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wallstreet bets gang with diamond hands, tiddehs, d's and EXACTLY ZERO shills, interns or bots allowed- it's a straight up ape exhibit in here, boys and girls. So strap in for lift off, you crayon eating legends.

2010.07.02 05:48 geoviedo Spider-Man

A subreddit for all things related to our friendly neighborhood hero and his amazing friends.

2012.04.10 21:11 caferrell The Descent into Tyranny

Like the Roman Republic under Caesar Augustus, the American Republic is rapidly sliding into a system that limits individual liberty, that limits influence of its citizens, that produces ever greater separation between rich and poor, and pursues permanent war for the benefit of a tiny fraction of Americans. Oppression is growing as large corporations and government work together to limit personal freedom. See also: /declineintocensorship /latestageimperialism /endlesswar /usempire

2023.03.20 23:23 poopballs900 What did most people associate the World Trade Center with before 9/11?

I was a very small child when 9/11 happened, so for my whole life I’ve associated the twin towers with the terrorist attack.
There are a handful of famous buildings in NYC, and each of them have some sort of connection to iconic films/photos/stories (for example; when I see the Empire State Building I think of Elf or King Kong).
Did the WTC have anything like this before 9/11?
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2023.03.20 23:23 lucader881 Isekai of the Ultimate Ritualist - Chapter 44

