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2023.05.30 23:22 ExtraCoffee How do I (25F) let go of him (24M) and our friends? I know I should but it still hurts

About one year ago I started interacting with a group of people. I find it hard to trust new people, so at first I wasn't involved and pretty much kept my distance. But as the time went by, we started to talk more and they (a guy and a girl in particular) pushed it a lot to become my friends and do more things together. So we became closer and started talking and hanging out on a daily basis.
Fast forward me and the guy, let's call him B, confessed to have feelings for each other and got even closer. At first things were nice, we kept hanging out all together and he even introduced me to new people. I now consider them friends and I got into the habit on talking with these persons everyday and spend a lot of time together, especially online cause we like play videogames.
The last couple of weeks have been weird though. I tried talking to him to understand if something was off, but he brushed it off and said things were ok. Things weren't ok though cause he ended up ghosting me? Or kind of. He's not replying to me in private anymore but we still do things with our friends (online) so i'm starting to feel very awkward about it. I think I should let go of him cause he's denying me a reason to act like this and nothing weird happened recently on my end, so I can't even understand what's wrong. I'm also afraid I'll lose my other friends as well if this situation doesn't get solved and the idea of braking this pattern makes me extremely sad.
I'm confused and don't know what to do. He's just ignoring me at the moment. How do I overcome this?

tl;dr: guy started ignoring me but we have mutual friends. I feel stupid cause he love bombed me at first and now he doesn't even reply to me anymore.
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2023.05.30 23:21 RexTheGuardian Somewhat new to the game, just wanted to ask a few questions.

Hello, so I recently came back to the game after seeing the changes made to the game, and I just wanted to ask a few things about it.
  1. Will a scent mechanic ever be added to the game? Playing a carnivore has been extremely difficult due to the inability to really track anything down out side of sight, so was curious if this was going to be a planned feature eventually.
  2. Are community servers or official servers a better experience for someone that wants a more hardcore survival experience? When I tried on an official server a while back, most people just kinda hung around one spot and would attack anyone that tried to kill a player for food.
  3. Is there a "meta" for the game when it comes to PvP? I've noticed players seem to have a variety when it comes to what they play, rather than just picking the most powerful by default, so was curious if this game is more balanced out with how it handles that sort of thing. This is more of my own curiosity so I know if I'm gonna be seeing ALOT of the same few animals over and over or if that variety is pretty common.
I think that's all I really got for now. Thank you for any help you can give.
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2023.05.30 23:20 DetRex-ksa I bought my first pc i need some feedback

I bought it for 1615$ (6059 SAR) Did i get scammed? Is the price good ? I want your opinion
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2023.05.30 23:20 WillStillHunting Suddenly Unable to Hit?

Been playing for around 5 months now and have made lots of progress. I really fell in love with the sport. People can't believe how long I've been playing when they see my forehand. Then they see my backhand and believe it. My serve isn't great but at least no more waiter serve and starting to get some pace.
I played a tough league match on Sunday. Then I was hitting with a new partner on Monday. All went well for 30 minutes. We played a few points. He was better than me but I was able to hang. Then all of a sudden, I stopped being able to return his serve. Then I could not serve at all. 4 awful double faults in a row. Not even remotely close. I kept hitting the frame and once it even got stuck in the neck of the racket. I told him something was wrong and asked if we could just rally. We tried that for about 10 minutes but I could not make solid contact to save my life. I was playing much, much worse than when I first picked up a racket. My hitting partner couldn't believe I was the same guy who was playing with him in the beginning. I was so confused.
I figured maybe something was just off that day so I went back to hit some easy ones by myself today. Still unable to hit a forehand or serve. Oddly, I am still able to hit a backhand. I did notice my elbow was bothering me today but it's not overly painful. It's more of a nagging soreness.
Has this happened to anyone? Is it likely that this is due to my below? Do I just need to take some time off? See a doctor? Warm up more? Ice after? Really bummed that this has happened to me..
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2023.05.30 23:20 Carrie_Boo PLEASE HELP ME!! I'm being stalked by something nonhuman... PART TWO

