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2023.02.27 23:12 SpringPopo Regarding the Situation with LadyFiszi

UPDATE: Scott Cawthon has commented the following
Hey everyone, I won't write much about this here, but I will say that LadyFiszi no longer does artwork for Five Nights at Freddy's. Sexual scenarios involving children are disgusting and grotesque in any form, including fan art and fan fiction, and have no place in the Five Nights at Freddy's universe. It is my understanding that she regrets this time in her life, and I wish her the best going forward.
Why are we making this post:
As of late, more and more information surrounding her has to come to light, both old and new. Which has led to LadyFiszi even making a few posts addressing them. With many users understandably being misinformed on the matter with many misconceptions being spread around, the most popular of which being that she was fired or having stuff she did mixed up with other artists. We'd like to take a moment and discuss a handful of the major examples, so people are more aware of what's going on.
CW/TW This post will have content that users may find deeply disturbing. We the mod team want to give this warning as we know this is very serious and dark material but we also need to let users know about this. The subject matter in this post is the following; sexual violence, child endangerment, gore, abuse, Transmisia, vulgar language, Pedophilia, and Ableism.
Who is LadyFiszi:
LadyFiszi started off as a popular fan artist who would post their own pieces of fanfiction and artwork across various platforms such as Reddit and DeviantArt. Nowadays you might recognize them most as one of the main freelance artists Scott has contacted in the past to work on various pieces of media for the franchise:
Transphobic comments:
On 5/8/2019, This was the date when the first well known instance of LadyFiszi making a transphobic remark occured. LadyFiszi commented on a post criticizing the return of fan artist Rebornica, where in her initial comment referred to them as a creature and said they were a she despite knowing they wanted to be referred to as "they".
On 2/28/2020, a post was made on the subreddit containing artwork of Mangle titled "We love our canonically genderfluid character :D", LadyFiszi posted a comment saying "Nah, please no, it's a robot." and what happened from there was an argument between her and OP.
This led to responses consisting of her calling people's genders "nonsense", saying they just "make up genders to be unique", and calling other users "easy-to-trigger" to name a few examples. They were banned for a period of time following this.
On 7/30/2020, During this time various users on the subreddit were making several posts calling out LadyFiszi for her past actions. As a result, the moderator team personally reached out to LadyFiszi asking if she could release a statement on the matter via a comment or post clearing them, explaining if they reflect the person she is today or just simply going more in-depth them clarifying the matter at hand. Unfortunately we never received a response back from her.
On 9/28/2020, LadyFiszi made a post on the subreddit simply titled "Apology". In the post, she starts off by stating she originally didn't want to make the post because it felt like giving into the haters, but after a discussion with GBAura-Recharged (who has since then expressed regret for supporting them, even before recent events transpired), realized it was for the innocent people who she feels she hurt with her ignorance and denial.
She then goes on to say she made ignorant and uneducated comments about gender identities and trans people, and wanted to make it clear she doesn't hate trans people. She then goes on to say that part of the reason for her comments was because of cultural differences, stating that trans people aren't common in Hungary. She then mentions that at the time she had no idea why it was a big deal, but then had it explained to her and realized what she said wasn't ok.
She then follows it up by mentioning that she was in a really bad state at the time she said those things in regards to her mental and psychical health. Bringing up the fact she's had Crohn's disease for 14 years at the time of writing the post as an example and how it messed her up both emotionally and mentally.
The Fanfiction:
As stated before, LadyFiszi created her own Five Nights at Freddy's fanfiction which was about her own take on the Missing Children Incident and feature her own take on the Purple Guy, known as Barney Miles.
The fanfiction is quite controversial due to the portrayal of Purple Guy and how his scenes were written, with the most popular example being Betty's death where it consists of grotesque imagery and goes into great detail about the murder and sexual assault of her.
On 9/28/2020, LadyFiszi did briefly address it in her post titled "Apology". She starts off by mentioning that she had received death threats over the fanfiction that she wrote many years ago. She states she was a different person back then and couldn't finish the story because of her thoughts on how she saw the characters had changed because of stuff that occured in her personal life. I don't remember the exact details (I don't usually reread my stuff, being stories, journals or comments), She then says she doesn't remember the exact details as she doesn't usually reread her own stuff but then admits she got carried away showing how twisted her version of the Purple Guy is. She lastly states it had some sexual undertones, but that there were no actual scenes where Purple Guy molests a child. Ending it off saying that it would be a very different story if she wrote it today.
On 2/13/2023, LadyFiszi addressed it again in her post "Seems like I'm a ped0 n4zi now" as a response to people calling her a pedophile. She starts off by saying she's absolutely angry at the people who call her that. Then follows it up with saying that she wrote a fanfiction of a man who was canonically a child serial killer, and used her knowledge in crime novels to create the murderers motives and personality. She then states this went a bit overboard, however this was during her edgy phase so she didn't see it as much. Afterwards she states that murderer men do feel power and arousal when they kill, and they love it. She then ends off post saying that some can't differentiate fiction from reality.
Another aspect of the fanfiction there's been frequent discussions about related to it is speculation that the fanfiction might have had influence on the main franchise.
It's unclear if the Lore and Theories design similarities are intentional or coincidences, however LadyFiszi in the comments of a post on DeviantArt did confirm that the poster in the calendar was an intentional reference to Betty and Scott gave her the ok to include it.
DeviantArt Groups she was apart of:
On 1/23/2023, a twitter user posted information regarding LadyFiszi's DeviantArt account. Pointing out that she was in the following groups: Fascionism, BEASTS-OF-WAR, and Uniform-Fetish. In the post, they included artwork she had done of Nazis, also stating there was another one but they didn't post it as it was too vulgar.
On 2/13/2023, LadyFiszi made a post on her DeviantArt account titled "Seems like I'm a ped0 n4zi now" where she discussed it. She stated that she did join those groups, however that was 15 years ago when she was 18-20 years old and had just discovered anime/manga. She states that Hellsing was one of the few mangas available in her language and that she really liked it. She then states she was super edgy back then, this was during her edgy phase which lasted from 18-25 years old, and that she looked up everything to do it with it. Then saying it took her years to realize Nazis weren't edgy and that she had forgotten about the groups she had joined and was too lazy to look them up. She then ends the post by telling the person who discovered the information to "get a life, lowlife"
On 2/26/2023, it was reported that LadyFiszi had left 61 deviantart groups including the ones from before.
Grooming Allegations:
On 2/22/2023, @HenrySpktr made a post on twitter where they included a supposive overview of their experience with LadyFiszi, a list of key things that Fiszi did during their interactions, and overall stating that they were groomed and manipulated as a minor by her.
Unfortunately at the time of this writing, they have not provided any receipts of the events that occurred nor have they responded to anyone asking for screenshots of their interactions. As of now, their account is currently privated. As a result, there's currently no way to verify their story and to corroborate with any of their claims.
On 2/23/2023, LadyFiszi briefly discussed the allegations in a post on her DeviantArt account titled "My evil anime list LOL". She stated she did not know who the person was, that it was defamation, and that she asked one person to edit her fanfic and she know who they were and it was not them.
On 2/24/2023, LadyFiszi made another post titled "I'm done with the stupids", further discussing the allegations because she had gotten bored and tired of them. In the post, she asks the reader what would she do with children, given that she's an asexual CIS woman. She then proceeds to state she doesn't care about the people coming after her anymore, that people need to not believe everything they read on the internet and to differentiate between fiction and reality. Then insists the people who focus on her alleged child sexualization are the real creep, and that they need a life. Ending the post with a link to the person who accused her.
The List)
On 2/23/2023, she made a post on her DeviantArt account titled "My evil anime list LOL" where she addressed a list that she stated that people were using to claim she liked lolicon and shotacon. Fiszi then states it was actually a wordlist she made at age 20 with her friends for a university project which consisted of a list of anime/manga words. She then links the original post and tells people to read the comments and learn some Hungarian before you immediately judge her.
However people who have checked the thread with google translate have reported that there were no mention of school or university, and that one comment alludes to the idea it might have been a prompt project in which people would submit art for them.
Tracing Allegations)
As mentioned at the start of the post, people have mixed up the various artists involved with this series and their actions. One popular example is people frequently mistake various cases of fan art and artwork for official media that were supposedly traced as something that LadyFiszi did despite these instances being done by other artists.
However despite that, there were legitimate allegations thrown at LadyFiszi back in 2016 in regards to several pieces of fan art she had created being traced. With the aftermath being many of the comments on her artwork being marked as hidden and the descriptions being edited to include the following text: "edit: Okay, since KryptoniteDarkKnight was really forcing this, I admit: I TRACED THIS IMAGES!!! IT'S NOT ORIGINAL!!!"
Interactions with @Frebb0)
On 2/23/2023, Twitter user @Frebb0 posted several screenshots of interactions between her and LadyFiszi that occured on DeviantArt from back in 2016, pointing out statements they felt came off as transphobic and a case of ableism.
Later that same day, they made another post containing screenshots from a discussion about Barney's arousement of child murder and contains mention of rape.
On 2/25/2023, LadyFiszi posted a reply on her post "I'm done with the stupids" where she addressed the prior screenshots. She states she did in fact have those conversations about Barney's arousement of the child murders with Frebb0, stating that Frebb0 was the one who brought it up. Fiszi then states she knew that Frebb0 was young and that she shouldn't have talked about it. Fiszi was so excited about the fact that young people were reading her stuff that she answered the questions. At first the story was marked was mature and age restricted however she removed it because of greed and stated she wanted more likes. She ends with saying it was a big mistake however there's nothing she can do 6-7 years later.
Please note: In regards to Fiszi's claim that Frebb0 started the discussion, Frebb0 has denied such claims.
All in all, we'd like for you all to come to your own conclusion on the matter. This thread will be the only place in which discussion of the matter will be allowed at this current time, however please remember to keep the guidelines in mind when posting a comment. Make sure to be respectful and civil to people even if you strongly disagree with them on a matter.
We also ask that you do not reach out to, stalk, or harass ANYONE mentioned or included in this post. Many of the people who came forward with their stories involving LadyFiszi wanted to move on from these experiences, and we're only mentioning these here for transparency.
As of now LadyFiszi is banned from the subreddit and there are no plans to unban her at this time.
Edit #1: It was discovered that LadyFiszi did indeed comment on the detail in the calendar mentioned in the Fanfiction portion, we've updated that part to reflect it.
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2023.01.01 19:59 ZonkoTheGreat A Few Half Life the Gathering 2 Rebels and Fortifications

