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2023.03.20 22:27 Jimmi_Churri Need some questline advice

So I'm on my NG+ run and I wanted to do 2 things on this journey. A) Ignore Gideon as long as possible without screwing up other quests, to see if that changes his boss fight at all. B) [semi-irrelevant] See if I can get the mending rune of death and Dung Eater's puppet ashes in the same run.
I gave DE all 5 seedbed curses (I saved Boggart too) and got the rune, but he's dead so I couldn't give him Seluvis's potion. Scratching that part of the goal I decided I may as well get Nepheli's puppet ashes instead of wasting Seluvis's quest on this run.
Of course, I have to talk to Gideon to get Nepheli to show up at the hold. I waited until killing Fire Giant before speaking to Gideon, and I've only gone through his intro. I haven't rested at the forge site of grace, yet.
Nepheli won't show up at the village or the hold and is no longer at Stormveil. Even after I spoke to her at Stormveil, killed the Omenkiller at the Albinauric village and have rested at Godrick's grace, secluded cell and Albinauric village multiple times.
I'm starting to think I waited too long for Nepheli's quest and somehow bugged it. But before I truly seal the deal I wanted to contact the hivemind and see if anyone else has experienced something similar, or knows of a sure way to get her to pop up at the hold.
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2023.03.20 22:24 Defusion55 Hot Take Beta Feedback: Remove Uniques, bring back rune words and solve trading, smart loot, and make all drops worthy again!

"But uniques weren't even in the beta!"
True! Hence the hot take!
D4 strayed a bit too far from D2 in my humble opinion. Instanced loot is an okay evolution but smart loot not so much and there is a much better compromise for limited trading that gives the best of D3 and D2 in a smart way.
"Remove" uniques. I say "Remove" because what I actually mean is just turn them all into runewords.
Bring back ~60 runes and categorize them in multiple tiers of rarity. For example Tier 1 has 15 runes with a 25% drop chance, tier 2 has 15 runes with a 10% drop chance, .... tier 5 has 15 runes with a 0.05% drop chance. Allow players to freely trade runes 1 for 1 within the same tier level. You have to find one to trade one! Found the wrong uber rare rune? that is okay trade it for the right one.
Make White items great again! Bring back an assortment of interesting white item bases with sockets. these are what you will hunt to create your runewords ("Uniques"). Now you can actually target farm specific uniques by huntingg specific runes and trading them without compromising the rarity of said item as that will we be determined by the rarity of runes needed for the recipe.
Now we have interesting white items, trading without compromising gameplay, and targetable item farming independent of the class you play.

TLDR: Turn uniques into runewards and bring back interesting white item bases with sockets. Group runes into Tiers based on their drop chance and allow players to trade them 1 for 1 within the same tier. Now you can target farm class specific runewords/uniques independent of what class you play while being able to trade without compromising gameplay or enabling bots or RMT.
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2023.03.20 22:23 renuebyscience_mod1 Unlocking the Fountain of Youth: Dietary Supplement Reverses Aging by Countering Menin Loss

The hypothalamus is a small gland in the brain that plays a significant role in regulating many physiological processes, including aging. A new study shows that a dietary amino acid supplement called l-serine can reverse aging by countering a decline in hypothalamic menin.

Menin is a protein in the hypothalamus that inhibits neuroinflammation, reductions in bone loss and skin thickness. Scientists found that increasing levels of menin in older mice improved skin thickness, bone mass, as well as increasing learning, cognition, and balance.

"We speculate that the decline of Menin expression in the hypothalamus with age may be one of the driving factors of aging, and Menin may be the key protein connecting the genetic, inflammatory, and metabolic factors of aging. D-serine is a potentially promising therapeutic for cognitive decline."

D-serine can be made in the body from L-serine supplements. Read the full article at the link below.
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2023.03.20 22:14 Bluing_it Kronos Plant op

Kronos Plant op
Planted dwarf seed at 20:55, went to gear for hespori,disconnected on mobile pass by plant at 21:01 and it was ready to Harvest
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2023.03.20 22:13 NotInherentAfterAll Best Pen for Acrylic Ink?

