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2016.05.02 05:20 Ashley Graham

American model & SI Swimsuit cover girl

2023.03.20 22:01 Lord_Mallory55 THE WOMAN OF STEEL? [Other]

What would you think about an alternate universe with a female-Clark as Superwoman in the golden age, is the only change together with her love interest, is not Clara Kent/Superwoman!
[this is just a stunt for discussing characters on a Superfamily alternative universe and for a potential fan art serie or fan fic, every criticism, joke, comment, suggestion, question is well received!]
BORN: Krypton, a moon in a distant galaxy// 28/02/1918, SMALLVILLE, KANSAS
YEAR: 1948
-Farmgirl, born Kansas 1918. No sisters no brothers.
-Nicest girl in the office but very unffuny
-Disappears without reason very often.
-Lives alone in a little flat, has a dog called Krypto
-Daddy issues, his father didn’t let her pursue a career as ballet dancer or swimmer (he didn’t want her to take advantage of her powers), died when she was 18
-Former nurse during the war
-Loves children and dogs
-Tomboyish trails. Not quite elegant.
-Music-Hall fan, Katherine Hepburn and James Stewart fan
-Favourite books: Scarlet Pimpernel adventures, Jane Austen, Upton Sinclair and Virginia Wolf, somewhat eclectic
-She does a lot of sucking up to his boss (not literally), a 1940s very liberal Republican style journalist Perry Weiss, chief editor of the Daily Planet. She hates her boss Cat Grant
-Ambiguous relationship with her other boss Louis Lane
-Strange friendship with young millionaire Bruce Wayne
-Always good scoops but never appears in the front line and too stubborn and independent to grow fast in the newspaper
-Progressive quaker like her fathers
-Civil rights supporter
-Hates General McArthur, hates even more Lex Luthor
-Loves Eleanor Roosevelt but also Governor Dewey.
-Hates guns
-Supports unions, splits ticket between Metropolis Liberal Party and the two main parties. Politicians must be kind.
-Superpowers like invulnerability, flight, super-speed, super-stamina, super-strength, X-ray vision, etc
-Can flight to a Match100 speed
-Acts as Superwoman since 1945
-Defeated Zod invasion in 1946
-Initial bad relationship with Batman but now close friends and allies
-Didn’t act as Superwoman during the World War II because she was afraid of her powers, after the discovery of the holocaust and the atomic bombs she decided to step in and showed herself to the world on autumn 1945.
-Worst enemy: Lex Luthor, heir of Nikola Tesla, rocket engineer & CEO of TELCORP (Tesla-Luthor Co.)
-Deeply in love with Louis Lane, which strongly rejects the Superheroine
-Widely admired
The El family & Krypton
Krypton was a decadent civilization located on a moon near a large gaseous planet in the orion belt. In the past they had visited earth and other planets expanding civilization, but their penchant for slavery, war, resource extraction and violence caused many of these projects to fail. Even in 10,500 BC the Kryptonians almost caused the terraforming of the earth, melting the poles and destroying Atlantis and other civilizations, causing among other things the end of the ice age.
Over the centuries the Kryptonians lost the fuel necessary to travel and ended up confined to their planet, dedicated to warfare, genetic engineering-creating clones whose organs they needed to extend their lives-to pleasure and to exploiting the subsoil of their planet.
Jor-El and Lara were a couple of scientists critical of the system and supporters of a kind of democracy and pacifism. They had a daughter, Kala-El in a natural way against all the rules of Krypton. Lara managed to manufacture a small ship capable of making a space jump to save her daughter from the end of Krypton. General Zod stole her design and managed to build a larger fleet of ships but Jor-El managed to sabotage them and send them to the phantom zone. Lara decided to send Kala to Earth because she felt that her culture was much kinder and more hopeful than Jor-El who preferred to send her to New Genesis, another inhabited planet far away.
Joe&Martha Kent, Kansas life
Joe and Martha Kent were a Quaker farming couple whose farm was struck by the pod carrying Kala-El in 1918. Although owners of substantial property they were a very humble, cooperative, austere, devout and civil rights-minded people. Martha Kent was a descendant of Kansas abolitionist guerrilla fighter John Brown. They both raised Clara very lovingly and unwilling to ask too many questions about the baby's origin. Clara was a very sickly child as her body did not adapt to the earth, she was affectionate and obedient and devoured books. The Kent family were avowed supporters of the New Deal and Joe Kent was one of the leaders of the local farmers union.
With puberty she developed very fast and her superpowers began to appear. Clara soon began to excel in swimming and ballet, but Joe forbade her to pursue a professional career to prevent her from taking advantage of her powers, and also forbade her to use her superpowers to help others, fearful of humanity's reaction and wary of savior messiahs in the era of interwar dictators. Clara rebelled against her father but eventually gave in. In 1936 Joe Kent died of a heart attack. Clara was unable to go to college after her father's death and worked as a teacher and nurse's aide in Smalville. Her engagement to Pete Ross, her teenage sweetheart failed in 1939 when she revealed her powers to Pete and he panicked, although he later promised to keep the secret.
Between 1939 and 1941 Clara lived in Canada and Alaska searching for the Fortress of Solitude but with the outbreak of World War II she decided to enlist as a nurse in the Pacific, refusing to use her powers except to help the wounded, fearing to cause more harm than good. After a leave of absence in 1944 she returned to Alaska where she found the Fortress of Solitude and its true origin.
After learning about the Holocaust first and the atomic bombs later, Clara decided to become Superwoman with the support of her mother Martha and emigrated to Metropolis, where in October 1945 she was hired by Louis Lane, who had just returned from Europe.
-Major Louis Lane, senior reporter in the Daily Planet, see below
-Perry Weiss, owner and editor in chief of the Daily Planet. Born in Oddessa in 1886. Jewish inmigrant from humble origins who became a skilled journalist and founded the Daily Planet as a tool of the Metropolis Republican Party to unseat the city bosses of the time. Still a staunch liberal, he supported Roosevelt in 1932 and 1936, is an ally of Mayor LaGuardia and won the Pulitzer Prize in the 1920s for defending the innocence of Sacco and Vanzetti. Friend and ally of Louis Lane's father. He is very demanding with his employees but is very fond of Clara. He admires and defends Superwoman despite Louis Lane's distrust. Best friend of Cat Grant.