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There, beyond the mighty door, another world opened before their eyes. It was a world of cog and wheels, of halogen lights and of steam, where pistons and brass pipes were a part of the architecture just as much as stone or brick, if not more. The floors were uneven plates of rusted, corrugated metal worn down by the centuries and corroded by humidity, and the lights embedded in the walls were faint and strained to keep shining, their light also a hum that filled the spaces with noise. There was a gash in the ceiling, a wide aperture from where a ray of white moonlight shone in an inner garden that was overgrown and overrun by nature, reclaiming that space and other spaces with its green growths. For in fact, moss and lichen spread from there like an advancing tide, following the trail of humidity and feeding off the light and heat of the incandescent lights.
“It doesn’t lead to the surface.” Ishrin observed, looking at the ceiling and through the hole.
“Perhaps there is a hidden passage.” Lisette offered her explanation.
“Or maybe it’s just weird and strange like the rest of this place. Am I the only one?” Melina asked.
“You are not.” Lisette stated.
At times the lights flickered, the power that kept them running surging and then stabilizing again, and their hum was a scream, and the scream was agony of a place that was dying a slow death through the centuries. The door far behind them, ajar one second ago, slammed itself shut and the sound echoed.
“This place gives me the creeps,” Melina said. “It feels like everything is moving, beneath the surface.”
“I do have the same sensation.” Lisette said. “But we need to press on.”
Ishrin cocked his head. “Her bracers are on the line. Come on!”
Melina groaned. “Fine. Still creepy tho.”
Indeed, little sounds, groans and hisses of the pipes, strains of metal and mechanism seemed to come from all around. While what they could see was all perfectly still, the noises betrayed that somewhere below the apparent peaceful façade, things were alive and moving, and perhaps watching them with unknown means. Sir Westys’ and his team were walking cautiously now, their pride long forgotten, squeezed between Melina at the front and Lisette at the rear for more protection. They listened to the stronger adventurers’ conversations with a mixture of irritation – this was the case for Sir Westys – and envy at the much more relaxed attitude that only being a seasoned veteran could ever give them. This wasn’t to say that Ishrin and his team were being careless.
There were many things that could hurt them in the world. In fact, even though his coming to Noctis was relatively smooth, Ishrin learned very quickly on his adventures that the world was much more dangerous than it seemed. The mountain realm, for instance. That completely erased his sense of power he gained when he slew the Sycoraptor in the forest where he also met Lisette. And while encounters like that of Lucius in Obscuria still told the tale of a world where the true powerful people were rare in cities and whatnot, places like this revealed the other side of the coin: that dangers and powers beyond reckoning still dwelled beneath the surface, and one needed only look for them in the right places. Very much like his old world of Eternia. Except that here, he theorized, there was the guild. And what the guild did was maintain order and the apparent status quo in the cities and in the countryside around them, or more in general it kept order where order was needed for business to flourish, while confining danger to be only outside its sphere of protection.
Melina too was suddenly thrust in what seemed like a whole different world than what she was used to live in, where danger was everywhere and even her Tier 15 – that once she thought as being powerful with a power unobtainable by any but the luckiest – was just average.
The rooms were many. Ishrin led the way, at times stopping to check with his teammates, at other times to take in his surroundings. He had made another water compass and was holding it himself, letting it float next to him with a bit of effort using his telekinetic powers.
There was no magic here. The air was not devoid of it, but its presence in the air was no more than the usual suffused glow of ambient magic, and none of the walls or things that cluttered the corridor and rooms had any magic inside of them. This made Ishrin feel blind, in a different way than he did in the mountain realm where he was blinded by too much magic, more like he was in the absolute dark, with only a faint glow that was light, yes, but didn’t reveal anything, not even shapes. Of course, he still had his normal vision, but used as he was to having both senses at the same time, he felt extremely uncomfortable.
Not all was bad. The reactive armor, surrounding him but invisible, was charging and this made him feel like he was finally investing his overflowing mana into something for a later use. Beside him Liù was having a great time exploring the place, touching the little brass chandeliers with small halogen candles, examining the many copper and iron cogs on the floor, fallen from damaged pipes on the ceiling, and sometimes she even snuck into said pipes where they were large enough, only to then have to be cut free when she got stuck.
Everything was covered in grime. The greasy, dark fatty substance used to lubricate mechanisms and that was now mixed with dust, and plant matter. Footsteps echoed wetly.
From the distance, faint at the beginning but ever more present in the consciousness of the seven adventurers, a rhythmic clang of metal against metal reverberated through the corridors. Nobody could pinpoint where it was coming from, beyond the feeling that it was coming from deeper in the underground complex, for the sound traveled through the pipes and the hidden hatches in the walls, the service tunnels and the air vents, coming to them as a cloud of slightly delayed sounds from all directions.
An open space. The ceiling rose immediately after they crossed the threshold of a great gate that stood ajar, as if blasted out of its hinges, until it reached so high up that vapor and cooled down steam began to hide some of its features. Inside the fog were, like little searchlights, points of brightness that spread and diffused through the thick air until an orange hue was ever present up there. Below, the floor was uneven stone, cracked and wet, with moss and small ferns poking out of the cracks. Sometimes metal plates that were bolted to the stone were still visible under the vegetation, reflecting the cyan light that came from the far end of the room. There, three circular openings were faintly visible through the mists, and there was a strong light coming from behind them, and in that light the silhouette of three great machines could be seen. Great automata they were, with circular bodies and long, prehensile arms, and their heads were large squares that were dull and dark.
