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2023.05.30 23:44 userfirstofhisname Fantasy Next Top Model, Cycle 6 - Week 10 - Van Gogh Paintings - Voting Thread
Hey ladies - if you want something, you just gotta gogh for it.
I hope your abode is comfy and aangenaam, as the say in Dutch, and that there haven't been any arguments arising about how reminiscent it is of your childhood home in Europe. Sudden British accents be damned, how could this gorgeous city not make its mark on you - from its punky, sexy, seamless fashion to the cobbled streets and liberal attitude, it's a place of self-love and self-expression meant for all! But don't get too, too comfy. Because your first brief abroad is here!
Voters, for their premiere shoot in the Netherlands, the models must be inspired by a piece of art by the iconic Dutch artiste, Vincent van Gogh. It doesn't have to be a replica, but the connection should be clear by itself. Remember, this is a modelling competition, so it must have a fashion twist and of course, be FIERCE!
They were allowed to provide ONLY an image of the art piece as their reference point, with no descriptions except the name of piece. The inspirations will be linked in the comment section below - please take this into consideration when doing up your rankings.
Let's see how the models did:
Alyona - Mademoiselle Gauchet at her Garden in Auvers
He - A Woman Walking in a Garden
Janet - Starry Night
Kinga - Vase with Poppies, Cornflower, Peonies and Chrysanthemums
Lindsey - Irises
Melanie - Wheat Field with Reaper and Sun
For those unfamiliar, voting works as follows: simply post your personal ranking of the photos from 1-6 (with 1 being the best, and 6 being the worst) and I will collate the numbers, with the worst averages being eliminated (in this case, the higher the average, the worse the score).
You can post your ranking either in the comments below or, if you'd rather not share publicly, not to worry, you can also send it to me via private message or chat!
Voting will close on Thursday 1st June 2023 @ 11:59pm (GMT).
Good luck to all the models!
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2023.05.30 23:28 kasutori_Jack 2023 r/basbeall Power Rankings -- Week 9 : Tuesday Ranks Bring Rangers Threatening Top Spot, Mariners and San Francisco Ride Giant Seas, Cardinals Lose Altitude, If Rooting for Reds Voter They Get +1

Hey Sportsfans — it's time for Week 9 of baseball Power Rankings: It may be Tuesday, but still thought about how much we dislike your favorite team 8 Days a Week. Also pool side blackjack is now my favorite part of Las Vegas. John Fisher, please ignore.
Every voter has their own style / system and the only voting instructions are these:
"To an extent determined individually, you must take into account how strong a team is right now and likely to be going forward. You must, to some degree, give weight to the events and games of the previous week."
TRANSPARENCY: This link will show you who voted each team where and has added neat statistics!
New Voter Chance: Are you a fan of the Dodgers? Why? We have a new voter oppening. Please check this comment for details.
If something is a little messed up, feel free to pester me let me know.
Total Votes: 28 of 29. So close.
# Team Δ Comment Record
1 Rays 0 Everyone's favorite myliobatiformes played another good week of baseball with the return of Tyler Glasnow. The Rays took an exciting series against the Dodgers after recharging during a weird mid-series rest day against the Blue Jays. Wander Franco is making his case to be starting SS in the All-Star Game, just make sure you don't accidentally vote for one of his brothers. It's still super weird to watch the offense carry while the bullpen struggles, but with guys coming back it should be f--, wait, Fairbanks is hurt again. 39-17
2 Rangers +1 Series wins against both the Pirates and Orioles the last week has the club holding the 3rd best overall record in the majors. Go Stars. We're still having fun. 34-19
3 Braves -1 3-4 last week and we started this week off with a loss against the Oakland "Triple A's" which is not good Bob. On the VERY brightside, we saw Soroka pitch from an MLB mound for the first time in almost 3 years. He pitched well and we need him to perform as we are absolutely depleted by injuries. Riley is starting to come to life. We hold a 4 game lead on the scond place MARLINS. Our division doesn't want to take advantage of our recent struggles, that's fine by me. 32-22
4 Dodgers +1 33-22
5 Orioles -1 A few weeks ago, I said if the Orioles can go at least .500 in May then they are for real. They wrapped up a winning month yesterday and have three games to go. They continue to play well, even though they lost the series against the Rangers, and seem to play better away from Camden Yards. They did, however, send Grayson Rodriguez down this week to AAA. He just has some stuff to figure out. He was getting crushed in his past few starts, and it was the right move to make. This solidifies the fact they need a frontline starter if they are going to make a serious push to get to and make noise in the post-season. 34-20
6 Astros 0 Jose Abreu finally hit a home run. All is right with the world. Unless the world's name is Lance McCullers Jr., who had another discomforting setback and we have no idea when we will see him this year. I still blame his hair. Anyway, our other Jose hit a grand slam at MMP this weekend. Where have we heard that before? 31-22
7 Yankees 0 It certainly would’ve been nice to take 2/3 from Baltimore, but it’s very hard to be mad at the Yankees’ month of May. Since May 1, the Yankees are 18-9, a huge turnaround from a .500 April. As we enter the dog days of summer, the top of the AL East is tightening up, but the Yankees don’t face either of the teams ahead of them again until July. The Yankees have to keep playing at this pace, and a Stanton (and maybe Rodon??) return could seriously help that. 33-23
8 D-Backs +1 The Diamondbacks had a decent week, barely missing out on a sweep of the Phillies before dropping a series to the Red Sox. The offense gets on base but has been allergic to driving in RISP, and the starting rotation continues to be a merry-go-round, as none of the rookie pitchers on the team seem to be able to string together several good starts in a row without getting blown up once or twice. 31-23
9 Blue Jays +1 The Jays' first series win since May 14th pulled us out of a bad-vibes tailspin the likes of which this fanbase hasn't seen since, well, the last time everybody freaked out over a losing streak. The usual suspects' continued confounding slow starts (Manoah, Kirk, Varsho, etc) have dropped us 10 games back from TB, last place in the best division in baseball. And YET, hope springs. Berrios (3 or fewer ER in 8 of his last 9 starts) finally appears to be pitching to the level expected of him when he was signed, and is pumping out quality starts along with Gausman and Bassitt. Kikuchi has slipped as Kikuchi does but has been very solid for a #5. We don't have the depth to send Manoah down for some needed alone time, but he's pushing it. Vladdy has been scuffling, Springer is heating up, and Bichette is an MVP candidate. With a little bit of lucky regression to the mean with abysmal RISP numbers, this team is just a few turns away from being very good. As long as we don't have to play too many games vs AL East teams. That should be fine. 28-26
10 Twins -2 28-26
11 Mariners +4 Just what the doctor ordered - 6-1 in the homestand so far. Some momentum is just what this team needs before two big series with teams they're chasing for playoff spots. If the M's can handle business over the next week, they'll be right back in the thick of it. Bryce Miller, do your thing. Up next: 3 vs. Damn Yankees, 3 @ Globe Life ParkFieldStadiumGardensArenaDomewhatever they're calling it these days 28-26
12 Red Sox -1 Scoring four runs total while getting swept by the Angels isn't a great look. This team is in many ways aggresively mediocre, always making sure that every win streak is followed up by an equally painful gut-punch. This is mainly due to the reliance on the offense to carry us to victory (2-17 when scoring <=3 runs), when the bats get cold, you're safe to turn off the game. Whitlock returning from injury and Bello/Sale both stepping up their game in May (2.74/2.42 ERA respectively) are good steps towards this team becoming Actually Good™ though. We'll see what June brings us... 28-25
13 Brewers -1 Taking two of three from the Astros was nice. Barely avoiding a sweep from the Giants was not so sweet. Milwaukee has some issues with hitting in "close" situations. The Brewers either lose after having multiple opportunities to tie it up, or get absolutely blown out. 28-25
14 Angels 0 Did I travel out of state and all the way to Anaheim just to watch the team get swept by the Marlins? Perhaps. Was that objectively worse than what the Reds voter is going through? It's impossible to say. 29-26
15 Mets -2 The Mets, who I proclaimed to be "good at baseball" last week, ended up dropping 2 of 3 against the Cubs and doing the same against the Rockies. I just don't know what to believe anymore. The only thing I know for sure is that Francisco Alvarez has got that fucking dawg in him, he's GOATed, he's him, he's on fleek, he's poggers, he's a proper legend, he's got an .885 OPS, he's a top bloke, he's got swag, he's fresh, he's Gen Z Mike Piazza, he's lit, he's making me feel old because he was born after 9/11, he's Francisco Alvarez. 27-27
16 Gigantes +4 The Giants won yesterday, but strictly talking about last week, they went 5- 2 on an extremely acceptable road trip without any off days. Defeating two competent teams like the Twins and Brewers should feel good. On both losses, they gave up 7 runs, on every win they gave up 3, 1, or 0 runs. So, they threw two games out of 7 – that’s allowed. In the bad news department, Joc, Joey, and Thairo all not expected back until June 6th. I think we’re okay with more Bailey Patrick and this also means another look at unpredictable slugger David Villar. Slater continues covering for Joc. Let’s look a the numbers: 13th in MLB in Run Diff (+6 spots), 12th in RS / G (+6), 15th in RA / G (+2), 23rd in Bullpen ERA (+5). All of that is good and especially the bullpen is promising recently. The Giants continue at home vs the Pirates and wrap the homestand with 3 against our orange and black brothers in Baltimore. 28-26
17 Pirates -1 Would I have been happy to learn on Opening Day that the Pirates would be around .500 at the end of May? Yes. But if you told me they got there after starting 20-8 I would be pretty disappointed. Here's hoping the pendulum swings the other way in June. 26-27
18 Marlins +3 Yet another appearance of sweepy, the meme that was promised. After a rough series against the rox, we sweep the angels to settle into the third NL wild card spot. Our starting pitching is coming along after a bumpy start to several of our starters. Eury perez is gonna be a stud, just wanna remind yall. Also, shout out to Jorge Soler, who has been crushing baseballs the last week and change. In other miami sports related news, boston is the first city ever to lose two game 7s at home in both the NHL and NBA playoffs in the same year. Go Heat and go Panthers! 28-26
19 Phillies -2 After losing 2 to the Diamondbacks and going down 5-0 in the 3rd game, the Phillies season looked as bleak as it could in late May while only being 4 games under .500. However, the team rallied and Trea Turner tied it in the 9th before going onto win it in 10. Then, they went down to Atlanta and split a 4 game series. It could've gone far worse. The Phillies most pressing need is now seemingly a 5th starter who isn't a guaranteed loss, as this week they trotted out Dylan Covey, who hadn't started a game since 2019. He got 2 outs and gave up 7 runs. He took the spot of Bailey Falter who, after a surprisingly productive 2022, started the season 0-7. Falter is the far better option, but Dave Dombrowski will likely be looking to upgrade until Andrew Painter can finally return. This week, the NL East road trip continues with their first 3 games against the Mets and 3 in Washington. Here's hoping June Schwarber shows up again this year. 25-28
20 Padres -1 My Dad tells me it’s ok that the Dad’s lost 2 / 3 to NY; the Dodgers lost 2 / 3 to the Rays! The Pads aren’t in the same stratosphere as the Dodgers right now, though. 5 games under .500, 10th in the NL standings, 3 games out of the last wildcard slot. Of course there’s quite a bit of time to change it, there’s plenty of time to go on a run, or a slow and steady good month to gain ground. With every day that passes however, that goal becomes a bit harder to reach; I don’t think Pads fans were hoping for a wildcard spot by the end of this season, but that’s the position the team has to get to before even thinking of catching LA. The Padres are 4th in the NL West, and only a half game out of last. 24-29
21 Cardinals -3 2-2 @ CIN; 1-2 @ CLE; 0-1 v KCR; another struggle week for the Cards. The fandom's been a bit kneejerk because of two good weeks before this. Their mistake. I'll say it a third time, the Cards playing at or beyond their expected level doesn't change the rotten FO. Yeah Marmol's pretty close to being fired, that's not a fix when the problem is John Mozeliak. 24-32
22 Tigers +2 The most fun part of this past week has been watching the resurgence of Akil Baddoo. His energy is infectious and adds an exciting dimension to the lineup. As we head into the last few days of May, Baddoo has sported a .302/.405/.508 slash and a 155 wRC+ this month. Although he's still been hitting mostly in the 6 hole, if this keeps up he might find himself much higher in the order real soon. This week: 2 more vs. TEX and 3 at CWS. 25-27
23 Guardians 0 The Guardians won a series this week. I would like to see them win some games by more than one run, but it's clear this season, we have to take what we get. 24-29
24 Cubs -2 Another terrible week for the Cubs, as a promising series win against the Mets was followed up by an embarrassing sweep against the Reds. The starting rotation was terrible, and the bullpen was somehow worse. Fans have had enough of David Ross, and Jed Hoyer is starting to come under pressure. Barring a dramatic turnaround, the Cubs will be sellers for the 3rd trade deadline in a row 23-30
25 Reds +1 Okay guys, I’m here to be calm this week. I have been told by my wife’s attorney, Tom, that they are “aware” of my online activity regarding our impending divorce, so today let’s have a nice, calm, relaxing, perfectly fine, good old fashioned talk about Reds baseball. The Reds are just sorta middling. They’re not great but they’re not horrible. Unlike my marriage. Our starting pitching has resgressed, just like my marriage, and it’s very unfortunate to see, because our bullpen has been quite reliable unlike my wife. We still can’t hit home runs for some reason, but overall unlike my marriage the Reds on the upturn. There, are you happy Tom? I didn’t mention all the crap that’s been going on lately. I didn’t mention how I had to leave the Motel 6 I was at because I found a used needle in the bathroom, and by the way Tom, I know that you’re trying to use that as evidence that I can’t take care of my kids. I don’t even know who’s needle it was, it was like wedged behind the toilet. Believe me, I only found it because I dropped my phone while using the toilet. It wasn’t even visible, I had to like get on my hands and knees and crawl behind the toilet to grab my phone. So it puts the image in my head of some heroin addict or whatever sitting behind a toilet at a Motel 6 trying to get high, which honestly that just seems like an even worse situation than the one i’m in. Do I think it’s a coincidence that the day after I left the Motel 6 because of this, you’re requesting a drug test from me before I can see my kids? Huh Tom? How did you know about this incident Tom? The only people that know are the Motel 6 staff I notified, I don’t think any police showed up, so either you questioned them like i’m some criminal, or you’re following me. I know you’re reading this Tom, you’ve made several references to my posts on the baseball power rankings insinuating it’s me writing them, and yeah Tom you’re right it is me, can everybody in the comments give praise to Tom for being a regular Sherlock Holmes? Yeah everybody come on, Congratulations Tom! You’re the man! I’m gonna let you go home and fuck my sister, oh wait Tom I forgot, YOU ALREADY ARE. When you get home tonight tell Caitlin her brother says hi. Alright, I think I got that out of my system. Anyway, I think once more of our prospects are called up, probably around June or July, we may get hot and finish more closely to .500 than initially thought, and if this division stays like it is, and those prospects can deliver on their promise, it's entirely possible we could be in contention for the division. But a lot of this is gonna depend on if our Starting Rotation can get things back under control. Also we swept the Cubs so lol. 24-29
26 Nationals -1 Week after week, I expect this Nats team to take a nose dive. I expect them to crumble and slip into a double-digit losing streak but it just isn't happening. They lead the NL in batting average (.267), are third in OBP (.330) and have the lowest strikeout rate in MLB. They still have their own troubles, but this team is alive (4 games out of a WC spot) 23-31
27 Rockies +1 I don't have time to write a real blurb this week so you don't have to print this. Actually, you probably don't read these, I'm not sure anyone really reads them anyways besides the Reds guy's life breaking down, and this will probably get printed regardless. 24-31
28 White Sox -1 Liam is back. I can't overstate how great that is to hear. He is one of the best people in the game and it's nothing short of amazing for him to be pitching in May. If you missed it, it was recently revealed that he had stage 4 lymphoma, not an early stage. He started treatment just over 3 months ago! Nothing on the field matters for this team, but at least there's that silver lining. 22-34
29 Royals 0 As of the time that this blurb is being written (Monday at 11:39 AM), only two teams in the majors have a record below .400. Yup, the Royals are there with the A's. I suppose the positive is that the team figured out that they can get rid of useless players in Hunter Dozier, but they still have a lot more work to do. 17-38
30 Atléticos 0 The A's have given up 10+ runs in a game 7 more times than they've won. It's a mix of bad roster building (the bullpen), under-preforming vets (Ramon Laureano 74 wRC+, Tony Kemp 38 wRC+), injuries (Seth Brown and Paul Blackburn are just now returning), and no fans in the stands since 2019. It's soul crushing to watch and the national media's constant condecention toward this particular poor team and it is even more annoying this year. 11-45
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2023.05.30 23:22 NinjaRadiographer John Wicks entire Timeline from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4 (updated) Part 1 of 2 (Chapters 1 and 2)

