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El Chapo: Netflix Original Series

2017.06.16 12:53 specification El Chapo: Netflix Original Series

El Chapo Netflix television

2014.06.05 17:48 ani625 Power - TV show

A place for anything and everything related to The Power universe (Power Book 1, 2, 3 and 4), a Starz TV series.

2015.11.08 08:10 Tentinator Search Party

Search Party is an American satirical dark comedy thriller television series. It follows a group of friends who become involved in the search for a missing young woman and the events that result from their involvement. Created by Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers, and Michael Showalter, the show premiered on TBS for its first two seasons, and moved to HBO Max for its final three seasons.

2023.03.21 00:07 Anerky Knicks Sportsbook Pick tonight

Jalen Brunson 6+ Assists available @ time of post on Fanduel for +125. Averaging 6 assists on the season and had 8 against Minnesota earlier this season. With everyone on Minnesota but Gobert out it seems like a Brunson coming off of an injury will look to distribute the ball more than usual. Too much value on this to pass up.
Quentin Grimes o/7.5 pts-110. He’s averaging 9.8 points on the season, but, no Anthony Edwards and he’s 13/15 in the last 15 home games on that stat
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2023.03.21 00:06 Ok-Cellist-6527 Why did i lose full lp from this game. WTF??

Why did i lose full lp from this game. WTF??

I just, JUST BEGAN to play ranked again, mid season imo is the best time to climb. Forget inters, and people who are just bad, thats every game, on one team or another
My Brand Support (with smite, he changed at the very last second in champ select) decided that since he played the early invade very poorly, but face checking river against a Blitz, he loses a large chunk of hp, even baiting into my Xayah ADC and giving her FB, then and instead of basing, he executes to the bot tower. Seeming a good move, he doesn't even have A FUCKING SUPPORT ITEM but what ever, someone will be dumb and make their team experience hell every so often. But after this, he afks in base, and just walks around in fountain, forcing us to ff.
Why am I playing ranked when not only am I getting inted, due to my bot lane deciding to group up in mid after going 0/12 8 minutes into the game and inting my lane, after all the supports, jgs, top lane, whatever, who are tilted out of their mind that they don't win a 1v1 vrs a Darius lvl as Nasus and decided is the Jungles fault after dying 6 times and now my lane is shared with this clown, again, 7 minutes into the game. AFTER ALL THAT TOXICITY, INTING AND BULLSHIT, the minimum i can be promised is that, since I'm not a piece of shit, the enemy team has 5 chances to have an inter, while my team has 4, and if a player leaves, I have some form of compensation. SO WHY DO I LOSE FULL LP???
Whats even the point of Ranked when you are under Dia 2, its a clown fiesta. Calm, calculated improving players, or those who understand which fights to pick, or not to, when to roam, freeze, take baron, bait, all these concepts, even though they might be silvegold they are trying their best to improve, why play under these conditions, why have your victories be taken away from you because one of you teammates decided that after losing 8 times, he can't end the day on a loss. Why????
TLDR; Team leaves, we ff 5 minutes into the game and lose FULL LP.
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2023.03.21 00:06 LorenceTFT Aegis Esports TFT Leagues - Set 8.5