Until, suddenly, they weren’t. Deep, red and foreboding lights came to life like sinister eyes as a screech of grinding metal and awakening old mechanical pieces pierced the air and deafened the adventurers. Everyone almost jumped to their feet, not even having had enough time to take three steps into the room before they were shaken out of their contemplation by the sudden sound. Not everyone reacted the same. Ishrin took in the room he was in, immediately spotting the three now moving figures who were dragging themselves free from the alcoves they were in. The shadows they projected through the misty air were deep chasms of darkness, and the three circles where they once stood immobile revealed a path beyond, that was unreachable.
Melina and Lisette both panicked. In the commotion they lost sight of Sir Westys and his party, the four boys having seemingly vanished into the fog. There were shapes and shadows moving in the distance, but they were faint, and far, and it was impossible to tell if it was them or just the many reflections of the shiny and wet, greasy metal that played with their senses, with their perception. Their panic didn’t last long however, and they both showed their competence and experience, their focus homing in laser-like on the enemies ahead.
The central automaton was closest. Its size was the smallest of the three, but even then it stood at more than four times as tall as Ishrin, and with only the sound of the metal groaning and the hiss of pneumatics, it raised one of its many limbs of welded plates up in the air and slammed down. Immediately the limb hit a field of invisible telekinetic force and was pushed to the side, but it didn’t happen with the ease that everyone was expecting it to happen. In fact, Ishrin had to kneel on the ground and his knee had dug deep into the rock, cracking it and leaving a deep dent when he, slowly, pushed himself back to his feet. He strained.
“Battle formation!” Ishrin yelled, immediately jumping to the side to dodge another incoming arm. The other two automata were each converging towards one of the two girls, and they were bigger, although slower and with less appendages.
Two grunts of strain and effort told him all that he needed to know. In a matter of milliseconds, the battle was on. Sparks raged from his right side, where Lisette dashed towards the metal construct with her blades unsheathed, and was slashing at it while dancing around its body, climbing on it, dodging the prehensile limbs that uselessly slammed into the ground and broke unseen pipes that began to spew gases in the air. She searched for gaps, weak spots where she could plunge her blades and sever vital parts of the grand machine of animated metal.
On his right, the bright flashes of magical green, tinted with a little hint of white and slight blue he had never seen before, were the sign that Melina too was engaging with her enemy.
This made him relax enough to allow him to focus on his own opponent. Liù was also orbiting him like a small sentry, deploying small faint lasers that mapped the structure of the automaton, until they focused on a particular point at the end of one of its limbs.
Danger :o
Ishrin jumped to the side, slightly diverting the giant arm, and firing a Magic Pebble with his sword at it. The projectile hit the metal and dug into it, melting it and leaving behind a circular hole roughly the size of a fist, red with heat and hissing. But the damage was minimal, for it only hit plate and not vital moving parts. As he dodged, he tried to see what Liù was highlighting for him, and he noticed the multicolored scattering of the light, the hue of a crystal he recognized. He had seen it last in Obscuria, tipping an arrowhead that was capable of penetrating Tier 13 defenses with ease.
“Careful—” he tried to warn his teammates but had to dash again and ended his sentence with a grunt.
From the other side of the room, through the clang of metal, he saw a glimpse of Lisette weaving around a similar crystal, coating a long flexible sword at the end of one of her automaton’s limb. From behind instead came the wild rush of wind of Melina’s magic, and a strained yell.
“Noticed! They have crystal blades!” she yelled when she had a small window of rest, before disappearing again in a flash of verdant energy to dash at her opponent.
Ishrin’s automaton was different than theirs. It shifted, and its limbs reorganized and changed until they morphed into different weapons: hammers, flexible swords, whips. And all these weapons were coated with the same crystal, the same dangerous substance that could hurt him somehow.
Suddenly a bright red light was in front of his eyes. He had gotten distracted, but Liù was ever watchful and had highlighted the vector of impact of the automaton’s flexible sword as it descended upon him with a red hologram, and there were ghostly images of him dodging and reposting to the attack, simulating what he could do to counter it. He grinned, taking a stance and exploding out with the full strength of his Tier 11 power, and he used telekinesis to push himself against the ground and change course mid-air until he landed right where one of the thing’s limbs were attached to its body. Before the automaton could react, he blasted the joint with Pebble after Pebble and then jumped away. With the joint weakened, he pulled at it from afar and yanked it free, and it came loose in a shower of black ooze that sizzled and smoked where it hit the ground.
The recoil sent him sprawling on his back. Even though Liù was there to catch him, he still ended up on the ground, feeling the wet of the stone and the odd warmth of a gas leak on his back. His pupils widened, and his mind raced. A giant crystal-coated hammer was descending upon him. His heart sped up. This was a slip-up. And almost fatal one. He could not get out in time.
The hammer hit, and for a moment there was silence. It was like even the other fights were momentarily suspended, as if both the automata and the girls were watching with their breath stuck in their throat was had happened to Ishrin. There was a small cloud of dust that had risen where the hammer had pulverized the stone, and sent Ishrin’s body several layers of pipes and service tunnels below the surface.
The hammer slowly came loose. The crystal on its surface was cracked.
A blue light. The small holographic body of Liù, surrounding her real indestructible body that was the SPAWN AI cube, flew out and up to the ceiling as if running away from something.
The dust slowly settled around the crater. There was only the sound of hissing vapor and dripping water.
Everything was still.
Lisette and Melina held their breath. Time ticked and ticked. Nothing was coming out of the hole.
The girls could see that Ishrin’s opponent was now turning against them, to team up with the other automata and finally tip the scales of the battle.
A single thought on their mind.
“We will fight until the end. Even if we die.”
Resolve in their eyes, they prepared for their last battle.
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2023.03.20 23:23 Swimming-Moment-5315 Not trying to be negative, but this show is going downhill…. *includes episode 13 spoilers*