So, I had quite a few messages from people asking when I was going to update this to include chapter 4 and finally it was released on download in the UK (29th) so I could finally watch it and get around to it because I haven’t seen it until now. I’ve kept the original timeline here because I’m quite happy with it and I’m just adding on Chapter 4. I will add someone messaged me that during chapter 3 when the assassins are getting the kill order to kill John there’s a brief shot of an assassin’s phone saying the date was December. I’m happy to go with this because I think the first 3 films are set around October-November time but we see no x-mas stuff anywhere in chapter 1 to 3 so its debateable if you want to call this an x-mas film like Die Hard. Also, I watched an interview with the director this morning and he states that he thinks the first 3 films are about a week and a half but wasn’t certain which I feel gives my timeline some authenticity and accuracy.

P.s Ive had to break this down into two parts because the character limit is 40,000 characters and ive gone well over that
Warning Major Major spoilers for these films are here because I detail out the plot as I go.
A couple of assumptions are made. Fights scenes are probably longer than we seen on screen and often because of the pacing of the film we don’t need to see John get from point A to B. Conversations also probably took longer than we see if they are walking from area to area and discussing things. Location distances also take time to get to and from places and I don’t know where locations in New York and around the world are so I’ve made a lot up at a best sort of guess. Sometimes I’ve used what I think when there’s no real reference in the film to how long something took for instance for the time of day, I’ve looked at the skyline in the background and estimated what time of day it is judging by how much sunlight there is. Basically, I’ve guestimated a lot. Chapter 4 was a lot harder as they kept moving countries and places and its probably longer than I’ve made it. Also, some of the fight scenes are longer than the time they actually show in the film (6 minute fight is 13minutes in the film) so take everything with a pinch of salt.
TLDR: The films start in the mid-late autumn judging by the scenes that we see.
John Wick 1 starts on Monday Day 1 at 6am and ends Saturday Day 6 at 3.45am (6 Days).
John Wick Chapter 2 starts on Monday Day 8 at 10pm and ends Friday Day 13 at 5pm (5 Days).
John Wick Chapter 3 starts on Friday Day 13 at 5pm and ends Sunday Day 22 at 7.05am (9 Days).
John Wick Chapter 4 starts on Monday Day 205 at 7.20 pm (6 months later) and ends unofficially on Thursday Day 221 at 6.11am (when John passes out (16 days)) and officially at Thursday Day 228 12.00pm (23 Days).
John does have periods of down time and rest so it’s safe to assume he goes to the toilet in that time and maybe brushes his teeth once in a while
The first Film starts on a Monday. Not because there’s any reference to days of the week in the films (there wasn’t that I could find) but because, in my opinion, nothing good ever happens on a Monday.
John Wick Chapter 1
Monday Day 1 6am.
· John in his bathroom and has a flash back of his wife’s illness and death (assumption is made that this has happened over the past 6 months or so).
· Funeral of his wife. Marcus arrives “Just checking up on an old friend”.
· Wake at Johns house.
· People leave say 8-9pm ish
· Daisy the Dog is delivered and John reads Helens letter.
· John and Daisy got to bed at 10.54pm (clock on the bed).
Tuesday Day 2 6am.
· John wakes at 6am.
· Get the paper and the dog goes to the toilet, coffee and breakfast.
· Gets in car
· Getting petrol (assumption its about an hour after they’ve left prob around 8am) and meets the Russians arrive. Losef meets John “I love dogs”, “Beautiful car how much?”, “Not for sale.” “Not this bitch”. Victor arrives “You have a good day sir”.
· John leaves for the airfield- Crazy driving trying to/not to kill himself.
· Next scene is evening (don’t have time base upon previous night) in bed so assumption was that he went to be around 11pm.
Wednesday Day 3 Early am.
· Dog wakes John early am.
· John goes downstairs – Russians attack john, smash his stuff and kill the dog “Sleep tight bitch”.
· John wakes probably an hour or so later and cradles the dog.
· John buries the dog early am (judging by the skyline)
· 6.19am the alarm gets turned off.
· Angry cleaning with flash backs.
· Russians take Johns car to Aureilo’s garage (assumption is made that its around 8am and that it takes at least an hou maybe 2 to get there. Seeing as they stole it before 5am I assume that they took it for a joy ride and did doughnuts for a while first). “I want new vin numbers and new papers”- “Where did you get that car?” (John most likely still cleaning at this time) “Get it out of my shop” “We own you” Aureilo slaps Losef “Viggo not going to like this”.
· 5pm deduced from John leaving in car in next scene it’s probably taken all day to clean up and then he had to get the bus. John arrives at Aureilos garage after taking the bus “Is it here?”, “It was.”, “Losef Tarasov nicked it.”, “Viggo’s son?”, “I need a ride.”.
· John leaves in borrowed car around 6pm.
· Evening, not long after, Aureilo gets a call from Viggo (skyline time of day deduction) “I heard you struck my son. May I ask why?”
· Viggo to Avi “Have you seen my son?”.
· About 7.30pm Losef arrives (most likely he spent all day stashing the car with his uncle from John Wick 2 and hanging out).
· Viggo beats Losef. “What did I do” “That fucking nobody was John Wick” Explanation of the Bogey man and killing 3 men with a pencil.
· At the same time John is at home and goes into the basement with a sledgehammer smashes the floor and gets his equipment.
· 30 mins later Viggo gets his phone book and calls John. John hangs up.
· Viggo tasks a crew.
· John has a shower and suits up.
· Viggo sits by the fire.
· Juging by the light its 10pm ish when the kill crew arrives. (This doesn’t quite work because the house exterior shot is quite bright but when the crew arrives its dark night).
· The crew attack John and John kills the crew (due to films cuts to keep the action it probably takes about 20 minutes. Time enough for a noise complaint to be made).
· Jimmy the police officer arrives at 10.30 “Evening John”, “Noise complaint”, “You working again John?”.
· John goes downstairs and makes a dinner reservation for 12 (the amount of people he’s killed not the time).
· Assumption is made that it’s 1 hour for Charlie and the clean up crew to arrive at about 11.30.
· Assumption it takes 2 hours to clean the house of blood and bodies.
Thursday Day 4 1.30am
· Clean up crew leave about 1.30am.
· Viggo is still in front of the fire and is informed of the failure of the kill crew. The contract is put on Johns head for $2Million (the light in the room shot is bright he’s prob been there all night debating if he should put out the contract)
· Assumption is 6am John loads bags into car and drives to the Continental.
· Judging by the light its around 8am Viggo arrives at Marcus’s house whilst he’s cutting veg and juicing. “Would you kill John Wick for $2 million?”.
· Marcus cleans and polishes his guns after Viggo leaves.
· John arrives at the Continental at 8.30am (assumption).
· Perkins greets John. Concierge (Charon) “I have you for 2 nights sir”.
· Cuts to evening say 8pm assumption is John had some sleep.
· John looks at video of his wife and then goes downstairs to the bar and sees Winston “Johnathan as I recall wern’t you the one tasked to doll out the beating?”.
· (At the same time) Viggo learns that John is at the Continental “We have a contact there who is willing to take him out for us”.
· John is still talking to Winston. “Have a drink and relax…for now.”.
· John goes to the bar “It’s been 5 with change”. (Length of time John’s been a free man and Viggo has been in serious business learned).
· John gets Losef’s location with his drink “Compliments of the house”.
· John leaves the bar at 8.15 (assumption all this took 15 mins)
· John goes upstairs and suits up and we learn Losef is being guarded in a nightclub.
· John arrives at the nightclub. I’m assuming that it took an hour to suit up and 45 minutes to get to the club therefore its around 10pm-10.15 pm.
· John gets the drop on Francis the big bouncer that’s lost weight and gets inside.
· John kills Victor and lots of people in the spar area.
· John makes his way upstairs and enters the pool area where Losef is. This is most likely on the top floor. The way the films cuts means it probably took 30-45 mins to get up there and find him its about 11pm.
· John kills lots of people.
· Losef runs onto the dancefloor.
· John kills lots of people on the dancefloor, atrium and balcony.
· Losef escapes in a car driven by Gregori.
· John leaves with a phone call to Losef. (the fights probably took 30 mins so its around 11.30pm.
Friday Day 5 12.15am.
· John arrives back at the Continental 45 minutes later at 12.15am. “Is the doctor in?”.
· Assumption is the Doctor took 20 minutes to arrives and 30 minutes patching up John the time is probably around 1.05am
· Marcus arrives on the roof opposite and gets John in his sights.
· John tries to sleep.
· Perkins enters the room.
· Marcus shoots the pillow warning John.
· Perkins and John fight “Viggos giving me $4 million to break hotel rules”. The phone rings as the concierge rings.
· John beats Perkins and answers the phone (noise complaint).
· Marcus leaves.
· Perkins tries to crawl away. Pekins tells John about the Little Russia Church front.
· Harry holds up John “Catch and release”.
· Cut to Morning of Day 5. Bright light indicates its around 9am. John is at the Church who takes the pills for fully mobility, then kills lots of people and destroys the vault stash using the priest (probably takes about 30minutes).
· John leaves and then goes to a roof top to wait.
· No indication of how long until Viggo arrives I assume its an hour so the time is 10.30.
· Viggo arrives and kill the priest. Perkins escapes and kills Harry at around the same time).
· John attacks Viggo as he leaves the church.
· John Wick kills a lot of people
· John gets hit by a car, knocked out and captured by Viggo and wakes up tied to a chair in the church. The fight was about 10 minutes he’s been unconscious about 20 minutes so the time is 11pm “Yeah I’m thinking I’m back”.
· Marcus has already arrived (no idea when) and shoots the thugs chocking John. John escapes, kills other thug, frees his hands, runs out, chases down Viggos car killing thug driving it.
· Viggo gives up his son and pull the contract on John. (whole thing probably took 5 minutes).
· Cut to Losef in a Brooklyn safehouse. Not knowing where John actually is let’s say it took him an hour to go straight there so the time when John arrives is 12.05.
· Judging by the fact that explosives are set and it takes time to get into position its probably 12.45
· John kills guard and snipes Gregori playing COD at 12.45pm
· John snipers lots of people.
· John kills guard watching Losef.
· John kill Losef at 1.00pm
· Viggo finds out Losef is dead probably 30 mins later at around 1.30pm “Make the arrangements”.
· Cut to John checking out of the Continental (It’s only been 1 night). Prob took him an hour to be there and an hour to clean up and pack however when he leaves its getting dark so he probably fixed himself up and rested for a while and so the time is around 5pm.
· John gets a new car and meets Marcus around 5.30-6pm “How many times do I have to save your ass?”.
· Perkins watches them and turns Marcus in (assumed but likely).
· Cut to night so 8pm ish. Marcus walks home and Viggo and his thugs surround him.
· John driving home gets aphonecall on his mobile from Viggo. Shows scene of Viggo having bruised knuckles from beating Marcus so assume 1 hour has passed (9pm).
· Marcus tries to escape. Perkins wounds him and Viggo kills him so Marcus dies around 9.15pm “Well played old friend”.
· John turns the car around and Viggo leaves “Fuel the chopper”.
· 45 mnutes-1 hour later John arrives at Marcus’s house (10.15pm).
· Concierge calls Perkins who watches John arrives.
· John finds Marcus.
· John leaves (not shown and Perkins leaves)
· Perkins arrives (no time reference so assume 30 mins) to meet the concierge and has her membership to the Continental revoked at 10.45pm. Clean up crew arrives.
· Couple of minutes must have passed. Ohn is called by Winston to tell him where Viggo is.
· John drives like a nutcase and crashes into Viggo at docks probably 45 minutes away so it’s 11.30.
· John kills many people with his car and guns.
· Viggo tres to kill John with his car and the stands waiting for him. “No more guns John. No more Bullets”.
· John kills Viggo 5 minutes later. The whole fight from his car arriving to Viggo dying was about 30 minutes so the time is 00.05am on Day 6.
Saturday Day 6 00.05am
· John kills Viggo at 00.05am “Be seeing you John.”.
· John gets up and leaves taking Viggos cars.
· Opening scene of John crashing into the vets. John is unconscious. He could have been out for a while so im assuming 3 hours because it’s still night.
· John breaks into vets and treats himself (probably 30 minutes).
· John rescues his dog (another 10 minutes).
· John leaves and walks home with his new dog at 3.45am on Saturday Day 6 since his wife’s funeral.
John Wick Chapter 2
John Wick Chapter 2 starts with him chasing down a motor cyclist whilst he looking for his car. We know that this film is a direct continuation of the first film so we can assume that a little time has passed for him to heal, bond with the dog and make investigations into where his car is (this is probably because he’s not the type to stop for anything judging by the first film). Assuming that he took a day to rest and make investigations its probably been 2 days since the end of John Wick so we start on Monday Day 8 since his wife’s funeral at 10 pm because its night in the opening scene and it all fits nicely with the idea that the first film is a week long.
Monday Day 8 10pm
· John chases down biker in Aureilo’s borrowed car. (We never actually see what became of it in the first film because he gets a new car due to “Last nights unpleasantness” with Perkins in the first film as he checks out. Probably takes about 30 minutes.
· John hits the biker, takes the gold card and heads to Abrams Warehouse. He arrives say 30 minutes later.
· “My fucking nephew killed a dog and stole a car”. John arrives, kills thugs and looks for his car (30 mins).
· John calls Abram “You have my car”.
· John finds the car and takes it back.
· John uses his car to try and escape and kill people.
· John kills lots of people (approx. 30 minutes has passed).
· John makes peace with abram at 00.00am.
· John leaves and takes his car.
Tuesday Day 9 7.30am
· Johns car is wrecked and he gets home in the morning. Judging by the light I’d say early morning. We know he lives about 2 hours from the city so assuming it took 7 hours and 30 mins (shown in a later scene) to get home because his car was barely crawling up the driveway (being a man of focus he was getting that car back).
· John goes and cleans up. The clock on his table says 7.30am. Showers and sleeps.
· Next scene is Aureilo arriving to pick up Johns car. I’m assuming its mid to late afternoon around 4.30pm. John is playing with his dog and we have a continuity error here because in John Wick 1 the dog was a puppy and here it is clearly an older dog but ‘Im choosing to ignore this because movie land reasons.
· Cut to next scene. John cleans up his suit and sorts out the basement from the first film. He makes cement and it probably takes him 3 hours so time is 8pm.
· Santino arrives at 8pm (its night out). Coffee and conversation about markers (probably 20 minutes).
· Santino leaves and blows up Johns house.
· John sees his house burn at 8.30.
· Cut to fire engine still fighting the fire so say the response time ect is about 30 mins later. Jimmy the cop is here “Gas leak?”.
· John leaves with the dog and walks off.
Wednesday Day 10 9am.
· John arrives at the continental early morning (looks around 9am so he walked for 12 hours as busses probably aren’t running and he’s a man of focus). “How good to see you again so soon Mr Wick”.
· John meets with Winston and converse about Santino D’antonio and the marker.
· 10 minutes later John boards the dog with Charon the concierge. John leaves for the national gallery.
· Probably 30 minutes to the gallery he gets frisked and meets Santino.
· They talk about the job for 10 minutes “My hands”.
· John leaves and travels to his deposit box “59.035” say another 30 minutes to get there.
· He suits up (another 30 minutes) “happy hunting Mr Wick”.
· Next scene hes in Rome so assuming an hour to the airport. Google tells me New York to Rome direct is an 8 hours and 15 minutes flight and an hour to the continental of Rome meaning total travel time is 10 hours and 15minutes because he had no delays or hold ups and everything happened perfectly because its movieland and therefore assuming every part of his trip was flawless. Rome is 6 hours behind New York (thanks to google again) so John arrives at his destination at 2.25 pm Rome time which fits with the film.
Wednesday Day 10 8.25pm USA, 2.25pm Rome.
· John is observed by Ayres the mute woman arriving at the Continental. “Welcome to the Continental of Rome”.
· He meets the manager “are you here for the pope?”.
· Next scene John is getting supplies and equipment. He must have checked in so I assume its an hour later.
· Suit, Guns and catacomb plans must have taken some time, Rush suit could have taken an hour to measure and 4 hours to make, Guns must have taken an hour along with the catacombs “Mr Wick do enjoy your party”.
· Ayres watches John leave 3 hours later.
· John suits up that night say 8pm Rome time (Which is Thursday Day 11 2am USA time)
· John enters the catacombs and takes about an hour and 30 mins to reach his target whilst leaving his weapons around.
· Gianna enjoys her party and meets Mr Riconi and then leaves to freshen her makeup.
· 10.30 Rome John meets Gianna in the bathroom. They talk for 10 minutes and she slits her wrists. John shoots her and leaves.
· John bumps into Cassian “You working?” they shoot each other and John runs.
· John kills a lot of people escaping.
· Cassian find Gianna.
· John gets to catacombs and meets Ayres “Loose ends?”.
· John kills a lot of people It takes about 30 minutes for John to escape the catacombs from killing Gianna.
· Cassian tries to run John over. They fight and crash through the window of the Continental. They wernt far from it so its assumed Joh had been walking for 20 minutes and they were fighting for 10 mins. Hey crash through about 11.40pm Rome which again fits with the film.
· In the bar they talk for about 5 minutes. Cassian leaves and Ayres is there as John goes to bed “Not if I see you first”.
· Its about 00.00am when Santino phones. John hangs up on him. Santino calls the exchange and puts a bounty on John. John phones the desk and says he’ll check out in the morning. So all this makes the time Thursday Day 11 0.005 am Rome and Thursday Day 11 6 am USA. The text messages go out at this time because they would have done it then and there was no delay despite this being shown in a later scene.
· Next scene is early AM assumed around 6am because that’s when John usually gets up so its Thursday Day 11 6am Rome and 12pm USA. John sorts his stuff and is escorted out by the manager “May you have a safe journey Mr Wick”.
· It takes 10 hours and 15 minutes to get back to New York making it 10.15pm. Cassian is seen in New York so it’s assumed he got the contract text and headed to the airport straightaway to beat John back knowing he wouldn’t be able to get him in Rome.
Thursday Day 11 10.15pm.
· Santino completes the marker book “you stabbed the devil in the back”.
· John walks through Chinatown and the train station, kills lots of people (some with a pencil) and finally faces Cassian on the tube where he stabs him in the Aorta as a professional courtesy. Judging by how beat up he is and how many people he faced it probably took him 2 and a half hours.
Friday Day 12 00.45am
· John escapes 2 assassins at the train station and gets taken by the homeless man to the Bowery King.
· Its early am say around 7 am when John wakes up. Hes had medicine and has been patched up so therefore its Friday Day 12 7am. John and the king talk for an Hourish “$7 million Dollars gets you 7 rounds”.
· John leaves for Santinos coronation.
· John arrives at the NYM meausum Mirror art exhibit . No way to judge it so im guessing it took 3 hours having traveled by tunnels and sewer making it about 11am.
· Santino sees john.
· John kills lots of people probably takes about an hour.
· Santino escapes and runs to the continental John kill Ayres at 12.00pm
· John follows Santino to the Continental which probably took an hour to get to as Santino was eating and waiting for John.
· John arrives at the hotel and kills Santino at 1pm whilst eating lunch “What have you done?”.
· John leaves, collects his dog and goes home.
· The next scene is a bit difficult to place John sits in his ruined house looking at his wifes necklace and its raining. He could have walked for 12 hours but its more likely (as he’s in the next part of the scene) that the concierge took him and waited for a call. This doesn’t quite fit as the conversation about the dog staying with him implys that he had just arrived but im assuming that john was mute the whole way there in the car. “Would you be so enclined”.
· They travel back 2 hours (2 hours there 2 hours back) which makes it exactly 5pm when they reach Winston.
· Theres a continuity error here as John Wick 3 starts at 5pm but Winstons watch clearly shows 4pm in this scene I imagine his battery has died an hour before is all I can think of.
· Wick and Winston talk and John gets a marker and the starts running “I’ll kill them all”.
· Here ends John Wick Chapter 2 Friday Day 13 at 5pm.
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2023.05.30 23:16 Alli-exe WIBTA for wanting to kick my uncle out of my grandmother’s house?