I hope this is the right place to ask for this.
What are y'all's suggestions for pens to use with acrylic inks? I love them because they're opaque and have an even shimmer distribution, but I hate constantly redipping while I'm focusing on something. Are there any "fountain" style pens that work well with acrylic inks like FW or PH Martin's Iridescent? I've heard some use Parallel Pens and Isographs, but others say those will clog. If not, are there any dip nibs that hold more ink than a single letter's worth? Currently I use Speedball nibs, but they only hold enough ink for a letter or two, which means a lot of hassle stirring bottles and avoiding getting ink on the nib holdemy fingers.
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2023.03.20 22:12 DaddySanctus An aging gamers perspective of Diablo 4

An aging gamers perspective of Diablo 4
I first started playing Diablo in 2000, when Diablo 2 was first released. I didn't have the pleasure of being introduced to the game before that. I am someone who enjoyed both D2 and D3. Each game had it's pros and cons, but what they both did they did pretty well.
Playing the Beta this weekend was my first hands on experience with Diablo 4, and I was excited to try it to say the least.
Here are some of my experiences / thoughts on the game.

\* Good / Positives*\**

Atmosphere / Art:
I was concerned about the darker atmosphere at first when watching early footage of the game, but it actually felt really nice and looked great. I enjoyed the darker theme and thought the maps were very cool looking with the various details. It really sucks you into the game and makes you feel like you're in this hellhole of Sanctuary.
The combat feels great, plain and simple. The skills both looked cool and felt good to use. I tried out a variety of skills amongst all 3 classes, and while some certainly felt stronger than others, I enjoyed them all none the less. Skills like the Rogue Puncture Shot w/ Shadow Imbue, or the Sorceress Frost Nova + Ice Shards, the Barbs Upheaval. The pacing of combat felt good too, it wasn't too fast or too slow. Sometimes getting nice procs with your skills would wipe a large pack quickly which was satisfying, but other times you struggled against certain bosses or Elites, or groups of Elites.
The stroyline so far and the voice acting and cutscenes that went with it, kept me hungering for more. I really enjoyed all the voice acting so far that we've seen and the few cutscenes we had. I listened to every bit of dialogue I could, and the world of Sanctuary felt alive with misery.
Primary Stats / Affixes:
I like that the Primary stats Strength / Intelligence / Dexterity / Willpower changed slightly based on the class you picked. For example, playing as a Sorceress, the Intelligence stat would increase my Skill Damage and Resistances. However, if I was playing as a Rogue, my Intelligence would increase my Crit Chance and Resistances, while Dexterity increased Skill Damage and Dodge Chance. The Affixes on items felt much more simplified than D3, there were far less stats that could roll which I have mixed feelings on. While I do feel D3 had some bloated stats like extra damage to Elites & Life Regen Per Second, I am slightly concerned they went too far in the simplification of Affixes.
Random Events / Zone Events:
I really enjoyed the random events that were around the map, there was a decent enough variety of them and I'm sure more will be added in the future. I only had the chance to complete the "Gathering the Legion" event once, but that was by far my favorite.
Boss Fights / World Boss:
I liked both the World Boss and the Boss Fights. The various mechanics the bosses had was appealing, and I could see them introducing harder and more complicated bosses in the future with more Lost Ark style mechanics. I think the bosses in Lost Ark were pretty cool. Some were overly complicated, which I don't think Diablo would get to that point, but having some complexity & mechanics in the fights wouldn't be a bad thing.
Potion System:
Plain and simple I like the potion system of D4. It didn't feel like I was having to constantly search for / collect / craft potions like I did in D2, but it also didn't feel like somewhat of an afterthought like it does in D3. It was a nice balance between the two and I appreciated being able to spam heals, while also needing to keep an eye on the number of potions I had available.
Rare Items:
One of the best changes I've seen is the fact that Rare items can give +Skills now. That (I hope) will be a big game changer down the road allowing for some really powerful or custom builds, and also giving people a reason to pay attention to what they're collecting and salvaging. It also makes the trading aspect more interesting as well.
Character Panel
I actually really liked how the Character Panel turned out in the game. I think it was clean and easy to navigate and the Character themselves looked great in the preview. I would have preferred to see the Stats and Materials tabs flipped though, with Stats being the first / primary thing that you saw instead of the Materials.
Various UIs
I thought a majority of the UI's in the game looked good, and matched well with the Diablo theme. I didn't find things hard to navigate and it felt pretty intuitive where to go to find what I needed.


Quest Journal

Sidequest Journal

Codex of Power


Region Progress

Social Tab

Skill Tree

**Issues / Complaints\\**

Invisible Walls
Playing the Rogue as a ranged build felt rough at times, as your Arrows would get stuck on various invisible barriers fairly frequently. There were also some issues leaving / entering Kyovashad at times, which I think are just bugs that will get worked out.

Arrows colliding with invisible wall
In-Game Fonts
The Ariel style text for in-game drops and dialogue / audio logs felt off. It didn't seem to really match the theme of the game.

