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2023.05.30 13:47 LiamIsMyNameOk Walked out of job in bar due to boss arriving and giving verbal abuse. Holiday pay still owed or not?

I'm sorry if this has been asked before.
My question is, am I entitled to the holiday pay I am owed? More detailed below.
I had only been working in this establishment for about 3 months. 30 hour contract but worked 45+ a week. In Spain.
I walked out one night when the owner, whom often frequents the place, arrived drunk (as often does) and went behind the bar pouring drinks and verbally abusing us telling us how sh*t and slow we are. ...Which the staff on shift definitely weren't, they were doing great. He clearly just wanted to assert himself as important, or get his anger out, I don't know.
I warned him I would walk out right at that moment if he continued. He called me a c*nt, mumbled some other stuff which was unintelligeble, so I left.
I have no proof of that interaction, though. But other members of staff left recently due to similar interactions.
I have asked for my holiday pay, he is saying he has to talk to his gestor (Like, an accountant) because he thinks he doesnt have to pay anything due to me walking out mid-shift and not giving a 14 day notice.
This was on a Sunday night. I had already done my contracted hours.
The barestaurant is a bit sketchy. Half of the drinks money doesnt get put through the computer system so the owner doesn't have to pay tax on it. There are cockroaches all the time. Scrubbing off expiration dates on bottled soft drinks. Kitchen wouldnt pass an inspection etc etc. Many many issues.
My question is, am I right in believing the 14 day notice is purely out of respect, not a legal thing? I'm sure he doesn't want legal attention, so I doubt he would take me to court over "lost profits" as I walked out at 9pm on a sunday night when I was meant to stay until ~1am. So as I believe, he could just draw attention to that, which would not hold up whatsoever.
Which also brings attention to another question I have. He arrived after a night out, drunk, and went behind the bar pouring drinks, and drinking beer (While verbally abusing the other staff).... Is that legal? Like... Is the owner allowed to just go help himself to bottles and stuff, whilst the bar is serving clientelle?
I ask half for myself, but mostly for a girl I worked with who worked there 2 years, a d thinks she isn't entitled to two years worth of holiday pay because she walked out without notice.
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2023.05.30 13:47 Mrs_Trask Report them.

Today I phoned the DET's incident reporting hotline (1800 811 523) and reported some secondary students' antisocial, threatening and disrespectful actions towards me. They did not physically touch me, but their behaviour was deliberately intimidating.
Both students have a looooooong record on Sentral, entries from both myself and other teachers (we're talking 50+ this TERM alone) and I am just fed up with the lunchtimes given over to restorative conversations, the rigmarole of admin, the pantomime of phonecalls home to parents who have no desire or ability to influence their children's behaviour. I have better things to do. Like actually teach.
So I told my principal I was going to contact the hotline to report a risk to my psychosocial health. This is a big thing that the Fed are pushing right now, as it's a recent change: you don't actually need a specific incident, you can just report a general sense of overwhelm etc. Anyway, this was a specific incident and my principal supported me to contact the hotline. I think reporting it actually makes it easier for principals to escalate consequences for a student because they are compelled to report back what the school has done to mitigate the psychosocial risk.
When I called I was taken seriously, the person on the hotline was suitably sympathetic, the students' names have been recorded in the official report. Also, I was offered time off and help with a worker's comp process. They took the situation that seriously.
We should be reporting more. I think there is a toxic mentality in teaching that we need to be unflappable, have thick skin, that we need to remember not to take things too seriously, that the kids are just kids. Yeh, that's true for the vast majority of normal teenagers who are able to recognize a teacher's humanity. Normal teenagers who are a bit surly but can be helped to reflect on poor choices and genuinely work to become better people.
Some students refuse to. They are a danger to the well-being of teachers, the very people who are trying to help them. That makes them a danger to the entire school ecosystem, because it is burning good teachers out so the good kids miss out. These chronically delinquent young people need targeted help with social skills, unresolved trauma, communication skills etc. It is unfair on everyone - including the Richard Craniums themselves - to expect them to learn that stuff in a mainstream classroom.
Report them. When the DET are shilling out workers comp for ALL the teachers - I expect there are thousands of us - who are being threatened or emotionally abused by this kind of student, they will have to figure out an effective way to actually support us AND them, if for no other reason than it will cost the DET too much money to pay everyone out.
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2023.05.30 13:47 Lotus1012 I fucked a cocky guys crush just out of spite.

Im surprised a lot of people liked my first story. I guess ill tell another story from back in my day, in my opinion i did have an eventful early 20’s before i settled down. I’ll be more than glad to say a little about myself as well, if anyone cares haha. If this one does as well as my last one ill post another.
Years ago (maybe i was 25-26) there was a guy that used to work in the same building i did. He was always an arrogant and cocky guy (we’ll call him cocky guy). The type that would post shirtless pics after the gym (he’d been doing this for years yet he never got any bigger) or always hit on the new female hires, he acted like he was the peak of the male gender. Around those years i started to really hit the gym after being skinny my whole life and facial hair started kicking in, but i always kept my head down and just minded my own business. ANYWAY a group of friends and i go out to party at some bars and said cocky guy was invited. The night goes on and i dont remember why but cocky guy and i were having a convo and all i remember him saying was “shut the fuck up ugly ass boy” in a not very jokingly way. Now many of you would just ignore him or just role your eyes but me…….well that triggered me. Maybe if i say more about my myself in other posts i can further explain but for the sake of making this a short post…… well it triggered me because growing up i was always the nerdy skinny kid. I just smiled at cocky guy and took a sip of my drink. One of my close friends had seen my smile and says to me “i know that smile what are you planning?” This is where his crush comes in, cocky guy had always been vocal about liking a girl that worked in our building and in all honesty i think she liked him back but she saw how he is and nothing ever developed. Well the next weekend i had my friend invite cocky guys crush to come out and party with us. Ofcourse i immediately started flirting with her, making her laugh and all those lovey dovey things guys do to impress a girl. Ofcourse the whole group i had came with noticed that she was into me as well. By the end of the night i take her home and a you can all guess what happened then, and for those that cant read in between the lines……i fucked her. The next work day we all know how men gossip as much as women (dont deny it gentlemen) guys started talking and it got back to cocky guy what had happened. Apparently cocky guy had asked his crushs friend if it was true and she confirmed it to him. Later on that day i saw cocky guy and his face said it all, he looked like ralphie when santa told him he wont give him the gun because he’ll shoot his eye out (its from a christmas story movie for those that dont know) or when the humans shot down the big ass tree and the natives were watching it fall down from the avatar movie. I gave him that exact same smile i did a week ago and i all said was “wassup” and kept walking. For those that may say it was fucked up to her, she was very attractive so we went on maybe 2 dates after that night but things kinda fell apart, didnt really clique or have much in common. I will say cocky guy was a bit more humble after that.
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2023.05.30 13:46 Mr_Potato__ If someone ditches the climate movement because of a few radical activists, they probably didn't really care about the environment anyway

No, I'm not advocating for radical groups like Just Stop Oil or Extinction Rebellion. They push the boundaries of whats socially acceptable, and often break it. But every now and then, I hear people saying these groups 'demonize' climate measures, due to their unlawful and socially unacceptable ways of doing activism.
But honestly, if those people were really interested in fighting climate change in the first place, why are they so easily thrown off by civil disobedience?
Climate change isn't a popularity contest or a marketing campaign. It's an existential crisis facing our species and countless others. No, not every action taken by every environmental group will sit well with everyone, and that's perfectly understandable.
But if you don't support climate measures due to a few radical activists, then you don't care about the climate at all. You cared about the social aspect of the climate movement, not the actual cause. Or worse, you're trying to discredit and destroy the movement.
We need to remember that what's at stake here isn't our social standing or our comfort zones - it's billions of people disrupted or even killed by increasingly unlivable climates in large parts of the world. We can't afford to let our opinions on individual groups or actions distract us from the bigger picture.
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2023.05.30 13:46 Kiipo [Question] Kickstarter compressing my gifs and making the colors flicker. Even when I reupload gifs that don't flicker on other campaigns as a test.

