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2023.05.30 13:16 danieldur Automatic window opening.

Hello dear community,
I've been thinking about the following project that could help me cool down my apartment in a more natural way. I have 2 stories +attic apartment, with a small window in the attic. Generally, the heat tends to accumulate upstairs so, if I want to easily cool down the 2nd floor, I have to open the attic's door and the small window.
I was thinking of getting some sort of electric device that would allow me to open the attic window from home assistant based on external conditions (still thinking about it). As far as I've seen in office buildings there are piston and chain driven window openers, but they seem to be mostly made for big windows.
So, do you guys know of any small, HA controllable roof window opener?
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2023.05.30 13:15 Low_Plant7184 37F "Explore the City" - a date trip full of surprises and adventures

I know you've been waiting for this moment, so I want to invite you to join us for an evening of fun and surprises. We can try some new food together, or watch an interesting movie, or go to some interesting activities. Whatever we do, I promise it will be a night to remember. Single men aged 35 can find me to chat. I thought we could start a fun game called "Find the Best Burger". We can walk around the city, try different burgers, and rate them. Finally, we can aggregate our ratings and see which burger is our favourite. If burgers aren't your thing, we can go to a movie. I heard that there is a new movie called "Love Apartment", which tells the life and love story of a group of young people in the city. Sounds like fun, right? Finally, if you want to try something fun, we can go bowling. I admit I'm not a very good bowler, but I promise we'll have a lot of fun and you'll find me a lot of fun. So are you ready? Let's spend an evening of fun and surprises together
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2023.05.30 13:15 bigtallcurlyhair Please send me good vibes I have no one at all

Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I seriously don’t know what hurts worse, my heart or my legs. I am doing this is a last resort because I am hungry and pretty much on the brink of homelessness. Please pray for me. I lost a loved one in early fall that I took care of and have been in between work from home jobs and now have no job and will have no home in two weeks. I lived off my fathers income because I took care of him. I am now down to nothing and live in a rural area and I have my rent internet and everything due. No speakable family and no transportation. I have tried churches and organizations to no avail. I also have no speakable family because they have disowned me. I’d appreciate anything if anyone could help, and even if you can help financially please send me prayers. I have thought about giving up but I don’t want to but it makes it dang near impossible not to. I am also ostercized for living in a small southern town and being lgbtq. Anyways I’m sorry to ask for this but I need money in the worst way I literally don’t know where my next bill or meal is going to come from? And if you say I’m faking I don’t care and won’t respond. Please help me even if it’s prayer. My cash app is $captainmidnight515
It feels better just to vent but thanks so much for reading this and I know it looks suspicious but I swear to you i am not lying. Thank you and sorry it is embarrassing to do this but I am desperate.
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2023.05.30 13:14 PinacoladaBunny Flexispot E7 - Correcting 'The Wobble'

After a great deal of deliberation, hours of research and a thorough assessment of what I actually needed from a standing desk... I settled for the Flexispot E7.
Some of the things which appealed to me were that the E7 goes significantly lower than most standing desks. As a shorter person, this flexibility for desk height was important. It also has a good load capacity weight, which although I don't have heavy tech equipment, I do have a tendency to lean on desks during meetings.
Putting the desk together was overall pretty straightforward. An electric screwdriver was definitely an essential piece of kit. However, once up... the back/front wobble was horrendous. The feet and legs were sitting comfortably and steadily on the floor, but the desktop had significant movement which would be very annoying.
Now, some of the screws had loosened in other parts of the desk when moving it from the upside-down state to right-way-up. Not sure why, they were in tightly when they were put in. Maybe gravity? Or movement of the desk as it flips over?!
So rather than taking the whole desk apart at 1am, we unscrewed the desktop from the frame (fiddly to do, and especially to get back on, but it worked). Lo and behold, the first screws that go in to hold to top of the frame steady were loose. A quick tighten of them all again, and much faffing about reattaching the desktop, it's now absolutely solid. Not a wobble of any amount to be seen.
One of the screws into the desktop has snapped in situ, so that's going to be an interesting hurdle to cover if I need to take the desk apart to move it whilst we're renovating.
However, with this fix I'm now very happy with the E7. Having the flexibility to move whilst working is great, and the desk itself looks smart too. I've bought a few accessories like a desktop mat, and a laptop stand to improve my set up too.
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2023.05.30 13:14 merfaewit13 If you can't handle negativity then there's a problem. It's you hi 👋 you're the problem it's you. At tea ☕️ time everybody agrees.

Sorry but I had to with this title. 🤣😂 for real though. I (34f) have a friend (31m) that doesn't like negativity at all. Even though he's negative sometimes. So earlier today we were talking on the phone cuz we live 5 hours apart and my mother who's negative because of past trauma in her life she never dealt with. Had came in the room so she could speak with me and my friend didn't like it because she had a negative tone in her voice.
She finishes talking, exists the room, and he starts talking about how annoying it is. Saying he may stop talking to me because he doesn't want to hear her negativity in the background. Which I have no control over I can't make her be quiet or not negative. We talk a bit longer and then I have to go out to take her to the store. Later on in the evening i call him up and he starts going off telling me that I need to get away from her, move out, better my life, and take responsibility.
I tell him I can't do that right now because my elderly parents mom (77) dad (84) need me as mom is getting her eyes fixed so they need a driver for the time being which I don't mind doing at all. Plus i dont have enough to move yet and couldnt afford living alone just yet either. My friend however thinks that I'm playing the victim and that I'm waiting for my parents to die before I'll do anything about my life. All because I can't do what he thinks I need to right now.
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2023.05.30 13:13 bigtallcurlyhair Please send me prayer

Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I seriously don’t know what hurts worse, my heart or my legs. I am doing this is a last resort because I am hungry and pretty much on the brink of homelessness. Please pray for me. I lost a loved one in early fall that I took care of and have been in between work from home jobs and now have no job and will have no home in two weeks. I lived off my fathers income because I took care of him. I am now down to nothing and live in a rural area and I have my rent internet and everything due. No speakable family and no transportation. I have tried churches and organizations to no avail. I also have no speakable family because they have disowned me. I’d appreciate anything if anyone could help, and even if you can help financially please send me prayers. I have thought about giving up but I don’t want to but it makes it dang near impossible not to. I am also ostercized for living in a small southern town and being lgbtq. Anyways I’m sorry to ask for this but I need money in the worst way I literally don’t know where my next bill or meal is going to come from? And if you say I’m faking I don’t care and won’t respond. Please help me even if it’s prayer. My cash app is $captainmidnight515
It feels better just to vent but thanks so much for reading this and I know it looks suspicious but I swear to you i am not lying. Thank you and sorry it is embarrassing to do this but I am desperate.
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2023.05.30 13:13 bigtallcurlyhair Please send me good vibes and thoughts it’s a bad time

Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I seriously don’t know what hurts worse, my heart or my legs. I am doing this is a last resort because I am hungry and pretty much on the brink of homelessness. Please pray for me. I lost a loved one in early fall that I took care of and have been in between work from home jobs and now have no job and will have no home in two weeks. I lived off my fathers income because I took care of him. I am now down to nothing and live in a rural area and I have my rent internet and everything due. No speakable family and no transportation. I have tried churches and organizations to no avail. I also have no speakable family because they have disowned me. I’d appreciate anything if anyone could help, and even if you can help financially please send me prayers. I have thought about giving up but I don’t want to but it makes it dang near impossible not to. I am also ostercized for living in a small southern town and being lgbtq. Anyways I’m sorry to ask for this but I need money in the worst way I literally don’t know where my next bill or meal is going to come from? And if you say I’m faking I don’t care and won’t respond. Please help me even if it’s prayer. My cash app is $captainmidnight515
It feels better just to vent but thanks so much for reading this and I know it looks suspicious but I swear to you i am not lying. Thank you and sorry it is embarrassing to do this but I am desperate.
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2023.05.30 13:13 kon_ja_k first time Amex (credit card) - which one do I choose?

Hi lovelies,
I am in a need to bump up my credit score (last financial relationship was in 2017, no late payments or any other credit card history). I just registered for voting which should help but now am considering getting an Amex and getting so lost between the offers. About me:
- Early twenties, full-time employed, salary is around £60k (expected to increase, commision based)
- Renting privately, live alone, no dependants, no car. I don't Uber Eats or Deliveroo, not been traveling lately but this is expected to change (nothing crazy tho I guess, couple times a year). I don't have large monthly purchases to at this stage in my life. Light shopping there and then for the necessities and leisure could add to a £1k a month but also feel it could be less or more at times.
Any tips or suggestions are welcome :))
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2023.05.30 13:13 mylene-la Access to loans and rentals as a freelance

Hej! I'm currently a freelance UX designer, my freelance company is established in France.
I want to continue my business here in Sweden, since I now live here, and see two options: - working through Frilans Finans or Cool Company - creating my own AB (or something else)
Which option is better when you're looking to rent or get a loan? Is paying high fees/taxes using Frilans Finans or Cool Company justified since it's kind of like being employed?
Grateful for any help :)
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2023.05.30 13:11 seasaltbreezemeow My toxic family is ruining my life. I've been planning on leaving them and need your advice regarding this dire situation.

I, 20 (F), am a student in Bengaluru currently pursuing my UG in humanities. I will be starting my third (final) year soon. My majors are history and political science. I come from a middle class, hyper-religious, orthodox Muslim family where I am subject to extreme forms of control and manipulation in the name of religion. Currently, I am financially dependent on my father and it is such that I am not being allowed to pursue a job to gain financial independence to leave the house which is extremely crucial to me.
My parents are abusive, toxic and controlling and often harass me. They threaten to withdraw me from my degree and get me married forcefully. I am 20 and a legal adult but they continue to micromanage every little detail in my life from what I wear, where I go, what I do and whom I talk to. They hit me, threaten me, stalk me and take away my gadgets and the little freedoms I have everytime I try to speak up for myself. My physical as well as mental health are ailing due to these conditions.
The problem is that both my parents as well as the rest of my family are extremely controlling to an extent that I cannot step outside the house without their permission, talk to guys, hangout with my friends, dress as I wish without verbal as well as physical abuse. I am also forced to return home before 5 no matter what except college events in which I am expected to call, send photographs or videos of the events taking place. I am also forced to strictly wear hijab as well as the burqa and partake in religious meetings at the mosque despite being an atheist.
I refused to attend these religious meetings and my parents threatened to cut off my monthly allowance and continued harassing me every single day until I finally caved in and went to the mosque. I’m not allowed to work jobs or do anything without their permission and approval. They stalk me, follow me around and constantly monitor me whenever I leave the house through the means of phone and video calls which causes me great distress and anxiety attacks to the point that I am unable to function regularly in my social as well as personal life and perform properly academically. I have to go through abuse just to ask money from my dad or deal with his scummy behavior for a while until I get it. I have been diagnosed with various mental disorders as well as depression and anxiety by NIHMANS psychiatry and am currently receiving treatment for the same.
The situation is complicated further because of my parents' situation. For background, my parents' marriage fell apart around when I was in 12th standard (around 2019) due to a variety of causes including an extramarital affair and a second marriage my father had accompanied by domestic violence on my mother as well as me.
My mother shifted to Bangalore last month with my siblings here from our hometown to keep me closer to her and further impose restrictions on me as well as monitor me. She even enrolled my siblings in schools nearby.
I have reached the tipping point where I am unable to tolerate this situation anymore and have decided to leave the house. I genuinely feel threatened for my safety and wellbeing each day I live in this house and need to desperately leave and focus on my career and studies. Please provide insight into further action I could take as well as legal advice on the above as I am sure that my family would go to great lengths to harass me after I leave.
Most importantly, I plan on getting a job and work while pursuing my degree to sustain myself for the time being after leaving. Are there any people who could provide me with information regarding both part time and full time jobs that I could do as a student alongside my college? It would be much appreciated if I could be provided with advice on proceeding with leaving the household, getting jobs/internships to sustain myself as well as legal advice pertaining to my situation and finally to prepare for the worst case scenario. I'm proficient in multiple languages, editing for magazines, know a bit about content writing, good at making art and embroidery, fashion designing and worked in event management. I'm yet to learn how to do design work digitally, but I'll be getting into it soon. I know it's early to think about further studies in my current state and would prove even more difficult if I leave my family, however, my goal is to be financially stable for now.
P.S. I did contact St_broseph who's much revered in the sub for going out of their way to help people.
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2023.05.30 13:11 Rehman1011 Benefits of using white label website builder

