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Confidence: The Key to Success

2009.08.04 21:23 youngfight For those who did everything our parents told us to do... now what?

For those who did everything our parents told us to do... now what?

2023.06.01 05:12 Ok_Interview_779 What do I do? Long but would really appreciate advice

We have been best friends since junior year of high school. (Both girls)8-9 years of friendship. We are both 25. We stopped being friends mid-Nov 2022. I noticed that she ALWAYS had problems with people she met. She could never get along with anyone and there was always a problem with THEM, not her. She ended up not having many friends. I am engaged and have been in a relationship for about 6 years but always made sure to spend time with my friends and include them. Before we stopped being friends in 2022, she lost a ton of weight (to the point it was bad and concerning. WhenI spoke to her lightly about it she appreciated it mentioned that her mom had the same worries but she’s fine. She has never had a boyfriend for the 9 years we have known each other. Oct,2022 we stopped hanging out/texting. When I reached out to her, she told me she met someone at work.I was very happy for her! This is when things went downhill though. She started calling me crying that her mom didn’t like guy and was taking things too quick .She called me freaking out asking why wasn't he asking her to be his gf yet & at the time she only went out with him 2x and just talked at work but acted as if they were going to get married. Yes, I tried being supportive! She has personal health issues that she was concerned about and told me she was nervous about getting physical. On date 3 , she ended up canceling the plans we made for over a week (I understood, she was excited). She then texted me the next day and told me she met his parents for the first time and ended up having sx in his room.(first time she has ever been physical with any guy.) Long story short. I said as long as you feel it was right! Maybe just out of respect, not when you meet the parents the first time for dinner but I'm happy you found someone. She went OFF on me. Cursing at me, everything. I apologized if it came off wrong multiple times. That’s when it ended. During that time, we still followed each other on IG and every time I posted a story, she viewed it right away and would post something right after. I wouldn't view her stories & ended up just muting her. We also go to the same gym. She would always comes at same times/days I’m there and I’ve physically seen her wait in the car parking lot and she will follow me out. I ended up texting her very politely later that day to please be respectful and let’s just stop. She proceeded to go off, calling me crazy and not a soul gives a fck about me and how I'm mental gaslighted the situation)I said ok thank you for understanding and blocked her! Fast FWD to present. Ive been away since I am moving in with my fiancee and recently went back to the gym after a while of not being there. The other day when I was walking by to put a weight back, she was leaving and purposely walked into me then looked at me, stared me down and laughed. She has been at the gym every single day ive been back. She only stays for 20 min tops and when she does she just stays on the stair machine stares down at me and legit watches me around the gym room. Tuesday when I had my gym session w/ my trainer, she was staring at me and he even noticed and asked if I knew her and I said no. When we walked into the private training room, there’s a big window and a tiny workout room next door. When I was stretching w/ the trainer, SHE WAS THERE in the room next door staring at me. She has NEVER been in that room before and when she saw that I noticed, she stared back and gave a bitchy sarcastic look back, I have her blocked on SC and IG but she blocked me on Facebook first back in 2022 but I have also been noticing that she’s been blocking and unblocking me bc the pictures and posts that were tagged or on my Facebook from her are appearing and disappearing from time to time. I also notice in my other friend friends list her name will show up sometimes and then not. Why is does she keep blocking and unblocking me on Facebook? I will continue to keep her blocked on other forms Will she ever stop her behavior towards me at the gym? I am also leaving this month so I won’t be seeing her again after this for a long time if ever. Sad how this ended.
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2023.06.01 05:11 mylifeisathrowaway10 Got in trouble for tardiness. This is the second time at this job and fifth time in the last two years.

I'm a Walmart janitor. My job is brain-dead easy. My shift starts at 11 AM. I live 5-10 minutes away. I should have no problem getting to work on time, and yet it's a consistent problem. Usually it's within the 9 minute grace period, or if it's later than that I use PPTO, but my managers recently pointed me for even doing that and we agreed to change my shift to later in the day.
I got fired from my last two jobs for tardiness.
I feel like all the work I did to improve my mental health was pointless. I may have improved my general mood, but I seem to be failing at every adult life thing that matters. I'm also always extremely late with paperwork, setting up appointments, and refilling prescriptions. This seems to coincide with my increased confidence and self worth, so I feel like there's some causation. Maybe I'm getting cocky and selfish like I always feared I would. Maybe I'm not cut out for being an adult.
My family has made it clear that they will take me in if they have to but they'd really, really prefer not to, so I can't live with them otherwise I'll be a massive burden. It's not good for my mental health to be with my family anyway because they're the cause of 75% of my problems.
I feel like there's nowhere for me to go. I'm no longer a bright young kid full of potential. Now I'm just a depressed adult who can't hold down the simplest job.
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2023.06.01 05:11 Distinct_Builder4082 I (27F) called out my friend (25F) for not breaking up with her BF

My friend (27F) and I (25F) have been friends for over a decade. In that decade+, we've had each other's backs in most of our dating situations as good friends usually do. Dating's been rough for both of us; admittedly, we've learned a lot of lessons along the way. Additionally, it's been a tough year for her, as recently, one of her pets passed away. She's not currently in a great headspace, so that might factor into the AH feeling.
My friend has been seeing this guy for a few months. For a while, she'd been dissatisfied with the amount of attention she's gotten from him and annoyed by his lack of enthusiasm in certain areas of their budding relationship. (I'm trying hard not to make this specific in case someone who knows the situation sees this.) Simply put, he also has some mental health issues that are keeping him down, which makes things somewhat understandable. I tried to empathize with her, but I felt only a trickle of empathy when she was upset about someone's lack of enthusiasm due to a dip in mental health.
Recently, I talked to her on the phone about the guy, and she listed several core incompatibilities. (ex: religious differences, he already has kids, his habits, etc.). I asked her, "If things never change, could you see yourself with this person in two months." Her answer was a firm no. Then I asked if she could see herself with him in two weeks. She said no again. It was clear from our conversation she wanted to stop seeing him. Her hangups were, "I don't want to start over again" and "What if I hurt him." I very bluntly told her that 1. You're going to have to start over at some point. Do you want to be four years down the road and look back, wishing you started over sooner? and 2. You can't control how he feels about the whole thing. If you need me to be off in some secret corner when you go to dinner and tell him just in case things get weird, I'd be happy to do so. We laughed, and she said she'd do it when she saw him next. I had doubts, but I thought she'd muster up the courage to overcome her fear and do what was necessary.
I got a text this morning that said, "I couldn't do it. I know I should end things, but I don't know how. and I'm not in a good headspace right now, idk what I'm doing at all." I tried to empathize again, but instead said, "oh... well, I don't know what to say." She said, "That's okay, neither do I lol" and for some reason... I got really upset.
I then sent a text asking her what she was going to do but then... I lost it. I went left. (I can see the YTAs from here, and I know I deserve it for this, I know I do). I vomited four paragraphs of how I was disappointed but didn't want her to beat herself up over this. I reiterated what I said on the phone and added that she's stringing this guy along when she has concrete evidence she doesn't want to be with him. I went into how he deserves someone who wants to be with him and his kids and that her "hemming and hawing" over this is selfish. I told her that we're always up in arms for each other, but it's just wrong when she's about to hurt someone who doesn't even deserve it. I reemphasized that I love her, that I'm in her corner, and that I still want to be her friend before saying that my message was the last thing I would say on the matter.
She read it and didn't respond. I am so willing to say I was the asshole and make up for it somehow, but part of me feels like I shouldn't have said anything and let things take their course.
Am I the bad guy here?
TL;DR! friend knows she needs to break up with someone she isn't compatible with, but she didn't, saying she "didn't know how to." I went off on her, and now I feel like I'm the asshole for saying what I said.
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2023.06.01 05:11 Bitter_Panic2873 What happened?