This is a set I've been working on for around 3 years now during my free time. Its an improved version of the original Half Life: The Gathering where make sure the cards are much more polished, lack spelling mistakes or issues, and have better balance and color pie alignments.
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2021.07.11 04:25 2Questioner_0R_Not2B So what's your thought (and the christian opinion for that matter) on cartoons aimed for adults/older audiences.

Updated I made it slightly more easier to read and also added more details that I missed or forgot to mentioned here. Also reddit has a limit so there had to be cuts so reddit wouldn't let me make it easier to read though, sorry bout that =(. Also reddit ruined my post.
Tl;dr A history and review at cartoon's and shows aimed at adults or for an older demographic, How it all started, the right way and the wrong way of it and the christian opinion on all of this matter.
Anyone who remembers or watches south park, family guy or rick and morty can tell you that adult cartoons or "cartoons aimed at a older demographic" are "subjective" in a very "debatable nature". Granted this is gonna sound like my other question sort of like this but instead im going to do one topic at a time rather which whatever subject comes up to me. In other words leave your responses at the comments below. Ok here goes.
So how did it all happened and how it changed itself over the years?
Well mostly we would've start off at the 90's since that's where it started to gain some mainstream in the first place but Im gonna take you all down on a history lesson before we get to the one that started it all. Granted these selected pieces of animations are "different" in nature compared to now but these needs to be address because of its content.
First of we start off way back in 1928/1929
There's a very not-safe-for-work cartoon that goes by the name of eveready harton in buried treasure (please don't look this up for your own sanity's sake) and is the earliest pornographic cartoon to ever existed thus far. Granted only a fool would watch this and I for one am not one of those people to go looking for such nasty smut. Granted the only reason why it existed is that the 1920's were how one would describe very different from today and the culture which has a select few of quote on quote "early installment weirdness" of what's proper at the time and this what I just mentioned will be later repeated later down this examination of cartoons aimed at a older demographic. Made even more ironic that there was a song in family guy (to which I will get into later) that pokes fun at the roaring 1920's so yeah that happened.
Next up 1940's
This is the year where cartoons really started to shine as it was the golden age of animation and lets be honest it has some "problematic elements" compared to now. First off racism. There were a lot of cartoons that had racist depictions of people who wasn't even white and said cartoons would later remove those moments with the exception of the "censored eleven" as that one was impossible to censor properly. Second was that WWII happened during this decade and made it even more over the top and that leads us to this next one called private snafu. Like the one I mentioned before this one is obscure and the only reason why was its only exclusive to the US military just to teach them since most of the soldiers were illiterate at the time and they needed special films in order to teach them basic soldier duties and the like. Granted most cartoons back in the day have done this before but never to the level that private snafu had done as the cartoons this lad were in had curse words and nudity. Granted by the time the 40's were over things started to get less crude and things went smoothly from here up until the 70's/60's or something. The closest cartoon aimed at adults (which is as of today is now a well beloved kids show) was the flintstones (yeah you remember that one) and unlike those two it was very clean aside from the commercials with barney and fred about the cigars which smoking during that decade was considered ok at the time before anyone noticed that simply smoking gives you cancer. Granted like yin and yang there's always have to be some sort of balance and that's when the 70's come in.
The 70's were what most can tell you the feel good era with the disco and whatever going on at the time or something. You all remember that one moment I talked about comics in my last question on this subreddit and possibly mentioned the underground comics movement? Well that's where ralph bakshi comes in. He's the guy whom made the movie fritz the cat (a movie based on the comic book of the same name), heavy traffic and wizards (the animated movie, not the one about the NES tournament of super mario bros 3). This guy was considered the king of this genre and been a major inspiration of others but not anymore. Electricdragon505 aka animat did a lot better job explaining this guys work with good detail so I recommend you guys watch his animation lookback about this guy. Granted some of his later works after the controversy of coon skin he also made some less R rated material (with exception of american pop and hey good looking and several others) like with wizards, fire & ice and the animated adaptation of lord of the rings (another classic). Granted I would mentioned more but I think animat can tell you the rest (incase if any of you watch his documentaries about him), he did used to do some non R rated work back before he even made the fritz the cat movie. The only movie he ever worked on that didn't go his way was cool world. Granted its PG-13 but it was a lot different before any of this happened and I know that some of you out there are calling this one a roger rabbit rip-off to which that mostly points to yes. Originally it was suppose to be a horror film as quoted by tv tropes what could've been on its animated article. In other words, to quote tv tropes."Cool World was scripted as an animated erotic horror about an underground cartoonist who falls in love and has sex with his creation (a blonde bombshell named Debbie Dallas) and is the proud father of a half-cartoon, half-human freak who hates herself and goes on a rampage against her father" To which it was suppose to be rated R. Granted things were going smoothly at first but that's when the meddling happened. You see there was a producer called frank mancuso jr and most of his work was nothing but horror films since the 80's, Most famously the friday the 13th series. By the time he was going to work on this film that's when he decided to go "aw heck naw" and that's how we got cool world in the first place as a PG-13 movie instead of going with a hard R. Granted only with anime are you allowed to have R rated material in a cartoon with a horror theme premise tied to it no less. I mean its kinda ironic that you kinda wanna feel sorry for poor old frank as he didn't wanted to make another horror movie.
Granted really nothing much was any important for me to say here and the only adult oriented movie was heavy metal (a animated movie based on the magazine of the same name) which was a revolutionary cult classic at the time for its writing and the incredible unique imagination and creativity and designs but most of the time well you know the rest (and by that its R rated and with good reason because of the source material). Kinda ironic that most of the animated movies at the time were darker and edgier that would scare little timmy right out of his britches like with watership down and some of don bluths movies. Transformers got dark. The adventures of mark twin was even darker, heck even disney got into all of this as well with the black cauldron and lemme tell ya the last time I remember anything targeted at kids get dark, grim and edgy was with many of the final bosses from the kirby games like with our good ol neon genesis evangelion reject zero (quite literally with his appearance in kirby 64 ironicly.
And now the moment you all have been waiting for
The 1990's
Now this is the decade that defined animation as a whole. Granted you remember how I talked about the simpsons, south park and bevis and butthead before? Im here to let out even more detail. In fact go look up tv tropes animated shock comedy and soo for yourselves. Now back on topic most (unless someone corrects me otherwise like with south park for example) were tamed by comparison to our recent examples and the past ones I mentioned on this here post. We can all agree that the 90's were a decade where cartoons were started to get popular after the 80's and all that after whatever dark ages (or should I say dork ages) happened before and we had such amazing shows. Granted the simpsons is more "PG friendly" compared to south park and I also like to point out that the 90's was truly an era of innovation for animators but for every bright side like I mentioned earlier there's always a nasty underbelly beneath it all that ruins everything and becomes a case of "sturgeons law". Granted for every innovation chances are there's gonna be copy cats like with every hazbin hotel, bobs burgers, harley quinn and bojack horseman chance's are there's gonna be big mouth, king star king, superjail and where the dead go to die (which is the absolute worst animated movie ever to the point even animat and bobsheaux had to give what it deserves in one of their reviews. Poor shmucks had to suffer trough this horrible crap to warn us though) to ruin everything else and the genre as a whole. You could ironically blame all of this on ren and stimpy (which I will talk about that "nasty rat man" in a bit because of that man's antics in a bit) but at least ren and stimpy was for kids (with exception of the infamous ren and stimpy adult party cartoon in which I will get to in a bit) since its a good example of what you can get away in a kids cartoon if you do it just right. Sometimes influence isn't always a good thing when done wrong and some of the worst things ever influence by either ren and stimpy or south park (and even family guy) are the most hated garbage in existance because of "you just gotta be adults im'a right" attitude in which case why most adult animated cartoons as of now that rips off this style are disliked for many a good reasons even to myself thus making people very picky about this sort of schlock. Granted you all remember the simpsons and how the show got the seasonal rot after the movie right? well here is an article from tv tropes from the same link I showed to you before."While The Simpsons is fairly tame as far as adult cartoons go (despite it being considered edgy for its time), it gravitated towards more edgy humor and grossout comedy during its tenth season as it had to compete with the likes of Family Guy." And the less we mentioned the infamous panda incident the better but you could ignore that and see what the show truly is since day one. It even makes the halloween specials look normal by comparison.
King of the hill on the other hand is more down to earth and normal so its considered lucky it didn't get the "animated shock comedy" treatment.
Speaking of family guy another one I forgot to mentioned and has every good reason which I didn't put it on my other question on this subreddit because this show is for a much older demographic is simply family guy also suffered from this as well. Oh and I also forgot to mentioned that bevis and butthead went down the same dumpster fire with the 2011 revival. Granted and this is kinda funny as this show is much tamer than both family guy and south park before the revival ever happened and the show was a neat experiment for MTV which is why the 2011 bombed harder than how awful "jersey shore" is (and most of "modern MTV" in general).
Now here comes the big one boys and girls so strap on to your boots and hang on tight
We're heading into the 2000's and beyond
This is the century where "sturgeons law" is at its absurd and despite the fact that there are some good ones 70% of the time its gonna be the exact opposite of the spectrum. If you don't know what's sturgeons law is it means that everything is considered art no matter what and people should dare not say anything against it because its either art or fictional. Well yeah try telling that to the poor saps who had to watch the sequel that should've never existed tentacolino in search of the titanic (oh yeah I went there and mentioned this cursed piece of crap that what I bloody did).
First up is american dad. Once again here is tv tropes saying this not my words "American Dad! fits this trope just as well as its older sibling, Family Guy, with rampant gore, Black Comedy, Comedic Sociopathy and Crosses the Line Twice humor present throughout, and few topics that seem to be considered off-limits. That said, it does lean towards more standard (if still outlandish) sitcom plotting and humor compared to the Reference Overdosed Cutaway Gag-infested style of Family Guy and its imitators, and it does occasionally dip its toes into more serious storytelling." granted that show too suffered the seasonal rot like with the simpsons and family guy did which is why the cleveland show is better by comparison.
Then we got aqua teen hunger force or whatever its called. Whilst it was tamed as back in the day when adult swim had some "class" to it the show went into that direction ever since season 4 hit the road and was even "tamer" compared to the failed spinoff soul quest overdrive (im not dissing anyone who likes this show though to be on neutral grounding for the sake of being civil about this but still). But with aqua teen hunger force and its direction it went since season 4 and onward I digress.
Also we got another one that some of you might remember and its called archer and to quote tv tropes "Archer contains loads of sex, violence and shocking subject matter, particularly jokes involving Krieger, the Nightmare Fetishist. It does have a highly detailed and realistic art style, however, compared to the usual crude and simplistic looks of shows of this type, and mixes in long-running plotlines, a surprising amount of Character Development and a love for obscure Genius Bonus jokes." so it has its ups and downs.
Then there's big mouth.......... There's no need for an introduction to this because this one is what broke the camels back the worse and that's on top of the other dead camels whom backs have been broken before thus looking like more dead horses so this pretty much sums up this show in a nutshell.
You wanna know what's worse than simply following the footsteps of south park a little too much? how about that but also the same "animation style" of family guy and that's where brickleberry comes in. Granted comedy central has made many animated shows with different levels of "quality" and the fact that this show is the lowest point in comedy central's line up that says something to the point I don't even have to bring up tv tropes to mentioned this. To add more salt to the wound the same guy who made this show also developed hoops, and then there's paradise PD. let that sink in for a minute. For anyone aware why im not metioning futurama here is simply because that show was made by the same creator of the simpsons and it didn't go down that path. Not sure about disenchantment though but if anyone watch or heard it though word of mouth let me know. Anyone else who remembers any of comedy central's animated shows might also remember drawn together and whilst yes I am aware of that but its reputation also got tarnished (as it already is if anyone dislikes this show if anyone wanted to get something off their chest without ridicule) when the movie came out which it landed itself on tv tropes so bad its awful page of animated movies. Heck there are several other shows that landed in that page like with allen gregory which not only is what else you would expect but also very meh and then there's full english.
Then we get to next cartoon that committed one crimes against humanity too many. What full english is that its a family guy rip off at its worst and has nudity to add insult to injury. Granted europe in general has a different opinion on the content they want to show everyone as best explained in one of sabersparks videos when he was reviewing goat story for example (poor saber had it coming and we all knew that movie looked badly uncanny) but this show is an insult to europeans everywhere. If that wasn't enough there was this bruh moment that they done made. To qoute tv tropes "Most infamously, the show featured a segment where notorious reality star Jade Goody, who died of cancer three years before the show was first broadcast, appears as a ghost, talking about her husband's then-contemporary rape case... which is then followed by Princess Diana appearing as a ghost and apologizing for being late as the traffic was "murder" Ah yes that well catch ratings. I mean for pete sake this is why disney california had to change their ride because of this horrible thing that happened to poor princess diana and is now considered the worst disney ride ever because of this tragic turn of events whilst this show decided to rub it into our faces like a drunken mad man.
