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2023.03.20 22:34 Ghostacide Kadri Team of the Season?

Curious to see what you guys think about the possibility of Kadri getting a TotS card. I don’t remember exactly what happened during the fantasy event, but it sounds like his card kind of got screwed by starting so low, and had he started near where others started that were released later he could have been a 99 by now. Let me know your thoughts!
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2023.03.20 22:33 overwhelmed2290 I think I'm causing my surgery to fail and I need help.

Hi everyone. I had my surgery Feb. 28th, started at 233. Lost 10 lbs before surgery and 10 lbs a week after.. I was on my best behavior the first two weeks. Stayed on liquids, no cheating.. Then I started my soft food diet. Was good for half of the first week. Had mashed potatoes (doctor approved because of softness) the first three days, day 4 had a grilled cheese on keto bread and was surprised I could finish the whole thing; days 5 and 6, I ate pretty heavy, having chicken that I chewed down to the best of my ability (still have to work on eating slower though), and a handful of french fries (I know, that's a no no). But other than that my snacks have been either sugar free or very low carb. At the most 8 grams of carbs and had the tiniest piece of cake on my sister's birthday, that I would guess was between 10-15 grams of carbs. Other than I haven't been snacking or eating sweets or junk food. I eat until I feel some throbbing, maybe take one more bite, then I stop, wait a while take one or two more bites, and repeat, then stop all together. I noticed a weight "stall" about a week ago, the first week of soft foods at 213 lbs. And today is the first day of week two of soft foods. And yesterday, after having half of a, which I admit, a heavy chicken sandwich, my weight has gone up two pounds (from 213, one week stall, to 215 as of today). I definitely can eat more than I thought I would be able to, but am still limited of course.. I don't exercise or at least have not yet incorporated it into my daily routine yet because I've been so focused on getting this food thing and protein intake down. But I don't think lack of exercise would be the problem, because I'm sure majority of people have lost their weight just through the food itself. But again, I will eventually be adding it. From what I've described, has my eating been that bad, that the two pound jump shouldn't be a surprise? I'm so angry at myself if I'm already causing this surgery to fail and I would like to stop it now and get back on track. And I've been having an extreme problem getting my protein in. I have not yet had a full day where I've gotten at least 60 grams of protein. Any advice for that would be a major help as well because protein shakes are just not it for me. Please help. Thank you to everyone for their input in advance.
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2023.03.20 22:32 pupped303 36m Taking loads, face down ass up now near city park. 6 loads in me already, come by and add urs now

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2023.03.20 22:32 ArunaLikathinas Why is it so common for Moroccan women to marry out to White European/American Christian men?

Out of all Middle Eastern/North African people, I have come across, it is usually Moroccan women who tend to marry out the most. I understand Morocco is one of the least religious countries in the world. But it does surprise me that it is so common for Moroccan women to marry out to White American/European Christian men. Why is it so common? White Western Christian women very rarely marry out and East and Southeast Asian women generally do marry but they don’t do it nowhere near as much as Moroccan women do.
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2023.03.20 22:32 Doots9160 Is console still waiting on the promotion update?

Been keeping an eye on it as since I moved platforms it would help catch me up to where I was. But there's been radio silence about it for nearly 2 weeks.
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2023.03.20 22:31 Important_Bug3320 i Don't think there is a lot of awareness about Sleep Apnea considering how bad this condition is

I think i got it since i was in shape i had all symptoms regarding yet i was always told it was mental issues or Lazyness, it got to a point where i wake up everyday with headache and dizziness and permanent chest pain that i got finally diagnosed with it.
Let me tell you it is hell on earth, my chest is constantly in pain, i have out of this world hunger i know what it feels like to lose weight but this hunger is insane i also have to eat otherwise i have no energy at all idk what to do anymore i really wanna end it all because everything else is also going to shit.
I believe awareness should be spread about it i am pretty sure also teens can get it.
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2023.03.20 22:31 mozturkeri I don't know how to express my [18M] feelings to my platonic [18F]

