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2023.03.20 22:57 annie_ergo I fucked up and now I can't find a job

I'm a soon graduating master student, no interesting projects, no experience
I did a double major in CS + a humanities subject, but at the time I wasn't really focussed in CS as I saw it as being complementary to my other degree (in which I wanted to do a PhD), and I was more interested in the theoretical side of CS (like computability & complexity theory). Therefore, I didn't really care about having hands-on experience, except a group project in data science and web development in my final year.
After taking a year out for treatment and deciding not to pursue the other subject, I got into an AI-adjacent MS programme at a good university. I know I got in just because I did my best to look good on paper and because of sheer luck.
I'm now almost at the end of a master degree and I'm currently working on my thesis.
The thing is that I feel like I'm about to graduate and nothing to show for it. All throughout my studies I've barely been keeping my head above water because of my mental illness, and as a result, I haven't been honing my programming skills or building a portfolio. I think I don't even remember much of what I'm supposed to have learned during my education. I know I should've taken time to sort myself out much earlier but it wasn't an option at the time.
I've been trying to catch up by review some previous material and taking classes on Coursera, but I don't have much time to do that as I'm also working hard on my thesis as well as another research project (which I feel is going nowhere for unrelated reasons). I don't really have the time to actually make projects either, and anyway I feel I lack so much knowledge in order to do them properly. Also, I'm still struggling with my mental illness (but I'm doing much better thanks to medication, therapy, healthy lifestyle) and that makes me less productive than I would want.
What should someone in my situation do? Do call me r-word as long as I can get actionable advice pls
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2023.03.20 22:56 3lijah What are everyone's predictions for Winnipeg's 2023 Burger Week?

Hey Winnipeg burger lovers! Burger Week is coming! It'll probably be in early September eh? Local restaurants will be competing for the title of the city's best burger, and we're all invited to join in on the fun.
This year, there will be something like over 50 restaurants participating, each with their own unique take on the burger. There should be something for everyone to enjoy.
Do many of the restaurants offer special discounts throughout the week? Or are they all a bit expensive? I want to indulge in as many burgers as I can.
But Burger Week isn't just about delicious food - it's also a great way to support local businesses and give back to the community.
Which places are people excited for this year? There were a few standouts last time, like Tommy's, and everyone was talking about the one at Barn Hammer. I'd like to see more simple ones done well this year.
The most important part of Burger Week is having fun and trying new things - so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.
See you at Burger Week 2023!
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2023.03.20 22:56 Corky081 Where's the Love for RBIF?

#RBIF? Heard of it? Only 5600 investors so far? How is it that there aren't millions of people already holding a fat bag?
#RGI is doing stuff NOBODY is doing. Read their WP and tell me why you think the way you do. If you don't own RBIF, YOU PROBABLY SHOULD.
Investors believe they will do everything they predict simply because they have consistently done so to date. That water is warm.
Is it just me, or have some crypto-currencies taken off for no other reason than FOMO? Do people really care about Utility? Because these folks have plenty of utility.
-A financial fortress that anyone can use.
-Painstakenly built REAL WORLD UTILITY.
-An extremely promising Wallet,
-NFT Marketplace,
-A comprehensive Dashboard (maybe the best out there),
-Unlimited Fintech connections,
-An amazing DEFI Exchange
-And have probably the best reality based community ever.
Why all this? They have fantastic, transparent leadership. A CEO who actually talks to you and anyone who has a question or comment. Dev's check in almost daily and answer questions. The tokenomics are sound. Market Cap is low and currently the price is right.
Volunteer "Warriors" are fervently shilling their asses off...so why no "moon"?
Where's the disappearing zeroes? The expotential growth of investors? Throngs of Diamond hands.
Elon Musk cannot be the only reason a Token can succeed. Or can he? if all any good product needs is some Billionaire asking people to help him make more money, then people are sheep.
Has crypto investing become only a game for Whales? They come in pump the crap out of some meme coin, take a "flaming number 2" on the market, and head to the bank.
What's left are people clinging to scraps of debris, like a scene out of "The Titanic".
#RGIF is sturdy and well thought out. THEY'RE METHODICALLY DELIVERING!!! No? Read their Whitepaper and go to their website. It's a quality project well worth looking into. Where's the boom? Rockets? Moon and Mars?
Are we so spoiled we can only invest in thinly veiled PnD tokens these days? Pumped, and discarded. Or just rug-burned. Not even a kiss. Is that the future of crypto?
What causes some crypto communities to grow many times faster and get shilled more than others? Where Shiller?
Should companies simply pump, get their billion dollar MC and THEN build in some utility???
Should they continue doing things the right way? Or is it Lambo's to the Moon? Get in and get out?
I'm asking for a friend....
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2023.03.20 22:55 Fuzzy_Article2970 Friendship “breakup” as an adult?

Hi all! I’m wondering if I need to “breakup” with a friend. Basically I met her a couple years ago and we bonded because neither of us had any friends having recently both moved to a new city. We got to be close, most of our outings consisted of going out to dinner for drinks, meeting up for drinks and the occasional girly movie night kind of thing! She definitely became my best friend in the area, whenever we met up with people she would introduce me as her best friend which I did think was a little odd but I didn’t think much of it. Like, I’d consider her one of my good, if not best friend in this new city but not my best best friend given that I haven’t known her that long and I also don’t think she knows that much about me/my past (it takes a really long time for me to open up).
Over the last 6 months I’ve felt less and less of a desire to hangout with her. Especially since I have met more people having lived in the area for longer. She has never, ever been mean to me or done anything rude. BUT I think there are two main reasons I am feeling this way… 1. I’ve come to realize her personality revolves around her parents being wealthy. I knew within 10 minutes if first meeting her about her parents many vacation houses and within a week or two of knowing her what her dad does and how high status he is. This has started to drive me a bit crazy and I also think it’s starting to rub off on me in a bad way, where I feel a need to brag about completely unnecessary material/status things to both her and others… I have never been like this and I am trying to be more conscientious of not speaking this way/shifting my priorities.
Additionally, I stopped drinking last year and it honestly feels weird hanging out with her sometimes. She still goes out most weekends and I think gets frustrated that I don’t party with her anymore. My husband and I want to have kids soon so it feels like I’m in a different season of life and much prefer making dinner with friends, going on walks/grabbing coffee, or even going out to dinner without the focus being to get buzzed/drunk.
I have unintentionally been seeing her less and less, focusing my free time hanging out with people I feel I truly have more in common with and who have the same priorities/value as me. she has expressed frustration since I don’t see her as much because she considers me one of her best friends. I feel bad. But I also don’t really enjoy hanging out with her much anymore, if I’m being honest! I don’t want to be mean. What do I do?? TIA!
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2023.03.20 22:54 Tea_and_Consent To My Boss