My (26F) uncle (don’t know his age but he is grown enough to be my father) stays in the house owned by my grandmother, my mother, and now my siblings and I (19M and 22F). It’s a 4-bed house with a garden and when my grandmother passed away, my mother allowed him to live there for 3k a month. I am South African, so let me tell you this is absolute pennies for rent, even if the neighbourhood is a teensy bit sketchy (for my fellow SAns, it’s in Bosmont). My mother’s family came from very little, and that house means a lot to us. I moved out of my family home after my mother passed away because I needed space to deal with my issues with my family away from them. I have since moved back home, but I am already desperate to move back out and have my own space. We are considering fixing up the house to rent out but someone would need to stay there while repairs are underway, and since Uncle has lost his job, and can’t even afford to pay those peanuts, I am considering giving him a month’s notice to find a new place. I’m part, his losing his job was the first irk I caught. It happened in the first month we were upping his rent since he moved in. He did not tell me, he came to speak to my father; and relied on him to convey this news even though I came home during this conversation. He is not close to us at all. Didn’t even come by after my mother’s funeral, and we have no relationship with him. I should also mention that he was fired from his job after a sexual harassment allegation (which he is adamant was a misunderstanding and has even gone we far as to take them to the CCMA) He has also very nearly cost us the house by lying about paying his rates and taxes, and my father has come home fuming about the state of the house when he has gone to visit my uncle. I don’t want to kick a man out when he’s clearly got few other options, and my motivation for moving back into the house I grew up in were that I could be closer and more available to my family. But I also feel no inclination to make this decision based around a grown man infamously known for his poor sense of responsibility and dishonesty. We would have substantially more space (which was a big contributor to family squabbles no matter how much we do love each other) and I could have my independence back. The house is paid up and only utilities and such would cost me. I am a musician and currently finishing my studies to qualify as a therapist so as you can imagine, I’m not exactly rolling in dough. Family is important to us, but I will not give up something left to me, least of all for a creepy deadbeat of a man I have zero relationship with outside of funerals and weddings. My parents worked so hard for the 3 of us to have first world privileges, and I think this is one of the few I really want to cling to. However, since it is a decision my siblings and I need to make, we wanted to know if we would be the assholes for kicking him out.
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2023.05.30 22:27 haryyp 26F and 25M going through a bad phase

26F and 25M going through a bad phase
What would be an ideal solution to this problem? I'm 26 female and have been with my Highschool sweetheart for more than 10 years now. 7 years back I was diagnosed with clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder, life has been very difficult after that. I have been on medication and therapy since then. My boyfriend is 25 and we have been in a long distance relationship. We both wished to get married before 2026 and everything seemed fine. Lately, I made the decision that I wish to stay in State A because I enjoy the climate here and property prices aren't that high and I would be able to own an independent home with a small garden area. I'm an introvert. He is an extrovert, he said that there is no way he is ever coming to State A and would prefer to end the relationship, and move on with someone else (even if it is an arranged marriage by his parents). I told him that he will have good career opportunities in this part of the country as well but he blatantly said 'no'. I discussed this with my mother, she said that if he is not ready to understand why having an open spaced home is necessary for you instead of living in apartments/flats then he is not the right person for you. He said that I will build a similar home for you but give me 10 or 15 years, but I already have the option of a home.Why should I waste these many years cramped? I know I can't expect him to move here but how can he expect me to move to different cities in a few years. I tried explaining why this arrangement is beneficial for my mental health and this will provide me with an order which I crave. I attempted suicide last week, things were horrible. I sat down with my parents and therapist, came up with the plan to have my own space which I would be in complete control of. The thought of it brings peace to me. I thought he would understand but he is trying his best to end things and not even giving it a thought.
TL;DR - He will not move to where I'm planning on living for the next few years. And I can't imagine constant change would be beneficial for my mental health. Geography is overpowering our love.
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2023.05.30 21:26 nheilman44 How we feeling on this one??

How we feeling on this one??
What would y’all take out??
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2023.05.30 21:02 Dr_AK_Myst I'm a doctor who can't heal himself. I'm a mental health advocate with his mind in the gutter. Wanna hear my story ?

I don’t know what I'm doing here. But I'm taking a leap of faith anyways. I want this post to be considered Entry 1 of a public diary that I wanna share in this subreddit. If this post gets enough comments and upvotes, I want to make this a regular series. Because I want the world to know my story.
So here's where I right now- I'm a 26Y (M) freshly graduated doctor in Bangladesh. My father passed away last year after battling cancer for 9 months. I used to run a fairly succesful mental health startup that helped young adults & adolescents battle depression. But I needed a lot of money for my father's treatment and thus I had to sell off my startup, merge with a bigger company and join them as a consultant. I had to lay off my team and lose ownership of my projects.
After my father's death, my mother (also a doctor btw) became suicidal. It took me 6 months to get her in a better place and she is doing good nowadays. But in the process I graduated 6 months later compared to my colleagues since I had to take an academic gap.
And it is during that gap that my girlfriend abandoned me. In fact, she didn’t even show up at my father's funeral.
There is a LOT to unpack here, especially about my mental health crisis and my journey if rebuilding myself. Here I am- a junior doctor in a workplace he doesn’t like, far away from home in a different city, with no long-term plans and a lot of responsibilities. I really don't know where to begin, so let me know in the comments about which part of my life you wanna hear about.
That's my intro. So...... wanna hear my story ???
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2023.05.30 20:56 ColdBlackWater Just wrong.

My dad is a chef in a busy hotel and after a busy day in work, it was late and he was heading home. It was dark but a normal drive home -- we live in the country a twenty minute drive from town. Around one that night, my dad pulled into our drive and got out of the car and into our house. He had only just closed the door behind him and had stepped away from it when there was a knock on the door.
He turned around and answered the door, and in front of him stood a very tall, very thin, very pale man, in a black funeral-type suit that was far too small for him. His eyes were inexpressibly dark...
My dad just looked at him and said, Yes?
In a low, almost expressionless, voice, the man asked for the directions. My dad knew the place; but it was in Galway, absolute miles away.
Dad just said, Yes, and gave him fairly rough directions, as there was no way the guy was walking there. The man stood looking at my dad, said nothing, and then, very slowly, turned and walked straight through the garden, flower beds and all, climbed over the fence, and left our property, continuing down the rural lane.
Dad was speechless -- first of all, on the drive home, he'd seen no one on the roads, then saw no one around our house when he pulled in. Our sensor light didn't react to the man at all, and he had been at the door just seconds after my dad was. It was almost impossible to fathom how that could have been the case.
And the man himself -- in general, the man himself was just -- wrong.
edited for clarity
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2023.05.30 20:36 oledirtybum Dinger Tuesday Pick

Dinger Tuesday Pick
I don't know shit about baseball but here we are.
Pretty fun promo to bet on anyway. Good luck if you tail!
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2023.05.30 20:29 capedcrusader52 2023 Nats Park Guide

Hello all, given the fact one of most common posts we seem to get on the subreddit is tips/advice for coming to Nats Park either from Visiting Fans or First Times. I thought it would be a good idea to get a decent size run-down of all the things new and "old" this season at Nats Park and the surrounding area to help ensure a good experience by all (If I forgot something please comment, my brain can only hold so much Nats Park knowledge).
Seating in Ballpark:
Fans in Ballpark:
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2023.05.30 19:56 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KS Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Colwich
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Derby
Cargill Batcher Dodge City
Cargill Conveyor Operator Dodge City
Cargill Maintenance Mechanic Dodge City
Cargill Production Worker Garden City
Cargill Batcher Garden City
Cargill Food Processor Garden City
Cargill General Production: $2,500 2nd Shift Sign-On Bonus Hanston
Cargill Food Processor Hanston
Cargill General Production Hanston
Cargill Food Processor Holcomb
Cargill Production Worker Holcomb
Cargill Poultry Processor Jetmore
Cargill General Production: $2,500 2nd Shift Sign-On Bonus Jetmore
Cargill Batcher Jetmore
Cargill Maintenance Mechanic Spearville
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Valley Center
HealthMarkets Healthcare Benefit Provider Wichita
Pizza Hut FOH Manager Abilene
Pizza Hut Shift Manager Abilene
Pizza Hut Food Service Manager Abilene
Holiday Resorts Occupational Therapist Americus
Holiday Resorts RN- Charge Nurse Americus
Holiday Resorts COTA Americus
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ks. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 19:54 haryyp What to do?????

