annoyed that I won't be able to savor your quick demise!" Frieza cried out, flying up into the sky and raising a hand to the air, a large ball of purple energy forming above him as he prepared a large, powerful Death Ball. "Kaos doesn't know defeat, Frieza! But you, you will know DOOM!" *Kaos shouted back in his deepened voice, raising his large Doom Hands as he prepared to catch the Death Ball. Frieza launched the ball, a wave of energy erupting from it as it collided with the Doom Hands…
The Death Ball barely overpowers the Doom Hands, blasting through them and colliding into Kaos. Kaos screamed out in pain, using his magic to try and contain it like he did to the Supernova previously, but it was too much. The raw power of the Death Ball caused rocks and pebbles to rise up from the ground, orbiting it like a star, with the sheep-supernova from earlier swirling around alongside them. Eventually though, Kaos accepted his own doom, reverting to his base form as his body disintegrated, shouting his final lines. "YOU'RE STUPID!" He shouted, as if trying to get one last insult in to his opponent.
After Kaos was incinerated, Frieza floated down to the ground, his forms exhausting as he reverted to base, covered in bruises as he crossed his arms. "That's one island down…let's hope the rest have less childish rulers," Frieza said, not realizing he was pouting like a petulant child.
Kaos's Doom Hands closed around the Death Ball, slowly compressing it and crushing it into nothingness. "T-thats not possible!" Frieza cried out, before the Doom Hands grabbed him by the tail. Frieza was slammed down onto the ground, where Kaos used his Doom Hands to repeatedly pummel into his face. He summoned his Psychic Shot blades to stab into Frieza's limbs, pinning him to the ground as his Doom Hands beat the tyrant for death. "This is for Glumshanks you fool!" Kaos cried out, "W-wait! No, stop! I am the mighty Lord Frieza-" Frieza begged before Kaos finished his assault, splattering Frieza's head against the ground. Kaos reverted to his base form, falling back to the ground as his tongue comically hung out of his mouth in exhaustion. "Victory…belongs…to Kaos…fool…" Kaos said, the final shot being of the supernova-sheep coming over and licking his face like the deer in Hulk vs Broly.
Best for both imo, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Lemme know your thoughts in the comments below.
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2023.05.30 13:44 candyapplegreige Dupixent timelines — getting worse before it gets better?

Hi, all. I’m day 6 after my loading dose of dupixent. My eczema seems to be even redder. I’m definitely still itchy. I’m applying steroids a little bit on awful flares, so I don’t think it’s TSW. Can anyone share their timeline on dupixent and if they experienced something similar? I was hoping for faster results after anecdotes on here :( i’m so desperate for relief but i know that’s not necessarily going to happen
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2023.05.30 13:44 KungPaoKeto19 Please read my chart! Any insight is welcome 😊😊

Please read my chart! Any insight is welcome 😊😊
Can someone help read my chart a little? I have been to an astrologer before, a friend who is very good at reading charts has also read it, and of course my own interpretation.
I would love to have just a random stranger read it a little. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 13:44 LRDsreddit How to always do leveling fast on any class with twink gear ?

I'm gonna start saying that generally speaking I'm like average-good at leveling, I can do campaign at like 5-6 hours consistant on most league starters, I consider between 4-5 hours is a very strong player and below 4hours is like a top racer. I mean for act 10 of course.
But I have a big issue, it's doing the leveling on a non-league starter guide, let me explain.
Let's say for example, I want to make a new build, and I need a level 70 guardian as fast as possible.
The way I would do it is probably play something like a hiero/inqui caster with twink gear and blast and then respecc into a guardian.
But I would never do it directly as guardian because I wouldn't know how to do it, because I have never seen a twink gear guide about fast leveling a guardian and I need that stuff or I'm finished.
Most likely I always need a tree + gem stups, I still can't do that myself, I mean I could and I've done it before, but it's not very efficient because I'm just bad at doing this.
Some people praise hollow palms strategy, but you still need good trees for some classes (witch for instance) that are hard to find, or at least updated trees..
The second issue I have is : I'm not much faster on twink gear but just a little bit faster.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it probably is a lot of stuff, because in my head, on twink gear you should legit destroy the leveling, but it's still a combination of good tree/gealeveling knowledge.
Most of the times I lack the tree + gem setups.
How would you guys do the leveling of a chieftain, scion, guardian with twink gear in like 4hours without respeccing ?
Let me know ideas for general leveling and how to find good ressources for leveling any classes !
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2023.05.30 13:44 Bubbly_Ad9487 A little WIP and a question for the remainder of my Raptors Army

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2023.05.30 13:44 moldbellchains Being poor triggers me so badly (TW possible relapse??)

Idk fams, just the title. I’m currently in a situation where I have very little money (I’m not used to this) and it triggers my ED so fucking badly. I consider myself “recovered/in recovery” for about 4 years now, and haven’t had any major fallbacks. But this new situation really makes me just wanna fucking starve myself again. Ugh. I’m like “If I don’t have any money then why the fuck should I bother to buy food in the first place?? Might as well just take the easy route and go starve again”. I hate it. I don’t fucking know what to do. It seems like the only plausible thing at the moment. I can’t do any of my comfort shit (I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but sometimes when I’m down I go to my favorite café, or buy some comfort takeaway food etc), cuz I can’t afford that crap. And I waste so much food usually by throwing it away cuz it just goes bad (also makes me fucking ashamed of myself). I feel like being badly off financially really sets the bar lower for relapse.
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