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2023.05.30 13:16 Gloomy_Albatross3043 Why I think Red Harlow is the best gunslinger in the franchise

There's a huge debate in the red dead fandom on who is the best gunslinger. Alot always say Arthur morgan, some say rdr1 John marston, and a select few such as myself who say Red Harlow.
Now Arthur Morgan is indeed an amazing gunslinger, his skills presented through out rdr2 is mind-blowing. However I feel that out of the three, he's the least skilled. I think rdr1 John is more skilled than Arthur from rdr2, I'd list why but this post isn't about John, it's about Red.
I'd say this is how I'd order the three in terms of gun skills. 3) Arthur morgan 2) John Marston 1) Red Harlow.
Red Harlow is undoubtedly in my mind the most skilled and dangerous gunslinger in not just the Red dead franchise but western media in general.
The reason why I state such a bold statement is because when you analysis Red Harlows feats in Revolver, you begin to realise how godly he really is as a gunslinger.
First of all, let's talk about Red Harlow when he was just a small child. We see that Reds childhood home was invaded by the men sent from Deigo after making a deal with Nates business partner Griffon, who sold Nate out for his own life. When they surpise attack the home, Young Red Harlow had only just began to practice his shooting with his first ever gun, yet immediately he's thrown into a huge gunfight with no prior training, but despite that Red is just killing all of the men with ease. He had no training with a gun, nor any experience in a gunfight, hell he was a literal child, yet here he is going pop pop pop and making armed men drop. Remember these men are not just dumb outlaws, they were specifically sent by deigo,(a general from the Mexican army) so these men must have had a lifetime of training, only to be shot like flies by a kid who had no training with a gun. Its obvious that Red Harlow was a born to be gunslinger, and it foreshadows his path of becoming the ultimate fighter.
Even when his parents were murdered right infront of him, Young Red went for his father's gun (which was engulfed in flames) without any hesitation or concern for his own safety, and somehow managed to hit Daren with his hand on literal fire. Red Harlow even as a child was so brave and did things that a full grown outlaw couldn't do.
However despite all this praise, Red Harlow was still a child and still needed years of training to become the god of gunslingers that he's known for. Sure enough for the rest of the game, we play Red harlow as a grownup, and instantly we realise how very very skilled and dangerous he is.
Inorder or present all of Red Harlows insane feats, I'm going to make a list of all the batshit impossibility stuff he pulled off in the game. Please keep in mind that all of these events I'm gonna list, all happen within just roughly 2 days of each other, which makes them even more impressive.
First of all, Red Harlow takes on a ruthless gang by himself at Twin Rocks. He had to fight against around 10 armed men, a very impressive feat for just one man. He goes to Widows Patch hoping for some bounty money from the gang he took down, however instead he choses to take down another big and notorious gang that took over widows patch. Red had to take on around 15 armed men in this battle all by himself, again a very impressive feat, especially when you consider that he just took on a gang before this one.
Red then goes on a train to Brimstone, on this train a huge gang attacks the train to rob it. Red has to duel a man before running ontop of the freaking train while killing tons of armed men with ease. He fights of possibly around 60 outlaws all by himself on a moving train all by himself, even more impressive.
At Brimstone Red Harlow then goes off to fight and win against 3 huge gangs with massive prices on their heads, he takes on these 3 very big and dangerous gangs all by himself. For the first one he does bump into Jack Swift who helps alittle for the first gang, but aside from that Red Harlow fights them all alone. While fighting the last gang, he duels and wins against 3 experienced outlaws. He does all of what I've said so far on this list in the exact same day.
That night, Red Harlow causes a big brawl in Brimstone saloon. Red Harlow manages to fight off against huge buff men in the saloon without a scratch on him. Afterwards he then casually takes on another gang of outlaws in the next room, which started by Red dueling one of their men. Again all I've listed so far has happened in the same day.
After Red finds out that it was General Deigo who sent those men to kill him and his parent's, he immediately sets of to take on the entire Mexican army by himself. He attacks a Fort that is guarded by trained solders and wins against a huge wagon that was described by the sheriff as "a fortress on wheels" and he does all this like its nothing. Red did have the drop on him by Daren and was imprisoned in the mine that Deigo owned which was right next to the Fort Deigo. Being freed by his cousin Shadow Wolf, Red immediately manages to escape the mine. By the way, this mine was filled with armed miners, yet he managed to escape and kill most if not all of them.
Immediately after that with his weapons back, he attacks the Fort with Shadow Wolf by his side. Red manages to kill every single armed and trained solider in the Fort, including Daren. And right after that Red went after the Mexican train where he kill tons more of Deigos men and eventually Deigo himself. So let's just pause for a moment. Red Harlow, by himself, has done ALL of what I've said so far in just a day and a half.... what the fuck.
It gets even more crazy when after he kills Deigo, he goes back into Brimstone and signs up for the battle Royal, which is the dueling competition. Red Harlow faces against gunslingers like Mr Kelley, who is actually just as fast as Arthur Morgan. And Red manages to out duel Kelley and win. Please also note that in the book, the Sheriff himself states that "being better than most won't cut it, you have to be the best to win" and Red Harlow was the man who won the duel tournament.
Right after this, Red Harlow with Annie and Jack Swift go after Governor Griffon in his massive white house. This place was armed to the teeth with trained soldiers, and Red just casually kills them all. Red even manages to protect Jack for 2 minutes while he was unlocking the front door, protecting Jack from tons and tons of armed soldiers who are trying to kill Red and Jack.
Ofcourse Red manages to kill everyone and duels the Governor in the end, who is possibly just as fast if not faster than rdr1 John. Red rides off into the sunset with his new scorpion revolver from Griffon, satisfied with his revenge.
Red Harlow, basically all alone in this entire game, managed to do ALL OF THIS SHIT in just 2 days...
Red Harlow possiblely killed hundreds and hundreds of armed men in just 2 days. Red Harlow dueled and won again some of the greatest gunslingers in the franchise, he could kill abunch of men within a second before they could draw leather, he took on the biggest and most dangerous gangs in the series like it was nothing, and he did all of that in 2 days...
Now Arthur Morgans feats and John Marstons feats are very very impressive, however those feats happen within possibly weeks. Red Harlow managed to do so much more in so less time.
Red Harlow has to be the best gunslinger, he just has to be. I'm sorry if this is too long I just wanted to share my opinion on this subject.
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2023.05.30 13:14 elkend When using wireless transmitter the sound keeps going in and out