I thought about you a ridiculous amount today. I miss you being in our office this week. It’s oppressively dull knowing there is absolutely no chance your face will flash by suddenly in the hallways. I don’t know how to get you out of my head.
So here I am, a 30 year old woman with a school girl crush, taking the advice Anna Nalick once gave. Maybe - just maybe - if I get it all down on paper, it’ll no longer be inside of me, threatening the life it belongs to.
But where to start? When did this happen? When did I become so completely infatuated with you? How long can this go on? If only you’d do something repulsive and unattractive to end this unorthodox obsession of mine. But no. No, Essjay. You just continue on being the most incredibly thoughtful, supportive, and amazing boss I’ve ever had. And I NEED someone like you for my career development right now, more than ever. If there is a god, he sent me you.
I honestly cannot tell if you’re actually even that cute or not. All I know is when I thank you, for yet another helpful thing you’ve done that most bosses wouldn’t … and you say so nonchalant “I told you, I’ve always got your back”… I absolutely melt.
UGH. How do I make you mine!? How could fate be so cruel? To finally give me a loving life partner who is willing to allow me to explore other interesting and exciting connections that come about … like you, Mr. Essjay, and you HAD to be my boss. And the best boss I’ve ever had at that. That I so very much don’t want to loose as my boss.
I’ve no choice but to patiently wait until someday, you are very unfortunately no longer my boss and hope you’re interested and available.
I’m so curious. Would you try ENM with me? Do you even like me back? Do you have a girlfriend? Wife? Children? What do you do on the weekends? What does your room look like? Are you a good kisser?
Ugh. I miss you and can’t stop thinking about you. Come back to the office soon.
Your Overly Smitten Direct Report
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2023.03.20 22:53 pink_cowboy_hat *spoilers* romance in the books

just finished reading all the books for the first time. as someone who likes a little romance mixed into a dystopian plot line, the whole Teresa/Thomas situation was just strange to me and ended up feeling kind of unnecessary?
for starters, I kept expecting we’d find out about this long (or at least existent) romantic history between Thomas and Teresa at some point, but there’s so little that distinguishes it from a regular friendship besides the fact that she kissed him on the cheek one (1) time and they cuddled one (1) time. they even go so far as to have Teresa suggest they might’ve been lovers while they’re in the maze together, which feels like such a stretch since (unless I missed it) they had never kissed. idk I get they’re like 16 so maybe that’s a proportional amount of romance, but their relationship feels almost indistinguishable from Thomas’ friendships with the other gladers besides the occasional “lovers” remarks. yeah they’re “best friends” but the whole thing just felt really anticlimactic and disappointing to me. I don’t really know what it added to the plot, it felt more like Dashner threw it in last minute to check a box off some literary trope list.
there’s also the fact that Teresa is a major character but I feel like we barely see her? yes she and Thomas are always separated and such, but it seems like they don’t ever spend that much time together. it’s implied that they’ve had all these shared moments, but it feels weird that we only ever see like two of them and then we’re expected to believe that they’re in love (or at least best friends).
also… brenda. I liked her as a character but it was weird that dashner just forced this other love interest to fill the Teresa void when convenient. it feels like the implication is that if a man and woman interact with each other enough times they’ll inevitably fall in love. it felt like dashner just gave up on the whole Teresa thing and tried a Hail Mary last minute, to the point where like 5 minutes after Teresa dies they’re having a nice little moment together? idk this whole thing also just felt unnecessary to me.
all-in-all, we just get so little emotional buildup for anything that it makes it so hard to care how things play out. not that I didn’t like her, but I didn’t even really care when Teresa died because I felt like we knew her about as well as we knew Jorge.
tldr; I just felt like the romance in this book generally fell flat and didn’t contribute much to the plot.
pls lmk your thoughts! I would love to hear if people felt otherwise/your interpretation of things
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2023.03.20 22:52 Zsmjrsi Design magazines in Czech Republic

Sorry if is this not the right sub to post this.
I am doing a research on Central and Eastern European magazines on strategy, trends in design, technology and urban life.
I found some via google, but I am pretty sure I am missing the best ones, so if you know a portal that focused on the mentioned topics like this hungarian one (Hype and Hyper), I would be really grateful if you recommend it to me.
It's even better if it's bilingual like the one that I linked, but it doesn't have to be.
Thank you!
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2023.03.20 22:51 annie_ergo Master student with no experience. Help?

I'm a soon graduating master student, no interesting projects, no experience, crippling mental illness
I did a double major in CS + a humanities subject, but at the time I wasn't really focussed in CS as I saw it as being complementary to my other degree (in which I wanted to do a PhD), and I was more interested in the theoretical side of CS (like computability & complexity theory). Therefore, I didn't really care about having hands-on experience, except a group project in data science and web development in my final year.
After taking a year out for treatment and deciding not to pursue the other subject, I got into an AI-adjacent MS programme at a good university. I know I got in just because I did my best to look good on paper and because of sheer luck.
I'm now almost at the end of a master degree and I'm currently working on my thesis.
The thing is that I feel like I'm about to graduate and nothing to show for it. All throughout my studies I've barely been keeping my head above water because of my mental illness, and as a result, I haven't been honing my programming skills or building a portfolio. I think I don't even remember much of what I'm supposed to have learned during my education. I know I should've taken time to sort myself out much earlier but it wasn't an option at the time.
I've been trying to catch up by review some previous material and taking classes on Coursera, but I don't have much time to do that as I'm also working hard on my thesis as well as another research project (which I feel is going nowhere for unrelated reasons). I don't really have the time to actually make projects either, and anyway I feel I lack so much knowledge in order to do them properly. Also, I'm still struggling with my mental illness (but I'm doing much better thanks to medication, therapy, healthy lifestyle) and that makes me less productive than I would want.
What should someone in my situation do?
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2023.03.20 22:50 quietcoastgoods I'm never painting a brick wall again. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 inches

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2023.03.20 22:49 jthavorn Friends move day madness