Now anyone who were ever crazy enough to stay up light just to watch adult swim or just record it with a VCR knows that back in the day adult swim was a lot "tamer" back in the day as they been known to make abridged dubs (like with yugioh or dragon ball z abridged) like sealab 2021 and space ghost coast to coast up until they decided to make their own shows like the already ATHF and venture bros. We even had a live action show called the eric andrea show in all of its funny meme infested glory for all to see. However there have been times when adult swim has its moments cause when ever there is something good chances are there's a polar opposite. On one hand you have shows like morel orel and yes its crude but then it decided to get dark and depressing by the time season 3 hits and it "deconstructs" the whole premise right there on the spot. Also there's rick and morty and whilst it was good.... that is until the mcdonalds sauce debacle made the show worse by comparison as well as the fan base in general. On the other side of the coin you get crap like mr pickles. To what tv tropes says "One major complaint about Mr. Pickles is that the show tries to cram as many sex jokes and as much violent, disturbing and disgusting content as humanly possible into 11 minutes. That said, there are hints of a consistent plot, and notably for the genre, it rarely delves into politics. Season 3 tries other types of humor besides just gross-out, like genre parodies, though it still thrives in gore." But lets be honest that is a case of too little too late because of what adult swim did that it made themysteriousmrenter mad as a hatter because of this. Oh and there's squid billys but I highly doubt that's even worth it since its on the same budget level as ATHF for that matter.
Here we got the nutshack (also mentioned on tv tropes so bad its awful pages based on cartoons by the way) which is now mostly remembered by many videos made by siivagunner revolving around this "theme song" of theirs and that's enough convincing there but hey at least the guys who mad this learn their mistakes and made wild grinders, anyone remember dat?
Then there are these rare CGi shows like tripping the rift and father of the pride and lets be real now none of them went anywhere and dreamworks went too far when their advertisements said it was made by the same schmucks that made shrek and anyone who remembers dreamworks antics will best tell you otherwise. Also theres sausage party but im not sure if that would age well because of the infamous "animated shock comedy", I rather would be watching that new netflix transformers over than this.
But I saved the two for last and the first one we're ripping is ren and stimpy adult party cartoon. It was bad and deserved to stay on tv tropes so bad its awful page for the greater good. You know what just gonna bring out this "madmans" damages just to justify even further to show you an example that it makes darker and edgier stuff that used to be light hearted but turned edgy like with kings quest 8 and bomberman act zero looked more like they were made by alan moore.
First of all here is the evidence that I have researched it off of tv tropes so bad its awful on the cartoon section and it goes. " John Kricfalusi's fall from grace hit hard, knocking him down from one of the biggest names of The '90s thanks to The Ren & Stimpy Show to being completely Overshadowed by Controversy. His two major Creator Killers that resulted from him gaining long-awaited Protection from Editors perfectly encapsulates how the very qualities that put his work on the map could be taken too far" Which also mentions cans without labels but this one is more important than this one that made mighty number 9 looked like a masterpiece.
Now back to the crappy spin off it says "Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" was a more adult-oriented continuation of the original series that aired on Spike TV. "The show was panned by both fans and critics alike, with it only lasting six episodes (and only three managed to air on television). The reason? It's far more vulgar and crass than the original TV show. While the Nickelodeon series is known for its gross-out humor, it was never as offensive and shocking as this spin-off, which featured "jokes" about animal abuse, male pregnancy, and incredibly gory violence. While this is already bad, what drags the show down even further is its absolutely atrocious pacing, having incredibly long episodes that feel slower than even the worst episodes of the original series, killing whatever momentum the jokes had and making an already unfunny and crass adult comedy flat-out insufferable. This attempt at a revival buried the franchise for over a decade, and even the 2020 announcement of another adult revival for Comedy Central (without Kricfalusi's influence) made people wary, partially due to the failure of Adult Party Cartoon. It also destroyed both SpikeTV's entire animation blocknote and John Kricfalusi's career in television animation" Heaven help us all if this next reboot is worse than the last one. I mean this john K brat even poked fun at ralph) and you could tell how much of a brat this madman is.
Still not convinced? Here is even more "evidence" about him on the fallen creators list on tv tropes. "John Kricfalusi was regarded as influential in animation, with The Ren & Stimpy Show being his breakout work. Unfortunately, his ideas are often all too crazy for the execs to tolerate. He got fired from Nickelodeon because of his late work, and his show was handed to another studio only to crash after season 5. When he got the chance to do the show again, it was from Spike TV, whose executives asked for the content to be "more adult", so it could stand next to South Park or Family Guy." Nickelodeon should've done gatekeeping to begin with ever since they first started this. But back to his "criminal record".
"Despite good ratings and reception"
More like pulling off a spring time for hitler."it was cancelled after a month due to John K managing to complete only 3 out of the 9 requested episodes on time. Nowadays, he currently posts on his blog about his influences, as well as his studies on animation and tutorials for fans wanting to learn how to do animation. And while he doesn't have much of anything kind to say about modern animation or modern stuff in general, he has his reasons for doing so (for the most part, anyway)." I mean at least he warned us about CALarts. then. "In 2018, it was revealed that he had sexually groomed his underage staff members such as Katie Rice and Robin Byrd, and even kept child pornography on his computer. This, combined with his mistreatment of crew members such as Bob Camp and Billy West, has lowered his chances of making a comeback from "unlikely" to "impossible", and with every studio refusing to accept his pitches thanks to these scandals." And the spinoff. "he is pretty much limited to working on his own personal blog." Words can not describe how stupid this all is and he had one job and it gets worse everytime he tries to redeem himself only to go back to being this rotten person since he got what he deserves.
Now for south park and is the last of these and the one that started all of this.
For starters Tv tropes said it best. "South Park is almost single-handedly responsible for kickstarting the trend of Refuge in Audacity and Crosses the Line Twice in adult animation. Hard as it is to imagine these days, in 1997 the sight of cartoon characters telling each other to "suck balls" was totally wild and crazy (the closest The Simpsons had ever come to that was, of course, "Eat my shorts!"), and the show drew huge viewership numbers purely from the novelty factor. Like all popular things, it was quickly aped and imitated, and soon it became standard practice for adult cartoons to take a page out of Parker and Stone's book. Unlike many of its imitators, though, South Park's humor also relies heavily on satire and mockery of weekly news Ripped from the Headlines, though Toilet Humour and crude sexual jokes still feature frequently." And the sad thing is this show also suffers from seasonal rot too.
Granted there are still shows out there that don't follow this trope like with primal (made by the same guy who made samurai jack), or the animated castlevania series but the bad outweigh the good in sheer numbers.
Now some of you might be asking this question "But wait what about those before the 90's and also anime in general?"
Well there's a good reason because for one as tv tropes puts it. "Ralph Bakshi's early films, in particular Fritz the Cat, could be considered the prototypes of this genre. However, they were also fairly grim portrayals of life in New York City, even featuring some somber moments of Mood Whiplash, the Jerkass protagonists that became common in the genre were targets of satirical mockery, and more "offensive" elements such as racial stereotypes were generally used as social commentary. While some of today's adult animation, including South Park and The Boondocks, follows up on Bakshi's satirical tendencies, this was certainly not the case with the now-forgotten Fritz the Cat imitators of The '70s." And trust me the less we forget that both down and dirty duck and once upon a girl (the one where poor saberspark painfully watched and reviewed) the better and you can tell that both of these films were the earlier example of that "animated shock comedy".
As for the second one anime is considered much luckier compared to western animation because have anime get into this it would've killed it and give fanservice the fetish retardant and unholy amounts of grossout humor. Its rare to see anime go into "that direction" and it only happens once in a blue moon and there have been examples. First of there's this show called bludgeoning angel dokuro-chan. To which tv tropes puts it. "Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan is about a cute angel who graphically kills the main character for laughs and revives him each time to do it again" I would've quote more from tv tropes about this show but this one is the "weirdest" in existence. And to quote patrick "things are gonna get crazy". Gintama also falls into this category despite the fact its shonen. In fact here is an interesting tidbit tv tropes have to say about this show "it's frequently cited as the Japanese equivalent to Family Guy due to their very similar styles of humor." And im amazed at that as well. osomatsu-san is what happens when you make osomatsu-kun (which this show spinoffed from) go crude but also "denser and whackier" that it looks like a car crash between south park and looney tunes. Finally there's panty and stocking with garterbelt. That last one pretty much put the other anime shows I mentioned to shame with this one and made even more crazy cause how can studio gainax go from well known classics such as guren lagen, neon genesis evengelion and nadia and the secret of blue water to this absurd cracked cartoonish version of an anime. Most anime is more Mature compared to us westerners and they even have some standards on what's appropriate in japan since its normal of this countries culture depending on what year we're talking about. When targeted at a older demographic it could either be fanservice like with keijo, queens blade, interspecies reviewers, hyperdimension neptunia, highschool DxD and even highschool of the dead or it could be more serious and grim, darker and edgier like with ghost in the shell, akira, berserk, the guyver, neon genesis evangelion, hellsing, fist of the north star, and goblin slayer.
Heck it could also applies to stuff that are not cartoon's or animated in general like with conker's bad fur day or any of the crappy "parody movies". Now back to the rodent at hand this game came out of nowhere despite his more tamer look and attitude in diddy kong's racing and his own gameboy color game but as for his N64 game it was originally gonna be called conker's 12 tales but as tv tropes puts it best "This was a deliberate choice in response to critics who felt that earlier builds were too similar to Rare's other cartoonish, family-friendly mascot platformers."Along with other mascots like crash, bubsy, sonic, sparkster, rayman and even gex whom's third game went a little how one would say a little different compared to the gecko's last two games. In fact this sounds like the video game counterpart to cool world and how it changed during the whole process. Heck this could even apply to some of suda51 games such as no more heroes or lollipop chainsaw as the games that this studio makes can be crude, swear heavy, overly sexual and innuendo aplenty.
Now you might be curious with this next question. "would it make more sense if these shows you mentioned were to be only put on the internet?". Well there have been examples of this ever since newgrounds existed. Granted newgrounds have its own fair share of content from a ton of different demographics to choose from and it even has parody's and satires that would make epic movie blush so im just amazed as anyone else but hey at least that website has a age rating system akin to the ESRB (albeit on newgrounds "standards" if anyone has ever had any experience with it or been to their website before). Heck there are even stuff outside of newgrounds like hazbin hotel (in which I am aware of the controversy but these other topics im talking about are too importent to be left unanswered) which is made by the same person behind the zoophobia webcomic, camp camp made by the same guys who made red vs blue, happy tree friends, sonic for hire, and anything made my mondo media. Even lobo (the guy whom was created by DC as a satire of comics from the 90's along with everyones favorite mercenary for hire deadpool) got his own show on the internet. That even includes cyanide & happiness which is like family guy but ten times even more crass and to quote tv tropes. It's based on a web comic. "The Cyanide & Happiness animated shorts usually fall under this category. Some of the shorts can be dark (both Black Comedy-wise and Nightmare Fuel-wise), some of their shorts can be relatively light," Which that lighthearted moment is surprisingly different for a show like this. "some of their shorts can be surreal, some of their shorts can be gross... you get the idea. In that way, they're much like the original webcomic." There are even a bunch of Gmod and source film maker cartoons that even fit into this albeit ten times as crazy. Anyone who remembers rubberfruit will tell you that gmod and source film maker cartoons are a heck of a drug and would make any of sony pictures animated movies look tame by comparison. Granted the stuff on the internet is justifiable because sturgeons law and newgrounds also got porn as well (word of advice just don't do it for your own sake and health) and if anyone else knows is that sex sells but to quote linkara. "its not the sex that sells its the pornogrophy that sells". You wanna know why there are few animated shock comedies or T&A fanservice or grossout humor material out there when there were everywhere during the 70's right up to 2000 for whatever they get away with? its because of the internet. Besides its been there since day one and is why deviantart is the butt of the jokes but I digress unless someone states me otherwise. Plus with the existence of both newgrounds, youtube and who knows what most animators don't have to require a corporate backing of some higher ups or some triple A animation studio so they can create whatever they want on the internet without anything happening to their work thus giving them some creative freedom on their animated projects. Which is why there are so many independent animators and shows out there and there have been stuff on newgrounds like salad finger hands and much more when it comes to user created content
So what do you think?
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2020.12.23 14:16 Chloe_QueenBee_Fan MY OLIVER TWIST FULL REVIEW + THEORY {Spoilers!}