I hate saying this because the show used to be very good. I remember not being able to turn it off. But now, I’m frustrated because I can’t seem to stay interested while watching the most recent episodes.
With Jordan and Layla getting together, I feel like that plot line is kinda done. Coop’s plot line plateaued in a big way. Preach’s “relapse” with gang activity felt forced and also, if he just faked out his old gang friends, it’s not like they’re gonna let him turn down a job HE asked for without consequences. Asher and Jamie being pregnant is exciting but honestly, as someone who has chronically ill people in my life it’s kinda triggering that he’s always worrying about her, so it’s hard to enjoy. Liv’s relapse stuff is also weird because she got praise for calling on her “village,” they all pledged to be there for her, but then each of them had trouble committing to watching her because they are prioritizing other things.
The bonds that they all shared seem to just be stagnant with not a ton of progress. I know the Billy thing was controversial but I was hopeful it would be helpful for changing the show’s direction.
Let’s discuss? Did anyone enjoy episode 13?
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2023.03.20 23:22 n0n_t0xic This email my sister received from my nephew's school district...

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2023.03.20 23:22 ComprehensiveEmu3415 Why Nitta isnt as Good of a Striker

All of us knows, how good are Hyuga, Schneider, Hino as Strikers.
Being protagonists in each of their teams, and scoring a lot of goals.
And in the other hand, we also know how mediocre or bad, are other strikers, who in the past where good strikers. Like Victorino, Alan Pascal, Kisugi, Sano and of course, our main subject: Shun Nitta.
I, of course, clarify, that im not understimating their ability, in the correct scenario all of them are able ot score goals.
Just look at Nitta's goal to spain.
But, is a fact that none of them even compare to somehow like schneider. It would be a joke.
So, outside of the real life reason of why they arent as good (bad writing of takahashi or plot armor), theyre are inworld reason that i wanna explore.

Looking at Shun Nitta, the one who is the better one of all the mediocre ones. There are a lot of reasons of to why he wont comoare to Hyuga or Schneider ever.
First reason, the 1 V 1.
As we know, in football, and more importantly, in the ct manga. Its very important to win the 1v1 to win a match.
Almost of all of tsubasa ozora wins are thanks to this, his ability to dribble and beat almost every opponent he faces.
And this is very important, because this decises if youre a relevant character in ct.
Almost of all our protagonist, are people very capable in this aspect.
And all of them possess weapons to do it. Hyuga has his phisique, shingo his technique and creativity, Diaz has his godly dribble, igawa has his height, etc.
This is key, because it allows them to be relevant in a match in a very personal way.
Instead of having to wait for a cooperative play to shine, they can do it on their own.
Of course, this is the same for the strikers.
Hyuga, schneider and hino, have a robust body and the sufficient amount of technique to be able to score on their own. And on top of that they have their unique shots, who make them even more terrifiing.
Shun nitta, and all of the other strikers in his category, fail to acomplish that. Almost all of them, are really bad when it comes to 1V1 against serious players.
Nitta has speed, but he donst have a good dribble technique, nor he has a shot that on their own can cause danger.
The hayabuza kick, being the only strong shot he has, only works in a cooperative play.
Cause, without help of a good passer, he cant use it.
And with his dribble, unless he catch the opponent by surprise and uses a non-trap shot, he cant compete.
So, in summary. He doenst have physique, nor technique, nor a strong shot to score from outside against seriouse goalkeepers.
Because as we saw, only shots with raiju level of power can score goals in this point of the manga in their own.
Second Reason, the Will.
As i have discused in another post, the Will is very important to gain plot armor bullshit.
Like Tsubasa beating hyuga with brute force when they were childs.
Hyuga, Schneider and Hyoma has this. All of them have shown a great deal of determination that allowed them to score in crucial moments.
But again, characters like Nitta and other ones dont have this.
We already saw when nitta was put out of play because of a possible injury, when we already saw the tachibana brother scoring an important goal sacrifying themselves.
And this is because, Nitta, Kisugi, Pascal and any other side character. Dont have a compelling reason to olay football.
Almost of all them do it because they want to and nothing else.
Igawa has his child and his wife death, Tsubasa has his love of the sport, Hyuga his family and upbringing, but Nitta....he just likes it i guess???.
Because if this, the lack of a compelling background or reason to fight. We'll never see nitta ir other characters like him acomplish anything.
For fucks sake, Nitta dream is to become the SECOND BEST STRIKER IN THE WORLD.
Third Reason, Lack of analysis.
Even tho, i, as a reader can see of all this. The characters, in-universe will never see this by themselves, nor try to improve by themself.
Hyuga in his own knew he needed a better shot in each arc, and each time he found a way to find it.
Tsubasa is always analysing his opponents and thinking of a way to surpass them.
Misaki is always trying to find a way to elevate his play seeing what he lacks, like when he develop the SSS.
While all of them find their own way to become better.
Secondary characters like nitta, wont ever do it if they dont have someone calling them out.
Like when gamo had to tell nitta that he had to train his two legs, or tsubasa had to call out all oh his teamates in the nankatsu team because they were too lazy or when the coach of toho, had to remove hyuga, to make the team more indepennt (even if it wanst his intention).
Yeah, Nitta might have learned the hayabuza kick training with wakashimazu, but that is the only time in the manga that he had something like that, and it isnt enough.
With the amount if arcs that have passed, he should have gone to more than one training of that style.