Sorry for the long post but wanted to put lots of context into this.
This past weekend, my friend (single mother of 2 kids) asks if I can help her move apartments. She tells me she has a new apartment and need to clear everything out of her old place in two weeks. She says she will pay for any gas I use plus provide food as needed. I agree and head over around 9 am. When I get to her place, nothing is packed. We proceed to put things into boxes until about 12 pm.
“Hey can you do me a favor? My mom needs some help so can you continue to pack while I head to her place really quick. It’s only gonna be 30 minutes.” She says. I agree and she heads out. I continue to stay behind and pack. It’s about 1:30 pm now and I’m starving.
“When are you coming back? I’m hungry.” I text.
“Sorry my mom asked me to go run some errands with her. Can you please help me and continue to pack? I promise I’ll take you out to a nice dinner later.” She replies.
“Ok but are you gonna come back and help me? Is anyone else coming to help me?”
“Not really…I’m sorry I don’t feel comfortable asking other guys to come to my house and handle my personal things. I can trust you. Plus I don’t want people other than you or my mom knowing where my new place is.”
Although I think this is messed up, I agree and continue to pack. She finally shows back up at 4 pm with a uhual which surprises me.
“You got a uhual?” I ask.
“Yeah I figured it would be easier to just rent a uhual to move the bed and sofa.” She says.
“We’re moving that today? I thought you had two weeks to move out. Are you trying to move everything TODAY? Your new place is only 5 miles down the road.”
“Well yeah…I’m paying for the uhual so duh we’re using it today.”
“And there’s no one to help me lift and carry your big bed?”
“I’ll help you don’t worry. Like I said you’re my best friend and the only one I trust being here and knowing where my new place is so I don’t feel comfortable asking any other guy friend to help cause all they want is to flirt and hold me.” Not wanting to fight, I just continue on.
We start moving her bed frame from the bedroom to the outside until her neighbor comes up to us. They start speaking in Spanish which I can’t understand.
“Hold up I’ll be right back. Just a moment.” My friend says as she walks off with her neighbor. I wait for about 10 minutes until I go looking for her. I find her at her neighbors apartment sitting and drinking tea.
“Are you gonna help me move your bed frame into the uhual?” I ask.
“Yeah sorry I’ll be right there.” She says. I walk back to the apartment. I figure I’d make myself useful and start loading boxes into the uhual. Finally after almost an hour of waiting I get fed up and start moving the bed frame to the uhual by myself. I inch my way to the truck little by little. At one point, a different neighbor sees me and offers to help me which I am so grateful for. He also offers to help me move her sofa into the uhual. 7 pm now and everything is magically loaded into her truck now. She FINALLY shows back up but she’s in tears. Although I’m very angry, I first ask what’s wrong.
“My neighbor is so sweet. We just talked and she kept saying how sweet and kind I am and how much she will miss having me around and that god will bless me in my new life.” I count to 10 in my head and resist the urge to tell her off but don’t. I tell her that everything is packed but if we can call it a night and unload this stuff at her new place tomorrow. She agrees and I ask if we could go to the dinner she had offered. She says yes but just then she looks at her phone.
“Hey. I need you to get the fridge back out. Someone on Facebook offered to buy it from me.” She says.
“What? You’re selling your fridge?” I say.
“Yeah I already have a fridge at my new place and asked anyone on Facebook if they wanted my old fridge. Someone just said they want to buy it. I need you to get the fridge back out and help me clean it right now. They’re literally on their way!” The fridge is located in the uhual behind a bunch of boxes. I frantically move the boxes out of the way and we clean the fridge quickly as the buyer shows up. I help the buyer load the fridge into his truck as my friend chats with the buyers wife. We both get into the uhual but she says we need to divert to a house about 30 minutes away first cause she wants to buy a lamp from a lady she saw on Facebook marketplace. I ask her if this is essential business right now to which she says yes.
“The lady will only be home until 8 pm so we need to go now. Don’t worry I’ll buy us dinner.” We go and she buys the lamp which is huge by the way. I load it in the uhual and we head to her new apartment. I park the uhual and ask if we could go to dinner now.
“Can we unload the truck?” She ask.
“I thought we’d agree that we’d do this tomorrow? It’s almost 9 pm and we’re still moving.” I say.
“Well they said if I return the uhual to them tonight I won’t get charged for tomorrow. They have a overnight drop off location.” Unbelievable I think to myself. We start unloading and magically everything is off the truck and into her new place by midnight.
“Hey you messed up by bed frame.” She says pointing to a small scratch by the footboard.
“Well I’m sorry you wouldn’t help me load it into the truck.” I say.
“You could’ve waited like I asked and I would’ve helped you. This bed frame was expensive and it’s not cool that you messed it up.”
“You gotta be kidding me right? After I’ve helped you move all day, you want to give me an attitude like that?”
“I’m not giving you an attitude. You’re the one getting all dramatic for no reason now.”
“You know fine. I’m outta here. Forget about dinner. Thanks for wasting my day.” I leave and call an Uber to get me back to my truck at her old apartment.
“You’re fucked up. You’re suppose to be my best friend. I told you I only trust you and yeah maybe I asked a lot from you but that’s no reason to blow up on me. I actually made late dinner reservations for us but now I guess I’ll go alone or cancel. Thanks for nothing.” She texts. I ignore it. After I get my truck I drive home and go to bed.
The next morning I check my instagram and see she went out to dinner after I left last night but she definitely wasn’t alone as she was posting stories of toasting drinks. This slightly angers me. Later that day, she calls to apologize. She says the move was stressing her out and her impending divorce made her lose focus. She offered to take me out to lunch but I declined. She begged me to come over so she could take me to lunch but I still said no thanks.
Advice on how things could’ve been handled differently or how to proceed with this friendship? I am very angry over her treatment of me but also somewhat sympathetic for her divorce and stress.
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2023.03.20 22:49 Mr_V0DKA_v2 (17M) I am just a really bored guy

I would like to think I am not a boring guy per se, but right now, my life is really boring. I would really appreciate getting to know some people. It's my first time doing this, so I am really hopeful :D
I suppose I should say something about myself, too... Welp, first of all, I am from Perú, quite the obscure country, I know. It's quite a nice place. I enjoy playing some games (I have a decent PC and a PS5) and really like the Final Fantasy franchise (Like, fr, played almost all of them). I play some Rocket League, OW2, Apex, Terraria, and games alike.
I also watch some anime and shows, not that many to be honest, but right now I am really hooked up on Breaking Bad. I could do with some recommendations (Since I have almost all streaming service not named Hulu).
Anyways, I should really stop talking, if you, somehow, got to this part, I would appreciate a DM, I promise I will try my best to not be dry :D
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2023.03.20 22:47 newplayer28 Please help me with hard lotus

It looks like someone posted about having trouble doing cGloom and cleared it with thr advice he got here.
Please help me solo hLotus! I have solo’d hDamien (which I think is sort of easy compared to most bosses) with plenty of time.
With Lotus, I always die out. The best I have done is around 30% hp remaining for P3 with like 15 minutes left. I don’t think it’s damage but more damage would help I guess. I try to use iframes, knockback resistance skills, bind when needed to burst but the debris is too much! I feel like this boss is way to hard, sort of like hMag but I think if hMag had the same amount of HP, it would be mechanically way harder than even Lotus. Please help me clear before Thursday reset!
I try hLotus everyday for the past 5ish days and have gotten it down to 30%ish before I die out.
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2023.03.20 22:45 Silver_350z [original grain] legit? Scam?

Looking for insight since im not familiar with watches. Came across a OG X Taylor guitar watch I really like. The movement is miyota 6s21 which isn’t too great and I understand wood isn’t best material for a watch but I’d only wear it a few times a year. Are these watches junk?
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2023.03.20 22:45 JMartell77 What is the most hilariously broken magical item a DM has ever given you?

