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2023.05.30 22:01 Bhpe I am finally happy...

"Your mom got in a car crash", those were the words I heard coming from my phone, in the empty school hallway. A cold wave traveled through my body rapidly fast, my vision was starting to get blurry, my hearing got messed up, until I heard the words "Hey what're you doing, get back in my class!". Everything suddenly became normal. I heard the words "Sorry, Ms Smith" come out of my mouth forcefully, my legs started to forcefully walk into the classroom and sit down.
After class, as I was walking out of the classroom and finally into freedom, Ms Smith stopped me and said: "Young man, remember you have detention today!'. "B-but Ms smith", the words stopped coming out and I finally said "Fine".
At 3:15 I was already in detention, being tortured by boredom. After waiting for 2 hours, I finally was released.
It was dark outside, since it was winter. No one was on the streets, I was alone... I wanted to get this over with fast, I took a step, then another and proceeded to walk faster. As I was walking past the old abandoned house, which kids were scared of, a hand grabbed my arm from behind, and Screamed "Do you want to be happy?". I started to run in fear, and when looking back I saw a humanoid being, that was way too large to be human, with arms longer then me myself. It started to run towards me, I also ran, but no matter how fast I was running, IT was running faster.
In the distance, I could see a car, I didn't care, I ripped the door open, sat inside, and Screamed "Drive!" The car drove and led me back to my house, even though I never told the driver where I lived.
As I entered the house I saw my depressed dad eating a bacon sandwich by himself, he looked at me, and then looked down at his depressing sandwich. I went straight to bed, even though it was 7 pm.
Next morning I went into the kitchen and saw a stairway, the stairway was going upwards out of the house. I saw my dad going up them. Everything flashed Infront of my eyes, and I saw my dad hanging from the ceiling on a rope. I didn't know what to do except normally sit down and make myself breakfast. At 7 pm I went out of my house to school, leaving my hanged dad behind.
This time in School I would try to get detention, I wanted to see the large humanoid figure again...
At 5 pm I was walking out of school, past the abandoned house, when that same creature grabbed my hand and asked me that same question. "Do you want to be happy?", This time the voice was calm. I said "Yes, take me with you!". It took my hand and we both walked down a stairway leading to the ground. That same cold feeling went through my body, I didn't know where it would take me, I had no idea, when I arrived, I saw this would be my eternity. I had no chance to go back, in a weird way, I was happy...
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2023.05.30 22:00 Alsea- Shame spirals

I’ve been working on healing my cptsd and autism but I’m in a really bad shame spiral rn. I notice that when bad things start happening, I catastrophize and panic which ends up with me into a shame spiral.
My parents and grandma would sometimes downplay things or couldn’t afford to fix them when I was kid. For example, me and my mom already have an issue with the plumbing in our house but can’t afford for get it fixed and now we have a flat tire to deal with. Being out of control just makes me so afraid and insane. Im trying to have faith and see clearly but I can’t take it. Every time this happens I lose my grip on reality. I find that procrastination or anything that derails my basic needs really triggers me. The shame kicks in and I start calling myself names and feeling suicidal ideation. I feel really guilty because I feel like all my progress in therapy goes out of the window. I just feel terrible about myself when things are out of my control
Any ideas on how to deal with this? Or anyone else struggle with this?
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2023.05.30 22:00 ColdBlackWater A day at the races

My mate and I lived in a rural village in Cumbria and at the weekends in the summer we used to go exploring in the fields and forests out the back of his house.
There were miles and miles of farmers' fields, old barns, quarries, tracks, and old train lines to explore. We were about twelve at the time and were walking across a huge field and were stood pretty much in the middle of it, maybe half a mile away from anything other than just grass.
As we walked we noticed a pack of maybe twenty dogs running across the side of a hill on the horizon. We watched as they pounded along from left to right across the side of a hill, about a mile away from where we were stood.
We continued watching as they turned to their right and began to head in our direction, going out of view as they went into a dip in the ground. A few seconds later the first couple of dogs leapt over a fence about half a mile away from us heading straight in our direction.
We just stood there not moving, staring at them closing in. As they cleared the fence some of the dogs caught their back legs and flipped over, only to get straight up and keep running towards us.
It was a scary sight.
We basically shat ourselves right there and then and turned around to run in the opposite direction, heading towards relative safety -- a fence behind which was a section of forest. After running on the lumpy ground for a few seconds I remember turning around to see the dogs still racing towards us.
We both knew we would never make the fence line in time and pretty much just started crying whilst running.
I can remember now almost just giving up and resigning myself to my fate as I could hear the dogs only a few metres away. I turned away not looking at them and continued running, expecting to be knocked down and mauled any second.
We were in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a field, being chased by twenty dogs in the mid-distance.
I've never been so scared.
However -- as they approached, they just curved right past us and didn't pay any notice to us whatsoever, and continued on their merry way.
We had, we later realized, managed to move straight across the aniseed trail the farmers use to mark out race courses for their hound dogs, who were pretty much running along it -- as the two of us tried to "escape".
Regardless, the buzz immediately afterwards was immense!
edited for clarity
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2023.05.30 21:59 NerdWithoutGlasses_ I'm in love with my best friend. He already has a Gf