I'm confused. I posted here a few days ago and it was too long so nobody read it, so I'm back here shortening it! Invites to PMs will be refused.
If your partner randomly does unexpected things to you during intimacy, is it technically considered assault? My sexual partner said earlier on in the day that I "won't let him out" because I'm too insecure, which was true; I did say no to that. Then while we were making out a few hours later, he just went down and started eating me out. I didn't say no or anything and I enjoyed it, it was just a bit weird because I didn't expect it. It was so sudden, no warning or questions asked on his part. He said afterwards "wait, was I not supposed to do that?"
He also randomly slapped my ass making out for a while, and winded up doing it during sex for the first time. Not something I'm into, I also just wouldn't hit someone without making their consent clear first... maybe that's just me.
I'm a victim of CSA, so I'm blind to whether or not this is right or wrong. Honestly, I just don't feel respected.
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2023.06.01 05:10 Fawxer Badly need help/insight on the current state of my "duplicate deposit checks" situation

I had made a post at the very beginning of everything and it was mostly resolved, but it's got so much worse.
I apologize in advanced if the post is scatterbrained, I'm absolutely FRIED mentally.
A couple months ago my employer came to me to inform me that there were a few incidents of "duplicate mobile deposits" on my payouts. Confused on how this was even possible (I was told duplicating the same check twice does not work, and I've experienced this and seen the error message) I of course immediately go into my banking history to search for the duplicate deposits. I see none at all, with the ability to search my history by exact transaction amount. All of the checks in question were shown to me do be deposited one time each. I reach out to a rep of my bank via online text support, who quickly confirms two things:
  1. Depositing the same check twice via mobile simply will not work.
  2. He checked the entire history of my account and he himself confirmed there were no duplicates throughout.
Ok great, I tell my employer there are no dupes and I show them the chat history with the rep confirming this. I then move on. Fast forward a few months and suddenly thousands of dollars leave my account all at once, without any kind of notice at all. Just gone. It's the "duplicated" check amounts in question. I of course immediately reach out in a panic, what is going on....??
This is where it gets spicy. It turns out those duplicates did exist, but were only visible to me in the downloadable "eStatements PDF". The NEW bank rep that informed me about this confirmed that the first rep was likely just looking at my regular transaction history and not my statements.
Now, I was under the impression that when you log in to your banking profile, that information would be accurate. What my bank has confirmed to me is that that there is often MISSING OR INNACURATE INFORMATION on the banking profile. (The main place one would log in to check their transactions and current balance etc).
For the first two years of my employment I would receive the check at work, attempt to mobile deposit, and then bring it home to store away. As my apt complex requires them. Sometimes, the mobile deposit would be extremely finnicky, and wouldn't after 5-6 attempts as the lighting wasn't good enough or whatever. Most times I would be able to bring it home into better lighting on a desk with black background and it and get it successfully deposited. But the failure to deposit would leave me temporarily with a check that is signed but not actually deposited. A couple times they'd be misplaced for whatever reason (one example is my girlfriend putting a check that hadn't been deposited yet in with the other completed checks). In a case like this, I'd look through my banking history to see which ones were and were not deposited. If I found one that had not been deposited yet, I simply deposited it then. We've come now to find out that some of these were not only already deposited, but some of them actually DID work the 2nd time instead of meeting me with the "already deposited" error I'd expect to see.
Since this whole ordeal, and coming to learn that it actually *is* possible to duplicate a mobile deposit despite everyone telling me you can't, in hindsight the very simple solution is to just write the date on any check that was SUCCESSFUL. But in my mind, back then, I was thinking if it's signed then it's obviously deposited. But this was before the bad lighting and failing to deposit issue came in. For many many months now I've been dating the checks. But I digress...
So until this morning, I thought it was "resolved". The duplicates over the years were taken back all at once (brutal but whatever, most of them weren't actually shown on my banking profile anyways) and the issue is over. Checks are signed now, mobile deposit fails are handled better. Problem solved, bing bang boom moving on. Fast forward again, this morning I noticed I was randomly locked out of my bank account without any kind of notice. Suspicious of fraudulent activity or stolen card info I call them to see what was going on. To my surprise, she confirms that it's because of the duplicate deposit issue (this is a different rep, who obviously is seeing this whole thing for the first time). And that I am currently under criminal investigation, and should be expecting a call from "financial crimes" soon.
Before that, the very last convo I had with my bank was them telling me that basically it's all been resolved. A manager of the bank also confirmed a few things for me in writing in those previous text conversations.
  1. Mobile duplicate deposits "SHOULDN'T work" "but sometimes do"
  2. There was likely a lack of information on my banking history, meaning if I were to have searched my deposit history to see if a check was there or not, it's entirely possible it was missing both as a listing and also in my total balance. (I personally confirmed this with my own eyes, but the bank rep basically confirmed it was a known issue).
  3. I was going to be fine when it came to any kind of "fraud" investigation. They assured me I didn't have much to worry about.
But here I am. Under criminal investigation. My account got locked up this morning without morning. Rent is due tomorrow. I have bills to pay. This actually sucks a LOT. Losing the "invisible" money that was apparently in my estatements but not in my actually profile (where I always check for my bank info) is honestly not a big deal at all. Getting my account locked up like this at a time like now is a pretty big deal. The rollercoaster of stress this has put me through is a big deal. I've been told "oh ok everything is fine it's our mistake" a good 3-4 times, prompting me to relax and move on.
I guess what I want to know is is there anything I should do here. The bank has told me in plain lettering that everything that has happened, should not have happened. I was never "careful" about double depositing because everywhere says it's not even a possibility, including a representative of the bank itself. The false security of the becu rep CHECKING THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF MY ACCOUNT and confirming FOR ME that there were absolutely zero duplicates in my entire history is not okay. If it weren't for that, I would have been able to better prepare for the impending onslaught of checks getting withdrawn. Is it okay for every single person to tell me there's no issue only for it to come back suddenly and without warning as a major issue?
In any case, my accounts being locked up like this without ANY notice, ANY word from anyone at all is a huge problem for me especially at a time like now. I have bills to pay.
Is there anything I can do, and is my bank at least partially responsible for any of this happening.I did end up saving the entire conversation with my bank in a PDF, which I am now grateful for because I can't even access the account to see it right now.
tl;dr if a bank tells me"you couldn't have deposited mobile twice, it doesn't work.""I checked your entire account history, it contains zero duplicate deposits or any transaction with identical amounts in general.""you have nothing to worry about""oh, actually the duplicates did work, we're going to remove them all at once, hard lock your account, and by the way you're under criminal investigation expect a call soon"are they at least partially responsible for the problems this is causing me?
Side note: To think you can just deposit the same check twice at all, let alone via mobile to the same exact bank, to me, is about as stupid as thinking you can use the same giftcard twice. It just makes absolutely no sense at all to me. I'm not a fraud or a criminal. It was just ADHD and poor organizational skills.
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2023.06.01 05:10 Fabulous-Ad2090 My brain is begging me for porn

Today is my 6th or 7th day. I don't keep a count on which day I am. My brain right now wants me to jerk off so badly that all it can think about is naked girls. I want this to stop and I will have no mercy for my urges as they don't have any when I jerk off. Every thought is a fight in this war and I will emerge victorious. All my friends here will see me at the top with themselves. Victory will be ours 🥃
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2023.06.01 05:09 Worldly-Ad-1488 My father is a monster and destroyed my sisters future

My biological father, who wasn't around for my birth and everything after - was a serial rapist and child molester. He went to prison while my mother was pregnant with me. I found out that it was because he had been molesting my half-sister whenever my mom was at work. It took a 4 year old little girl to have multiple mental breakdowns before my mother saw any red flags (It didn't help my mother was an addict). He apparently had assaulted and raped other women too, though I don't when or how many.
My sis has struggled with mental illness and addiction most of her life now. I try to be there for her the best I can, whenever I can. I love my sister, but it's hard to watch her tear herself apart. I joined the military as an escape from the black hole that was my broken family.
The same year I got back from my final tour in Iraq, I found out this prick is walking free. Horrible timing - I lost two friends, but this piece of shit gets to live and breathe?! Like an idiot, I started digging for his whereabouts right about the time I was transitioning back to the civilian world. Luckily I met my future wife shortly before I found out where he is.
My girlfriend (later my loving wife) helped me gather the courage to seek mental health treatment following my time in the service. She doesn't know this, but she saved my life in doing that.
Fast forward several years and 3 kids later. I have to make a concerted effort to train my focus onto my wife and kids so I don't, in a moment of weakness, go make that POS dissappear. It gets harder to do every time I see my sister. Crying into my shoulder because of how close she was to getting her 3 month (or other) coin this time. I act strong for her because she finds comfort in it. But I fucking BAWL MY EYES OUT at night sometimes when everyone is asleep.
I'm just exhausted of it all.
Thanks for letting me vent. I'll try to get some sleep now.
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2023.06.01 05:09 signals-interference Mobile phone jammer for protection from cyberbullies and stalkers

Why do you need to sell a cell phone jammer?

What is a mobile signal jammer?

A mobile signal jammer is an electronic device that interferes with cell phone signals. There are many types, and different frequencies affect different systems. A basic jammer will only block one frequency so that the phone thinks it only has that frequency. More sophisticated jammers are capable of blocking multiple frequencies simultaneously. Some are even able to tune to specific frequencies to block specific signals. These devices work equally well on mobile phones in both analog and digital modes.

The most common jammer is the 450MHz jammer, which requires a noise-shielding signal. Since cell phones use this frequency to tune in, the signal must be weak enough to be unintelligible to the receiver. However, other frequency ranges are likewise contemplated. Therefore, the circuit must have three basic subcircuits: inductor, capacitor, and amplifier. To determine which frequency range will be blocked by the gps jamming device, the first subcircuit is a tuning signal.

The most popular 8 band jammers

How to interfere with cell phone signal?

  1. There are various ways to interfere with cell phone signals. Some are easy to use, others are very complex. The first step to using a jammer is knowing which frequency bands your phone is using. Different countries use different frequencies. For example, in Canada, the primary frequency is 1900 MHz and the secondary frequency is 850 MHz. In the US, both the 1900 and 850 MHz bands are used. Europe and Asia use the GSM 900 and 1800 frequency bands. Some countries also have separate frequency bands for CDMA coverage, such as the 450 MHz frequency.