TL;DR DM gave me a ridiculous broken homebrew crossbow at level 6 he insisted wasn't broken, what is your most ridiculous game breaking weapons or items?
I just finished up a campaign that spent the last few months unraveling due to the DM's wacky homebrew ideas. Mostly because he wouldn't stop giving us overpowered magical items.
This magical item I had was a +1 light crossbow that had the property of allowing me to fire "as many times as I wanted" on my turn, the caveat being everytime I fired, I would just get a -2 to my attack roll each time. I was a level 6 Swashbuckler, so I would just use steady aim to give myself advantage which the DM insisted applied to all the attack rolls. So I would just fire 20 rounds every time it was my turn with advantage, plus 3d6 sneak attack, I usually only could hope to hit with the first 10 or so shots, and would just fish for crits with the last 10. I hated this weapon, everyone else hated this weapon because my turns took 10 minutes to rolls all the dice and add all the damage and I would do insane numbers like 150-280+. (I also had 100 +3 bolts) the best part was the DM insisted it wasn't broken and that it was really cool because it was like a machine gun crossbow. I usually am not a fan of playing D&D this way whatsoever but it just makes me wonder, why kind of other insane items have people been given?
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2023.03.20 22:44 elenatesfaye Best PhD majors for law graduates?

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2023.03.20 22:42 LiseEclaire [Leveling up the World] - Academy Arc - Chapter 716

Out there - Patreon (for all those curious or wanting to support :))
At the Beginning
Adventure Arc - Arc 2
Wilderness Arc - Arc 3
Academy Arc - Arc 4
Previously on Leveling up the World…
Book 2 (start of the Adventure/City Arc) is available for pre-order!
A thin shimmering layer covered the sword once Dallion returned to the real world.it wasn’t the standard shimmering of an otherworlder, at least not entirely. There was a slight nuance to it, making it appear both to be part of this world, but also not.
“This what you wanted?” Dallion stood up.
Based on the intense emotions resonating from both Phoil and Raven, the answer was obvious. Even so, the black-haired noble had no desire to surrender a compliment.
“How many tries did it take you?” he asked.
“Two. Does it matter?”
“Not particularly.”
Internally, Dallion frowned. He’d learned to accept that nobles respected items, least of all.
“Alright, then. Now about your part of the deal? I need to be out before dark.”
“I’ll keep my word.” Raven pointed at the sword in a slow, dismissive fashion. That was more than enough for Phoil to pick up the weapon. Instead of heading outside, though, he went up the stairs to the private area of the building. “It’ll take me a bit to get my seal adjusted. Meet you at the door in half an hour?”
“Half an hour.” Dallion nodded. “See you there.”
This was the best deal he’d get, so there was no point in shaking the boat. He himself had something to pick up from his room.
Onda, did you get all that? Dallion asked as he went back into the corridor.
Well done, old man. One could almost near the nymph clapping. Lamer than me, but still cool.
What did I do wrong?
Nothing. Everything was perfect. The set up, the way you convinced the guardian, the selection of the material… It’s your logic that’s messed up. No, not exactly messed up, just too dependent on other things.
Keeping himself from running along the corridor, Dallion made his way to his room. The new feat he’d achieved filled him with more energy than was healthy. He tried getting rid of some of it by extending magic threads out of his hand—weaving them into a rope, as Katka had instructed—but that made him even more restless. Magic had a way to make its owner feel invincible, almost as if he’d drunk a bucket of energy drinks.
“Ruby, we’re heading outside.” Dallion pulled back the cluster of threads back into him, then took the aetherizer he kept hidden in a drawer with an invisibility symbol on it. “How do you feel about that?”
The shardfly stoically flew off the spot on the ceiling, taking its place on Dallion’s shoulder. For some reason, that reminded Dallion of Gleam.
Within seconds, the euphoria he had accumulated vanished without a trace. Was he capable of bringing the shardfly back? It had to be more complicated than opening a portal to the banished world. And even if it wasn’t, Dallion had no way of reaching that realm again.
“Tell me when you sense nearby illusions, okay?” Dallion said.
Okay. Ruby flocked his wings.
“And don’t get into any fights, even if I’m attacked. Got it?”
Dallion looked at his heavy gear. Considering what he would be facing, having his armadil shield and harpsisword would help. Unfortunately, he’d have to make do with his Nox dagger.
Less than a minute was necessary for Dallion to reach the main door of the building. Judging by the occasional look of disapproval he received from passing apprentices, it was safe to say that the glamor from the challenge was starting to wear off. And then there was the waiting. Every second dragged on. Unlike Dallion, Raven didn’t seem to be remotely in a hurry to get there.
Now you know what it feels like for guardians, Nil commented.
Precisely thirty minutes after he’d promised, Raven appeared, walking calmly down the corridor. Surprisingly, he wasn’t alone.
“Mage Tisaku?” Dallion asked.
The man didn’t seem at all pleased to be there. The fact that he was showed the pull Raven’s family had.
“Dallion,” the man acknowledged the other’s presence as he walked by, stopping right in front of the door. “Two hours,” he said, fingers drawing an intricate pattern faster than the human eye could see. A top level awakened would have trouble following the design. Unlike the standard spell, this was composed of a single pattern.
Purple light blended with the threads and symbols covering the door’s surface, melting them away.
“Try not to get in trouble. I don’t want to owe the White Eye favors.” The door opened.
“Yes, mage.” Dallion was the only one to answer.
Meanwhile, Raves passed by as if both of them were beneath him. The sad truth was that thanks to his father, they probably were.
From such an angle, the surroundings seemed a lot better than what Dallion had seen from the rooftop. That was to be expected; the mages had taken great care to cover all undesirable sights with illusions. If one didn’t know better, they would swear that the cluster of buildings surrounding the Learning Hall was pretty much the same as it always had been. Occasionally, there would be small signs that something was wrong—some magic symbols wouldn’t glow as bright, some streets would have a quarter of the people they were supposed to—but the illusion was close to perfect.
“Well, we’re out.” Raven looked at Dallion. “How what?”
“Now, I need to see a dwarf.”
After ten steps, Ruby mentioned that they were near an illusion. The spell was quite subtle, creating the impression that Dallion was walking along the same path. In a matter of minutes, he had reached his destination—the shop he had frequented so many times while outside.
That wasn’t remotely true. Discretely casting the spell that let him see through illusions, Dallion found that he’d reached an entirely new area. The level of the spell was beyond impressive; it had successfully created a false memory of the area and maintained it as reality, while in truth shardflies were destroying more and more of the surroundings.
A few steps from the shop, Dallion stopped. A small, quickly constructed building was in front of him. It was impossible to tell whether he’d find the same people on the inside, or the whole thing was nothing but a fake façade.
“Aren’t you going in there?” Raven asked.
“No.” Some things were better left uncertain. “I changed my mind. There’s somewhere else I need to be.”
Ignoring the noble’s comments, Dallion went back through illusion to the first place—the potion lab. The trip took slightly longer than Dallion remembered. To his surprise, the actual building was still there, mostly intact.
“You’re here to buy potions?” Raven crossed his arms. “I could have gotten you everything this third-rate place could make.”
“It’s not potions I’ve come for. Wait for me here, okay?”
The black-haired shrugged, then summoned a chair for him to sit in.
Reciting the names of the seven Moons, Dallion opened the door and stepped right in. The lab was in relatively good shape, if abandoned. Gone were the apprentices slaving away, as were most of their tools and material components.
Splitting into a dozen instances, Dallion went on. Every few seconds, he’d pause and split again, in case a flutter of shardflies came flying at him from somewhere. Thankfully, no such thing happened.
“Mage,” he said, as he approached the office of the lab’s owner. “Mage?” He entered.
The room was a lot smaller than he remembered. Seated on a rickety chair, slumped over a small old desk, was the mage. A strong stench of alcohol came filled the room, mixed in with tobacco smoke.
“Mage no more,” the man said. His appearance was in worse shape than the room itself. One could only speculate how long it had taken him to reach such a wretched state, but it was more than a few weeks.
“The Academy rogued you?”
“Ha.” The man let out a sad laugh. “If they had rogued me, at least I’d have something. Now, I’m just a nobody that’s sentenced to remain here. I lost my reputation with this. All the conniving schemers that wanted to take me down had their chance. Everyone important wouldn’t speak to me, and anyone less important doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.” He pushed an empty glass across the desk.
Dallion couldn’t be sure whether he was being offered a drink or expected to fill the glass. Ultimately, he did neither.
“My apprentices left, as did all my customers.” The mage cast a spell, pulling the glass back. As he did, it filled up with murky liquid. “The archmage generously offered me temporary quarters in the apprentice wing. Me!” he tapped his chest with a finger. “To live with common apprentices.”
Would have been better than here, Dallion thought.
“Why not leave the Academy?” Dallion asked. “Temporarily.”
“No one’s leaving the Academy. Not with the war going on. The web of lies is in full effect. One province has fallen, two more are all losing ground. And the idiots in the south are still engaged in their petty squabbles.” He grabbed the glass and downed it in one go. For a moment, the stench in the room got worse. “Mages are too precious to be out in the open. Emperor’s orders. The way things are going, we’ll be ordered to fight.”
So, it’s that bad, Dallion thought.
He’d long suspected it, but this was the first time he’d gotten actual confirmation… if the words of a drunk could be believed. Looking at him, it was clear that the mage was a potion maker and an academic. He was not fit for combat. He’d probably forgotten all his combat spells decades ago, relying on the impenetrable strength of the Academy. His reputation was the most valuable thing he had, and now that was gone as well.
“They’ll be a need of potions again,” Dallion said, using his music skills to add as much joy to his words as possible.
“If the war doesn’t finish us, the blasted shardflies would!” The man tried to take another gulp from his glass, only then noticing it was empty. “You’re the hunter, aren’t you?” he asked. “Your level’s too high to be anything else.”
Here we go, Dallion prepared mentally.
“I guess I must thank you. I wanted to get you kicked out after you sealed off my room in the basement. Truth is you did me a favor. I don’t know what spell you cast on the shardflies, but they didn’t attack anyone here or try to destroy the place. They destroyed lots of buildings around me, but never mine.”
“The swarms came from here?”
“Who knows? Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. All of them appeared from the ground. The idiots thought they could stop them, and they did. The shardflies have been contained, but no one has any idea why they became active in the first place.”
“This whole place might be built on a shardfly nest…” Dallion whispered, more to himself than the mage.
Worst of all, it was all but confirmed that he had caused a stir with his arrival. An empath with nightmares of void was enough to stir any creature. No doubt it had happened subconsciously. Neither Dallion nor the creatures suspected. Even so, something had kept disturbing the shardflies, causing them to drill above ground and lash out at anything in sight.
“And the Academy has no overseer,” he added.
“Overseer.” The mage laughed. “We have enough battle constructs to destroy armies. That’s the problem, though. Everyone is too good at destroying. Those that aren’t affected don’t take the shardflies seriously, and those that are, are already considering how to use that to their political advantage. I did. I even snatched a few buildings from a few people. All of them are now holes in the ground.”
That sounded like something a mage would do. Yet, why hadn’t the Archmage intervened? Even with everyone busy covering up the situation, there was no way he wouldn’t notice by now. Unless, he too was covering up for the emperor. Such a dramatic failure could well be grounds for him to be replaced. Isolating the Learning Hall could well have been the best option from his point of view.
Dallion took out the aetherizer. He still had second thoughts about using it. Nonetheless, he linked the item to the realm and then activated it. The artifact turned purple.
Holy crap!
There had to be hundreds, if not thousands, or vortexes in the twenty miles area surrounding him; so many that he could tell when one started, and another ended, not what level they were. Suddenly, all this seemed more than a natural phenomenon.
Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this story, consider joining my patreon or check out my other stories on redditserials:
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2023.03.20 22:41 36-Noodles Being mormon is like being in the mafia