Like I play a note and the signal keeps going in and out. Any help on what this could be?
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2023.05.30 13:14 PinacoladaBunny Flexispot E7 - Correcting 'The Wobble'

After a great deal of deliberation, hours of research and a thorough assessment of what I actually needed from a standing desk... I settled for the Flexispot E7.
Some of the things which appealed to me were that the E7 goes significantly lower than most standing desks. As a shorter person, this flexibility for desk height was important. It also has a good load capacity weight, which although I don't have heavy tech equipment, I do have a tendency to lean on desks during meetings.
Putting the desk together was overall pretty straightforward. An electric screwdriver was definitely an essential piece of kit. However, once up... the back/front wobble was horrendous. The feet and legs were sitting comfortably and steadily on the floor, but the desktop had significant movement which would be very annoying.
Now, some of the screws had loosened in other parts of the desk when moving it from the upside-down state to right-way-up. Not sure why, they were in tightly when they were put in. Maybe gravity? Or movement of the desk as it flips over?!
So rather than taking the whole desk apart at 1am, we unscrewed the desktop from the frame (fiddly to do, and especially to get back on, but it worked). Lo and behold, the first screws that go in to hold to top of the frame steady were loose. A quick tighten of them all again, and much faffing about reattaching the desktop, it's now absolutely solid. Not a wobble of any amount to be seen.
One of the screws into the desktop has snapped in situ, so that's going to be an interesting hurdle to cover if I need to take the desk apart to move it whilst we're renovating.
However, with this fix I'm now very happy with the E7. Having the flexibility to move whilst working is great, and the desk itself looks smart too. I've bought a few accessories like a desktop mat, and a laptop stand to improve my set up too.
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2023.05.30 13:14 merfaewit13 If you can't handle negativity then there's a problem. It's you hi 👋 you're the problem it's you. At tea ☕️ time everybody agrees.

Sorry but I had to with this title. 🤣😂 for real though. I (34f) have a friend (31m) that doesn't like negativity at all. Even though he's negative sometimes. So earlier today we were talking on the phone cuz we live 5 hours apart and my mother who's negative because of past trauma in her life she never dealt with. Had came in the room so she could speak with me and my friend didn't like it because she had a negative tone in her voice.
She finishes talking, exists the room, and he starts talking about how annoying it is. Saying he may stop talking to me because he doesn't want to hear her negativity in the background. Which I have no control over I can't make her be quiet or not negative. We talk a bit longer and then I have to go out to take her to the store. Later on in the evening i call him up and he starts going off telling me that I need to get away from her, move out, better my life, and take responsibility.
I tell him I can't do that right now because my elderly parents mom (77) dad (84) need me as mom is getting her eyes fixed so they need a driver for the time being which I don't mind doing at all. Plus i dont have enough to move yet and couldnt afford living alone just yet either. My friend however thinks that I'm playing the victim and that I'm waiting for my parents to die before I'll do anything about my life. All because I can't do what he thinks I need to right now.
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2023.05.30 13:14 083dy7 I can’t breathe at night and it’s only getting worse