  2. When using a jammer, users should know which frequencies to use and how far the signal must travel to be effective. In some cases, false targets can be created by analyzing the strength of the signal received by the radar antenna. For this, you need a jammer with a unique code. It is better to buy jammers with a wider bandwidth than a single frequency jammer. When using a jammer on a single frequency, the RCS of the target and the radar ERP of the jammer need to be known.

  3. If you have a business, you may want to block your employees' cell phone signals. This can be beneficial for protecting sensitive information that may leak from your company. In some cases, you may even want to prevent your employees' phones from being used for terrorist attacks. In addition to blocking cell phone signals, jammers can make your phone appear unreachable. They are very effective at blocking calls in confined spaces, and can also be carried in a pocket or handbag.

Choose a Cell Phone Jammer

Cell phone jammers can help you block cell phone signals from other wireless devices. There are three dimensions for choosing a cell phone jammer: power size, signal type, and appearance. These factors relate to how well the device blocks cell phone signals from different locations, such as offices, movie theaters, concert halls, and other public places. While you may be able to find the best cell phone jammer for your needs, keep in mind that making the wrong choice can result in product damage, wasted time, and shipping costs.

Typically, these devices block signals from cell phones within 60 feet of their location. Higher powered versions will create a dead zone the size of a football field. Depending on signal strength, this device may not be effective at blocking all cell phone signals. However, if you are concerned that a cell phone jammer may be operating near you, you should leave the location immediately. Another option is to build a Faraday cage. This will help prevent leaks allowing interfering signals to escape. This will also prevent the signal from passing through the Faraday cage. Although it is illegal to use a mobile phone signal jammer to block the mobile phone signal, it can solve the problem of mobile phone signal very well. And the price is right, as signal shielding equipment is relatively inexpensive.

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2023.06.01 05:09 Ok_Interview_779 What do I do? Long but would really appreciate the advice!!!

We have been best friends since junior year of high school. (Both girls)8-9 years of friendship. We are both 25. We stopped being friends mid-Nov 2022. I noticed that she ALWAYS had problems with people she met. She could never get along with anyone and there was always a problem with THEM, not her. She ended up not having many friends. I am engaged and have been in a relationship for about 6 years but always made sure to spend time with my friends and include them. Before we stopped being friends in 2022, she lost a ton of weight (to the point it was bad and concerning. WhenI spoke to her lightly about it she appreciated it mentioned that her mom had the same worries but she’s fine. She has never had a boyfriend for the 9 years we have known each other. Oct,2022 we stopped hanging out/texting. When I reached out to her, she told me she met someone at work.I was very happy for her! This is when things went downhill though. She started calling me crying that her mom didn’t like guy and was taking things too quick .She called me freaking out asking why wasn't he asking her to be his gf yet & at the time she only went out with him 2x and just talked at work but acted as if they were going to get married. Yes, I tried being supportive! She has personal health issues that she was concerned about and told me she was nervous about getting physical. On date 3 , she ended up canceling the plans we made for over a week (I understood, she was excited). She then texted me the next day and told me she met his parents for the first time and ended up having sx in his room.(first time she has ever been physical with any guy.) Long story short. I said as long as you feel it was right! Maybe just out of respect, not when you meet the parents the first time for dinner but I'm happy you found someone. She went OFF on me. Cursing at me, everything. I apologized if it came off wrong multiple times. That’s when it ended. During that time, we still followed each other on IG and every time I posted a story, she viewed it right away and would post something right after. I wouldn't view her stories & ended up just muting her. We also go to the same gym. She would always comes at same times/days I’m there and I’ve physically seen her wait in the car parking lot and she will follow me out. I ended up texting her very politely later that day to please be respectful and let’s just stop. She proceeded to go off, calling me crazy and not a soul gives a fck about me and how I'm mental gaslighted the situation)I said ok thank you for understanding and blocked her! Fast FWD to present. Ive been away since I am moving in with my fiancee and recently went back to the gym after a while of not being there. The other day when I was walking by to put a weight back, she was leaving and purposely walked into me then looked at me, stared me down and laughed. She has been at the gym every single day ive been back. She only stays for 20 min tops and when she does she just stays on the stair machine stares down at me and legit watches me around the gym room. Tuesday when I had my gym session w/ my trainer, she was staring at me and he even noticed and asked if I knew her and I said no. When we walked into the private training room, there’s a big window and a tiny workout room next door. When I was stretching w/ the trainer, SHE WAS THERE in the room next door staring at me. She has NEVER been in that room before and when she saw that I noticed, she stared back and gave a bitchy sarcastic look back, I have her blocked on SC and IG but she blocked me on Facebook first back in 2022 but I have also been noticing that she’s been blocking and unblocking me bc the pictures and posts that were tagged or on my Facebook from her are appearing and disappearing from time to time. I also notice in my other friend friends list her name will show up sometimes and then not. Why is does she keep blocking and unblocking me on Facebook? I will continue to keep her blocked on other forms Will she ever stop her behavior towards me at the gym? I am also leaving this month so I won’t be seeing her again after this for a long time if ever. Sad how this ended.
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2023.06.01 05:09 IaMSmahuel Sister

So me and my teachers had a discussion about my siblings, because one of them used to teach my sister in law. I have two. One true and one in law... Or so i thought. Me and my true sister (let's call her K) share the same mom, but not the same dad. My mom always said she's my true sister, because she's mine And K's mother. But my teachers think she's my sister in law, because we don't have the same dad. I called my mom to check and again, She said that She is my true sister. Even my dad (not K's) agrees. So question, is K my true sister or my sister in law? Because i am really confused right now. Don't be afraid to further explain why this/that is the way it is.
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2023.06.01 05:09 ChaseBankin How to get out of retail management?

I’ve been in retail sales for just over 8 years, and spent the last 5 of them in sales management. I like my company but don’t like my job anymore. I wouldn’t mind moving into a different role but I feel the need to get out of the retail store, and anything that’s corporate is all on the main campus that is states away, so that’s not something I’m willing to do right now.
I feel like my talents are going to waste and I’m under-appreciated, along with the glooming threat of leadership restructuring that comes around every single year at this point.
How did anyone here grow out of retail into bigger and better things? What roles did you move into?
I know a lot of it comes down to being able translate the skills I’ve learned in my experience towards whatever it is I’m going for, but it just seems like I don’t have the right background for anything else other than more sales.
Thanks ahead of time!
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2023.06.01 05:09 Motor_Storm_3853 [D] OpenAI rate limiting seems to kick in way before it should

I have a proof of concept that I have been sharing within friends and family. The chat bot gets about 100 messages a day, most of that taking place within an hour or so. 1/4 or so of the messages have been getting rate limited every day over the last week. Is anyone else having the same experience?
Technically, the exceptions from OpenAI don’t say rate limiting but something to the effect that the GPT-3.5 model is in high demand right now, and we should OpenAI if we are running into issues frequently.
I don’t build with OpenAI much due to privacy concerns, but this lack of reliability is wild.
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2023.06.01 05:08 Extreme-Apartment252 Just needed to say this

My life is hell right now. At the beginning of the year the woman I was ready to spend my life with cut me off completely despite my efforts to make our relationship work and after she told me she loved me. I was demoted at work. My car is out of commission. I'm flat broke despite my efforts to find side jobs that I'm allowed to have. I can't stand to look at my body at the end of the day even though I know that I'm physically fit. And to top it all of, I'm still in love with not only my most recent ex, but the ex before her that I broke up with because I didn't think I could make her happy. Oh, and the best part too is that I'm dealing with legal shit that can ruin my life if it goes south let alone my career. My mind is racing constantly thinking about all of these things, and wondering what could have happened had I made different decisions. I'm not a complete idiot and know that I have some responsibility in the events going on in my life right now, but I am so tired. Tired of pretending I'm okay. Of telling people not to worry about me. That I'm fine. I can't just call in sick to work. My job doesn't work like that. I don't get to go home because I'm on the verge of mental breakdowns and because I sometimes sneak to the bathroom or my car because my chest is constricting to the point where I feel like I'm about to pass out. I go home and I take scalding hot showers because for some reason feeling the heat and the sting on my back is better and more calming than anything else in my life right now. I'm a fucking mess. Everyone always says I have a big heart. That they've never known anyone else to care about so many people before and care for them so much. I'm starting to think it's because I'm selfish and just want to distract myself from my world by solving other people's problems. I hate myself. Because of my actions and my choices, everything I touch goes sour, despite my best efforts. I'm tired. I'm wanting to call it in. Give up. Not try anymore. Just become a numb, voiceless ghost that no one knows or cares about... I basically already am that to think of it. I don't get along with anyone at work. My ex hates me to my core...No one cares save for a handful of high school friends and maybe some fmaily. Some of them hate me as well. I'm not going to do anything rash. It would be idiotic and selfish of me to do so. I don't want to hurt the very few who do care. But goddamn do I wish my heart could turn to the cold stone that it feels like whenever I start thinking about her and just stop beating. It would save me from so much pain. What I hate the that I know...I KNOW...that if they came to me asking for help...I'd be there in a heartbeat. Despite everything that she has been saying and doing lately...I'd be there. I told her I'd be there for her forever. I meant it. I'm exhausted. I'm going to go lie down and try to get some of the sleep that has been escaping me these last few weeks. Hope you guys have a good night.
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2023.06.01 05:08 jleighhes My dog is headed for rainbow bridge and it’s making me feel all types of ways