Heya! I've been having a problem getting clean gifs to upload to Kickstarter. I'm well under the file size recommendation, well under the file width/height recommendation. But my colors keep flickering after uploading them.
So I tried downloading clean gifs from other kickstarters and uploading them, and they still flicker. So that tells me there is definitely some kind of trick to it that I just don't know and countless hours of googling and asking in forums has no yet netted me the answer.
Any thoughts?
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2023.05.30 13:45 Apart_Secretary_2447 How many people could live on a 45 ft narrowboat

...assuming we were starting from a blank slate and could configure the layout ourselves?
A bit of background, we are two adults and three small children. We were looking at a 60-70 foot boat just because we assumed we needed the most space possible, and have now realised that (I think) some Scottish canals have a 45ft limit .
Is there any point in us even considering the Scottish canals at all? The upsides of staying in Scotland includes being near friends and families, not needing to get a new job and move far away at the same time, and also that we just like it here. Finally, I will add that we were considering living in a van before this so a canal boat of any size is a massive upgrade in what we were prepared for. We are very minimalist, and don't need a lot. Our kids are the same gender and currently share a tiny room anyway, in a triple bunk bed. We are used to having almost no belongings or space. I don't mind living on English canals temporarily but I can't imagine it being a permanent thing. Even if it's only part of the Scottish canals that have the 45 ft limit, I don't like being restricted to an already limited travelling area
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2023.05.30 13:45 Specialist-Brain-919 Why can I easily ignore the pain for exciting events but I am otherwise in intense pain all the time?

Since I got covid 8 months ago my headache never stops and is at 7-8 pain intensity all the time. I'm in so much pain the second I wake up that getting up is very difficult, I can't work at all anymore since doing any physical or cognitive effort makes it unbearable, and even if I have no problem with light I can't handle any noise at all. As I basically can't handle being around people I don't have a life anymore, I'm just staying alone at home all day and barely able to watch a movie with my bf in the evening. (The only thing that helps is gardening or small walk but I can't do it too long) But the weird thing is that in order to keep my sanity, I still try to do something fun 1-2 times a month, and I found that if I'm going to do something I'm very excited for and looking forward to I can handle it. I can't stand being around friends or colleagues for 5 minutes without excruciating pain, but yesterday I was able to stay all day at an amusement park. I still had a lot of pain, but it was bearable, I was so distracted with everything else and so much adrenaline from the rides that I could push through it. I'm obviously back to usual pain right after and paying the price with even more pain today.
Does anyone else have that to? What do you think makes it possible? Just the "happy hormones"?
I feel so frustrated being able to feel "normal" for a few hours then going back to being miserable.
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2023.05.30 13:45 El_Guapo1916 Worst McDonalds in the City

The McDonalds in the Parkhead Forge has to rate as the worst I've ever ordered a delivery from. Food generally assembled like a piece of shite abstract art and always something missing from the order (if it's not food then it'll be straws and condiments). I get the impression that whomever works there just fucking hates life. Within the Glasgow area it must rank up there as one of the worst.
I've never had the sit-in experience so I don't know how that compares, has anyone else had the misfortune to order from here?
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2023.05.30 13:44 Dildo_Shagginz Frieza vs Kaos (Dragon Ball vs Skylanders) Fight Script