Part One:
Part Two:
It came again. Last night at exactly 10pm.
I don't even know how I'm going to tell you what happened. Or why I'm telling you. I guess I'm just hoping that somebody somewhere will help me to find a way to make it stop.
I packed my bags last night, shortly after writing to you guys on here. I thought that if I could get away from this place before 10pm, I would be able to find sanctuary away from this 'thing'. It took me ten minutes to grab everything that I own, shove it in a suitcase and throw it in the back of my truck, but deep down I knew it wouldn't let me leave.
The tyres on my banged out fiesta had been slashed completely. All four of them! Ripped to shreds like a beast had used them as a chew toy. There was an overwhelming smell of petrol as I walked around the car, desperately thinking of what I could do. Not wanting to admit the real and present danger of the situation I was in, I retreated back to the cabin and searched for my phone. It wasn't much use as I hadn't been able to get any signal at this place for the last three months. It really was an 'unplugged' adventure.
There's a land line in the Main Reception!
Resisting the urge to cry, I forced every bit of bravado I could muster up inside and walked slowly to the Main Reception building, giving every faint noise my complete attention.
The door was locked.
In my haste to leave my cabin today, I had totally forgotten that the season was now at an end and that all of the teens would have been packed on to the coaches earlier this afternoon ready to depart their woodland adventures. This would only leave myself, Roger and Pendle, as skeleton staff for clean up and pack away.
Maybe Roger will have a key?
Walking to Roger's cabin would be no small feat. He preferred to be sited in the more secluded area of the forest, away from the 'reckless, annoying brats' as he called them. Making the journey to his cabin would take at least half hour and there was no obvious path through the trees. It was already 9.30pm and that would mean that I would be getting there just before that 'thing' comes. I know Pendle, our caretaker, didn't sleep on the grounds on the night. He preferred to make an hours commute down the mountain to the little shack that he called home. He was dead against staying overnight, even when we were short staffed and he was offered double pay to be Night supervisor. I thought that was weird at the time, but now I'm wondering if he knows more than he is letting on?
I grabbed my torch and decided that I'd walk to Roger's cabin. I would be safe there and if I was quick, I would get there in good time. Roger wasn't a big man, but he was still company and if I needed anything, I needed company.
About ten minutes into the walk through the overgrown pathway to Roger's cabin, I began to feel myself trembling. The air seemed to be cooler in amongst the trees and I found myself making small clouds of steam with every breath. I folded my arms in front of me and cursed myself for not dressing more appropriately for the cooler temperatures. My ripped jean shorts and vest top were more suited to a summer beach party than a late night hike and I looked like one of those ladies that would offer to wash your car at a service station for charity. It's funny, even when you're in the midst of the most dangerous situation you've ever been in, you still find yourself judging your own aesthetics.
As I walked deeper into the forest, I started to feel like the trees were getting closer to me, enveloping me in an abyss of darkness. They seemed to be growing larger, making me feel small and isolated in their shadows. I quickened the pace, noticing that it was now getting closer to that dreaded time.
Then, in the distance, I saw a welcoming orange glow from the window of Roger's cabin. For a moment I felt safe. Untouchable. And I smiled.
I ran the last 150m or so and began frantically knocking on Roger's door. It didn't take long for him to open the door and pull me inside, with a look of deep concern on his face.
"What's going on? Are you Ok? What's happened?' He blurted out questions with such urgency and such genuine concern, that it made me cry. I seriously opened the floodgates and grabbed on to him with every bit of strength that I could find within me. I didn't realise just how much these past few occurrences had exhausted me. Now that I was safe, I didn't want to explain, I just wanted to stay safe.
Somewhere along the line, Roger had realised that I wasn't ready to divulge the reasons as to why I had turned up hysterically at his cabin door at night, and he stopped asking questions and just hugged me. I wanted that moment to last forever, however my eyes deceived me and began to search Roger's lounge area for a clock. And when I found it, that all too familiar sharp stab of fear penetrated through me. It was 10pm.
Roger must have felt my body tense up completely as he grabbed my arms and held me outstretched in front of him.
"Please tell me what is going on. I can help you", he said in such a calm, soothing voice. He forced a smile through the worry as his eyes pleaded with me to let him in.
Just as I was about to explain, there was a sudden loud bang from the kitchenette area.
"IT'S HEREEEEE, IT'S HEREEEEEEE......." I shrieked as I grabbed on to Roger's arm and pulled him towards me.
Another loud bang drove through the silence. This time from down the hall.
"Oh God, Roger, you need to HELP MEEEEEE!"
An even louder bang came from the bedroom...then another...then another....until bangs surrounded us, each from different areas of the cabin. Sometimes on the wooden walls, then on the windows, then on the roof. It was as though a buffalo stampede was encircling the house and even running over the roof.
I screamed and held on to Roger so tightly as he began to shake and look in the direction of each bang. Then there was one final bang and the front door flew open.
It was the 'thing'. He stood right in front of us and stared, as if he was calculating his next move. His head twitched rapidly from side to side as a foamy substance fell slowly from his drooping lips. His pale, elongated face almost shone through the darkened background of the forest behind him and I found myself staring at his long, thin limbs and his spiny stature. I didn't dare move a muscle as I felt Roger's grip on my arm become tighter.
The 'thing' glided slowly towards us until his face was mere inches away from mine, then he quickly shot his head in Roger's direction and slowly opened his mouth. An extremely high pitched scream-like noise was unleashed from the blackness of his mouth, making Roger fall to the floor in fear.
I just stood there. I didn't help.
I didn't help as the 'thing' raised it's long bony arm and then thrashed down against Roger's skull, tearing away a strip of flesh from his forehead that dangled around his eye socket.
I didn't help as Roger screamed, as the second blow ripped his eye ball out of the socket and tore away two of his fingers that had been used as a shield from the attack of the unnaturally sharp talons.
I just stood there as Roger crawled on the floor, gargling on his own blood and gripping his neck after that humanoid creature has buried it's nails into his throat and scraped through his jugular.
Before he died, he looked up at me. He looked right into my eyes and it looked like he was asking 'why?'
I just screamed. And screamed. And screamed.
The 'thing' didn't even look at me. It just turned away and glided out of the front door. Before it exited completely, It raised its arm in front of it and I could hear what sounded like a slurping noise. I didn't even want to think about what it was doing, but I'm sure that what I heard was that humanoid freak sucking Roger's blood off it's claws.
Then it was gone.
I don't know how long I stayed there, but I must've said sorry a hundred times. I didn't mean for this to happen. I didn't understand why it was happening. I still don't.
But I do know that I can't get anyone else involved in this nightmare. I need to deal with this myself. I can't risk anyone else getting hurt.
But maybe Pendle knows something?
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2023.05.30 23:20 Technoidse Not a great start...

Not a great start...
Bought a B-Grade Alphacool Eisbaer 240, the description just said the generic "it might be missing stuff or have been returned or have cosmetic damage", I did find some really awful fingerprints on the wb so I thought it was that
It started out with okay temps but within the day it just got worse and worse and I pulled the block apart and found:

The jetplate was completely stuffed, but it cleaned off fine .