26 Female, white, 5’2 160lbs, GERD and IBS, currently taking omeprazole 20mg 2x a day and Pepcid 20mg at night with some TUMS
I have a deviated septum, so I’ve always been a mouth breather. I’ve also had sleep problems for as long as I can remember. My tonsils are on the bigger side so I had an at home sleep study and my ENT told me I was fine so he won’t remove them. He referred me to a sleep medicine doctor who I’ll see in August.
Between my horrible GERD, allergies and post nasal drip, I cannot breathe well during the day and have always been that person hacking up mucus, and it has become increasingly hard to swallow my phlegm. Now it’s started bothering me at night.
I toss and turn and it’s hard for me to get comfortable because if I’m not laying in a certain way, I can feel the mucus build up and suddenly cannot breathe. It feels like I am fighting, trying to swallow it all but it’s so difficult. I wake up at night and need to try to clear my throat because it feels like I wasn’t breathing. My boyfriend has mentioned I snore very loudly in my sleep, too.
I can’t keep living with this as it has made my already sleepless nights even worse. What can I do to stop being miserable and actually breathe again??? Is this an ENT issue or should I speak with my GI? Is there medicine I can take that will break down the mucus?
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2023.05.30 13:13 bigtallcurlyhair Please send me prayer

Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I seriously don’t know what hurts worse, my heart or my legs. I am doing this is a last resort because I am hungry and pretty much on the brink of homelessness. Please pray for me. I lost a loved one in early fall that I took care of and have been in between work from home jobs and now have no job and will have no home in two weeks. I lived off my fathers income because I took care of him. I am now down to nothing and live in a rural area and I have my rent internet and everything due. No speakable family and no transportation. I have tried churches and organizations to no avail. I also have no speakable family because they have disowned me. I’d appreciate anything if anyone could help, and even if you can help financially please send me prayers. I have thought about giving up but I don’t want to but it makes it dang near impossible not to. I am also ostercized for living in a small southern town and being lgbtq. Anyways I’m sorry to ask for this but I need money in the worst way I literally don’t know where my next bill or meal is going to come from? And if you say I’m faking I don’t care and won’t respond. Please help me even if it’s prayer. My cash app is $captainmidnight515
It feels better just to vent but thanks so much for reading this and I know it looks suspicious but I swear to you i am not lying. Thank you and sorry it is embarrassing to do this but I am desperate.
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2023.05.30 13:13 unfunnyfridays I just don't know anymore

I've been at this job for nearly a year. There are a few things going on that raise some concerns for me. I've tried to ask for either monthly or bimonthly meetings to speak about these things, and they never materialize
I feel like such a schmuck for putting myself in this situation. I should have more closely vetted them/had more of a longer interview process. Because now, I'm in the situation where, if they aren't willing to change a few things, then I don't feel okay about staying. I've tried to be really understanding and open minded that every person and culture does things differently. But now I am starting to think their issues have little to do with culture, or cognizant choice, and more to do with near complete ineptitude in the area of child development. (Which I can understand too, I have YEARS of practice, they do not).
So do I try and teach them? Or do I just move on? Do I ask them if they are open to help first? Or just keep trying to lead by example (which doesn't seem to be working). Or do I just give notice?
I adore my NK and I want the very best for her.
What a crappy day.
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2023.05.30 13:13 BlueCatSW9 Intensive business(?) laptop - UK - Lenovo Legion or Thinkpad?

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2023.05.30 13:13 Anemeros I understand why they included popular characters like Spider-Man & Captain America, but I wish the entire roster reflected the darker and more mystical setting of the game...

First, let me say that I love this game and really enjoyed the story. But, I wanted to imagine what it would have been like with a different roster. Of course it makes business sense to include Avengers and such, but let's pretend the game would have sold just as much if it didn't; who would take the place of who?
In my fantasy development of this game, I would have chosen characters that I felt better reflect the more violent, mythical and morally gray tone set by the Hunter and the Abbey.
Spider-Man is replaced by Daredevil. Similar backgrounds but very different vibes. Could even include Elektra for an interesting story dynamic.
Captain Marvel is replaced by Sentry. Comparable power level, but he is an edge lord that wouldn't bat an eye at all the apocalyptic madness going on.
Wolverine is replaced by X-23. Main reason for this is that Wolverine gets plenty of exposure, whereas X-23 fills a similar role but is far less explored.
Deadpool is replaced by The Punisher. Though I usually find Deadpool endearing, in this game he seemed pretty obnoxious and out of place, which I suppose was the point.
Ironman is replaced by Moon Knight. No, they aren't very similar but they both rely on their suit and technology, though Knight has a supernatural twist of course.
Captain America is replaced by either Black Widow or Winter Soldier. These two made the most sense to me, but couldn't decide which one would have been a better fit.
Storm is replaced by Nightcrawler. A different one to represent X-Men, and considering his dad is Azazel, he'd be right at home staring down the likes of Lilith and Mephisto.
Honorable mention to Psylocke and Gambit. Would love to see them in a sequel, if one were to happen.
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2023.05.30 13:13 Vngd- I think I've bricked my deck, help!