On my mission I was 100% committed to being the best and getting in front of as many people as I could. I served in a tough mission, which meant I did not see a lot of success, but it could never keep me down. I took a lot of pride in being in leadership positions for over one year. My mission president and I were practically on a first name basis, we spoke a lot about the welfare of the mission and I was someone that he relied on to help struggling missionaries. I thought I was the absolute shit and nothing could tear me down. That is until I had my last companion. Our first few days together were spent feeling each other out and how obedient we were, and I found out that obedience didn’t mean shit in my mission. My companion had been watching porn with members, dating YSA members throughout the mission field, smoking cigarettes, and he confessed each and every interview with our president. “Elder, all I need you to do is say you’ll stop. I made a promise when I came out that I wouldn’t send anyone home.” This had gone on for about 18 months and they said that they were never punished and they felt like it was a vacation for them. And then it all hit me at once, the church was just a fucking frat house. As long as you were in with the right people, you could be protected from whatever “sin” you were committing. So naturally I immediately jumped right in there with them and we did whatever we wanted. We were together for three months and got into drinking, drugs, and didn’t do any work. It did eventually take a toll on me though, I was looking forward to my mission my entire life and this is what I got. A faith crisis thousands of miles from home. At the worst moment of my depression, my mission president called me and told me that my grandpa had passed. We were very, very close. I couldn’t take it anymore and I called him up and told him everything I had been doing. That night he came over and scolded, shamed, and berated me for about two hours. I told him that no matter how hard he tried to put me down, he couldn’t make me feel worse about myself than I already did. I told him I hated who I was and for my lack of identity. After that he told me that his revelation to match me with my current companion was wrong and that he knew it before the transfer started and this was all his fault and that I was fine to stay in the mission field without any punishment. Completely baffled, I asked how that is possible. He told me that he would call the apostle assigned to our mission and get it cleared with him and all I’d have to do is skip the sacrament for a few weeks. I couldn’t even think at this point. I was terrified to get on the radar of an apostle and have them know about my experience on my mission. I told him no and that I’d rather go home and deal with my crisis with my friends and family. We continued to argue about it for a while, he kept telling me that I didn’t have to worry about anything and that him and this apostle were “very good friends.” He kept telling me that he was the best connection I’ve ever made in my life. That with his “friendship” many doors would open up for me. And then there I was sitting in a mafia movie, wondering if I could ever truly go home. I actually, legitimately thought, “He’s not going to give me my passport.” I finally convinced him to dismiss me from my mission and send me home. I had a flight out three days later. When I got back home I had to visit with my stake president and bishop every week and go over my repentance process. I sat with these men who I knew also had “very good friends” within the church. They told me what I did didn’t matter and that the church always helps brethren “of my stature” find their way back. It hit me that if you came from the right family, held the right callings, and paid your tithing that you could get away with anything. The idea is so dangerous and so insidious that I can scarcely think about it. The slow and subtle ways that they ingrain in you that you’re the lord’s elect and can do no wrong, you abide by a different set of laws. It’s sick and twisted. And people wonder why there are so many issues of abuse within the church. If you look good enough and pay enough you can have whatever it is you want; money, sex, power, fame, you name it. I couldn’t bring myself to believe I was stupid enough to fall for the same bullshit. That I had been a pawn in my mission president’s game, that I had eaten straight from his hand. I lost all of the self worth that I had, I was a total scumbag. In many ways I’ve never recovered. I have come to terms with a lot of it but I don’t think I will ever have good self esteem. As soon as I start to feel good about accomplishments I am quickly reminded of how pride can ruin who you are.
I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you that was the first and last time I questioned my testimony. It was crushed in one single blow.
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2023.03.20 22:38 Level-Commercial-132 Cali lotus- cali biscotti by coldfire 🌰 🍪 🧈 🔥