The hoses are...hosed, they are still soft but they seem to endlessly relese more and more green crud and when i get it out of one spot the underlying tube/hose surface is spongy/melty so I decided to start the Custom watercooling adventure and I have ordered EK-zmt tubes and fittings...
So now I know why it was B grade and it'll be interesting to se how it performs without the gunk :)
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2023.05.30 23:20 Realistic_Ad3795 Trouble with SIXT Rental Agency at CPH =(

Sorry that this is a bit of a negative experience with Copenhagen, but I'm needing some local help. (I did have a lovely time on a previous visit, though!)
I recently rented a vehicle out of SIXT at Copenhagen Airport. Our trip was mainly into Sweden, but stayed the night at the Clarion at the beginning and end and rented at the airport before heading over the bridge. TL;DR... they claimed I damaged the vehicle, and we did not. Here is the background:
My vehicle wasn't available when I went to pick-up, so they offered a larger size for the same price. The catch was that it wasn't clean because it was parked in their overflow lot. No problem for us. We're happy to take a larger car without it being clean.
So I go to pick it up and it is pretty messy. Mostly rain spots mixed with pollen. I give a quick walk-around, but can't see anything that doesn't blend in with the dirt.
We make the long drive to Kalmar, mostly on backroads via Ale's Stones and Glemingehus. Nothing but us, cows, horses, and fields of rapeseed as far as the eye can see. We park at our hotel, and leave it there for 4 days and nights. It is important to note that the space it is parked in doesn't have access to hit the corner which is claimed to have been done by me.
We then returned similarly on backroads until we got to Helsingborg and the main highway. Myself and two passengers are witnesses that nothing occurred.
I dropped it off after hours and left the keys in the drop box, so the inspection took place the next morning as we were boarding the plane home. They found some superficial scratches on the front right and want around $375USD for repairs. I bought the LWD which doesn't kick in until $5000 DKK, and I apparently misunderstood my credit card's coverage, so I'd be on the hook for this. Regardless, since I didn't damage the vehicle, this should be moot.
I've discussed with the SIXT team, and they simply keep repeating that I had to report the damage when I picked up. I told them I couldn't because it was filthy dirty. They won't respond to that part, and simply repeat the policy. I've asked to escalate, and the next person says the same thing. When I ask "How am I supposed to inspect the car when it is given to me in a dirty condition that hides scracthes?" the conversation stops. They simply won't answer that question.
I would love legal advice and/or help logging in to the Consumer Complaint website. It seems to require an ID only available to citizens, and an email to them resulted in a bot response with a FAQ that doesn't help me log in.
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2023.05.30 23:19 Ok-Middle8213 My boyfriend [34yo] lied to me [33yo] about an entire trip to Cancun.

So I had a trip planned to Miami to celebrate one of my college friend's bachelor party that my boyfriend knew about this past weekend. He asked when was I leaving and I told him last Wednesday. He ended up booking a trip to "California" on the same day and we were to get back on the same day, which was this past Sunday. He has a residence in California and Texas, so he has clothes, shoes, everything he needs already there. So red flag #1 for me was when I saw him pack a huge suitcase. I looked and wondered why would he do that, but didn't think anything of it. He was also talking to himself as he was packing saying that he was going to take some shorts to Cali (probably doing this to cover himself on why he's packing heavy; he NEVER packs heavy for trips to Cali). He landed about 10 hours before I did. I video called him once he landed and I could see he was at the airport. So I ask him was he going to have a friend pick him up or a Lyft. He said he was going to have his homeboy pick him up. I was like alright. After I landed in Miami that night, I let him know I made it. I tried to video call him on Google Meet (I'm an iPhone user and he's an Android user) he did not answer and it was about 12...1am in the morning, meaning it would've been 9...10pm Cali time. I receive a notification about 30 mins after I called him from Google Meet stating if I wanted to call him back again. Now in the past, he has told me that when you receive that notification, that means that you looked at the missed call. So at this point, I'm like he saw me call. Moving along, he calls me back around 3...4am, which is about 3 hours behind for Cali. He says I'm lucky he had to get up to pee while he was sleep (he did not video call me back, he called regular) and we talked for a few. I knew something was off that first night. So over the next few days, things didn't seem or feel right. I would call. He wouldn't answer, he'd call me back a few hours later or act like he never got my call. He would text, instead of calling me back. Every time he would video call, it was either in a bathroom, which didn't look like his bathroom in Cali or outside. Which outside didn't even seem right because he has a townhome. If he was sitting in the front of the townhome like he said he was, I would've been able to see it from the back, but I could see nothing. It was pitch black...and it was 9pm EST my time and 6PM his time, meaning it was still sunny in Cali! And earlier this day, he sent me screenshots of his phone screen trying to show me that he was having issues calling me. I looked at his time and it was only an hour behind me, meaning he had to have been somewhere in CST. I asked him about it and he had nerve to say that his phone was acting up and it didn't update when he landed in Cali. (LIE) I mentioned about it being pitch black at 6pm in Cali and he had nerve to say that it gets dark around that time. I knew that was a lie because I've been to Cali several times and it was always still light out and I also texted my friend that lives in Cali and he also confirmed it was still sunny. So I mentioned all of this to him and he had nerve to try and get mad at me for accusing him of lying, knowing darn well he was lying. He lied about him riding his bike (he has a motorcycle, car, and truck out in Cali) to some lounge he went to in Hollywood. He stayed out late, called me the next morning and was like let me get a little bit more sleep and I'll call you back when I wake up. He called back an hour later and said he was at a restaurant in Hollywood. He gave me the name of it, I googled it. Now he lives in Anaheim...that's an hour drive. So you mean to tell me he went back to sleep and was able to get up, get ready to drive back out to Hollywood to go to a restaurant? I knew that was a lie. He called me while he was at the restaurant and was sounding so happy and cheery. He said he'd call me back. I knew something was up so I called him back like 10 minutes later just to see if he would answer because why wouldn't you if you're at a restaurant by yourself. Do ya'll know he didn't answer the first time, so I called back a second time he answered and his tone was so different and he was talking so slow and short. That let me know that he was with someone because why were you so happy a second ago before you got to your table? Some other stuff happened, but fast forward to Sunday. I asked him what airport he was flying out of and he said LAX and he was flying with Frontier (LAX doesn't even have Frontier). He also gave me the time he was leaving which was 3:42pm. Now we both were supposed to land at 6...7pm in Texas. If he's leaving LA at 3:42pm, that's a 3 hour flight, then you have to add 2 more hours because of the time change. I looked up all flights that would be landing in Texas and none from Cali, but San Diego was on there. And one from Cancun. I found all of his flight information. So we both land in Texas. He ended up still being on the plane and he had nerve to say that he had to go through customs. I asked why, he said he didn't know, they're doing some weird inspection. I could not believe my eyes at all of the lies I was reading. So I confront him about it once he comes out of the International Arrival section at the airport and he has nothing to say. He proceeds to give me some bs story about how no one was supposed to know he was there and he was there on business for his family...blah blah. We don't follow each other on social media, but I could see that he posted all weekend long on Snapchat. So if people weren't supposed to know you were there, why are there posts at all? He sent me 2 videos of him at a lounge and I was able to figure out in 5 minutes what bar it was! I also found his resort receipt and it had that 2 guests were staying there. He also did a boat tour and took a picture. I asked about the 2 guests and he was like it always say 2 guests when you book somewhere, man please. I have always changed mine to 1 when I book online. And most times we were on the phone during the trip, it seemed as if he would always have to go outside or be in the bathroom. I also asked him to see his snaps, but he wouldn't show me anything, which shows that clearly there will be incriminating evidence on there.
TL; DR I've never been lied to like this before. I won't say this is his first time where his story doesn't add up, but he went out of his way to lie to me for almost a week. And then get mad at me for calling him out. I'm extremely hurt and believe its time I move on. I can't trust him at all. If he lied about this, what else has he done and what else will he lie about in the future.
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2023.05.30 23:19 timmy_b2000 What am I supposed to do next?

