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Jweig sat crosslegged outside the door to his home, his gaze fixed on the churning waves crashing against the edge of the reef. The air was heavy with anticipation, a palpable tension that seemed to cling to every leaf and blade of grass. Vzrim, his friend and neighbour who often worked the same fields as him, approached, a worried expression etched on his face.
"Jweig, do you feel it? Something is not right", Vzrim said, his voice laced with concern.
Jweig nodded solemnly. "Yes, Vzrim. I sense it too; the winds have been restless, and the sky wears a dark cloak. Our home is in the grip of an approaching storm."
As if on cue, the first gusts of wind began to whip through the coconut trees, rustling their fronds with an eerie whisper and howling between the exposed roots of the mangroves. The once calm sea transformed into a seething mass of frothy waves, crashing violently against the shoreline. The villagers scurried about, dashing back to the village of Pribd in an attempt to secure themselves and their families from the raging winds.
Vraiŋ, the Marvuč of the village - a role which had long since lost much of its significance on Dzoagvrin, but not here on Nyæŋpuj, emerged from his home, his aged eyes scanning the horizon. The stars had not predicted any storm of this magnitude, or at least not the ones that he read. The storm season would come much later in the cycle, so what had not been foretold here? "Vzrim, Jweig, gather the people. We must seek shelter in the sturdy buildings on higher ground. This storm will be unlike any we have seen." He was guessing, but what storm comes so early in the moon cycle? Someone must have angered their ancestors, and they were not going to calm easily.
The villagers hurried to obey, their footsteps echoing with urgency as they moved towards the granaries, which were built raised with sturdy foundations on higher ground away from the coast to avoid the effects of floods and the moist sea air, as well as Vraiŋ's stargazing room, built far inland, away from the fires of the village. Rather than getting caught in the commotion, Vzrim and Jweig lent helping hands to the elderly and the young. Panic mingled with the fear in their eyes as the wind howled and the rain started to pour, casting a veil of darkness over not just the village, but the whole island.
As they crowded in whatever stable building they could find, the villagers huddled together, seeking solace in each other's presence. The sound of thunder reverberated through the air, shaking the very foundations of their refuge. The storm unleashed its fury upon Nyæŋpuj, lashing the island with relentless force.
Hours went by as the tempest raged on. The villagers held onto hope, their spirits intertwined with resilience. Ŋwuuz, a seasoned fisherman, whispered words of encouragement, something about the strength that lay within everyone's hearts that would help them through this. Vraiŋ sounded his agreement; even if they couldn't see them, the stars would guide them through - he was, however, hoping more than reading at this point.
As if to erode what little remained of their spirit, a creaking followed by a sudden crash pierced through the deafening roar of the storm. While those who could see beyond the building they were hiding in could not see beyond the rain, the sound of falling trees was unmistakable. Even if it did play host to the sturdiest buildings, who hides out in a forest in the middle of a storm? Surely this would be the end of them all?
Amid the chaos, a peculiar calm suddenly settled upon the village. The deafening winds that had once threatened to tear everything apart seemed to subside, leaving behind a profound, almost surreal silence. The villagers exchanged bewildered glances, their expressions a mixture of relief and confusion. Surely the storm would not end this quickly?
Jweig, eager to return home, cautiously creeped out from the shelter, his eyes widening in disbelief as he witnessed the spectacle before him. The raging storm had transformed into an oasis of tranquility. Clear sky was emerging overhead, revealing a serene expanse of blue that contrasted starkly with the menacing storm clouds that had encloaked the village just a few short moments ago.
"The storm... it has calmed," Jweig called out, his voice carrying the disbelief that echoed in his heart.
Vraiŋ, who had sheltered along with Jweig in his stargazing room, turned his gaze towards Jweig with concern. "Be cautious, Jweig," he warned, his voice laced with uncertainty. "This calm may be deceiving."
Jweig, filled with relief, hubris and an overpowering eagerness to return to his home, hesitated for a moment, considering Vraiŋ's words. The sight of the clear sky above and the lull in the winds was too strong; he persuaded himself that the worst was over. He glanced back at Vraiŋ, a hopeful smile playing on his lips, and confidently declared, "I think we're safe now, Vraiŋ. I'll make my way back home."
With that, Jweig ventured out into the open, stepping cautiously onto the rain-soaked ground. The silence was almost eerie, broken only by the distant sound of crashing waves. "Do not follow him", warned Vraiŋ. "He is a foolish man". The village stood in an uneasy stillness, its inhabitants waiting for the storm's next move.
Mere minutes after Jweig had left, the ominous clouds on the horizon once again began to gather. The calm was but an illusion, and the storm was far from over. Jweig found himself trapped outside, battling against the ferocious winds and driving rain. He fought desperately to find shelter, but visibility was reduced to mere meters, and the chaos engulfed him. The villagers, mentally shielding themselves from the predicament they knew Jweig was in, they could only hope that he was safe.
Time stretched on, and the storm continued to rage, its wrath unabated. The villagers clung to hope, fearing for their lives. They exchanged worried glances, their hearts heavy with uncertainty. But with no way to venture out into the relentless weather, they could only wait and hope.
Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the storm began to subside. The wind gradually lost its ferocity, and the rain transformed into a gentle drizzle. As the villagers emerged from their shelters, their eyes wide with awe and disbelief at the scene before them.
The once vibrant landscape of Nyæŋpuj lay transformed. Trees lay uprooted, their branches scattered like broken dreams. Some had fallen through houses in which people were sheltering; whether any survived was yet to be told. The shoreline had shifted, eroded by the relentless assault of the waves. The mangroves, which once marked the border between land and sea, now lay isolated in the middle of a great pool, where they still stood at all. The centre of Pribd, once a bustling village, now reduced to rubble and the fields reduced to marshes. What once was fertile land on which maize, squash and beans were grown was now either churned beyond recognition by the lashing waves, or still covered under a film of saltwater.
Gyias, an young boy who han only recently begun working the fields, choked back tears as he surveyed the devastation. "Our village... Our island... It will take years to rebuild what has been lost."
Vraiŋ placed a comforting hand on Gyias' shoulder, his voice filled with determination. "We will rebuild, Gyias. We have faced hardships before, and we will overcome this too. Our ancestors survived the challenges of the land, and so shall we. They can share their experiences through the stars, and together we will come through. Yes, it will take time, but we are a resilient people, and we will overcome this. The stars will guide us to it."
His words ignited a spark of hope within the hearts of the villagers. They began to gather whatever salvageable materials they could find amidst the wreckage. With each wooden beam and every stone they cleared, their determination grew, fueled by a collective sense of unity.
Disheartened yet resolute, the villagers continued combing through what was left of their town, assessing the damage and discussing their next steps. It became clear that the village of Pribd was no longer a place where their needs could be met. The once fertile fields were now waterlogged and salty, and the proximity to the sea made it vulnerable to future storms of this magnitude. They needed a new home, a place where they could rebuild and thrive.
The villagers looked to Vraiŋ for guidance, their trust in him unwavering. Vraiŋ stepped forward with a determined look in his eyes. "My fellow Pribdpuj, we cannot remain here amidst the ruins. We must seek refuge elsewhere, away from the unforgiving coast. We need higher ground and fertile land to start anew. Let us travel west, to the hills, and find a suitable place to establish a new village!"
The residents of Pribd packed what belongings and food they could find and embarked on a journey, away from the desolation of their once vibrant home. The group of wanderers both young and old, walked through the forest to the hills, with each step distancing themselves from the coast and the harrowing memories of the storm.
As they crossed rivers and traversed dense forests, their journey tested their physical endurance and mental resilience, but their determination and their helpnessness pushed them forward. Where else could they go? As they passed though more villages ravaged by the storm, occasionally picking up survivors or food from those hit badly enough that only remnants survived, it became clear just how much devastation had been unleashed.
Each of the villagers did find one fond memory to keep on this journey, however... It was as they climbed a steep incline, they caught their first glimpse of their salvation. From the top of the hill, the villagers beheld a breathtaking sight; nestled in the valley below, a town, comparitavely untouched by the storm, awaited them. The hills lining the edge of the valley had fields carved into them, below them people scurried around, rebuilding the town as necessary.
The villagers descended into the valley, their weariness replaced by renewed hope. The sight of a functioning town provided a glimmer of what their own future could be. They approached the outskirts of the settlement, cautiously making their way down the slopes.
Curious eyes followed their every move as they entered the town. The villagers sought out the Marv, someone all people knew they could trust, hoping for guidance and assistance. Vraiŋ stepped forward, a mix of weariness and determination etched onto his face. "May I speak with your Marv", he announced.
A hush fell upon the gathered townspeople as gasps escaped their lips. Whispers of disbelief filled the air, carrying their disbelief and confusion. "They don't know?" they murmured, their voices barely audible. Eventually one woman, her face etched with sorrow, finally spoke up. "Our wise Marvupt... she perished in the great storm", she said, her voice trembling with grief.
Vraiŋ's brows furrowed with concern, his eyes scanning the crowd. "But who has succeeded her? May I speak with your new Marv?" he asked, his voice filled with urgency.
The woman's gaze met Vraiŋ's, her eyes brimming with sorrow and a glimmer of hope. "In her dying breaths, our Marvupt foretold of a successor who would come from beyond the hills," she revealed.
Vraiŋ's heart skipped a beat, his eyes widening with realization. The stars had led him and his people to this town for a reason. Their destinies were woven together, the villagers needed a town more than anything, while the town needed a Marvuč more than anything. The weight of this revelation settled upon Vraiŋ, and a newfound determination was ignited within him. He would step into the role the people needed, the town would find solace in his leadership, but most of all he would be able to unite the villagers and the townspeople.
"What is the name of this town?", asked Vraiŋ, to which the woman responded "Bæn". Vraiŋ took a deep breath, his voice resonating with authority as he addressed the villagers of Bæn. "I am Vraiŋ, and I have come from beyond the hills as the successor foretold by your Marvupt. The stars have guided us to this town, and now I shall guide you through the challenges that lie ahead."
A mix of astonishment and curiosity rippled through the crowd as they absorbed Vraiŋ's words. The townspeople had been anticipating a new Marv, someone to lead them in the aftermath of the storm, but they had not expected a whole flood of people seeking refuge. Questions arose, concerns about resources and the future of their town. Shouts of "get out" echoed amongst the crowd, from people who did not want to share their already damaged food stocks with these newcomers, but Vraiŋ stood firm. He had been foretold as the leader, and he was not going to abandon his friends, his family, his people, to lead only the existing residents of Bæn.
As he settled in to his new role, Vraiŋ ordered the immediate repair of fields damaged in the storm, to be followed by construction of new fields, to feed the new arrivals. He pressed the villagers of Pribd, whom he had led to the valley and residents of Bæn alike into bands who would reshape the hillsides into fertile land. The people of Bæn, though initially taken aback by the request, as why should they construct fields for people who couldn't even settle a town in the right place, soon came to realise the necessity of this endeavour - the villagers were part of their town now whether they liked it or not; the stars had foretold it and demanded it... They didn't want to offend the ancestors of these people to the point they sent another storm! With the knowledge and experience they possessed, they set to work, gradually repairing terraces and carving new ones into the hills over the course of months.
In the town below, Vraiŋ took control of the granaries within the town, ensuring the fair distribution of food amongst newly arrived villagers and townspeople alike. While there were initial murmurs of discontent, people were having to survive on less, and food was being given to people who hadn't even planted it, however the people soon recognized the importance of a fair and organized distribution system, as it ensured that everyone was kept alive to plant next year's harvest, whether their fields remained intact or not.
As the months went by, the residents of Bæn adapted to their new reality. Reconstruction efforts progressed steadily, with each newly formed terrace a testament to their resilience and hard work. Vraiŋ oversaw the process, providing guidance and encouragement, watching the stars more carefully than ever, and trying his hardest to be a pragmatic and just leader.
Things were finally starting to look up.
TL;DR: The coastal, lowland village of Pribd on Nyæŋpuj is hit directly by an early season hurricane. The village is destroyed and its fields rendered irrepairable, so the villagers end up leaving with the intent of founding a new village inland. They instead settle in the town of Bæn, which has only been damaged, rather than destroyed, by the hurricane due to its sheltered position behind the hills on the western side of the island. It is revealed that Bæn lost their Marv (leadesoothsayer) in the storm. Before the storm, the Marv of Bæn predicted that there would be a new Marv for Bæn from afar in the near future. The Marv of Pribd recognises himself as this new Marv from afar. The story ends with the damage to Bæn slowly being repaired, and the Marv formerly of Pribd cementing his power as leader of Bæn.
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My wife and I had been travelling around Europe for several weeks now, and currently we were in Spain at a popular tourist location on the coast. We had just arrived at the seaside town in the early afternoon and proceeded to check into the hostel. Frustratingly there had been a mix up, and instead of the private two-person room I thought we had reserved, we were instead booked into a four person room. They had nothing else available and given the popularity of the area we were not going to find anything better on short notice. The staff advised us that only one other guest was booked in and they were yet to arrive so we might be lucky and get the room to ourselves.
I have been married to my wife Emma for almost 8 years. Emma is a 5'2" petite brunette and despite having a petite frame, she has amazing curves, with a fantastic set of D cup breasts. My favorite part of her body however is her ass, closely followed by her hips. She works out a lot, and squats have done her wonders. It's the kind of ass that men can't help but stare at when she walks by in her yoga pants, and watching guys attempt to catch sneaky glances at her is a pleasure of mine.
The weather in Spain was sweltering so we planned to spend the afternoon at the beach. The great thing about Europe is the sexual open mindedness. The beaches are full of topless women and tiny bikinis. Em doesn't tend to wear anything too skimpy, at least not in public, but I had managed to convince her to buy a little white bikini that covered a lot less than what she would normally wear. We found our room, locked our belongings away and changed ready for the beach. Em put on her new bikini and then slipped a red loose fitting summer dress over top. As I pulled up my board shorts, I had to adjust my semi erection to get them on. I don't know what had turned me on more, my gorgeous wife's figure in her revealing bikini, or the idea of her wearing that out public.
We arrived at the beach and eventually found a spot with enough space for us to lay down our towels under partial shade.
"I'm already so hot, I'm going to jump in the water" Em said just after we set up our spot.
"No problem, I'll just wait here" I responded. As she walked down to the sea, I was hypnotized watching her barely covered ass gently bounce from side to side. I could feel the blood rushing into my crotch and had almost got it under control when Em headed back from the water, the wet cloth clinging tightly to her large jiggling tits. I glanced down and noticed the faintest outline of her pussy showing through the thin white material.
Em noticed me poring over her physique, laughed and said "I see you like my new outfit" whilst looking down at my shorts, at which moment I realized that I was so focused on Em that I had forgotten about the tent that was forming in my shorts.
A little embarrassed, I quickly rolled onto my stomach, pushing my erection out of the way. Em came over, leaned down so that her large half exposed tits were directly in front of me and gave me a lingering kiss, clearly trying to make things more awkward for me. I was surprised but excited to see how comfortable she was in this skimpy bikini.
After the beach, we went for a nice walk through a little park area not far from the beach. It was so hot that most people seemed to have gone to the beach, and there weren't many people around. It was a beautiful park, it had a lot of trees and greenery so we decided to attempt to find a nice shaded spot we could sit and relax in out of the sun. We followed a small path through some trees for a while, which opened up into a clearing with a wooden park bench. There was a large tree shading the bench so we sat down and Em grabbed out our kindles.
After 5 mins or so, Em looked over at me and smiled, then went back to reading. She placed her hand on my thigh and gently began rubbing her fingertips back and forward. There was nothing particularly sexual about it, but after watching Em so intently down at the beach I was still a little turned on. I could feel my penis begin to respond and I think Em noticed as her fingers shifted from my thigh and began rubbing gently across my shorts over my cock, often circling the tip before moving back down and up again. I was a little surprised but said nothing and simply enjoyed the attention.
I pretended to just keep reading, but Em suddenly turned to me and said, "Get it out".
I was caught off guard, "Here? "But what if someone comes?"
"We haven't seen any one since we first got here", "Besides, the whole idea is for someone to come" she laughed at her own joke, and I joined in.
Realizing my wife wanted to get me off on a park bench in a public area was extremely hot, and my cock was now rock hard. I could feel my heart racing, I nervously looked around as I slid down my shorts, allowing my cock to spring out.
Em grabbed it and started stroking up and down. I let out a satisfied sigh and slightly relaxed into the bench. I calmed down once I realized that the angle of the bench relative to the path meant that even if someone emerged, they probably would not see my cock waving about in my wife's hand.
Em glanced around, making sure no one could be heard approaching, then leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. She licked slowly around the head before getting to work. She slid her mouth up and down my shaft whilst stroking it with her hand. She stopped occasionally to give the head of my cock particular attention, kissing and licking it while staring up at me with beautiful big eyes.
After about a minute she stopped, looked up at me with her hand gripping the base of my cock and the head resting against her cheek and quietly but assertively stated "I want some fun too, you need to fuck me now".
Despite already having my cock out in public I was yet again surprised and nervously excited about what my wife was wanting to do. She then climbed up, pulled her dress up around her hips and straddled me. She was still wearing her bikini underneath.
"Are you serious?" I asked, obviously hoping she was.
"Hurry up and put your cock inside me" she whispered in my ear.
My cock sat straight up between her legs, and I reached down and slid her bikini to one side. I gently began to massage her pussy and clit and discovered she was soaking wet.
I grabbed my cock and angled it towards her. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down between her lips and she exhaled in excitement and then lowered her hips and slowly slid down the length of my cock to the base. She let out a quiet but drawn out "Ohhh fuuuck" then began rocking her hips back and forward, grinding against me with her tits wobbling in my face.
I was worried someone might accidently happen upon us but I couldn't bring myself to concentrate on anything other than my super sexy wife riding my cock in a public park.
By this stage I was ready to erupt, and it took all my will power not to come immediately. At that moment we both heard people coming up the path towards the clearing.
Em stopped, breathing heavily and said "Shit that's bad timing, I was already about to come".
"Good" was all I responded and reached between her legs.
Realizing what I was about to do Em initially tried to protest "No we should stop", but as soon as I began to rub her clit she quietly moaned "ohhh yes, OK" and began eagerly grinding against me. Within a couple of seconds, she began moaning in my ear "Oh fuck I'm about to come, don't stop".
I massaged her more vigorously and a moment later she began to tremble and came, moaning quietly in my ear. She paused breathing heavily for a moment then regained her composure and quickly slipped off my lap so that she was sitting next to me. I hastily pulled my shorts up and hid my pussy soaked erection as best as I could. Just then an older couple entered the clearing. Em was still in a state of euphoria and I was awkwardly trying to come up with something to say but I blanked and instead Em and I just looked at each other and laughed.
Once we went back to the room we realised we weren't going to enjoy the privacy we had hoped for that evening. Given the earlier events I was rather disappointed that I wouldn't have my wife alone after dinner. The four person room appeared to currently have just one other occupant, although they were not around when we arrived. We sorted our beds and replaced our belongings, preparing to head out for dinner.
I was about to go to the bathroom when Emma turned to face me "If we're lucky our new roommate will stay out late, I was planning to give you a little relief after your excitement earlier", giving me a little squeeze through my shorts.