Benefits of using white label website builder
There is a large number of manners by which website composition organizations benefit from utilizing a white name web designer. You don't need to construct a confidential web designer without any preparation to support your office's believability. The difficult work has been finished for you as of now.
Digital Marketing Services in Lahore Pakistan
White name web designers empower you to use existing innovation. You should simply change out the SaaS marking for your own image, add custom connections, perhaps set up an installment processor, and you'll be prepared to dazzle clients with your own marked web designer on which they can utilize their custom space.
In the event that you pick a web designer without a white name component and you alter your perspective on rebranding the stage not too far off, things could get precarious. You'll either have to find a white mark module to assist you with rolling out those improvements or you'll need to change the source code (assuming the web designer even permits that) to trade out marking, make a custom login page, and so forth.
Web Development Services in Lahore Pakistan
There are various ways of practicing and to separate your organization from others. One way is to visit yourself as a CMS or web designer master. Like a Wix office or a WordPress web specialist.
While that is just fine, you'd all the more really stand apart by advancing your office's own natural and client-accommodating web designer. That is a tremendous success nowadays where numerous web designer innovations are simply excessively confounding, challenging for clients to utilize or require specialized information.

#web_Development_lahore, #digital_marketing_lahore, #marketing_services, #web_designing, #rehmantechno,
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2023.05.30 13:10 Financial-Book-6274 How easy is it to get rent a flat as an International student?

I am international student who would be coming to London in August to pursue Masters.
Is it possible for me to book a flat(to rent) from outside UK? What are the obstacles that I can face?
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2023.05.30 13:10 besttuna4558 Tips for dealing with a reactive dog

I was referred to this subreddit. My dog is a 1.5 year old male black lab/Australian Shepard mix. He's a really great dog overall. I've had him since he was ~8 weeks old. He's very smart and listens quite well... However, he is VERY social. If we are on a walk and sees another dog, he will start jumping, yelping, and pulling to meet this other dog. My apartment is also across from a dog park, and he will look out the window and wait for dogs to go to the park. He then charges the door and cries to go outside. Naturally, this behavior is very off putting to strangers. I've taken him to multiple training classes starting as a puppy and I've also hired a private trainer a few times. I think part of it is my fault, as I haven't had the time to properly redirect his attention when outside. I have a bit more time now that my program is finishing up, so when we go for our walks I can focus more on redirecting this behavior. Before he notices a dog, I usually try to have him sit or lay down and then put him in stay or ask him to focus. I'll keep feeding him treats throughout this. However, once he sees the dog there is no treat in the world that can gain his attention. He might go back into sit and accept the treat, but then will immediately starting jumping. It seems like a lack of inhibition.
Are there any tips for addressing this issue? I'd like to start biking with him, but at the very least I'd like him to not scare people.
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2023.05.30 13:10 AbheeDevelopers Luxury Living in the Heart of Bangalore at the Abhee Silicon Shine Apartments on Sarjapur Road

Luxury Living in the Heart of Bangalore at the Abhee Silicon Shine Apartments on Sarjapur Road
The Abhee Silicon Shine Apartments in Bangalore's bustling Sarjapur Road neighborhood provide a magnificent living environment despite the hectic metropolitan lifestyle. These apartments, which were created to meet the requirements of contemporary families, combine cutting-edge amenities, modern architecture, and a prime location to produce a genuinely remarkable living environment. The main advantages and characteristics of Abhee Silicon Shine Apartments will be covered in this blog post, along with the reasons why Sarjapur Road residents prize it as a desirable place to live.
For More Details Contact Us - 9380523805
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2023.05.30 13:10 resurrective Chapter 18 - The toxic grace

It only took a moment. By the time Keyaruga opened his eyes… Or, well, what felt like an awakening, either way, he found himself in a realm of endless light. As dazzling as it might’ve looked, it never blinded the man… nor all of his companions, standing in this luminous wasteland.
“Girls! Girls, are you alright?!” The red-eyed lad dashed toward the four of them, trying to give them a warm hug, while the golden egg rested nearby.
“Uh-huh.” Setsuna happily accepted his embrace, and, being the first to reply, she wanted to share her experience, to tell everyone about everything she’d been through, but alas, only she alone could properly pass this trial by redeeming herself in the face of her fallen brethren. Sadly, everyone else was a lot less eager to drop their guard.
“Oh, look, I think that’s over.” Ellen noticed, addressing her sister, who still held her staff in preparation to break into that last remaining dome. But no, everything had come to an end… Now, they only needed to face Caladrius.
“I don’t think we’re ready. We… never could’ve received their forgiveness fairly…” The world-breaking sorceress lamented, slamming her staff into the floor, just so she wouldn’t collapse. Of course, the Hero of Healing came to her rescue, but she just forced herself to stand still. “T-thanks… But… I’m not the one, who needs you the most right now.” The elder princess spoke, pointing to Eve. She stood a few steps away from them, staring into the void.
“Fucking pigeon, I knew we shouldn’t have come here…” The fallen warlady uttered, looking at the queen-to-be, who seemed absolutely lost to the world. No tears had yet been spilled from her crimson eyes; no concerns to those around her were given either.
“How are you, Eve?” The man asked, trying to get closer to his companion, but she merely took a step away from him.
These words still resounded in his head, tormenting the lad more than any sort of torture could, and seeing Eve shying away from him, filled his heart with so much sorrow, that he barely held his breath still. He had to… Otherwise, he’d certainly cry.
“It’s alright… I’ve met Yuel, Mero, and Naala… It’s alright, I’ve met… Naala, and… I’ve met… M… Mero…” When the girl finally opened her mouth, she started blabbering the same thing over and over again. Whatever she had to suffer through, it left a great scar in her mind… “M-mom… Dad… W-why?.. Why did you-?..” And finally, she broke. Tears started flowing from her painfully swollen eyes, and the girl finally collapsed on her knees. “Ugh… Uh… UA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A!!!” And just like that, a loud wail thundered around this quiet space of endless light, the substance that just formed a tunnel made of mystical illumination. A safe passage to the outside world, certainly.
But no, nobody would go anywhere just yet, not until Eve Reese calms down at least. All that the others could do was to wait. Wait and be there for her.