Man oh man. I’m sending my 14 y/o dog over the rainbow bridge tomorrow. I’m not super excited. It’s time. She’s at the point of suffering, but not so suffering that another day alive would be horrible. I had to find that “special zone” between pain and unbearable pain. I know within my heart I’ve nailed it.
I’m having these weird moments of recalling my army medic days, though. So, back in the day, many moons ago, I was a medic and experienced things in Iraq. It was a whole thing. It sucked. I am thankfully in what I call “remission PTSD”. I don’t have “flashbacks.” I don’t have agoraphobia like I did. I don’t freak out at random trash bags on the side of the road anymore.
What I do still have… is this issue with not allowing myself to feel until it’s too late. I’m always still stuck ensuring everyone else is good and ignoring my own shit. So here I am at 11PM the night before the dog I picked out from the shelter as I transitioned out of the army spends her last night comfortable… making sure the kids are good. The dog is good. And my emotions are… stuck. I can’t feel it.
My daughters are laying on the living room floor next to my dog. My son is in bed. I’m on the couch, unsure what to do. I’m stuck. Unable to feel or process, because I need to make sure all these “dependents” are ready for tomorrow.
I’m ok right now. But like six months from now, I know I’m finally going to deal because I’ll regret not dealing now. I don’t know how to deal now. Now is totally about action and tasks. I have to do all these things to ensure these results. None of it is about me.
Crap. Tomorrow sucks. Six months from now sucks worse.
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2023.06.01 05:08 autisticgirl95 Hit a deer on the side of the road - advice?

I was driving on the highway tonight and the front passenger side of my car hit a deer that was already dead on the road - I tried to swerve to avoid it, but the front side still hit it. It damaged the front of my car (see this picture:[email protected]/52941736936/in/dateposted-public/). There doesn’t seem to be damage to any other part of the car or to the tires.
I don’t know much about cars. From the image I shared, does it look like the damage is cosmetic, or like it might actually be dangerous to drive the car? I’m out of the country right now and I’m trying to decide whether this is urgent enough to extend my trip and get it fixed immediately while I’m here or if it’s safe to wait a few days until I’m home (home is an eight hour drive) and get it looked at next week. I also don’t know enough about cars to even be able to explain what part of the car got damaged, so if anyone has proper car words to describe it, I’d appreciate that!
My car is an Audi A4. For this kind of damage, does it make sense to go to the dealership, since I assume I will need new parts, or will somewhere else be able to help me? How long should it take to fix damage like this? Will I need to leave my car for a few days at the repair place, or should they be able to do it in one day?
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2023.06.01 05:08 shedony3 League of legends needs more trans represntation

League of legends needs more trans representation
I have been playing league since i was 14. It has always been one of my only few safe spaces. I am 25 and a trans woman.
I remember being a freshman in high school and being SOO excited to play as katarina. For my first 2 years of high school i honestly can say all i thought about was league. I was SOOO excited to save up for all the cool femme champs.
I got the app on my phone and learned about all the lore. I played woth all my friends and it felt like one of the few safe spaces i could be me. I could play as a girl champ and no one would bat an eye or call me weird.
Personally that is why i have always loved league even after 10 years. Is its inclusivity and represantation. No other game has such a wide array of uniquely distinctive characters that feel so universally known.
That being said, there NEEDS to be a trans, non binary, or agender champion SOON.
It could totallt make sense in the lore; that a certain champion changed their gender through magic or chemtech
I also want it to be clear that i think there should be champioms who represent the congruency of all gender identities.
I do NOT think that league has anyything to do with sexual orientation. Sexual preference has nothing to do with it.
I just feel like i have to mention that since there are SO many right wingers calling trans people child molestors this pride month.
The bottom line that league is a game for kids- but everyone is welcome. Sexual oroentation SHOULD NOT be a factor.
But that being said- gender identity totally should be a factor. It is innocent and relevant. There is so much bad social stigma in being trans and non- binary nowadays.
Being trans or non-binary is NOT a choice. It is the way that god made you.
Considering that league of legends has always been a game trying to help remove racial barriers and make sure everyone is represented...
I think that it is only natural and right that they release a champion who is nonbinary/trans/agender
Just that alone could do SO MUCH in removing the negative paridigm about being outside the gender binary.
To be completely honest; i think at this time, it is socially ignorant for league to not have released a champion by now that was not cisgender.
League has been the most internationally popular game for years now. Riot has SO much power in how they can shape the social stigmas of the world.
And they choose not to :/
After so long, you can only start to assume that riot and league of legends is bigoted and transphobic.
They have HUNDREDS of champions.
And every. Single. One. Is so unique in their own way.
But also; every single one is cisgender.
They need a change. They need to change the social paradigm. Im sure they are running out of ideas for new champs after so long...
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2023.06.01 05:08 Many_Hyena9987 Upgrading my Galaxy s9

Hey guys,
I've finally decided to upgrade my S9, not that anything is wrong with it other than the fact that it hasn't received a security patch for over a year. This is by far the longest a phone has lasted me but it has some tiny One UI glitches I don't care for. For example, a person on the other side can't hear me during a WhatsApp call if the screen turns off, although I hear them fine.
Anyhow, I don't want to break the bank with my next upgrade so the new S series are out of the question. I also don't trust Samsung midrangers to last very long.I want a phone that will be supported for longer so it inevitably has a longer lifespan. I live in Pakistan where an ungodly tax knocks most options out, making them unreasonably expensive. Right now, I have the option of buying a Pixel 7 or a Pixel 6 pro. The 6 pro is 102k in Pakistani money while the pixel 7 is 30k more expensive. Which should I pick?
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2023.06.01 05:08 Far-Attorney9397 I live with a messy sibling and we’re both adults am I the problem for trying to make my older sister clean?

My sister (21) and I (18) still live at home with my momma and step dad. For context, my grandmother (82) lives with us at the moment and, to be frank, has ruined our “living room.” Meaning we are stuck in our own bedrooms most of the time. Our grandmother is an evil, vindictive woman who I have no relationship with other than a negative one if any. She is a thief, so five years ago when her house got burnt down by my uncle (that’s a story for another day) she came to live with us and continuously came into my room stealing my clothes, expensive perfume, etc. Now, she got to these items bc my room was a mess and they were out in the open, easy access. I guess I was about 15 when this happened, and after I made sure my room stayed neat so that she couldn’t steal from me as easy anymore. After I cleaned my room, I realized how easy life was and kept it clean from that point forward. Now, I am about to move out of the house which I have great love towards, (into a new place with my husband) accept the fact that my sisters room and the bathroom that we share is huge mess( spiders, her dirty clothes and dirty toilet paper in the floor, etc.) I have tried and tried to convince her to clean her room, that she is 21 and is too old to be living like that. By the way, she is unemployed and has no other duties that would keep her too busy to clean her room. Her room is filled with dirty clothes, trash, etc. And she has done the same to our bathroom. If she wants to live in filth, fine, however she refuses to clean our bathroom. She plays video games all day, which is fine except I think she should at least clean the bathroom instead of playing games sometimes. So, I bring my concerns to my mom, who I do love dearly btw. However my mother tells me to just “clean the bathroom myself” but the problem is, I refuse to clean the bathroom without the help of my sister. I am not cleaning after a young woman who is fully capable of cleaning after herself/ is fully capable of helping at the very least. Am I being dramatic/controlling? Should I back off and let it go?
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2023.06.01 05:08 microscopic_butthole TW: Animal abuse, child abuse - 3.5g brought back memories of my dad and made me come to the realization of how evil he is. I now want to steal his dog.