My friend (she) and I met school at nearly 5 years ago. She witnessed my last relationship, saw all stuff that happened to me. Even I called her and talked about my ex, asked for advices.
After months I fell in love with her. I never told it. She thought we're just friends but it was not like that for me. A few weeks ago she said she don't want to stay friend with me. Then that night a huge earthquake happened at my country (Turkey, 7.7). She called me and said 'I did wrong things, we're good friends.'
And we have a meeting tomorrow morning. I don't know how to express my feelings to her. I don't know how to treat her. I don't have an idea what to do. Just need some help!
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2023.03.20 22:31 BarRecent3324 I (M21) most likely impregnated my partner (F23) and I fear the consequences of my actions.

I've never had to deal with something as serious as this in my whole life and currently both me and M ( my partner) are freaking out. I come from a south Asian background while M is polish. We are also co workers at work so this doesn't help the situation. We've been best friends for a while and last year we started hooking up together. Last Saturday as usual we were hooking up until the condom fell off and since we were really passionate at the time, none of us noticed until the deed was done. To make matters worse she is very near to her ovulation (if it already hasn't happened yet). She took a pill today since Sunday every pharmacy was closed. She showed many signs of ovulation today and we both are freaking out right now. I know her family will understand but I'm fearing how to break the news to my family is everything goes downhill. It's still too early to tell if she's pregnant or not but the chances of us becoming parents are kinda high. We both haven't graduated university and both do minimum wage jobs in London where inflation is rising rapidly. We don't even know how to provide for a baby and it feels like our future is about to crumble. It doesn't help that I come from a very strict religious background. I'd like some suggestions regarding how to help or get through this situation without crumbling down. I don't intend to abandon her or the baby if it comes to that.
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2023.03.20 22:30 Simple_Tank_3684 About to finish uni, last ever summer of "freedom", what would you do?

Hey, very long post so sorry about that.
I'm in my final few weeks at a Russel group university. Minus a few essays I'm effectively done. I've worked a lot throughout my degree so I'm in a decent place. Got about 12.5k saved in total, realistically will get a 1st in business and management and have a job for a graduate scheme at a big 4 which starts in September. I did a placement year with them last year so know what it's like/ what to expect too.
Throughout my degree I've been working at the careers office at my uni, and they've given me 30 hours a week until mid July when I formally graduate. I can work remotely, so those 30 hours are without a commute, and roughly equate into a 20ish-k salary, and I'll do the hours over 4 days a week and the work is pretty chilled and I have a really great team. It'll be 7.5 hours a day, so I can be done by 4pm on those 4 days, so very little stress.
I have worked really hard, but I am also very fortunate to be in the position that I am in. I am now basically struggling with what to do with my "FIRE" mind versus my "I am 23 and want to live a bit mind". I am very happy doing the 30 hours over 4 days, but originally was planning on also getting a coffee shop job for an 3 extra days work a week to earn more cash. I was then hoping that this could be full time from mid July until the big 4, as I currently have a 6 week gap. However, I have an odd gut feeling not to do this. I may just be being lazy? But a part of me thinks that this is realistically the last big chunk of free time I'll have for a very long time and I'm wondering if I should just enjoy the time off and work on some other things? I also need to move to Edinburgh in those 6 weeks from London, so could enjoy the Fringe if I get there a bit early.
I wanted to go to New York with a friend for a week over the summer (probably £2k), I wanted to buy myself the massive iPad as a well done present for myself for being the first in my family to get a 1st/finishing my degree (£1100) and I also wanted to put £1000 into a bunch of new clothes/health related things. In the last month I've started going to the gym 6 days a week and eating really healthy; this costs more too but I feel so much better. I'm 6 foot 2 so tend to eat a lot which is pricey sadly. With my grad job I'll get a £7k interest free loan too, so "including" this I'll have about £20k in total saved by Christmas (or 13k without ) and this assumes that I make those above purchases. If I don't it'll be £5k more. I also wanted to spend some time learning more German (already speak a good amount) as well as some Spanish too. My mum lives quite centrally in London as well so I can be there which is awesome. I also wanted to learn to video edit and a few other things, maybe a bit of personal training to make sure I don't break my back in the gym too.
I was thinking about trying to do a secondment to New York in 3-4 years time and would love to check it out again to make sure I'd be making a good decision going there. I went in December but stayed at a friend's house so it was only £1k in total, but this time I'll be in a hotel so reckon it'll be about £2k (for my share as I'll split with my friend).
I am basically wondering if I've gone insane? I'm extremely FIRE/money minded normally and feel almost ridiculous planning all of that.. and yet I feel like at the end of the day it might not make a big difference anyway? I'll hopefully be a chartered accountant in 2-3 years on £40-50k anyway with a fairly high earning potential. Am I being stupid considering this? What would you do? And I'm not meaning for any of this to come off as arrogant and I hope it isn't. I'm extremely grateful to be where I am. But if I work 6 to 7 days a week and don't buy those things I'll end up with an extra 10k or so by Christmas, but for some reason I just really cannot be bothered to have yet another boss/back in a coffee shop (which I've done a huge amount of in the past) and think it might be best to just try and have an awesome summer before a pretty intense grad scheme. What would you do? Sorry for the huge post but this is going over and over in my mind and I'm struggling to make a decision.
TLDR: should I be financially stupid yet life my life? 23m
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2023.03.20 22:29 ThePublicYeeter My best friend cut me off completely because her ex doesn't want me in her life.