"Even if they're here, I don't see the problem" I joked, adding "It looks like this stuff belongs to a guy, so maybe you could see if he's interested".
"Stop it" She said as she gave me a playful smack, and a smile that showed a hint of excitement mixed with uncertainty.
Although never seriously intending to actually follow through, we had discussed how much I would love to watch her come in front of me, filled with another man's cock. Emma always seemed hesitant to admit it, but I knew she liked the idea, a lot. I think she was just worried that I would be upset if I saw her with someone else, but in reality the whole idea just really excited me.
That night we decided to go out for a nice casual dinner. Em still had on her cute little summer dress, and I switched out my singlet for a casual collared shirt. We went out for dinner at a local tapas restaurant. It was nothing too fancy but it had really good reviews.
Emma is gorgeous and I sat there amazed at how lucky I was to have such a perfect best friend; not only beautiful, but kind, smart, and funny too. We ordered a bottle of wine and chatted about our holiday and our plans for the next few days. The food was fantastic so we just kept ordering extra tapas. We ordered a second bottle of wine and were both becoming quite tipsy. After a while we talked about going back to our room to pick up where we left off in the park. Em mentioned how frustrating it was that we didn't have the room to ourselves and we discussed just simply going for a nice walk down the beach after the restaurant.
"We could always stop by the room, there may be no one in" I said cheekily.
"I thought we weren't going to worry about our roommate anyway?" Em joked.
"It wouldn't bother me, I just thought you wouldn't be comfortable involving someone else" I quietly replied with a grin.
"Well to be honest I like the idea too, as long as you're sure you would be OK with that? Em said with a surprisingly serious questioning look.
"I'm completely comfortable in our relationship and it wouldn't upset me at all" I quickly responded, trying to hide how excited I was becoming. I could feel my heart racing faster the more this conversation went on.
I couldn't believe it, despite my suspicions she had never actually admitted to sharing my fantasy. I suddenly felt nerves mixed with my excitement until it occurred to me that the likelihood of the right situation actually arising was very low.
Em gave me a seductive smile and said "Well lets go meet our new play friend".
I laughed, I knew she was mostly joking but it felt like progress towards my ultimate fantasy.
We got up to our room and quietly went in. Although it wasn't very late late, you never know what time people might head to bed as they may be getting up early to move on. We found one bed still unclaimed but the mystery roommate had arrived sometime earlier. He was laying on his bed, chilling with his computer when we arrived. He promptly sat up and smiled, looking a bit awkward. He was only wearing boxer briefs and apologized saying that it was so hot and thought he would be in bed before anyone returned. We both laughed and said that we weren't bothered at all.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Thomas" He said.
"Nice to meet you" we both replied.
Thomas was quite tall and lean, with dark hair and a friendly face. He was quite a good looking guy, and I could tell Em wasn't too upset about the appearance of our new roommate, nor that he only had underwear on.
We sat down at the table in the corner, and chatted with Thomas for a while, whom had gotten up and pulled out a chair and joined us. We discussed travel, where we had been and what our immediate plans were. At one stage Em got up to use the bathroom, and I pretended not to notice Thomas's gaze follow her as she walked across the room.
After a little longer we ended up lounging on our beds, eventually I got up "I'm going to jump in the shower, won't be too long".
"OK that'll be nice after such a long and hot day" Em replied.
I grabbed a towel and a fresh pair of underwear and headed to the bathroom. I thought about grabbing some shorts but it was so hot and Thomas was hardly going to complain so I didn't bother. I jumped in the shower then thought about my sexy wife sat in the next room with a barely clothed stranger and my cock was hard almost instantly. I began to visualize Em with Thomas, my ultimate fantasy, and it took all my will power after the days' events not to get myself off in the shower.
When I came back Em was still in conversation with Thomas. When I sat down she turned and said that a shower sounded like a good idea. She rummaged through her bag for a while and then pulled out some fresh clothes.
I noticed she grabbed a skirt to which I quietly said "you don't need to put that on"
"But the only clean panties I have are thongs" holding up a sexy small cream colored pair.
"Yeah but you're just going to take the skirt off when you get back so don't worry. It won't bother anyone in here and anyway you would be over dressed", then I grinned.
She laughed, rolled her eyes, then chucked the skirt back in the bag and headed off to the shower. I felt a burst of excitement picturing my sexy wife with her amazing ass walking back into the room in a tiny thong in front of an equally barely dressed stranger.
Em came back wearing the small sexy thong but to my surprise she also hadn't bothered to put on a bra under her little singlet. Her large tits were very obvious as they jiggled as she crossed the room. I instantly felt my boxers tighten.
I glanced over at Thomas who was pretending to busily look through his pack, but I noticed his eyes were fixated on my wife's ass in her tiny little underwear. He clearly liked what he saw.
Em had a sheepish smile and quietly whispered "I forgot to grab a bra, I hope it's not too obvious".
"It really is, but I don't think anyone in here will mind, besides your ass is distracting enough anyway" I whispered with a smile.
She looked back over at Thomas who smiled and quickly looked back down at his pack. Em had clearly caught his line of sight and looked back at me grinning. She obviously enjoyed the attention and seemed to be a little turned on.
I was slouched across the bed width-wise with my head and shoulders against the wall and my legs off the edge. Em grabbed her book and then came and curled up on her side next to me, using my chest as a pillow.
"Alright my turn" Thomas said, getting up and walking to the bathroom and closing the door behind him.
Em put down her book and began gently rubbing her hand up and down my inner thigh, I was already bulging against my boxers due to a combination of Ems lack of clothing, her excitement at the attention she was getting, and the fact that she seemed to like all of this just as much. She propped herself up on her elbows, looked around at me and slid her hand up my leg and starting rubbing my cock through my underwear.
"You poor man, you really need some release" She whispered.
She then pulled the waistband down just enough for my cock to burst out. She grabbed it and immediately slid her lips over the head. It was almost too much, I couldn't believe how close I was to coming.
Up and down her bead bobbed, and as she was side on I reached out and grabbed a handful of her stunning ass. She clearly meant for me to come as she relentlessly sucked my cock, switching between deep repetitive strokes and gently flicking her tongue across the tip of my dick.
This had only been going a minute or so when I heard the shower stop, panicking I went to pull away worried that Thomas would reappear at any moment, but Em instead reached down and fondled my balls gently whilst doubling the rate she slid her mouth up and down my cock.
I erupted, wave after wave of come shooting into the back of her throat. It took all of my will power not to cry out in pleasure. She didn't stop, just slowed down and swallowed each load that entered her mouth. Content, she stopped and let me quickly pull the waist band back over my still semi-hard penis.
She looked at me and whispered "I'm so fucking horny. You're going to need to fuck me soon".
At that moment, Thomas opened the door and wandered back in. Following suit, he had only bothered to put on a fresh pair of grey boxer briefs. He was still rubbing his hair with his towel as he wandered towards his bed, allowing for an unnoticed look at his package.
I could tell Em had taken advantage of this as her head shifted on my leg, where she had laid back down after finishing me off. I suspect that Thomas may have done that on purpose, allowing my wife to have ample chance to check out what appeared to be a rather large cock.
By all appearances we had not moved and Thomas sat down and picked up his laptop. He then grabbed out his headphones and said he was going to find something to watch.
Em had her book again, still lying on her side, and shifted her ass back towards me. I began to run my hand along the back of her thighs, she had her legs curled up with her knees partway up towards her chest.
Her panties had shifted up her ass and as I caressed the back of her thighs I occasionally ran my fingers across the lips of her pussy, finding that the material was very damp. Her breathing intensified and became shallow as she moved slightly, towards the pressure of my hand.
I gently stroked her from behind, pressing a little harder each time, and she laid there breathing hard, trying not to move too much or make too much noise. I pushed her panties to the side and slid a finger in. She wasn't just damp, she was soaking wet. She began rocking her hips slightly, like she was trying to fuck my finger, and I could tell how much she just wanted rip my cock out and mount me, regardless of who saw.
She put her book down and reached up and started stroking my cock through my boxers, which to my surprise was not far off being fully erect again already.
I stopped momentarily and whispered "Babe what are you doing, Thomas could see that".
"I don't care, I'm so fucking horny" she whispered back. "Besides he doesn't seem to mind".
I glanced over and realized Thomas was watching us over his laptop, he was obviously aware of what I had been doing to Em as his cock was similarly rock hard, clearly visible through his boxers and his hand was gently stroking across the material.
I was surprised by my reaction, I immediately became relaxed, realizing that Thomas must have decided we didn't mind being watched, and he was quite happy for us to see him watching. Thinking about all of our previous discussions, it occurred to me that my fantasy of watching my wife with another man had all of a sudden become a real possibility.
Thomas still had his headphones in so I whispered to Em "Go and give Thomas the treatment I just got, I want to watch from over here".
If she was startled by the idea, she hid it well. She stopped stroking me and turned her head and looked me in the eye.
"Really? Are you sure?"
"If you want to do it then I would love to see that" I replied.
"It sounds kind of fun right now" she smiled. "But that's all I'm going to do".
"OK then" I said as I slid my finger out of her soaking wet pussy and gave her a wee spank on the ass, indicating to get going.
She got up looked over at Thomas and took a couple of steps across to his bed, glancing briefly back at me and stopping just in front of him. As she moved towards him he placed his laptop on the bed beside him and shifted slightly. Looking very excited but also confused about why this fantastically sexy, incredibly horny married woman stood in front of him while her husband sat a few feet behind.
"Er, what's going on?" he mumbled.
"My husband thinks it's unfair you're missing out" Em said. "You should move here to the edge of the bed".
He seemed slightly unsure but shuffled forward and sat on the edge of the bed, placing his feet on the ground. His cock bulging against his boxers. Em crouched down onto her knees and reached up grabbing the waist band of his underwear before sliding them all the way down and off. His cock burst out when the resistance of the material was suddenly removed. Em was briefly still and although I was looking at the back of her head, I knew she was taking a moment to admire what she was looking at.
His cock was big, probably an inch or 2 longer than mine and it also had a lot of girth. Where my cock would be considered a decent size, Thomas's was big, and the idea of my wife sucking on a big fat cock right in front of me was overwhelmingly hot.
Em plunged downwards and her head slowly began moving up and down. Thomas leaned back on his elbows, looked upwards and groaned as my wife's tongue massaged the tip of his big cock. Then she slid her lips further and further down his shaft as she bobbed up and down. I got up, slid off my own boxer briefs and moved to a far end of the bed to get more of a side on view. I didn't see the point in keeping my cock hidden away, not that it was hidden.
I couldn't believe how hard it was or how horny I was given that I had been drained only 10 or 15 mins earlier. I began slowly stroking my own shaft watching my wife's display. Em kept at it, on her knees with one arm resting on the bed next to Thomas, the other hand sliding up and down his shaft in time with the motion of her glistening lips stroking gently up and down his cock. There was an occasional muffled moan of enjoyment from Em as she relentlessly worked her tongue back and forth, pausing sometimes to lick the underside of the shaft or gently suck on his balls. She was not moving quickly like she had done with me, clearly wanting to draw this out for as long as Thomas could last.
I sat there, soaking it in whilst stroking my own cock. Ems ass and hips swayed back and forward slightly as she moved up and down with the length of his shaft in her mouth. I looked at her pussy, the outline of which was visible from behind as she was bent over in doggy position. She was still wearing her cream panties, which were now clearly soaked through.
I stood up, moved behind Em and knelt directly behind her. The carpet was soft under my knees and I gave her ass a gentle spank then reached forward and gently grabbed hold of the waist of her panties on each side of her hips. Her only response was to slightly lift her knees up indicating she was happy for me to take them off.
I peeled them down, watching them stick slightly to her wet pussy and felt my throbbing cock twitch with excitement when I saw how soppy, wet, and swollen her pussy was. I had never seen it look so ready to be fucked. I pressed up against her ass and rubbed my cock back and forward against her lips, her juice spreading along my length as I repeatedly brushed against her clit. She trembled slightly and kept slowly stroking Thomas's cock.
I grabbed hold of her hips, slid back along her and then plunged in, all the way to the end. Every inch of my cock pressed firmly inside her soaking wet pussy. She cried out in pleasure and briefly forgot about the big cock resting against her lips as I began slowly but firmly thrusting in and out of her from behind, my balls lightly slapping against the back of her thighs with each stroke as I filled her again and again.
She moaned every time my cock was buried to its depth and began sucking Thomas's cock again, this time with increasing speed and intensity. I continued slowly impaling her whilst listening to her moans, muffled by the large cock filling her mouth.
Thomas suddenly tensed, grabbed Ems head and groaned, hips jerking slightly as he erupted, squirting load after load into my wife's mouth. The moment Thomas had finished, Em trembled and gasped "I'm coming, FUCK I'm COMMMMIIING!" as she grasped his thighs and climaxed with her face in his lap.
I continued burying the length of my cock inside her, briefly pausing each at the end of each thrust. Em stopped trembling and I began to slow, however she started to push back on each thrust, attempting to pick up the pace. I was so close to coming, the pleasure of watching my wife come and quiver whilst sucking down the come of another man was incredible, but I wanted to keep pleasuring her as long as I could.
However, Em had become more horny than I had ever imagined. She started pushing her sexy ass back into me more aggressively, and seemed determined to speed up the rhythm.
"Don't stop, fuck me harder" she moaned and I could not help myself so I began to comply.
I glanced up and noticed that Thomas was rock hard again already and had begun rubbing his own cock as he watched. He occasionally slapped his huge dick gently against Ems face, and she seemed to be loving having a cock at each end for her enjoyment. Never would I have believed my usually quite reserved wife could be such a horny, cock hungry little slut. I can't explain how amazing it was to watch.
"Faster, fuck me faster, I'm going to come again already!" Em groaned.
I couldn't believe how turned on she was despite having just come hard on my dick. She began to tremble again and I knew she was about to orgasm. At that moment I knew what I was going to do, I wasn't certain how my next course of action would play out but I had a feeling Em wouldn't mind.
I proceeded to slow right down and withdrew my soaking, throbbing cock. She looked back at me over her shoulder, clearly frustrated "What are you doing? I was about to come!"
I smiled, "I know but I want you to suck my cock a bit first" I said as I turned and sat back on the bed behind me.
She pouted, but turned and crawled back towards me, grasped my cock and began to seductively slide her tongue around the tip. She immediately seemed to forget her frustration and vigorously began to pleasure me. Thomas was getting an eyeful of my insanely horny bent over wife and had picked up the pace stroking himself.
I looked down at my beautiful wife and whispered "Maybe Thomas could have a turn now?" She paused slightly for a moment with my cock still in her mouth, smiled slightly and excitedly nodded before continuing to blow me.
I looked up at Thomas, we made eye contact and I gestured with a nod down at my wife's sexy ass swaying invitingly in front of him. He raised his eyebrows questioningly, pointed to his big hard cock and then towards my wife's swollen pussy. I couldn't believe this was about to happen, I smiled and nodded as calmly as I could.
He got up, moved behind Em and knelt down. He cautiously placed his hands on her ass and stroked down her thighs to which she responded with an obvious moan of pleasure at the touch. This seemed to spur Thomas on, he slid his hand between her legs and based on the pleasurable groans from Em, immediately began to rub her pussy.
He maneuvered right up to Em's ass and slid his cock between her legs, and began to rub back and forth along her clit. She gasped slightly and turned briefly to look at Thomas behind her, who was ready to take her doggy-style. She then looked back up at me, excited but unsure, clearly worried about how I felt about this. I had an excited smile on my face and she relaxed.
"Are you sure?" she mouthed silently, doing her best not to moan as Thomas rubbed his fat cock up and down against her swollen clit.
"Fuck yes" I half whispered, loud enough that Thomas knew he was good to go.
Em had already begun moving in response to his cock, grinding her clit along his shaft and was clearly enjoying it.
Thomas took that as his cue, grabbing Ems hip with one hand and with the other he slowly guided his big fat cock towards the sopping wet pussy of my wife. He gently rubbed the bulbous purple head around the her swollen, soaking red lips, lathering his cock in her juice. He pushed forwards slowly to begin with, slightly stretching her open as he slid all 8 or 9 inches inside her.
Her pussy was so wet that Thomas was able to ram his entire meaty cock into her tight stretched pussy in one smooth movement until he had impaled her, with his pelvis nuzzled into her ass.
I couldn't believe her tight little pussy had swallowed his entire big throbbing cock in one go. Ems mouth fell open and she let out a noise somewhere between a moan and a grunt, immense pleasure visible on her face.
"Fuck that feels good, oh my god" she mumbled, so distracted by pleasure that she seemed unable to properly speak.
Thomas then began slowly stroking his cock back and forward, while my wife moaned louder and louder. She began to try and suck my cock again, which was already seeping pre-come just in my excitement from what I was witnessing, but she was too distracted. Her head was bobbing and lolling around in my lap as she moaned more than I had ever heard. She seemed to lose control, overwhelmed with bliss.
All of a sudden she convulsed, her finger nails digging into my thighs. "Oh my god, fuck, I'm coming already, I'm coming so hard!" she cried out. "Fuck that's so good".
She heaved with each wave of pleasure, but Thomas just kept pumping away, picking up the pace instead of slowing, with the sound of his balls slapping against my wife's thighs getting faster and louder. Em had finished her orgasm but seemed as horny as ever and began panting as Thomas relentlessly impaled my wife over and over with his big cock.
My own cock waved and bumped against my gasping and groaning wife's face, completely forgotten as she neared climax yet again. I was so turned on that the pre-come was leaking from the tip with nothing but the slight contact against Ems cheek as she was being pounded. Luckily Em was too preoccupied to even notice it since I would have exploded instantly if she had grabbed it.
In between moans of ecstasy Em cried "Oh my god your huge cock feels SO GOOD". Thomas continued to impale my wife, burying his big fat cock over and over in my wife's tight little pussy like a machine.
"Don't stop...oohhh...I want your massive cock...ohhhh... to fill me with come! Oohhh yes...oh yes!"
At the moment she said come, Thomas grunted with exertion.
"Fuck yeah, I'm filling your pussy" he groaned, with every thrust of his big cock pumping come deep inside my wife.
"Yes, yes, YES...fill me with your MASSIVE COCK!" Em moaned as she came and convulsed like I had never seen before, quivering with each wave of pleasure.
It was simply too much, I grabbed my dick, stroked only a couple times and exploded, squirting come all over my wife's beautiful face.
Em collapsed next to me and Thomas fell backwards on his bed; those two panting with exertion, and me breathing heavily. My testicles ached, having never been emptied so much in such a short period of time.
My beautiful wife was covered in come, mine was dripping off her face and Thomas's leaking out of her red swollen pussy, but she was too satisfied to care.
She shook slightly and lay there still breathing heavily, satisfied beyond anything she had experienced before.
She picked up my underwear, wiped the come from her face then curled up naked against me in our bed. I cuddled her tightly, and despite my wife's pussy being filled with another mans come, I had never felt more intimately connected with her.
Em briefly went to the bathroom to clean up then returned and curled up against me, we were both exhausted and fell asleep moments later.
The next morning Thomas had already left before we awoke. It must have been a combination of him sneaking out and all the wine the previous night that we hadn't noticed him leave. We laid in bed for a while with Em as the little spoon.
"Well last night was fun" Em said sheepishly.
I laughed "Yeah sure was, I'm glad you had a good time".
I was running my hand across Em's hip and thigh while we laid there. I knew she was thinking about last night and could no doubt feel my erection pressed against her bum.
I slid my hand between her legs and found her very wet. I rolled her onto her back and moved down to her pussy and gave it a kiss.
"Maybe we should book four person rooms for all our holidays from now on" I said.
Em just nodded eagerly and laid back thinking about the night before as my tongue began to massage her swollen clit.
copied from Literotica
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2023.05.30 11:35 Kintsugi-skunk Yet another bloke took my being friendly as being interested and available