A warm sun, a breeze of wind, fresh air under a blue sky – one never misses those things, until they’re devoid of them entirely. Either way, now that the party left that accursed realm, they found themselves at the same valley from which Caladrius sent them on to the trial.
“…” They were silent, all of them, starting with Keyaruga, now carrying the gilded egg on his back again. He was still trying to get over what he saw. Even if Anna indeed forgave him, and had not just gone mad over what kind of ruthless beast her ward became, her words would never leave his mind.
“Easy now.” Setsuna spoke, supporting Eve, as she barely moved her legs. Ellen walked nearby, still unsure what she should do with Organ’s plea. Both she and her sister heard it, but neither could face the man with that. Not now, not when the hero, even though he remained calm and collected, somehow looked even worse than his broken queen.
“Caladrius.” The sorceress spoke, stopping before the massive ten-meter tall bird. Weirdly enough, the group only noticed her when they were just four meters away from her massive feathered body, her torso was covered with a golden cuirass, painted in purple, along with the beak-plate which served the harbinger of plague as a crown. All of them ultimately aligned their sights with her four eyes. The wisdom of ages was reflected there, but alas, it was overshadowed by what can only be called ultimate arrogance.
“There you are little ones.” The divine bird spoke, lowering her head just enough, so that humans wouldn’t have to look up all the time. Still, even that gesture wasn’t enough for Freia to drop her weapon.
“Et aperire caelum elementa multa…” The sorceress began chanting her ultimate spell. This time, she wouldn’t take any chances. After what she’d done to Eve, this creature had to die! Or else…
“Don’t… do this.” Well, that turn of event wouldn’t please the goddess. And such, the kokuyoku scion broke out from Setsuna’s embrace just to stand between the caster and her living idol.
“Have we passed?” Keyaruga, asked, standing besides the black-winged prodigy. After all, the further development would depend on their result on this test. Or, rather, how the host reacts.
“You sure did. Your methods were… unorthodox, to say the least.” Caladrius replied, giving each of the party a deep scrutinizing look. Her doubled eyes were fixated on Keyaruga, especially. “You, shapeshifted children, I sense a great darkness in you three. And yet, none of you should fear me anymore.” She said with that middle-aged womanly voice of hers, urging Freia to lower her staff already. “No matter, you merely had to prove to me your endurance, erudition, and the power of your will to become worthy of my grace. I care little for how exactly you survived under my plague, and what you said to placate those who came for you. I am actually rather delighted to see such a contrarian attitude with which you passed my test.”
“You fucking should be!” Ellen snarled, ragingly pressing her finger against the shielded beak. “Your trials were impassable for everyone besides us! You knew that! You knew nobody could beat them without wrecking your little salty mumbo-jumbo!” The girl accused the bird, as if she was just some ungracious host, and not one of the mightiest entities in all the continent of Enoa.
“It’s true! Without my power, we’d starve in your city!” The magician added, pushing her sister behind her back. “How many of Evy’s people had to die because of you? You… You know a demon can’t be a hero, like me!”
“They can, we just cannot risk them falling under the control of something...malevolent.” Caladrius argued with a deliberately ambiguous comment. “To reach the heart of my domain, all you had to do was to calculate the logic in the fractal sequence of…”
“Bullshit! There were no fractals! No building was like the rest, so either you’re spitting lies here, or just think none of us knows math!” The little genius interrupted the explanation with another one of her bitter comments. “Oh, let me guess-!..”
“Enough.” The younger princess was then silenced by Setsuna, who covered her mouth with her hand – a radical move, to say the least, but not entirely out of place, when dealing with an overwhelmingly powerful creature.
“Hmm, I like your tenacity, Norn Clatalissa Jioral, but you only saw my domain from the outside.” The harbinger of plague notified her, but rather then proceeding further with the matter of the bratty general challenging her, she turned her head toward Eve, who stood next to Keyaruga. “It has been a long time, since we saw each other, Me-ua. I am glad to see this new consort of yours is much more respectful toward you. Yet somehow, he is even more depraved than the last one.” And just like that, the deity revealed her insight of the first world, Eve’s close alliance with Keyaruga, and how fortunate she was to have him around instead of Cornar. But that wasn’t the most intriguing part of this.
“I know. It’s… been two years since last met.” It was the reply that the verdant woman gave her, that brought to light a terrifically curious fact.
“Eve… you too?” Keyaruga murmured, realizing, that he now had one more dreamer alongside him. The man exhaled in comprehension, his ‘sister’ slammed her palm against her own forehead, Setsuna spotted a new soul to provide emotional care to, and Freia just couldn’t help but… Well, her feelings about this new revelation were mixed at best. She did want to find out what she’d done ‘back’ then, but at the same time, in doing so, she would certainly discover a lot more cruelties done by her hand; especially those directed at Keyaru.
“I need strength. Bless me, Caladrius. And… age me. I can’t remain a child now.” Eve all but demanded. Somehow, she wasn’t just a fearful kid anymore. This time, the Me-ua kahul radiated dignity, she even spoke with the deity as an equal.
“Very well, little queen. You were never undeserving of my grace.” And with that said, Caladrius carefully touched Eve’s forehead with her beak. Upon doing so, a whirlwind of energy, a flux of white and purple, picked up the girl, and enveloped her completely. Looking at it felt so familiar for Keyaruga. After all, this power destroyed and created, ruined one to shape another. All the clothes Eve had been wearing were torn apart, reduced to primal particles, her skin was scourged, and then replaced with one of a tanned tone, the girl’s hair was bleached, and above it – a crown of two pointy horns grew right from her skull. This wasn’t just a girl now – this was a woman, clad in a dress of red and black, the decorative pauldrons of which, as well as golden bracelets, defied the power of gravity itself. This… was how Keyaru met the Me-ua in the first world.
And what had changed in her stat-wise? Well, nothing – that same fifty-fourth level, with which Eve entered the trial, no change in potential, nor any other graph. Except for one…
Level cap: ∞
“Congratulations, Eve. You’re a hero now.” The red-eyed lad praised his companion. In just a moment, she aged by four years. Her face was still young and pretty, her height got only slightly longer, but the proportions made the whole difference. Hips and breasts – they got some improvements, which the healer would never miss.
“I suppose this settles our deal. With this, you can summon me again.” The harbinger of sickly doom graciously spoke to her chosen one. Unlike other gods, she couldn’t just change a person’s entire class. A full-fledged hero didn’t only have the potential for infinite growth, but also provided a bonus of doubled experience for them and their party, the trait that Eve lacked. Still, Caladrius giving her champion an unlimited level cap was a game-changer nonetheless. Nevertheless, there was one more thing to ponder… “Although… you already know the price for my assistance.”
“Of fucking course! You’ll kill her for that, you monster!” Ellen raged, stomping her little foot against the rocky ground, while her sister braced for whatever consequences her sibling’s brutal honesty might cause.
“Forgive her, Caladrius. She’s just… too worried about me.” The lady in red spoke kindly, patting the god’s golden beak.
“Hmm. That is, indeed, relatable. Still, how precious it is to see your former enemies now have become your allies. Is that your accomplishment, little man?” The white bird asked of the hero. Did she try to offend him? Not so much, really. To her, even a draconid of a baffling two and a half meters tall would still be ‘small’. That didn’t make it less insulting, though.
“Yes. Why?” Keyaruga growled, facing two pairs of eyes, with which Caladrius gazed into him, right to his very soul. The healer had a similar power, but being read himself filled him with at least cautiousness toward the deity.
Flare – she was the one, who brought so much pain to Eve’s heart, she scourged thousands, and even if they were revived by Keyaru’s redo, the queen’s memories still held this agony.
Norn – this one lead armies against Tenanulic, her vile strategies were never burdened by human decency or a warrior’s concept of honor. Scourged earth, poisoned wells, hand-crafted epidemics, bribery, and genocide – this little girl was responsible for so many atrocities, that she had broken her own spirit by committing them.
And, finally, Keyaru. The Hero of Healing, who was there to land the last strike on the demon queen. Only Setsuna was completely innocent, just because she’d die from the disease caused by a monster’s rotting corpse, if not for this enigmatic man.
“Eve Reese – it is your call now. What should I do with them?” And so, the white-haired lady was given a choice. Right now, Caladrius could unleash all of her power without asking for anything in return. Even if she herself suffered from fatigue after conducting all those trials, the harbinger of plague could still easily bury her enemies under a pile of toxic ash. Still, it wasn’t for her to choose now.
“Oh well, now we’re screwed.” Ellen chuckled, shaking her head. Freia and Setsuna assumed a battle stance, and even Keyaruga gave the girl a dark glare.
I’m sorry, birdie. But if you endanger my girls, I… You’ll have to see me as I truly am.
The deep silence loomed above them all. One word, one single word could decide the party’s fate. To Caladrius, not only were they outsiders, but also the enemies of her champion as well. No matter if their crimes were mostly erased, she just didn’t really trust them.
But she trusted Eve.
“Bless them, like you’ve blessed me.” The Me-ua kahul asked, smiling toward her friends and the man she loved. The woman absolutely comprehended the power she was given, and yet, there were things, people, little kindnesses, that she could never forget. Not after they helped her to break free from the chains placed upon her in the first world.
“Evy…” Freia muttered with obvious relief. She glanced at Keyaruga, and he looked as stoic as he did most of the time. Did he learn that from Setsuna? After all, she too merely lowered her arms.
“He-he-he-he-heh…” Only one of them nervously chuckled. The crimson-haired princess just wanted this excruciating day to end at last, even if it barely began.
“Oh my! That is quite bold of you to ask.” Caladrius pronounced somewhat mockingly. After all, she was never obliged to reward humans (including demi-humans) just for surviving her challenges.
“Do you refuse?” Eve inquired accusingly. It made the others wonder, what kind of power she really had over the full-fledged god.
“I never said so. It is… different with them. My power is contagious, and only the ancient pact with your tribe allows you to safely enjoy my grace.” The toxic deity explained, now looking at the party with a deep thoughtfulness in her doubled eyes. “We can figure something out.” She added, drawing her beak near the brooding man. “Hmm, you are quite the curious individual, a human, yet, at the same time, something very different.”
“How should I take this ‘compliment’?” The hero wondered, trying to figure out if he was being accused of the many atrocities he committed during his test, or the sheer turmoil that was his sense of morals.
“Take it as your three hearts would please.” Fortunately, though, the feathered doom simply brushed it off by hinting at his modified biology. After all, now that he was under the protection of Eve, there was only one question to answer. “Will you accept my gift?” Caladrius inquired, cautiously watching the lad’s reaction. He wasn’t all that sure than he needed anything else to be complete. Not when he was almost immortal.
“Please, Keyaruga…” And, yet again, the black-winged prodigy asked him, placing her hand on his shoulder. She would never do something like that previously – the little girl was no more, she had changed forever. But, that didn’t dissuade the healer from liking and trusting her, so…
“Alright. I suppose, it can’t get much worse.” The man just shrugged, accepting whatever he could be granted. The lad wouldn’t drop his guard, though. After all, if anything happens to him, it was quite doubtful that Freia could handle this beast on her own.