So, Frieza vs Kaos, a matchup I'm really vibing with and that has quickly become my favorite for both, so it's only right I make a script for it right? I think this is my longest script yet as there was a lot I wanted to include in here, even if a good chunk of it can be dumbed down to "lasers" if you wanna do that lol (it's dragon ball, whatcha expect?) Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
We begin with a shot of the Skylands. Floating isles, hidden amongst a wafting of mist and fog high in the sky. Each was themed towards the different elements that power the land, its inhabitants and its defenders, the mighty Skylanders, however there was one location in particular reserved for the most rotten of them all. On the Cloudbreak Islands lay the Kaos Fortress, where the dark lord Kaos himself resides. In this fortress, Kaos sat on his large, comfortable chair, a chair that was realistically far too large for him to sit on. Standing next to him was his loyal right hand, a demure and lanky goblin man named Glumshanks, who held for Kaos a large strawberry milkshake that the dark lord was eagerly drinking. However, Kaos' drink was cut short by a new arrival.
Floating down from the clouds above was a large, circular ship, made of high tech materials and construction. The flagship of the Frieza Force, reserved for their own Mighty Lord, Frieza himself. The hatch at the top of the ship opened up, and out from within floated up the white and purple tyrant himself. Clearing his throat as his tail casually swished around behind him, Frieza seemed as though he was preparing for some sort of business meeting with how casual he seemed. Although, his words were far from as disarming as his actions. "Haha, residents of the Skylands, it has come to my attention that you exist. I tried to tell your Master Eon to kneel but the old man was delusional enough to deny me. And so I, the Mighty Lord Frieza, grant you the honor of being the first graveyard amongst the Skylands!" He announced, casually raising his finger up to the air, a small burning orb of fiery light formed at the tip of his finger, swelling into the form of his deadly Supernova attack. It grew until it eclipsed the fortress below, before Frieza pointed down at the ground below, intending to detonate the island like he did to Planet Vegeta. However, before the Big Bang could hit the ground, a crackling aura of purple energy surrounded the attack. The aura held the attack back and forced it to shrink, shrinking it smaller and smaller until it was the size of a mere soccer ball before it transmuted into a confused, seemingly traumatized sheep.
Kaos stepped out onto his balcony, with Glumshanks placing a large stepping stool out on the edge for his Lord to use to heighten himself. Handing Kaos a megaphone, Glumshanks stepped back and plugged his ears, preparing for the ear shattering speech to follow. "FOOL! You believe you get to rule the Skylands?? The Skylands belongs to me! The bringer of ultimate mega DOOM! LORD KAOS! GLUMSHANKS, TELL HIM," Kaos holds the megaphone down to Glumshanks mouth, and the monotone goblin spoke into it. "sigh, yeah, yeah he's right."
Frieza chuckled, amused by the defiant buffoon, as more Frieza Force ships begin to descend from the clouds, launching pods filled with Saibamen onto the fortress. Manning the walls of the Kaos Fortress, trolls began to mount onto cannons and turrets to blast at the pods, blasting a few out of the air but missing a precious few, which landed on the ground and released their Saibamen. The Saibamen started blasting holes through the walls of the Fortress, flooding into it's inner walls to take it from the inside, only to find Cyclopes and Spell Punks meeting them within. "Send the Ginyu Force!" Frieza commanded, cackling to himself as he watched his forces battle Kaos' down below and, as he commanded, the Ginyu Force landed on the Island, with their theme song playing as expected. In response Kaos screeched, "DOOMLANDERS! Don't just stand there, bring them their doom!!" As he instructed as well, the Doomlanders met the Ginyu Force on the field of battle.
The two groups would fight for a brief while, however soon enough the Doomlanders would emerge victorious. Kaos began to cheer for his victory, only to see a comet of purple energy hurtle towards the ground, slamming in the middle of the Doomlanders. Standing in the middle of the crater left behind was Frieza, the strength of his landing alone vaporizing the Doomlanders with the alien tyrant giving negative shits about it. He pointed up to Kaos, and a bright beam of purple light blasted from his finger towards the short portal master. Kaos narrowly leapt out of the way, with the beam blasting into the top of the fortress and blasting a hole through it's roof.
As Kaos began descending, he used a spell to make himself float as he bared down on Frieza, flying towards him as he threw balls of blue fire at the white and purple alien. Frieza sidestepped and ducked around them, charging forward at Kaos with an attack prepared for him. When Kaos got close, Frieza whipped him with his tail and sent Kaos flying towards the ground, cratering the ground below him. "Oww! That was rude! Glumshanks, bring me a bandaid!" He yelled, with his minion somehow understanding him even from so far away. Frieza landed down in front of Kaos, kicking him to the side to send him even further away, *right when Glumshanks reached the area with a comically large first aid kit in his hands,** causing the man to sigh as he realized how much more he'd have to run. Frieza floated over to Kaos, chuckling to himself.* "Interesting, you're being beaten to death and your crying over a boo-boo? I find you so pathetic that I'm tempted to let you live," Frieza teased, lifting Kaos up out of the ground and blasting him up into the air, blasting upwards into the sky to trail behind him. He blasted more and more rapid fire purple lasers, but Kaos was not outdone. Kaos teleported out of the air and back down to the ground, leaving Frieza confused until he looked back down to the ground, seeing Kaos mount up onto his supercharger that he got out of a portal he summoned. Igniting his superchargers engine, Kaos launched up into the air, now being the one to chase Frieza through the sky, sadly just as Glumshanks reached him again causing the poor servant to be launched back by the rocket boosters, sending the first aid kit out of his hands.
Frieza now started flying away from Kaos, with Kaos flying after him and blasting his own purple lasers at Frieza in the shape of rings, waves, lines and zig-zags, throwing Frieza off his game and causing him to be pelted by lasers at every turn, all while Kaos monologued behind him. "Stupid fool! You run away from your doom? From Kaos? You'll only loose tired… GLUMSHANKS! WHERE IS MY BANDAID?!" After a while, Frieza started to wisen up to the patterns of Kaos' blasts and began to deftly dodge them, annoying Kaos. Summoning another portal, Kaos pulled out one of his artifacts, a powerful red and gold gauntlet. The Iron Fist of Arkus. "You have annoyed me for long enough, Freezer!" Kaos said, his voice deep and distorted into that of a robot. Frieza's flight was halted as his tail was grabbed by Kaos, now in the form of a massive, powerful Arkeyan robot, his eyes glowing bright blue. "Unhand me you idio-" Frieza yelled before his words were cut off, with Kaos swinging Frieza down onto a nearby mountain, pulverizing it with the force of the impact, leaving Frieza in a massive crater in the ground. However, Kaos was not done. Leaping up into the air with his massive robot form, Kaos landed a comically large peoples-elbow on his opponent who was currently many times smaller than him. Standing back up to his feet, Kaos stomped down onto the crater multiple times, smashing Frieza further and further into the ground, before pointing his head down to blast a powerful beam of light out of his eyes down into the crater. "That's…ENOUGH!" Frieza cried out, a powerful burst of golden light dispersing the laser of the Arkeyan Kaos immediately as Frieza flew up to Kaos' head, landing a powerful punch into Kaos' chin in his now-golden form. Kaos was launched up into the sky but by the time his large, robotic frame was done flying up, Frieza was already behind him and pointing his finger forward, blasting repeated blasts of ki into his back, severing the gauntlet off of Kaos' robotic hand and reverting him back to his base form, showering the ground below in craters formed by Frieza's ki blasts, the ground being covered in a layer of smoke.
"Fool…FOOL! You DARE power up? ONLY I GET TO POWER UP!" Kaos whined, his voice growing distorted once again as he spoke. The smoke dispersed around him to reveal him in his Traptanium form, floating with a lower half made of Traptanium crystal and dark purple skin. He flew up to Frieza, blasting beams of purple energy at him as the two began to engage in a ranged air-skirmish. The two eventually get taken to melee, with Frieza kicking Kaos to the side where Kaos smacks into the screen, breaking it for a few seconds as he flies back into the fight again (cuz Traptanium Kaos breaks the fourth wall.) When Kaos flies back though, Frieza blasts Kaos back down to the ground, now following him to the ground and slowly, dramatically walking towards him. "This sparring session is getting less and less entertaining you buffoon," Frieza said.
"Master Kaos, I have your bandaid," Glumshanks said, running up in-between Frieza and Kaos desperately panting for breath, bandages spilling out of it and flapping in the wind like loose toilet paper. "Want a large one or a short one?" Glumshanks asked. Frieza rolled his eyes and pointed at the tall goblin man, Death Beam'ing him through the chest and causing Glumshanks to die, just like how Frieza killed Paragus. "Such a tragedy," Frieza mocked, before looking back at Kaos. Kaos however was…still. He wasn't screaming, he wasn't whining, he was just…angry. Very angry, and Frieza could tell. “So much for that blundering buffoonery! I did wonder when you would stop whini-“ Crackling purple light emanated from Kaos as his body bulked up and grew, cutting off Frieza's words. His muscles bulged and hulked out, metal armor covered his body, and his hair and eyes burned a bright, crackling blue…something that sparked a memory in the sadistic tyrant Frieza.*
When the smoke clears fully, a familiar cackle, now deepened, can be heard as Kaos emerges in his Super State and begins charging a blast. "Your doom will be slow, Frieza!" Kaos threatened.
“That’s…that’s…” Frieza could barely force the words out of his mouth as a flash of memory crosses his mind…a memory of his second death, a familiar foe charging a similar blue blast.
“FRIEZAAAAA!!!!” Goku shouted in his memory
Cut back to reality, Frieza’s flashback distracting him long enough for him to take the blast in the gut, sending Frieza to the ground. As it dissolves…he begins fuming in rage.
“ANOTHER BLASTED!” Frieza punches the ground with each word. “STUPID!” Finally, rage overtakes him completely, in an ironic reference to the first transformation of the one who killed him in his cybernetic state, and he transforms into his Black form! “MONNNNKEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!” A powerful purple aura enveloped Frieza, his skin turning black and his eyes burning bright red. The two where now in their highest forms, and the fight would truly commence.
The two battled against one another in the air and on the ground, blasting waves of energy at eachother in varying shapes and sizes. Kaos summoned his Doom Sharks, sending a wave of chomping energy sharks at Frieza who dispatched them quickly with a series of blasts. Frieza tried to land a flurry of punches on Kaos, but Kaos summoned his large, energy construct Doom Hands to grab the alien racist by the tail and smash him down on the floor, opening him up to more and more blasts of chaotic energy from Super Kaos. However, Frieza wasn't done yet.
"I have had enough of this charade! Kaos, your end is now, and it only makes me more annoyed that I won't be able to savor your quick demise!" Frieza cried out, flying up into the sky and raising a hand to the air, a large ball of purple energy forming above him as he prepared a large, powerful Death Ball. "Kaos doesn't know defeat, Frieza! But you, you will know DOOM!" *Kaos shouted back in his deepened voice, raising his large Doom Hands as he prepared to catch the Death Ball. Frieza launched the ball, a wave of energy erupting from it as it collided with the Doom Hands…
The Death Ball barely overpowers the Doom Hands, blasting through them and colliding into Kaos. Kaos screamed out in pain, using his magic to try and contain it like he did to the Supernova previously, but it was too much. The raw power of the Death Ball caused rocks and pebbles to rise up from the ground, orbiting it like a star, with the sheep-supernova from earlier swirling around alongside them. Eventually though, Kaos accepted his own doom, reverting to his base form as his body disintegrated, shouting his final lines. "YOU'RE STUPID!" He shouted, as if trying to get one last insult in to his opponent.
After Kaos was incinerated, Frieza floated down to the ground, his forms exhausting as he reverted to base, covered in bruises as he crossed his arms. "That's one island down…let's hope the rest have less childish rulers," Frieza said, not realizing he was pouting like a petulant child.
Kaos's Doom Hands closed around the Death Ball, slowly compressing it and crushing it into nothingness. "T-thats not possible!" Frieza cried out, before the Doom Hands grabbed him by the tail. Frieza was slammed down onto the ground, where Kaos used his Doom Hands to repeatedly pummel into his face. He summoned his Psychic Shot blades to stab into Frieza's limbs, pinning him to the ground as his Doom Hands beat the tyrant for death. "This is for Glumshanks you fool!" Kaos cried out, "W-wait! No, stop! I am the mighty Lord Frieza-" Frieza begged before Kaos finished his assault, splattering Frieza's head against the ground. Kaos reverted to his base form, falling back to the ground as his tongue comically hung out of his mouth in exhaustion. "Victory…belongs…to Kaos…fool…" Kaos said, the final shot being of the supernova-sheep coming over and licking his face like the deer in Hulk vs Broly.
Best for both imo, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Lemme know your thoughts in the comments below.
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2023.05.30 13:44 areking Napoli owner ADL: "I think Luis Enrique has the PL in mind, many leagues are more attractive than ours. I can tell him that there is no gulf there but fog and you don't eat as well as here, but can't tell more... this is just talks (laughs); the economic problem exists, they have more resources"

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2023.05.30 13:44 North_Win2444 thinking about moving to kenya from Israel