I just want to vent and rant a bit about my unpleasant but, sadly, common experience as a woman this weekend.
Met up with some friends at a local pub to catch up and have a good time. Some food and drinks and dancing, tried my first and last vape for the sake of it, ha. Having a great time all round.
The man who brought our food over knew two of my friends as they were regulars but I hadn’t been to this pub much. He said hello and started complimenting me. I thanked him and didn’t say much at all. But he was very much interested in me. Hard to describe, but you know the smile and lingering eyes? Not looking at anyone else much and sat smiling at you for just a tad too long? I said this to the friends that knew him. They joked that I had pulled and said he is a really sweet guy but to ignore him and we moved on.
He came to clear our plates later and he said to me that he had told his coworkers in the back that there was a gorgeous lady on table 4 with a stunning smile. I just akwardly laughed and my friend said too right, she is gorgeous! He then said that he told the other staff he would be the luckiest man to have someone like me and wouldn’t be able to resist me…… And when I handed him my plate as he was clearing them, he sort of stroked his hand over mine before grabbing the plate.
So night goes on. Couple of men ask me how my night is and who I am with at the bar. All fine. Nothing pushy. Back at a table we are getting a bit merry and a bloke decides to join us i.e. gate crash our fun and relentlessly flirt. Takes off his shirt to show us his cheap tattoos. Woos us with his prowess of having three children with three different women. Jokingly asks if our one male friend is our pimp and asks him how to set the gang bang up. Just crass and relentless.
So we decide we are done for the night and say as much. We wait outside for our rides and the man who brought our food had finished his shift early and grabbed a beer to join us. Found us outside and said as much, asking if I was really leaving and making a terrible show of guilting me about it. Saying he had told the other staff he was joining me for a date. Trying to stand shoulder to shoulder every time I moved to a different friend to chat. One friend even said I was taken but I don’t even think he heard it. I said to my friend very pointedly that I was meeting my boyfriend after this and he didn’t seem to hear it.
Finally on my way to leave I went to hug a friend and say goodbye. Before I could hug her he is asking “oh! Hold on! Can I get a hug? Where is my hug?” As he spreads his arms and pushes in front of me. I say “woah, hey. Let me hug my friend”. He wraps his arm around my neck, pulls mmy head down to his chest and kisses the top of my head saying “I will miss you so much. We’ll keep in touch my darling, yeah? We’ll keep in touch?”.
Yuck! I was a bit too out of it to comprehend/care at the time. I guess I just hadn’t experienced this in a while so forgot how disgusting it feels being treated like a commodity. Like I don’t have a say in the matter of my being touched! I am a 29 year old woman being hit on by a young employee who within 5 minutes total of knowing me and nothing said by me except polite thanks decided that it was perfectly okay to put his hands and lips on me! I just feel so bloody frustrated about it all!
And the friend group has invited me back as it is their cheap cheerful and local. But I will not be polite if I see the guy next time.
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2023.05.30 11:32 Impossible-Change-39 Cleaning hack of the day!