So i (25F) had a male flatmate (25M), we went to the same University. We became friends really quick after we started staying together ( there were 2 other people in the house). We bonded over food, cooking, music, drinks you name it. He started doing things like really out of his way for me. For example i just mentioned in passing that I love peaches. He walked almost 4-5km in sweltering heat just to get them for me. He planned the most elaborate b'day with loads of thougtful gifts for me. Now he told a friend of mine he likes me & she coveyed it to me. At the time I got flustered, I had gone through a messy breakup & he was my best friend I just didn't want to complicate things. So i told her no i only saw him as a friend. That was it, he never approached me romantically or even in any touchy feely way. We continue to be great friends. About 3 months later he starts dating another girl. This was with about 5 months remaining to university so i always assumed it was you know like a last fling before college ends. It's been about 10 months or so & they're still together. We no longer stay together since we're done with university. Him & I are in the same city, his gf is in another. We do hangout & talk, I love his family. And now i think i made a great mistake rejecting him. I do really think we could be something long term if we got together but I don't have the balls to say anything considering i turned him down once & now that he has a gf it just seems like a very mean thing to do. What do you guys think I should do, say something, keep my mouth shut, wait & watch???? Help 😭
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2023.05.30 21:59 JhonnyDeezwhat Traveling alone to the DRC to follow the congo river

I'm planning my trip now.
I would love to do mostly nature hikes and camping around or not too far outside of Kinshasa. My main goal is too see the congolese country, people and jungle. Is it safe to rent a car and drive from village to village and plan my camp nights accordingly ? ( rooftop tent install). Is this possible ? Can't seem to find a lot of info.
How is the safety when outside of the city ? And inside the city ? Can i as a foreigner just walk around the city in local areas ?
Can i go to villages and be welcomed there witouth issue as in my travels in morocco ? ( some saw me setting up a tent during winter and told me to sleep in their house, as their culture is very kind to guests and they would not allow me to sleep outside. Lovely !)
I'm fluent in french. 28 y/o man. I have traveled trough tanzania, morocco, rwanda, Uganda.
Please don't come at me with the typical worst case scenario's, I don't believe it.😅. Unless it actually happens very often.
I was told the same thing for every South american country i traveled trough, in reality, as long as you are respectful they were really helpful and decent people. Also keeping a sharp mind and logical thinking takes you a long way.
Greetings !
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2023.05.30 21:59 UghAreWeThereYet Carpenter Bee pest control?

We're the lucky recipients of Carpenter bees this year. We've tried a lot of online and "home remedies" with absolutely zero luck in eradicating them from our (cedar) siding. We also have areas on the house that we aren't able to reach even with a ladder.
Can anyone recommend a pest control company that has successfully treated and removed them? I've called a few local ones but no one that seems to have a confident treatment plan for dealing with them.
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2023.05.30 21:58 42webs Part 2 of my Acererak Podcast

Part 2 of my Acererak Podcast
I do a podcast called the Dastardly Decimal System. It's a lore podcast in which we look at the official villains of D&D (among other systems as well like PF, WoD or any system in between). Each episode we look at one of these epic BBEG and examine their history, abilities and lore.
Ep 8: In Part 2, We return to the story of Acererak. Last time we focused on his past with Vecna. This time we look at his malicious machinations and his horrific death filled dungeons. Tombs of Horrors and the Tomb of Nine Gods
Thanks in advance for the listen! Apple Podcasts · Stitcher · Spotify · Amazon Music · Google Podcasts
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2023.05.30 21:58 vegabassoonseacake Hyperoptic B2B 1gb Fibre Coupon Code

You may get Hyperoptic B2B 1gb Fibre Coupon Code from this link. Finding a real Hyperoptic B2B 1gb Fibre Coupon Code might be hard sometimes. At there, you may get free discount code and offers for online stores and in stores. Also, daily deals and sales are available always.
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2023.05.30 21:58 IsabellaGalavant My sister-in-law has cancer. She is married to the worst person I know, and I do NOT want to raise his children. [Rant]