Aegis Esports TFT Leagues - Set 8.5
Things are mostly the same here at Aegis Esports with just a few tinkerings to keep things interesting! (just like Set 8 -> 8.5 kekw)
We've kept the overall structure almost entirely the same outside of the Hot Week points now being based on average placement rather than exact placement thresholds and a new playoff structure that should be lighter on players!
Currently we offer the following ranked breakpoints for our TFT Leagues:
  • ACL: Challenger (Sundays)
  • AML: Master-GM (Saturdays)
  • AAL: Diamond and Below (Saturdays)
We'd like to remind players of two policies we have in place to assist with players who cannot make every week:
  1. We allow players who play in Riot events to sub multiple times each League with no penalty, with the only exception being Finals. It is a dream for many to attend these Riot events and make the World stage. With this in mind we work heavily with players to ensure they are not punished for being unable to make a given week of a League in such a case.
  2. We still have a Team option that will allow you to sign up with (1) additional player. Both players will share one combined slot/score in the tournament and can sub for each other as needed with no penalty in any combination desired. This includes both Playoffs AND Finals.
  • (1) gameday a week for (7) total weeks
    • Regular Season
      • (4) Weeks
      • (4) games per day (two Bo2s)
      • ~32-64 Players
      • (2) Weeks
      • (6) games per day (All points are cumulative)
      • 24 16 Players
    • Finals
      • (1) Week
      • (6) games (simple Bo6)
      • 8 Players
These details are explained in the rulebooks contained in the signup form below:
Keep in mind the signup deadline is: April 5th @ 11:59 PM EST.
If you have any questions let us know below! I'm always happy to explain anything feels confusing in any way. We hope you'll join us for another Set of Competitive TFT!!
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2023.03.21 00:04 Dirtyslegga My team this year

10 teams. Head to head. 16-5 record. Best team I've ever fielded
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2023.03.21 00:02 Super_Property_8234 We play our role 🫡

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2023.03.21 00:00 Stargate18A [Rewatch] Cardcaptor Sakura Rewatch - Episode 53 Discussion

Episode 53: Sakura and the Panicky Bicycle

MAL Anilist Kitsu AniDB ANN
Previous Index Next
Today's Illustrations: More Manga Art
Question of the Day:
What do you think of Sakura's actions today?
Comments of the Day:
LeonKevlar gave some interesting trivia:
Now, this episode is pretty unique. So far most manga-based episodes are usually based on a single chapter or two combined chapters. This episode however is a bit different since it uses four scenes from three different chapters with considerable gaps. They've basically taken parts they couldn't use and frankenstein'd them into a single episode.
zadcap sums up the arc so far:
Toya to Yuki: "I have something very important to talk to you about."
Also Toya: "But only in public, and I'll give up for entire days at the first sign of interruption, and I definitely won't even think about inviting you over like I used to do every single week to talk after school."
On an important note, no unmarked spoilers! No jokes about events yet to come, and no references to future episodes!
Clow Card Fortune Book
Today's subject: Shuffling and Cutting Method
Calm yourself down and concentrate with your intuition when you shuffle and cut the deck of Clow Cards. Clean off your desk or table and make sure there’s enough room to shuffle.
  1. Put your left hand on the deck of Clow Cards, placed face down, while concentrating on what you want to fortune-tell at this time.
  2. Next, shuffle the cards with your left hand. Continue until you feel that the cards have been shuffled enough. If a card drops onto the floor or underneath the desk/table, etc., start over from the beginning.
  3. Bring the shuffled cards together into one pile. Usually, you shuffle with the left hand... however, you may use both hands when bringing the cards into a pile.
  4. Now we’re going to cut the cards. Take all of the cards into your left hand and divide them into 5 piles by dropping the cards out of the bottom of your hand. The number of cards in each pile do not need to be same.
  5. With your left hand, pick up any of the 5 piles and combine them into one pile in any order you please.
  6. Follow steps 1-5 again. After steps 1-5 have been completed a second time, you are ready to do some readings.
The Clow Cards (and home equivalents):
Card Equivalent
The Cloud A♠
The Create 2♠
The Dark 3♠
The Firey 4♠
The Light 5♠
The Mist 6♠
The Rain 7♠
The Snow 8♠
The Storm 9♠
The Thunder 10♠
The Watery J♠
The Wave Q♠
The Windy K♠
The Big A♥
The Dream 2♥
The Glow 3♥
The Illusion 4♥
The Little 5♥
The Maze 6♥
The Power 7♥
The Silent 8♥
The Song 9♥
The Sweet 10♥
The Time J♥
The Twin Q♥
The Voice K♥
The Change A♣
The Dash 2♣
The Erase 3♣
The Fight 4♣
The Float 5♣
The Fly 6♣
The Freeze 7♣
The Jump 8♣
The Move 9♣
The Return 10♣
The Shot J♣
The Sleep Q♣
The Through K♣
The Arrow A♦
The Bubbles 2♦
The Earthy 3♦
The Flower 4♦
The Libra 5♦
The Lock 6♦
The Loop 7♦
The Mirror 8♦
The Sand 9♦
The Shadow 10♦
The Shield J♦
The Sword Q♦
The Wood K♦
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2023.03.20 23:59 CraSSyneSS23 Hardstuck Ascendant