Here's an easy way to clean the microwave:
  1. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.
  2. Microwave the bowl on high for 5 minutes, or until the water boils and the inside of the microwave is steamy.
  3. Carefully remove the bowl from the microwave and use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the inside of the microwave.
  4. For tough stains or baked-on food, dip a cloth or sponge in the hot water and vinegar solution and scrub the area until clean.
  5. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe the inside of the microwave dry.
  6. For a fresh scent, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the water and vinegar solution before microwaving.
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2023.05.30 11:32 Impossible-Change-39 Cleaning hack of the day!

Here's an easy way to clean the microwave:
  1. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.
  2. Microwave the bowl on high for 5 minutes, or until the water boils and the inside of the microwave is steamy.
  3. Carefully remove the bowl from the microwave and use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the inside of the microwave.
  4. For tough stains or baked-on food, dip a cloth or sponge in the hot water and vinegar solution and scrub the area until clean.
  5. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe the inside of the microwave dry.
  6. For a fresh scent, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the water and vinegar solution before microwaving.
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2023.05.30 11:25 LocusOfMyFocus 4:40AM - 30th of May, 2023

Locus of my focus. Ire of my desire.
I should be sleeping and yet I'm not sleeping. I should be dreaming and yet I'm not dreaming. I shouldn't be and yet I am. Funny how concerns for grammar and style evaporate when you write for an audience of 1.
Need for progress. On this front: thought is far inferior to action. And yet transformation of self must precede transformation of environment. What must be set into motion: positive feedback loop between internal and external: improved self takes improved action which improves environment which improves self.
Why have I only ever grown from what hurts? Why can't I grow from pleasure, why can't all those sweet soothing things also lay themselves down as stepping stones before the final shrine?
Fuck it I don't care. There is only acceptance now. "We do it because it is hard" - this is the most idiotic statement I have ever heard. Why the fuck would you do something because it is hard? Why would you choose the rougher path between two which lead to the same place? Because it will unlock for you more difficult paths.
I have rested too long. I have let myself ease too far into the warm waters, seductive and dangerous, that lull me to sleep. My progress thus far is merely the result of allowing myself to float upward with the rising tide. Fuck!
I have set the rules for myself. I will follow them.
I will do what is difficult because it is difficult. Because that is the only way to reach what I must reach. I must push myself beyond my natural limit and I will succeed.
Don't you know that existence isn't free? A biological tax is placed upon all of us, payable in blood and sweat and sometimes tears. This is the command to survive and reproduce that permeates every living organism. I don't argue with it. I pay it out of gratitude for this life, these people.
Elephant seals risk their lives every day for a chance to eat enough and bulk up enough to maybe compete enough to survive for a chance to fight to reproduce. You are risking death at the jaws of an orca in exchange for a shot at the opportunity of risking death at the tusks of another elephant seal.
You are fighting for your life today so that you may fight for your life tomorrow.
But unlike elephant seals we already have all the food we could possibly want to eat, modern technology already buys us all the time in the world, and access to information already provides us with ways of immediately and drastically improving our lives.
The path is already laid out, we must only follow it. That is what I hope to do. That is what I am trying to do. That is what I will do.
Every day I wake up and thank my ancestors (not only my human ones) for surviving long enough to allow me the opportunity of existence.
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2023.05.30 11:24 WigwamApplesauce Whey Don't I Ever See You Guys At Socialist Meetings or out Organizing Workers?