That was my opinion, what do you think?
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2023.03.20 23:22 Chalupaca_Bruh Given the sheer volume of tracks in video game OSTs, how would to prefer their LPs to be pressed?

I was thinking about this in regards to Nintendo LPs (or rather, the lack of). Some of those soundtracks are quite extensive. You do a complete box set and well, you risk running 6+ LPs, on top of the manufacturing costs. Each side of an LP can hold roughly 25+ minutes of music. Not a lot of run time, so tracks inevitably get cut.
I’ve seen Square take a few different approaches and well, I’m not sure I agree with all of them. Off the top of my head, here’s what I can think of:
  1. Track highlights from the OST
A greatest hits essentially. You’re not getting everything, but the highlights all 1-2 LPs. Ori was unfortunately a victim of this. Most of the tracks are there, but a handful of songs I really like we’re not.
  1. Deluxe Boxset
Think Skyrim. This has everything. Usually 4+ LPs. Great packaging, but at a cost. These tend to be extremely rare and take months, if not years to ship. (Looking at you Okami)
  1. Themes
Tracks that encompass a specific theme. Square has done this with just character themes from FFVII. Additionally, Heroes and Villains across the franchise.
  1. Assorted tracks on two different pressings
A handful of tracks, split across 2 different pressings. Think option 1, but having to buy 2 pressings to get 80+% of the music as opposed to 50-60% of the total music. It’s more of a jumbled listening experience, but you’re getting more music had it been just one collection. Nier might’ve been an OST to do this.
  1. Franchise Highlights
Only relevant to legacy franchises. Think the best of Mario, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, etc.
What approach do you all prefer? I think 1 tends to be the most common. Unfortunately, half of them are on picture discs. 🤢
We’re at the mercy of what can even get pressed, and if there’s even enough of a demand given the niche nature of video game soundtracks. It’s hard enough to get LPs of less common bands you love.
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2023.03.20 23:22 DasRedBeard87 News flash about the "Mullen GTRS" for you blind believers

Since so many of you just flat out refuse to do any amount of research and just want to regurgitate "TO THE MOON" let me lay it out for you. This "partnership" with Qiantu Motors IS NOT a good thing. It is not going to pump the stock. It's not the rocket to the moon. It's Qiantu making Mullen their bitch.
You see Mullen attempted to sue Qiantu. Once Mullen realized they had literally no ground to stand on Qiantu turned around and said "Sure we'll drop it...once you buy our shares and then sell our outdated supercar that we don't even make anymore."
That's what this deal is. Mullen is being forced to buy whatever stock is left of this car that Qiantu can't sell, import it, and pay a royalty on every car sold (If they sell any). Priced at 150k? A car that was produced from 2018-2020. They want to sell for 2023...with it's abysmal range and performance compared to other supercars from already well established and known companies with supercars that get vastly farther ranges AND cost less. I'll leave the link for the handful of you that don't believe me but actually read things.
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2023.03.20 23:22 Acrobatic_Badger_755 blowjob area

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2023.03.20 23:22 Medical-Support-4489 Should I take my cat to the vet?