-Cat Grant, Co-chair of Perry Weiss, Pulitzer winner, closeted lesbian and Ayn Rand Fan. Born 1901, she comes from a fine family of Metropolis Kineckerbockers. She is like Louis the least liberal element of the newspaper. To protect herself she married a very old friend of her father's who helped her lead a double life. For twenty years she lived with a painter named Margaret Ivy. Considered the best writer of the Daily Planet, in addition to being a journalist she has published two novels. Very elegant and popular in intellectual circles. She is tremendously authoritarian. She mistreats Clara a lot because she does not respect her authority and because of her different political ideas, but as Clara grows as a journalist and Cat Grant suspects that she is Superwoman, she will protect her and push her forward without Clara knowing it. Best friend of Perry Weiss.
-Assistant photographer Jimmy Olsen and best friend of Clara. He comes from a town in Massachusetts. He is 7 years younger than Clara. He is a party animal, friendly, generous and somewhat naive. Yet he is a skilled photographer who has been able to capture the worst of the night and day of Metropolis. Miraculously he always gets the best pictures of Superwoman (Clara helps him a little). Very democratic and complains about working for a newspaper that is too conservative for his taste. Adores Clara whom she treats as her big sister. It doesn't even cross her mind that she is Superwoman. Jimmy thinks that Louis is a snob and a bigot.
BORN: 08/02/1912, METROPOLIS (NYC)
YEAR: 1948
-Rich family, born in 1912, first of 6 brothers
-Caustic, cynical, ironic but somewhat kind
-Lives in Park Avenue with a 6-year old daughter and his rich unfaithful wife. Very unhappy marriage
-Major rank during the war in the US army.
-Elegant, sportsman, plays violin.
-Teaches musics lessons in an orphan house in secret
-Not that snobbish nor Wasp, new rich family traits
-Classic music and literature lover
-Heavy drinker
-Does not enjoy journalism, thinking of quitting to politics or teaching literature
-Jewish father (Lane surname is a change from Lantzman), Irish catholic mother, raised catholic and religious, but not extremely orthodox
-His father is a self-made tycoon, started as democrat in the Tammany Hall switched to republican. Close ally of Mayor LaGuardia.
-Fought in the european theater during World War II. Conservative republican opposed to his father liberal republican views, loves McArthur.
-Has a good opinion of Lex Luthor, sees him as an innovator and freedom fighter.
-Perry Weiss favourite reporter.
-Very nice and paternalistic to Clara, pushes Clara's career forward despite Cat Grant's opposition. He is secretly in love with Clara. Although he rejects Superwoman and suspects she is the same person as Clara, he deludes himself and rejects these suspicions.
-Tired of New Deal Politics, anticommunist
-“a brilliant and kind man” for the majority of the Daily Planet staff, a “terrible asshole” for many others like Jimmy Olsen
-Strongly rejects Superwoman and other heroes
-Sometimes Clara really hates him.
-Famous line “Neither reds nor capes”
-He lives a bizarre love triangle with Clara Kent and Superwoman. Although he publicly rejects the superheroine he also desires her and he and Superwoman have had moments of passion, which Louis feels guilty about because he is married and because of his religion. On the other hand he is in love with Clara Kent as much as he rejects the figure of Superwoman, he deludes himself about the identity of both. A bit James Stewart in Vertigo, which destabilizes and infuriates Clara.
Lex Luthor
Rocket engineer, CEO of TELCORP and Heir of Nikola Tesla. Brilliant scientist, defines himself as a "radical humanist", but in the early 30s supported closetely fascism to stop "imperialism" and "usury" and now secretly supports Stalin to defeat "predatory western capitalism". The world's greatest philanthropist. Loving father and husband. Hates Superwoman to death and believes she spells the end of humanity. Paranoid and ruthless but convinced that he does everything for the greater good.
General Zod & Faora
Political dissidents like the El on Krypton on the other hand believed that Krypton's only salvation lay in emigrating and invading, terraforming and exterminating other planets. They almost succeeded in a coup d'état but after their failure they and their henchmen tried to flee by space jumping their ships, Jor-El managed to sabotage the launch and send them to the phantom zone. Over the years they managed to escape and arrived on Earth in 1946, shortly after Clara showed herself to the world as Superwoman. They tried to exterminate all humanity but Superwoman and some American and Russian scientists managed to defeat them. Their invasion caused 5,000 human casualties but could have caused complete extermination. The experience was traumatic for Clara because she had to send Zod and Faora back to the phantom zone where they would surely die. Zod, Faora and their henchmen had not yet developed the full powers of a yellow sun like Earth's and so several of them were killed by human bombs and missiles. Their remains were stored by Russians and Americans. Superwoman managed to expel all Kryptonian technology and weaponry into space so that humans would not use it for warfare.
The Toyman
Former entrepreneur and inventor of the 1920s toy business who was ruined in the Great Depression by banks and various betrayals. After a crime spree he was imprisoned in 1933 but escaped from prison recently completely crazed and ready to take revenge on the whole city using his inventions.
A truly near-indestructible abomination mistakenly created by the U.S. military in Zone 51 using the remains of the Kryptonians defeated by Superwoman in the failed 1946 invasion and a strange alien technology found in Roswell that was hidden from Superwoman.
Brainiac "the eternal traveller"
An android, merging a famous astronaut and artificial intelligence, which was used by the first civilization of Krypton to collect information from other worlds. It is more than 100,000 years old. With the passage of time he revealed against the Kryptonians, became evil and phobic to any form of life that he considered imperfect or inferior. It caused the destruction of many cultures. He wanders through space visiting planets and analyzing life forms. He probably has no enthusiasm for humans, much less for a descendant of the House of El.
If you want to check some ai fan art you can find it here: THE SUPERWOMAN FROM KRYPTON by lordmallory on DeviantArt or here THE SUPERWOMAN FROM KRYPTON : ImaginaryDC (
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2023.03.20 21:54 VerbalAcrobatics Here's my rankings for the Hugo Award winning novel's I've read so far.