Example of Text

Example of Text
There were various fonts that were used in the game, and some others such as the Quest Title Font would have made a better match for in-game drops & dialogue.

Quest Name Font - Much more Diablo themed

Font when viewing gear didn't seem as out of place. Was easy to read (I could have made it a smaller font too)
Skill Tree:
I had some concerns that the skill tree may be lacking for building truly customized characters at end-game. As I progressed and unlocked more Aspects, I was able to play around with my build and try new things. I would, however, like to see maybe 1-2 more of the secondary choices after choosing a main Basic / Core etc skill, similar to the Rune's of D3. Again, this is something that could work itself out in the long run with discovering more aspects and tailoring our builds more.
While I liked the dungeons, I would have really liked to see more random events in those dungeons. Maybe rare elites that spawned in similar to The Butcher, or zone events within the dungeons to add some variety. The layouts of the dungeons themselves felt slightly too streamlined. I would like to see more open areas and not so many connecting corridors.

Example of Dungeon Layout
Dungeon Complete / Event UI:
When completing dungeons and events, the banners at the top of the screen could be scaled down. They take up quite a bit of space along the top of the screen. The audio books also take up a large portion of the screen with text at the bottom of the screen and could be scaled down a bit.
Ultimate Skill Slot:
Can we get a dedicated key or slot for Ultimate Skills? Please? Especially with the +skills from Rares, it's easy to have way more than 6 skills available at a time. With such a long cooldown, having the Ultimate on it's own skill slot would be a nice QoL improvement.
Gem Tab:
We are once again asking for a gem tab. There's clearly enough UI space in the inventory for one, and it would free up quite a few slots when running dungeons and questing.
Zoom / Camera Perspective:
I think the camera zoom could be bumped out slightly. Maybe just a smidge, like 10% even.

Normal Camera Zoom

Normal Camera Zoom

Zoomed Out
I would like to see a balance of these two zooms, somewhere in the middle of the two. Giving us just slightly more area to see while running dungeons and exploring the world.

\*Final Thoughts*\**
I had a ton of fun this beta. While I think there are definitely areas of improvement needed with the game, I feel the game will be successful and be a ton of fun to play. While some may not like the MMO aspects of the game, I know it opens the door for a much larger variety of content that what Diablo has ever had before. I am eagerly waiting for June to arrive so we can finally delve deep into Sanctuary.
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2023.03.20 22:08 Foggygal5427 How do I start to unpack the shame from wishing for my abuse?

In therapy and groups like this, we always talk about how the abuse wasn’t our fault, but I struggle with feeling a lot of shame, like I’m the exception to this. I’ve been too ashamed even to mention in therapy some of my experiences. My father groomed me from a young age, and I remember throwing a coin in a wishing fountain and wishing to be molested at around 9 years old. The first time my father touched me inappropriately shortly after that, I remember being happy, thinking “I got my wish!” I’d put myself in situations where I’d be abused because I liked how it felt, and I’d look forward to certain acts. I still think about my abuse when I’m with my current partner, and I can’t get rid of the shame or figure out how to talk about this in therapy without fear of being judged.
I know I’m not alone in finding pleasure in the abuse thanks to lurking on this sub, but I do feel alone in wishing for it to happen. I disclosed this on a message board years ago, and someone said it sounded like both my father and I had a lot of problems before the abuse even started. It all makes me feel so disgusted and ashamed. Does anyone else have a similar experience? How do you start talking about this in therapy when there’s so much shame?
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2023.03.20 22:00 srhola2103 Dwarven stubbornness at it again

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2023.03.20 21:57 YoProfWhite Hot take: Using a soreseal, scarseal, or heirloom talisman (or similar) invalidates RL 1 runs.

Going to get chewed out for this but that's okay.
The whole point of a minimum level run is to beat the game at the minimum stats. If we can use items that allow us to reach into the 20's (or higher with the physick flask) and use a wide variety of equipment/spells, then by definition we aren't using the minimum stats anymore.
That's essentially the same as leveling to rune level 20-30 but keeping our vigor extremely low.
Buffs are fine, but using items that allow us the same benefits of leveling is against the spirit of a RL 1 challenge.
I understand that Elden Ring is a different beast than other Souls games, and there are many items that give level bumps, but there should be an different category/title for runs that use phantom levels.
This isn't meant as a "you aren't a REAL Elden Ring champion" post, but more of a "isn't it weird we're calling a pizza a vegetable" point of discussion.
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2023.03.20 21:55 Low_Cranberry_4024 How do vampires work in your system?


This is a continuation of what I was exploring in my recent post on Skeletons Where I outlined the process in detail of how to create a specific undead creature.