I'm 26 female and have been with my Highschool sweetheart for more than 10 years now. 7 years back I was diagnosed with clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder, life has been very difficult after that. I have been on medication and therapy since then. My boyfriend is 25 and we have been in a long distance relationship. We both wished to get married before 2026 and everything seemed fine. Lately, I made the decision that I wish to stay in State A because I enjoy the climate here and property prices aren't that high and I would be able to own an independent home with a small garden area. I'm an introvert. He is an extrovert, he said that there is no way he is ever coming to State A and would prefer to end the relationship, and move on with someone else (even if it is an arranged marriage by his parents). I told him that he will have good career opportunities in this part of the country as well but he blatantly said 'no'. I discussed this with my mother, she said that if he is not ready to understand why having an open spaced home is necessary for you instead of living in apartments/flats then he is not the right person for you. He said that I will build a similar home for you but give me 10 or 15 years, but I already have the option of a home.Why should I waste these many years cramped? I know I can't expect him to move here but how can he expect me to move to different cities in a few years. I tried explaining why this arrangement is beneficial for my mental health and this will provide me with an order which I crave. I attempted suicide last week, things were horrible. I sat down with my parents and therapist, came up with the plan to have my own space which I would be in complete control of. The thought of it brings peace to me. I thought he would understand but he is trying his best to end things and not even giving it a thought.
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2023.05.30 19:50 ivypearl42069 MY PEOPLE!!! NEIGHBOR WOES (it’s a long one)

so i’m a renter but my landlord is the most laid back landlord ever. she knows i’m big on bio diversity and love plants so she has given me free reign.
my neighbors….. ugh. my neighbors.
on one side is an abandoned house that is currently mid restoration - love them. on the other side is house on a tiny lot. i should have known they were going to be problematic for me when they took out the ONLY garden bed to fill the entire “yard” with gravel. one of their tenants loves to garden but they restrict him to a potted garden only - no beds. the tenant used to mow my lawn for pretty cheap and i didn’t mind because i wasn’t able to work from home yet and didn’t have the capacity to start looking at what native gardening would entail. the tenant who kept the yard trimmed was always trimming the grass to less than .5” which is far too short when you have dogs and 90*+ days. so it always looked burnt and dead (because i refuse to pay for the amount of water that would be needed to keep it green when it’s that short)
fast forward. the owner of the neighboring property decided he and his gf needed an RV to travel and that my landlord needed to trim the trees so he could park the RV between our houses. TURNS OUT HE DEMANDED MY LANDLORD COMPLETELY REMOVE THE TREES. so now my house gets NO SHADE and is soooo hot. (we don’t have AC in this part of the state) then the RV he bought doesn’t even fit there because it’s too long for his property and he doesn’t even travel with it……. 🙃
now the tenant who used to mow my lawn is aging pretty rapidly and isn’t as able to help with my yard. totally fine! i have the time now to do it but i do like my grass to be tall so i don’t have to water it very often. i’ve told them this multiple times.
i wake up this morning and look out and my front yard has been cut down to less than .5” and looks dead AF now.
i’m livid.
i’ve now scheduled for a friend and their spouse to come visit and help me plant ALL THE WILDFLOWERS around the perimeter of my property.
ugh!!! city life is not for me.
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2023.05.30 19:33 becassidy Sellers remorse 3 years later

I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, I just need to vent, and Google isn't offering any 2ays to mentally move through this.
My husband bought a home in 2014. We met in 2015. We toyed with the idea of selling on and off, but kept making updates to be how we like it until we decided. I didnt want to move and loced our home. It was a split ranch, 5 acres, beautiful, hated the dirt road and traffic but whatever, it was amazing to me. We'll, after ongoing issues with a neighbor, we had our last straw and i folded to selling.
While pregnant in spring 2020, we listed. We had our baby in late summer and found a home that was 80 acres, 3 bed 2 bath old farm house. We wanted about 30-50 acres, but the price hadn't inflated for covid and we could sell our home with covid pricing inflation. We had literally just gotten everything in the home as we wanted except the kitchen and a few things outside. (Edit to add, because apparently some think we pissed away money, we put excess money from the sale toward the down-payment /closing of this house and toward updates thus far, aiding and insulation in the second floor.)
The whole house needs to be updated, and we increased out mortgage payments for 50%. We would've had the other home paid off in another 3 years if we stayed and now we have 25 more years at a higher mortgage.
Esp now with a potential recession, I am so worried about costs. We also only have electric here, our old home had a wood stove and propane, we are now spending a fortune in heating oil, and have only remodel the second floor and done siding, so first floor doesn't have Insulation.
We did a garden and its 2 fields away in a horse circle. We have no idea how to get water back there. The old home we had made 3 raised beds in the yard.
I know we had to work to get the old home how we wanted, but it just seems so much harder at this new home.
We now have 2 kids and I am so happy they have land, yard, pool, tractor, etc to grow up with... but I think my husband has dreams of them wanting it... and i diubt they will. Heck we probably wont even want it when were 80 people we wont be able to maintain it, much less climb stairs to our bedroom. Mowing, brush hogging, everything is just more time and more money here, and I am seriously struggling.
If you made it this far, thank you!
Edit to add, we are 5 minutes from town. Our old home we were 30 minutes. My kids' future schools are 5 minutes away. We did live more in the country before so this isn't a city dweller moving into the country as many did in covid. We moved about 15/20 miles.
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2023.05.30 19:27 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NE Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Cargill FSQR Pre-Sorter Level 1 Columbus
Cargill FSQR Pre-Sorter Level 1 Schuyler
Cargill General Production Schuyler
Cargill Batcher Schuyler
Pizza Hut Food Service Manager Ainsworth
Pizza Hut FOH Manager Ainsworth
Pizza Hut Shift Manager Bassett
Pizza Hut Cook Beatrice
Pizza Hut Pizza Maker Beatrice
1-800-Hansons In Home Sales Executive Bellevue
BayMark Health Services Full Time Drug and Alcohol Counselor LADC or PLADC Bellevue
MacArthur Co Inside Sales Support Specialist Bellevue
Fastwyre Account Executive Blair
Fastwyre Sales Account Executive Blair
Fastwyre Sr. Account Executive Blair
Gothenburg Health End User Architect Cozad
Fastwyre Account Executive Fremont
Gothenburg Health End User Architect Gothenburg
Eat Out Now Inc Management Grand Island
Family Medical Center of Hastings Certified Medical Coder Hastings
Family Medical Center of Hastings Medical Coder Hastings
Family Medical Center of Hastings HIM Coder Hastings
Pizza Hut FOH Manager Imperial
Pizza Hut Food Service Manager Imperial
Kansas City Dental Implants & Oral Surgery Practice Administrator Lincoln
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ne. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 19:16 chokobop Mini pin behaviour issues - anybody else?

Is it truly common for this breed to be over protective/ borderline aggressive (not physically violent / has ever gone for anyone to bite) but if he is highly aroused by a stranger, he can get so angry and will not stop barking. And mini pins barks are damn loud. Our little man is the best . We rescued him after he was living in a city centre flat, never really walked properly. We discovered quickly how fast these guys can run off lead 😂 He’s been the light of our lives. Brings us so much joy. We take him out 4x times a day for exercise as we live in a small town with lots of space but we ourselves have no back garden. Huge guilt about this for our little guy. He has a hugely anxious disposition. Before he came to us, he broke his leg and was in the vets for over two weeks as a young puppy. We got him at about 8months. He was always very barky toward people he doesn’t know. He makes life hell whenever anyone knocks on our doo dare they enter the house. He really lets himself down in what I can only guess is hugely anxious moments for him- because people “hate” him because he is so loud and disruptive. Myself and my partner absolutely adore him. We try our best with training and have a strict regimen in the home with him. I feel like we are truly doing our best. He socialises with other dogs regularly. We put him into doggie day care 2 times a week for about 8 hrs a day which has really helped his socialising. But he still can take a notion - mainly toward men- and just bark the house down. What can we do? He’s so great at home. He’s absolutely full of beans and I mean, he’s always raring to go for walks and have fun times with us, but his behaviour issues cause a lot of stress. Like Yano when you’re out for a nice walk with your dog. That doesn’t exist with our guy. Naturally we are quite relaxed people. So having to deal with the dog hating some people, and not being able to cope in other social situations has been challenging. Also- different note but has anyone ever had bowel probs with their dog? Wel like not problems. His diet is great, and very clean. But he’s so fussy about where he poops. And it can take a couple hours sometimes. Life is quite disruptive all in all and stressful with our mini pin. But the love trumps it all. The evening time cosies on the couch. When he sneaks into our bed at night and wakes us with kisses. He’s the best. But I’m feeling like a bad dog owner that I can’t help him. I really don’t know what to do. He really knows we are his safe humans. It’s very clear when he’s anxious and out with others. I don’t think we are bad dog parents but sometimes I wonder what else we can do to help him.
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2023.05.30 18:48 Way_Moby The Lore of King Deshret: A Prose Summary