What do you think of my rankings?


The Demolished Man
Stranger in a Strange Land
Lord of Light
The Gods Themselves
Rendezvous with Rama
The Forever War
The Fountains of Paradise
Ender's Game
The Diamond Age
To Say Nothing of the Dog
Blackout/All Clear


Double Star
Starship Troopers
A Canticle for Leibowitz
Way Station
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
The Left Hand of Darkness
To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
Startide Rising
Speaker for the Dead
The Uplift War
Doomsday Book
A Fire Upon the Deep
Green Mars
The Mule
A Deepness in the Sky
Farmer in the Sky
Fahrenheit 451
Rainbow's End
The Yiddish Policeman's Union
The Graveyard Book
The City & the City
The Windup Girl
The Sword in the Stone


A Case of Conscience
This Immortal
The Dispossessed
Foundation's Edge
Blue Mars
American Gods
Among Others
Ancillary Justice
The Fifth Season
The Stone Sky
Conjure Wife
The Nemesis from Terra


The Big Time
The Man in the Hight Castle
The Snow Queen
Downbelow Station
Forever Peace
Paladin of Souls
The Obelisk Gate
Beyond This Horizon
The Calculating Stars


They'd Rather Be Right
The Wanderer
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2023.03.20 21:32 MyAnvsIsBleeding What in Barbie nation??

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2023.03.20 21:23 Academic_Pension_451 i’m bethany grace

hi reddit! i wasn’t gonna post on here but i think a lot of people still have suspicions and still think the giveaway was a scam. I am the owner of bethany grace on tik tok, and i won nats amazon gift card giveaway the other day. i do not support anything natalia says or does i have just been a silent watcher since december. i made the bethany grace account after she blocked my main account, so that’s why it looks fake… it’s just an alt account i use to watch everyone on. ANYWAYS, i decided to participate in the giveaway for shits and giggles, it was st patrick’s day and i was pushing my luck, i spent about 20-25 dollars MAX on gifts to get my name entered into the draw. i have no relationship with natalia what so ever, so i never had any plan with her to make me win or whatever. when i did win, even tho people had sent way more than me and had their names in multiple times compared to me, she did message me (which i posted on my tik tok account) and she explained that she couldn’t figure out how to send me the gift card from canada to america. at this point i was like oh well lost my 20 bucks, she scammed me, but then she asked me for my paypal and sent me $69 U.S. she said she sent me $100 but in american i only ended up with 69. she did end up sending me $27 more to make it $97, it wasn’t the full $100 but i was more focused on the fact that she actually sent me the money. now again, i have no relationship with her, nor am i natalia herself, i am just a 21 year old girl from massachusetts that’s been watching natalia since december 😭 i don’t know why she didn’t scam me but scammed the next winner, but with her past and what she’s doing with the other winners i can understand why people think i was part of the scam or that i am natalia, but i’m not ! i am not here to defend her in any way possible i think maybe i’m just confused as to why she pulled through with me but no one else and thought posting this might help? idk but yeah, she can pay her rent if she’s sending me $100 lmao never again will i send her money and neither should any of you.
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2023.03.20 21:16 AvonturierChimela Guided by the Stars