I'm in my 30's and single , i was a canadidate for working in some type of a supervisor on oil consuming on Israeli construction sites operating in Kenya , intened to posted in Kisumu , but they chose not to hire me eventually. I don't have any oppertunity to find job from here. I don't have a qualifications , i worked as a security guard and just did plus hours that's the way i put food on the table . Now i wanted to know if there is any possible way for a guy with a background like me to move to Kenya ?
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2023.05.30 13:43 yoragon The search for a tilt wheel gaming mouse

TL;DR: I'm looking for an entry-level/midrange gaming mouse with a tilt wheel (and side buttons). any comment, recommendation and advice would be more than welcome :)
(all links are in the comments)
Hi MouseReview! For the last couple of weeks I've been looking for a mouse with a tilt wheel function, and compiled a list of options in order to find myself a new mouse. I want this thread to also be a good starting point for future tilt wheel lovers looking for their next mouse.
Currently I'm using the Logitech m560 (link in comments), and recently after its side buttons started malfunctioning, I've figured that it's high time for an upgrade.
Generally, I've been searching for an entry-level/midrange gaming mouse for daily use, mostly for gaming, work and browsing.
Hardware: a gaming laptop.
Games: I'm playing mostly non-competitive games (though I do play them sometimes), mostly third-person single-player RPGs and rougelikes, and some multiplayer FPSs.
As of Work, it includes mostly coding, for which I really just need a mouse for the browsing part of it. It is important to me though that the mouse will be comfortable for this as well.
Hand preference: I'm right handed and would like to try an ergonomic design, though I have no problem with a symmetric mouse if it's comfortable.
Budget: an arbitrary sum of 55$ - though I am flexible about it.
Hand size: 19cm x 10.5cm (I wasn't sure if I was supposed to measure from the wrist or the end of the palm, might be 18cm x 10.5cm).
Grip: I think it's palm grip or a very relaxed fingertip grip. Tbh I'm not entirely sure what my grip is, as my m560 is relatively small so for me the palm itself can't really touch the mouse unless I claw it. What I can say for certain about my grip is that I'm most comfortable when my fingers are completely resting on the mouse/slightly above it, while the scroll wheel is in line with my index finger's distal phalanx (which I think is the name for the top third of the finger?). I mostly use my wrist for moving the mouse (but I also move my arm when playing).
Weight: I would like it to be relatively light so it won't strain my hand after hours of use, but I'm not looking for those ultra lightweight FPS mice.
Sensitivity: as of my understanding, most mice from reputable companies have wide sensitivity ranges, so I think any quality mouse will do. I'm not particularly looking for extraordinarily high sensitivity.
Connectivity: technically I have no preference, but as the wired options are usually significantly cheaper (and lighter), I tend to prefer them. That being said, I have seen people saying that wireless is better for laptops, so I wanted to ask you beautiful people for your thoughts on the issue. I also dislike mice with regular one-use batteries, so rechargeable is preferred among the wireless options.
Additional characteristics: looking for an entry-level/midrange gaming mouse with a tilt wheel (I sometimes saw it referred to as 4-way or 4-directional wheel) and few side buttons, preferably with not too many other features (for example no MMO/MOBA mouse side buttons, RGB and super high DPI are not a priority and there's no need for other bells and whistles).
Why a tilt wheel? Well, after using the m560 for quite a while, I've found it hard to come back. For me at least it offers a lot of utility for and requires minimal effort, making it too hard for me to give up on.
The significant downside, of course, is that not many gaming mice have this niche, mostly productivity-oriented feature.
In the first few days of my search for my next mouse, I barely managed to find anything, and I didn't seem to be the only one: many single-comment threads are scattered across the sub with people asking for suggestions for mice with this feature.
After a while, thanks mostly to this sub, I managed to compile a short list of mice that met most of my requirements:
Razer Basilisk series (specifically V2, ultimate, V3 and V3 Pro) – tbh probably my favorites out of the bunch. After compiling the list I centered most of my research around them. The specs seem amazing relative to the price, the reviews are very positive, I really like their design and they fit perfectly with my requirements. That being said, I fear that they might be a bit uncomfortable as I don't really know what my grip is (although reviews I watched said they are all pretty comfortable for most). I managed to find most of the options within my budget, except for the V3 Pro, as unsurprisingly yoinking that cable takes the affordability right with it. I have been trying to find deals on both it and the Ultimate, and I wanted to know, as per your experience, if you think that their wirelessness is indeed necessary for a laptop. Technically I'm not specifically looking for an RGB, so even taking the V2 is a pretty good option for me.
Razer Mamba Elite – seems pretty much straight to the point, though I found the Basilisk V3 with a lower price tag almost everywhere.
Razer Naga – seems nice but has a bit “too much” for my taste. Pricing is a bit all over the place, but I still prefer the Basilisks over it.
Razer Pro Click and Click Pro Mini – probably the most similar to my measly m560, but I'd lie if I'd say I didn't want to really "feel" the upgrade and buy a gaming mouse. Plus, more importantly, the prices tend to be less friendly and exceed my budget.
Logitech G502 series – Probably the most frequent to appear in the search. Looks perfect for my needs and seems very attractive with the price tag for the older generations of the series, and even for some newer ones. I do have to point out, though, that after some research I noticed that in online comparisons between Razer's Basilisks and this series, the Basilisks almost always come up on top. Plus, I really dislike it when Logitech's tilt wheel registers when pressing the scroll wheel for M3, and I've read that this happens in most of the companies' models. On first glance I thought that the G502 models might be a little too much for me with their extra buttons, but an amazing productivity mice review (link in comments) by u/Buzz_Buzz_Buzz_ changed my mind a bit. I managed to find the original model for less than 20 bucks, and even then wireless Lightspeed and the newer wired G502x are usually sold at very comfortable prices.
Logitech G604 – I think that the feature I like the least in this option is the amount of side buttons, which I fear might make using them a chore. Aside from that, I'm not sure about the shape as I have seen that it was weird for some, and the fact that it uses an AA battery is also a downside for me. Other than that, it seems like a good option, especially for a wireless, as the prices are quite low.
Logitech G903 and G900 – On paper they seem pretty fitting for my needs, but I had a hard time finding either of them online. They were mostly either partially working or with ridiculously high price tags.
Steelseries rival 500 – similar issue with the last pair – its age made it hard to find. Although it is a MMO/MOBA mouse, its layout seems more intuitive and easier to learn compared to other mice of this sort.
Roccat Kone series (specifically XTD, EMP, XP and XP Air) – the XTD and EMP suffer from the same fate as the previous mice on the list, the XP Air is out of my budget, but the XP seems fine. It has a lot of buttons, and although the layout seems a bit uncomfortable, the EasyShift thumb paddle is pretty elegant (though, again, might be too much for me). In addition to that, neither the RGB nor the “Minecraft mouse” selling points are really for me.
HyperX Pulsefire Raid – raised my interest after reading a detailed and helpful review (link in comments) by u/Kaytwo_TTV. It also has more buttons than I'm looking for, but it seems rather fine. It's a bit hard to find online as well, but in contrast to the previous mice with this issue, when I did manage to find it for sale it was at a bargain price well within my budget.
EVGA X17 and X20 – seems like a good but heavy option, with a fair price point and surprisingly high availability. The sniper button though is in a weird position. Main drawback for me is the weight.
In addition to all of these, after some digging I found a beautiful and comprehensive tilt wheel mice list (link in comments) which at least for me is pretty hard to comprehend. As my knowledge on the mice world is very limited, it was hard to try and research all of them, though I do think that most of the mice that are worth it are already in the original list. If I'm wrong please correct me and add your own suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.
Some sidenotes: This is my first time buying an actual mouse, and I'm not sure what's the optimal way of doing it. As I am looking for a budget option, I've opted to mostly searching on Ebay. Is this a smart choice? Is it generally safe to buy pre-owned mice, or should I strive to snag a new/open box product? I don't live in the US nor in the EU, so I feel like I don't have many options. I also fear that if I buy third-party, I won't be able to return the mouse in case it won't fit my grip. I'm generally worried about my grip, as I feel I don't really have a way to test it on other mice.
I've also heard of people avoiding Razer products, and heard that the software is pretty crappy. Is this something I should seriously be worried about (Or rather, is this something I have the luxury to worry about, considering my budget)? For perspective, I'm coming from the horrid SetPoint software, and I don't really care about profiles, on-board memory or RGB.
To be completely honest, if you think there's a great option (budget and performance wise) without the tilt wheel, I'll consider trying to get used to it and make do.
In conclusion: I've searched for tilt wheel options across the web, probably with the Razer Basilisk series and the Logitech G502 series as my top contenders. What are your suggestions for the best mouse in this scenario? I'd be very thankful for any comment, recommendation and advice.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.30 13:43 steele_tech They should show Gold Earned like Wild Rift does to help show whos actually ahead.