Here's the original link,for reading the full review. Oliver Twist (1982) (Click on the bottom of the down arrow for seeing my spoilers.)
Title Screen
My rating [8/10] 🏆 👏
💗 This is for my own A.U. Oliver Twist story 👩‍👦‍👦
I know about my note rating 8/10 stars,but this movie is VERY beautiful but very underrated than Disney movies and others animations (oav,cartoons movies) from today. Thanks to Richard Slapczynski for this masterpiece and the best among Burbank Films Australia all cartoons! The characters are very well done,the music is very hauntingly and sadly beautiful. I prefer largely this Oliver Twist animation plus the David Lean live-movie from 1948 than original story by Charles Dickens ; and my favourite character is....Monks a.k.a. Edward Leeford (his real name is not mentionned in this cartoon) : he's the older brother of Oliver Twist... and the son of Agnes!
💖A very handsome and mysterious deuteragonist! 💖
Monks is a very handsome young man aged 18-19 in this film version, he is much less naughty,really calm and mysterious and he is considered a mentally tortured secondary character (probably by the death of his mother and sinking, just like Oliver, in misery and hanging out with bad people) In my fictionalized theory, Monks is mainly against Oliver for the death of their mother when she gave birth to his little brother. And Monks's desire to inherit family money is more out of revenge than for the sake of gain. I feeling bad for him also for Oliver. They lost their mom and find themselves alone without really meeting at the end. I would have liked the two brothers to be reconciled in this adaptation, Monks apologizes to Oliver, under the eyes of their mother who is on the portrait and they could live together as loving brothers, unlike the book where Monks goes to America and dies there. This is why I did not add an additional star. Monks really deserves a redemption, whose end of the film is free as to his fate. (I'm starting a comic book suite called "Oliver & Monks" a.k.a. Oliver Twist 2. More goods things : Monks does not have a red patch on his face, is not epileptic, and in the end, he does not die unlike the novel! Also for Bill Sikes' cute dog Bull's-eye. A second reason that I did not put 10/10 to this masterpiece and why there is no second star for this film, and I hope that I will not be booed by others lol. It is quite simply the character of Mr. Brownlow. Yes, yes, I don't like this character at all like in the book! (except Mr. Brownlow in the David Lean film where he is the adorable grandfather of Oliver Twist and the father of Agnes) At first I thought he was nice when he picked up Oliver in court after the boy was falsely accused of stealing his handkerchief and saved by the bookseller's testimony. In addition I consider Mr. Brownlow as a cold character, who hardly ever smiles and who wants to play the Good Samaritan, like any hypocritical bourgeois of his rank.
😡 Mr. Bumble telling falses thin about Oliver Twist at this stupid Brownlow!
Then when Oliver was kidnapped by Nancy and Bill, Mr. Brownlow changed his mind and rejected Oliver after being convinced by his hateful old friend Mr. Grimwig, and by a man he barely knows, the obnoxious Mr. Bumble! Only his housekeeper Mrs Bedwin is adorable and is convinced of the kindness of Oliver Twist. Likewise for the pure Rose who is Agnes' little sister and Oliver's aunt, as well as her mother and that of Agnes in this adaptation, Mrs. Maylie. At the end of the film Mr Brownlow tells Oliver Twist that his mother was the friend of Mr Brownlow (in the book he was the close friend of Ewin Leeford the father of Oliver and Monks, of which Agnes Fleming was the lover and Oliver the fruit of adultery and the young Edward Leeford's half-brother) but that she was married, probably with the father of Monks and Oliver, although her name is not mentioned, and that she was also the mother of the two boys. But during a tragic event, Agnes had fled and died giving birth to Oliver at the pension held by Mr Bumble in the cartoon.