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2023.03.20 22:37 Different-Voice-6780 [M4F] I’d love for someone to catfish me as one of these girls me as my loving and caring girlfriend in a long term, wholesome and romantic rp where we start as best friends or you be my bully or something else and we expand from there.

[M4F] I’d love for someone to catfish me as one of these girls me as my loving and caring girlfriend in a long term, wholesome and romantic rp where we start as best friends or you be my bully or something else and we expand from there. submitted by Different-Voice-6780 to CatfishMePlease2 [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:37 Monkeybutt3250 Ranked 2.0..I'm a silver solo que and these are current ranks of peaple I have gone against. I hate this system

Ranked 2.0..I'm a silver solo que and these are current ranks of peaple I have gone against. I hate this system submitted by Monkeybutt3250 to Rainbow6 [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:36 xfallenangelx95 27/F[L][O] Looking for friendless people who know exactly what loneliness is - to talk to on a daily basis.I'm looking for like minded people in the same situation as mine to finally get close to someone new.I don't make friends based on hobbies but on similar outlook on life and similar experience

Only Europe Please- short note - If you're not into reading or receiving long messages,don't read any further + Please If you don't want to read everything because of my post being too long for you & instead of reading It all - ..skip some parts - find another person to talk to.Let's respect each other and our free time. All people criticizing/making fun of me & other people - will permanently be blocked.Pretty much as people questioning my post and giving me unwanted advice.I'm not here for any conflicts and I know I can't please everyone - I know I never will.. However It's me who should feel comfortable in my new potential friendship & obviously someone interested in being my friend - not the whole world which is why I don't need any advice from people who don't even want to be a part of my life.
Hello guys! 🙂 (read everything before you decide to send me a message) Please send me a message ONLY If you're in the same situation and If your expectations are the same as mine.I want to find like minded people from Europe (Why Europe? Read my post to find out) I'm looking for something permanent
(remember - you can feel lonely even If you're surrounded by others - If there's no emotional bond) and meeting people who never make any time for me & only text me once or twice a week to ask me "what are you up to?" Out of boredom.I don't want to meet people asking others a million of questions like "what's your favorite movie?" Just to give you one word answer and ask you another question "and music? Your favorite song?" I'm looking for something "deeper" & different🙂
What kind of friend would I like to find? Someone to talk to on a daily basis - Someone who needs It & wants It just as much as me
Do you ever feel like an option? Like a stranger to others despite knowing them for months or years & talking to them quite often? Like there's always something and someone more important than you and you just..don't fit in and no matter what you do - your effort is never appreciated?

I'm always the one texting people immediately (or at the very least trying to) no matter where I am and who I am with (family) others? Never - except for one exception.A really lovely person.

What are my expectations? I would like to meet someone in a similar situation – why? Because I honestly feel like only a person with the same expectations and a similar outlook on life would get along with me & because I feel more comfortable talking to people like me..Friendless people who need a strong bond - people without friends and without partners..Don't get me wrong…Most people deserve to be happy and It's good to have friends but people who have friends or families in real life are usually more focused on them ( which is completely understandable) & have less time for others + I simply don't want to be replaced by anyone..I kind of envy people who can call others , true friends given I don't have an emotional bond with any of my acquaintances. Whenever I hear that others have friends I simply get sad because (believe it or not) If I had to choose between 20 people to talk to (Acquaintances) and one special person - I'd choose that one special person without any hesitation .. I also want to talk to others on a daily basis mainly because..I want to see someone’s effort & be someone's first choice - not another person to have random conversations with..Why I'd rather talk to people from my continent? Well..Mainly because I would like to see someone I'd get along with - In the far future - face to face :) + I don't want to wait any longer than 6 hours to receive a message - Especially given most people are always available on social media sites & keep their phones in a pocket.Once you receive & open my message - get back to me (If you're as serious as I am & really need a true friend) waiting 6 hours to receive a message is more than enough
I'm by no means criticising people who don't want to talk to others often / People who really are super busy & People who want to find someone to have non important conversations with - I'm aware that not everyone has the same expectations which is why everything you're reading now - is here for a reason.All I'm suggesting is - I don't want anything temporary and I don't want to be the one always giving more than receiving.

Listen people - I used to ignore being..ignored by others..always being just an option to talk to during tough times or moments of boredom.I was too young to realize that I was never important enough for most people that were a part of my life

I don't know who needs to hear this but..No one is too busy to make time for you! People make excuses to avoid others because they prioritize everything and (maybe) everyone..over them. It's true that most people really are busy - but It takes only a few seconds to start a conversation (If you're into short messages) and a few minutes (1-10/15) to type a long message Don't let anyone lie to you.Truth is that most people either don't like you enough to make time for you or just simply - feel no need to talk to others often but are they too busy? No..
You don't need to send me a message just to ask me and tell me "Do you really want to talk daily? I like long messages but I can't promise to contact you often" If you really are unsure please don't send me a message.I don't need more acquaintances aka people to talk to - occasionally

I'm not trying to sound rude - I just don't want to meet new people and get emotionally attached - only to end up being left alone after weeks or months of daily conversations.I'm sick of that never ending story and always meeting people who ghost me without a single word (even if everything seems to be ok) or people who "change priorities" over time & become like strangers…I don't want to go through this ever again.