Hey! So I've had almost full storage on my deck for a while, even thought I had 0 games installed on the HDD itself (only micro SD). So I go to boot it up today and it says something along the lines of "Fatal Error, 250MB needed to update". Then shuts off and continues to boot loop. Now I done some looking online and saw a fix to hold down the power and 3 dots buttons and start from previous OS, but now it's stuck in another boot loop with a few pixels of white in the top right corner, I think its ruined. I'm stressing out as this is my only source of escapism and I think its my own fault. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
TDLR : Stuck in a bootloop on startup.
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2023.05.30 13:13 Terrible_Ship6141 Can you please help me to understand, so that I can try see things from my depressed ex's perspective?

Hi all,
I'm really hoping to hear the perspectives of those of you who suffer with your mental health. Do you find it difficult to exert an effort in a relationship while struggling with depression? Particularly those who aren't in therapy or taking medication.
The reason I ask is because my now ex boyfriend of just over a year broke up with me almost a month ago because he was struggling with depression. He had been feeling extremely overwhelmed with everything in his life and his coping mechanism was to avoid everything and kind of shut down and isolate himself. He told me he makes no effort to organise meet ups with friends. He hasn't seen most of them since November, and only goes along if they are the ones to plan something. He lost his sex drive, lost enthusiasm in doing the things he once enjoyed and all around just seemed very apathetic toward his life, had low self esteem and would often talk down about himself.
His reason for initiating our break up was that he felt he wasn't being fair to me. He wasn't enthusiastic about meeting me or making plans with me anymore, it was always me that made the plans. From my perspective, I was okay with making the plans because I had researched a lot about depression so that I could be a supportive partner and understood that it was important to get him out doing things that he used enjoy. I also gave him plenty of space and didn't go over the top with dates or plans, just things that we could still enjoy together and get him out from isolating. I always ensured he knew I was there for him through anything and that I loved him very much.
I didn't want the break up by any means, I wanted us to stay together and I would've tried my best to be a supportive, loving partner while he sought help. But he just felt that most days he couldn't deal with people in general, not the person themselves, but the obligations, situations, stress that they bring. He said that he didn't want to end things, but felt very hopeless and felt like he'd just make me miserable in the end.
So I write this to you all, not looking for advice on how to win him back, but just to help understand his perspective for ending our relationship and choosing to struggle alone instead of allowing me to be by his side. In the worst times, it can be very difficult not to take personally or not to feel good enough or that I could've done more for him. I just want to try and accept it now so that I can begin to heal and move on, however long it takes. Thank you.
TLDR: Depressed boyfriend broke up with me because he was struggling and feeling overwhelmed by everything, felt he couldn't put in a proper effort for a relationship, felt apathetic, numb, unenthusiastic, and felt he was being unfair to me and let me go, because he thought he would just make me miserable. I'm just looking to understand his perspective, from others here who struggle or have struggled with maintaining a relationship in the past while depressed too.
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2023.05.30 13:13 bigtallcurlyhair Please send me good vibes and thoughts it’s a bad time

Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I seriously don’t know what hurts worse, my heart or my legs. I am doing this is a last resort because I am hungry and pretty much on the brink of homelessness. Please pray for me. I lost a loved one in early fall that I took care of and have been in between work from home jobs and now have no job and will have no home in two weeks. I lived off my fathers income because I took care of him. I am now down to nothing and live in a rural area and I have my rent internet and everything due. No speakable family and no transportation. I have tried churches and organizations to no avail. I also have no speakable family because they have disowned me. I’d appreciate anything if anyone could help, and even if you can help financially please send me prayers. I have thought about giving up but I don’t want to but it makes it dang near impossible not to. I am also ostercized for living in a small southern town and being lgbtq. Anyways I’m sorry to ask for this but I need money in the worst way I literally don’t know where my next bill or meal is going to come from? And if you say I’m faking I don’t care and won’t respond. Please help me even if it’s prayer. My cash app is $captainmidnight515
It feels better just to vent but thanks so much for reading this and I know it looks suspicious but I swear to you i am not lying. Thank you and sorry it is embarrassing to do this but I am desperate.
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2023.05.30 13:12 VW2001 Effective Time Management Tips for CSIR-UGC-NET-JRF/LS Exam Preparation

Hey fellow CSIR-NET aspirants!
As we embark on this 30-day journey of preparation, I wanted to share some valuable tips on effective time management during our exam preparation. Time management plays a crucial role in maximizing our productivity and ensuring that we cover all the necessary topics thoroughly. So, let's dive right in!
Remember, effective time management is all about finding the right balance between accuracy and speed. While it's important to answer questions correctly, it's equally crucial to utilize your time efficiently throughout the exam.
Feel free to share your own time management strategies or any other tips you find helpful in the comments below. Let's support each other in this challenging yet rewarding journey towards CSIR-NET success!
Good luck, and keep up the fantastic work!
- Alec
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2023.05.30 13:12 fastdeer1 I lied to my wife about finances and feel awful