Sorry for any poor English, it isn't my first language.
I want to see if this is actually vet worthy because my family doesn't have 1000+ dollars to spend on something that may not be a problem at all so that's why I'm asking here instead of just going straight to a vet
I (16F) recently got a cat a little less than a month ago and she got use to me really fast and started sleeping in my bed after day 2. Her old owners weren't that great (looking back, they might have been backyard breeders with how many litters they "accidentally had" because after so many accidental litters you'd think they would spay/neuter the cats) but they insisted my cat was already spayed when I got her.
Recently I've noticed some weird things with my cat. Her nipples are larger, redder, and way easier to see (like the fur is no longer covering them) whenever I hold her (she likes being held like a newborn so her stoumach is completely visible when I hold her), she's been gaining weight despite being on a very healthy diet with high quality wet food and I make sure she's eating the right amount, and I know these are classic signs of pregnancy but the old owners said she was spayed and they have no reason to lie about it and I doubt it's worms since I used dewormer on her when I first got her and she's an indoor cat.
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2023.03.20 23:21 mgoblue5783 The only thing my hard left, LGBTQ niece and I, a neo-conservative Zionist agree on…

…Is that the bizarre claim that Arabs are indigenous to Canaan/Palestine/Syria is historically false.
Arabs come from Arabia. They arrived in the land by conquest and war in the 7th century. They built a mosque on top of the indigenous people’s holiest place, the most egregious sign of colonialism imaginable.
Jews come from Judea. They’ve had a 2000 year old dream to return to their land and Arab invaders are not a good reason to deny such a dream.
Y’all should support indigenous folks but at least take a look at a history book before saying the Arabs come from there and the Jews are outsiders. It’s nonsense and not helpful for anyone— it makes the leftists look like ignorant hippies and so it’s easy to disregard any other arguments.
Start with facts. The Jews are the first in time and last in conquest and have the best claim to the land.
It’s impossible to make peace or even reason with people who distort basic facts. How is this such a pervasive, giant lie? It’s so important to the modern Jew’s understanding of fairness and anti-Semitism.
Who are the people who believe such non-sense? What’s to be done?
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2023.03.20 23:21 WeiWeiSmoo I really enjoy working with troubled dogs/animals

I’ve been working with dogs for over 10 years, I have my own pet services business where I mostly offer group hikes for the dogs and cat sitting for the felines.
Over the years when I look back, my favourite clients were always the ones that other people in the industry hated working with. They would come to me and would be lifers in my pack.
I’ll never take a dog or cat that’s a serious liability, so I don’t deal with the ones that have a track record of dog or human aggression. But if your dog is leash reactive, not social with other dogs, has separation anxiety, can be a misbehaving asshole, doesn’t have the best manners, can be snappy, etc etc I’ll happily give them a try.
Grumpy cats that hate people are also my jam. I have mad respect for cats and the way they set their boundaries. I envy them for it.
I think the reason I prefer these animals is because I relate to them. I relate to not being “perfect”, to not “fitting in”, or being an “outlier”. I know what severe anxiety feels like, so I can relate to the pets who act out of their anxiety. Even if they bite me because of it. I never hold it against them. I know what it feels to be abandoned and so I have so much patience for separation anxiety.
The bonds I inevitably make with these dogs (and their owners) is so strong and deep. I’ve developed life long friendships from it.
Some examples of problem dogs I care for:
These are just some examples. Other people have turned these dogs away, but I’m glad because they’ve made my family bigger
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2023.03.20 23:21 Ok-Investment-1042 Do you collect anything?

What is the strongest animal you could win against with just your bare hands and feet?
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2023.03.20 23:21 TheBurningCalf HELP! CHEATER Gang in Payback rages with HARASSMENT!

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2023.03.20 23:20 Mistyfur5 [F Playing M4A] Fandom and Original Plots Await Within (Shadow and Bone, Narnia, Last of Us, Walking Dead, Punisher)

Greetings. I'm Misty, am 22 years of age, and live in the US EST Timezone. I have been RPing for 10 years and tend to write 1-5 paragraphs (100-500 words) per response in 3rd person POV. I prefer to RP male characters with ships revolving around MXM and MXF.
I am looking for someone who is 18+, can write 1+ paragraphs in 3rd person POV with decent grammar, and is open to OOC chatter. I am usually able to get a few responses out per week.
Some genres I enjoy are Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Angst, and Romance. All characters will be 18+ in age. Below is a list of fandoms/plots I am looking for as well as the characters I'm willing to RP :
Original Plots
Shadow and Bone
The Last of Us
The Walking Dead
The Punisher
This is but a quick rundown of my requirements and preferences when it comes to RP. If you would like an RP sample, don't hesitate to ask. Happy Roleplaying. I am not replacing anyone, I’m just looking to add new threads.
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2023.03.20 23:20 WanderingD_BtwnStars 29[m4r] NY - If I could start again, a million miles away