For some time now, I've been obsessed with the lore of King Deshret, Nabu Malikata, and Rukkhadevata. After pouring over artifact descriptions, I thought it might be a good idea to compile all of that lore into a prose summary (with citations!) so that folks can come to appreciate the richness of all the desert's story. And so, I present you with "The Lore of King Deshret: A Prose Summary"!
Note that I've tried to privilege artifact, material, etc. descriptions over others sources, as their flavor text seems to be the most "objective." Also, in certain places I have stitched together the lore with some of my own assumptions, but I tried to keep these to a minimum so that this wouldn't just become a headcanon-fest. Either way, let me know if you have any thoughts and/or suggestions for things that I should add.
In the Beginning
Long ago, the region now known as the Great Red Sand was a verdant land under the dominion of Apep, the Dendro dragon. But during the war against the Second Who Came, when dragons like Nibelung and Apep used the power of the Abyss to fight the Heavenly Principles, it is said that the Primordial One "sent down the divine nails to mend the land" (Amethyst Crown). One of these pillars was dropped on what would become Sumeru (Shadow of the Sand King; What Shape Does the Self Hold). And while this action prevented Apep from absorbing a critical mass of forbidden knowledge (What Shape Does the Self Hold), its ecological impact was immense: "The grass turned into sand" (The Realm of Beginnins), "burying tree and meadow" (Shadow of the Sand King). Apep's once-lush realm was reduced to nothing but a vast, blistering desert. After this catastrophe, "the new masters of Teyvat … stepped into [the] land" (The Realm of Beginnings); these were the humans, and those who lived in the desert organized themselves into various tribes (The Sunken Years).
It was around this time that the one known as King Deshret rose to power and "shaped the land, creating oases and flowing springs" (The Sunken Years). Of Deshret's origins, not much is known. According to legends, he was "a son of the sky," and "whenever he looked up to the sky and recalled the boundless paradise high above, and the merciless reign of thousands of years past, [he] could not help but lower his noble head and sigh helplessly" (The Lay of Al-Ahmar). Deshret—who was also known as "Amun" (What Shape Does the Self Hold), "Al-Ahmar" (The Lay of Al-Ahmar), and the "Scarlet King" (Secret of the Scorching Desert)—was often epithetized as "the king of warriors, gardeners, and intellectuals" (Candace, Companion Dialogue) and it is said that "his people chose to cover their eyes as they dared not look upon him" because his visage "was beyond that of the sun" (Rich Red Brocade). It is unclear what Deshret looked like, but because the statues and effigies that dot the desert landscape are said to have been erected in his image (Primal Obelisk, Mausoleum of King Deshret, East; The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears), it is possible that he was an avian-headed humanoid. On murals, he was often depicted simply as a great ten-pointed star inlaid with a technicolor iris; this was the legendary "Eye of Deshret" (An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology).
Prior to his ascendancy, Deshret first approached Apep, the defeated Dendro dragon, and sought her permission to establish a kingdom in what used to be her realm. Although Apep "did not think much" of Deshret, she agreed to his proposal under one condition: "That after his death, all the knowledge he came to accumulate would belong to [her]" (What Shape Does the Self Hold ) Deshret agreed to this proposal and set about building his kingdom, which he sought to make "a paradise for all living beings and a place where wisdom gathered." (Viewpoint: The Barren Land Where Sand Dances).
And as Deshret's kingdom grew, so too did his power: The legends claim that at the apex of his kingdom, Deshret "had no enemies, for all who paid him no homage would be destroyed by [his] servants … and thus be rendered down to naught but a handful of sand" (Delving Deeper: Sekhem Hall ). In fact, so powerful was Deshret's kingdom that Celestia itself eventually offered him a gnosis—the metaphysical index of true power that transmuted its wielder into an archon—but Deshret is said to have "reject[ed] the gift granted by the divine throne" (Wilting Feast).
Deshret and Nabu Malikata: A Fateful Pairing
At some point, Deshret came across "a spirit created at the beginning [who was] the shimmering light that flows from the eyes of the creator" (Amethyst Crown; Scroll of Streaming Song, Vol. I). This magnificent being was Nabu Malikata, better known as the Goddess of Flowers. A benevolent deity and the mother of the Jinn, it I said that:
… the Lord of Flowers was the Lord of Joy and Happiness. Freshwater sprang from her sleeves, and thus was the oasis of blossoming flowers born in the desert. Flowers and grasses followed in her footsteps, and gleaming moonlight cleared the way for her. In the bitter days when the sky turned its back on the ground, the Lord of Flowers extended her mercy to each and every one of the mortals, letting them regain their happiness and egos, allowing leisure and luxury to resume.
She bestowed dreams upon the exiled, the manic, and the foolish. In those dreams, they were presented with their dearest delights. Burdened by the brutality of reality, they were fascinated by the charm of the Lord of Flowers and captivated by her beauty and care. … Apart from wisdom and power, she also brought mercy and joy to her people."
—Oasis Garden's Reminiscence; Oasis Garden's Kindness; Oasis Garden's Truth
But the Goddess of Flowers was not just a friendly sprite or a gregarious dryad. In truth, she was a member of that noble race known as the Seelies. Long ago, after the Primordial One had fashioned Teyvat for humans (Before Sun and Moon), Nabu Malikata had danced in heaven with the sisters of the moon (Tulaytullah’s Remembrance). But after the war with the Second, she and her kin "suffered the torment of exile" and were stripped of their "connection to heaven" and to their "powers of enlightenment" (Amethyst Crown ).
Because of this most unjust punishment, the Goddess of Flowers secretly harbored a burning desire to "transcend the absurd shackles that governed this world" by subverting the power of Celestia (Wilting Feast). But Nabu Malikata was not driven simply by revenge. Indeed, she loved humanity and simply wanted them to seize their destiny and realize the "truth": that "these so-called gods [have] been superfluous to [humans] since the beginning?" (Wilting Feast).
King Deshret "reveled in [Nabu Malikata's] immense charm and grace" (Oasis Garden's Truth) and proposed an alliance. And so "the Mistress of Flowers and Oases joined hands with the Lord of Deserts and built Ay-Khanoum, the "City of Amphitheaters," which meant the "City of the Moon Maiden" in the mysterious language of the Jinn (Oasis Garden's Mourning). During this time, it is said that Jinn "lived in a carefree palace, singing with nightingales and talking with roses. It was a beautiful time ... and even the tasteless spring water was intoxicating" (The Shepherd and the Magic Bottle).
The Golden Age of the Oathbound Friends
Sometime later, Nabu Malikata heard rumors of a most wise deity, "the owner of yesterday and the master of tomorrow morning" who went by the name "Rukkhadevata." After meeting one another, the Goddess of Flowers and Rukkhadevata bonded over their love of wisdom and developed a friendship—a friendship that eventually grew to include King Deshret (Scroll of Streaming Song, Vol. I).
Around the time that this friendship was blossoming, the centuries-long era of violence now known as the "Archon War" began, wherein myriad gods battled one another for a chance to receive a gnosis. Given his immense power, Deshret could have easily disposed of both Nabu Malikata and Rukkhadevata, thereby consolidating control over all of Sumeru. But instead, he did the unthinkable: He offered his throne to the goddesses and proposed that the three of them rule over Sumeru together (Amethyst Crown). Nabu Malikata and Rukkhadevata agreed to this offer, and thus did the three become "oathbound friends" (Honeyed Final Feast).
The trio of god-kings consequently divided the responsibilities of ruling amongst themselves: "the banquet belonged to the mistress of flowers and moonlit nights, authority was in the hands of the desert king, and life was the domain of the keeper of plants" (Honeyed Final Feast). Under this tripartite system, "peace and ease reigned," and there was no "division or misfortune" (Honeyed Final Feast). Thus did Sumeru thrive (Scroll of Streaming Song, Vol. III).
Nabu Malikata's Sacrifice
Given their shared disdain for Celestia and their desire to see "humanity … become the king of kings," Deshret often urged the Goddess of Flowers to join him in his rebellion against the Heavenly Principles. At first, Nabu Malikata refused, believing that Deshret's goal was akin to "chain[ing] the winds" (Wilting Feast). Deshret, however, continued to insist, and so Nabu Malikata used her heaven-given powers to show her friend that his future would be "ruinous and bleak" were he to continue down the path he was taking (Wilting Feast). But still, "the king refused to yield an inch" (Wilting Feast).
Never before had the Goddess of Flowers met such a resolve, and soon, in Deshret's "words and aspirations," she "saw the possibility to transcend the absurd shackles that governed this world" (Wilting Feast). And so Nabu Malikata "capitulated to her friend's folly" (Wilting Feast), telling him:
I shall keep your secrets on account of the feelings my heart holds for you and the Lord of Wisdom. I shall fashion you a bridge to allow you to slake your deepest wants. But you must fear not the crystalline sapphire nail... I will deliver you unto higher knowledge. But as I have warned, you are fated to lose much in this exchange... Nevertheless, hide my lesson in your heart. Remember the punishment that once was inflicted on the fallen envoys of heaven. Know this: If there is to be hope in this world, it will be found kindling within mortals most ordinary.
—Secret-Keeper's Magic Bottle
Deshret and Nabu Malikata consequently performed an arcane ritual, wherein the latter "[used] her body as a conduit," allowing the former to access "all there was to know about the skies and the abyss" (Secret-Keeper's Magic Bottle ). The ritual's "dazzling radiance" consumed the Goddess of Flower's body and caused "sandstorms [to wreck] revelrous havoc across" Sumeru, "folding the skies with yellow sand, swallowing all in calamity" (Secret-Keeper's Magic Bottle).
King Deshret thence sought out the primeval celestial nail that had long ago turned Sumeru to sand, and—with the assistance of the Jinn—he used its power to create an elaborate cenotaph to commemorate the Goddess of Flowers (Defender of the Enchanting Dream; A Moment Congealed). This memorial—an "ever-youthful dreamland" of "undisturbed water" and "perpetual dusk"—was held in stasis so that it would "not be seized by autumn's arms," nor would the "circles of time" be able to "subject its newborn spring-joy to the curse of years" (Viewpoint: The Paradise of Eternal Peace). And to ensure that nothing bad would happen to his fallen friend's memorial, Deshret granted the mighty Ferigees governance over the oasis (Defender of the Enchanting Dream). In addition to protecting the tomb, the legends say that Ferigees also "used her powers to keep the springs ever-flowing, and so she spread greenery across the desert like stars in the sky, providing sanctuary to folk who had lost their homes" (Defender of the Enchanting Dream). Because of this, Goddess of Flowers's memorial came to be known simply as the "Eternal Oasis" (A Moment Congealed).
Despite the love that Rukkhadevata had for the Goddess of Flowers, it is said that the latter's ideals "broke [the former's] heart" (Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part III) In fact, Nabu Malikata's death was so impactful that Rukkhadevata decided to "cut ties with the sea of sand," choosing to instead create for herself a forest kingdom from whence she could "take up the path of defending life" (Feast of Boundless Joy). After leaving the desert, Rukkhadevata severed relations with King Deshret (Vibrant Pinion), but while the two were no longer "inseparable friends" (Dreaming Steelbloom), it seems that their past prevented them from ever truly being enemies (Secret of the Scorching Desert).