I'm childfree. Have been all my life (and now I'm fixed so no "changing my mind"), my husband knows this and agrees.
My husband's brother is the worst person I know. A narcissistic, Trump-loving, conspiracy theorist nutjob that takes every possible opportunity to be an asshole to anyone and everyone. He once said I was the worst thing to ever happen to my husband (baseless, especially at the time when I was supporting my husband through college). He has not and never will apologize for that, and I don't expect him to. This is the same fucking guy that pointed a gun at his own father and threatened to shoot him while drunk (to "send him to" their older brother that died when he was 19) and copped a charge for discharging a weapon inside a residence (he didn't shoot dad but he did fire the gun).
Anyway, he met and started dating a really nice girl a few years ago, and they've had 2 children together (I don't know how he trapped her into this, she even complains about what an asshole he is), Boy[under 2yr] and Girl[5 months]. Unfortunately, SIL was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Of course I'm here for her and she's not going to fight this alone. But her prognosis isn't good, and she has a low rate of survivability. I'm just being realistic (but would never ever say anything like that to her of course, only support coming from me over here).
My husband and I are the only family members that would be in any kind of position to take the kids, if the worst happens (my husband thinks BIL would "unalive" himself if SIL dies, which I don't agree with, because I know he'd rather use her death to milk as much sympathy as possible, which sounds fucked up but trust me, that's the kind of person he is).
I do not want to raise his children. I don't want to raise any children, but his especially. My mother-in-law is already trying to pressure us into taking the kids "to bond", but they're literally both under 2 years old, I'm not changing their fucking diapers and getting spit up on. She keeps trying to drop them off at our (completely un-baby-proofed, extremely messy and dangerous) house, keeps forcing my husband to go to their house and babysit, etc. I just know she's doing this because she wants us to be basically their primary caregivers if SIL dies. BIL is already pretty uninvolved according to SIL, so that is not a far-fetched assumption on my part.
MIL thinks that I only don't have kids because I can't, not because I don't want to (even though I've corrected her on that many times, and my husband and I were together for 10 years before I had my hysterectomy, if I had wanted a kid, I'd have had one). So she thinks that of course I want to be around the babies and potentially raise them. She will not accept the reality that BIL and I don't get along and never will (be doesn't get along with my husband either, for the record, they barely talk) and that I am not interested in being more than a cool aunt that drops by on holidays and birthdays. And I only do THAT because I like SIL. If it weren't for her, we (me and husband) wouldn't interact with them at all. Like, it's not their fault he's their father, but that's the reality. I already cut my narcissistic family out of my life, I have no problems cutting him and the kids out if I could and no I don't care if that makes me sound like a monster.
Sorry for the rambling, I'm just so annoyed at the whole situation. I feel for SIL of course and Idon't want to make her cancer about me, but holy shit I'm not trying to raise 2 kids that aren't even mine. (My husband also agrees that he doesn't want to raise them, but it could come down to us or foster care.)
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2023.05.30 21:58 Ok_Supermarket_6802 Childcare / daycare options abroad

My partner accepted an A100 invite for July. We have an infant who will be a little over one in the new year. We're set for daycare in DC during A100. What have people done at post? We're aware that in many countries, hiring a nanny or someone to help around the house is very common, and sometimes the expectation. But I'd love to know about daycare options and what folks have done with toddlers. Presumably, we could enroll in a local daycare if there isn't one specifically for FSOs already. Our son loves the social element of daycare and we think it's been working out really well - would hate to deprive him of that.
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2023.05.30 21:58 djazzie Should I sell my investment property and buy a farm?

Back in 2021, I came into some cash and was able to purchase an investment property. I bought a 2 bd apartment in a quiet and private development, a 10 minute walk from my residence. It was a great deal, as we bought a fixer upper. We put about €5-6k into fixing and furnishing it, and have been renting it out since. We net about €300/month, so we’re really essentially breaking even when you account for taxes and repairs (though nothing major has been needed yet).
However, the real estate market in my city has exploded. By one estimate, if I sold my apartment today, I could make anywhere from 10-50% on our initial investment (my guess is that it’d probably end up being about 20-35%).
At the same time, my wife and I have been yearning to buy a small farm. One where we could go to on the weekends, spend time fixing up, and just enjoy.
It’s entirely feasible that we could sell the apartment and find something that we like and is in good enough condition that we could essentially pay for in cash without having to do major structural work. The downside is that it’s likely that a country property won’t appreciate nearly as fast, and probably will cost more for upkeep in the long run. We could potentially put it on Airbnb as well to make up some of the difference.
It feels like the economy is slowing down so I’m not even sure if this would be the right time to sell. Housing still is fairly hot in my area, though it’s probably a little slower than it has been recently.
How should I gauge the right time to sell? Or should I just keep it for when I’m ready to retire? By then, it’ll be paid off and I can live there mortgage free.
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2023.05.30 21:58 gg8414 I’m ready to make an offer…next steps?