Seriously. So many players are convinced that their teamates are the problem every game. In wild rift, you can tell at a glance who's not pulling their own weight, and which players are getting giga-gapped.
In lower elo, players get gapped by 4k gold by 6 minutes (WR has lower game time) and their KDA dont even reflect it. They just hug their towers losing every CS, not roaming when they are getting frozen or dont even try to break the freeze. And then you do a slow push, then kill them under tower and they lose their plates, 4 waves and their mortgage. But their score is 0-1.
You start seeing the game in ways that you previously dont because every single play gives you direct feedback on leads. You start seeing KDA less and instead focusing on plays that will increase/keep your lead and which plays will make your enemy laneteam lose everything they own.
On the other hand, playing against Sion in Wild Rift convinced me that the champion's laning phase is absolutely broken. It's borderline impossible to gap this champion in high elo. I could be 4-0 but still be even in gold but I have a bounty. Bausen law, I know but it's actually infuriating to face when you could see the Gold earned right there. But because in League you dont see gold earned, you have low elo players believing that they know better than Baus somehow because they dont see the gold earned.
It's actually amazing how much this system improved my macro. I think Riot should just implement this system in PC because KDA and CS has stopped being an accurate representation of score line eons ago. There are too many gold sources. Bounties and plates give so much money. Bounties late game for example pretty much eliminates all leads when you get wiped on a team fight. Your best bet in PC right now is to look at the completed items of each player (that costs different amounts of gold) in order to determine leads.
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2023.05.30 13:43 RavensDagger Cinnamon Bun has Another Book Ready to Bounce Onto Your Lap!

Cinnamon Bun has Another Book Ready to Bounce Onto Your Lap!
Hi CozyFantasy!
So, Cinnamon Bun's fifth volume has just launched today, and I thought I'd tell you all about it!
The story is... a little weird. It started a few years ago, a bit before cozyfantasy, as a subset of progressionfantasy and other webserial-niches, really started to take off. At the time I was reading a lot of stuff online. Mostly litRPG and isekai type stories, and I was constantly frustrated by what I read.
Main characters were rude, or unhelpful, sometimes outright cruel. The solution to every problem was violence. So I decided to write my own story, where I took as many of the common and popular tropes of the genre I loved, and flipped them on their head.
Cinnamon Bun is the result!
It's a fairly slow-paced story about a girl who finds herself in another world. She's wildly enthusiastic about this. It means seeing things that would be impossible to see on Earth, making friends with fantastical creatures, seeing and using magic.
There's not much by way of an overarching plot in this series. Sure, there's a big war looming that the main character and her bunch of friends are working to stop, but that's secondary to bouncing around and getting into all sorts of trouble!
If you're looking for something that's somewhere between Legends and Lattes and One Piece, then Cinnamon Bun might be what you're looking for!

(This is what Broccoli thinks of people who don't read Cinnamon Bun)

You can find Cinnamon Bun book five here: LINK!
(Also, the audiobook is fantastic! I really lucked out when Reba agreed to do the narration!)
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2023.05.30 13:42 ladytygrr My (40f) child (11f) has started self-harm cutting

Last night I discovered my 11f child had cut herself. 5-7 cuts per side, per arm. They weren't deep and, after some examination, I didn't see any signs of previous cuts that have healed over.
She indicated she wanted relief from the mental and emotional pain her inner dialog creates. It wasn't the first time the inner dialog got overwhelming but before she would either scream into a sweatshirt or pull the petals off flowers. This was the first time she hurt herself, she claimed, and based on the examination above, I believe it was her first time.
I've emailed her therapist for guidance but am adrift in a sea of powerlessness and guilt and pain. She did it a week ago and I didn't notice. She leaves for 6th grade camp this morning and I let her go because I didn't want her to feel punished. I'm so lost. My husband thinks I'm worrying too much but he is putting on a brave face so I don't worry as much.
To try to keep my head on, I've been trying to think of what I would say to someone in the same position as I am but it's not working.
I'm very worried and scared for my sweet kiddo who has a heart the size of the universe and is just such an amazing person. Please, if anyone has any suggestions or guidance, PLEASE, lay it out there for me.
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2023.05.30 13:42 RVKony Our old classroom burned down, so we got together to help clean up the mess