i took 4g of penis envy around 5 days ago, and it was distressing because it brought up a lot of memories of my past and made me realize how sick in the head my dad is, i always knew he was, but this trip made me actually FEEL his evilness, it’s hard to explain. this is what happened to me and the memories that came flooding back. i had visuals of him play out like a movie of my life.
my dad would tell me my pets went “missing” or got sick, turns out he was murdering them because he didn’t want them around anymore. countless animals, my cats, dog, hamsters, fish and my guinea pig. i saw him multiple times as a kid hitting our cat with a remote if it made him mad (i had to be around 6 at the time.) i believed they went missing until i became an adult and realized none of it added up. gullible i guess, but he is evil. he has bipolar disorder and everyone likes to use that as his get out jail free card.
when i was around 5 i got off the bus and our cocker spaniel rushed me because it was excited and i fell in the snow, instead of asking me what happened and him always being a psycho; he grabbed the dog and told me to “stay there” in the snow while he took our dog into the woods and shot it. i still remember just sitting in the cold snow and hearing a gun shot go off. i can’t even look at him anymore. he had an australian shepherd and once he knew he had to walk the dog he let it run away.
he has a dog now, im planning to take her when he’s not home asap, i won’t let him hurt another animal. then i will cut contact so he doesn’t know i took her (he will come after me,) but he cant prove it was me cause i want to take her from the backyard. if he comes at me i’m prepared to fight. animal control doesn’t do shit here, and i feel like i need to take her soon before they get rid of her.
this man has terrorized animals and me for too long, i have a mean right hook that’s been waiting for him for 20 years. my school had to be locked down when i was in middle school because he was trying to kidnap me after running away from the psych hospital.
one time as a teenager i had a bowel obstruction and i was writhing on the floor in pain, couldn’t even move. he literally stepped over the writhing body on the floor and left me there for days. my bf eventually called the ambulance and a welfare check because he hadn’t heard from me.
i felt my hatred from him in the pit of my stomach, i felt guilty for bringing the pets home and didn’t realize he was doing it. i feel responsible for their death for not knowing better and believing him.
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2023.06.01 05:08 CougerHuntar Tainted Ambitions