Let me tell you one thing – A true friend would never just give up on you for no reason :)

It’s always possible to find someone to have a random conversation with – someone willing to send you one message once or twice a week..but..It’s almost impossible to find people willing to make time for you.I’m not asking a busy person to make time for me by changing some plans! Absolutely not! I’m here to find someone who wants to talk daily (throughout the day or maybe even night) of one’s own will.Someone looking for the same kind of connection.

Strong friendships are based on mutual support. One of the best things you can do for a friend in need, is just to be there for them when they want to talk.I often see posts from people who always say how friendless they are because they don't feel loved or appreciated by their "friends" remember! A true friend - someone who truly likes you or someone who wants to get to know you - will always find time for you. 🙂 I'm not really interested in small talk/short messages - I love long and meaningful conversations. It's so easy to find someone who loves abbreviations and questions like "How are you?" How was your day? Or what are you interested in? But so hard/almost impossible to find a person who knows how to keep a conversation going & show others some effort.Building and maintaining friendships takes time and effort.Never allow pursuits or possessions to become bigger priorities than your relations with other people.Close friendships are so important to us because they are so difficult to form + Having friends can help you feel as if you belong to something that brings purpose and connection to your life.

• I do NOT respond to any „Hey,hmu” or „u want to talk” type of messages (super short messages or messages full of abbreviations – I literally can’t stand abbreviations and acronyms in text messages) ALL messages full of abbreviations will immediately be ignored.I also don't like it when people ignore everything I say in my post or messages and just focus on some question in a certain message or... when they don't ask me any questions themselves.

• No dirty messages PLEASE.I'm not looking for anyone to flirt with and I'm not looking for a partner either. No NSWF profiles..I always check people's profiles (Even comment history) - To avoid guys,trying to get inappropriate photos from adult women or? flirt with them.I also absolutely don't respond to messages from people whose comments are very rude & obviously - Messages from people who judge other people and use vulgar words to describe them or? Make fun of them.Respect is very important

• Please only adult people 18-36 age range (I'm 27)

• I don’t respond to messages I don’t find interesting even If they're long - If after receiving and reading your message I don't feel comfortable or think "I wouldn't get along with him/her" I simply do not respond (what I’m suggesting is that I don’t always respond to someone’s first or second message because..sometimes you just know If you’d get along with someone or not- I’d never ignore anyone after days or weeks of daily conversations though) just because I don’t want to do anything forcefully & because I don’t want to lead anyone on. Some people don't message me back as well and even though It is a bit disappointing I'm ok with that as long as there's no emotional bond - I think it's ok to not respond to someone's first or second message If people just think they wouldn't get along I can't stand being ignored after days or weeks of daily conversation and seeing people changing priorities This is something I don't want to go through ever again for real If I'm really interested in someone's message - I respond within a matter of minutes - max 6 hours (If I'm in bed - just sleeping) you won't even hear from me "I'm too busy" because I know myself and If I really was too busy to make time for others - I wouldn't be here.I either want to talk to someone..or not.I don't want to pretend someone I'm not and always try to find some cheap excuses to avoid others. (unlike some people)

• Don’t ask me “Can you tell me something about yourself?” If you really want to get to know me - you can ask me questions :) I'm an open book.

• It would be better If you guys were into emojis - just like me - just to describe your emotions through text. Two emojis - 🙂 and 🙁 are completely enough I just don't like emotionless messages.I also don't like it when people say "yeah" or yea"

• I want to talk on reddit first (just to make sure If I'd get along with you ) before moving to Discord or some other app

• Time response matters to me a lot! It matters to me whether I get a message back after one hour,three hours,6 hours or..12 hours and even..after a couple of days..And If you're another person just looking for one day conversation and then? "Disappear" for some amount of time longer than one day to come back and apologize me for being busy - don't even leave me a message.I just want to be honest with you from the start.I'm interested only in daily conversations
Why can’t you see any of my interests listed down below? Because what really matters to me is..who you are (If you’re honest,talkative,understanding,caring and trustworthy – for example) just simply – It matters to me what you’re like! not what you like.Don’t get me wrong – you can tell me what your hobbies are but in my personal opinion,common interests are important mainly when you want to find a gaming buddy (for example) or If you want to meet someone to hang out with in real life and..go bowling for example.What most people seem to care about are other people's interests – I don’t. I get along with other people despite having completely different hobbies but I absolutely don’t get along with people way different than me (different expectations and outlook on life– way different sense of humor or personality traits – It’s just an example) It doesn't make ANY DIFFERENCE to me If you're a gamer or? Someone interested in photography! It doesn't make any difference - > as long as you're talkative and kind and If you also want to find someone willing to stay in your life..for good - But If you're into small talk and all you want is to...type and receive super short messages or If you're here only because you're bored and don't know what to do + If you're a very sarcastic person - I'm definitely not for you!I don't get along with overly sarcastic people turning everything into a joke

Friendships should be natural – not forced.Both people wanting to be friends should feel comfortable and have something in common. No - not necessarily a similar taste in music or movies but something else..Most friendships don't fizzle out because of people not having the same hobbies but..because they just simply have different expectations when It comes to something important.

I'm not here out of boredom and trust me - I'm not here to meet as many people as possible.I choose quality over quantity.I higly value myself and my time & Sometimes one person but a person who makes you feel comfortable and understood - is more than enough :)

We ALL can choose what kind of people we’d like to talk to and maybe even become really good friends with and I? I don’t want anyone to be disappointed.We all have some expectations after all.

If you really need someone to talk to due to loneliness and If you have time to talk to me daily (throughout the day and maybe even night)I always make time for others.I'm literally always available.I could even stay up all night long only to talk to someone. I’m ready to commit but only If there’s some chemistry between me and someone else.I don’t do anything forcefully.

If you want to talk to me tell me your story - tell me why you're here, what kind of friend would you like to meet :) Et cetera.Such messages are way more interesting to me than...someone's long list of hobbies.I know! It's unusual on reddit but I don't make friends based on hobbies..I want to meet someone with the same mindset as mine to finally feel understood and get close to someone new.