I am close to putting in an offer with an agent for a house that is on market. Once I make the offer, what are the next steps? I’m looking to wholesale to an end buyer. Does the agent write an offer for me to sign or do I provide paperwork? Should I disclose I want to assign the contract? Do I need to be represented i.e. buyer’s agent if I plan to wholesale? I don’t want to blow the deal due to my incompetence. Thanks
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2023.05.30 21:58 AutoModerator Paul Xavier - 30 Day Course Creator (Program)

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2023.05.30 21:58 TheREALFlyDog Well, looks like those Albertans found one way to replace their old paper health cards.

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2023.05.30 21:57 rusty_davenport PEX-A Manifold

PEX-A Manifold
Carpenter here moonlighting as a plumber. I just wrapped up a new 1" main, manifold and partial repipe of my home. The re-pipe was neccessary to remove cpvc, bad galv, and relocate the waterheater. It is located in the basement of a 2 story house. Water pressure is around 75psi and I have an expansion tank but no pressure regulating valve.
Def falls on the "not totally neccessary, OCD run wild" side of things but it brings me peace. What do you think? Any glaringly obvious f-ups?
The other question for me is how to seal the main as it passes through the foundation. I caulked and cemented a pvc sleeve into the foundation and sprayfoamed around the main inside the sleeve. I was planning to coat all that with polyurethane caulking to further waterproof the penetration since its about 18" below grade. Then I read that sprayfoam and polyurethane caulking is not compatible with PEX. do you seal around pex below grade?
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2023.05.30 21:57 No-Shirt-484 Thanks - Kettlebell follow up

I wrote a few months back an article titled Kettlebell Explosion. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the encouraging words. Also, the journaling from that article (and some journaling I did later) was especially helpful for me in reflecting on the years of abuse I suffered from my wife and finally putting an end to a miserable relationship. Just finished the settlement agreement last week. It’s been a slough, and we still have to interact for a few months as we negotiate the sale of the house, but I feel like I’m on the downhill side of things. It has been an eye opening experience to say the least. Thanks again!
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2023.05.30 21:57 Key-Ad9733 I can't pick a character!

I have two great character ideas, but I cannot decide which of the two to play, so I'm asking for opinions here!
Character 1 is CG rock gnome druid (circle of the shepherd) named Badger. The druid would be a hermit that dwells in the woods outside town somewhere. He keeps tabs on the area by talking to the birds and such, he tries to advise people when and where to best plant crops or cut trees, and about when it was a bad time to build fires and stuff. If they ignore him he will give them a hard time with pranks and maybe worse... Like sicking rust monsters on a lumber camp to eat their tools. He means no harm, and wants to protect the natural spaces while also helping the community grow.
Character 2 is Simon, a NG human paladin (oath of valor). The Paladin would be a folk hero. A carpenter and helps build houses and raise barns and things. He is a natural protector for anyone who is week or being bullied even if the perceived bully is a legal authority (hence neutral and not lawful). He is quiet about his own achievements and prefers to let his legend grow by word of mouth from the people he has helped with their problems, but he does despense some rustic sounding wisdom that may not be entirely serious, saying things like 'Well grandmother always said that a beaver's life is just one dam project after another' or 'money talks, but usually it's to say goodbye'. He is still an oath bound man of honor, but the kind that Will tell you a dirty joke while getting shit faced on whiskey.
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2023.05.30 21:57 ddwdk What to do when dentist office quotes not align with EOB

Greetings. I(CA/US) recently got a toothache that was so bad I went to a earliest available out of network work office for exam. They said I need two root canals and many fillings and give me a quote around $8000 out of pocket.
Days later I went to my in network office and they quoted me around $9000 (it also include a broken tooth extraction and a deep cleaning along with the two root canal and fillings). Obviously I was a bit shocked. I looked at the quotes and noticed the out of pocket cost before insurance adjustment is $23,000. I asked no matter how bad my insurance plan is, how can you charge almost double than other dentists unless your filling is made of gold. I knew they were trying to double dip but I was trying my best to be polite. They said it is what it is.
I went home and read my insurance copay schedule(which I thought should be the same thing as EOB?) and immediately saw the discrepancies. Now I wondering how can I tell them to adjust the quote in the most not confronting way. I may sound delusional but I want to be nice with them because I still haven't got the treatment and I fear they may retaliate by half assing my treatment for losing them money.
My plan is california dental network DHMO btw. Only a few dentist in my area accept this plan so I don't really have options to change office.
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2023.05.30 21:57 AcronymTheSlayer Why are we like this? The delhi murder is gut wrenching.