As someone in a "WorkReform" forum asked, and I'm paraphrasing: where are all these "commie" groups organizing for change:
To which I replied:
They exist ... they just don't reveal themselves online because they're more savvy than that.
It's concerning to me that ostensible "leftists" who live their lives believing an integer rising or falling on a computer screen represents what people care about OFFline are a) believing any of this shit represents what people are concerned about or use it as an organizing tool (again, more savvy than that, you gotta go lo-tech and b) aren't OFFline in the streets organizing.
Where are you guys? I attend many socialist organizing groups (which I will not list here for their own protection) and either they've never heard of reddit or rightfully protest "where exactly are all these sooo concerned online leftists out here??" because they are right, I've never met a single person who participates in Reddit who's actually out in the world AT THE VERY LEAST organizing workers with, say, a simple flyer with something like "don't like your working conditions or wages? Form a union... here's the contact info" or "join this group __________ we meet every ______"
No. Never. Not one person. I rarely get on here because it's a farce. What Twitter says and actions against it NO ONE IN THE WORKING CLASS AND WORKING POOR AND HOMELESS GIVE A SHIT what Twitter popularity says.
And I'm adding this part:
Seriously, I'm very extoverted, perhaps that helps, and have been living in abject poverty due to congenital disability that arrived out of nowhere without warning, lost my 3 jobs (yeah, you're right, it's ridiculous had to work that much just to basically survive!) and had to get on the cruel and unusual disability pay, this adds to my anger about what I've been experiencing living on the actual street (homeless parents panhandling, children living in homeless shelter, working poor living in their cars etc)
And I have yet to meet a single one who participates in online socialist forums, but often get asked "where are all these online people who care so much?"... because they are right, you're using the internet to communicate to people WHO HAVE TIME AND STABILITY TO RANT ABOUT THESE CONDITIONS and NOT out in the field in the street actually putting in work... never met a single one of you at Socialist meetups. Ever. I ask them directly. They don't know, they don't care or they wonder why you aren't there.
Get OFFline and get out there, fellow humans. There are people struggling who must know, who need to know alternatives and help exists. Just give them info. At least do that. AT LEAST put some basic contact info in their hands. Yeah, I have done this. I continue to do this. And every one of them are interested and listen because not a single one of them care about what internet popularity says.
Please PLEASE, for the all these people experiencing abject poverty, these abhorrent and unacceptable conditions, hit the streets. Don't protest since that, as we are learning, is fruitless. Give them info. Face to Face. Talk with them. Spend as much time on your device on the streets. Print off a simple flyer like above and hand them out. They don't live online, they (WE, I) live outdoors and are too busy trying to find a safe space to sleep, stable food and water sources, a place to use the f*O#&ing restroom.
REDDIT, TWITTER, TIk-Tok, etc popularity (a rising - or falling - integer on a computer screen) is not reality that we have to deal with put they (we, I) could use your ostensible compassion and concern out in the field dammit!!
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2023.05.30 11:19 Impossible-Change-39 Cleaning hack of the day!

Here's an easy way to clean the microwave:
  1. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.
  2. Microwave the bowl on high for 5 minutes, or until the water boils and the inside of the microwave is steamy.
  3. Carefully remove the bowl from the microwave and use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the inside of the microwave.
  4. For tough stains or baked-on food, dip a cloth or sponge in the hot water and vinegar solution and scrub the area until clean.
  5. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe the inside of the microwave dry.
  6. For a fresh scent, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the water and vinegar solution before microwaving.
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2023.05.30 11:18 thebamboobae0 Are You Using the Right Toothbrush for Your Teeth?

Are You Using the Right Toothbrush for Your Teeth?
Finding the perfect Toothbrush can be tricky, especially among plastic options with synthetic piles. Its rigidity should correspond to the sensitivity of the enamel, massage the gums without harming the soft tissues, clean off plaque and stone, remove food deposits from the spaces between the teeth, etc.
Brush manufacturers are developing new care options with all sorts of effects to meet the needs of buyers. But all the best has already been invented a long time ago - a bamboo toothbrush with medium-hard or soft bristles. The product is 100% eco-friendly and recommended for use by children, adults, and pregnant women.

Bamboo toothbrushes: types and description

Externally, the reusable toothbrush made up of bamboo is no different from ordinary plastic models. But unlike them, bamboo options are biodegradable products. They can be thrown into the trash without worrying about harm to the environment. Since many bamboo toothbrushes, the benefits and harms of which are described in detail below, are an unknown novelty, it is worth talking about them in detail. The handle and head are made of natural bamboo and have an ergonomic shape and thickening zone for ease of use. The bristles are firmly planted in the base, made of nylon.
There are two types of dental care products:
  • Classic- The pile is made of biological nylon. It removes plaque from the interdental spaces, gently massages the gums, and does not damage the enamel. The color of the pile is black.
  • Coal- In the manufacture of piles using coal spraying (wood bamboo charcoal). The bristles change color from white to black. Natural bamboo charcoal reusable toothbrush has high antibacterial and absorbent properties.
Bamboo products also differ in length, the density of bristles, and their shape, and rigidity. Products have no contraindications for use.

Read More:-
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2023.05.30 11:17 ClinicaVelarde Gondola shelving Dallas

Gondola shelving Dallas - Located in Dallas, TX Store Fixtures offers a wide selection of display cases, slatwall, gondola shelving, mannequins, and much more.
TX Store Apparatuses : Show Cases, Gondola Racking, Business Attire Racks and Show Cases!
Everything for your new business or existing store.
Retail location Plan and Arrangement is perhaps of the main calculate boosting your deals. The store apparatuses introduced in your store characterizes your Store format and arrangement plan.
A vital method for drawing in and keep the consideration of customers is to establish a climate that is helpful for shopping by utilizing convincing store apparatuses and retail show frameworks to keep your store crisp, fascinating and engaging.
TX Store Installations is a chief provider of value store show apparatuses for little and huge organizations anyplace in the US. Beginning another undertaking, we have the store installations to address your issues.
TX Store Installations make setting up a business or redesigning as simple as could be expected. We comprehend that the retailer can put resources into time to more readily zero in on his center necessities and care for the retail location arrangement prerequisites.
We offer retail location apparatuses like Gondola Metal racking, Show Cases, Glass Presentations at cutthroat costs. View more on our items and administrations here....
Buy now at
Located at
TX STORE FIXTURES 2797 IRVING BLVDSTE 102 DALLAS, TX 75207 469-277-2710 United States Business Hours: MON-FRI : 9AM-5PM
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2023.05.30 11:04 StreetBasket67 AITA for wanting to name my cat

I (male 21yr old) found a cat in the back of our shed. Seems to be a 4 week yr old kitten. After asking around the neighbourhood who's it might be, and no one knew, I figured I would keep him. I love the little guy. I live in a house next to my parents'. My sis temporarily lives at my place until she can move out (our housing situation is a bit fucked in the Netherlands here). My sis (25yr old) came home and upon seeing the cat freaked out. She absolutely did NOT want to have him. she insisted on giving it away/sending it to the vet or me moving out of the house with him. She HATED the idea. I told her no, I and the cat are staying. After a day of us both thinking about it, we came to the conclusion we both wanted to keep it. She got attached to the cat very fast lol.
Now for a name! I named him Tofu, but my sis doesn't want that. She insisted we get a name for him TOGETHER, because we take care of the cat TOGETHER. It felt unfair to me. After all, I get to keep the cat when she moves out. My name will be on the chip. I AM/WILL be his owner (I'm getting furious again just writing this lol). I told her, I'm sorry but no, I have the right to name him whatever I want, so his name is Tofu (because he's white and I love food-based names). She hates it and starts to break down. She cries and screams. Calling me names and telling the family it's egotistical and outright wrong of me. I didn't know what to do after that. To be honest I'm very insecure, so that might be the reason but she makes me out to be the bad guy in this. I didn't know what was right or wrong to do anymore. I shut myself in my room for a few hours, thinking about what to do. If I give in, I'll just enable her behavior. But do I really want to let her be like this? I DON'T KNOW.
Eventually I gave in and gave her a hug, and she said we should put it up for vote to the family. So we did, she has 2 names I have 1. (Mouse and Poes (dutch version of Cat) are her names, Tofu is mine). Tofu had all the votes, and she didn't accept that, so she made a second vote. Tofu had all the votes again. She still didn't accept it. I figured I should stand my ground now before this goes any further, and made it clear that his name is Tofu. I told my family about his name. She starts crying and screaming about it again. (I'm so tired). Eventually I gave in again, and told her to write a list of names she wants, and I'll do the same and we'll compare them tomorrow. So we did, and we don't like each other's name at all. It would be fine if she had "good" names, but she has all human-like names like Mark, Jared, Charles etc. and I want more unique names like Tofu, Dedo, Obi, Noodle etc.
Some more things happen but to keep it short, our tastes don't align at all for names, and to be fair I feel like I had no obligation to do the voting or name listing. I feel like an asshole and I don't feel like one at the same time I don't know what to do anymore.
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2023.05.30 11:03 blitsfohushi I got diagnosed with adhd and aspergers recently and i'm just a bit confused about a few things and wondering if you guys can relate to them or share info about them.

So like the title says i got diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers few months back at the age of 22.
Been doing a lot of personal research too about what to expect but some things just seem a bit weird?
For example when i was a kid i had tons of autism related hyper sensation problems like not being able to eat certain foods (especially sauces) or hating any skin cream products like sunscreen, but when i got older these sensations went away? Or became way more tolerable, i can pretty much eat anything without a problem and i have started using skin care products too without a problem.
I used to be super talkative as a kid too but as i got older the less i talked and became more of a listener than a talker, (this was heavily affected by being bullied)
And well i feel more "normal" the older i get and the more things are pointed out to me too has changed me a lot in recent years.
Just wondering if this is "normal" and if any of you guys had anything similar happen.
PS: sorry for any potential mistakes in the writing as i am not a native english speaker!
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2023.05.30 10:52 jassicaleo318 Pet Food: Types, Nutritional Requirements, Choosing the Right Option, Ensuring Safety, and Exploring Homemade Diets

Pet Food: Types, Nutritional Requirements, Choosing the Right Option, Ensuring Safety, and Exploring Homemade Diets
The pet food industry is experiencing remarkable growth, becoming a thriving market with significant economic impact. With a global value surpassing $107.79 billion in 2022, the industry is poised for continued expansion in the forecast period of 2023-2028. Projections indicate a rapid growth rate with a compound annual growth rate of 4.8%, potentially reaching an impressive value of $142.81 billion by 2028. These figures highlight the increasing importance placed on providing quality nutrition to pets and the strong demand for a wide range of pet food products. As pet owners increasingly prioritize the health and well-being of their beloved companions, the pet food market continues to play a pivotal role in meeting their needs.
Definition of pet food
  • Pet food refers to specially formulated food products designed to meet the nutritional needs of domestic animals, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other pets.
  • It is commercially produced and available in various forms to cater to different preferences and dietary requirements.
Importance of providing proper nutrition to pets
  • Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in promoting the overall health and well-being of pets.
  • Balanced and appropriate diets contribute to their growth, development, energy levels, and immune function.
  • Nutritional deficiencies or imbalances can lead to various health issues, including obesity, malnutrition, and a weakened immune system.