M 30 F 26. Please don’t attack me, I’m seeking advice here. And I hope this doesn’t get too long winded please stay with me. I know I messed up, I know I have a spending issue. I make good money about twice what my wife makes. We each have our own savings account and deal with our money on our own. We split the bills. Sometimes one of us covers more than the other for something, it works good for us. Now my wife and I are total opposites on money, I’m about as loose as it gets with spending and she’s as tight as it gets with saving. I love toys, boats campers dirt bikes four wheelers trucks etc. Long story short I went out and took a loan out on a dirt bike to reunite with my younger self from when I used to ride a lot. Knowing my wife wouldn’t approve I lied and said I traded some generators and stuff for it. (I knew if I did tell her she would have talked sense into me like do we really need this and she would be right.) Well shortly after buying it we found out we are pregnant. So I know I won’t have much time to ride, so I list it for sale. It sells and my wife asks what I’m going to do with the money, I said pay off the loan. Obviously that led to a talk and her feeling so hurt I lied to her. It killed me inside. I hate disappointing my wife. We have an amazing marriage (I’m tearing up typing this). She knows I have debt but she’s not fully aware just how much. After seeing how hurt she was by a mere 7000 dollar dirt bike I’m terrified to tell her about the credit cards and boat loan that she doesn’t know about. She knows I have some credit card debt but I only told her about half of what it is. I want to tell her so bad but I don’t want to hurt her. Part of me just wants to hammer on overtime and get everything paid off and be done with it. Knowing I have a child on the way opened my eyes and I can’t keep blowing my money like an idiot.
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2023.05.30 13:11 VictoryWide2251 Why does some misinformation about Konami still get spread

I am not trying to be a bootlicker or anything but some stuff people claim is either truthfully bent or simply false. Let's begin with a big one THE SNAKE EATER PACHISLOT WAS MADE BY A COMPLETELY SEPERATE TEAM. NONE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES FROM GAMES DIVISION WORKED ON IT. The subsidiary who made it shut down less than a year later too (also it came out 7 years ago). People also mention how Survive (5 years ago btw) made you pay for an extra save slot when it wasn't even that it was just for more characters on same account, which tons of online games already do before and after it.(also people talk about how the story is too stupid but imo it's your own fault for expecting the goofy spinoff game to be the fucking Citizen Kane of videogame storytelling [also before anyone mentions Revengeance that game's story is only deep if you have never interacted with any media beyond Sesame Street but that's personally just my opinion]). A lot of the staff made previous entries as well before anyone goes "Well they made a single mediocre game so I don't trust the developers at all" As for one of the companies recent non MG games people will mention how bad Contra Rogue Corps was, but that was outsourced to Toylogic. Don't get me wrong I think the management make stupid decisions all the time but don't go treating the actual dev teams like shit. They have released some good games recently such as Super Bomberman Online, Castlevania Grimoire Of Souls (which wasn't shut down btw it's a single player game it's just only on Apple Arcade no longer f2p with all microtransactions removed), and Zone Of The Enders The Second Runner MARS.
TL;DR some of the stuff people bitch about was years ago, one of those things has almost no actual impact on the series outside of the controversy of it's release, and it isn't the devs fault for whatever higher-ups make them create.
Edit: Not calling Revengeance bad btw I love it I just personally think the story isn't as profound as some act
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2023.05.30 13:11 Ok_Mission_2167 Seeking Advice and Support: Our Journey through Infertility and IVF

Hi everyone,
My wife (40F) and I (38M) have been on a challenging journey to conceive for the past eight years, and we could really use some advice and support right now. Here's a summary of our treatment journey so far:
In 2019, we underwent an IUI procedure in the UAE, which unfortunately failed to result in pregnancy. In 2022, we decided to try IVF in India without genetic testing. Out of the four embryos we obtained on day three, we transferred two in May and the remaining two in September. Sadly, none of them implanted.
In 2023, we opted for IVF at a reputable clinic in Dubai. After the January IVF cycle, only two out of the 14 retrieved eggs reached the blastocyst stage. Unfortunately, both embryos had genetic abnormalities (trisomy 7 and trisomy 11). Our doctor recommended keeping them for later use while suggesting fresh egg retrieval and connecting us with a specialist to improve egg quality.
The specialist conducted various tests, including assessments for oxidative stress and metal poisoning. Surprisingly, my wife's oxidative stress levels were high (around 400) due to lead poisoning caused by a tooth implant. We received treatment for this issue and also underwent ozone therapy and NAD therapy, which, admittedly, were quite expensive. In total, we've spent approximately 25kUSD in Dubai and about 15kUSD in India so far.
Recently, we completed another egg retrieval, and this time we managed to obtain 15 eggs, of which nine fertilized and reached the blastocyst stage. We were thrilled, but our happiness was dampened when the genetic results came back. Only one euploid embryo was identified among the nine, which was truly heartbreaking for us.
Our clinic has given us two options: to undergo more retrievals without a guarantee of obtaining a euploid embryo or to proceed with the transfer this month. Emotionally and financially drained, we are seriously considering the transfer, hoping that this will be our chance to finally have a biological child.
Now, here's where we need your help and advice. Our functional specialist, who initially recommended expensive ozone and NAD therapy, is now suggesting intralipid injections before the implantation to suppress NCS cells. We researched about them online and stumbled upon threads claiming that this immunosuppressing therapy is associated with serious health risks as a result of suppressed immune system.
We kindly request your insight and experiences regarding the use of intralipid injections before implantation. We are willing to go to any extent to have a biological child, but we can't help but question the intentions of some IVF clinics, fearing that our best interests may not align with theirs.
Please share your thoughts, experiences, and any advice you may have. We greatly appreciate your support during this difficult time, and your prayers as we embark on this transfer.
Thank you all.
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2023.05.30 13:11 NoUsernameHereNow How can I love God when everything feels like a punishment?