Monks deserved a better way for this alternative story of Dicken's adaptation. 😢 Meme by me (C)
But Mr. Brownlow was not tender towards Monks and threatened to report him to the police if he did not sign his statement about the proof on Agnes' locket. And he didn't even encourage Oliver to reconcile with his own brother and he leaves. That's so SAD!! Since then, I have always struggled with this character who claims to be protector and new parent for Oliver and I do not like him, sorry. I've a second fictionalized theory about Mr Brownlow,Agnes and the "tragic" event which for me remains a mystery at the end of this version of history. Imagine: Mr. Brownlow considered Agnes , born Fleming, more than a friend when they were young: he was madly in love with this woman, but this one does not feel this love and leaves him for another rich and single young man, Edwin Leeford. Agnes and Edwin fell in love with each other and got married Agnes Leeford gave birth to their first child named Edward Leeford, who was originally a nice little boy living happily with his parents. One day Mr Brownlow visited this family to find Agnes. Or it was the Leeford family who came to see him at his home. He became jealous of Edwin, of whom he was his rival, and both argued. Seeing poor little Edward, Mr. Brownlow became disgusted and if the boy caused an accident like breaking a vase, he poured out his cruelty, scolding him fiercely until Agnes and Edwin rescued their son. Only Mrs. Bedwin had become fond of little Leeford.Agnes was one day pregnant with Oliver, her second son, much to the joy of her family. But the tragic day arrived! One could imagine the death of the father killed in an "accident" as Mr. Brownlow said. (I think it was a murder he had planned to kill his rival in love.) Annihilated, Agnes Leeford, who was about to give birth, and her 9-year-old son Edward took refuge in an orphanage run by the cruel Mr Bumble. He separated little Edward from his mother to put him among the orphans of his age,while his mother gave birth to Oliver,born Leeford, and died. The gold locket was picked up by the poor old nurse Sally Thingummy who gave it 10 years later to the wife of the director of the orphanage. As for Edward Leeford, he was abandoned and unhappy, without friends.