Types of Pet Food

Dry food (kibble)

  • Convenient and easy to store.
  • Promotes dental health by reducing tartar buildup.
  • Economical and has a longer shelf life.
  • Lower moisture content, which may not be suitable for pets that require more hydration.
  • Quality can vary among brands, so careful selection is necessary.

Wet food (canned)

  • High moisture content, aiding in hydration.
  • Enhanced palatability for picky eaters.
  • Suitable for pets with dental issues or missing teeth.
  • Requires refrigeration after opening and has a shorter shelf life.
  • May be more expensive than dry food.
  • Increased risk of bacterial contamination if not handled properly.

Semi-moist food

  • Convenient and easy to serve.
  • Soft texture and enhanced palatability.
  • No need for refrigeration.
  • Often contains higher levels of artificial preservatives and additives.
  • Limited availability of high-quality options.
  • Can be more expensive compared to dry food.

Raw food (BARF diet)

  • Mimics a more natural diet for pets.
  • May improve coat condition, digestion, and energy levels.
  • Some pet owners report fewer allergies and improved overall health.
  • Risk of bacterial contamination and foodborne illnesses.
  • Requires careful handling and storage to prevent contamination.
  • Nutritional imbalances if not properly formulated.

Nutritional Requirements for Pets


Importance in pet food
  • Essential for muscle development, growth, and repair.
  • Serve as a source of energy and aid in enzyme and hormone production.
Sources of proteins
  • Animal-based proteins (meat, fish, poultry) and plant-based proteins (soy, legumes) are common sources in pet food.


Role in pet's diet
  • Provide energy for daily activities.
  • Help in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.
Common sources of carbohydrates
  • Grains (rice, wheat, corn), vegetables, and fruits are common sources of carbohydrates in pet food.


Significance in pet nutrition
  • Serve as a concentrated source of energy.
  • Aid in nutrient absorption and transport.
  • Essential for healthy skin, coat, and cell function.
Types of fats in pet food
  • Animal fats, vegetable oils, and fish oils are commonly used in pet food to provide essential fatty acids.

Vitamins and minerals

Essential nutrients for pets
  • Vitamins (A, D, E, K, B-complex) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron) are necessary for proper metabolic function.
  • They support various bodily processes, including bone health, immune function, and overall vitality.
Importance of a balanced diet
  • Ensuring adequate levels of vitamins and minerals is crucial to prevent deficiencies or excesses that can impact pet health.
Choosing the Right Pet Food
Required information on pet food labels
  • Ingredient list, guaranteed analysis (nutrient content), feeding guidelines, and manufacturer information should be provided.
  • Look for specific named meat ingredients and avoid generic terms (e.g., "meat by-products").
Identifying quality ingredients
  • High-quality pet food should contain named protein sources, whole grains or vegetables, and minimal artificial additives.

Considering age, size, and breed

Different nutritional needs at various life stages
  • Puppies and kittens require higher levels of protein and calories for growth.
  • Senior pets may benefit from lower-calorie diets with joint-supporting ingredients.
Special considerations for specific breeds
  • Large breed dogs may require controlled calcium levels for proper bone development.
  • Some breeds are more prone to allergies or sensitivities, requiring specific ingredient exclusions.

Dietary restrictions and allergies

Common allergens in pet food
  • Ingredients like beef, chicken, wheat, soy, and dairy can trigger allergies in some pets.
  • Identifying and eliminating potential allergens may require a trial and error approach.
Seeking veterinarian advice for specialized diets
  • If your pet has dietary restrictions or specific health conditions, consult a veterinarian for guidance on suitable pet food options.

Ensuring Food Safety

Proper storage of pet food
Storage guidelines for different types of pet food
  • Follow manufacturer recommendations for storing dry, wet, semi-moist, and raw pet food.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and pests.
Avoiding contamination and spoilage
  • Use airtight containers for dry food to maintain freshness.
  • Discard expired or spoiled food promptly.
  • Avoid transferring wet food from cans to improper storage containers.

Handling and serving pet food

Hygiene practices for handling pet food
  • Wash hands before and after handling pet food.
  • Use clean utensils and bowls for serving.
  • Prevent cross-contamination with human food by keeping separate preparation areas.
Avoiding cross-contamination with human food
  • Store pet food away from human food to prevent accidental mixing or consumption.
Homemade Pet Food
  • Pros and cons of homemade pet food
Control over ingredients
  • Allows customization based on pet's preferences and dietary needs.
  • Provides an alternative for pets with allergies or sensitivities.
Potential nutritional imbalances
  • Formulating a balanced homemade diet can be challenging and requires expertise.
  • Lack of essential nutrients can lead to deficiencies or excesses.

Consulting with a veterinarian or pet nutritionist

Formulating a balanced homemade diet
  • Seek professional guidance to ensure proper nutrient composition.
  • Recipes should include a variety of protein sources, carbohydrates, fats, and essential vitamins and minerals.
Ensuring adequate supplementation
  • Additional supplements may be necessary to meet nutritional requirements.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be addressed through appropriate supplementation.

Top Key Players of Pet Food Industry:

  • Mars, Incorporated
  • Nestlé Purina PetCare
  • The J.M. Smucker Company
  • Colgate-Palmolive Company (Hill's Pet Nutrition)
  • General Mills, Inc. (Blue Buffalo)
  • Big Heart Pet Brands (Del Monte Foods)
  • Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (United Pet Group)
  • Nutro Products, Inc.
  • Champion Petfoods (Acana, Orijen)
  • WellPet LLC (Wellness, Holistic Select)
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2023.05.30 10:50 book923 my sister always leaves bags of food or chips open to the air no matter how many times she sees me wrap it up properly

im so unbelievably angry. ive been reminding her for the last 3 years to stop leaving a bag of chips straight up open to the air and to instead use a rubber band or to simply fold it over or under so its not open to the air. same with bags of food in the refrigerator. she ALWAYS FUCKING LEAVES EVERYTHING OPEN. ALWAYS. EACH AND EVERY TIME i see the bag open to the air i put it away properly, and when i want the food again i come back to it just to see it open to the air. i cant fucking EAT ANYTHING OPEN TO THE AIR, ITS OVERSTIMULATING AND DOWNRIGHT TERRIBLE TO TOLERATE. its disgusting and i can’t imagine how much bacteria wouldve come onto it and all the bacteria making me sick if i consume it. its revolting and overwhelming to think about and nowadays i just start having meltdowns over it. i’ve mentioned my autism and ocd and my serious issues with leaving water out and food out and bags of food out and she just simply doesnt FUCKING CARE. at ALL. i dont even think she understands or knows a single god damn thing about neurodivergency and only is worried about her own depression and anxiety and ed. shes never taken the initiative to understand these things and immediately lashes out when i ask her to, demanding me to understand her ed for example and to stop asking her to eat during dinner or lunch time. its fucking dinner or lunch time and im only asking because our mom told me to tell her it’s time to eat, what the fuck is wrong with her. im so tired. i just want to live alone. but im not mentally prepared for that. im stuck here for a long time and i am so tired of my sister being a disgusting slob
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2023.05.30 10:50 Jon-Joestar Common WAAAAAAAGH! w

So, I’m running a tribal colony with some mods, and one such mod brings WH40K orks into the game, well, I’m building up my home when a little something called a ‘rok’ crashes down, now, roks are like crashed ships, they can be broken down into valuables but spawn a bunch of guys you then have to fight, now, because I like dicking around with genetics, my tribals are beefy as shit, so I get them to stand by while I use a necromanced skeleton(from ‘ahhh, a skeleton’ mod, pop corpse into special sarcophagus and boom, perfected non-living being) to poke the rok with a stick.
Since it was really early game, I expected about 5-7 orks to come out(which is a lot of trouble as is), but alas, this was a clown car, a clown rok if you will, 21 FUCKING ORKS COME OUT ALL DECKED OUT IN ARMOR AND WITH ADVANCED ORK WEAPONS, worse yet, since I have Rimworld of Magic, some of the orks are mages/fighters. Immediately I have my little skeleton back down and start trying to have the colony run away in a panic, but I quickly realized the orks weren’t attacking, hell, their names were a nice friendly blue.
So I went into overdrive trying to get my colony to advance enough to where we could kill the orks, but alas, after being disturbed, the rok now spawns orks on a somewhat regular basis much to my dismay, even worse yet, those damn orks go and raid my pantries! Gobbling up MY food on MY table, and then sleeping on MY floors, and I can’t do nothing because they outnumber me and one ork is probably enough to fight 4 humans at similar tech levels, and as though this all weren’t bad enough, the rok even occasionally spawns colossal squigs which seem to one shot anything without recon armor defense, something that I, understandably, don’t have.
And so, I devised a plan to get rid of the orks, speedrun relations and call my ork-hating allies to send aid(and caravans because I like free stuff), despite coming in with high tech weapons, the orks would triumph with the heaviest losses being a few lost limbs that regrow because of course orks can’t just stay injured. But at least I got rich and got corpses for necromancy.
With all the wealth I’d accumulated, when I got raided, I was greeted with some-90 imps, at this point the orks numbered about 40, guess who won with <5 losses? The fucking orks, I was so happy to see the raid hoping they would at least weaken the other side to where I could fight them easy, but these gigachad orks slapped the imps around like they were paraplegic toddlers with down syndrome, with this, I got even richer and amassed more laborers(undead skeletons).
Hell, I’ve called two of the mech bosses, they show up, they get the orks’ attention, they die pathetically, more orks die to starvation every few hours than when they fought the mechs.
At this point, there’s over 90 orks, matched 1-1 with my skeleton army, I’m trying to build as many warcaskets as possible but these orks are gonna kill my computer before I kill them, I keep inciting others to raid me but it seems to only bolster the orks.
Any idea how I can get rid of them without getting mega-krumped? Do I just keep doing proxy wars or is there something I can do/build to kill a bunch of them, there’s a constant streamline of orks walking to and from the colony to eat so if I hurt one, my colony is in instant danger
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2023.05.30 10:49 ConsciousRecipe8519 Would I be crazy to move in with an ex who's cheated on me?