Hello, I am Ascendent 2, and I peaked ascendent 3 70rr Episode 5 Act 2. I am the definition of hard-stuck. Before Ascendent was a thing I was a hard-stuck diamond. Literally hit diamond in episode 1 and stayed diamond until they added ascendant. I feel like I've improved so much at the game recently but have nothing to show for it, and that's why I'm here. I need advice on what I'm doing wrong/ what skills I need to develop in order to get out of ascendant.
Here is my Valorant Tracker:

What I think I am good/bad at:

Aim/Mechanics: Phenomenal. (proof:
Util Usage: Pretty good
Awareness: Could be better but not horrid.
Map Usage: Pretty bad, but not the worst.
Decision Making: Pretty Good
Clutch: Very
Mental: I've become pretty numb being in Ascendent for all 6 episodes, so my mental is not really bad or good.
Teamwork: Decent
My main struggle is predicting my enemies. Ascendant is such a giant rank with a huge skill range that I find it so hard to predict what my enemy is going to do. In one game I'm playing with high-immortals who jiggle clear every angle, and in the next, I'm playing with little Timmy who just got out of diamond and wide swings everything. I'm super good at adapting to the skill level of a specific lobby (e.x. a lobby of low asc/high diamond or a lobby of low/high immortals), but recently it's felt like there is a huge skill range within every lobby (e.x. diamond little Timmy, an ascendent, and a high immortal on the same team). It's like trying to predict both a professional player and a player that has no idea what he's even doing at the same time.
These are all just what I think, I could be completely wrong, but one thing is for sure, and that is my mechanics do not need any work. I'm always in the like top 2% when it comes to headshot percentage. But yes, other than mechanics, I'm not too sure what I need to work on and how to work on it. I normally play duelist or initiator. Sometimes (rarely) Sage, Chamber, or Omen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.20 23:59 Willing_Grape_614 Please San-Check My Plan

I'm in the PNW just north of Seattle. I bought and moved into a home with a lawn that has been brown since last summer and I've conceded it's not simply dormant. I've been doing lots of reading on how to get rid of the dead grass and plant new seed. I am sharing my plan here in hopes that more experienced lawn care experts can call out any potential red flags/issues:

  1. Dig up any and all weeds sprinkled in with the dead grass
  2. Dethatch the entire lawn using a lawnmower dethatching blade attachment. Planning to do this next weekend (3/24 - 3/25)
  3. Clean up all the dead stuff from step 2 using a rake or a lawnmower w/ bag.
  4. Aerate lawn on 3/25
  5. Wait until weather is regularly around 60 in early-Mid April to overseed. My lawn faces west and is on a slope so am intending to plant Perennial Rye (would fescue be better?). I know the fall season is better for planting but I just can't stare at this dead brown grass for that much longer.
  6. Water, water, water.
  7. Fertilize about 2 weeks after seeding and roots have taken hold
  8. Pray we don't have a summer like last year and water, water and water.
  9. In the fall, patch any bare spots by laying down more rye seed.
What do you think? Thanks!
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2023.03.20 23:59 Dadgame The Daily Devil - Issue #7 - Team Recap Newspaper

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2023.03.20 23:59 corncob2001 [CA][US][SELLING] Large Sale - trying to free up space

**Willing to reduce prices if buying in bulk**
*Shipping not included in pricing, PM for rate*
Thanks for looking!
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2023.03.20 23:58 passedmeflyingby Diary of a Psychiatry SHO