Humanity has a fascination with the stars. It has existed since the first person left there cave during a cold clear night and turned there gaze up, and wondered what those bright lights where.
For thousands of years, they would marvel at the beauty before them. Spinning tales and legends of what the thousands of stars maybe. The Greeks saw constellations or collections of stars as divine beings awarded with a place in the stars for deeds long age.
To the Yakut tribe of Siberia, they are the crystal lenses with which the gods watch the earth.
To the Paiute in the great basin of North America they were the children of the sun and moon. Everyday they are trialed under the sun and every night they are nursed by the moon.
To the Turks of Central Asia, The sky, was nothing but a tent and the stars, holes in it.
To the Chinese two constellation represented people like the girl who weaves clouds or the herdsman of the heavens. It was said that the gods put them on either side of the milky way to not be distracted from there duties after falling in love. Once a year in the seventh day of the seventh month they are aloud to meet when the birds in the sky bridge across the milky way.
Almost one and a half thousand years ago a supernova’s light reached earth and could be witnessed for almost two years. It was witnessed and recorded by Japanese, Arab, Chinese, Mayan and Native American Indians. In some places it was thought to mean a god has fallen.
And to a bunch of drunk University students in Germany, in ones words, “Hey, that one looks like a hat.”
But humanity does not just look at the stars. The harness them. There perceive eternalness in an ever changing world made them useful.
In Egypt almost five-thousand years ago. They used the positions of the stars and sun to calculate when the Nile would flood. And when they were building the tallest structures on the planet for thousands of years. They used the star Thuban to keep the goliaths of stone straight.
Whether Columbus, Vespucci, or Magellan, they all used tools pioneered by Arabian Astronomers centuries earlier to explore the vast Oceans of their planet.
When man first left the gravity of there cradle they where dubbed ‘Sailors of the stars or Astronauts.’ And they dreamed of one day meeting those similar to themselves around the stars. But son they realized that they would long pass away before even making it to the closest star and most lost interest.
In 2047 and the Besselian Wars began hundreds of W59 warheads each carrying 1.2 mega tons of heavenly fury rained on there targets after being guided by computers who measure the stars. Afterward, those few who had not lost the dream of sailing to other stars would embark like the sailors of old on missions of exploration.
Almost a Millenia later the D.S.S – Nomad. Would find itself almost four hundred thousand lightyears away from home and would begin the journey by finding where they where through triangulating the positions of previous stars and the radiation they emitted.
In conclusion, humanity has been molded by the stars culturally, physical and philosophically.
Guided by the Stars – An essay by Wor’luk Chipteu-nax.
[Final Grade: B+]
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2023.03.20 21:10 10h36m how is cool teen culture where you live?

i've always seen american movies that describe popular teen girls as blondes that dress basic and are mean. the boys usually play american football and are strong. is this true?
where i live (rio de janeiro, brazil) it's really different. the girls use black and white crop tops and shorts all the time. they act like the beach is their whole personality. they like brazilian trap music and they use sequin dresses for parties. the boys like to act as if they are "crias", which means someone who came from a poor neighborhood. they do this even if they are rich. they also like trap music. both boys and girls hang out at malls and go to matinês (which are parties that happen in afternoons). they use whatsapp, instagram and tiktok. no snapchat or msg lol
so i wanna know, how does cool teens behave at the place you live? do you consider yourself a popular teen? tell me!!!! i am curious about how drastically this changes at different cultures 🤍
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2023.03.20 21:09 L3xxi00 Why?

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2023.03.20 21:04 Ready-Ad-4549 Lucky Star lyrics meaning v2 - Madonna

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
You must be (White 4) my (Grey 5) lucky star (White 4)
'Cause you shine (White 4) on me (Grey 5) Wherever you are (White 4)
I just think (White 4) of you (Red 1)
And I start (Red 1) to glow (Grey 5)
And I need (Grey 5) your light (White 4)
And baby (Red 1) you know (White 4)

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
Make everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5),
yeah (Grey 5)!

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
You must be (White 4) my (Grey 5) lucky star (White 4)
'Cause you make (White 4) the darkness (Grey 5) seem so far (White 4)
And when I'm lost (Grey 5) You'll be (White 4) my guide (Grey 5)
I just turn (Grey 5) around (White 4)
And you're by (White 4) my side (Grey 5)

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
Make everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5)
First star (White 4) I see (Red 1) tonight (White 4)
Starlight (White 4), star bright (Grey 5),
yeah (Grey 5)!