(Tldr at bottom)
So I (M23) met a really cute girl through some friends a little over 2 weeks ago. I made her laugh, and we had a good little conversation. I think I made a good first impression and got her instagram when leaving.
I think I’m reasonably good looking, funny but game-wise I have good days and bad days. I don’t have a lot of experience in dating so don’t really know what the play is after getting her instagram.
I’d like to meet her in a group setting again once or twice because there’s less pressure of expectations plus asking her out straight up might be kinda weird because we just met once and she might not have thought of me that way. Plus she’s a friend of a friend so don’t really want to seem like a desperate loser.
On the other hand, meeting her again may take a while (or might not happen at all) and I don’t want to lose touch. What am I supposed to do here? She hasn’t posted any stories for me to reply to but she sees mine.
Should I just text her? What would I even say without making it seem desperate/super obvious that I like her? Wouldn’t want to come on too hard/super flirty. It’s been over 2 weeks so can’t think of a smooth way to initiate conversation. Or have I just missed the window :/
Would appreciate any advice :)
Tldr; Got a girl’s instagram ~2 weeks ago, don’t know how to initiate conversation with her and don’t want to ask her out straightaway.
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2023.05.30 23:19 Extreme-Implement594 Tegaderm removal!?!

Hi friends! I'm 4 dpo and the Dr. told me I could remove all of the tegaderm and gauze. The tegaderm is REALLY on there so she suggested removing it after a shower when they've had a chance to get wet. Well, I've done that - and the tegaderm sill won't really budge. The parts I've been able to lift up are sore and red and that scares me from continuing to try to peel it off. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how they removed their tegaderm!? Thanks so much!.
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2023.05.30 23:19 ROGER_ROGER321 Sauron, The Dark Lord
Hi everyone! Wanted to discuss how well you think Sauron, the Dark Lord can do in Cedh or even in High Power. I know it's a first look at him and probably need time to have him resonate. However, seeing his abilities made me fall in love with this Grixis commander.
My reasoning for him being decently viable is the fact that he has built-in protection, he can make a token for sac fodder each time somebody casts a spell. And whenever the ring tempts you, you can dump your hand, (Razaketh anyone?) and then draw 4 new cards. I may be overhyping him, but let me know what would work best as I am trying to brew with him.
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2023.05.30 23:19 dagrick Possible Archaeological Site in Hispaniola - Seeking Opinions and Tips