Copying and pasting what I've posted before seems lazy but honestly, coming up with a different and more interesting way to present the same information about myself is just ridiculously hard. It's probably why I never hear back from interviewers.
Things I like, the lazy version: -White Album 2, the visual novel -House of Fata Morgana -Infinite Space, an old Nintendo DS game I've probably replayed over 10 times -SRPGs in general -Reading
-Writing -Fanfiction -Oregairu -Handball, although I haven't actively played in years -Fallen Hero Rebirth/Retribution -Keeper of the Sun and Moon/Day and Night/Life and Death -Light novels -Manga, although I haven't touched anime in over a year -Space -Singing badly
Random facts: -I've broken both hands back to back -I've dislocated my knee trying to jump over a bike to save a shot while playing handball -Learned the hard way that physical pain is easier to ignore and get over than emotional pain -Once had a resting heart rate so low that it would set off the hospital monitors by default. Trying to get back to that point right now. -I'm in the process of learning how to person again. -I'm apparently the type of person to make all or nothing decisions. If I'm being wishy washy about something that means I'm still undecided. -I'm also apparently the kind of person who gets burned once and well, let's just say that time does not heal all wounds. -I'm playing Baldr's Gate 3 now, but wouldn't mind getting back into FFXIV or modded Elden Ring Random things I think about, possibly controversial:
-Free will vs fate and how it's really all about control at the end of the day. The idea that the control of our lives is all in our hands vs the idea that the control of our lives is entirely out of our hands. Then I go down tangents like religion and willingly ceding control to some mysterious unseen figure as a form of ironically enough, asserting control. There's a difference between choosing to have no control vs being forced to have no control and people hate the latter. -The only meaning in life is whatever we make of it. Everything is meaningless until we ascribe whatever meaning there is to it. -Subjective truth. Thanks, The Things They Carried and high school creative writing.
Seeking a connection to person again
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2023.03.20 23:20 SalamanderAware8014 Help, gfs white tree frog hasn’t eaten in a week and rarely leaves her hide.

My girlfriends nearly 2 year old (presumably) female white tree from has refused to eat in just over a week, however her sister has never had any eating problems and is always happy to accept food. She rarely leaves her hide (a suspended coconut) unless it’s extremely late such as while she’s sleeping. She’s done this exact same thing the same time last year. Here in the UK it’s only just turned spring and the weather is still fairly wintery so could this be because of the lower temperatures outside? They have plenty of hiding places and leaves to climb, their day temperature is 84°F and at night it’s 72°F on a 12h day night cycle with a ceramic heater and she gives them both calcium dusted crickets once a week, and they’re fed once every 2 days as they’re mature frogs. The frog looks completely normal and we’re at a loss for what to do. She’s tried hand feeding and letting her catch the cricket by herself but she just often just lets them climb up on her face without a care. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.20 23:20 leftdue Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (The Course)

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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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2023.03.20 23:20 mintygonzalez Is a C+ a dealbreaker?

I didn't think much of it, but then read that post of the Cornell rescission for a single C+ with As in other classes and now I'm kind of scared (Cornell is one of my top choices).
I'm a rising junior who had a C+ in a 1-credit class (some honors program required class in my first semester that literally just taught us how to use a buggy website to map out our goals; I forgot to hand in the final assignment on time and got a 50% on it). It was near the start of Covid, and the combination of depression, ADHD, and just being super unmotivated made me so forgetful.
I had a few A-'s that semester, but have basically had all As since then, and my GPA is over 3.9. Does that one C+ warrant sending a supplementary explanation to admissions officers? I haven't sent an explanation for it in any of my applications, as I felt it was a pretty unimportant class and would be covered by my decent GPA.
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2023.03.20 23:20 Grand_Discipline903 What are your Touhou headcanons?

By headcanon, I mean things that could be canon/fit into the universe but don't have any footing to stand on. Here are 2 of mine.
1:Youmu is stated to be Yuyuko's swordsmanship teacher in her IN profile. My headcanon is that Yuyuko is pretty good at hand-to-hand combat and combines it with her fan dancing to make a graceful fighting style.
2:Yuyuko can use her ability to manipulate spirits to give phantoms(which are normally shapeless) a human form. And that those phantoms take care of Hakugyokurou along with Youmu and maintain order in The Netherworld. I came up with this one as I A(Didn't like how Remilia and Eirin/Kaguya have a bunch of servants but Yuyuko just has Youmu. B( The Netherworld is said to be larger than Hell which is infinite in size so 2 girls taking care of it is a bit sus. Plus I like to pretend one of them getting into a romance with Youmu.
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2023.03.20 23:19 quipp68 Do you wash your toothbrush before or after you brush your teeth? Or both? Or neither?