08:00 Wake up to my mother- er, sorry- partner telling me I have to get out of bed. Sigh. Our cat snores next to us.
08:15 Put on jeans and a shirt, contemplate eyeliner, apply eyeliner. Stunning.
08:16: Read an article in which the mother of a young man with treatment-resistant schizophrenia laments the fact antipsychotics have side effects.
08:17: If psychiatry really worked, the medication would be 100% effective, 100% of the time, she concludes.
08:25: Make coffee and grab a cereal bar for the way. When out the flat have to go back in because I’ve forgotten my stethoscope. Just be honest with yourself, I think, and leave it at home. I throw it in my bag defiantly.
08:45: There’s an ambulance and three police cars outside the hospital. 8 policemen are in full body armour to deliver a patient to our intensive care ward. The patient is texting someone on his phone.
08:55: The ward sister informs me bed 7 has vomited once, bed 9’s BMs are slightly off and could it be that she’s been having too much cake, and bed 10 is angry because we agreed to reduce his haloperidol but the drug chart dose remains the same. Bed 11 is still AWOL since last week, and may have been spotted in Norwich. Could I check in with him?
08:58 The ward sister comes into the office with a stack of drug charts. Need rewriting, sorry.
09:00 The nurse doing morning meds comes in and tells me he needs the drug charts back because he’s doing morning meds.
09:05 The patients have revolted in art therapy- one of them threw a paintbrush at the wall.
09:10 The emergency response team shows up to the ward to defuse the situation. The patient relinquishes the weapon/paintbrush.
09:11 The patient doesn’t want PRN oral lorazepam, the nurse tells me. Could he have IM? I go to see the patient, who is now asleep.
09:20 Bed 7 has vomited once more. I examine him and determine he’s fine. I ask him what he ate yesterday, he replies a few bars of Xanax.
09:45 Handover. All the patients are settled in mental state, ate and drank well, slept intermittently throughout the night and were pleasant on approach.
09:46 Except for patients in beds 1-16.
10:00 Consultant here for ward round.
10:02 Consultant has a tribunal so cannot round, asks if I can do it and discuss later.
10:05 Bed 4 has just started on clozapine, he doesn’t think he needs medication, he doesn’t think he’s ever been unwell, and if I wasn’t so stupid I would let him go. He’s a famous politician and he’s going to mobilise army troops against me. I add a mood stabiliser.
10:25 Bed 5 has just started on haloperidol, he doesn’t think he needs medication, he doesn’t think he’s ever been unwell, and if I wasn’t so stupid I would let him go. He’s a famous painter and he used to date the CEO of London Psychiatry. He’s going to get me fired. I add a mood stabiliser.
10:30: Really drawn to the idea of being fired, consider encouraging bed 5.
11:00 Bed 6 has just started on olanzapine, he doesn’t think he needs medication, he doesn’t think he’s ever been unwell, and if we weren’t so stupid we would let him go. He’s going to tell the Swedish CIA that their game isn’t working and he’s discovered their microchip. CAN YOU SEE IT, he asks. Call one of the nurses to stand next to me while I say no, I can’t. I rapidly increase olanzapine to maximum and think he will need clozapine. Then remember that he had that one spurious neutropaenia in 2006 which means the clozapine authority will need a striptease and a letter from a haematology consultant to authorise.
11:20 Bed 6’s mum is here. She is furious her son is prescribed olanzapine when he was previously on aripiprazole. She says the aripiprazole didn’t work but had a much better side effect profile.
11:30 Bed 6’s mum now crying about the cripplingly unfair nature of mental illness and how her son’s life has been taken over by schizophrenia. I try my best to deliver human warmth.
11:45 She wants to know if olanzapine is going to make her son fat. It could, I say, and she wails.
11:50 She has always admired psychologists.
12:00 Bed 1 is in seclusion and needs a review. Consultant still away- could I do the review and discuss on the phone after, call it a senior review, he wonders? But without actually calling, obviously.
12:15 The emergency response team are here. Bed 1 is naked and the whole seclusion room is smeared with poop. The Reducing Restrictive Practice nurse reprimands me when I suggest seclusion is likely to continue. Blank Slate, she says, menacingly.
12:30 Bed 1 doesn’t think he needs medication, he doesn’t think he’s ever been unwell, and if we weren’t so stupid we would let him go. I explain we’re trying to help him move out of this room into the open ward, from where discharge will be possible in future. He says that doesn’t fit in with his schedule.
12:35 Shockingly he takes his medication (valproate, risperidone, clonazepam, promethazine). That’s for you, sweetcheeks, he winks.
12:40 Reducing restrictive practice nurse asks him if he’s going to punch people again if we take him off seclusion. I’m a fucking pacifist, he replies.
12:45 Reducing restrictive practice nurse adamant above comment is a legally binding decree and seclusion should terminate. We can manage on 2:1, she states.
12:55 No one wants to do 2:1 with bed 1 because he is a poop-thrower.
13:00 Bed 1 throws poop at his 2:1. Reducing restrictive practice nurse adamant this is not a reason to initiate seclusion. I apologise to the team and advise waiting for the meds to kick in.
13:15 Pick up the afternoon bleep. Immediate bleep from the surgeons- bed 7 has schizophrenia, since today.
13:30 Bicker about whether Gladys who’s had a NOF is one of the extremely rare instances of very late onset schizophrenia. Surgeon wants to speak to my consultant. I hope she lets me know if she finds him.
13:45 The pharmacist wants me to immediately rewrite 7 drug charts.
13:50 Bleeped to a medical emergency- run; patient in status, nurses have placed an oxygen mask without connecting it to oxygen supply. They called me after a few minutes of seizing, didn’t want to bother me. I ask if the patient is known to have epilepsy. They don’t know and the ward reg is in clinic. I ask for lorazepam, and his drug chart.
13:52 Extremely surprise myself by completing an A-E assessment, delivering buccal midazolam (I am not touching the rectal diazepam) and putting in a cannula.
13:54 Where the fuck is my lorazepam?
13:55 Lorazepam given, seizure stops. Ambulance arrive. I escape with thanks.
13:56 Bump into my consultant in the Foyer, waiting for his Uber Eats. He asks me if I’ve ordered in, too.
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2023.03.20 23:58 AznLynLe Men, what do you consider is a fair home role when your SO/Wife makes the most money?