We'll call her K. K and I have been friends for nearly a year now and have been FWB but there were clearly feelings both ways the whole time. Out of nowhere she told me yesterday that she's back with her ex and that she loves this man. The worst part is that he doesn't want her hanging out with me because of our history so she doesn't want me in her life in any capacity. Just like that, I'm supposed to accept the loss of my best friend and also not get upset that I got discarded like I'm garbage. I called her and talked to her for a while, but no matter what I said, she doesn't understand why I feel hurt and like I didn't matter to her at all.
Am I misunderstanding the situation or is she in the wrong here? Looking for actual input.
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2023.03.20 22:29 InformationPlus3371 I 23F with 27M don’t know if this relationship is worth saving

My partner and I have been together for alittle over a year and a half. He’s 27 and I’m 23. In the beginning things were great, he was such a great communicator and made a lot of effort to make things work, despite me not being the best partner due to my overthinking and past relationship trauma. He was super patient through it all, planned dates, would come see me 2-3 times a week despite having to drive 1.5 hours each way since I don’t drive yet.
Things started to really change April of 2022, he was extremely distant, would not really communicate during arguments would either shut down/ give me the silent treatment or dismiss the conversation. He wouldn’t come or bring up going out unless I ask, and lessened it to only making the drive 1x a week, I would go to him 1x a week as well and he would drive me home. I’m someone that likes to talk about things right away and come up with a solution so this behavior put me under a lot of stress, when we would argue I would cry and not be able to eat. I It went on for months I went from being 145 to 123 pounds. Of course there were times he would really try which is what kept me going.
A couple months ago I suspected him of cheating so I went through his credit card statements, I saw a dinner transaction at a time when he told me he’s taking a nap. when I confronted him he denied it and said it was with coworkers and for angry with me for invading his privacy which this part I get, but he also lied so it’s like. He’s still holding onto the narrative and even had a coworker confirm through a voice recording. He said he lied about taking a nap because there were going to be female coworkers there and he didn’t want to upset me since we agreed to not hang out with coworkers of the opposite sex outside of work. I still don’t believe it but he offered to share his location with me to prove he’s not doing anything so I tried to make things work since I was also wrong for snooping.
It’s been about 2 months I still feel uneasy about the situation, even though he’s been trying to plan more dates, be more reassuring, talking through arguments instead of shutting down. But it still hasn’t been like it was in the beginning, his patience was what attracted him to me in the first place. His excuse is always we’re past the honeymoon stage so it won’t be the same.
We recently got into a argument this time I didn’t try to fight for the relationship because I am drained, he ended up confessing that he’s been less affectionate and less willing to fix things because he’s not attracted to the weight loss.
I told him how much this hurt me, he apologized he said that wasn’t his intention but he wants to make sure I’m really trying to gain my weight back since he makes sure he looks good for me by going to the gym, which he was already doing. I do look noticeably different from 8 months ago since I lost my hips and my clothes don’t fit anymore.
He also said I’ve said mean things to him that he was able to get over so he knows this is something I can move past as well, he wants things to work which is why is being honest & transparent.
But if we’re talking about marriage, there’s couples who go through physically altering experiences like accidents, cancers who still show their partner the same love and affection. Why should things change over 20 pounds, especially if it was caused by his toxic behaviors.
I get attraction levels fluctuate but it shouldn’t change your attitude towards the person you love.
Should I see this as a deal breaker or can I stick through and make it work?
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2023.03.20 22:28 omniscientclown Last week I had a diabetic seizure due to hypoglycemia. Here's my experience and what I learned