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
C'mon (White 4), shine (White 4) your heavenly body (White 4) tonight (White 4)
'Cause I know (Red 1) you're gonna make (White 4) everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)
Um (Anti-Christ heroin man Grey 5),
c'mon (White 4), shine (White 4) your heavenly body (White 4) tonight (White 4)
'Cause I know (Red 1) you're gonna make (White 4) everything (Red 1) alright (White 4)

[Anti-Christ heroin woman]
You (Grey 5) may be (White 4) my lucky star (Grey 5)
But I'm (White 4) the luckiest (Grey 5) by far
Cocaine Rock Heroin Roll cycle
Kingdom of Light = forever, always = all cocaine, History = His Story
9PM-12AM only cocaine during cocaine high
9PM Christ cocaine born (Christmas)(cocaine shot right arm)
10PM Father God cocaine (cocaine shot left arm)
11PM Holy Ghost cocaine (cocaine shot both arms)

12AM Anti-Christ wakes inside Christ cocaine when Christ cocaine shoots heroin

Rocking = Christ cocaine dominant, cocaine addiction
(12AM-3AM zigzag heroin during cocaine high)
shoot (heroin) to thrill (cocaine)
sometimes, something = some heroin
light, American Pie, drive, music, life, go, where

1AM Red = some heroin mostly cocaine (black dot white bar) I
wind, mountain, walk, story, speak, spring, queen, money, buy, battered, black hole sun, head, spick, forest, why, reason, know, stop, breeze, strong, speak, write, words, everything, all, diamonds, business, want, A, work, (1), style, how, got, I, eye, free, body, young, girl, mile, make, build, give, teacher, rock, do, the way, where, everyone, one eye open, stand, now, something's right, light thoughts, loose, believe, stand, wake up, pinky (1), easy, give, index finger (4), horns sign thumb out (1,4&5), love, thought, nose, sex, right, city, world, shaka sign (1&5), earth, whole, think, here, baby, light, see,
the answer (White 4) is blowing in the wind (Red 1) I

2AM Blue = more heroin mostly cocaine (white bar black outline)
rain, air, sea, run, road, sky, cry, song, wild, summer, king, change, sell, bruised, blue moon, mind, trees, fool, 17, illegal, go, speed, weak, superstition, feel, heard, no words, symbols, numbers, what, anything, hearts, church, B, play, vacation, holiday, 2, use, fake, matter, try, take, soul, boy, blow, time, move, challenge, risk, dare, student, do it, better way, hum, bawler, dance, bawl, (black Lamborghini), forget, say, something's wrong, heavy thoughts, bed, (let it go), lie down, this morning, thumb (5), hard, material, action, smells, rape, lust, endless day, wrong, fine, the blues, wish, pay, well, ocean, everywhere,

3AM Mercy hour
lavender, clear
Anti-Christ heroin kills Christ cocaine, mostly cocaine syringe becomes mostly heroin syringe
(3 = middle finger = Anti-Christ heroin fucks over Christ cocaine)
(Ouroboros = Dragon heroin addiction consumes body of Christ cocaine addiction)
(the day the music died)

Rolling = Anti-Christ heroin dominant, heroin addiction
(3AM-6AM zigzag cocaine during heroin high)
play (cocaine) to kill (heroin)
somewhere, somehow = some cocaine
night, dead, underground, alone, ride, come, need, star, when

4AM White = some cocaine mostly heroin (white dot black bar) you
Anti-Christ heroin woman, fall, dove, little bird, answer, smoke, sweat, tear, speck, pool, cat, (dead cat bounce), bone, good luck, clubs, agriculture (sowing the seeds of love), Sisyphus, whistle, orphan, bounce, bastard, call, (call of the wild), ball, little one, my son, tonight, forget, sleep, pillow, noise, skeleton, (skeleton in the closet), free from sin, (white from black), pray, prey, grain of sand, tucked in, mama, frontline, one in a million, shine, hitchhiker, flying, today, wonder, meaning of things, remeber, sing it, town, train station, help yourself, ringing, wife, mother, sister, wonder, times like these, pretend, wedding, (white wedding), message, SOS, apple, crazy, wherever, just think, your light, you must be, starlight, rock star, first star, alright, so far, found, blind, around, (she'll be coming around the mountain), you will be, c'mon, gonna make, your heavenly body,

5AM Grey = more heroin (black bar white outline) me
Anti-Christ heroin man, winter, question, fire, nowhere, rat, bat, wild, Blackjack, 21, fear, cannonball, pistol, bullet, spades, (the ace of spades), military, V, 5, hand, peace, pain, horn, shadow, grave, brawler, telephone, thing, hair, it, (shot caller), race, warm within, sand, war, liar, bite, kill, dream, die, hold, grip, tight, (hold on tight), take, hush, silence, beast, closet, wolf, beast, predator, squeeze, pressure, gravity, train, truck, keeper, yeah, deep down, gun, papa, chosen one, burn, horns sign thumb in (1&4), thumb, bad sign, last night, so low, appear to others, sleepless night, shame about it, shotgun, just can't, bell, (hell's bells), (brothers in arms), father, husband, brother, appearance, broken, drink, bottle, restless, hole, insane, star, me, need, glow, my, mine, star bright, lost, finder, (finders keepers), keep, guide, appear, my side, just turn, time, lucky, um, lucky star