Hey guys I'm going to be using text-to-speech so I'm sorry if some things don't make sense.
Tldr at the bottom but I would suggest reading. Basically I'm a 19 soon to be 20 year old next month that currently lives with their parents. I have no friends, I don't go to school because we can't afford it and I wasn't the best in class, and I have a terrible relationship with my mother. We fight on a day-to-day basis and sometimes she can be physical, a week ago I found out that she was logged into all of my accounts via a security email and simply told her I wished to log out, I didn't care that she had snooped, I just wanted the phone to remove my email and social media. She then began to blow up because I had accused her of something that I had caught red-handed. I spoke very calmly but she gets inches from my face screaming at the top of her lungs and even threw a metal object at my nose and I think it may have damaged it. She's very short tempered and the polar opposite of me. Her boyfriend is calm but constantly excuses her actions. She constantly calls me slurs and mocks me when I ask to see a doctor ( Ive dislocated my kneecap and developed arthritis that I haven't treated or followed up on since accident) she calls me sensitive and yet there have been many moments where she begs me to punch her so that way she can beat me and not have the cops involved. I often have nightmares where she kills me in my sleep because she has threatened to kill me and then herself in both anger and when she has seen that I get depressed (by snooping through my things) I pay for most of my bills; phone, soon to be insurance, gas, rent But not water or food (I often starve because my mom and her boyfriend are on diets and only get enough meat for themselves or am not allowed to eat any fruit etc) unless I want something, I need to pay for it myself, be it food or clothes or a doctor visit.
I feel as though I'm renting while still getting punished for not cleaning after their messes, still having my privacy invaded, and still getting mocked and hit by a parent who constantly says they wish to support me.
Now for where my ex comes in.
As I've said, I have no friends. I've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and it's hard for me to balance multiple relationships. I've known my ex since I was 13 years old. He's been my only friend, family, and "love" until I recently found out that he cheated on me 9 times and both told people I was someone he used to "fill a void" and made fun of. He's still best friends with someone who's loved him and has threatened to stab me, and I have so many moments that have deeply impacted me. The thing is that he's never hurt me physically though. He never raises his voice. And if I moved in with him, I could live rent free and move to a state with better health insurance and cheaper rates. The weather is better, and I'd get to live in a bigger house with more room and no fights everyday with a woman who might snap and hit me. I don't know honestly this sounds weird to type out.. again I'm borderline so I think sometimes I can't see a situation for what it is. I'm just miserable at my parents house and honestly we only have a house because of my mom's boyfriend.. they've been dating for 9 years and haven't married, they've broken up and gotten back together more times than I can count, and he wants kids and she doesn't. If they broke up (I think he's cheating) then we would be homeless and I would probably need to couch surf because I cannot stand her.. So really, living with an emotional asshole sounds like the better deal... I don't know... Again, he's still my only friend... Idk what to do
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2023.05.30 10:44 sbebebebe What is the recommended protein intake for *indefinite maintenance*?

I've searched high and low for an answer to this question but have come up blank.
I'm male, 36 years old, vegan. US: 5'8" 143 lb. Metric: 174cm 65kg
For the last several years, I've worked hard on my physique, and am happy to say that I'm now satisfied. (some bragging) Just finished a fat loss phase and I guesstimate 10-12% BF, very visible abs, pretty muscular with good definition. Did mostly bodybuilding routines. I want and need to rest my body, for a few months at least and perhaps indefinitely. I'll be scaling down to 2 weekly full-body workouts, at MV, and otherwise reasonably active. Eating at maintenance and tracking calories and weight.
When addressing protein requirements during maintenance phases, in every resource I've encountered the context is either a deload phase or some planned or forced break from training, e.g. a vacation or injury. The underlying assumption is always that it's a temporary break from whatever goal being pursued, be it muscle gain/fat loss/strength gain etc.
But I want out, not temporarily but permanently: I'm happy and only want to maintain. Now, in the fitness world we prescribe 1.6-1.8 g/kg LBM under the assumption of sufficiently hard exercise routines, in order to maximize muscle mass accumulation and/or prevent muscle catabolism and boost anabolic effects. But in my case, I'd expect minimal muscle breakdown (because of MV training & weight stability), and accordingly minimal anabolism - for the exact same reasons.
And the main reason I'd like to lower my protein intake is my vegan diet. Reaching said protein levels on a non-vegan diet is fairly straightforward: just eat a healthy and balanced diet, include animal products and you'll get there almost by default. But as a vegan I have to carefully structure my meals and food choices, and go out of my way to include protein in every meal, otherwise reaching even the bottom end (100g/day in my case) is just not likely.
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2023.05.30 10:38 P7NKY222 Crow rocked my shit 😞💔

Today my bf & I were minding our own business eating some chips when we were walking and then all of a sudden I feel something like hit the back of my head hard af and at first I thought it was like a person so I was really confused but then I realized it was a crow because it also bounced off the back off my bfs neck lol ??? I was scared af cuz I had never been attacked by a bird so ofc I was acting surprised but u know I didn’t make a scene I was more like just ducking them but if I’m correct I suppose they were tryna hit us so we could drop the bag of food 😭 ..anyways after that happened I was pretty shook up I looked what happened up bc my scalp was hurting and I was worried about getting an infection or something cuz idk where that crows feet have been so i should use anything else to clean my scalp besides shampoo and conditioner? I mean there was no open wound but I’m just wondering if there’s something else I should do ? Also I saw that it could be a bad omen but I’m not really to worried about that bc I’m really nice to animals I always would take care of one if I saw them in need and I even have a bird feeder (reminding me to fill it up damn) ☠️ I know they are really smart but yeah not so sure I’m their biggest fan anymore 😭 I think ima be a bit scared of birds for a while now …
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2023.05.30 10:35 musicboxofsadness My birthday is tomorrow, and I won't be counting calories

This is a pretty big deal for me and something I've been both trying to coax myself into and talk myself out of depending on where I've been at with my disorder as of late. For the first time in 576 days, I won't be counting any calories. I counted my last birthday and looking back my memories of that time feel so tainted by the constant anxiety and not being fully present during the celebrations my friends and family threw for me because calories were always haunting my mind. I've bought a quater slice of chocolate cheesecake from The Cheesecake Shop and I'm planning to eat some of that as a special breakfast tomorrow. I've also been promising myself for months that I'd buy myself a can of Cherry Coke on my birthday, and I hope I can still stick to that plan and not end up skipping out on it. My Dad is taking me out to a place that does Cajun Creole to celebrate after uni, and I'm gonna really try not to think of the food as numbers. Fuck this disorder and how much it's taken from me, fuck that little demon voice that screams at me abusively everytime I don't eat perfectly enough for its liking, fuck MyFitnessPal and all the other calorie counting apps for the mental torment that they have enabled, fuck everyone in my life who has ever had anything unpleasant to say about my body, and most importantly, FUCK the sick society that straight up encouraged me to reach this point. I'm gonna order whatever the fuck I want at that restaurant, order a little bit of everything to get a bit of a flavour range, I might even have a glass of red wine alongside dinner. Hell, maybe I'll even get a DESSERT afterwards. I looked at the menu online and they have a classic American apple pie with ice cream or rich chocolate cake with cherry sauce, and both sound equally tempting.
I know I'll most definitely feel the guilt the day after, and I may even feel the guilt during the dinner itself. I don't care. I'm gonna try push it down and focus on the things that really matter. Maybe I'm being too cocky but I want my 22nd birthday to mean something goddamn it.
The only other thing I have to mention is that my doctor's appointment to discuss treatment plans and where to move forward with my ED is scheduled for the day after. I'm a bit concerned that they're going to want to weigh me and that the number that comes back won't be accurate because of water retention and food waste, and I don't want that to both trigger me and make it seem like I'm overexaggerating my suffering for attention, because even though I'll still be underweight I worry that I won't be underweight enough for them to take me seriously. I'm wondering if it would be possible to be able to politely decline if they ask to weigh me and instead give them my the average of all my weigh-ins for the past 2 weeks. I feel that'd be more accurate and doesn't allow for fluctuations to skew my doctor's perception. Has anyone on here had experience with this and can offer their 2 cents on the situation?
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2023.05.30 10:27 xxsaramazingxx Caught my (35f) husband (35m) stealing my pain meds... This is the fourth time and I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I'm not even where to start, this is long I apologize in advance for errors, I'm on mobile...
Please bare with me as I have multiple chronic illnesses which cause my brain to be mushy 200% of the time... But I'll try to be as detailed as possible, I don't want to give too much away as this is a very serious issue and could get my husband in some serious trouble. Which he deserves to be in, BUT I'm currently waiting on a decision from social security disability so his full time employment means we have a home, food to eat and food for my 3 fur babies. He is supporting me and I do not have anything to fall back on in terms of support so I'm stuck still living with my husband.
The backstory: we've been together for almost ten years now, married for about 3. I have multiple slow progression painful chronic illnesses, I've been sick my whole life and he's taken on a huge responsibility being my partner... And I thought he accepted me for who I am not what I can offer. Mind you I'm not completely disabled, I'm able to do light housework, make his lunch for work, care for our pets and make simple dinners daily... So from chronic illness standards I'm doing pretty well for how progressed they are. Multiple of my illnesses causes severe pain so I take high dose pain meds to regulate myself on top of getting regular epidural steroid injections and ablations of the nerves in my spinal column to be able to walk. Back to the story, about 3 years into our relationship, the first time I noticed my meds were going missing I was on a low dose pain med called tramadol, he lied but eventually admitted to taking "a few". We moved forward but I had to hide my medication. The second time, fast forward a few years and we had moved into our new house. At this point I was taking lower dose Norco, but I was noticing I was light when I shouldn't have been. Confrontation again and I got a lock box. Third time I was spring cleaning and I found an empty checkbook full of my USED fentanyl patches, I had started using those due to not being able to keep my meds down completely. He had shaken them out of my sharps container then stored them away... Still not sure what he was going to do with them, it's basically skin cells by the time I take it off. I was ready to leave at this time but my parents had just moved 2 and a half hours away in a two bedroom small home. I had/have no where to go and no money to use to do anything about it... Things seemed fine for a couple years. The lock box was protecting my meds and things seemed ok... But I was still weary... Unfortunately my room in which I stored my lockbox got really cluttered due to many reasons so it became hard to use. Another part of me wanted to trust my husband. Stupid me, right?
Well to break down my dosage - I am prescribed a medium dose Norco 4x a day. Usually I only take 2-3 depending on pain and ration the rest in case of med shortage. But I was noticing my extra earrings were not as abundant as they should have been but I thought maybe I was taking a bit extra that month since it was winter. Due to recent medication shortages, my dose was increased but for 3x a day. Which I downgraded my dose to 2x a day to make sure I had extra as my pharmacy warned me they still can't get any in.
Come to the other day and I open my bottle to notice I only had a small handful... So I emptied the bottle and counted, i only had enough to take 2 a day for the next three days leaving me not only 3 Norco short for those days, but three days worth was completely gone... My heart sank because I knew what happened... I confronted my husband who lied about it at first but I asked him again and he finally admitted to taking "a few". I screamed at him for awhile before telling him to get out of my face and go to work, so he left. Sitting there I calculated not only did he steal about a months worth (1 a day) for May but he had to of stolen another two months worth during the previous months my meds weren't in the lock box... A MINIMUM of 90 Norco was taken from me when I absolutely needed them.
I wanted to file a police report that morning but was stopped by my mom who reminded me that I'm currently depending on him to survive. Only when social security goes through do I have any options of leaving... I currently pay about $315 a month on a student loan I'm not even able to use. It's not for not trying, I started working at the age of 14 but had to stop in 2020 due to multiple flare ups ending me up at 93 pounds plus in and out of the hospital on the regular.
Current situation, it's been 5 days, I asked him if he had anything to say to me at all, he said no. He still says I love you and tries to kiss me... I lean away in disgust... I'm disgusted with his audacity to take the medication that helps me be a person. I'm disgusted with myself that I do still love him but all feelings have been burned from his actions. It's obvious he has no respect for me and I'm not even sure if he married me because he loves me or if he just thought he'd have easy access to my medications for the rest of his life... Well my life. I feel obligated to continue my "wifely duties" such as making his lunch, picking up the house to the best of my abilities, make us dinner at night as he is the only one on the house so it's his, he's letting me stay despite my cold demeanor... Kinda keep the peace until I can figure a way out... It's selfish but so is he.
I do not have money to move on my own and I have to take my two large dogs and cat with me as he will neglect them, not intentionally, he has ADHD so he just forgets things. My parents said I could come up there but that means every doctors appointment I'm driving 5 hours both ways... And I have 5-7 a month. My best friend is in another state, my other bestie has 4 kids a husband and allergic to animals, 3rd friend lives with her aunt and uncle. I could crash at my brother's for a few days but not any longer... And my neighbor can't house my animals... That is my list of people, I have nobody else... Though who would want to roommate with someone who can't pay rent but can contribute to groceries, cook and light cleaning...
I'm not even sure why I'm posting... I'm very lost and confused. I've officially taken off my wedding band, I know I should file a report but he could lose his job which means he loses insurance meaning I lose insurance... I should leave him but I have nowhere to go... I told him the only way I'd even consider working on our relationship again is if he goes to therapy or rehab but he's said he'd go on the past just to not go or go once then never again...
My only plan I can think of is wait for social security to hopefully approve me then I can get my student loan waved, then I can look into low income apartments or housing... But who knows how long that's going to take, it's been in reconsideration since October of last year (22).
I'm gonna go potato now... Any helpful advice would be magical. Thank you
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2023.05.30 10:25 sugar-soad I was recently crowned America's Next Top Serial Killer (part 1)