You can share your problems with me - I absolutely don't mind "complaining" as I've been through a lot in my life.What do people usually tell you when you tell them that's something's wrong? "Don't complain" or "Life's not over yet - one day you'll be happy" or "There are worse situations than yours" and..obviously "Find a therapist" Life's not a fairytale and sometimes things don't go as planned.Emotions shouldn't be bottled up.I'm sick of people always telling others "everything's gonna be ok" move on " & more..Trust me people - not everyone wants to hear "Just believe in yourself and everything's gonna be ok" Some people take it as reassurance. But others see it as false hope. Imagine being told that things will be okay, only for them to get worse..Do you guys know why telling someone "everything's gonna be ok" Is wrong? Because you can't see the future.You can't guarantee others that one day they'll finally be happy + when It comes to social interactions - We're only responsible for ourselves - not for others & as you guys know people let us down quite often (sometimes even when there's no reason) so instead of telling people how they should move on,forget everything and be happy or asking them to find a therapist - be there for them! Always be willing to listen to them If you really like them or want to get to know them & don't suggest everyone in a tough situation to find a therapist because a therapist won't ever replace a true friend + It's quite normal to be disappointed If people always do something to hurt you.Sharing your hardships with other people in a very similar situation or exactly the same one - is VERY helpful If the other person understands you & wants to start all over by just letting it all out & feeling emotional support instead of always hearing some "positive quotes" or someone saying "Stop complaining let's talk about something else"

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. I appreciate sensitive people who always try to understand others.Empathy is everything
Our world needs more peace 🤗 I've seen a lot of rude comments on reddit.If you don't agree with me - OK but please don't criticize me + Not everyone is here for some advice.

Listen people - I know how different my post is & I know It won't be easy for me to find what or rather who - I'm looking for BUT I always want to be myself instead of pretending someone I'm not and lying to others.I know It would be easier if (like others) I had less expectations but I I know what I want and honestly? If my post was different..I wouldn't be me.Even If I won't meet a person I'd get along with - that's ok! but don't give me any unwanted advice because I wouldn't change for someone who doesn't even know me pretty much as I wouldn't want to change anyone else.I'm not trying to "fit in" and be like everyone else - just to get more attention.Accept me for who I am or let go - is my motto.I'm not here to argue with anyone and to make fun of others.

Please - If you're a completely different person than the described type of person I'm looking for (If you love abrreviations,If you don't need an emotional connection,If you're sarcastic and quiet) or If you simply disagree with my post - don't force yourself to send me a message.I want my new potential friendship,to be natural which is why I want you to contact me If your needs are the same - I don't want you to try to change yourself only to please me - Pretending to be someone you're not - is the worst

No comments please.Only Private messages and chat requests.I don't really like public conversations.I do not respond to comments so If you want to send me a message just do it without saying "You can DM me"
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2023.03.20 22:35 moistbrisket17 Things to do 3/21-3/26

Feel free to add more in the comments! For more info, Google the events, check their website & social media pages- this is a free, low-effort post so please be kind :)
Links for local events: https://ftwtoday.6amcity.com/ https://fortworth.culturemap.com/
Tuesday, March 21
Trek Beginner Ride Series Tuesday, Mar. 21 6:30-8:30 p.m. Trek Bicycle Fort Worth South, 5125 Granbury Rd., Fort Worth Free Explore rider-friendly areas of the city during this casual, beginners class.
Wednesday, March 22
Wine Dinner and Communal Gathering at FnG Eats: Chefs Carlos Arevalo and Bob Stephenson of FnG Eats in Keller will gather together with customers during this four-course wine pairing dinner. Comfort food favorites on the menu include iron skillet cornbread, Wagyu meatloaf, and bourbon cherry chocolate bread pudding. Wines will be served with courses one through three, and a specialty sparkling cocktail will come with dessert. Dinner is $75 per person, plus tax and gratuity, and will begin at 7 pm.
Thursday, March 23
Neutral Ground Brewing Company Happy houcrowler sale 4-9PM Mama Lama waffle pop up food truck 5:30-8:30PM Salsa dance lessons 7-8PM
Italy Wine Education Series: Piedmont Thursday, Mar. 23 6-7 p.m. Winehaus, 1628 Park Place Ave., Fort Worth $40 Taste and learn about the delicious grapes from the Piedmont wine region in Italy.
Nigerian Pop-Up Dinner with Chef Franson at Chef Point: Chef Point Café owner and chef Franson Nwaeze will share the bold flavors of West Africa during this five-course dinner. Menu highlights include suya skewers, pepper soup, goat stew with jollof rice, and fluffy fried dough balls dusted with cinnamon sugar. The dinner is $71 per person and includes tax and gratuity. Drinks are extra and suggested pairings are the Nigerian Chapman cocktail, a bold South African cab, or simply a cold beer. Dinner will start at 6:30 pm.
Friday, March 24
Art All Night on Race St: Friday from 5-10pm and Saturday from 2-10PM . Celebrate arts and culture on Race Street between Sylvania Avenue and Riverside Drive. Stroll the street to view artwork and meet the artists. Listen to live music and participate in creative classes and arts demonstrations. Panther City Artists curates an outdoor gallery. Shop boutiques, sip spirits and dine in some of the "Best" restaurants in Fort Worth. New this year -- Art Alley, an outdoor boutique marketplace for local artists and artisans. https://www.fortworth.com/event/art-all-night/33683/
Neutral Ground Brewing Company https://ngbc.beewhats-happening-1 Tammy Gomez spoken word artist 8-9PM
TX Whiskey’s Limited-Edition Baseball Bottle Release Party: Spring means baseball season is on the horizon, and Whiskey Ranch will celebrate w/a special bottle release party. Visit to buy a bottle of TX Whiskey sealed with a specialized cap made from a baseball, with complimentary bottle engraving. The distillery will also screen the baseball classic A League of Their Own and welcome former Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland as a special guest. The $10 admission includes your 1st cocktail. The event runs 6-9 pm.
Panther City Lacrosse Club Friday, Mar. 24 7:30 p.m. Dickies Arena, 1911 Montgomery St., Fort Worth $21-$79 Panther City will take on the San Diego Seals in their home arena.
Saturday, March 25
Martin House Brewing Company 10-Year Anniversary The Riverside brewery will celebrate a decade in business with a party. There’ll be two new taproom-exclusive beer drops, more than 30 kegs from the cellar, live music, food vendors, hula dancers, and more. New beer launches are Rum Ham, an imperial sour infused with cherries, pineapple and honey ham, and Triple Texan, a triple red tripled IPA. The $25 ticket will cover one souvenir pint glass and four pours. The family-friendly event will run from 12-6 pm.
Neutral Ground Brewing Company Jackalope Bob’s food truck 2-6PM Tammy Gomez spoken word artist 7-8PM
Cowtown Great American Cleanup Saturday, Mar. 25 8-11 a.m. Locations vary Free Join Keep Fort Worth Beautiful and thousands of volunteers for the city’s largest annual litter cleanup.
Sunday, March 26
Brisket 101 at Panther Island Brewing: Pitmaster Dayne Weaver of Dayne’s Craft Barbecue will walk participants step-by-step through his process of smoking tender, flavorful brisket. Attendees will be treated to a feast of barbecue along with three Panther Island brews and a souvenir glass. The class is $175 per person, plus tax and a service fee, and will run from 11 am-3 pm.
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