I have decided that from now on in preparation for a Web novel I will be publishing called Excepts from the Necronomicon that I will be posting how to make a specific undead every week on Mondays, the next undead I will be showcasing how to create a necrotic sludge after this post on vampires.

Ranks of vampires (Their wasn't a good place to put this)

Arch Duke

How to create a vampire as a necromancer.

There are three main types of vampires you can create as a necromancer these are Typical Vampires, Fey Vampires, and Shadow Vampires.

Preparation (All Vampire types)

Selection - When creating a vampire one needs to be conscious of who they chose to make a vampire more than any other undead. While you can turn anyone into a vampire an ideal subject would be:

1) Pure - that being they have never had sex, nor killed anyone. Ideally, this would be someone who was pampered in their childhood and who has never committed any major or even minor crime that they would feel guilty about.

2) Young - Between the ages of 18 - 25 someone in the prime of their lives.

3) They must have a high natural affinity for death magic and if they don't you may need to artificially enhance their affinity.

4) Their Personality must be introverted and caring.

5) They must be alive before the ritual takes place. While you can turn someone who is freshly dead or someone who was even a corpse for decades into a vampire the results will be lackluster, to say the least.

6) the creature must be a humanoid ideally a pure human or elf.

Draining - This is the process of removing as much of the blood from the victim as possible so that the spell can work properly. One must make sure that their victim those not die during this process and while there are many ways to accomplish the simplest is to use either the Tier 2 necromancy spell False Life or the other tier 2 necromancy spell Stabilize.

Please bear in mind that both of those spells are temporary meaning that the next steps must be performed as quickly as possible.

If you would like to create a Fay vampire this process could easily take weeks as one needs to procure at least 15 liters of blood from the victim to be used during the ritual of raising them into a vampire.

Filling - During this process you will now fill the victim in question with 1 liter of Purified vampire Blood (Blood purification and embalming as it relates to necromantic pursuits will be covered later on when we get to the chapter on blood elementals) And three liters of normal human blood.
The higher rank of vampire blood you use for this part of your preparation the better the resulting vampire servant will be but the rank of the vampire created will not change.

Casting (All Vampire types)

The casting section when creating vampires is the most simple. Once all the preparation is complete simply use the Tier 3 spell Awaken Undead or the tier 2 spell Raise Vampire. (the specifics of this spell were mentioned in the skeleton section)

Preparation (Fay Vampire)

If you would like to form a Fey vampire a lot of extra requirements are needed in addition to what was mentioned above.

Setting up a cauldron - To create a fey vampire one must set up a special cauldron that will serve a similar to phylactery used by a lich. The best materials one can use to make this cauldron in ascending order of how good they are are; Iron, Silver, Holy steel, Fey metal, Ruby crystal, and Enchanted living stone.

Getting a Sacrifice - One must get an object from the victim that they held dear to their hearts before the process of becoming a vampire started.

When conducting the filling ritual one must use fey vampire blood rather than normal vampire blood. (Fey vampires only naturally exist in the fey Realm)

Casting (Fey Vampire)

Before one uses the Awaken Undead Or Raise Vampire on their victim the following steps must be conducted ideally with the help of a graveyard or tier 3 Alter.

1) The ritual of sacrifice must be undergone using the object you gained during the preparation phase as the sacrifice within the cauldron will be binding you, fey vampire, too.

2) The 200 hundred Rune Teir 3 Enchantment Binding of the fey must be placed around your Coldren using all the necessary materials except you will be mixing the normal regents with ten liters of blood from your victim instead of the water you would normally use.

3) A soul-binding ritual must be conducted between your victim and the cauldron. the cauldron will also be filled with five liters of your victim's blood at this stage.

4) An interdimensional binding ritual must be conducted between your cauldron and the fey realm. Keep in mind that this is a tier 5 ritual unfit for a novice or even intermediate ritualist so as a necromancer you may need to call in the assistance of someone else to perform this ritual for you.

5) After all this has finally been completed you can cast awaken undead unto your victim and assuming you had done everything up to this point correctly you should have your very own fey vampire bounded to do your bidding.

Preparation (Shadow Vampire)

Shade - Create a shade using the shadow of your victim while they are still alive turning them into an unshadowed. (The process of creating shades will be delved into at a later time)

Torture - Either acquire or obtain an item that your victim has severe negative emotions towards the stronger the negative emotions the stronger the connection the item will have with the shadow realm.
Again similar to a fey vampire when conducting the filling stage for a shadow vampire you must use shadow vampire blood rather than normal vampire blood. (Shadow vampires only naturally exist in the shadow realm)

Casting (Shadow vampire)

Two Soul binding rituals must be conducted. One with the object the victim has intense negative emotions towards and two with the shade you created out of their own shadow.