The President smiled at us from his pedestal in the sky - there, in a distant capitol where the long angular shadows of buildings loomed over you like hungry giants. He smiled upon us with an air of enduring dignity, and the two rows of white teeth glinted on the cheap, plasticky material his portrait was printed on.
I bet his house is air-conditioned, I remember thinking to myself as the sweat on my back glued the fabric of my uniform to my skin. During the early afternoon, the stuffy homeroom classroom of my sophomore year felt like the inside of an oven - a crematorium of sorts - and smelled nearly rotten with sweat, body odor, and the excrement of the bats that dwelled in the trees of the school grounds. I went to a public school - not the well-funded, big city kind that even the rich kids went to sometimes. No, I went to a public school in a village that was mostly fields and forest, tucked away from the rest of the province behind steep hills and trees that clawed their ways up to the skies.
There were barely a thousand of us living in the village, so it came to no surprise that our school was underfunded. The single, creaking ceiling fan that tried its best to keep all thirty two of us comfortable during the equatorial summers was enough proof of that. High school - a time spent mostly praying for rain that wouldn't come the entire afternoon - is a thing of the past now. I graduated six years ago - the discomfort of humid afternoons in that classroom now survived only as the faintest shadow of a memory.
I was digging through my second plate of rice, seated before the grainy box TV in the common area of my boarding house when Sarah, an old childhood friend, called me. From ages six to sixteen, I can count on my fingers and toes the number of days when she and I didn't walk to school together. "Remember our second year classroom?" she asked me on the phone, "It burned down last week. I was wondering if you were free this weekend - they still haven't gotten around to cleaning it. Maybe we could all chip in and help get it in order again? No, the other classrooms are okay."
Looking back, it seemed as though the news barely disturbed me at all. If anything, I was annoyed at the fact that I had been interrupted in the middle of dinner. I considered the invitation, however briefly. There was nothing for me to do that weekend - I had no work. All I did was lie in my little bedroom while a fan blew hot air in my face. I didn't want to spend my weekend like that, so I agreed.
The trip from the city I worked in to the little village I grew up in was not a particularly scenic nor dramatic one. I spent most of the one-hour commute sleeping in the bus with my mouth hanging open, and when I arrived I wasn't greeted by a band of family members who were surprised, but ultimately overjoyed, to see me. I still came back home every other weekend to save up on a few meals and to gain some much-needed freedom from all the noise.
It was the arrival of Sarah, and the rest of my batch, that was met with warm smiles and open arms. Some of them hadn't been here since they were whisked off to college, and a few of them had flown back from their jobs abroad to lend their aid in our little act of charity. Meanwhile, I stood there, observing, and occasionally offered a cordial handshake or comment about how much this and that had changed.
I felt myself shrinking inwards as everybody talked about how much their lives had changed since they left our village. I can kid myself into thinking I was free - I found myself a job at a call center in the nearest city - but I was still very much a part of this awful, mind-numbingly dull village. Nobody really asked about what I did or where I worked. It was almost as if they could smell the sour, sickly rot of my stagnation - like a waterway clogged with sewage and dead rats - from miles away.
Still, the excitement of being there overpowered the self-pity that welled deep inside me, and I soon warmed up to my peers as well. We were all invited to dinner at our barangay captain's home, and one of our old teachers, Miss Lubayo - who was now married, and legally a Mrs. - came to say hello. The evening was a pleasant affair, and sleep came to me softly much later that night.
Our little "clean-up drive", as we decided to call it, started at 6:30 a.m.. We came dressed in jogging pants and long-sleeved shirts, with sun hats and several gallons of water loaded into the back of an old pickup truck. There were only fifteen of us, but we were all eager to start the task of hacking down the weeds surrounding the classroom.
Our old high school was small - if you're picturing it now, I need you to think even smaller.
It consisted of two buildings - one L-shaped main building where the shared principal's and faculty office stood in one end and the common restrooms on the other, and a smaller, newer building that was perpendicular to the school's main gate.
Separating the gate and the buildings was a small school yard - a field of unkempt carabao grass pocked with puddles of dark brown mud - where the flag pole stood right in the center.
The old classroom, the one that burned down, was in the second, smaller building, on the end farthest from the gate. Miss Lubayo tagged along, and during one of our water breaks we asked her exactly how the fire started.
"Well," she began, "do you remember Manong?" My first instinct was to ask her which one, and then I remembered that she was talking about a very specific Manong - one we all remembered. He was the old school janitor.
My first impression of him when I was twelve was that he looked so much like a tree - his arms were thin, dark branches that ended in the twigs of his knobby, rounded fingers, and his skin had the withered, leathery quality of someone who had spent his days working in the sun. I mean all of this with no prejudice, as my parents' skin had looked similar as they aged, after years of toiling for me and my siblings to live well. Our school was small, so I ran into him often. He was quiet - and moved around with the imperceptibility of a ghost - but was pretty hard to forget.
"His life has been very difficult - it's complicated and I don't think we have the time. I only heard this story from rumors - he never did tell us much about his life from the start…" she was beginning to trail off, so she pulled herself back for a moment, before continuing:
"Anyway, his life got difficult, they say. His wife died of a stroke, his son died in a motorcycle accident -"
Sympathetic Oh dears and Oh gods rose up in whispers, momentarily interrupting her, and when everyone had the chance to interject, she resumed: "He was quiet before, but then he got quieter. He stopped greeting us in the morning, stopped volunteering to do things - it's the small things, you know. We tried cheering him up - tried talking to him - but…"
He tried setting the school on fire, apparently. His nephew, who moved in with him after the death of his only family, showed up in tears to the scene of the crime the following morning. "He got drunk," he told them breathlessly, "He threatened to set the school on fire, he said he got tired of everyone minding his business. I thought he was just drunk, and raving - he's old, you see - so I got him into bed and thought he'd just fall asleep."
There was something so uncanny about finding out that the timid man who glided through the corridors with a mop and broom tried to commit arson in a drunken rage - and yet he did.
The tale ended with him disappearing - it was assumed that he ran away, and was probably wandering the next village with his eyes glazed over, his only connection to reality being the fact that his feet were on the ground.
We were all sad to hear the story, but when the shock died down fifteen minutes later, we started with our other tasks.
The charred remnants of the classroom were covered in soot, dirt, and melted plastic. Chairs lay crumbled and blackened on the floor, and flakes of burnt paper tumbled about in the breeze like feathers. We began to pick up the larger pieces of debris, tossing them into sacks as we went. It was then that I heard a dry, croaking voice from somewhere behind me - it was groaning, or mumbling something. I turned around, facing the old chalkboard. A huge crack appeared along the upper right corner, creeping down towards the center before finally ending just before the bottom frame. Whatever parts of the chalkboard hadn't been burned off looked very brittle, as if the slightest touch could send it toppling over.
The voice was faint, but I knew it came from behind the chalkboard. I hesitated, looking back to see if anyone had heard it too. Nobody seemed to - maybe it was too faint for them to hear.
I stepped a little closer, if only to hear what it was, "...may their harvest be little, and their children grow sickly. May their pockets run dry…"
More wishes for misfortune were uttered, solemnly. My breath hitched as I tried to step backwards, but the temptation of having my curiosities granted was too irresistible. Instead, my body drew nearer to the source of that demented prayer.
"May their women be barren, and their sons and daughters full of hate…" Instinctively, I dug my fingers in between the cracks of the chalkboard, and pulled the sheet of burnt wood. It gave way easily, and my heart sank to the ground.
Behind the burnt chalkboard was a frail, thin, burnt body crouched in the small crevice of the wall. It shuddered, as if still alive, its hands clasped together in prayer. The parts of it that I assumed were burnt were blackened, like coal, but the rest of it looked like it was made of wood. It looked like a tree. Then I realized -
It was Manong - whatever little flesh and fat he had was consumed by the fire, his gray hair nothing more but wisps of white on top of his charred head. His prayer came to an end. He muttered an amen as he looked up at me, through jaundiced yellow eyes, and for a moment I felt myself drowning into the vast emptiness of his irises. I tried to breathe, but choked on the air, and fell back, landing on my backside with a hollow, aching thump. From the looks of it, he set the classroom on fire, and tried to burn himself with it too.
When everyone gathered around to ask if I was alright - to see if I was hurt - I could only feel a bubbling hatred rising up my throat - for them, for Miss Lubayo, for the rest of this godforsaken village that would never leave me alone or mind my own business.
*May their sons and daughters grow full of hate…* Would you believe me if I told you that I could still smell damp, burnt wood in my room at night? When I closed my eyes, those deep black eyes with its yellow sclera still leered down at me.
I can sense him creeping behind the thin walls of my bedroom. It grows hotter every night - maybe his fire is drawing nearer.
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2023.05.30 13:42 OneThatNoseOne PEPE site homepage has a frog, pants down butt out and pissing on memecoin logos. PEPE pumps and dumps multiple times everyday. The same PEPE that is by far one of the most well-known and easily in top 100 most valuable tokens by market cap. This is embarrassing for the "future of finance" in crypto

PEPE site homepage has a frog, pants down butt out and pissing on memecoin logos. PEPE pumps and dumps multiple times everyday. The same PEPE that is by far one of the most well-known and easily in top 100 most valuable tokens by market cap. This is embarrassing for the
PEPE is by far one off the most popular tokens. It was ranked in the top 50 tokens after hitting very nearly a 2 Billion market cap. Even today it still sits in the top 100 after losing over a Billion of market cap. It saw insane price increase of 1000% in a week, even before the Binance listing which again doubled the price. If you ask someone to randomly name a few crypto tokens, PEPE will probably be in that list. There's definitely very few in crypto who haven't heard of PEPE. Yet, we don't have to dig very deeply to be disappointed.
The pepe website homepage is pretty barebones and poorly done, probably by design, but the worst part is definitely this.
One of the most premier tokens has this as an advertising banner. I saw a document that claimed to be the whitepaper use a lot of material of this homepage in it, but it's unclear if there actually is an official whitepaper at all. Regardless of an official whitepaper or just the official website, this is pretty bad.
Of course the whole roadmap and pitch with Phase 1 MEME etc is pretty poor as well. The about section ironically call out the ridiculousness of modern memecoins(or mostly sh*tcoins realistically) but also just buys right back into it for self-shilling.
I mean, yeah, we get that it's a memecoin. But Dogecoin never had to go nearly this far. As a matter of fact, Doge looks ridiculously respectful and decent compared to modern memecoins. For this token to be essentially the premier memecoin, as well as one of the most popular tokens across the board says a lot.
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2023.05.30 13:42 Silent-Phil Graphics effects in the four elements - Shaders in 2D game

Graphics effects in the four elements - Shaders in 2D game
Hello everyone! We are a small team that has been developing a 2D strategy game called Norland - a medieval kingdom simulator - for several years now.
This is our second article about 2D rendering of various effects in our game. You can read the previous article here. Just to remind you, the game is a 2D one and is being developed on the Game Maker Studio 2 engine.
Today, we will be discussing four elements - water, fire, earth, and air. What graphical effects do they encompass? Let's find out.