Hello everyone, I am currently investigating an interesting aspect of the history and colonization of the island of Hispaniola, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter. Specifically, I'm looking at some potential archeological sites that I believe are worth further exploration.
I came across this topic while reading about the native settlements on the island, which were described as populous and developed. Here are two extracts that caught my attention:
“…We arrived at a small mountain range where it seemed the prominence of the main mountain range began, and there the musical accompaniment bid us farewell. Once we climbed to the top, we beheld a populous settlement in delightful countryside, whose boundaries were beyond sight. It must have had eight thousand houses made of wood and thatched roofs. Many cultivated fields, resembling farms, served as walls, creating a labyrinth to hinder entry into the settlement. We would have encountered difficulty had we not been guided by such experienced guides. The city is divided by four streets, which separate it into four neighborhoods, filled with a disorganized multitude...”
“Arriving at Hojeda to the land and village of King Caonabo, known as La Maguana, it would be about 60 or 70 leagues from Isabela.”
“Ojeda arrived at La Maguana, which is sixty leagues from Isabela. The indigenous people were astonished to see the Spaniards mounted on those beasts that their eyes had never seen before. Similarly, the Spaniards were amazed by the numerous population, whose stone structures could rival those of Lisbon, Portugal. The city is situated between the two powerful rivers, Neyba and Mijo.”
Keep in mind that that last sentence is tricky because of the way it is worded, it could either be that there were stonework’s in the city or that if there were stonework’s the city could rival Lisbon, either way the point the writer is trying to convey is that it was a big city.
These accounts got me thinking about the possible locations and routes taken by these explorers, and the potential remnants of these settlements that might still exist today.
Picture: Possible Route Taken by Ojeda to Maguana
If we take into account the fact that the expedition might have bordered the central mountains, the trip would have taken about 310 KM or about 70 leagues. In this hypothetical route I choose as the destination the site known as El Corral de los Indios, a large circular ceremonial plaza whose remains are still visible today. It's believed to have been a significant location for the Maguana Chiefdom.
Picture: Excavations of the Plaza in the 1960s
Somewhat close to this place there's another interesting formation and the reason for this post actually, in the region of Sabaneta to La jagua, in the province of San juan de la maguana in present-day Dominican Republic. It appears to be a large wall, with more similar structures scattered around the area, as suggested by local stories. Here are some pictures:
Given its appearance and location, I wonder if this might be part of the settlement of Caonabo described in Ojeda's account. There's also some precedence of stone walls built by the Taino's before the Spaniards arrived.
I'm thinking of reaching out to the national museum about this potential site. However, as they are currently underfunded, I want to build a strong case to ensure this site gets the attention it deserves. I'm considering using a drone for aerial photography to gather more evidence.
So, I'm turning to you, the Reddit community, to get your insights and opinions. Do you think there's something to this, or am I reading too much into it? Do you have any advice or tips on how I can make a stronger case for the museum? I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 23:19 Unlikely-Serve-3356 2022 Promaster 2500: $110000

2022 Promaster 2500: $110000
Built with the intention of selling, this brand new luxury adventure van has only been used one time (for the purpose of testing it out!) and has less than 1,500 miles.
We poured our heart and soul into this van and we hope someone can love it as much as we do.
This van features AC unit, bathroom, and enough power for your off grid adventures!
*Oregon Registration through January 2025 *Insured as conversion van through State Farm *Clean title, VIN: 3C6LRVDG0NE111404
Feel Free to reach out with any questions!
Vehicle Features:
Electronic Brake All-Speed Traction Control ParkView Rear back up camera Tire Pressure monitoring display Push button Start Remote keyless-entry 24 gallon tank Heavy-duty Suspension
Apple Car Play Google android Auto Bluetooth Touch screen display
All season tires Heated power folding mirrors Daytime running headlamps Front Fog Lamps Blind-Spot and Cross-path Detection Class IV receiver-hitch
400 Watt Renogy solar 3000w Victron invertor Victron smart Display Four 100ah Heated Battle Born batteries Bosch 2.5 gallon hot water heater Wet Bath with Natures Head composting toilet Dometic Fridge Fresair 12v low air conditioner Maxxair AC Passenger Swivel Seat 30 Gallon freshwater tank 10 and 5 Gallon Graywater tank 5 Inch Memory foam Sectional mattress ( 55” x 72”) 15 amp shore power plug in 2 ac outlets 4 USB ports
Includes: Mr. heater Eureka stove top weather cover
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2023.05.30 23:19 unsure18 Barnes and Noble

If you have a Barnes and Noble premium membership you can now get sets for 10% off online plus some rewards back. If you buy enough sets it’s crazy how much money you can save. I’ve always used it in store but now I’m tempted to buy some of the pricier sets from the website. I’ve not done the math yet, but does anyone know if it’s a better deal then the Lego website?
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2023.05.30 23:19 Peanuttttssss The Pure Order Program