I’m sorry I’m writing this, because I feel like I’m letting Him down by doing so, but I have to ask it.
I know it’s probably quite a common question, but it’s so hard to have faith when it feels like nothing you do is right. I’m losing my job, I have no loving relationship, I’m very unhappy with my appearance and I feel like my faith was only ever based on the belief that things would get better.
I know that isn’t true faith. True faith is loving Him no matter what. I find it’s so easy to thank God when life is going as planned, and when it isn’t, I try so hard not to blame him but I can’t think of anyone else to blame but myself.
My faith feels like an abusive relationship at this point. I try to be a good person and I know I’m not (I can be hard to be friends with, even narcissistic at times and I’ve taken advantage of people in the past), but I was under the impression that I’d confessed all that and it would be forgiven, on the basis that I’d change and be better.
I’m trying my best, but it never feels enough, and whenever things go wrong, it’s like I hear this voice that says “you deserve this, and you were stupid to think otherwise”.
I know that voice isn’t God’s, but it’s all I hear. And how can I believe in Him and love Him when I don’t hear His voice reassuring me that I don’t deserve it?
I just feel like I’m being punished for someone I USED to be, and I don’t know what to do about it.
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2023.05.30 13:11 seasaltbreezemeow My toxic family is ruining my life. I've been planning on leaving them and need your advice regarding this dire situation.

I, 20 (F), am a student in Bengaluru currently pursuing my UG in humanities. I will be starting my third (final) year soon. My majors are history and political science. I come from a middle class, hyper-religious, orthodox Muslim family where I am subject to extreme forms of control and manipulation in the name of religion. Currently, I am financially dependent on my father and it is such that I am not being allowed to pursue a job to gain financial independence to leave the house which is extremely crucial to me.
My parents are abusive, toxic and controlling and often harass me. They threaten to withdraw me from my degree and get me married forcefully. I am 20 and a legal adult but they continue to micromanage every little detail in my life from what I wear, where I go, what I do and whom I talk to. They hit me, threaten me, stalk me and take away my gadgets and the little freedoms I have everytime I try to speak up for myself. My physical as well as mental health are ailing due to these conditions.
The problem is that both my parents as well as the rest of my family are extremely controlling to an extent that I cannot step outside the house without their permission, talk to guys, hangout with my friends, dress as I wish without verbal as well as physical abuse. I am also forced to return home before 5 no matter what except college events in which I am expected to call, send photographs or videos of the events taking place. I am also forced to strictly wear hijab as well as the burqa and partake in religious meetings at the mosque despite being an atheist.
I refused to attend these religious meetings and my parents threatened to cut off my monthly allowance and continued harassing me every single day until I finally caved in and went to the mosque. I’m not allowed to work jobs or do anything without their permission and approval. They stalk me, follow me around and constantly monitor me whenever I leave the house through the means of phone and video calls which causes me great distress and anxiety attacks to the point that I am unable to function regularly in my social as well as personal life and perform properly academically. I have to go through abuse just to ask money from my dad or deal with his scummy behavior for a while until I get it. I have been diagnosed with various mental disorders as well as depression and anxiety by NIHMANS psychiatry and am currently receiving treatment for the same.
The situation is complicated further because of my parents' situation. For background, my parents' marriage fell apart around when I was in 12th standard (around 2019) due to a variety of causes including an extramarital affair and a second marriage my father had accompanied by domestic violence on my mother as well as me.
My mother shifted to Bangalore last month with my siblings here from our hometown to keep me closer to her and further impose restrictions on me as well as monitor me. She even enrolled my siblings in schools nearby.
I have reached the tipping point where I am unable to tolerate this situation anymore and have decided to leave the house. I genuinely feel threatened for my safety and wellbeing each day I live in this house and need to desperately leave and focus on my career and studies. Please provide insight into further action I could take as well as legal advice on the above as I am sure that my family would go to great lengths to harass me after I leave.
Most importantly, I plan on getting a job and work while pursuing my degree to sustain myself for the time being after leaving. Are there any people who could provide me with information regarding both part time and full time jobs that I could do as a student alongside my college? It would be much appreciated if I could be provided with advice on proceeding with leaving the household, getting jobs/internships to sustain myself as well as legal advice pertaining to my situation and finally to prepare for the worst case scenario. I'm proficient in multiple languages, editing for magazines, know a bit about content writing, good at making art and embroidery, fashion designing and worked in event management. I'm yet to learn how to do design work digitally, but I'll be getting into it soon. I know it's early to think about further studies in my current state and would prove even more difficult if I leave my family, however, my goal is to be financially stable for now.
P.S. I did contact St_broseph who's much revered in the sub for going out of their way to help people.
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2023.05.30 13:11 tombaugh-regio Islam is a good coping mechanism