So for context, my husband (36) and I (40f) have been married for 6 years, been together a total of 7. When we first dated, I was finishing up my last 2 years of college. I was becoming a secondary teacher. Because of certain circumstances, I was forced out by my ex-roommate and my husband offered me to move in with him and his two roommates, which they liked having me around anyway and we never had any problems. In our relationship, my husband was the one who made the money to pay the bills, etc. He supported me emotionally, mentally, and financially. And I wholeheartedly love him for that.
Eventually, I graduated and officially started my teaching career. He was a blue collar worker at the time and tried various jobs. I supported him mentally and emotionally because, to me, if I found my calling, then he should too! I didn’t mind earning the most money for the time being as long as we’re ok. We weren’t EXTREMELY comfortable, but we were happy and good.
One of his dreams is to be a professional gamer. In the last 3 years, we went to tournaments, built our own local FGC, and then some. We have Friday Fight nights where he has his friends come over to play matches. He recently got signed on to a small pro group (which is a win for us). He does live streaming on Tuesdays. He was really trying to put himself out there, and I’m ok with it.
He became a substitute teacher 2 years ago, and even got a job working 3pm-9pm in the produce department at our local grocery chain recently (the pay is $14.50/hr and that’s pretty high by our local standards). Him being exposed to the school system, he was recruited to be a volunteer coach for the up and coming teen esports team at the high school I teach at. I encourage him to do it since he has a lot of experience in esports.
Now, to the main point. We had always shared chores, and never really complained. However, this year is different. I ended up getting a second job because teachers really don’t get paid much. To explain, my end year stub shows that I made ~$52,000 for the year. BUT THAT’S GROSS PAY. What I actually brought home for NET PAY was ~$22,000. That is to pay for bills. I made the same amount of NET when I was still in college and was working part-time at $11.50/hr at 20 hours a week. Anyway, I work 40+ hours for school. And I work about 22+ hours at my second job. So, baseline, I work about ~62 hours a week. It got to the point where I missed out on chores and laundry and everything else.
My husband’s substitute job is a “make your own hours” type of concept. He actually gets to pick and choose what days, the school location, and grade level. His consistent job is with the produce department. He works 30 set hours a week. For the last 3 weeks or so, he didn’t really pick up any sub jobs.
Last night, he was complaining about chores and how he’s always the one who does them. I admit, there were times that I said I would help out, but didn’t follow through because I was tired and sleepy or tired and forgetful. We both got frustrated with each other and had a small argument about chores.
Honestly, what is the official fair home role when I make the most money and work the most hours? Do we still do 50/50? Or should he be pulling more weight around the home? I really need some perspectives and clarification from men.
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2023.03.20 23:57 Psychological-Bag835 Season 7 of BoJack Horseman, written by ChatGPT