6AM Black = (Black bar)
All heroin, Devil, Devil heroin castle, (The Wall), jealousy, home, hell, grass, mother nature, sunrise, Dragula, Sandman, never never land, yeah-yeah, Lord above,
More Metaphors:
cocaine: rock, moon, son, stone, Dutch, pink, letters, white, snow, hills, sweet, sugar, northern, 9, uptown, highlands, shiny, new, west, fly, truth, smile, hard, touch, silver, paper, sheets, sail, urban, west, god, hope, ...
heroin: roll, slip, strangle, slam, smack, dig, ditch, soft, velvet, sun, sunshine, Italian, brown, country, man, downtown, southern, poison, 8, rural, shelter, east, dark, misery, dirt, luck, mud, gold, frown, low, mule, madness, wrong, weak, broken, lonely, alone, gone, watch, strange, stranger, trunk, spread, nobody, nothing, bad, lies, trouble, dream, change, ...
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2023.03.20 21:00 Crafqaa Suburban American Housewives - Amateur Wives Fucked By BBC - more at GirlsDateZo

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2023.03.20 20:48 griii2 Feminist author Marilyn French writes that 'vast majority of men' are child molesters, rapists, women abusers, or murderers, or misogynists.

Year 1992
Notable feminist
Marilyn French was an American feminist author.
Toxic deed
As long as some men use physical force to subjugate females, all men need not. The knowledge that some men do suffices to threaten all women. Beyond that, it is not necessary to beat up a woman to beat her down.
A man can simply refuse to hire women in well-paid jobs, extract as much or more work from women than men but pay them less, or treat women disrespectfully at work or at home . He can fail to support a child he has engendered, demand the woman he lives with wait on him like a servant. He can beat or kill the woman he claims to love; he can rape women , whether mate, acquaintance, or stranger; he can rape or sexually molest his daughters, nieces, stepchildren, or the children of a woman he claims to love. The vast majority of men in the world do one or more of the above.
[emphasis her of the author]
Marilyn French, The War Against Women (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992), p. 182.

feminist author
sexism, demonisation
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2023.03.20 20:39 HMS_MyCupOfTea Ship Proposal: HMS Incomparable