“Very well.” Aware of this distrust, Caladrius once again placed her beak onto another’s head. Keyaruga didn’t receive a fancy transformation; instead, his left eye got embraced by a gentle purple light. It only stung for a moment, but when it ended, a whole new perspective opened before the hero. Something… intrinsically transcendental.
“Did you just replace… my eye?” The lad asked, trying to figure out what was going on. Barely anything changed… except for the fact that now he saw his own movements from two seconds afar. He was seeing the future…
“Indeed. You are not a stranger to our divine might, so you can handle it.” Caladrius admonished, standing in her full height, just to stretch her neck, as it seemed.
“Is that your power?” Keyaruga wondered, suppressing his left eye. Fortunately, he had plenty of experience with the gift of the star nymph, so it only took him a few seconds to figure out how it worked. That was absolutely necessary; not only did this power drain a whole lot of mana, it also required some time to get used to.
“Mine? Of course not! This gift was born of sacrifice. One feisty demigod gave me his power to me in order to enter my trials. I merely improved upon it.” The harbinger of plague spoke proudly, giving a brief glance toward Ellen.
“That idiot…” The girl snarled, making a sour face. “What? It was Organ! He saved me! Now you have his eye, brother, or… whatever this purple cross on your pupil is.” The fallen warlady revealed, glancing toward the Hero of Magic as well as the rest of the group. After all, if Hawkeye wasn’t there, Freia would only have found her mauled corpse.
“Then, the egg.” Caladrius continued, now tapping her beak against the egg. And just like that, she poured quite a lot of her mana into it, but, just like previously, it consumed everything the bird offered. “You carry a powerful being on your back, little man.”
“Stronger than you?” He wondered somewhat mockingly.
“Indeed.” But the feathered doom wasn’t about to joke about that particular matter. “I owe her a lot, so this is the least I can do.” The god of sickness and rejuvenation spoke with a trace of adoration and… regret. Maybe, that is the true power? To raise others, when you can, so that they may assist you in the time of your greatest need?
“I don’t need anything!” Freia exclaimed when the doubled eyes of Caladrius were now aimed at her. “I just need an answer! Tell me, what’s with my mother?! Is she alive? Can we help her?!” The sorceress asked bravely, her legs were shaky, partly because of the fatigue, partly – the fear of facing the mighty god. Nonetheless, it’s easy to be daring when nothing can oppose you. A standoff against the powerful being is completely different matter.
“Ah, Reeharoze Thalio Jioral! She… is neither dead, nor alive.” The divine dove replied cautiously. This topic lead to many limitations, sealed by numerous and tremendously powerful curses for each deity, who might reveal them.
“Damn! I knew it!” The sorceress snarled, loudly clacking with her teeth. She and Setsuna both tensed, having already faced whatever monstrosity the king turned Buck Tarwill into.
“The best thing you can do for her is to end her suffering in this world.” Caladrius spoke dismissively, lacking any empathy toward some distant mortal, defiled by the power that is the void itself.
“Go kill yourself, if you think it’s merciful!” Ellen snarled, spitting in the direction of the deity. She wouldn’t have anyone defile her mother’s memory, even a god, even if it literally disintegrated her saliva right in the fly.
“Calm down.” Fortunately, though, Setsuna was right there to help the younger princess. She stood between the two of them, but instead of doing anything aggressive, the gray-haired girl just hugged her crimson-haired lover, and guarded her from the harbinger of plague with her spine.
“How can we help her?!” Keyaruga then asked, trying to be a beacon of logic and reason among all of these tormented souls. Eve stood near; she carefully monitored the lad’s movements, reactions, his gestures, and overall attitude.
“You cannot. At least not right now.” Caladrius coldly responded, shifting her heavy gaze toward the man; to be specific – the burden on his back. “But this one – if she desires so, then you might have some hope.” The bird explained briefly. Obviously, nobody among the party was satisfied with the answer.
“We must help them. Please, you must help us!” Even the white-haired queen-to-be spoke up. She already lost her parents twice, and now in assisting Freia and Ellen she saw a chance to ease her own pain.
“I am afraid, my vows prevent me from revealing to you the whole truth, but rest assured, you will find your answer soon enough.” The harbinger of plague and convalescence reassured all of them. Was it a godly prediction of the future? Or something else entirely?
“Then… Then I!..” Freia shook, trying to comprehend this revelation. She now looked at the egg with reverence and craving. She saw nothing but a tool in it, and that didn’t escape Setsuna’s aquamarine eyes.
“Not so fast. It’s Keyaruga’s child (and ours). Don’t put all your hopes on her just yet.” The huntress admonished, still holding Ellen, as she slowly recovered her emotional stability. The ice warrior was trying to save her prodigy from the burden of other’s expectations, but that affected the pink-haired magician only so much.
“Wise words, child of the forest. But just like your claws, they lack penetrative power.” Caladrius stated, and just as she said so, a multitude of small fireflies emerged around the girl. Or, rather, they became visible. These sparks were always there, the spirits of ice, fueling the she-wolf’s magic. Now they gathered around the divine bird’s head, forming something of a halo. They didn’t stay for too long, though, but when they left Caladrius’ side, their gray shine, now infused with the might of the god, now became much brighter, much… colder. “I am afraid; I cannot do much more for your sake, little one.” And with that done, there was only one person, who still remained to be given anything. “Now…”
“Don’t you even dare, you ugly pigeon! I don’t need your rotten power!” Ellen yelled, awkwardly falling out of Setsuna’s grasp. It wasn’t long before she rose up and once again pressed her finger against Caladrius’ gilded beak. At least, she was about to do so, when she pointed at the queen-to-be instead. “If you want to give me something – don’t! Just don’t! All I need from you is to not treat Eve like your glorified snack, okay?! Look, my sister is the Hero of Magic, she can basically do everything you do, but she doesn’t need to eat anyone to cast her spells! So how can you be so entitled to ask for her life?!” The younger princess snarled, as her emerald eyes rapidly shifted between Eve, Freia, Keyaruga, and the divine dove. The latter was taken aback by that passionate speech, unsure if she had to take grievous offence from belittling her might, or outright cackle from this observation. One problem, though – the former had lost her already fragile balance.
“Eve? Are you alright?” Keyaruga asked, catching the black-winged lady in his grip. She was pale, drained, fatigued – this wasn’t just physical weariness, though. The aftermath of the trial caught up with her, now reinforced by the reminder of how terrible a price she’d have to pay for Caladrius’ power.
“Yes…” Eve mumbled, trying to stand on her feet, but the man wouldn’t let her just yet.
“Hold onto me.” He said, trying to be the support for Eve at her lowest time.
“That is an interesting thing to hear from someone like you.” The feathered deity spoke to Ellen. Despite that entire scene, her account with the capricious genius wasn’t paid yet. “At first, you have got my curiosity. Now, you proved to be worthy of my power.” The harbinger of plague added, facing the younger princess now.
“Fuck you! I already said what I need from you, godling!” Still, the obstinate lady wasn’t there to grovel before the glorified dove. She already had a role to adhere to – Norn, Ellen, whatever she was called – was a strategist, a great mind capable of preserving massive amounts of knowledge just by quickly reading it once.
“Creators be merciful, you are a stubborn creature.” Caladrius amused. To her, watching the crimson-haired girl rant was like looking at a overly vocal pup – all bark, but no bite. Not because it wasn’t brave enough, though. Ellen just wasn’t gifted with a strong maw. And that was something Caladrius could help her with. “You are deserving of becoming my apostle!”
“Hah… W-what?” Keyaruga’s ‘sister’ got so dumbfounded, that her head just went round. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling, though, this dizziness made her nauseous.
“You will get exactly what you wish for, and even more, Norn Clatalissa Jioral! Heed me, Eve. I now grant you two chances to summon me without any harm for you!” The harbinger of disease and rejuvenation notified her mistress. It was still dwarfed, compared to what Flare had done, when paired with Gard the Windbreak, and still…
“I… But I don’t…” This little grace nearly pulled the rug out from under Eve’s feet. But again, Keyaruga was there to give her the necessary support.
“And you, princess in name, but no blood, shall be the vessel of my power!” Caladrius declared, turning her determined gaze onto Ellen. Her sister stood nearby, unsure what she should do with that. She knew Norn could be headstrong, at best, even when it came to the things that would benefit her personally. Just like when she refused the offer from her ‘brother’ to age her body to an adult form.
“Make it four usages for Eve, and leave me alone! I don’t need anyone’s pow-!.. Ah!” Right as she was about to start a new scandal with her big mouth, the younger princess rose in the sky, caught by a purple wind from underneath the deity’s giant wings.
“You do not know what is good for you, child!” The god of rot and restoration snarled, as if she was an arrogant petty parent.
“Ghhh!” Freia hissed, waving her staff to break Ellen out of Caladrius’ grip. She succeeded, and Ellen fell in the hands of the Hero of Magic… but it was already too late.
“Oh no… Oh no-no-no-no!” The younger princess frantically shook her head, as her muscles trembled with the newfound strength. It seems, she was no longer a useless child on a battlefield. One would think she’d be glad with this turn of events… But no. “K-Ke… Keya… Keyaruga-a-a! What’s she done to me?!” The girl yelled, reaching for her ‘brother’. He and his lady in red came closer to the girl.
HOW DARE YOU?!” Freia screamed, accumulating whatever mana she could drain from this lifeless land, even trying to drain Caladrius of it. She proved unsuccessful, though.
“Freia, don’t.” Keyaruga ordered, painting his right eye in the jade hue. He was just about to see something truly majestic.
Race: Human
Name: Norn
Class: Apostle of Caladrius
Level: 52
Mana: 151/151
Physical attack: 42
Physical defense: 53
Magic attack: 67
Magic defense: 60
Speed: 75
The aspect of plague: 1st level
The aspect of revival: 1st level
Boost to Mana regen: 1st level. The skill of the Apostle of Caladrius, boosts Mana regen by 5%
Mnemonics: acquired skill. Greatly improves mental capacity and remembering speed.
Grace of Caladrius: skill of the Apostle of Caladrius. Gives boost to the magic learning speed of Caladrius’ aspects by 2x
And also…
Level cap: 66
Mana: 115
Physical attack: 32
Physical defense: 40
Magic attack: 51
Magic defense: 45
Speed: 57
Summary: 342
Fascinating! Although Ellen’s potential was almost twice as low as the others’, due to her having no royal heritage, or hero’s status, Caladrius not only managed to bypass the age of fourteen, a standard timestamp for a human, but also pump the girl with more than fifty levels!
“She… has given you a class… And you’re now on the fifty-second level…” Keyaruga spoke with his eyes widely opened. Seriously, in terms of progression, this was an act of pure, blatant favoritism on the deity’s side of things!
And how did Ellen take this gift?
FUCKER!!! THAT’S TOO MUCH EVEN FOR A JOKE!!!” Oh, she was positively furious. After all, no power comes without a price to pay. “You! Who the fuck gave you the right to do this to me?!” The younger princess dashed in the direction of Caladrius’ beak. She eloped Setsuna’s grapple, passed around Keyaruga and Eve – all for the sake of that one punch! One punch to the head of this pompous pigeon with all of her new might! One strike… that didn’t even break the ornamental barrier around the bird.
“Rest assured, child. You have zero obligations before me. I am not the monster you are trying to make of me. You may think of that as my way of thanking you for helping my followers.” With that said and done, Caladrius once again rose to her full height in preparation for flying away. “I hope this alleviates your worries, little one.” “Farewell, du-na Me-ua (o great demon king). We shall meet again.” And just like that, the massive figure rose into the air. And when she’d done so, a white mist engulfed the deity, in which she faded from view completely.
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2023.05.30 13:10 Large-Guest7907 Quad/125ccm Bike Rent