Currently, water doesn't have a profound impact on the gameplay in Norland - you can't build structures on it, that's about it. You can't catch fish or construct ships yet. Nevertheless, it still needs to be rendered somehow.
It all started with the development of a mockup (a fake screenshot of the game drawn in a graphics editor). As the initial water reference, I used a screenshot from the game Graveyard Keeper, adjusted to our color palette.
Artists created the tiles for the shoreline for us, but they struggled with the actual water surface. So, I had to come up with its appearance myself.
I recommend using the \"Match Color\" function in Photoshop. It was specifically with the help of this feature that I adapted the color scheme of the Graveyard Keeper screenshot to our desired colors.
The coastline tiles were drawn by our artists, but they had some difficulties with creating realistic water surfaces. Therefore, I had to come up with the appearance of the water myself.
I had a rough understanding of how to create a shader for water - a seamless texture with "caustics" is overlaid on water tiles, and waves and ripples are simulated by moving the UV coordinates of the water surface over a special noise texture (effect commonly known as Displacement).
I found the caustics on OpenGameArt, but I don't remember where I got the texture for shifting the UV coordinates - they are found online under various names (e.g., bump mapping water texture).
The effect is simple - at each point, I take the r and b components of the Displacement texture color, which represent the shift value, and add it to the texture coordinates of the caustics. Additionally, the Displacement texture is looped and constantly shifted in a certain direction (which corresponds to the direction of water ripples).
The final effect in the game engine
The same effect in SHADERed
I recreated this shader in SHADERed, and if you're interested, you can view its implementation and experiment with your own parameter values and textures. The project can be downloaded here.
You can see the code of the fragment shader by double-clicking on \"Simple\" in the project's \"Pipeline.\"


Initially, to create the effect of burning houses, only particles were used. However, I quickly encountered a problem: to achieve a dense and vibrant fire effect, a significant number of particles were required. This, in turn, negatively affected the game's performance (Game Maker Studio 2.3 is not the most performant engine), especially when a fire spread across half of the city. Moreover, I wasn't satisfied with the resulting effect - the fire seemed insubstantial and didn't blend well with the environment. You can see the results of this work in the game's announcement trailer.
So, to avoid game lag, it was necessary to reduce the number of particles. However, even with the initial particle count, the effect still appeared insufficiently dense. Therefore, a different approach was needed. In the end, I came up with a solution that involved a small number of particles and a special fire shader applied to the building texture, creating the desired density of the effect.
The effect consists of several components:
  1. Creating a fire texture from Perlin noise, overlaying this texture on the building, and animating the result (simple upward movement of the fire);
  2. Darkening the building texture and subsequently "dissolving" it (effect commonly known as Dissolve) to fully destroy the building engulfed in fire;
  3. Several types of particles - smoke, scattered sparks from the fire, and an older fire effect that was used on a much smaller scale than before.

Please adhere to... protocols
I also transferred this effect to SHADERed.


If you simply apply a tiled texture to the surface, it doesn't matter how good the texture is - as the camera moves away, it will look unpleasant. To achieve an acceptable result, it is necessary to somehow break the obvious repetitiveness of the pattern.
Example of poor tiling
Initially, I had the idea to generate various-shaped and colored grass clumps and then randomly scatter them across the entire map. I was satisfied with this approach - it lasted for almost a year, but as the game is getting closer to release, it was time to revisit this task for polishing.
These pre-drawn \"blots\" were randomly distributed across the map
The downside of using clumps became evident - to ensure even coverage of a map sized 31,500 x 22,500, a large number of decals would be required, and they would inevitably intersect with each other, creating overdraw (excessive rendering of pixels that won't be visible on the screen due to object overlap). And it turned out that there might not be enough of them. Moreover, the shape of these clumps is predetermined, so creating new ones would require manual work in the editor.
Therefore, I came up with another solution - generating a diverse surface pattern directly in the shader (GLSL Fragment).
varying vec2 v_vTexcoord;varying vec4 v_vColour;varying vec2 v_vTexelPosition;uniform float u_fMidAlpha;uniform float u_fBrightAlpha;uniform float u_fGrassScale;uniform float u_fMidScale;uniform float u_fBrightScale;uniform float u_fGrassSmooth;uniform sampler2D u_sPerlinNoise;uniform sampler2D u_sGrass;void main() {float scale = 10000.0;
float threshold = 0.5;float threshold_step = 0.02 * u_fGrassSmooth;
float mid_noise = texture2D(u_sPerlinNoise, v_vTexelPosition / vec2(scale, scale * 0.7) * u_fMidScale).r;mid_noise = u_fMidAlpha * smoothstep(threshold - threshold_step, threshold + threshold_step, mid_noise);
float bright_noise = texture2D(u_sPerlinNoise, v_vTexelPosition / vec2(scale, -scale * 0.7) * u_fBrightScale).r;bright_noise = u_fBrightAlpha * smoothstep(threshold - threshold_step, threshold + threshold_step, bright_noise);
vec3 back_color = vec3(134.0, 131.0, 63.0) / 255.0;vec3 mid_color = vec3(113.0, 112.0, 55.0) / 255.0;vec3 bright_color = vec3(157.0, 151.0, 70.0) / 255.0;vec3 final_color = mix(back_color, mid_color, mid_noise);final_color = mix(final_color, bright_color, (1.0 - mid_noise) * bright_noise);
vec3 grass = mix(vec3(1.0), texture2D(u_sGrass, v_vTexelPosition / vec2(scale) * u_fGrassScale).rgb, 0.64);gl_FragColor = vec4(final_color * grass, 1.0);}
The code for this shader is relatively simple - a tiled Perlin noise texture is fed into it, and the smoothstep function is used to cut off areas that are darker than a threshold value.
I perform this operation twice, but the second time, the noise texture is scaled and offset differently to avoid repeating patterns. Then, the spots are colored with designated colors and blended together based on alpha, and finally, a tiled grass texture is overlaid.
In addition to the texture itself, various decals such as grass clumps, rocks, and dirt spots are placed on top of the grass. However, they are required in much smaller quantities than before.
Here's the result before and after the effect.


Actually, this section is not specifically about air but rather about color grading. However, I needed to align it with the overall concept of natural elements in the game ;)
LUT (Look-Up Table) is a technique that is well-known in the photography and videography communities. Its purpose is the same everywhere – to colorize an image in a specific way.
A LUT is essentially a texture (usually 512x512 pixels) that encodes the entire RGB color range. Imagine it as a cube divided into layers. The texture may look something like this:
Neutral LUT texture that will not change colors after applying the color correction shader
The idea is that each RGB color corresponds to a specific pixel in this texture (the RGB components of the color are used as coordinates in the texture). For example, for the color red (#ff0000), it would be the top-right pixel in the first square.
The job of a color grading shader is to change the color of each pixel in the image to the color corresponding to its pixel in the LUT texture. The only thing you need to do manually is prepare these LUT textures, but it's a fairly straightforward process.
For example, let's say we want to create the effect of a sunset with a shift towards red tones. We take a screenshot from the game, load it into a photo editor, and start playing with color parameters using various tools like Hue/Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, etc. Personally, I would focus on shifting the Hue towards red and increasing saturation, but feel free to let your imagination run wild. You could, for example, saturate only the red color and make everything else gray (hello, Sin City).
Next, you apply the same color adjustments to a neutral LUT texture. The result would look like this:
LUT texture to which color adjustment settings have been applied
Now, if you pass the render of our game through the color grading shader with this texture, the game will look exactly as the image was adjusted in the photo editor.
varying vec2 v_vTexcoord;varying vec4 v_vColour;
uniform sampler2D u_sLut;
precision highp float;
//Number of colours per channel (64 is standard)#define COL_N 64.0//Square root of COL_N#define COL_S 8.0//Reciprocal of COL_S#define COL_R 0.125
vec3 look_up(vec3 col) {vec3 index = clamp(floor(col.rgb * COL_N - 0.5), 0.0, COL_N - 1.0);vec2 coord = (index.rg / COL_N + mod(floor(index.b * vec2(1, COL_R)), COL_S)) * COL_R;
return texture2D(u_sLut, coord).rgb;}
void main() {vec4 base_color = texture2D(gm_BaseTexture, v_vTexcoord);
gl_FragColor = vec4(look_up(base_color.rgb), 1.0);}
In Norland, we use a set of five different LUT textures, each corresponding to a specific time of day – morning, day, evening, sunset, night – as well as a special texture for artificial lighting. At any given time, two textures are active and blended together to achieve a smooth transition in color grading. For example, if morning starts at 6 am and day starts at 12 pm, at 8 am the color grading will be a mix of 33% morning LUT and 66% day LUT.
Day and night cycle
There are many other effects in the game (artificial lighting, rain, blood, equipment damage, etc.) of varying complexity, but there's still much work to be done (I'm currently brainstorming how to create snow and winter). But that's a story for another time.
I hope you found it interesting! Thank you!
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2023.05.30 13:42 whatintentacion My theory on how the game will unfold picking up after the Gameplay reveal.