Hi all! Last week I had a very scary experience with a low blood sugar, and I'd like to share my experience and also maybe issue some warnings. To start, I am 26F and have had T1D since I was 4 years old. Overall, my bloodsugars are mostly controlled (A1C~6.5). I am on the Medtronic 770G pump/sensor. However, at the time of this event, I was not wearing the sensor as I had lost my transmitter during travelling a week or so prior and hadn't gotten around to ordering a new one. This is the first time I had an experience like this in my memory. This will be long but it's important to see how easily this can happen and how to avoid mistakes that can lead to it. When I google information, it seems like sometimes a diabetic seizure can just be mild symptoms like confusion, sweating, but mine progressed into a full-blown seizure. (Read for some more information.. I feel like I’ve never been formally educated on this in all my years of being a diabetic)
So last Thursday night my blood sugar was high 200s and not going down after bolus, but then I realized I had to change my site anyway so maybe that's why. Changed site, gave a little more insulin, kept checking every 30 mins-1hr or so and it was now in the 300s and not going down. At this point I decided to change my site again and lo and behold, the tube was bent and not even in my skin. Put on a new site, gave the amount of insulin to treat >300 BG since I knew I hadn't gotten any insulin for hours at that point. It was late and I was tired, so I waited until I knew for sure my BG was going down before I went to sleep. It was going down so slowly, but once it hit 240 around 1am I was too tired and knew it would be fine as it's obviously going down. I put a juice by my bedside in the event I overcorrected since I ALWAYS wake up when my bloodsugar gets too low while sleeping.
Well, not this time. The next time I woke up was around 4 am to 4 paramedics in my room. My partner had to fill me in on the details and thanks to him this all turned out okay. So I guess around 3:30am, my partner woke up to me banging my arm on the nightstand (I was laying on my side). He said I was thrashing pretty violently, and while he has no prior experiences with seizures, he assumed that's what was happening. I wasn't coherent and my eyes were open but not looking at anything. So he got up to check on me and I was half hanging off the bed, so he moved me more on the bed and then realized how sweaty I was. That's always a big indication for me that my bloodsugar is very low. So at this point he did figure I was having a seizure, but then also realized my BG was low, but at this point he hadn't put everything together. He checked my BG.. he actually tried to do it in my upper thigh at first because my arms were moving too much. Didn't work though but he did get it from my finger. My meter just read "Call 911" instead of giving a number. So here he said that within 40 seconds he learned low blood sugars can cause seizures! What a great way to learn, through experience lol. He said I thrashed pretty violently for maybe like 5 mins, then eventually it changed to smaller tremors and during this whole time I was in/out of consciousness. So he called 911 as the meter instructed, and medics were there within 4 mins.
Here I should point out, that yes, this would've been a good time for a glucagon treatment. While I do have one, it was expired, and my partner didn't exactly know where it was. So instead of wasting time looking for it, while he was on phone with the operator he put some sugar in my mouth to let it soak into my gums (note- at this point I wasn't fully seizing anymore and I was still on my side, and since the sugar melts he figured it was safe enough to put in my mouth as it wasn't much. I'm still not sure if this is the best idea, but we plan to get a sugar gel in case it ever happens again).
So once the medics arrived, they gave me a glucagon shot (at least we assume, my partner wasn't sure and was overwhelmed) and some glucose gel. After this they checked my BG and it was 20! So it must have been even lower before that. I think the lowest my BG has ever been is like 35ish? I guess at this point I was cooperating but still mostly out of it, and I don't remember this. I started coming to a couple of minutes later and I thought I was dreaming that there were medics in my room. Then I realized I had a terrible, sweet taste in my mouth, and I scratched my nose and felt sugar around my mouth. At this point I realized it was not a dream, and I am being treated for a bad low. I started communicating with the medics and my partner at this point, but no one necessarily told me everything that happened. Then they gave me an IV of some clear glucose liquid. I remember it took awhile for them to find a good vein and I also remember not feeling it at all. Then they started asking me questions (Name, date, who's the president, etc) and I was able to answer. They said this IV is supposed