I awoke with a thumping headache and forced myself to sit up. The pungent stench of urine and god knows what else immediately assailed my nose. I looked around me to see dozens of people wearing the same clothing surrounding me.
We appeared to be in a small cramped location that didn't appear to have any toilets and unfortunately no ventilation. There was a section of the room which was empty and I could tell by the contents of the floor that this was the cause of the smell. The lack of toilets had meant that people had no choice but to improvise.
I gazed around at the other people that were around me and they all looked terrified. I tried speaking to some of them but they just hushed me and indicated for me to leave them alone. They were a mixture of people with every age group and ethnicity included. I could see one woman who looked like she was in her nineties and was using two walking sticks to stand upright.
We sat there for a few more hours with the stench becoming more and more unbearable. A loud buzzer went off which resulted in a few people screaming in shock. We watched as a door slowly began to open in the corner of the room. I was the first one to get up and carefully made my way forward. I peered out to see what appeared to be a large open factory building outside.
I contemplated staying where I was, but I was getting more and more lightheaded with the smells so I decided to leave. The others slowly began to follow me out and we all stood clustered together.
A screeching noise of feedback emerged from speakers which I finally spotted dotted around the building. A voice came over the speakers and announced "Welcome to the latest season of America's Next Top Serial Killer".
We all stood there in shock as the voice told us we were the intended victims who were going to help decide who this season's winner was. They thanked us for our help and promised our bodies would be disposed of in a humane way.
Four doors opened in front of us and out walked a number of terrifying looking people. The speaker told us that we were welcoming four new killers who were vying for the title of this year's ultimate serial killer. We were introduced to them one by one with a quick synopsis.
First was the Nun who wore a nun's outfit which was splattered in blood. I would have considered her beautiful apart from the fact that her eyes were completely bloodshot. The only thing she held were rosary beads which looked very used.
Next was the Reaper who stood there in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He was wearing a mask that looked like it had once been the design of Robin Williams face. He held a shovel in his hands and kept spinning it around.
Then came the Boyscout who wore clothes that were 3 or four sizes too small for him. His scouting uniform looked like it had seen better days. He carried a branch that he was sharpening with a penknife and kept jabbing it towards us.
Finally he announced the Headmaster who stood there gazing at us with a look of pure disgust. He carried two metal rulers that were almost half the height of him. He reminded me so much of some of my old teachers that I involuntarily took a step backwards when his eyes rested on me.
One of the other victims went towards the Nun and begged her to help him as he had a wife and family. She smiled at him for a few seconds before wrapping the rosary beads around his throat and ripping his throat open.
A fountain of blood sprayed out of his throat and a small bit splattered onto my clothes. Pandemonium ensued as everyone around me began running off in every conceivable direction. The killers began moving forward and lashing out at anyone that got too close. I saw the old woman with the walking sticks get decapitated. The Reaper had knocked her to the ground and then used the shovel to cut off her head.
I stood there frozen in fear as I watched the killers slaughter numerous people. The Headmaster was using his rulers to slash into people's skin and then hitting against their throat to crush their larynx. The Boyscout was using his branch as a spear and I watched him shove it through someone's eye and out the other side of her skull.
I finally convinced my feet to start moving and began dodging between the corpses that littered the floor. I felt something brush by the hair at the back of my head and knew that one of them had come very close to catching me.
I found an unlocked door at the door at the other end of the building and yelled at the others. A few of the other victims must have heard me as they began rushing towards freedom. The killers were occupied in killing off any of the injured.
I rushed outside into bright sunshine and had to shield my eyes for a few moments. I eventually gazed around to see a small clearing with a forest in the distance. The other victims began running past me and began heading for cover in the forest. I reached the edge of the forest and gazed back to see the killers emerge from the building. I had a good headstart and knew that it would take them a while to catch up with me.
I began to jog slowly while taking the occasional break to conserve my stamina. It was about twenty minutes after entering the forest when I heard a noise coming from somewhere to my left. I looked in amazement as the four killers passed close by while riding a group of ponies. The Nun looked terrified and was clutching onto the poor animal's neck.
The Reaper spotted me and swerved his pony over towards me. He jumped off and began to swing his shovel all around him in an obvious attempt to intimidate me. I nearly burst out laughing when he somehow got the shovel stuck in a low hanging branch. I spotted a thick branch on the ground and smashed him over the head with it. He collapsed face first onto the ground and tried to get up. I started smashing the branch into the back of his skull until the branch eventually snapped. I reached up and grabbed his shovel and used it to finish the job of crushing in his skull. I noticed a camera in one of the trees and realised they were filming everything that was happening here.
His pony was grazing only a short distance away so I climbed on its back and began moving forward. I passed the corpses of some of the other victims who had obviously been caught by the killers. I spotted a building ahead and made my way towards it.
I stopped at the entrance to what was obviously once a school and hopped off the pony. He just wandered off straight away and began eating the grass that lay nearby. I held the shovel in my hands and took two deep breaths before making my way inside.
I was greeted by the bodies of more victims who looked like they had tried to put up a fight and lost badly. Their bodies were covered in multiple stab wounds and each of them had their eyes ripped out. I was still standing there gazing down at their bodies when I heard a noise directly behind me. I swung the shovel around in reflex in the hopes of taking out one of the victims. I froze in shock as I watched the shovel smash into a woman's skull. Her accusatory eyes stared at me before her corpse crumpled to the ground.
Someone began clapping and I saw the Headmaster step out of a room with a sinister smile on his face. He reached behind him and grabbed the rulers and began to advance on me. I held the shovel in front of me in the hopes of using it to block his blows. He swung one of the rulers and I felt a stinging sensation on my arm as the ruler connected. His smile grew wider as he had drawn first blood. He began to move quicker and I was constantly having to adjust myself to keep him at a distance. He rushed forward towards me and I dodged him. I stuck a foot out and watched in glee as he fell onto the ground. One of the rulers went flying out of his hand and he began reaching to grab it.
I brought the shovel down and listened to his scream of anguish as I cut off his hand. I celebrated internally as I rushed past him and grabbed the fallen ruler. He stood up and faced me with tears of pain cascading down his face. I now held the ruler in my hand and began moving towards him. He began to back away while swinging his other ruler to keep me at bay. He wasn't paying attention to what was behind him and tripped over the body of the woman I had accidentally killed earlier. He began pleading with me to stop but I felt no remorse as I brought the ruler down and crushed his throat. I searched through the room he had come from earlier and found some food and water. I had a quick meal and decided to have some sleep as it was starting to get dark outside.
The next morning I awoke and began gathering up what food and water that I had already eaten and prepared to head out. I decided on a whim to check the Headmaster's pockets and lucked out as I found a set of keys.
I went to the opposite entrance of the building and peered out to see nothing moving. I explored outside and found two quads hidden beneath some branches. I tried the key in both and was relieved when it worked in the first. I decided my only course of action was to keep going forward as there was only death in front of me. I made a harness using the branches to hold my supplies and the weapons I had collected.
For the next twenty minutes I moved along at a leisurely pace through fields of daffodils. I could see tracks crossing my path possibly made by the other victims and remaining killers.
I saw something on the ground ahead and slowed down to check it out. I quickly grabbed my weapons just in case it was a trap. I found a young girl who looked like she was no older than 12. She was luckily just asleep and I went over and got her some food and water. She woke up screaming after I tapped her on the shoulder. I quickly calmed her down after explaining that I wasn't one of them. She still looked weary but gladly accepted the food I offered.
I started heading towards the quad to get more food for her and had only moved a short distance away when I heard a noise behind me. I turned to see the Nun standing behind the girl with the rosary beads wrapped around her neck. The little girl gave me a pleading look moments before the nun slit her throat. The spray of blood turned all of the daffodils around us crimson. The Nun smiled at me and began inching towards me. I backed up towards the quad and grabbed the rulers.
The Nun stopped coming forward and gazed in annoyance at the rulers. She was obviously used to close quarter kills so I now had the advantage over her. She began circling me in the hopes of getting around my defenses. I watched her carefully and waited for her to make the first move. She darted forward so I whacked her hand with the ruler and she let out a squeal of pain. She looked furious at this point as there was a small bruise forming where I hit her. She continued circling me while occasionally darting forward before being forced back by the rulers.
I decided I needed to go on the offensive and lurched towards her. She seemed surprised at this and didn't even have time to defend herself as I smashed her across the face. She moved backwards and spit out some blood that contained a tooth. I began to attack her repeatedly and soon her face and hands were littered with cuts and bruises. She fell to the ground in the fetal position to try and protect herself. I grabbed the rosary beads that she had dropped and wrapped it around her throat. I think she was about to say something but I didn't give her a chance as I ended her life the same way she had ended the little girls. I threw the rosary beads on top of her corpse before spitting on her and making my way back to the quad.
I moved along at a quicker pace and began seeing more corpses who had makeshift arrows sticking out of their body. I decided it might be better to go on foot incase I wandered into an ambush. I dodged from tree to tree while constantly looking in every direction. The forest was deathly silent as if in anticipation of what was coming.
I was making my way across a small clearing when I felt an agonising pain in my right leg. I almost wept as I saw the arrow that now protruded from it. I tried to continue going forward but my leg gave out beneath me. I heard a manical laugh coming from the trees and the Boyscout moved out carrying a homemade bow. He threw it to one side and grabbed his penknife. He advanced forward to kill me while I was wounded. I started to crawl towards my supplies and had just put my hand on them when I was dragged away. I turned to see the Boyscout smiling down at me. I instinct lashed out with my uninjured foot and hit him in the testicles. The smile on his face disappeared as he crumpled to the ground. I reached down and snapped the arrow head that was in my leg and jammed it into his ear.
He began convulsing on the ground for a few seconds before finally going still. Music began playing and a number of heavily armed moved towards me. They were flanking someone who looked vaguely familiar. I think I had seen him in some straight to video movies over the years. He congratulated me on winning this year's tournament as I lay there in shock. He started asking me questions but I was too stunned to answer.
This happened a few months ago and I am still coming to terms with everything that transpired. I was given a million bucks in prize money and made to sign a number of legal documents to ensure my silence. I haven't been able to find this show but I know it is out there somewhere on the dark web. I just hope that if any of you take part then you will fight back like I did.
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