It's almost been a year since I left Islam, I'm an atheist now however no one knows yet.
I just came back from funeral. A close family friend lost her brother today and the only thing keeping her going was that "god is merciful" and that "he's in a better place with god's mercy" to me all this was bs since I don't believe in the soul or in god but seeing how this was the only thing keeping her sane made me realize that ignorance really is bliss. And to some people they do need religion no matter how fucked up it is it's something to lean on when you can't really do anything. She's got quraan playing 24/7, she's planning on giving food to the poor , she's praying for him. All these things are useless but to her its comfort that she's able to "help" him in some way.
I've never really seen religion or Islam in the light until today and wanted to share it and hear your thoughts
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2023.05.30 13:11 OoopsieWhoopsie Oh? Give me attitude because you think you're entitled to see my son whenever you feel like it? I'll snitch you out to everyone.

Buckle up, because this is a long one, but I'll put the TL;DR at the top to save you some time.
TL;DR: My mom thinks she's entitled to see my newborn son whenever she feels like it, on her schedule. Copped a major attitude when I told her that she can't visit during my FiL's short time with him, and wouldn't compromise when I offered her a better time when her other daughter and granddaughters will be visiting from out of state. I snitched her out to my aunt and grandma, mom said on FB my sister and I were keeping her away from her grandkids, we all clapped back with proof.
My mom(56) and I(26f) have never had a good relationship. She's a narcissist, chooses men over her own family, and acts like her kids are an embarrassment and a burden. I am the youngest of 3, and all of us are polite, law abiding citizens that have never gave her a reason to feel ashamed of us. Near the end of her marriage with her ex husband, all three of us went NC, but my older brother hadn't spoken to her in almost 10 years.
I had moved 2300 miles away, looking for a fresh start, and I was finally happy. My aunt, her sister, would give me unsolicited updates on her, and about two years into my new life, my mom's was crashing down. My aunt begged me to help her, and I stupidly did. I got my mom out of her abusive marriage and she had to literally flee in the middle of the night and drive to me.
Not 6 months after she left and her divorce was finalized, she breaks my ((No dating for 1 year rule)) because she's a serial dater and starts seeing this guy she works with. 3 weeks later she moves in with him, leaving half her crap at my place. She lives 15 minutes away
I recently gave birth to my beautiful son almost two weeks ago. He is the best thing to have ever happen to my fiancé and I and we couldn't be happier... Well maybe if my mom wasn't such a brat about everything.
If I had to give a percentage to the amount of support I've received from her during my pregnancy AND delivery, it's like 3%. I stupidly thought she'd be a mom and be there for me during my delivery, instead she sat on the recliner, bitched about how late at night and how tired she is, and when it came to actually pushing, she just sat on her phone playing Candy Crush. Seriously, the OB was about to kick her out, he was so annoyed. Mind you, I had been having non-stop, back to back agonizing contractions for 4 hours and I didn't call her until my water broke and they gave me the epidural for her to come in. Once my son was out and into the world, she stayed for maybe 10 mins and then bounced because she was "exhausted". I didn't engage her asshole nature because I wanted a stress free labor. And that's just the cliff notes version of her behavior, there's a lot more and a lot worse. Oh and to top it off, my son was born (early morning) on her and her boyfriend's 1 year anniversary so apparently I ruined her special day. Because of her "all nighter" that she claims to have pulled, she got a sinus infection and I banned her from seeing my son until she got better.
Last Friday, she got the all clear from her doctor and we planned a 1pm visit on Sunday. 12:30pm she texts me "I'll be by later." I asked her what time she need to reschedule so that my son would be in a good mood for her. No reply. 5pm rolls around and I asked her if she was coming over at all. She said "No, I got an allergic reaction to Poison Oak and my eyes are swollen." Okay whatever, I don't want that near my son anyways. I let her know that my FiL will be visiting this week, but my sister and nieces, her other daughter and granddaughters, are making the 11 hour drive up this weekend.
My amazing fiancé (27m) is from Puerto Rico. He has zero family that lives here. Everyone lives in PR. His parents are going through a divorce after 28 years of marriage. Our son is their first grandchild. My FiL was in the states visiting his extended family when my son was born. He bought a $500+, last minute, one way ticket to see his grandson. It was also the first time I met him. He's a lovely man and even made me dinner his first night here. He wouldn't let me cook for him because I "needed to rest". Like father, like son.
My mom calls me and asks when she can see my son. I remind her that my FiL is here for only 3 days, but her daughter and granddaughters will be here this weekend so it'll be even better for her to come over then.
Oh no, that doesn't work for her. She gets pissy with me, asking why she can't visit during the week, essentially wanting to steal what precious little time my FiL has. She says "I only want to visit for 15-20mins". Yep. That short. She cannot for some reason, bare to hang out with me for more than that or she "gets bored". Everything that I have in quotes are actual direct words from her btw. I ask her why she's being so bratty about this and she says "You know what?! Nevermind! Forget it. You can't make time for me and you're making excuses to keep me away from my grandson." I tell her that she had her chance to see him Sunday, appointment made and everything, I don't know why visiting this weekend would be so hard for her. She keeps copping more attitude and entitlement towards me, and I tell her that I'm done and hang up.
And I'm done. She does not get to dictate when she sees MY son. I even offered her a better opportunity and she acted like a child not getting the toy they wanted. So I told my sister. Then I got the grand idea of ratting her out to my aunt and grandma since my mom loves to put on airs that she's been present in my life.
So I did, and oh boy are they pissed. While I am having a phone call with them, my mom is posting on her Facebook about how her kids are keeping her away from her grandkids when all she does is try to "Support and be there for them". Of course her friends are commenting saying that "millennials these days think they can do whatever they want and not think about other people's feelings" and "So sorry they are treating you this way. You are a wonderful woman, and you deserve to see your grandbabies, file for visitation under the grandparents rights" ACTUAL COMMENTS.
And we let them know the REAL truth of how great of a grandma my mom really is. And I mean me, my sister, my aunts (because now both of my mom's sisters are involved instead of just the one), my fiancé, and even my brother who at this point went from NC to LC with her through association with me, all commented and told her friends the real truth, with screenshots to prove it.
Now she's been crying and saying her friends are calling her fake and that I've ruined her social life. My grandma called her and told her that my grandpa would be ashamed of her if he knew how she's been behaving.
Don't paint me and my sister out to be the bad guy when you are the one who put yourself in this position. Maybe if you were actually the great mother and grandmother you pretended to be, we wouldn't be here.
So did I snitch? Hell yeah I snitched. I'm a mother now and I will NEVER be like her.
((In case anyone is wondering why I kept giving her chance after chance... She's my mom. All I ever wanted was my mom to love me and be my mom. My dad died tragically when I was 7 and I have felt like an orphan ever since. I've been a burden to her and all I wanted was her maternal love.))
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2023.05.30 13:10 besttuna4558 Tips for dealing with a reactive dog