to raise my BG really fast and then I need actual food to keep it up. To give you an idea, it went up to 350 while getting the IV, and within a couple minutes it was already back down to 240ish. I had a couple of granola bars (I was starving at this point, wanting to do a low binge). At this point they also explained I had a seizure due to the low blood sugar which definitely surprised me. Medics stayed a couple more mins to ensure I was stable and offered to take me to hospital, but at that point I was all there and my BG started equilibrating, so I declined. I talked to my partner for a little bit and he gave me the rest of the details about how he woke up, the actual seizure, how my dogs would be terrible medical alert dogs because they slept through the whole thing (lol), etc. Then I quickly fell asleep.
The next day I woke up with a BG of 460 so my day already started off feeling lovely hah. But once that was fixed, I was physically exhausted and had a headache all day.
Now that it’s been a few days, I’ve had time to reflect about all this. It was weird the first day or two because I didn’t remember or wasn’t conscious for the worst of it. So it almost didn’t feel real? Or didn’t feel that scary, even though I knew it was a scary situation in general. I’m very thankful my partner woke up and was able to help because of course we don’t wanna think about the worst that could’ve happened.. What really scares me is if I was alone that night for some reason. We’ve lived together for 2-3 years now, but before that I lived alone (no roommates) for 2 years. Over the years I’ve been with him, he has of course become familiar with diabetes and understands most of the signs of high/low bg (like the sweating from that night), and I’m also glad I had taught him how to check my bloodsugar. He also knew it was best to get any kind of sugar in me as possible, and we had previously discussed that you can use plain sugar because it melts and absorbs into the gums. However, we had never formally discussed an action plan if something like this happened, probably because I never thought about it happening like it did. Like he knew about the existence of the glucagon, but didnt know where I kept it or how to use it if he had found it.
Another thing that could’ve prevented this was me wearing my sensor. I must admit that I go through phases of wearing it for awhile, then not wearing it for a while, and it cycles like that. I want to reiterate that every other time I’ve gotten a low bloodsugar while sleeping, I wake up. Usually in a puddle of sweat, starving. And to be honest, it doesn’t seem like the issues the night before should’ve caused me to drop that low. I didn’t think I’d given myself too much, and it was previously dropping very slowly. I guess it just dropped so fast that I didn’t wake up in time? So I guess I put a little too much trust in my body. The day after this happened I ordered a new transmitter, which should arrive tomorrow. But each night I am so anxious about going to bed, afraid it could happen again. So I have a feeling that going forward I will be much better about wearing the sensor, no matter how annoying it is.
So after all this, I guess I have some advice for my fellow T1Ds:
  1. Make sure your friends, family, partners, etc. know what to do in a situation of either low or high blood sugar. Make sure they know your tells, let them know where you keep snacks/juice, etc. I’ve always been really good about doing this, especially if I meet people in a new situation where no one knows me. In addition, having a formal plan for anyone you may live with, telling them how to use glucagon, etc (this is where I realized the obvious shortcomings of not having a formal plan).
  2. Keep a glucagon on hand in an easy to find place, not expired, and make sure someone knows how to use it!
  3. On that note, keeping a glucose gel is also good, as it may be easier for someone to administer. Also much easier to carry around with you in pocket/purse. You can also encourage people you’re around a lot to keep some on them. I’ve never actually used these but will definitely get some. If someone is unconscious/unresponsive due to a low BG, this is a very easy way to get sugar into them safely, instead of trying to get them to eat or drink something.
  4. Wear the damn sensor if you have one. They’re annoying as hell but I suppose they can truly be life saving, especially if you live alone!
  5. When in doubt, just call 911 (or your country-specific emergency line). Low blood sugars are common occurrences that are easy for them to treat. I didn't even have to get an ambulance or hospital bill and was fully treated at home. But also, of course go to the hospital if you need to!
If you stuck around this long, thank you for reading! I hope your nights are full of good bloodsugars!
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2023.03.20 22:28 welcome2mydarkside 30 [F4R] SoCal- looking for a movie buddy