A ritual of interdimensional binding must be conducted between the object the victim has intense negative emotions towards and the shadow realm.

After all, this has finally been completed you can cast awaken undead unto your victim, and assuming you had done everything up to this point correctly you should have your very own shadow vampire bound to do your bidding.

Evolving (Typical Vampire)

Once you have created your vampire and have cast the necessary buffing spells you would like onto them the next step is to upgrade your vampire using specific rituals. while all the rituals are outlined further in this book I will be using three as examples to show what these rituals will look like.

Ritual to become a Lord from a servant

1) Create a Teir 1 Blood Alter, then place two stone pillars with golden tips around them.

2) You will need to place ten drops of Vampire lord blood on the top of the altar while burning Mint, dried dark fruit, and ginger. Make sure this ritual is conducted at midnight during a full moon.

3) Finally you need the vampire who originally turned you to bite you on the neck again or you need a necromancer to cast the Tier 3 spell Promote Undead on you

Ritual to become a Baron from a knight

Pre-Requirements: The recognition of a Vampire duke or higher, at least ten vampire servants under your command that you yourself raised, A tier 1 household (If you are a servant of a necromancer then their graveyard will count as your household), to have eaten at least fifty whole humans.

1) The vampire in question must go to an Incense Altar (or normal alter but it will require a 4x power rating on a normal alter to complete the ritual) with a power rating of at least 50 and undergo the blood enhancement ritual with the help of their household.

2) Afterwards Go to a tier 3 blood alter (How to upgrade a blood alter will be gone through the section on blood magic as it is a core pillar of necromancy along with minion creation) with at least 25 Blank Glyphstones and 6 iron pillars with ruby tips surrounding them, then cut your hand with a sacrificial knife of your choosing over the alter.

3) Mix in along with your own blood. at least 30 drops of purified vampire baron blood, 10 Drops of enhanced human blood (each drop must come from a different person), 5 grams of arcane ash, and 10 grams of powdered soul essence.

4) After ten minutes of letting your mixture fuse together within the alter use it on Tier 2 Blank Slate to place the tier 3 enchantment Self Perfection on the tablet.

5) Once you are done with that and you are sure your enchantment works, Use an apprentice blood orb with at least 10 liters of blood stored within it to cast the enchantment you just placed on the Tier 2 Blank Slate, onto yourself.

6) Finally you have the vampire that turned you into a vampire bite your neck or have a necromancer use the Tier 5 Necromancer spell Advanced Undead Promotion on you.

Evolving(Fey vampire)

The Process of Evolving into a fay vampire is extremely simple. All one must do is eat a vampire whole who is of the rank ahead of them then have a necromancer cast the spell Promote Undead on them at the appropriate rank.
Say you are a fey vampire servant all you need to do to become a lord is to eat a vampire lord's entire body of any type (that can be fay, shadow, or typical) then have a necromancer cast promote undead on you at any time afterward. (There is no deadline for this)

Evolving (Shadow Vampire)

To Evolve a shadow vampire from a servant to a lord they must consume 1000 Shades (the process of creating shades will be listed in a future chapter) then have a necromancer Cast the spell Promote Undead on them which is at the appropriate rank.
To go from Lord to Knight that 2000 and to go from Knight to Baron is three thousand.

This may sound simple at first but if you want to fully advance a Shadow vampire to its maximum potential it means that you will need to create 45000 Shades from 45000 Corpses. That is no easy feat no matter the necromancer. Also, consider that the quality of the shades, fed to the vampire determines how much strength it has meant you can not simply give your undead low-quality food.

General Abilities of Vampires

Costs and benefits of each type of Vampire

Typical Vampires

They are the easiest to initially create but the hardest to evolve due to the complex rituals and understanding of blood magic required. As a matter, of fact having a powerful vampire as a servant is as much of a status symbol for blood mages as a powerful death knight or Undead familiar is for a normal necromancer.

Typical vampires have the highest physical might of the vampires by far. they also have a natural affinity towards learning necromancy and especially blood magic.

Typical vampires gain the ability to transform into true vampires when they become vampire knights, turning them into hideous monsters with 5 times the physical strength for a short period of time.

When they become Vampire Dukes they gain a special ability that only they and their household members can use eg. Gravity manipulation.

Typical vampires have the ability to form blood weapons by killing fellow vampires that only they can use.

Shadow vampires

They are the only type of vampire that can actually die if they stay in the sun for too long too many days in a row.