I had a drug problem, and I lived a very chaotic live. I frequently went to bars just to do cocaine with friends and fight people in the bar.
One of my female friends was very concerned about my way of living. I said that it really wasn't that bad. But one day when I got very high on cocaine and I crashed my motorcycle in a farmfield somewhere and laid there until sunrise, I knew it was time to try to change my life. The female friend, named Emma, was very reliefed that I had the courage to ask her for help.
She immediately started to figure stuff out to help me, and after a while she told me she found a program somewhere in the mountains deep in the forest that helped people get rid of their addictions.
The name of the program was ''Pure Order''. I was a bit sketchy at first, but I love the mountains and nature so I thought I could always give it a try.
The only problem, was that I was from New Jersey, and the program was in Montana. But Emma was willing to pay along for the trip, and she'd even come with me to drop me off to make sure I arrived safely.
At the airport, a car, that was part of the Pure Order program, would take us there. The driver was a man in a suit, with combed black hair, a well kept goatee and mustache. He was wearing a dress shirt, suspenders and cowboy boots.
It was a peculiar look that I instantly noticed. It was a very hipster look, but also a very country look. It was a 5 hour, if not more, ride from the airport to the place where the Pure Order program was. It was very deep in the woods and mountains, and very far away from civilization.
When we arrived, I saw 10 feet high walls, made out of wooden beams, with barbed wire at the top. It kinda looked like a military camp to me, but also like a scouting camp. It was close to a very big lake, surrounded by a dense forest.
The big wooden doors opened, and a nice dressed gentleman was standing in the door opening. Also with suspenders, big beard, combed hair, tinted glasses, nice white dress shirt, a black Bolo tie, and a suit jacket.
I noticed some kind of dress code, but I thought that was to tell the staff members apart from the people. The man who greeted me was a very nice man, and super welcoming. Then we heard a gunshot in the distance, and I saw birds fly up from the treelines.
The man was obviously startled by the gunshot, and me and Emma looked at each other. The man said ''Its hunting season, we take the people outside hunting as one of the many outdoor activities we have around the camp'' in a laughing tone with a smile.
The man welcomed me in, and Emma was not allowed in since she wasn't part of the Pure Order program, so they politely asked her to leave. And the driver would take her back to the airport.
The man talked to me for a bit, while we walked to my bed where I could put my stuff and ''Make myself'' at home. I walked into one of those typical summer camp sleeping places, with two rows of bunk beds on each side of the walls, once again very military like.
The man noticed the look on my face and he told me not to worry, as we would only sleep here, and we would be doing activities all day.
Lastly he asked me if he could have my phone, so I'm not distracted by the outside world and we can focus on me getting better instead. I was hesitant at first, but the way he said it just made sense, and before I thought about it I handed over my phone.
Not that my phone had any signal anyway.
He asked that if I had any questions, I could always ask him. I was scared to ask questions but for some reason I just blurted out all the questions I had.
I asked about the barbed wire, why we are so far away from civilization, why I had to hand my phone over even though I didn't have any signal.
He politely told me that the barbed wire was because the wildlife would sometimes climb over the wooden walls. He told me we are so far away from civilization because they don't want anyone to get the urge to get distracted by day to day society, and fall back into our old habits.
I had to hand over my phone because I would be distracted by it, even though I didn't have any signal, they just wanted to be completely sure that I would get better.
That night we would gather around the campfire, the staff members were there, and the other people in the program. The staff introduced me, and I was kinda awkwardly sitting there, but the other people in the program were very inviting as well.
They told me about the program, they had big smiles on their faces and they looked genuinely happy. They showed interest in me, asking me where I came from, what my goal was, told me about their issues and how the program have really helped them so far.
I felt like I wasn't alone, and that I could actually be helped. Almost all my suspicion disappeared. The heat of the fire was getting a bit hot, so I took off my flannel, revealing some of my tattoos. People in the group were very interested in my tattoos.
I had a tribal tattoo that looked like waves, with a boat sailing on the waves. I said it was because one of my best friends was in the navy, and he sadly lost his life in was, and I had the tattoo out of respect for him.
One of the staff member showed me his tattoo. It was a tattoo on his forearm. It looked like a ''Phi'' symbol from the Greek alphabet, but instead of the circle, it was an eye. He said he got the tattoo when he ''Reached enlightenment''.
I didn't know what that meant, but you know, I don't judge, we all got our things, and I was just happy he ''reached his enlightenment''.
As I was getting ready for bed, one of the other people in the program came up to me and told me ''Welcome to the program, one piece of advice, make sure to smile.'' I thought he meant that we had to smile so we don't bring down the mood for the other people and we keep things positive.
So I brushed off what he said, and made sure to keep a positive mindset.
The next day we did all kinds of activities, we painted, we went fishing, we had a couple (Non alcoholic) drinks and it was a very good experience.
When I was getting another drink from the cooler, one of the staff members came up to me, saying that I had a very rough look, with the tattoos and I had a cut in my eyebrow from a bar fight when someone pulled out a knife and tried to cut my face.
I told him about the fight I've gotten in, and said that I could ''basically defend myself''. He said that if I'd like, I could sign up for a boxing match that would be happening that night. He said that they would have boxing matches, so the people could blow off some steam, and since I had a history of fighting he thought it would be something for me. I was actually very excited, so I decided to sign up.
That night I put on the boxing gloves and fought one of the other people in the program. It was a close match but I managed to win. He was laying on the ground, still consious. As I was celebrating they told me to ''End the fight''.
I had a very confused look on my face, the fight ended, he coulnd't fight anymore and I won. But every staff member kept chanting ''End the fight''. I realised I had to kill him. The man that welcomed me at the door, told everyone to be quiet and he told me ''End the fight, prove to yourself that you have what it takes to make a change. Otherwise you don't have what it takes, and we would be forced to take matters in our own hands.'' while putting one hand on a revolver. When I looked around, I saw the other people in the program just silently looking at me. Their eyes looked empty. All of them knew what had to be done, because they were once in my spot.
I realised that if I didn't kill the man in front of me, I would be the one that would not make it out of here. I looked at the mans face, he had this facial expression that begged me for mercy, but he also understood what had to be done. I shut off my mind, and my survival instinct just took over. I killed that man with my bare hands.
I came to the realisation that this wasn't a program to help people get better. This is a cult. And now that I killed that man, I had officially joined the cult.
I walked up to the man who greeted me at the gate the next day, as I got the impression that he was most likely the leader of the cult. I overheard some staff members drop the name ''Head of Order Edgar'', so as I walked towards him I said ''Edgar?'' and he looked up and asked what was wrong?
I tried to maintain calm but couldn't really contain myself and I asked ''What the fuck was that all about yesterday?'' in a very shaken voice. Edgar told me that I had to choose a new path in life, that I had to make a change in my life, and have the strength to make a life or death decision. As the was telling me these things, I noticed the ''Phi'' tattoo in Edgar's neck. The exact same one the other fella showed me before.
I looked at him with a scared but understanding face, while in my mind all I could think was ''These guys are absolutely nuts.'' I knew I had to escape somehow, even though it could be my death with all the wildlife out there, I had to at least try.
The next few days I went along with all their activities, while trying to figure out the patterns of the cult members. I managed to find an oppurtunity to escape. I noticed that every night, after all the program members would go to sleep, the cult members would gather around and they would have a few drinks.
I knew it was risky as it would be very easy to detect me if I were to sneak out, but I had to try.
So after a couple nights, I gathered the courage to sneak out. I slightly opened the door and I noticed the cult members gathered around the campfire. There were even more cult members then I thought, all dressed in the dress shirts, long beards, suspenders etcetera. I sneaked out of the cabin and the door cracked as I opened it.
The cult members heard the sound but brushed it off, but they did stay on their guard. I thought about sneaking back inside the cabin but I knew this had to be my moment, now I had the courage to make a move. I decided to keep going, and sneak towards a weaker spot in the wooden walls.
As I got closer to the wooden wall, a dog in a cage started barking at me. I panicked and kicked down the weak part of the wall and managed to get out of the walls. I felt so free, but I wasn't out there yet. I didn't have time to think and I heard the cult members scream and load weapons.
I didn't think about anything, I just started running, and I heard the screaming get further and further away. I just kept running, I had no idea what way I was running, where I was, it was pitch dark, I guess around 3 am. I heard bullets whizzing by my head, bullets hitting the trees, right next to me.
I zigzagged and all my legs could do was just run. I kept hearing the screaming in the distance, then it got closer and closer and I kept hearing bullet whizzing by. Then out of nowhere, I felt a sharp pain in my leg, I tried to get up but my leg felt heavy, I thought I was struck by as bullet, but my leg got caught in a bear trap. I tried to pry it open, I screamed from the pain, the screaming from the cult members got closer and closer. My heart was raising. And as I looked up I was looking directly into the face of a cult member, with his weapon leaning on his shoulder. He didn't look happy.
They dragged me through the woods, like I was some kind of animal. They said that they had a place for ''people like me''. They dragged me to a tiny shed deep into the woods. It had no windows, just some very small holes in the wood of the shed that let some light from the upcoming sun in.
They strapped me to a chair, and put tape over my mouth. I heard the sound of a shotgun getting cocked behind me. I felt a very cold metal rod getting pushed into the side of my head, the barrel of the shotgun. I was breathing very heavily, I couldn't scream. I felt one single tear roll down my face.
As I looked through one of the holes in the shed, I was looking at the sunrise. I heard a gunshot, and all my pain disappeared. All I could see was Edgar welcoming new people at the gate, as he smiled and said ''Aahhh, hunting season.''
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2023.05.30 23:19 SunsFenix Might be having to van dwell in a month, thoughts, preparations, and reflections with the intent to explore the Pacific Northwest.