Hi! So I’ve posted before and still looking for a movie buddy! I’m near the Pasadena area!
Really looking forward to seeing John Wick 4 this week! If movies aren’t your thing (weirdo) I’m down to get food/boba or do something fun.
A little bit about me. Tall, Mexican, can be a sarcastic asshole at times, ummm went to school for film, enjoy hiking on my free time, boba for life, don’t really drink too often, although I did get shit faced for st patty’s day LMAO.
But yeah looking for ppl with chill vibes who are down to hang! Too many flaky ppl on here unfortunately!
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2023.03.20 22:28 SunsetDiarrhea Need ideas for tragic scar backstory.

I’m writing a story about this girl who has big scars on her neck that look very similar to fish gills (important to the plot involving fish people) and I need ideas on how she could have gotten scars like these in the first place.
It must take place in her childhood and maybe even a near death experience.
Lay all of your ideas on me I’ll happily read each one!
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2023.03.20 22:28 Old_Satisfaction69 Where to find lidocaine

Hi, anyone knows where to get lidocaine and sterile syringes? It seems like I can't buy them anywhere near me and everything online seems either too expensive or not trustworthy.
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2023.03.20 22:27 Kiraja95 [ISO] pickup and international shipping

Hello, I am a guy from Germany and right now there is a plushie I would really like to have for pickup only near the public library of northbrook. Hence, I am searching for a kind soul, who could arrange the pickup with the seller via facebook marketplace, obtaining the plushie and afterwards shipping it to me. It would mean the world to me. Feel free to contact me, so we can discuss the details. Thank you!
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2023.03.20 22:27 ColeArm Abandoned places?

Hey all I’m somewhat new to the area and love exploring! Been out to a few spots near by but not many. I understand most don’t give out locations on abandoned places so I get if you don’t want to give away any good spots but would appreciate anywhere cool I should check out or if anyone wants to tag along for some exploring and show me some spots that would cool to! Thanks, happy exploring! :)
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2023.03.20 22:26 regularcelery20 Dark Was the Night

Dark Was the Night

Dark Was the Night
I couldn't wait until I got it in the mail to share! I love this album, and since I'm getting a record player for my birthday on April 12 and my vinyl collection was 14 measly records, I knew I wanted this record. I wanted it more than anything, but the cheapest I could find it new was $110... up to $217. (I don't know people's definition of Very Good or Near Mint yet on Discogs, and they were still very expensive for this record, so I decided this wasn't the one I wanted to find out on. I'll find that out on a cheaper record!) However, somebody recommended a German record website to me for another artist (, and thanks to Google Translate, I was able to find this and buy it new for $40, including shipping!
It's a wonderful compilation record produced by Aaron and Bryce Dessner that came out in 2009. It's basically a who's who of 2000s indie artists. The proceeds benefit Red Hot Organization which raises funds and awareness of HIV and AIDS. I recommend it to anybody -- you can stream it on Apple Music and I assume Spotify. It's also available on CD (WAY cheaper), but I don't have a CD player.
I thought this would be one of my two holy grail records that I would never be able to get. Turns out, I was able to get both of them less than a month after I found out my birthday gift and before I even got my turntable for my birthday! So now, I have 15 measly records, and that number will be 20 in April (due to my birthday, RSD, and The National's new record).
I hope I have a MUCH bigger collection one day, but for now, I have A LOT to catch up on to listen to on vinyl when I get my Pioneer A35.
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2023.03.20 22:26 slothsonfire I (27F) don't know how to stop constantly wondering if he's (27M) 'the right one', and just go with the flow