This proposal begins with Incomparable's design as amended by Wargaming, which some of you may already be familiar with (and know of my ongoing love affair with her, hehe). As such I have tried to write her with similar detail to her WoWs implementation.
I imagined Incomparable as someone who takes pride in the history of her country, and is at first unwilling to discuss or even mention her flaws. She attempts to project her 'strength' and the theoretical value of her armament, and becomes embarrassed if you were to speak about the issues with her design and battle doctrine. When If I manage to draw her she'll appear on here, but until then - this will just have to do. So here we go: please comment if you like, agree, or disagree with my suggestions, and if you can spot the references!
Suggested Physical Description: Incomparable is a battlecruiser with six 508mm guns and a WWI-era distributed armour scheme with thin armour for her displacement. Her hull is about 1000' long and is well protected against small arms fire at close ranges. As a Kansen she is taller than many of the other girls, in fact as tall as the Commander, and comports herself with a characteristically stiff bearing. She has pale green eyes, hair as blue as midnight and frameless glasses. Her rigging consists of three massive turrets covered with green and grey-blue camouflage, accompanied by two wide funnels.
(Wikipedia) - HMS Incomparable was the name given by Admiral John "Jackie" Fisher to a proposal for a very large battlecruiser which was suggested in 1915. The design was intended to mount 20-inch guns, which would have been the largest ever mounted on a warship. Despite research into the concept, it never entered the design stage or came close to being built.
AL HMS Incomparable Quotes
Ship Description – Incomparable-class battlecruiser – Incomparable.
Self Introduction – I was designed at a time when naval technology moved in leaps and bounds, but the reality of war made my construction impossible. Nevertheless, the likes of my weaponry will never be seen again; I hope you have the courage to use it correctly.
Acquisition – It’s a pleasure to meet you, Commander. I look forward to testing the quality of your orders.
Login – Well met, Commander. What’s that? Indeed this is your desk…? Who else would command the fleet in your absence?
Details – Tea-making facilities? I – ah – how crude of you to make such a ready comment. With great speed comes the necessity for displacement.
Secretary (Idle)1 – Jutland…? My doctrine is to hit the enemy before they even see me coming. Use me for my intended purpose and you shall not be disappointed.
Secretary (Idle)2 – High explosive? I’m afraid my magazines contain only armour piercing.
Secretary (Idle)3 – Though I am here to do my duty, these long summer afternoons tend to awaken something different within me. Gin is served on the quarterdeck at five.
Secretary (Idle)4 – Spotted from the air! Heaven help us!
Secretary (Idle)5 – Others require a tender hand at the helm, but I don’t have the time to hang around.
Secretary (Touch) – Need a really big gun?
Secretary (Special Touch) – But… m-my armour is thinner than my sisters’…?
Secretary (Headpat) – Commander, what on earth…? *blushes*
Task – The unfinished missions are stacking up. It would be wise for you to address them before my hand is forced.
Task Complete – I have the mission rewards all here, and a little extra for you…
Mail – Hold this for me, please. Hmm? We’re collecting the mail.
Return from Mission – Thank heavens you’re unharmed – Huh? How dare you suggest I was worried for you. Some fool must have been peeling onions in here.
Commission – Of course I was the first to notice the commission team. Just like our enemies, they didn’t see me until too late.
Strengthening – Ahahaha! I was angled!
Start Mission – Battlecruiser squadron, follow my lead! Do not shrink from the face of shellfire!
MVP – Everyone wants a piece of me!
Defeat – Alas, history will remember us for the wrong reasons…
Skill Activation – Listen to this!
Low HP – D-don’t touch my sides!
Affinity (Disappointed) – I will give everything I have on the battlefield. Fear not if I don’t return: there is nothing for me here anyway.
Affinity (Stranger) – I see you have some skill; place me at our enemies’ throats like a razor blade, and they will never see me coming.
Affinity (Friendly) – I believe it is in our best interests to get better acquainted.
Affinity (Like) – Just as nobody can hold a candle to me, I have noticed that you deserve similar acclaim. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s – But no, just for today, I submit to viewing you as my equal.
Affinity (Love) – Never have my expectations been so swiftly overturned. It is said actions speak louder than words, yet I confess neither is lacking when it falls to you. Though my rudder requires a firm hand, you were more than gentle enough to… to touch my heart as well.
Pledge – When the enemy has me in their sights, there is nobody I trust more than you. My armour is a shield against the world, but with you by my side I feel able to let it rest. When I think that our love has grown from the heart of war, I gain the strength to go on fighting. Together, I believe in time we can bring peace.
Additional Voice Line 1: (Sortie with Hood) Watching you feels like looking in the mirror… Strange, but somehow right.
Additional Voice Line 2: (Sortie with Repulse or Renown) Younger sisters, trust me to protect you!
Additional Voice Line 3: Speed is armour!
Additional Voice Line 4: Nothing below the belt, Commander, unless you plan upon giving me a refit… or the sun is touching the horizon.
Gift Description Valentines 2023 – Hold this for me, please. Hmm? Y-you may unwrap it in your own time… it’s not like I spent my day off making this solely for you… I’m not blushing! How dare you draw such loving attention to my embarrassment!
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* * *
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-- Next time: PARTY! Alchohal,sex, and maybe some ecstasy.--
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Pop! Pop! Pop! I heard a window break and a car drive off. I grabbed my grip and ran outside.
The car from which the shots had come from did a 360 and shot at me, I wasn't hit but I heard screaming after the adrenaline had calmed down.
I looked behind me and saw that Mac's kid, who was about 6 had been shot in the stomach. I heard sirens coming so I ditched the gun over a fence behind the house.
When they arrived Mac's kid, Aaron had bleed out. They went around asking questions, but with no answers they gave up.
I went over to Mac.
"You ok?" I asked
"My kid just got shot, do you fucking think I'm ok? Get the Clique we gon' go loco hunting." he replied.
I went around and gathered everyone, about 10 in all then went to Mac.
I told him we were ready then told everyone to get their guns and meet back here in 10.
After I recovered my glock I grabbed my phone and made a call.
"Hello?" She answered with a sleepy voice.
"Hey Sis."
"Why are you calling me so early?"
"I just felt like calling sis, needed to hear your voice."
"Why? What's wrong?"
"I have to go, love you"
Then I hung up.
"Let's go!" Mac yelled.
We loaded up in the three escalades and took off.
After about 15 minutes we found who we were looking for.
I rolled down my window and sat on the door, since they were on the opposite side.
"Go go go." I told Scoob.