They have the ability to manipulate their own shadow which gets stronger as they increase in rank. They can solidify shadows, use shadows to enhance their strength, store things in shadows, teleport through shadows, make minions out of shadows and so much more.

They have an enhanced weakness against Holy magic but they are masters and stealth and scouting becoming far stronger at night.

If the item that connects them to the shadow realm is destroyed they will instantly disappear.

Fey Vampires

These vampires have a natural affinity towards nature and are masters of illusion, witchcraft, and charm.

They are the weakest physically and the hardest to initially create but are the easiest to evolve into their strongest form that being an origin Fey vampire. Due to this most accomplished necromancers will have at least one fey vampire under their service.

Fey vampires can survive on blood alone and can use it to rapidly heal themselves, they also grow stronger after drinking the blood of a strong individual.

Fey vampires can consume blood from their cauldron regardless of distance and any blood that is within their cauldron will never spoil.

The cauldron of a fey vampire acts similarly to a phylactery of a lich if the vampire is to the parish as long as there is enough blood stored in the cauldron they can rebuild their bodies within it after a ten-day waiting period.

Fey vampires have incredible control over their own blood being able to change the density, of red and white blood cells within it, and even the temperature.

They can also shoot blood out of their bodies controlling it with their minds, High ranked fey vampires can even cause their blood to become corrosive, poisonous, or explode on impact with something.

How are vampires naturally formed?

Vampires are formed naturally when a living person is surrounded by thousands of dead creatures for a long period of time. the specifics of vampire society how they breed and how they live their lives are beyond the scope of this book which is meant to as a training manual for necromancers.
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2023.03.20 21:54 jello_boy2000 Did I accidentally cut out the entire volcano manor quest line?

Please help. Ok so first time player here, found Raya in Altus plateau, she teleported me to volcano manor, super cool stuff I’ve heard about this place and how it’s vital and there’s cool quest lines. Talked to lady tanith, got a drawing room key and was first thinking I wanted to explore this place before I started any quests. Player messages led me to a hidden hallway behind the walls, one thing led to another and I killed a bunch of bosses, godskin Noble, magma wyrm, and rykard, who surprisingly dropped a great rune (first one since godrick). He was terrifying and was the second most hard and fun and satisfying boss I’ve fought so far (first is two crucible knights outside the capitol). Realized tanith might have something to say about me killing the monster she had imprisoned underneath but turns out he’s the master! Now she’s shook, she’s telling me she’s about to leave and we may or may not meet again but it’s only the second time I’ve spoken to her. Haven’t even opened the drawing room. What should I do next? How should I have approached all this so I don’t screw up a future playthrough?
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2023.03.20 21:54 whatorbdi North Tower Defense General guide

This is a general guide for pvp and pve and some other information I've found useful for North Tower Defense.
I have not seen many posts or guides going over formation. & while most formations are okay. I've noticed a clear difference in performance when Strategically placing the towers with the highest hp and stars as well as most defensive equipment on the most outside positions.
For me those are the engineer tower for all the support spots. For the other spots I use my few very high * blue rifle tower and w/e all my ice mage are highest * outside and lower * inside where they are protected longer.
For pve behemoth is obviously extremely powerful, to help remain in the fight after a strong active requires the highest revive you can roll on every tower and invincible 14 seconds or less. & for the offensive units besides those, I go with max damage.
Tier list is just the current general approach.
For the single target damage (Ice mage, etc) :
Unless tons of legendary advancement points.
-Ice Mage > legendary mage > rifle infantry > axe thrower > crossbow > archery
For the multi target damage (heavy Canon, etc) :
-For pve: heavy canon > tornado > arrow barrage > rest (I'd keep some tornado for CC at minimum)
-For pvp: tornado > heavy Canon > arrow barrage > rest
For support towers (Engineer, hoplites, etc)
Honestly this one is most situational and most builds will be effective. Since blue has only one good support tower it's main focus of blue advances.
Purple: it's either hoplites or flying units. Both can be very effective. In pvp vs very strong behemoths, flying unit is better. Hoplites also are good as they will do tons of damage.
Griffins are the best once you have ranked up and advanced their towers a bit. They start beating the other two quite a bit lower in tier and advancement. I focus orange runes on griffin personally as it seems to be the biggest difference of purple vs legendary strength. Since ice mage are so good I'd rather focus purple on ice mage and orange on griffin while blue focuses on engineer.
With following these guidelines, my ice mage (using 18 of those) and my griffin and my engineer are maxed advanced for their level at all times. Griffin is not quite same scenario.
At 220k power, I very consistently beat 500k++ power opponents because of set up. Will post Screenshot in comments.
Hope this helped someone. Thanks for reading
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2023.03.20 21:54 VerbalAcrobatics Here's my rankings for the Hugo Award winning novel's I've read so far.