Hey, I'm going to Mallorca in about a month and I'm very interested in renting a quad or a 125cc motorcycle for 5-7 days. Do you have any tips on how to get the best prices?
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2023.05.30 13:09 Illustrious-Craft955 WIBTA for taking back a gift I got someone in condition to them helping me?

WIBTA for taking back a gift I got someone in condition to them helping me?
My brother (M20) his ex-girlfriend (F19) has been living with us (me, F24 + parents) completely rent free for about 3 years now. Her parents do not care for her at the slightest and we took her in as she became part of our family. My parents do not get any money from her parents. That’s why we’re paying for everything she might need: clothes, food, etc. Which is okay as we all pitch in and it’s not her fault at all. However… she dropped out of school (when she still lived with her parents) and never tried to educate herself further or get any kind of job. We tried assisting her many times but she flat out refuses and doesn’t want one.
The thing is I have an Etsy online shop and last year it really took off. I invested in an iPad to design art prints/ designs but ex-gf is very artsy and way better at this stuff. Also I already had a lot to do. So I approached her and offered her the tablet if she would help me out with the designs. That was in July 2022. Since then she designed 7 stickers. I asked if she could do more as it was a “condition” for her to get the iPad. I'm not using the iPad at all. It is hers basically (I’m still paying 30€ a month for it). But she said that she felt down and doesn’t have any inspiration atm which I understood. So I asked her if she could then instead help me with packaging the orders. She agreed and helped me out a bit. It’s very easy work as I already have everything prepared so you only needed to put the items together. Then I had a vacation coming up but didn’t want to pause the shop completely so I asked if she could do the orders for about 4 days. I also offered to pay her because I felt bad for just being on a vacation while she would “work”. She agreed and told me many times it wasn’t a problem at all and that she loved to help me.
But then while I was on vacation I got some messages from her that she was overwhelmed and just couldn’t do it anymore. I was a bit pissed as I relied on her help but asked what was wrong and if I could assist? She said she just needed a mental health day and would do the work tomorrow…she didn’t. But she didn’t even follow up with me and didn’t tell me what she completed. When I got back I immediately needed to do all the orders she missed but she forgot to mark which one she did and which ones she didn’t do. I got angry and told her I don’t want any of her help anymore as she is unreliable. I got some bad reviews because we lost 4 orders. Now I’m kind of struggling with myself as I don’t want her to have the iPad anymore. It wasn’t a gift, it was in transaction for her helping me. Now she isn’t helping at all and I still pay for it. My mum says it’s understandable for me to ask her to give it back to me or have her pay the 30€ a month. But I’m still feeling bad about it and wanted to get some unbiased feedback.
So WIBTA for taking the iPad or have her pay for the monthly fee?
Thanks already.
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2023.05.30 13:09 ChanRob69 Sister Moving Cross Country With My Only Nieces