Vehicle: Mazda Cx-5
Roommate hasn't been keeping up with his portion of the rent and I've kinda loaned him some money, but I don't think he's going to catch up with his portion and I'm going to leave before we get served an eviction.
I've kinda grown done with the city I'm in, and I'm looking to move somewhere else nationally, but I don't want to be in a rush to find something. I'm planning expenses, and without additional income, I got about enough money for maybe 10 months at most if I'm strict, but I think I'm going to try to settle by September or October, November at the latest. Insurance, car payment, gas, phone service, food, not sure what else.
I'm primarily looking at the Pacific Northwest, I'm in Cali now, but the furthest I've been north is Redding. I do have a passport, so Southwest Canada is also an option to visit. I am looking for communities that I might like.
I got a lot of camping gear already: camp stove, propane tank, tent if I want to camp outside at a campsite, camp chair, kayak(though I'd like to bring it I might just sell so I'm far less obtrusive), sleeping bags, blankets, I'll probably cut up my mattress to fit in the SUV(memory foam), 10k power bank. I know I need at least a small shovel, probably bear mace, and a replacement for my headlamp that seems to be going out or done. Rear passenger and trunk windows are tinted, so I'm thinking something just to block the view from the front, curtain, or such. I'll probably change the oil and get a tuneup. I got most of my life settled down to about two large boxes, a backpack, a duffle bag of clothes, and a toolbox.
In regards to income, I do mostly clerical/data base work. I don't have a laptop at the moment, but that is kind of a decent initial cost that could provide a source of income while I'm living this way. I also have a certificate in cybersecurity, but I wasn't really feeling that field at the time. I guess I could use my time off to get the certifications. CCNA, and such. I can do some physical labor, but I'm not inclined to hard labor.
I've also been homeless before, so I'm used to roughing it with less, just a motorcycle, tent, and bags.
I'd appreciate any thoughts, comments, or criticisms.
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2023.05.30 23:19 Present-Second-6844 Mauser interchangeability

I'm not sure how to quite word this.... but how many oarts from a mauser type can he used on another? Like I had a yugo M24/47, and then bought a persian m49. I believe they were both Czech or based off Czech patterns right? How many parts across Czech styles could be used in another? I'm not swapping anything, just an "If SHTF", and I had to find parts in the wild kind of thought.
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2023.05.30 23:19 wraithsith My hot take on the move change additions ( I’ll probably deal with the move tweaks & additions later)