What do you think of my rankings?


The Demolished Man
Stranger in a Strange Land
Lord of Light
The Gods Themselves
Rendezvous with Rama
The Forever War
The Fountains of Paradise
Ender's Game
The Diamond Age
To Say Nothing of the Dog
Blackout/All Clear


Double Star
Starship Troopers
A Canticle for Leibowitz
Way Station
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
The Left Hand of Darkness
To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
Startide Rising
Speaker for the Dead
The Uplift War
Doomsday Book
A Fire Upon the Deep
Green Mars
The Mule
A Deepness in the Sky
Farmer in the Sky
Fahrenheit 451
Rainbow's End
The Yiddish Policeman's Union
The Graveyard Book
The City & the City
The Windup Girl
The Sword in the Stone


A Case of Conscience
This Immortal
The Dispossessed
Foundation's Edge
Blue Mars
American Gods
Among Others
Ancillary Justice
The Fifth Season
The Stone Sky
Conjure Wife
The Nemesis from Terra


The Big Time
The Man in the Hight Castle
The Snow Queen
Downbelow Station
Forever Peace
Paladin of Souls
The Obelisk Gate
Beyond This Horizon
The Calculating Stars


They'd Rather Be Right
The Wanderer
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2023.03.20 21:53 tksfmla Cross it off the list

Cross it off the list submitted by tksfmla to Diablo_2_Resurrected [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:47 tiniestmemphis I would like to finally share my shrine and altar with everyone here

I would like to finally share my shrine and altar with everyone here
I worship and have been devoted to Inanna for several years now. But I am currently living with my elderly grandmother to help take care of her and save money for my own home. So my ability to worship and construct my shrine how I want is limited. Both in space and religious freedom.
However this is how it's set up right now and I am very proud and would like to share this space with the folks here who would appreciate it.
My center icon is obviously Inanna/Ishtar, I have used my Rod & Ring book as the dias so that she remains taller than my votive statue.
The white votive statue I found at an antique store and fell in love with it. While I know it is not traditional for my stand in, the fact that she is holding a "ring" is what holds my affection for it.
I was gifted this sodalite candle holder (the gift giver didn't know it was not lapis), and a candle with a scent I associate with Mesopotamia.
I have two offerings of real lapis on each side of Inanna so that she is always adorned. One is a bracelet I purchased for her and one is a lapis sphere I was gifted by my partner.
The pinnacle of my shrine, as far as devotional pieces go, is my water fountain. This was gifted to me and was originally all grey. I hand painted it look like the Ishtar Gate. I bought small lapis stones to fill the pools with and it runs continuously as another means of eternal devotion, similar to the concept of the votive figure.
The last picture is my first attempt as practicing how to make a shrine plaque. It reads The House of Heaven on Earth.
I am an artist so I try to put as much of myself and my abilities as possible into the devotional items I make for her as I feel that makes it more meaningful to both of us.
I hope y'all enjoyed seeing my shrine and how other people's worship always looks so different from our own.
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2023.03.20 21:46 Decent_Strawberry716 When to seek marriage help

I really need prayer and advice regarding my husband. Posting in this sub as I find myself more aligned with the beliefs here than in the Christian marriage sub, hope that's okay.
I want to frame this by saying that my husband (Christian, 28yo) is a loving spouse to me and great father to our baby girl. He works hard to look after us, is committed to our church life and is zealous for the Lord and His word. I'm not here to complain and am very wary of misrepresenting him, but I do need help.
The only issue that we face in our marriage at the moment is related to his video gaming habits. He plays an online game (RuneScape) which involves some pretty hard and time consuming challenges. He does spend time with our daughter and I, so I tend not to see the hours spent as an issue. However, he often becomes angry when he loses - banging the desk, swearing, and saying hurtful things should I approach him at the wrong time. He has been trying to get this under control and doesn't explode every time, but I feel I've been conditioned to feel horribly anxious every time he plays, like I'm just waiting for things to turn sour. He knows how I feel, is ashamed of his sin but doesn't seem to be able to leave this behaviour behind, or stop playing. I really think that having some accountability would help him, but his shame stops him from talking to Christian brothers.
It's been a recurring theme over the years, and it's wearing down on me. I feel exhausted from the anxiety, and from feeling like our marriage isn't being prioritised. Aside from a desparate plea for prayer, my question is - is it appropriate for me to speak to an older female Christian friend (it would have to be our pastor's wife) about this? My husband wouldn't want me to, but bottling everything up is getting really hard and I'm struggling to cope. When is it okay to seek help despite this going against his wishes?
Please do pray that he would repent, turn from this and be sanctified. I love him deeply and care so much for his spiritual wellbeing.
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2023.03.20 21:46 PackratPrime3114 Does anyone have any tips for Decaying Ekzykes?