So I found out today, my sister, her husband and my only two Nieces are moving to the other side of the country. I grew up with many uncles/aunts and cousins. We all grew up and lived within 50 miles or less from one another. Once everyone got older, many of us moved, went to college etc.
My sister and I are almost exactly 10 years apart in age. I remember like it was yesterday when my sister went off to college when I was young. She moved several states away and I was absolutely devastated when she left. We weren't the perfect siblings, we would fight and argue but also, of course, had some great times.
Life went on, she would visit us, we would visit her. She decided to permanently live in the city that she went to college. She got married, had two kids a few years later. So my parents decide to move down. About a year later I move down. At this point I'm 24 years old. Once again, my closest family is back living in the same city.
Over the last 6 years I got to my Nieces grow up from just little babies to now in elementary school. We spend holidays together as a family, I just got married a month ago, bought our first house, life is good. All of a sudden, today I get a text from my sister saying they're moving to Tennesse in July. What I understand, they wanted a better city/community for their girs to grom up. From the text, I could tell she had already talked to our parents and they didn't take it well. So I text back, just telling her that I'm support of whatever is best for her family. But, in reality, it broke my heart.
I took it all for granted. I figured we would never be separated again. I know we'll be able to visit them, but financially it will be difficult. I know so many families have it much harder than what I'm going through. But I just wanted to vent. Family was always so important to me.
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2023.05.30 13:09 chrisdh79 Asus is going to sell Nvidia AI servers for your business to rent This could be good news for banking and hospitals looking to harness AI tools