He sped up and we shot out of the windows.
I hit 2 or 3 outside the house.
He pulled over and we got out and went inside.
People were running and screaming, a party maybe.
I ran up and started firing in the crowd, it was like shooting a shotgun into a barrel full of fish.
I felt a bullet rip through my shoulder, I kept pulling the trigger. I felt Jamal grab me and take my gun. He made it look like I was one of them and took off.
I passed out.
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My sister is about 5' 8" with C-Cup tits and a nice ass. She had dark hair, she was tan and had Blue eyes.
Outside there were about 2 cops.
"Hey." I said
They all looked at me, but they didn't even have a chance to speak before the cops came in.
"What happened tonight?" I didn't say anything.
"Are you in the Locos gang?"
After about 5 more questions they left
"You're coming with me." my sister said.
"How long have I been here?"
"About 3 days."
I knew what was happening, the CPS was making me move in with my sister, who was living off her dad's will money.
My sister was my half sister, and her dad was rich when he died of kidney cancer. She's only 21 and has about 30 million dollars, and owns a franchise of fast food restaurants.
I got dressed, in all red and black and left with her. Once we got to her place, I noticed she lived in a huge apartment complex where she owned a condo. These were rich people apartments, they had security guards at the gate and everything.
I passed out in the guest bedroom. I woke up, and went into the front room.
"They're serving Lunch in the main building." She told me.
I took a quick shower and got dressed. Baggy khakis and a big but not huge white T shirt.
I left and found my way to the building.
I folded my black bandana and put it in my back right pocket.
I entered and looked around. I quickly spotted some teenage ass, and some fake 'gangstas' I went over.
"What set you fuckers claim?" I threw up my hood.
They all said "No no no hood man we all good."
I left and went and grabbed my favorite, a BLT. I went and sat next to some blonde.
"Hi I'm James." I said, 'Time to get my Mack on' I thought.
"I'm Christina, you just move in?"
"Yea I'm with my sister, Courtney."
"Shes sooo nice, so where you from?"
"36th block south Seattle."
"Oh.. That's nice."
I smiled and continued to eat.
I went back to the apartment.
"Hey I'm going to the pool, wanna come?" Courtney asked.
"Sure let me get changed."
I threw off my shirt and looked at my self in the mirror, I looked ok but could improve.
I had a 6 pack, but it wasn't a crazy toned one, I also had pecks. My arms were muscular.
I threw on some shorts and my Nike slides and a towel then went out. I got lucky from my wound, a flesh wound just deep enough to hurt but not mess with anything and is healing rather quickly.
"Ok let's go."
I followed her to the pool, stealing quick glances at her ass. It wasnt as weird as it would be since she really is only my sister because my mom had her. I never really seen her since I was little and only texted and called her every once in a while.
I sat on a chair while she jumped in. I didn't want to have to change my bandages again.
There was ass everywhere.
"Hey James." I heard Christina say as she smiled, her friends giggled. She moved a chair over by my started talking.
"How'd you get that?" she pointed at my shoulder.
"Got shot."
"Really?! Let me see!"
"No maybe later it kind of hurts right now."
"Oh ok." she said sounding disappointed.
"Hey, I have a study group later do you want to come?" she asked
"Um ok but I don't feel like studying."
"Cool 6 o clock 33b." she told me then left. It was 3.
I fell asleep and woke up at 5:30.
Better early then late I told my self and found 33b.
I knocked.
I heard some talking the Christina answered the door.
"Hey! You came."
"Yup, can I come in it's kinda chilly."
"You didn't change! Hahahaha!" she laughed at me.
"I fell asleep haha."
She let me in. It was empty except for me and her.
"My parents go out to dinner every Sunday so I have a study group to do last minute homework." she informed me.
"Want something to drink?"
I followed her into the kitchen. I looked at her ass then up, she had seen my in the window and I saw her smirk.
"Dr. Pepper, Coke, water, Mtn. Dew, or nothing?" she asked bending over since it was all at the bottom of the fridge.
Me and her dad might get along, smart man.
"Which one?"
"Oh uh Dr. Pepper."
She handed it to my and we went and watched tv. 15 minutes till everyone gets here.
She scooted over and laid her head on my lap. I felt her cheek on my dick and
I was sure she felt my dick.
She started slowly moving her tongue on the inside of her cheek against my dick.
I felt my dick start to rise and she smiled.
"Ive never done this before but it looks fun." she smiled as she pulled down my shorts
She kissed my tip and started taking as much in as she could while playing with my balls. Her gag reflex was close to none, with just enough to get that feeling on my dick when I went into her throat.
That combined with her tongue had me cumming in no time. I filled up her mouth and it started to leak. She swallowed as much as she could and used her finger clean the rest up.
"That was great." I said smiling
"It was fun too, let's do it again sometime."
That's when we heard the doorbell ring.
A group came in and they started chattering.
They all noticed me and fell quiet.
"This is James, James meet some of my friends."
I nodded my head then went and watched tv.
At about 8 I retired to my house telling them all bye.
I opened the door and found my sister and another hot woman making out on the couch who looked like Emma Stone from Zombie Land.
"Oh shit!" I heard my sister yell. She rolled off the Emma Stone look-a-like onto the couch.
"It's ok I was just going to bed."
"Can I come with?" her friend asked, you could tell she was drunk.
"Uh no." I went and laid down. At about 12 in the morning I felt another body I'm my bed. I was too tired to care and fell back asleep.
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Reluctantly I picked up, I needed to figure out what was going on.
"hey s-" I cut her off
"do you have a boyfriend?!" she didn't respond
"let me repeat myself do you have a boyfriend?!"
"of course not silly" she said with a smile I her voice
"that's good cause I thought you were dating timothy miller" there was a long silence
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"what the hell" I continued "you arnt aloud in my house ever again and I don't ever want to see your face again you two timing bitch" and I hung up with a simple click.
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"y-yeah" she stamerd looking a little shocked by what just happened
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"I know it's not my business what what was that about?"
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" thank you " she said followed by a hug
"so how old are you?" she asked me
"I'm thirteen years old. What about you?"
"I'm fourteen" she smiled "I'm only a year ahead of you sevie"
"well that changes everything" I said grabbing her hand
We continued in silence we both had smiles on our faces so I decided to enjoy the moment. in about two minutes we reached my house I unlocked the door and started to walk up the stairs.
"what are you doing?" she asked
"grabbing flashlights"
"can I follow you?"
"sure I do t see why not"
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