By wash, I mean actually wash it with your hand, as opposed to just a quick rinse under the tap.
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2023.03.20 23:19 Ranulf5 What are your thoughts on the IMB?

I am a college senior graduating in a handful of weeks, and one opportunity I am strongly considering is working with the International Mission Board. I have had some strong conversations with them, but want to seek more wisdom about the organization before I jump in and more seriously commit.
So, what do you think of the IMB? Is it an organization you support and would recommend someone to work with?
If you’ve worked with the IMB, what was your experience (or if you know someone, what was their experience)?
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2023.03.20 23:19 Responsible_Tie_7031 I asked ChatGPT to do a song analysis of two songs, Extention of You and Fossil

Extention of you:
The song "Extension of You" is a contemplative piece that reflects on the human experience of growth and development. The lyrics explore the stages of life, from infancy to adulthood, and the physical and emotional changes that occur during this journey.
In the first verse, the singer describes the basic necessities of life such as breathing, eating, and hygiene. The lines "There is me, and there is you / Who knew everything" suggest a sense of dependence on others for guidance and knowledge.
In the second verse, the singer reflects on the vulnerability of their physical body, and the need to protect it. The lines "My ribs opened up / Made room for beating hearts" and "Stainless steel happens to my shoulder / Pierces through my rubbery skin" allude to medical procedures such as surgery and implants.
In the third verse, the singer contemplates the concept of humanity and what it means to be human. The lines "I've became what I thought was human" suggest a sense of uncertainty or confusion about their identity.
In the fourth verse, the singer acknowledges their interconnectedness with others. The lines "Allow me to be / An extension of you" suggest a desire to belong and to contribute to the world.
In the fifth verse, the singer reflects on the duality of life, with both good and evil, and the fragility of mortality. The repeated line "Out of service" could suggest a sense of loss or emptiness.
In the sixth verse, the singer questions the meaning of life and the afterlife. The lines "I wanted to believe that ghosts are real / That ghosts are real" suggest a search for deeper understanding and connection beyond physical existence.
In the seventh verse, the singer contemplates the emotions and experiences that make life worth living. The lines "Does it feel good to love? / To hand out your own?" and "Does it feel good to die? / To live your next life?" suggest a sense of curiosity and wonder about the human condition.
Overall, the lyrics of "Extension of You" convey a sense of introspection and exploration of the self, and a desire for connection and understanding of the world around us.

Fossil: The song "Fossil" appears to be a poetic expression of emotional pain and the desire for forgiveness and reconciliation.
In the first verse, the imagery of "sucking on the earth" and "breasts" suggests a sense of dependence and neediness, similar to that of a child. The singer seems to be addressing a person or entity that has caused them harm, and they describe feeling shaken and tearful. The line "you pushed down my wings and cut it deep" could be interpreted as a metaphor for feeling emotionally suppressed and wounded.
In the second verse, the singer describes being taken to heaven, only to be dropped down again and "crunched up into a donut." This violent imagery conveys a sense of being crushed or broken, and the following line "swallowed it up in whole" suggests a sense of being consumed or absorbed by the pain.
The third verse expresses a desire for forgiveness and a release from the pain caused by the other person. The line "I thought I would never forgive you" suggests a past reluctance to let go of anger and hurt, but the singer now claims to feel only sympathy.
The final verse introduces the idea of burial and transformation into a fossil. This could be interpreted as a metaphor for the process of letting go and moving on from the pain, becoming a part of the earth and history. The singer appears to be inviting the other person to bury them, perhaps as a symbol of the process of forgiveness and letting go.
Overall, the song "Fossil" is a deeply emotional and poetic exploration of pain, forgiveness, and the transformative power of time.
While I am impressed analysis provided for both "Extension of You" and "Fossil," by chat GPT I do feel that the interpretation of the former is quite literal while the latter is more abstract. That being said, with Mili's songs, there are often multiple interpretations of the lyrics and I don't necessarily agree with these analyses entirely.
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