Remembering the reveal trailer where Kraven asks for an equal to which Venom responds with "Yes..... We will", I am almost certain that venom and kraven will have an altercation at some point, while Peter and Miles will have to be greater "together" in order tp stop venom from getting himself killed/killing kraven, which in turn will fuel Venoms anger towards the spider-men/Peter - Of course after you have had a boss fight with Peter as miles and saved him from the symbiote. ;)
Think about it. We know that the symbiote enhances its hosts feelings, so if you are feeling hate you´ll feel it x10 with the symbiote.
With that it mind, here comes my theory:
The gameplay trailer shows the FIRST time Peter bonds with the symbiote, coincidentally while he is looking for the lizard. Peter has already learnt that the Lizard is working on a cure for Harry, and that he is also being chased by Kraven, because Kraven is Kraven. This makes peter angry and emotional because he knows that if Kraven gets to the Lizard first, there will be no way to save Harry's life. (We learn this from a quote by peter, during the boat chase.)
So when Peter bonds with the symbiote in Lizards basement (by mistake/sheer curiosity) the symbiote instantly enhances Peters current mood and mindstate which consist of hate and resentment towards Kraven. This means that the first thing that the symbiote gets to feel/learns to feel is hate and anger towards Kraven.
From here we will of course have the whole arc of Peter having the symbiote, and it influencing him and making him angrier and meaner in his chase for Kraven, which in turn affects the people around him yadadada... Until Miles snaps him out of it with his new-found blue venom powers.
As we know, the symbiote is a living thing often capable of "remembering" prior hosts feelings and thoughts, which it takes with it as it switches host bodies (Which is why the symbiote according to the comics hates Peter Parker as Peter "Ditched" the symbiote leaving it "alone"). I think that when the symbiote bonds with Harry, it will influence him to hate Kraven, as it learned to hate Kraven through Peters initial thoughts and feelings when they first bonded, furthermore it also learned that Kraven potentially was in the way for Harrys cure/life. - Again things it picked up from bonding with Peter.
Therefore i believe that as soon as Harry bonds with the symbiote and becomes venom, he will have the sole purpose of finding and killing Kraven.
This is where we as the player save Kraven from venom/harry by capturing him and locking him up, which in turn will lead to Venom/Harry hating us for not letting him kill Kraven.
With Venoms newfound anger towards the Spidermen, primarily Peter Parker for standing in his way, he will do everything in his power to kill us/get to us, and i believe this will be the final "chapter" in the game - The Spidermen vs. a very dangerous and kill-thirsty Venom fueled by betrayal from his "best friend."

Just a shower thought, i would love to hear some of your thoughts!
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2023.05.30 13:42 SchwartzArt Hot Take: There are several kinds of artistic expression...

Alright, bear with me: I was recently told by an user on reddit that he thinks a lot of the gripe between pro- and contra-ai people is due to the fact that the former are often programmers, who have an open source, altruistic view on everything, while the latter are often artists that are influenced by the idea of ownership and copyright and dont share thinks for others to learn.
I think that's a wrong take, because it is build on wrong assumptions. The person claimed that artists don't share their open PSD files like programmers share code on github, and therefore are not as open to share and have others learn from them as programmers. I get the idea, but think it is very wrong, since the majority of art doesn't even produce "open files" to share, and since what you can learn from an open file is very limited compared to a process video, for example, which the user dismissed as "curated experience" gatekeeping art.
But what that stance shows is that the minds of programmers (and it-people) and (many) visual artists (not that there is no overlap) seem very different indeed, and that a lot of gripe comes from that fact.
Here is my central idea of the difference:
the pro-ai side thinks that AI art simply helps people with their artistic expression, while the contra side sais it does too much itself.
for the pro side, that is irrelevant. For the anti side, it seems it is not. Not only because their jobs might be automated, but also because many have a different lookout on "expression".
For the pro side, expression seems simply visualizing stories and ideas they have in their head. (im am generalizing, but that's the majority of what i heard). The stories and ideas are theirs, the AI just executes the visualization on the technical side.
And i think that is fine. There is also truth to it. Denying an AI user visualizing a story they have in their head via Synthography would be like saying a Comic Writer has no part in a comic or a director has no part in a movie.
But it limits expression to a "service" to get ideas out there. But art was always about a lot more. It is never only just a vehicle to tell a story or make critical comments. It was always also a way to show the world how the artists sees things.
Impressionists didn't necessarily want to tell the story of a fisherman in the harbor in the early morning. It was simply the light that interested them. I miself am hugely influenced by comic artists like Risso or mignola, and when i walk along the street, i look at everyday stuff and think how i could group shadows or how i could translate soft edges into ink.
That's how style develops. And it might get difficult to grasp that concept, if you never created art "by hand". But giving glowing eyes to a cyborg via inpainting is not what this is. This is deciding what "glowing" looks to you in the first place. But since AI pretty much predefines "style" by it's training, and rests on the user picking stuff and artists as prompts they like, the personal expression of one self's views, without direct purpose to serve as a visualization of a story, is very limited.
That is a form of expression that AI simply can not do, inherently (yet?). But for many fields, like fine art, that is pretty much what it is about.
So, what do you think?
Nonsensical take?
A starting point to understand that the pro and contra side might come from fundamentally different outlooks on the issue, and might understand each other better and maybe even work together if that is understood?
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2023.05.30 13:41 Amoose1992 Dog Suddenly Afraid of Kennel

I have an almost 2yo male hound mix that my fiance and I have had since he was 8 weeks old. For the first 4ish months we had him he slept in his kennel at night and went to work with me in the day. Then we started introducing him to staying in his kennel during the day until he got too big to bring to work and he transitioned to being in his kennel while we work and by then he was sleeping with us.
He has never been a dog who loved his kennel. He happily tolerated it I would say. He would go in begrudgingly but immediately lay down and rest. Never wanted to chew on frozen treats or play in there. Only would rest comfortably.
We had a weird month in May where we had a guest staying with us who was home while we were at work. That upset Zuko because since someone was home he wanted to be with them but since we leave for work early he had to wait for our guest to wake up and let him out. This was fine for two weeks but during the third week he tore up his bed on Tuesday from throwing a fit. On Wednesday he doesn't have kennel time because my fiance doesn't work. Then on Thursday he absolutely lost it. Crying, panting, drooling, biting the kennel bars, sticking his paw between the bars and pulling at them. He ending up scraping his paw pretty badly and cutting his tongue before we got the camera alert and called our friend to be wake up and let him out.
Now, even though all guests are gone he will not let us leave him in his kennel. Guest left on the 25th. We tried once to leave him on the 26th as a trial and he was fine, he wasn't as relaxed as normal but he didn't cry or anything. But then later that day when we needed to leave for real we didn't get further than the front steps before he was losing it again. We had different guests for the long weekend and never tried to put him in there, we just shut him in the bedroom where his kennel is and that worked ok but not great.
This morning we tried the kennel again and we couldn't even leave the room. He was crying and panting as soon as we locked the latch. We do not know what to do. We cannot take him to work every day but when we leave him out in our bedroom he likes to howl about how much he misses us and we live in an apt so he can't be doing that at 7am. We are so lost and frustrated and don't know how to get him back to "normal". He will go in and out for treats, if I'm in my PJs and we're chilling I can lock the door and walk away for a few seconds and he's fine. It's only when we go to actually leave the house that he seems to start being afraid.
If anyone reads all this and has any advice, thank you in advance. We are really upset and don't know how to help our boy.
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2023.05.30 13:41 Uzmonkey Five Year Old Parking Fine Issued

My girlfriend has just received a letter from a solicitor about a parking fine dated 2018. It seems that the company that owned the car park have handed it off to a third party (a solicitor) to chase. No idea why it's taken them this long to contact her about it but it's already at £160 and there's a warning to pay within 30 days. The real kicker is: the car park was for employees of the company she worked for at the time, so she was legally allowed to park there anyway.
She called the solicitors that sent the letter but they refused to listen to any of this (or explain why the letter is five years after the fine was 'issued') and just recommended she seek independent legal advice. The car park doesn't even exist anymore (it was torn down) and my girlfried left the company years ago.
How do we go about challenging this? Obviously we can prove her employment, which you'd think would be enough, but the solicitors don't seem willing to listen to anything.
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