I just made a new character and I’m struggling to beat him, I’m pretty new to faith builds but don’t really have access to a lot of heavy hitting incantations just yet. Any ideas to beat him or maybe just and early rune farm so I can boost my faith? I have an incantation that would destroy him but I need 19 more faith to use it.
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2023.03.20 21:45 G2Minion Team BDS vs. G2 Esports / LEC 2023 Spring - Week 2 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Team BDS 0-1 G2 Esports

BDS Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook G2 Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit

MATCH 1: BDS vs. G2

Winner: G2 Esports in 34m Player of the Game: Yike
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
BDS draven varus kled taliyah jax 54.1k 9 4 HT1 M3 H4 O5
G2 annie caitlyn xayah yone veigar 66.9k 19 9 H2 O6 B7 O8 B9
BDS 9-20-24 vs 19-9-47 G2
Adam renekton 3 3-6-4 TOP 4-0-10 4 gragas BrokenBlade
Sheo sejuani 2 1-3-7 JNG 5-1-9 1 vi Yike
nuc akali 3 3-3-3 MID 2-1-9 3 azir Caps
Crownie zeri 1 2-4-3 BOT 7-4-5 2 twitch Hans Sama
Labrov lulu 2 0-4-7 SUP 1-3-14 1 rakan Mikyx
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.
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2023.03.20 21:45 Noutm01 First experience with the variety of fountain pens... wow

So last Saturday I got my first fountain pen. My parents got me a Montblanc Meisterstück 146 for my graduation and to make sure it was the right size and nib, I was there when they bought it to test some pens. Out of the legrande pens, I tried 4 with a medium nib, all of which wrote completely different. Someone who worked at the shop ended up swapping the nibs on a platinum trim and gold trim pen, because I wanted the gold trim but the nib that was on the other pen. The person who sold me the pen even said themselves that that specific nib was especially nice to write with when she inked and tested the pen for me. This feels so awesome. Even just buying the pen is a whole experience
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2023.03.20 21:44 Annual-Ad-6141 [TOMT] Movie/series scene where body is buried in backyard under a water fountain

so I’m the type of person who suddenly just remember scenes from movies or TV series. No I have a scene in my brain where a person reveals a body is buried on his/her backyard under some sort of water fountain. Any idea what movie/series this is? Literally have no other clue.
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2023.03.20 21:35 ObamaSlapYoMomma Khaos Reigns - Social clan

Who are we? We are a small active clan looking for new members to expand our community. We have been growing quite a lot recently and aiming to grow even further. We hang out daily both in-game and/or in discord and support each other throughout the OSRS journey!
Having a friendly culture is our priority, making sure everyone is feeling part of the clan!
Who can join? We accept all experience and levels, noobs, veterans, mainscape or iron-man/women!
What can you expect when you join ? We have weekly events which we do as a clan in game! We do everything ranging from raids to wilderness bossing to pking! Exiting new stuff all the time and there no requirements for you to join for the events, even if its your first time doing an activity!
How to join? Message either: ObamaSlapYoMomma#2159, Syrax#6210 , Viarr#8748 , Elven Shades#3733
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2023.03.20 21:34 pbiscuits What writing instruments can I use for Palmer Method or business penmanship

A steel nib and some flowing black ink is my personal favorite way to write. I've long been a proponent of Higgins Eternal Black ink, except for the fact that it easily smudges, even when completely dry. Lately I've been using Japanese sumi stick ink and I've had great results with that. It flows just as well as Higgins, but no smudging. The only drawback is that I can't get it to be quite as black as the Higgins ink. As far as nibs go, any firm point that isn't too fine will do. Experiment with 5-10 nibs before you ask me which one I like!
A ballpoint pen, not a rollerball or gel pen, is another great tool. They are incredibly convenient and ballpoints provide enough friction so that the pen isn't sliding all over the page.
A pencil works great for practice as it provides tons of friction, but the result is obviously not great to look at and pencils requires sharpening.
Fountain pens are loved by many, but I've never had great success writing with them. They are generally pretty smooth and slick on the page, which makes them hard to control. Not saying it can't be done, but you need to employ a more controlled style of writing to use them.
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