I was referred to this subreddit. My dog is a 1.5 year old male black lab/Australian Shepard mix. He's a really great dog overall. I've had him since he was ~8 weeks old. He's very smart and listens quite well... However, he is VERY social. If we are on a walk and sees another dog, he will start jumping, yelping, and pulling to meet this other dog. My apartment is also across from a dog park, and he will look out the window and wait for dogs to go to the park. He then charges the door and cries to go outside. Naturally, this behavior is very off putting to strangers. I've taken him to multiple training classes starting as a puppy and I've also hired a private trainer a few times. I think part of it is my fault, as I haven't had the time to properly redirect his attention when outside. I have a bit more time now that my program is finishing up, so when we go for our walks I can focus more on redirecting this behavior. Before he notices a dog, I usually try to have him sit or lay down and then put him in stay or ask him to focus. I'll keep feeding him treats throughout this. However, once he sees the dog there is no treat in the world that can gain his attention. He might go back into sit and accept the treat, but then will immediately starting jumping. It seems like a lack of inhibition.
Are there any tips for addressing this issue? I'd like to start biking with him, but at the very least I'd like him to not scare people.
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2023.05.30 13:10 Fun_Conversation6667 Train of the future: non-stop trains with catch-up cars

So this is more an idea than an invention since I can’t redo a whole city’s transportation system myself, but I wanted to see what you thought.
So, taking the train or metro isn’t popular for most people because it takes too long - too many stops and transfers. So what if the train didn’t stop? Bear with me.
A high-speed train (like a 300 mph maglev train) zooming around the city non-stop could pass by every station in like 1/10 of the the normal time. Built right, you wouldn’t even need any transfers, it would be one long line passing by the every station in the city in less than half an hour.
But then how would people get on and off the train? At each station, people would get on a one-car “transfer train.” This small transfer train would then catch up with the high-speed train when it is passing (the two tracks would meet), latch onto its tail, effectively becoming the last car of the train (and perhaps turning off its engine). Passengers would then transfer cars while in motion: those who got on at the last station would move into the main train, those wanting to get off at the next station would go the other way - from the main train to the last car (also passing through the engine room).
The transfer train would then unlatch and go to the next station, slowing down and stopping to unload passengers.
Repeat for each station.
So how feasible would this be if a city decided to do it? There might be some engineering challenges in getting the transfer car and main high-sped train to latch on seamlessly and having passengers transfer safely from one car to another at high speed. Or maybe not, it’s already being done?
In theory, you might be able to turn a regular city metro into this system without starting from scratch - the regular metro trains could be the transfer trains. You would just need to add a high-speed train they could catch up to, and to which they could latch/unlatch.
Thoughts? Can we convince Elon Musk to build this for us? 😂
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