The fairy change additions are very interesting- they added tweaks to the 2nd bulkiest great league fairy ( Togetic), the 6th bulkiest ( Wigglytuff), the tenth bulkiest ( clefable), the 14th ( whimsicott), & 21st ( Primarina)- all of which have changes big enough for its whole thread- but I don’t think we’ve had such a big change since the release of fairy wind- making this in my memory the third biggest change to fairies ever.
Aloloan Sandslash will now have some more interesting coverage- and could perhaps be an anti-meta pick in ultra league with its very interesting movesets. Though it’s new wins seem very minor- just Cofagrigus, Empoleon, Scizor, & Tapu Fini in 0:0 ; Empoleon, Jellicent & Scizor in 1:1 ( with a loss to greedent), & Aurorus, Jellicent & Walrein in 2:2.
I cant really discuss quagsire or Whimsicott until a PvPoke update.
Probopass looks kind of spicy now. Zap cannon would make it beat bastiodon in all shielding scenarios- which is something I doubt a lot of other rock types could say about themselves. Plus additional wins against Sableye in 0:0; & Cresselia, Jellicent & Umbreon in 1:1.
Cradily: It’s new Rock slide is actually a negative in ultra league- I am now lamenting it didn’t get meteor beam- which would have made it better period but at least in great league it has:
0:0- new win against Trevenant & lickitung with new losses against Drapion & ninetales.
1:1- new wins against altaria, Shadow charizard, Cresselia, Noctowl, Sableye & Umbreon with a new loss against Drapion.
2:2: New wins against Altaria, A-marowak, Noctowl & Walrein with a new loss against Lickitung.
Mystical fire Drifblim is a little interesting with new wins against Registeel, Skarmory, G-fisk, & Scizor; of course it comes with trade offs, but new picks against steel types are at least interesting.
Ugh why did they have to give earth power to heatran? It would have been so much more interesting if given crunch.
Acrobatics looks very exciting on Emolga. New wins:
0:0: Deoxys Defense, A-wak, Obstagoon, Shadow Swampert
1:1: Cresselia, Deoxys, Lickitung, Medicham, Shadow a-tales & Shadow swampert.
2:2: Drapion, Froslass, Jellicent, Medicham, Sableye, Scrafty, Shadow Swampert, Venusaur & Vigoroth!
I think Emolga will now be preferred over Zapdos as the flying-electric of great league!
I can’t say that mystical fire would be that interesting in little cup- a lot of new losses to counter new gains- so it’s going to be a mixed bag.
I can’t really say anything positive about the addition of Disarming voice to Primarina.
That’s it! Hope you learned something!
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2023.05.30 23:19 Username2358 Should we divorce and start over? (part 1)

I'm a little scared to post here, but I need all the advice I can get. This will be a long post.
My husband (27M) and I (25F) have will be married for 2 years in a few months. We have a 2 year old daughter.
We were forced to get married from my side of the family due to being pregnant and their reasons were: it's to protect you and the baby. His family keeps "joking" about not wanting me to be in the family, or at least not married to him or gotten pregnant. (I get told I need to take a joke and be less sensitive - been hearing it for the past 4 years)
We were happy, we wanted to get married, just not so soon. We did plan to get a baby, just not so soon. You will see I did post on my wall of how I was told we can't get pregnant and then we got our little miracle baby.
If I knew this is how he was going to be before marriage and children, I would not have been here. Don't get me wrong, he is a great guy, with a lot of potential, but I did not sign up to raise two children.
I had my last mental breakdown the other night I told him I can't do this anymore, and that I am serious. This is not a joke like he always claims everything to be. He finally got the biggest fright of his life.
The reasons why: He didn't cheat, but he did talk to woman behind my back and made plans with them while I was in hospital with our sick child, eventually saw the issue and came home and told me that I should be thankful he came home to me "at least". (he was drunk and didn't see any problem with that)
I can't remember the last time we ever had a decent, adult, serious conversation about anything regarding serious matters (besides the other night when he realized I am ready to get divorced because I am so unhappy).
Whenever I do try to talk about a serious matter, he instantly gets offended, irritated and closed off. Talks in circles and brings up more problems instead of resolving the one that conversation was about, or his responses are: "take a joke", "you being too sensitive", "it's not important".
When he wants to go out for the day or the night, I am always excited for him, because I get a night by myself with my beautiful baby. When I want to go out, he would complain that he needs to sit with our baby by himself and what is he supposed to do the entire time and he can't go anywhere if I take the car. He would say that I can't expect him to just sit at home while I go out and have fun. Mind you this only happens once in a blue moon because I just want to avoid fighting for me-time. He loves our daughter and has his days where he is the best dad ever, either after an argument about it or when he messed up previously and trying to make up for it.
He loves playing tit-for-tat. I don't even need to explain this any more than just that statement. It says it all if you have been through it.
This can go on for much longer, but I'll stop it there.
My flaws? I point out the flaws, because I want to work on them, together. Find ways to help us both and for both of us to understand each other. But he makes it impossible for me. There might be more, yes, but honestly, I've been through many more relationships than he has, I've learned what to do and what not to do and what I do want in a relationship. He claims that I am his first real relationship. I don't want to be his learning curve. I've been through it way too many times in the past.
My parents gave me this advice: get divorced and start over. Give it a year gap, date in between. Start fresh and give each other space. See if we are truly meant for each other.
I need help. 😣
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2023.05.30 23:18 quackquackx Neutering - Crusting?

I got my 7 month old/12 lbpomsky puppy neutered two weeks and one day ago. He seems to be healing just fine, and now we are at the two week mark. He has some crusting near the incision site ( and when I sent a picture to the vet, they said just to wait for it to fall off. Not that I don't believe them, but it's been two weeks and I've taken the onesie off (the cone/donut was a non-starter). Has anyone had experience with crusting like this post-neutering and how long will it take to fall off? Because to me, it looks pretty caked on - lol. Thanks so much in advance!
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2023.05.30 23:18 Online_Discovery When a hypothetical question involves you losing time off your life, how do you imagine it?

Example: "You gain the ability to go invisible but lose 1 day off your life every time you use it". If you use this power, what do you imagine it means by losing that time?
View Poll
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2023.05.30 23:18 Negative-Tangerine Emotion control or clear headed perk

I am sure I recently saw a perk that ensured that no matter how emotional or such you get you can maintain a clear head and think without losing control.
I want to use this type of perk with the peter pan emotion perky hatmake. You feel a single emotion with all you being at will, I figure that this would be a huge advantage to use with the DC Power Rings, even when collecting them as if someone does and the ring looks for someone I figure that feeling the appropriate emotion with you entire being would make you a shoe in for it if your close enough.
I figure this would also work with the power right from with the ring jump that let you merge other ones to form a white ring with your single purchase as you get them and would save you from constantly buying the next color.
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