CHP1: Robyn Charlemagne, a vivacious 18-year-old with cascading chestnut curls, slipped through the smoky haze of the private back room in a popular southern California nightclub. The room was cloaked in an air of mystery, its walls adorned with crimson velvet curtains and dimly lit by chandeliers dripping with crystal teardrops. The soft strains of jazz music floated through the air, mingling with the raucous laughter and clinking glasses from the main club area. Tonight, the clientele was a sea of fancy dress and inebriated youth, their inhibitions drowned in the intoxicating mix of alcohol and euphoria.
Robyn, dressed in a figure-hugging black cocktail dress, had dreams of becoming a successful actress. However, her current reality consisted of serving patrons in the upscale restaurant known as "The Golden Elysium," where the elite of Hollywood often dined. It was a place where whispers of fame and fortune danced in the air, mingling with the scent of truffle-infused delicacies.
Meanwhile, Caspian Mortcombe, a dashing and enigmatic film producer in his early thirties, cut a striking figure amidst the crowd. With his commanding presence and sharp jawline, he exuded an air of regal authority. Caspian had recently acquired a reputation for his underground noir films, casting a shadow on the mainstream industry. In search of fresh talent for his next project, he found himself drawn to the allure of this bustling nightclub.
Robyn's naive charm and captivating beauty caught Caspian's discerning eye, and he saw potential in her untapped talent. As he approached her, his dark eyes pierced through her, conveying both power and dominance. He wore an impeccably tailored suit, an extension of his personality, that spoke volumes about his wealth and influence.
The room was guarded by a bouncer, known simply as "Big John." A towering figure with a shaved head and a muscular build, he was a black mountain of strength. Caspian had made sure to slip him some extra cash to ensure their privacy in this secluded space. Big John maintained a watchful eye, ensuring no interruptions disturbed the affairs unfolding within these velvet-draped walls.
As Caspian engaged Robyn in conversation, his magnetic presence captivated her impressionable heart. The allure of the silver screen beckoned, and Robyn found herself drawn into Caspian's web. He regaled her with tales of his past successes, painting a vivid picture of a world far beyond the glimmering lights of the nightclub. Robyn's airheadedness and dreams of stardom made her susceptible to Caspian's charm, her aspirations blinding her to the underlying motives driving his interest.
Their encounter unfolded against the backdrop of a time when grunge music and flannel shirts defined the alternative culture of Southern California. It was a world where wild house parties and underground clubs whispered secrets of rebellion and freedom, carving out a space for artistic expression in the heart of an industry dominated by conformity.
In this dimly lit room, where dreams clashed with reality, Robyn and Caspian's lives collided. The stage was set for a seductive dance of power, ambition, and manipulation, the boundaries between desire and exploitation blurred. Little did Robyn know that this encounter would mark the beginning of a twisted journey, a tale woven with passion, deceit, and shattered dreams.
As the night wore on, and the echoes of jazz music faded into the early morning hours, Robyn and Caspian found themselves tangled in a dangerous game, oblivious to the consequences lurking in the shadows. And behind the velvet curtains, the secrets of the night whispered their unholy promise, sealing their fates in a world where passion and ambition intermingled, where nothing was as it seemed.
The private back room had become a secret haven for Robyn and Caspian. Their clandestine meetings unfolded like a carefully choreographed dance, fueled by their shared desires and ambitions. Robyn's infatuation with Caspian grew with each passing day, as he expertly played the role of mentor and seducer.
Caspian, aware of Robyn's impressionable nature, used his position of power to mold her into his ideal actress. Under his tutelage, she blossomed, her raw talent and beauty refined through his guidance. He pushed her limits, pushing her to explore the darkest corners of her emotions, blurring the line between fiction and reality.
As Robyn's days at "The Golden Elysium" turned into a blur of serving plates and nodding at patrons, her nights became an intoxicating whirlwind of auditions, rehearsals, and stolen moments with Caspian. The boundaries of their relationship were hazy, a web of desire, control, and artistic collaboration.
Meanwhile, the enigmatic Big John kept a watchful eye, guarding their secrets as if they were his own. His imposing presence served as a constant reminder of the shadows lurking behind their glamorous facade. Caspian had ensured their privacy with a hefty sum, and Big John remained steadfast in his loyalty.
CHP2: One fateful evening, as the neon lights of the nightclub flickered outside, Robyn found herself alone in the back room. Caspian had promised her an important announcement, one that would change the course of her life forever. The anticipation hung heavy in the air as she waited, her heart pounding with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.
The door swung open, revealing Caspian's commanding figure. His eyes, usually filled with intensity, now held a hint of vulnerability. Robyn sensed a shift in their dynamic, a subtle change that made her pulse quicken.
"Robyn," Caspian began, his voice tinged with emotion, "I've secured a role for you in my next film. It's a daring, provocative project that will challenge your limits as an actress."
Robyn's eyes widened with delight and apprehension. She had longed for this moment, to step into the spotlight and leave her mark on the silver screen. But as Caspian detailed the role, she couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something was amiss. The character was complex, enigmatic, and dangerously close to mirroring her own life.
As rehearsals commenced, Robyn found herself diving headfirst into the depths of her character's psyche. The lines blurred further, reality intertwining with fiction in a dizzying dance of passion and manipulation. Caspian's influence over her grew stronger, his control tightening like a vice around her fragile dreams.
But as Robyn delved deeper into her role, the shadows surrounding Caspian began to unravel. Whispers of his questionable tactics and dubious alliances reached her ears, casting doubt upon their once-promising collaboration. The world of underground noir cinema revealed itself to be a treacherous labyrinth of deceit and power plays.
And so, Robyn stood at a crossroads, torn between her burning desire for fame and the nagging doubts that gnawed at her conscience. The allure of the silver screen had drawn her into a dangerous game, one where the line between passion and exploitation was blurred beyond recognition.
CHP3: Robyn stood before the ornate vanity mirror, her reflection fragmented in a sea of gleaming glass. The weight of uncertainty pressed upon her shoulders as she prepared for another day of shooting Caspian's provocative film. The character she portrayed consumed her, merging with her own identity until she could no longer distinguish where the role ended and she began.
On set, the atmosphere crackled with tension. Caspian's domineering presence loomed, his eyes scrutinizing every movement, every line delivered by the actors. The crew whispered in hushed tones about the mysterious underbelly of Caspian's productions, tales of compromising compromises and blurred ethical lines.
As the cameras rolled, Robyn surrendered herself to the role, surrendering her soul to the art of deception. The character demanded sacrifice, extracting fragments of her true self with each take. The passionate scenes with her co-star ignited a tempestuous fire within her, further blurring the boundaries of reality.
Yet, amidst the chaos, Robyn's intuition screamed for her to break free from Caspian's grasp. Doubts gnawed at her spirit, reminding her of the stories she had heard, the warnings whispered by those who had fallen victim to Caspian's manipulations. But her dreams of stardom held her captive, the allure of fame weaving a seductive spell around her vulnerable heart.
One evening, after a particularly intense scene, Robyn found herself alone in the dimly lit corridor outside her dressing room. She gazed at her reflection in a nearby mirror, searching for traces of the girl she used to be. Her eyes, once bright with innocence, now reflected a flicker of uncertainty and defiance.
As if summoned by her thoughts, the door to her dressing room creaked open, revealing Caspian's imposing figure. His face, once a mask of control, betrayed a glimpse of vulnerability. He took a hesitant step toward her, his voice tinged with a mixture of regret and desperation.
"Robyn, I never meant for it to be like this," Caspian began, his voice laced with a fragile sincerity. "I have made mistakes, pushed boundaries, but it was all in pursuit of creating something truly extraordinary."
Robyn's heart wavered, torn between the remnants of affection she held for Caspian and the growing realization of the toxic dynamic that had ensnared her. She mustered the strength to meet his gaze, her voice filled with a newfound determination.
"Caspian, I can no longer ignore the whispers that surround you," she declared, her words resonating with newfound courage. "I refuse to be a pawn in your game, sacrificing my sanity and self-worth for the sake of art."
Caspian's face contorted with a mix of anger and desperation, his grip on control slipping like sand through his fingers. He pleaded, his voice desperate and raw.
"Robyn, you don't understand," he whispered, his eyes pleading for forgiveness. "I can make you a star. I can give you everything you've ever dreamed of."
But Robyn's resolve remained unshaken. She stepped back, reclaiming her autonomy, her voice steady and unwavering.
"I'd rather carve my own path, even if it means sacrificing the fame you promise," she asserted, her spirit ignited with a newfound sense of liberation.
As Robyn walked away from the suffocating grip of Caspian's influence, a weight lifted from her shoulders. She embraced the uncertainty of the future, determined to forge her own destiny in a world where art and integrity could coexist.
CHP4: Robyn's decision to break free from Caspian's grip marked a turning point in her life, but the aftermath was far from the fairy tale she had envisioned. The offers that flooded in were not the golden opportunities she had dreamed of but instead invitations to auditions for seedy productions that prized her physical attributes over her talent.
Determined to make a name for herself on her own terms, Robyn reluctantly stepped into the world of auditions, finding herself in dimly lit rooms with questionable characters. One such audition led her to the doorstep of "The Velvet Rose," a small production company that specialized in adult films masquerading as art.
The setting was a dilapidated warehouse, transformed into a makeshift studio adorned with flickering neon lights and tattered velvet curtains. The air hung heavy with the scent of stale cigarettes and cheap perfume. Robyn, dressed in a simple black dress that contrasted with the flamboyant costumes around her, entered the room with a mix of trepidation and determination.
The director, a sleazy middle-aged man named Marcus, oozed an air of false charm as he beckoned Robyn forward. His leering gaze made her skin crawl, but she swallowed her discomfort, determined to prove her talent transcended the grim circumstances.
The audition scene called for Robyn to showcase vulnerability, to bare her soul under the guise of artistry. As she performed, her words filled the room, carrying a poignant truth that momentarily silenced Marcus's predatory gaze. But the spell was broken as Marcus cut her off, his expression morphing into a lewd smirk.
"Not bad, sweetheart," he sneered. "But let's see if you're as good in other... aspects."
Robyn's heart sank as she realized the true nature of this production. She had unwittingly stumbled into a den of exploitation, where talent and integrity took a backseat to the basest desires. With a sense of resignation and a flicker of defiance, she mustered the strength to walk away, leaving behind the suffocating atmosphere of "The Velvet Rose."
Undeterred, Robyn sought auditions in different corners of the industry, hoping to find a glimpse of genuine artistic expression. But time and again, she encountered the same bleak reality—a world where her talent was overshadowed by the allure of her physicality.
In a seedy underground theater called "The Midnight Masquerade," Robyn found herself surrounded by performers who had long lost their dreams to a cycle of vice and indulgence. The stage was set for a twisted cabaret, where darkness and desire entwined in a grotesque ballet of desperation.
The director, a jaded man named Vincent, exuded an air of faded glamour as he navigated the tangled web of his performers' lives. Each audition felt like a performance within a performance, as Robyn tried to impress Vincent while disguising her own crumbling spirit. But the allure of the Midnight Masquerade was tainted, a haunting reminder that her journey had taken a detour into a world she never anticipated.
Robyn's encounters with these seedy production groups became a mirror of her own unraveling dreams. With each rejection, she felt the weight of compromise pressing upon her, threatening to extinguish the spark that had once ignited her passion for acting.
As Robyn navigated the grim underbelly of the industry, she found solace in the fragments of genuine connections she forged with fellow actors. In the midst of this dark landscape, she discovered kindred spirits who yearned for artistic integrity as fervently as she did. Together, they formed a small collective, vowing to support one another and create their own path forward, away from the shadows that had swallowed their dreams.
CHP5: The collective formed by Robyn and her fellow actors had become a lifeline in the tumultuous world of seedy auditions and compromised dreams. Their bond grew stronger with each passing day, their shared experiences forging an unbreakable connection. They sought solace in late-night conversations, their voices echoing through dimly lit cafes and hidden speakeasies.
Amidst their collective struggle, a glimmer of hope appeared on the horizon—an opportunity to perform at "The Twilight Theater," a renowned establishment known for its commitment to artistic excellence. The theater's marquee, adorned with sparkling lights, beckoned to those who craved authenticity in a world of smoke and mirrors.
Excitement filled the air as Robyn and her companions prepared for their debut on the Twilight stage. The backstage area buzzed with energy, costumes strewn about, makeup artists applying final touches to anxious faces. The scent of anticipation mingled with the hum of the crowd beyond the velvet curtains.
But fate, with its capricious nature, had other plans in store. A sudden tragedy struck, shattering the camaraderie that had blossomed within the collective. A devastating fire ravaged the Twilight Theater, reducing it to ashes and tears. Dreams were shattered in the inferno, leaving Robyn and her companions adrift, the ties that bound them abruptly severed.
Heartbroken and alone, Robyn found herself forced back into the seedy underbelly of the industry. Necessity became her cruel mistress, driving her to take a job on a film so deplorable that even the darkest corners of her imagination could not have conjured its horrors.
The production was called "Crimson Temptation," a vile amalgamation of exploitation and degradation. The set resembled a dilapidated warehouse, its once grandeur now decayed and repurposed for the darkest desires. The stench of desperation clung to the air, mingling with the sweat and despair of the cast and crew.
Robyn's character, Amelia, was a pawn in the hands of a sadistic director named Donovan. His presence exuded a sinister charm, his eyes gleaming with malevolence as he reveled in his perverse creation. Donovan's demands pushed Robyn to the brink, forcing her to perform acts that violated her soul, leaving her feeling tainted and broken.
In the depths of her despair, Robyn's spirit flickered like a dying ember, but a spark of resilience remained. She clung to it fiercely, finding solace in the memory of the collective she had lost. Their voices echoed in her mind, reminding her of the strength she possessed, urging her to fight against the chains that bound her.
With each degrading scene, Robyn's determination grew, transforming her pain into a simmering rage. She saw through the facade of "Crimson Temptation," recognizing it for what it truly was—a testament to the darkest aspects of human desire. And in that recognition, she vowed to reclaim her power and break free from its suffocating grip.
CHP6: The dimly lit alley behind the decrepit warehouse where "Crimson Temptation" was filmed served as an unlikely backdrop for an unexpected encounter. Robyn, her spirit bruised but not broken, found herself face-to-face with Caspian Mortcombe, the man who had once held both her dreams and her heart in his hands.
Their reunion crackled with tension, emotions swirling in the air like a storm waiting to break. The flickering streetlamp cast shadows across Caspian's chiseled features, emphasizing the intensity in his dark eyes. Robyn, defensive yet filled with a longing she couldn't deny, met his gaze with equal fire.
"You've stooped to new depths, Robyn," Caspian stated, his voice laced with a mixture of disappointment and concern. "Reducing yourself to this—"
Robyn cut him off, her voice tinged with regret and defiance. "You don't understand, Caspian. I never wanted this, but I had no choice. I'm fighting to survive in a world that's swallowed my dreams whole."
Caspian stepped closer, his voice softening with a mix of understanding and lingering desire. "I know the darkness of this industry, the compromises it demands. But you're capable of so much more, Robyn. I've seen it in you."
Their eyes locked, the intensity of their connection reigniting a long-buried flame. Robyn's heart yearned for Caspian's touch, his presence a reminder of the passion they once shared. A surge of desire pulsed through her veins, drowning out the doubts that had plagued her.
In that dimly lit alley, surrounded by the remnants of broken dreams, Robyn and Caspian gave in to their shared longing. Their bodies pressed against one another, their lips finding solace in a forbidden embrace. The raw electricity that had always existed between them crackled to life once more, their connection transcending the boundaries of reason and consequence.
As their bodies intertwined, the weight of their past dissolved, leaving only the present moment—their shared desire, their mutual understanding of the sacrifices made in the pursuit of their dreams. In that stolen moment, they found solace in one another, a respite from the darkness that threatened to consume them.
But as their passion ebbed and reality seeped back in, Robyn pulled away, a mixture of longing and regret etched upon her face. "We can't keep doing this, Caspian," she whispered, her voice filled with resignation. "The world we live in won't allow it."
Caspian's eyes bore into her, a mix of anguish and determination. "I refuse to let the industry define us, Robyn. Together, we can rise above its darkness and create something extraordinary. We can reclaim our dreams."
Robyn's heart wavered, torn between the love she still held for Caspian and the need to protect herself from further pain. But in that moment, a glimmer of hope flickered within her, reigniting the fire of her dreams. Perhaps, against all odds, they could find a way to navigate the treacherous path of their desires, where passion and artistry intertwined.
CHP7: The California coastline stretched before them, the crashing waves a symphony of freedom. Robyn and Caspian, drawn together by an undeniable force, found solace in stolen moments, their time together becoming a refuge from the chaos of their respective lives.
They sought refuge in a quaint beach house, nestled amidst a picturesque landscape of sandy dunes and rolling waves. The scent of salt lingered in the air, mingling with the intoxicating fragrance of blooming flowers. Here, they could escape the prying eyes and suffocating expectations of the industry that had brought them together once again.
In the golden hues of twilight, Robyn's laughter filled the air as Caspian recounted tales of their shared past, his voice a balm to her weary soul. Their connection, forged in passion and ambition, had stood the test of time, its flame reigniting with a fervor that defied reason.
But as their blissful respite carried on, the producer of "Crimson Temptation," a man consumed by jealousy and greed, grew increasingly restless. Donovan, a ruthless figure with a penchant for control, confronted Caspian one evening, the tension between them palpable.
"What do you think you're doing, Mortcombe?" Donovan sneered, his voice laced with venom. "You think you can just steal my budding starlet and get away with it?"
Caspian met Donovan's gaze, his own eyes blazing with defiance. "I'm not stealing anyone, Donovan. Robyn is not a possession to be claimed. We have a connection that goes beyond the confines of this industry."
Donovan's face contorted with rage, his voice seething with a dangerous edge. "Mark my words, Mortcombe. If you continue down this path, you'll regret it. I have the power to destroy everything you hold dear."
Caspian stood tall, his voice steady and resolute. "You underestimate us, Donovan. Love and passion are stronger than any threat you can conjure. We will not be controlled by your darkness."
As Donovan stormed off, the threat hanging in the air like a noose, Caspian returned to Robyn's side, his presence a shield against the encroaching storm. Their bond deepened with each passing day, their love an anchor in the tempestuous sea of the entertainment world.
Together, they vowed to navigate the treacherous currents of the industry, to create art that spoke to their souls and defied the conventions that sought to confine them. They became each other's muse, igniting creativity and passion with a single glance or touch.
In the late hours of the night, as the moon cast a silvery glow over their entwined bodies, Caspian whispered words of adoration, his voice filled with a mixture of reverence and longing. Robyn, her heart brimming with love, echoed his sentiments, their declarations intertwining like the intricate brushstrokes of a masterpiece.
CHP8: The weight of the industry's demands and expectations bore down upon Robyn and Caspian, threatening to extinguish the flame of their love and creativity. But in the face of adversity, they made a daring decision—to break free from the clutches of the entertainment world and forge their own path.
In the quaint beach house that had become their sanctuary, Robyn and Caspian hatched a plan. They would take their art into their own hands, reclaiming their creative freedom and sidestepping the suffocating constraints of the industry. Their vision became clear—they would create intimate and authentic films, placing their work directly into the hands of their audience.
With trembling excitement and a sense of rebellious liberation, they embarked on their new venture. They turned to a platform called "OnlyFans," a place where they could showcase their films without compromise. It was a risk, a departure from the traditional avenues of success, but they held onto the belief that true artistry lay in the hands of those who were unafraid to challenge conventions.
The beach house became their makeshift studio, a haven where their visions could come to life. Robyn's natural beauty radiated as Caspian captured her essence through the lens of his camera. Each frame whispered of their connection, their love and creativity intertwined in a seamless dance.
As they released their first independent film on OnlyFans, their audience responded with an overwhelming embrace. Their work resonated with those hungry for raw emotion and unfiltered storytelling. Robyn and Caspian became a symbol of artistic rebellion, a beacon of authenticity in an industry plagued by artifice.
In the intimacy of their digital platform, Robyn and Caspian found solace and empowerment. They were no longer subject to the whims of producers or the suffocating demands of the industry. Their art was created on their own terms, nourished by the connection they shared and the unyielding passion that burned within them.
As their independent films gained recognition, they became pioneers, inspiring other artists to reclaim their voices and redefine the boundaries of creativity. Robyn and Caspian reveled in the knowledge that they had escaped the clutches of the industry, creating their own world of artistry and freedom.
In the twilight of the beach house, with the sound of crashing waves as their soundtrack, Robyn and Caspian made a vow to one another—a vow to continue defying expectations, to never compromise their artistic integrity, and to forever choose love over the trappings of fame and success.
Together, they embarked on a journey of self-discovery and creative fulfillment, their spirits entwined as they blazed a trail of artistic rebellion. Their love, once threatened by the darkness of the industry, had found a refuge in their shared passion and unwavering devotion.