Deshret and the Vassal States
Following Rukkhadevata's departure from the desert, Deshret was left to rule by himself. But though he had just lost two of his closest friends, his power was still immense: "In [this] era … [Deshret's] power descended upon every inch of the land like the scorching sun. … No one was neglected, nor was anyone discontented. That was a forgotten golden era" (Olden Days of Scorching Might). It is likely that much of Deshret's power was due to his newfound alliance with the Jinn: Soon after the death of their creator, they had turned to the king and promised to serve him if he swore "to find [their] eternal companion" (The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears). Deshret agreed and thus the Jinn "became his servants, engaging in noble deeds of creation and exploration," and to house the Jinn, Deshret created myriad magic bottles of silver, stamped with his mark, in which these spirits could live in repose (The Shepherd and the Magic Bottle).
Deshret also made a pact with his human subjects at this time: "Those who possessed hearts of iron and were untainted by the allure of corruption," he proclaimed, "could serve as a vassal-king and guide the people, like a shepherd tending to a flock" (The First Days of the City of Kings). Soon after this proclamation was made, a lowly shepherd named Ormazd met and fell in love with the Jinn Liloupar, the sister of Ferigees. With her help, Ormazd managed to unite the scattered tribes of the desert (Legacy of the Desert High-Born), and thus Ormazd was crowned as Deshret's "vassal king" (The First Days of the City of Kings). Ormazd made the city of Gurabad his capital, and according to the legends:
When Gurabad rose, the kingdoms of man joined many oases into one [and the people of the desert] obeyed the will of Ormazd alone. Ormazd took the Lord of the Desert as his lord-patron, constructing palaces and temples to facilitate his worship. Slaves were taken from the tribes, servitude was demanded from states, and sacrifices were required of the cities... The city thrived, and nobles and slaves alike lived in its shade.
—Legacy of the Desert High-Born
Unfortunately, Ormazd devolved into a petty tyrant, much to Liloupar's chagrin. She eventually concocted an elaborate revenge plan that resulted in Gurabad and its inhabitants being swallowed up by the earth (Memories of Gurabad). During this "eternal collapse," "sandstorms and demons ran riot. Nightingales sang till their voice grew raspy and their blood dried up. Roses withered and turned into tangles of thorns. Poets died of maltreatment, lovers were displaced, prosperity vanished" (The Shepherd and the Magic Bottle). In time, Deshret learned of Liloupar's actions, and, in a fury, he had her soul split into seven parts (Primal Obelisk, Safhe Shatranj).
The Search for Forbidden Knowledge
Why, a reader might ask, did Deshret defer to mortals the authority that he himself had long wielded? It seems that at this time, Deshret secluded himself, "us[ing] a hundred years and a hundred years further to build a huge maze for his kingdom, before trapping himself deep within it in search of [the] forbidden knowledge" (The Lay of Al-Ahmar) that Nabu Malikata had sacrificed herself for him to get.
The "taboo knowledge" that Deshret sought in particular was information about how he could "create a dream paradise" (Primal Construct: Prospector) that was "free of worry, schemes, and slavery" (Remnant Glow of Scorching Might). To attain this end, Deshret surveyed the world around him, identifying elements that he felt needed to be eliminated. These things he enumerated as such:
The cycle of seven must be removed, because the secret narrative will be blocked.Fear and grief must be torn down, and so the barrier between life and death must be removed.
Remove the sun, the moons, and weight, for there should be no barriers between time and space.
Remove the original principles of rules, verdicts, and grace, so that she will no longer be afraid of the punishment that is laid on her kin.
Remove birds, beasts, fish, dragons, humans, and seven monk-kings, so that none shall steal wisdom. …
"None shall have to drink salt water in the King's realm, for everything in the new world shall be good."
—Staff of the Scarlet Sands
After extirpating world established by the Heavenly Principles, Deshret sought to "meld all thoughts into one, and let all calculations be unified" (Honeyed Final Feast). This goal was "elegant and precise" (Staff of the Scarlet Sands), but only because it represented nothing less than pure soteriological release from existence itself; in time, Deshret's objective came to be known as the "Golden Slumber" (Dreaming Steelbloom).
But while Deshret seems to have been outwardly motivated to seek Abyssal knowledge so as to enact his "Golden Slumber" and help thus "humanity become the lord of lords and the god of gods" (Honeyed Final Feast), he may very well have had another motive: to revive his lost love, Nabu Malikata. In the Lay of Al-Ahmar, it is said that the Crocodile King, the "commander of commanders," recommended that the king "forget the delusions of the Void" and instead seek "only resurrection and life eternal"—a recommendation, we are told, to which the king ultimately assented (The Lay of Al-Ahmar). While one could write this off as a dramatic distortion of what actually happened, it might very well be a highly poetic recollection of what actually happened: After all, we know that Deshret, while hard at work seeking forbidden knowledge, admitted to himself:
I understand now. This is what I have always wanted. That which I have always longed to find once more has never been a paradise for the many.
All the parodies of the teachings and the seven wise monks, or that so-called pure world free of all sorrows, none of those things matter anymore ...
I can see the three of us debating in our paradise once more. We are so close.
—Staff of the Scarlet Sands
This admission heavily suggests that what Deshret yearned for more than anything was a way to turn back time, resurrect his old friend from the dead, and live in the happiness of the past; in other words, he sought nothing more than to subvert "the law of universe that 'all who exist must one day perish'" (Sword of Descension).
The Fall of King Deshret
It was while "gaz[ing] upon the wisdom of the depths, and inclin[ing] his ear to honeyed whispers" (Dreaming Steelbloom) that Deshret came across forbidden knowledge from "the very bottom of the Abyss" that was beyond comprehension (Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies). This knowledge was utterly devastating, and it swiftly toppled Deshret's mighty kingdom. Thanks to the record of Kasala, one of Deshret's priests who lived through this calamity, we have a vivid description of this horrific event:
A disaster caught us unaware: It was knowledge that did not belong to this world. [King Deshret] brought this forbidden knowledge into our world and it quickly spread like a plague. People’s minds were filled with crazed whispers; dark gray scales spread across their bodies; even the land was stripped of its vigor. Only a desperate, deathly silence remained.
Secret of the Scorching Desert
This was Deshret's darkest hour. But then, when all hope seemed lost, help arrived from east: It was Greater Lord Rukkhadevata of the forests! It seems that while she had cut ties with Deshret long ago due to a difference in opinion, she never ceased to care for him. When she arrived in the desert, the situation was dire, with the poison of forbidden knowledge threatening to swallow the kingdom whole. Rukkhadevata acted quickly: She summoned the desert priests and had them build seven great temples, into which she infused the "divine power of life" (Secret of the Scorching Desert). The energy that radiated from these temples slowed the advance of the forbidden knowledge's destruction, and during this reprieve, Rukkhadevata and King Deshret gathered up the desert kingdom's survivors and had them seek refuge in the city of Akhtamun, which in time became known as "Aaru Village" (Candace, Companion Dialogue; Secret of the Scorching Desert). But the battle was not over yet.
While Rukkhadevata's temples had managed to slow the spread of forbidden knowledge, they had not managed to fully eradicate the threat. Rukkhadevata and King Deshret thus joined forces and together fought against the forbidden knowledge. This battle was perhaps the most strenuous the two had ever waged: Rukkhadevata is said to have "exhausted her strength" in the fight, resulting in her "form [becoming] that of a small child," and King Deshret, realizing that the forbidden knowledge he had brought into the world could not be eliminated without a great loss, "chose to sacrifice himself" in order to save the day (Secret of the Scorching Desert). It is unclear what exactly this sacrifice entailed, but it is likely that Deshret used the power of his consciousness to blast the forbidden knowledge into oblivion (Secret of the Scorching Desert); at this time, Deshret also seems to have activated his Golden Slumber project by teaching his people the following incantation, which, when spoken in earnest, merged their "minds … into one" (The Lay of Al-Ahmar):
O stars high above the wasteland
O nightingales weary from the day
It's time to take off the crown of roses
Cleanse yourself with wine made from grape
Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand
Deshret's sacrifice paid off, and the forbidden knowledge was eradicated. But it is also said that in the aftermath:
... the desert quaked, and the walls of [Deshret's] royal city collapsed. One thousand and one pillars trembled before the gale, and the bulls and griffins that once stood proudly atop them, gazing down at the lifeless dunes, now reluctantly fell into its gilded embrace. Countless people, sage or fool, hero or coward—all of them vanished within the sandstorm that night.
The Lay of Al-Ahmar
And thus was Deshret's kingdom "built and destroyed by his own hand" (The Lay of Al-Ahmar).
Per the mythos of the desert folks, after Deshret sacrificed himself, his physical body "gradually decayed on his throne while worms feasted on it" (The Lay of Al-Ahmar). Interestingly, this could be a fanciful retelling of a historical event: According to the dragon Apep, after Deshret's kingdom collapse, she "swallowed him whole" to attain the knowledge he had accumulated, per the agreement that they had struck thousands of years prior. Unfortunately, Deshret's body had been poisoned by forbidden knowledge, which resulted in Apep losing her mind (What Shape Does the Self Hold).
Having lost their second master, the Jinn were heartbroken, and according to myth, they constructed the massive doorway that led into Deshret's mausoleum to memorialize the king (The Shepherd and the Magic Bottle). In the mausoleum itself was placed a false sarcophagus—a "golden husk"—to mark the structure as the ceremonial resting place of Deshret. Additionally, there are whispers that, to this day, Deshret's "intelligence lies elsewhere" (Delving Deeper: The Mausoleum of King Deshret), but it is unclear what this phrase means…
Decimated by the effects of forbidden knowledge and now bereft of a god-king, the inhabitants of Deshret's kingdom splintered into various desert states and began to war against one another for supremacy:
Many tiny tyrants would marshal refugees fleeing the cataclysm, and they would build temples, palaces, and high walls where once stood ancient ruins. The ruined cities would be devastated each after the next, and despots of all stripes boasting of power and wealth for a time would rise and fall all too quickly.
—Lamp of the Lost
Seven of these kingdoms sprung up around the temples that Rukkhadevata and the desert priests had erected years prior (Secret of the Scorching Desert; note that these temples would later be misattributed to Shah Ramshahr, per Primal Obelisk, Mausoleum of King Deshret, East, Underground). The names of only a few of these cities are known—i.e., Tulaytullah, Saleh, Ay-Khanoum (Primal Obelisk, Mausoleum of King Deshret, East, Underground)—but in the end, the "ears of decay" would ground them all "into sand" (Key of Khaj-Nisut). Those few who were left eventually became known as the "Eremites."
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2023.05.30 18:36 AutoModerator Here’s To WATCH Adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Boogeyman'Movie Online Free at Reddit