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2023.05.30 13:08 SeaworthinessOk8546 Gas Money please help get my kids to school today and tomorrow last days of school.

Can someone please help me with 40 dollars for gas money for today and tomorrow to get my kids to and from school. We recently just moved and the bus doesn't stop at our new apartment and I don't get paid till Friday I can send the money back on Friday.... I would hate for the kids to miss there last two days of school. We would really appreciate your help 🙏
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2023.05.30 13:08 techyeth How Bware Labs Enhances Web3 Security Through Cutting-Edge Measures

Bware Labs is a pioneering force in the Web3 landscape, implementing advanced security strategies to bolster safety within the decentralized web environment. Amid a climate where numerous Web3 initiatives grapple with security issues, Bware Labs sets itself apart by assigning paramount importance to security. Their application of sophisticated techniques such as secure multi-party computation and homomorphic encryption exemplifies their commitment to safeguarding users' data and assets.
One salient security risk within Web3 is the propensity for malicious individuals to manipulate smart contracts. In addressing this challenge, Bware Labs deploys a security-check mechanism that verifies the safety of smart contracts prior to their network integration. This verification process serves to filter out insecure contracts, thereby mitigating the likelihood of security violations and attacks.
Bware Labs furthers its dedication to security by utilizing state-of-the-art sharding technology and rapid consensus algorithms for transaction processing. Such measures ensure efficiency without compromising on robust security. Bware Labs' comprehensive approach to prioritizing security from start to finish contributes to a safer Web3 experience for all users.
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2023.05.30 13:06 joelarvelo Is Sugar Hill (Upper Manhattan) a good place to stay on 5 day holidays in NYC?

My girlfriend and I will visit for the first time NYC and we found a lovely apartment in this neighborhood. Is it safe? well connected? If you have any recommendations, please let us know
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