I am unable to get the video out of my head. I keep thinking how easy it could have been to save the kid. Yes, she was a kid. A sixteen year old kid, the same age as my little sister. She would have just completed her 10th boards and this is what she gets after such a cumbersome year? This?
If only the red tshirt man had stuck around and helped after the first try. If only the others seeing the red tshirt dude have joined in and subdued that murderer. If only they had called for help. The could have shouted in a group, thrown stones, alerted more people, made a mob. Got a lathi or borrowed a knife from someone's house. This happened in a street full of houses not some dusty abandoned place.
The murderer did not stop after stabbing the kid 20 times. No, he kept kicking and jumping on her dead (or was she alive? barely grasping to life) body and brutalising it. But even that was not enough, he had to make sure his anger was sated 'cause she broke up/denied him. How could a woman, someone lesser not fall over begging for a man's love? He came back and then again kept brutalising her body. The people kept watching and moving on and only a poor stray dog remained there the longest seeing the real beasts that resides in this world.
Why are we like this? Why are we so apathetic to a woman's pain in this country? Animals, who we treat like shit have more empathy than people around us. They say we have to live in this society so conform to it or the society will never aid you. Lies, they have always been big fat lies but this, this just proves it. Indian masses will only unite together to throw sticks and stones on you, never help you.
We, Indian women are not even second class citizens here. We are not even human in their eyes. Our bodies are nothing but a trophy, a possession that is meant to belong to a man. Never loved, never cared.
Reading comments and threads have done nothing but made me lose hope further. People are saying it's the kid, the 16 year old kid's fault that she was murdered for talking to a guy at evening/night. That is was her fault for being involved with a 20 year old. For leading him on. For breaking his heart. How can people ask these questions? I don't expect anything from men but I have seen women comment how she should have not talked to guys and this would not have happened and the same old acche ghar ki ladkiya dialogue.
Our judiciary is going to fail again and the outrage will die in a hot minute. It will take years and years for him to even get a sentence (if he even does). If this murderer was below 18, high chances are that he would have been given a slap on the wrist and let loose (nirbhaya case minor is still out there somewhere living his life when she is dead). The delhi case where the girl was chopped and bagged is still getting sentenced, the hyderabad rapists are all back to their lavish life 'cause money and political connections are everything. There is no law.
Why are we women like this? Why are we still accepting this treatment? Why have we not radicalised by now? I do not think we could survive without it in this country. We let men run their mouth with 'not all men' and shit like 'ohh you get alimony and laws are in your favour' when this is our ground reality? That we are nothing, absolutely nothing.
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2023.05.30 21:57 starlord2802 CPT Internship

Hello fellow San Francisco Bay Area people. I am an international student looking for a CPT role in the Bay Area. I’m pursuing my masters now in International Business and Business Analytics. I am looking for a paid internship which relates to Customer Success/Sales Development. I have worked as a Customer Success Consultant at a startup where I was able to reduce customer product issues by 10%. Handled a large volume of customers every day providing them a first call resolution. I look forward to increase my domain knowledge and upskill myself through this CPT role. Do guide me to any opportunities that you know of, would be really helpful to me!
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2023.05.30 21:57 MrSluagh Deus ex Machina

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2023.05.30 21:57 jc_223 [USA-OH] [H] WKL KBD8X MK2 Build [W] PayPal

EDIT: May be interested in splitting so if you are interested in either the board or the keycaps let me know and we can work something out.
I have a KBD8X MK2 build for sale today.
Specs are as follows: WKL PolyCarb case, Brass plate, Gateron Oil King switches, Durock V2 stabs lubed with 205G0 on the housings and dielectric on the wires, brass weight, and GMK Red Samurai full base kit, and matching coiled aviator cable. Will also include KBDFans carrying case.
Light shine on the caps.
NOTE: The cable is a custom made cable, not the one available from Drop.
$300 shipped CONUS OBO.
Already posted on MechMarket
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