To be Continued.......?
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2023.06.01 05:08 Additional_Golf_4713 Should I spend less time with my boyfriend?

Me (18 F) and my boyfriend (18 M) have been dating for 7 months now. We spend a lot of time together, and are even in the same friend group. We were friends for about a year and half before getting together and we were hanging out for 2 months before we started dating. For context, my boyfriend was one of the close people who helped me get over my ex and expressed to me that he’d be there for me and wanted to be with me and he would help me for as long as it took to get over my ex. Now, tonight there was a bit of an incident and I honestly think I’m being dramatic. This isn’t an A/ita post, I’m aware of my wrongdoings but I’m looking for guidance here, not judgement. Today is the day I spend at my fathers house (divorced parents) and my boyfriend ended up hanging out with his friend today. Not a problem at all and after they’re done hanging out and he gets home, he gets on his Xbox with his friend. After being on the game for 3 hours and says to me “I never get the time to do this with my friends”. Me and him spend 4 out of 7 days of the week together, so I get that, so I just asked if we could FT for just a few minutes, but his texts get more and more irritated. He just starts saying “I already told you I’m gaming so I can’t give you much attention” and “I want this time and I don’t know when I’ll get it again” this was kind of upsetting for me because all I wanted was just a few minutes, and from my perspective he’d been hanging out with his friends for about 10 hours today. I also saw it this way because there’s been times where I’m doing something I haven’t had the time to do but I’ll put it down because he wants to talk. We ended up calling and he’s obviously irritated and I had been crying (I am very dramatic and started overthinking things) After we talked for a little bit he told me to stay awake for 30 minutes and he’ll call me back. I love him a lot and I love being around him, but I think it’s starting to genuinely affect me when I’m not getting his full attention or time. I want some advice please on what to do. Other than times like these, we’re very communicative about all our issues and try to keep healthy habits with each other but I think this could end up going poorly in the future. I don’t want to break up with him, I think this is fixable
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2023.06.01 05:08 computational_bme Guide for 2nd and 3rd year BMEG courses