Monks as child and adult drew by me (C)
He was crying for his mother because he was told that she had died giving birth to his younger brother. A year later, he was forcibly sent by Mr Bumble to work for the cruel undertaker Mr Sowerberry, like Oliver at his age. But one day, he fled from this place and he lived for 3 years with a good old lady. But his happiness did not last: the poor widow died and Edward Leeford went to London. And there Fagin collects him so that he becomes a thief. This is how young Edward Leeford called himself "Monks" for not being recognized. For years as an oprhan, he harbored hatred towards his little brother, considering him to be coupled with the death of his mother Agnes by bringing him into the world. Monks also felt this hatred towards Mr. Brownlow who for him is an assassin and broke up his family and his childhood. At 16 he left Fagin's refuge and gave himself up to his dark affairs, alone.
Agnes Leeford, Monks and Oliver's late mother in this 82's cartoon movie.
Because of Mr. Brownlow, I think that's how the family of Oliver and Monks, in this animated adaptation, was ruined. Mr Brownlow is undoubtedly a hidden antagonist! Furthermore, when Nancy denounced a certain Monks, the man had a fierce hatred towards the elder son of his rival Edwin Leeford. And I don't think he sincerely loves the very young and naive Oliver Twist; he adopted it for the money, and especially chose it because it looks like 2 drops of water to the woman with whom he was in love, Agnes. Finite theory.
Mr. Brownlow's evil face! 👿
To finish my review on this masterpiece: in this animated film, the REAL villains are Mr. Sowerberry and his apprentice Noah Claypole, Mr. Bumble and the bully Bill Sikes! Two great antagonists coming from a different social class each. Personally Fagin was not a potential villain but a sympathetic old man and a little overexcited. But for me,a dark side from the mive is here : an another villain can be Mr. Brownlow.
Bonus : i can just noticed the positive and negative points of the film.
❤️ -The MOST beautiful adaptation,mostly graphically.And it has aged well! -Monks is very handsome,touching,less mean and mysterious,unlike the one from the novel. And he still alive at the free end! For me,it's the BIG good point!! -The music is very haunting,i cried at the end credits. -Rose and Mrs Maylie are added in the cartoon unlike the others versions. -A lot of usless characters in the novel (Mrs Sowerberry,the little Dick,Barney,Betsy,the chimney sweep,Harry Maylie,Toby Crackit,some longs parts of the novel) are not in the cartoon! -Oliver and Monks have the same mother.They're biologicals brothers!
💔 - The character of Nancy is quite soft and physically faded with her sleepy eyes unlike the others version (In David Lean 1948's live-movie,she's badass woman!) - At times the graphics have small flaws, but that's okay. - Mr Brownlow,he's very cold and i'm having trouble with this character. While in the novel he realized his mistaken thought about Oliver when Rose told him the whole truth. Nobody mentionned that this version of Mr Browlow is a Gary Stu! And there are others adaptations where Mr. Brownlow is really cool! -The ending is free,but so speed and simple, and i'm sad that Oliver and Monks were not reconciled and reunited fraternally in this free animated adaptation. (This was the case for the series for a story about Oliver Twist on video, the end of which I posted on my YouTube account.… )