I've only been in two other relationships before which ended due to me moving countries, so at the moment I feel consumed by trying to figure out whether the guy I've been seeing for nearly 3 months is right for me, and whether we have long term potential. I've already had a conversation about our boundaries and what we need from each other if this is gonna be long term.
I'm pretty sure he is already very invested, but I'm trying to be very intentional and not rush in. However, this is giving me a lot of anxiety bc I WANT to be equally invested and not think about what I might be missing out on with other guys, but I can't seem to stop, especially when I see other couples in my social circle be very committed to each other.
I'm also nervous because I really don't know how to end things/how I will handle it if I end up deciding we're not actually compatible. I'm.already discussing this in therapy, but I don't know how to end the rumination and just enjoy what we have now.
Tldr; how do I stop wondering 'what if' about other dating options and just enjoy my journey with guy I love been seeing for almost 3 months?
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2023.03.20 22:26 Administrative-Mail8 Why is the traction still impossible in F1 22?

It has been nearly 8 months since game release and I have prayed since day 1 for the issue to be fixed but it still hasn’t. I’ve been playing with no assists but only automatic gearing since F1 20 and I was quite fast and consistent, but this year i’ve been struggling quite. I have lost all joy and fun in racing. It’s shocking watching a full-traction player outpace me. There are updates here and there sometimes the traction feels good and other times it feels practically impossible. Why is this issue still here?
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2023.03.20 22:25 Krazilid A book about a teenager struggling to raise his siblings as their mother ran away (again)

The details I remember is that there’s a youth/teenager (not sure on gender), whose has a mother that would frequently run away for periods of time. But this time the mother has gone for a very long time and does not think she’s coming back.
Meanwhile, the story is about the struggles of life and trying to survive with their siblings.
Near the end of the book, a police officer told them that the mum was in a vehicle accident and had died, but that the bus she was on was coming back to them.
I read the book more than 20 years ago in an Australian primary/high school library (ages 6-18 or so), so it could have been written by an Australian author. Due to how long ago it was, I don’t remember much more details, but the mother coming back has stayed with me for a long time
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2023.03.20 22:25 Potentially_a_goose Today a signing service using Notarize just underpaid me for a full sellers closing.

I am currently a Gold level notary on the Notarize platform. Earlier today I received a call from an individual needing to complete their sellers documents. The whole thing took about 38 minutes as we needed to contact the realtor a few times to fill out state specific documents. I'm pretty patient so no big deal, it's for $25 so I don't mind it taking nearly an hour. We finish up and everything looks good so I go to send them on their way and I notice the business sending this person to me is a signing service and not the title agency.

That's a first I think to myself. That's not weird enough to stop me, so I finish up and close the call. I get $7 sent to me. Now, is when I get a bit frustrated. I go to check my journal just to be sure and there it is in black and white, I was paid $7 to do a full closing on a real estate transaction. The signer remarked how the signing service is charging the title company $150 for my notary work so it is present on the video that they are charging the maximum amount.

I reached out to the Notary team and they have already remarked that the signing agency using Notarize has intentionally filled out the paperwork wrong in order to under pay me. Just a word of warning for my other Gold Notaries. It looks like signing services are trying to scam us into working for little money online now to. If a signing service sends you closing/ title documents online and they underpay you for the time take note of their name and report them to Notarize.
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