Now Is The Boogeyman available to stream? Is watching The Boogeyman on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service. A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets.
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Released: 2023-06-01
Runtime: 0 minutes
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Stars: Sophie Thatcher, Chris Messina, Vivien Lyra Blair, David Dastmalchian, Marin Ireland
Director: Stephen King, Stephen King, Shawn Levy, John H. Starke, Kari Perkins
If you're a fan of the comics, you won't want to miss this one! The storyline follows The Boogeyman as he tries to find his way home after being stranded on an alien The Boogeymant. The Boogeyman is definitely a The Boogeyman movie you don't want to miss with stunning visuals and an action-packed plot! Plus, The Boogeyman online streaming is available on our website. The Boogeyman online is free, which includes streaming options such as 123movies, Reddit, or TV shows from HBO Max or Netflix!
The Boogeyman Release in the US

Sophie Thatcher
Sophie Bathsheba Thatcher is an American actress. She is best known for starring in Showtime's psychological drama series Yellowjackets (2021-present), and for her appearance in The Book of Boba Fett (2022). In 2018, she made her big screen debut in the American science fiction film Prospect. Thatcher's work on stage includes productions of Oliver!, Seussical, The Diary of Anne Frank, and The Secret Garden.

Chris Messina(I)
Chris Messina was born on 11 August 1974 in New York City, New York, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Argo (2012), Away We Go (2009) and Devil (2010). He is married to Jennifer Todd. They have two children. He was previously married to Rosemarie DeWitt.

Maddie Nichols
Maddie Nichols was born on the 28th of January in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA to Byron Lee Nichols and Rhonda Kay (Guidry) Nichols. She began acting at 10 and made her start with student films and silly shorts with her friends; eventually getting more roles as time went on. Inspired by creative crew members who have become close friends, she hopes to learn from her set experience and eventually direct projects of her own.