Meme by me (C)
Oliver Twist and Edward Leeford A.K.A. Monks belongs to Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist and Burbank Films Australia (C)
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Incredible Shoes Opensource contentbased meme 4chan 4chan raid 4chan pranks reddit reddit 4chan tshits shirtmockup shirtwascash shirt was cash shirt was cash 4chan 4chan shirtwascash thatshirtwascash that shirt was cash -
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2018.12.30 19:14 areohdeee Memes Gear - gnwhyvbxdonfwbkjsp - Meme Merch.

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Generic Metal Computer Incredible Soap Multitiered didactic meme no friends alone musician band skills hippie retro multitask wow loser hair Ollie Brekke meme mint green interface synthesize interface South Itzel Incredible Wooden Pizza Refined Hat Networked secondary meme fat ugly jiggly chubby juice pikachu 788 trevor -
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2017.11.09 03:29 ARustyN [How the Hell] Can Barney Stinson (How I met your Mother) beat Gary 'Eggsy' Uwin (Kingsman) in a fight?



  • Gag feats are allowed!
  • This will follow the movie version of Eggsy.
  • Barney Stinson can magic all his arsenal into battle.
  • Barney cannot rely on his friends but can call Ranjit.


Barney Stinson
Gary Uwin
Starting Point: MacLaren's Pub
Battleground: New Work
submitted by ARustyN to whowouldwin [link] [comments]

2017.05.30 00:39 frogs_4_eva EVERY TRANS* MALE/ MASC/ AFAB WEBCOMIC MEGA LIST PART ONE: Numbers 1 through 74