Season 7 of Bojack Horseman picks up a few years after the events of season 6. Bojack has been living a relatively quiet life, working on a farm and trying to stay out of the public eye. However, his past comes back to haunt him when a new documentary is released about his life, revealing some dark secrets and bringing up painful memories.
As Bojack tries to come to terms with his past once again, he finds himself struggling to keep his head above water. His relationships with his friends and family are strained, and he begins to question whether he deserves to be happy after everything he's done.
Meanwhile, Diane is dealing with her own issues, as she tries to balance her writing career and her relationship with her new partner. Princess Carolyn is also facing new challenges, as she takes on a new role as a mother and tries to juggle her personal and professional life.
As the season progresses, Bojack and his friends are forced to confront their past mistakes and work through their own issues. The show continues to explore themes of addiction, mental health, and the impact of trauma on our lives.
The season finale brings all of the characters together for a final reckoning, as they confront their demons and try to find a way forward. The show ends on a bittersweet note, with Bojack finally coming to terms with his past and finding a new sense of purpose in his life.
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2023.03.20 23:55 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Visage, A Hat in Time, Tower Unite, Mega Man 11, CODE VEIN, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.03.20 23:54 NormalResort7237 This man beat me by 0.5 points for MVP

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2023.03.20 23:52 lordofsmiles Since my fellow glizz bro is getting bullied, I must post my progress as well

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2023.03.20 23:52 FocusLoud8015 My My Fun And Crazy "Scuffed" Mcc Ideas

What do you think would be in the "Scuffed" Mcc?
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2023.03.20 23:50 ZubiZone Texas Rangers tie the Guardians, Spring Training Scorebook (3-20-23)

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2023.03.20 23:49 BagelIBites Addiction amiright gamers?

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2023.03.20 23:48 Every-Cattle-4221 No way I’ve got a 5ft 1 regen 😂😂

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2023.03.20 23:44 DavidP0tato Twd fans I need your wisdom [spoilers]

I am rewatching the show because I didnt finish it 3 years ago. I stoped at season 5 and then got spoiled the so popular event that happened in sez 7 🏌
I also know that Carll dies.
From your experience with the series, besides what I just listed, is there anything exciting from sez 6-11 that I should look foward to?
(Also keep it spoiler free since I barely got myself to watch twd again with the spoilers ive gotten lmao.)
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2023.03.20 23:43 fganniversaries Fighting Game Anniversaries: Week 12 (March 20 - March 26)

Hey y'all, this is fganniversaries again. Like last week, I will be recapping anniversaries relating to fighting game announcements/releases this week. Like always, if I missed one, do please let me know in the comments. Here would be the following anniversaries:
March 20
March 21
March 22
March 23
March 24
March 25
March 26
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