Hello fellow bmeg students, I just finished 3rd year BMEG and wanted to do a retrospect for each course in 2nd and 3rd year BMEG (and other courses I took in between), share some tips, and better connect the dots between all the different courses. Note that some of the course formats may have changed over the years. Also note that I was originally in the Systems and Signals stream, and now in the Informatics stream (streams are not applicable to you if you entered UBC eng after 2021W inclusive).
BIOC 202 Introductory Medical Biochemistry
An introductory biochemistry course with 2 exams as assessments. Very dense in presented material which requires lots of memorizing and in depth understanding. I don't have much to say about this course other than grind all the practice exams to shreds and do your best to consistently absorb the material across the term. This course doesn't specifically leverage knowledge covered in other courses, but the main ones are CHEM 123 and 233, and a bit of BMEG 245.
BMEG 201 Technical Communication for Biomedical Engineers
A standard tech comms course with a few assignments, a group presentation, a midterm, and a final. Lectures felt rushed, but really boiled down to a few concepts. Because of the subjective nature of writing, make sure to ask about grading if unclear.
BMEG 210 Thermodynamics in Biomedical Engineering
A nice course on chemical engineering thermodynamics with various biomedical applications. Covers a bit of material balance to truly bring the chem eng flavour into thermo concepts covered in PHYS 157 which was fun. Had simple tutorial quizzes, some assignments, 2 midterms, and a final. Tutorials were problem sessions. Just make sure to grind practice problems and you should be all good.
BMEG 220 Circuits and Electromagnetics + MATH 264 Vector Calculus
A circuits and electromagnetics + vector calculus combined course. This is a challenging course because it integrates lots of math with abstract physics. Circuits concepts in this course is just basic circuit analysis providing you with useful circuit analysis techniques. Vector calculus is taught in an integrated fashion with the electromagnetics concepts which was probably the most challenging concepts in the course. Tutorials explored biomedical applications such as imaging and ECGs (and had a bit of MATLAB). Course evaluation consisted of WebWorks (just grind these cause they're rough), tutorial assignments, 2 quizzes, a midterm, and a final. Overall, just practice lots and really grind the WebWorks as they are challenging. This course is draws in concepts from first year math, MATH 253 and 256, and PHYS 158.
BMEG 230 Biomechanics I
A course on biomechanics covering the physics of human motion and relevant anatomy. Labs were done in groups which involved a bit of MATLAB. Project was a fracture fixation plate which was done in a group where SolidWorks was used. This course also had a few assignments and 3 tests on each module (statics, dynamics, and tissue mechanics). This course draws in concepts from PHYS 170 and certain bits of this course shows up in BMEG 350.
BMEG 245 The Fundamental Units of Life: From Cells To Systems
A dense cell biology course with labs. It is the first course in BMEG that truly introduces you to university-level biology. Like most information-heavy courses, do your best to consistently learn the material across the term. Had 3 written-response exams done on a laptop in lecture, so really learn the material to the depth of being able to explain your understanding. Some of the material here may be helpful for rounding out the material in BIOC 202.
BMEG 250 Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
A biophysics course that covers lots of topics, but doesn't dive deep into them enough to master the material. Has a few interesting assignments, a midterm, a final, and a term projects (where the labs slowly teach you what you need to know, and the project is really only worked on during the last month). My cohort did a study on covid-19 spike proteins of different variants using a variety of biotech tools and databases which was cool. Some of the material is here was relevant to BIOC 202 and BMEG 371.
BMEG 257 Biomedical Engineering Design I
The first design course in BMEG. Over the term, you will be grouped in teams of 6 to complete DHFs through the design stages which can be frustrating. My cohort basically had to create a ping pong ball sorter by colour, which was supposed to characterize microfluidic devices. There were 3 assignments focused on SolidWorks, circuits, and programming. Because the DHF rubrics could be subjective, make sure to talk lots to the TA and prof to ensure that your group is understanding what is needed in writing.
BMEG 320 Bioengineering Feedback Systems and Controls
A course of control systems which involves a lot of math. Serves as a good complement of ELEC 221 to better understand modelling systems using math. Make sure to grind lots of textbook problems for this course and do the tutorial practice problems as well in preparation for exams and quizzes. There is also a little bit of MATLAB (and Simulink) for assignments and the project. The term project is done in groups and involves a presentation and paper about some biomedical control system.
BMEG 321 Biomedical Instrumentation
A fun lab course on medical instrumentation with a bit of microelectronics and signal processing taught in lectures. There is a good amount of MATLAB, lots of lab report writing, and a group research project. Lots of searching things up for this course (so make sure to cite if needed!). Overall just bite the bullet and get the labs done asap. Some of the material here is also in ELEC 221 but without all the mathematical derivations.
BMEG 350 Human Structure/Function from Cells to Systems
A course that combines anatomy and physiology, and certain bioengineering topics that are important enough to know if you're in BMEG. There is a group term project, anatomy labs in the life sci building (no lab submissions), a midterm, and a final. Another information dense course, but exams were multiple choice (which might be good or bad depending on the person).
BMEG 357 Biomedical Engineering Design II
Basically BMEG 257 part 2 but with client interaction. There is also less lecture/studio time to work with your team in-person, so spend the time to meet with your team and sort things out that way.
BMEG 371 Transport Phenomena within Cells and Tissues
This course covers some of topics from MATH 256, CHBE 251, and BMEG 250, but more mathematically in depth with differential equations (especially PDES). My cohort also was introduced to some advanced topics such as convex optimization and entropically regularized optimal transport in addition to the standard topics in transport phenomena. This is pretty much another math course that lies another layer of foundation for modelling (biomedical) problems with some topics useful for certain areas in data science.
BMEG 400A (now BMEG 402) Impact of Biomedical Engineering
An ethics course with BME topics and beyond. This course is delivered really well with an appropriate amount of depth that shifts your perspective on technology and engineering design. There were lecture activities involving SDGs, and a few group assignments. I would recommend this course to any bmeg student to satisfy the ethics requirement. Through this course, I developed a lot of thinking skills needed to access businesses which has been helpful for my commerce minor courses.
CHBE 251 Transport Phenomena I
Basically a course on fluid mechanics that feels like a physics course. This course isn't required anymore in the BMEG curriculum but is needed for BMEG 373 (microfluidics). Course had a few simple canvas assignments, 2 midterm, and a final. Fun course if you enjoy physics or want to take this course for subsequent courses.
CHEM 233 (and CHEM 235) Organic Chemistry for the Biological Sciences (and laboratory)
Organic chemistry and the ochem lab. Basically covers the ochem portion of CHEM 123 for around 40% of the course so make sure you understand the basics to the core. The ochem lab is basically a continuation of the lab techniques taught in first year chem labs with more of an ochem focus. Some of the ochem pops up again in BIOC 202 but less in depth in terms of mechanisms.
COMR 457 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
This is a required course for the commerce minor that covers the very basics of financial accounting. Funny enough to see that some of thinking skills I developed in BMEG 210 was applicable in this course in terms of inflow and outflow (like in material balance). A very standard accounting course where I learned a lot of new information applicable to everyday life.
COMR 465 Marketing Management
This is another required course for the commerce minor about marketing management. Introduces a lot of useful and interesting information that is applicable to big and small businesses. There was also a group project that is meant to simulate a marketing campaign for a start-up. Also really teaches you to think about marketing in the real world and highlights how much marketing affects us everyday.
COMR 473 Corporate Finance
This is one of the elective courses required for commerce minor and I chose to study finance. This course broadly covered financial theory to model things such as risk and return, stocks, and capital budgeting. The topics are quite interesting and does a good job of integrating the math and quantitative details needed for the financial concepts. Overall another really great COMR course that is very applicable to everyday life.
CPEN 221 Software Construction I
This course is all about the construction of software, from implementation and testing to reasoning about software. This is one of the most rewarding courses I have taken thus far as it really teaches you to think about entire systems given constraints and specifications. The course covers lot of fundamental computer science and mathematical thinking related to courses like CPSC 221 (data structures and algorithms) and MATH 220 (mathematical proof). The course is known to have very challenging and open-ended mini-projects (MPs) done in groups of 3 which are not so mini. The MPs really teach you how to work in a team when developing software which can be very useful for software engineering related co-ops/jobs. Be patient with this course, do the readings, do the labs and assignments, ask lots of questions to profs and TAs, read a lot of Stack Overflow for programming questions, and talk about the subject matter with peers. The return on investment of this course is tremendous. For bmeg students, I would highly recommend completing the 2 month BMEG Coding Bootcamp to the very end (fully completing the project). The bootcamp (delivered on Canvas) is live every summer starting in July and it covers most of the Java object-oriented and computer science principles that really help with CPEN 221. Note that for the BMEG curriculum, you can take either CPEN 221 or 223 (taught in C#). I would recommend taking CPEN 221 if you want to take further CPSC courses like CPSC 221 and CPSC 330/340 (machine learning).
CPSC 221 Basic Algorithms and Data Structures
This course is about commonly used algorithms and data structures including their analysis using a bit of math. After taking CPEN 221, this course felt like a very good explicit reinforcement of the ideas taught in CPEN 221 and introduced basic notions of analyzing code using math. This course has a nice balance of programming and math which I enjoyed, and had weekly examlets (basically quizzes) that really ensured that you were keeping up with the material up until the final exam. The weekly labs were also really useful to implement some of the theory. Overall an enjoyable course and opens up the doors to a lot of upper year CPSC courses.
ELEC 221 Signals and Systems
This is a challenging course that introduces techniques for signal processing. It involves a lot of math (specifically Fourier transforms) and can be very abstract at first glance. There are written and Python coding assignments in addition to 2 midterms and a final. I would recommend to do a lot of practice problems after understanding the big ideas that are being introduced to understand what is happening beyond the math. Some topics in this course shows up in BMEG 320 and 321.
MATH 220 Mathematical Proof
This course is all about proving things which is very different than most math courses in the engineering curriculum which kind of serves as an introduction to discrete math. For myself, this course really developed my mathematical maturity which has been helpful for courses like CPEN 221, CPSC 221, ELEC 221, BMEG 371, etc. This course has homework needed to be done in LaTeX, a midterm, and a final. This is one of those courses where you will need to be patient and just sit down with a problem as the homework assignments are time-consuming. I would recommend taking this course if you want to take CPSC 221 (as a pre-req) or you can alternatively take CPSC 121 (which doesn't delve too much into proofs but more with digital logic).
MATH 253 Multivariable Calculus
Your standard math course, but now in 3D. Make sure to learn this material since BMEG 220 and MATH 264 really build upon this material.
MATH 256 Differential Equations
Another pretty standard math course. Covers ODEs and PDEs that are applicable to engineering applications so make sure to learn this stuff well as it will better your understanding of the material in BMEG 250, BMEG 371, ELEC 221, and BMEG 320.
STAT 251 Elementary Statistics
A course that covers probability and statistics. Quite a standard course for statistics and heard that the subsequent course in BMEG, STAT 300, is much more appreciable. Labs are done by programming in R, there are various WebWork assignments, a midterm, and a final. Just do a lot of practice problems and understand the big ideas in the course.
I hope this post helps in any way, and I want to note that my advice and experience in these courses are only limited to my own blind spots (and my memory of the courses).
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