It's every FTM (or trans masculine, trans*, DFAB/AFAB, nonbinary, intersex but raised as a female and had gender dysphoria, etc.) webcomic that I could find (with at least two pages), where I could verify that the character was afab. Randomly ordered.
Some may be very, very NSFW. (Most aren't.) If I've made a mistake, just let me know and I can change it. Please let me know of any broken links.
Get your bookmarks ready, kids, 'cause it's about to go down.
Part Two:
Format: 1. "Title" (Description of afab character) Link *Length of archive, status of comic (hiatus/ complete/ still updating) *My personal views/ summary *Synopsis from the author *Misc. *My personal rating out of 10 (scores less than five aren't shown)
Part Two:
~1. “Mantime” (Trans guy main characters)
~2. “What-Sexual??” (Gay trans guy main character & amab nonbinary main character)
~3. “Queermo’s Journey” (Trans masc main character)
~4. “What’s Normal Anyway?” (Gay trans guy main character)
~5. “Rooster Tails” (Trans guy main character with genderqueer afab partner)
~6. “Kyle and Atticus” (Trans masc main character)
~7. “Khaos Komix” (Gay trans guy main character)
~8. “GCutie!” (Trans masc main character)
~9. “Orientation Police” (Read description below)
~10. “Copper-Rose” (Trans guy main characters)
~11. “Tales From The Closet” (Trans guy main character)
~12. “Seeing Him” (Straight trans guy main character)
~13. “T-time With Sime” (Trans guy main character)
~14. “Sing the Moon Down” (Gay trans guy main character)
~15. “3PM in the Morning” (Trans masc main character)
~16. “Knights Errant” (AFAB main character)
~17. “Pretty Fly for a Trans Guy” (Trans guy main character)
~18. "Second Puberty" (Straight trans guy main character)
~19. "Misfile" (Read description below)
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki @
~20. "Trial of the Sun" (Eliano is a trans guy main character)
-21. "Only Two" (Nonbinary main character)
-22. "FtM" (Trans guy main character)
-23. "A comic on gender identity." (Trans guy main character)
-24. "kaicomics" (Trans guy main character)
-25. "Hello World, It's Eli" (Trans guy main character)
-26. "With great abandon" (Gay trans guy main character)
-27. "Welp Webcomics" (Trans guy main character)
-28. "Squirrely Trans Boy" (Trans guy main characters)
-29. "OG Truscum" (Trans guy main character)
-30. "All my trangst" (Trans guy main character)
-31. "The trans comics!" (Trans guy main character)
-32. "Trans-missions" (Trans guy main character)
-33. "GNDR FCKD" (Trans guy main character)
-34. "TwoKinds" (Read description below)
-35. "Venus Envy" (Trans guy secondary character)
-36. "Transposes" (Trans guy main characters)
-37. "Strapped to the Mast" (Trans guy main character)
-38. "Bash Back- A Story of the Queer Mafia" (Gay trans guy main character)
-39. "Prague Race" (Trans guy main character)
-40. "Monster Pop!" (Straight trans guy secondary character)
-41. "DeadEndia" (Gay trans guy main character)
-42. "Society of Vice" (Gay trans guy main character)
-43. "Prince of Cats" (Gay trans guy secondary character)
-44. "Bad Bad Things" (Trans masc main character)
-45. "Sharp Zero" (Trans guy main character)
-46. "UnderDog" (Gay trans guy main character)
-47. "Oh Human Star" (Trans masc minor character)
-48. "Title Unrelated" (Trans guy secondary character)
-49. "Spire" (Blaise is a gay trans guy main character)
-50. "Paisley Brickstone" (Trans guy minor character & nonbinary minor character)
-51. "Looking for Avin" (Trans masc main character)
-52. "Godsblood" (Trans guy main character)
-53. "Artistic Process" (Trans guy main character)
-54. "Are you happy yet?" (Trans guy main character)
-55. "TransLife" (Trans guy main character)
-56. "Hellbound" (??)
-57. "Little Fish" (Straight trans guy main character)
-58. "Cunning Fire" (Trans guy secondary character)
-59. "Poppies and Aconite" (Straight trans guy main character)
-60. "Wicked Hero" (Gay trans guy main character)
-61. "Click" (Trans guy main character)
-62. "Moço" (Trans guy main character)
-63. "Tunes of Lycka" (??)
-64. "Cirque du Royale" (Trans guy minor character)
-65. "Caoine" (??)
-66. "Stuffy Stuff" (??)
-67. "Butterfly Blues" (??)
-68. "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate" (??)
-69. "Zoo Academy" (Trans guy minor character)
-70. "Steph Le Trans" (Trans guy main character)
-71. "Doodlebug Comics" (Trans guy main character)
-72. "Noir City" (Trans guy & nonbinary main characters)
-73. "Conduit" (Gay trans guy main character)
-74. "Oglaf" (??) *Medium-largeish archive; still updating!
Part Two:
submitted by frogs_4_eva to ftm [link] [comments]

2017.05.10 06:18 MisterZygarde64 Can Ash Ketchum, Invader Zim, Gumball Waterson, Chris Griffin, Bowser Jr, Steven Universe, Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, Nathan Adams, Darwin Waterson, and Meatwad graffiti some noticeable messages on Wall Maria where everyone can see them and get away?

What each person has for defense
What they need to write
They have to make it noticeable
submitted by MisterZygarde64 to whowouldwin [link] [comments]

2017.03.17 03:45 Pikawil If Kemono Friends was mainstream in the West, I bet we would have seen DeviantArt turn every single animal character that ever existed into Friends like a processing plant.

If you will, imagine DeviantArt transforming the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, every pony ever, everyone in Zootopia, everyone in Star Fox, Sonic, Sanic, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, Dolan Duk, Barney the Dinosaur, the Indominus Rex, Big Bird, Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Donkey Kong, Simba, Cecil the Lion, Tilikum, Harambe, Pepe, Dat Boi, Doge, Colin's Bear Animation, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Blue's Clues, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Garfield, Snoopy, Hobbes, Shiitake from Love Live Sunshine, Tippy from Gochiusa, Duck Hunt, Ecco the Dolphin, Mr. Krabs, Pusheen, the Angry Birds, Chewbacca, Donkey from Shrek, Barry B. Benson, Momiji Inubashiri awoo, Azunyan, Kotori Minami and Kanna Kamui and far, far more into Friends as quickly as they shit out every donut steel post you see over on /thehedgehog.
That would have been tanoshii... for laughs. And then cringes.
...pardon me while I go purge the mental images from my head. Maybe we have avoided the darkest timeline where Kemono Friends is synonymous with embarrassment.
submitted by Pikawil to KemonoFriends [link] [comments]

2017.01.11 03:20 themattdud3 This is the oldest DeviantArt submission with the “barney calhoun” tag.

This is the oldest DeviantArt submission with the “barney calhoun” tag. submitted by themattdud3 to HalfLife [link] [comments]

2016.07.25 19:39 CHzilla117 To all Barney sympathizers.

Many of the flairs here were of Barney. While some were spinning him to torture him other didn't. While some forgot, some are real Barney sympathizers of Barney. How can you support this monster? Therefore, I will show you this true form of this cancer creating monster.
Now that you have seen him for what he is, do you still support him? Return to us and all will be forgiven. Otherwise... I can offer you a battle you have chance of winning. Quite an anti-climax after what you just survived.
Time to choose.
submitted by CHzilla117 to TheAmazingBulk [link] [comments]

2016.06.08 11:29 teunteulai Playbook, Chapter 274 Prince who was Bromised

Playbook, Chapter 274 Prince that was Bromised
Suit up like a prince from your kingdom. Make sure that the chick is at the big event where you can show yourself brilliant. Give her a rose. A nice one. A blue one. Then wait until everyone's attention is grabbed by something else, and ask her to talk in the stables, where you will explain about the ancient Brophecy, that the child of yours will be The Prince that was Bromised, Azor Ahai reborn, John Connor or basicly every promised hero, depending on the region. Take her to the most romatic place that can only exist in Dorne (or Spain, if you are in Europe/Mexico, if you are in USA).
submitted by teunteulai to freefolk [link] [comments]