Every culture has one – the horrible monster fueling young children's nightmares. But for Tim, the Boogeyman still lives in his memories as a creature that devoured his father 16 years earlier. Is the Boogeyman real? Or did Tim make him up to explain why his father abandoned his family?

We try to add new providers constantly but we couldn't find an offer for "Boogeyman" online. Please come back again soon to check if there's something new.
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2023.05.30 18:25 Bombadeir Stop One of the Grand Tour: Speaking in Houston

Good Morning my fellow Texans! I am honored to be within the presence of all you fine folks.
As I’m sure many of you know I have recently put forward a package to industrialize this here city of Houston. This will bring massive growth in the economy, job markets, and liquid equity of not just the city of Houston but also The Lone Star State.
However I have not come to you to tell you what I have done. You can clearly see the growth and action I’m trying my damnedest to bring about. I have come to the dear city of Houston to speak of the future. Not only of Texas, but of the Dixie, and of our nation.
First of all I have released many of my major packages. There is still alot to get done however. My plans for the future are the following.
Veteran healthcare in Texas. This healthcare will cover 90% of all costs for service members healthcare needs. Alongside this it will also cover the cost of housing for veterans, and allow their direct families to stay in housing facilities for visits if the service member is hospitalized.
Next I plan to implement freedom of death. When an individual dies the family will receive the option for a state funeral. The state will offer to either bury or cremate deceased individuals. Families will be allowed to bury their loved ones outside of cemeteries so long as the body is marked via a headstone etc. and that the owner of the property of which the burial will take place gives permission for the burial to occur on their land. Funeral homes must be able to properly bury a body. Mainly in regards to depth of the burial.
Now I’m sure you’d love to hear what I have for the nation. Well I’ll be legalizing marijuana, streamlining the federal government, dismantling the CIA, reforming the Military, removing federal subsidies from arms companies, growing our agriculture, maintaining our natural resources, and reforming our budget.
My specific plans for these policies are in the works. Myself and advisors are perfecting what the Bombadeir administration plans to bring to the federal government.
So my dear people, please elect me as your President. I will do all I can to bring extraordinary reformation to the federal government the likes of which I have here in Texas. Thank y’all for y’all’s time. God bless Texas, God bless the Dixie, and God bless America.
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2023.05.30 18:25 Dr_AK_Myst I'm a doctor who can't heal himself. I'm a mental health advocate with his mind in the gutter. Wanna hear my story ?

I don’t know what I'm doing here. But I'm taking a leap of faith anyways. I want this post to be considered Entry 1 of a public diary that I wanna share in this subreddit. If this post gets enough comments and upvotes, I want to make this a regular series. Because I want the world to know my story.
So here's where I right now- I'm a 26Y (M) freshly graduated doctor in Bangladesh. My father passed away last year after battling cancer for 9 months. I used to run a fairly succesful mental health startup that helped young adults & adolescents battle depression. But I needed a lot of money for my father's treatment and thus I had to sell off my startup, merge with a bigger company and join them as a consultant. I had to lay off my team and lose ownership of my projects.
After my father's death, my mother (also a doctor btw) became suicidal. It took me 6 months to get her in a better place and she is doing good nowadays. But in the process I graduated 6 months later compared to my colleagues since I had to take an academic gap.
And it is during that gap that my girlfriend abandoned me. In fact, she didn’t even show up at my father's funeral.
There is a LOT to unpack here, especially about my mental health crisis and my journey if rebuilding myself. Here I am- a junior doctor in a workplace he doesn’t like, far away from home in a different city, with no long-term plans and a lot of responsibilities. I really don't know where to begin, so let me know in the comments about which part of my life you wanna hear about.
That's my intro. So...... wanna hear my story ???
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2023.05.30 18:17 Branchman577 [M4F] - Let's write together! Looking for an Rp partner!

HEY! I have a lot of ideas for roleplay stories and decided I should put them all out there and see which ones people like. I'm looking for these to be more long term stories. I love to build worlds and stories past the original ideas. I like a world filled with all kinds of ideas to be fleshed out and explored. And of course a lot of sexiness mixed in too.
So if that's not your thing then I'm sorry. I am okay with more simple stories too but I like depth when I rp. Also I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+
Here are all the ideas I have at the moment and a little bit about me and my style after them. There may not be a lot in the ideas here to not want to swamp this post. But I have loads of ideas for each of them don't worry. Also I'd be planning on playing a male character in most of these stories.
Fantasy Raider and Human Captive
A woman/Futa from a fantasy race (Orc, Goblin, Elf or any other) raids my character's town (with her tribe or not) and captures my character for conquest or for a slave. I want to explore the consequences of this kind of story and the difference in cultures and thoughts along with all the sexy ones too.
Mech Pilot + AI
How can a relationship form, develop and change people when one is a human and the other an AI. Think of Warhammer 40K knights if you know them or a Mecha Anime. This would be a story about the two getting to know each other. Connecting during the tides of war and them falling in love possibly? Along with the problems that would arise. This one might be a bit harder for whoever plays the AI (I'm open to playing either) as it's harder to write a character who can't interact as much with the world. But one I definitely want to explore.
Magical Wizard Being Hunted
Magic has been outlawed for some reason (Would love to explore this part) and one of us is now an outlaw. They’re found by the other and they form a bond. Who is this other person, what connection do they have to the world? Are they a royal or a simple farmer? There is a lot that could be done here and in a world that was made from it.
Female Courting Rp
I want this to maybe be a slow burn more story. But I'd want it to focus on a shy guy getting courted and charmed by a more dominant and confident woman/Futa . I want it to be a flip on the more traditional sense of a man courting a woman. It could have a medieval/fantasy theme or could also be set in an alternate universe or even our one. I want to explore a lot with this one.
Yeah... this one is a bit more out there and sexual. I want to explore the idea of egg laying and Mpreg through a story be it aliens or Futa and or Magic or any number of ideas. It could be a very wholesome thing or could be more forced and aggressive. I'm happy to hear any and all idea's on this one and see if we could build something for it.
Fantasy Slave
Similar to the raider story in a way. A high ranking woman/Futa buys a slave for her home or castle. He could be a former soldier put into slavery through war or any other number of reasons. The story revolves around their relationship starting off slow, maybe no sex for a while? But he has to work around the house or gardens and sees her and gets closer to her over time. Either through accident or maybe she sees him and starts to think? The possibilities and stories here are endless.
Fallout Style DM Beast/Monster RP
Again a more out there and sexual one... I'm open to playing DM or Character in this and might need a bit of explaining. A story of a wasteland settler struck with misfortune. Their farm has been destroyed and now they are exploring the wastes. While I would love to have a blend of smut and story or more direct smut. I'd want them to be at the mercy of the wasteland, having to use their mind and body to get by in this hostile environment. I would love to focus on the creatures of the wasteland! A rabid mongrel that finds the stunned character, ghouls that tear up their clothes only to be drawn in by their form, a bloatfly that spots their supple rump sticking up while their looting and decides it's the perfect place for its next load of larva? It would be cool to have a game like save system maybe? So we could explore some bad endings.
Dragon and Captive
Similar to the noble slave/ raider one but with more Dragons. I was thinking of a story where one of us would play as a mighty ancient Dragon able to shapeshift and take a humanoid form. They attack towns and cities and act as a normal dragon but... they are getting lonely. So they decide to take one of us captive. Could involve loads of different themes that come with captive and slave stories. Also could deal with kobolds helpers, building lairs, dragon fights, adventurers trying to kill them and so much more.
I’m a season roleplayer and writer (6+ years) looking for other detailed role players. I'm on GMT time so might be some time difference. I find it easy to write at least 2-3+ paragraphs and would like something around that from you too. I write in 3rd person past tense and would prefer that, but it's not needed. I'd love for someone who likes to describe their characters' inner thoughts and the world around them. I'd like to be able to talk OOC too so we can build ideas about the worlds and parts of space we go to. I only really RP on Discord as it's easiest for me!
For the sexier side of it, I'd want to have that in the story. Be it a 60/40 split for rp/smut. Or more skewed is great too. I'm also fine with it taking a while to come out if needed. I'm a switch so I'm open to being in the more dominant or submissive role. Though I have a preference for being more submissive. I have quite a few kinks, some of which you can see above but I won't expose them all to everyone here too. I'm quite open about most kinks too so don't worry.
At last, if you've read my post up to this point. Please please think about giving it an upvote, It means a lot and helps me find more people who are interested so you'll see less of me lol. Put the word "sand" into your first message please! Feel free to contact me through dms or reddit chat. In your first message please send any ideas you might have, your limits and kinks.
I look forward to hearing from people!!
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2023.05.30 18:14 Luxniom 10 Days / 11 Nights Tokyo Trip Report (5/5 to 5/15) - Asakusa to Kyoto to Shinjuku/Shibuya

Original itinerary here for reference. We planned this trip primarily with Halal food in mind, along with regular sight-seeing locations + shopping for Switch games, clothes, and souvenirs
Overall notes / Takeaways * I rate our trip a 9/10. It was a great time with the authentic halal Japanese food, seeing all the cool sights & places, and experiencing a very nice environment + culture.
First part of the trip - East side of Tokyo: Asakusa FRI 5/5 Arrival HND arrival was around 2pm, and we got to the hotel around 6:30pm. From there: We were able to start off our trip with Ramen for dinner @ Ayam-ya Halal Ramen Tokyo –> Senjo-jii and Nakamise Street at night (which was not crowded at all at night)
Notable Highlights Part 1:
Notable Mid-light:
Second part of the trip: Kyoto * Mon May 8 continued: Hotel arrival around 4pm –> Downtown Kyoto shopping (Surugaya) and clothes @ Coco → 7/11 dinner (taxi here would have been really helpful to go to once of the local restaurants, as I started getting foot pains)
Notable Highlights Part 2: * Experiencing all the nature on WED was our favorite part of this portion, especially the rivers! We did not realize the “20 minute walk” would end up a 45 minute hike as we were not prepared, but it was a very fun going up and taking breaks at all the stops.
Last part of the trip: Shibuya/Shinjuku * Thurs May 11 continued: Reach Shibuya @ 6:30pm → Shibuya Scramble once –> Walk to Yakiniku @ GYUMON –> back to Shibuya Scramble and see Hachiko + Tower Record –> grab Chestnuts –> Starbucks at night with upper view of Shibuya crossing
Notable Highlights Part 3:
Noteable Mid-light: Harajuka and Takeshita street were cool to window browse, but we didn’t find anything we actually wanted to purchase here. It made me realize, like our second time at Akihabara, that window shopping isn’t as fun as actual shopping. -Aside from the Gundam @ Odaiba, we didn’t get too excited about anything else here. If we visited here first / sooner, we may have had a better time (along with keeping an eye out for more Gundam merch earlier throughout the trip). There was a nearby amusement center that was on our original plan to visit too. But at this point, I think we ran out of gas.
Notable Low-light: * The last hotel for me, especially with its location being furthest out from nearest station and not being as nice as the first two hotel.
Other notes
*more review/input on food commented in original plan here
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